Michelle Williams goes fragile, weepy and “sexy” for GQ, talks about Heath Ledger

Isn’t this surprising? Out of all of the younger actresses currently working today, Michelle Williams is the one I’d least expect to see in her panties on the cover of GQ. She just doesn’t seem like that kind of actress, does she? Meaning, she seems to actively avoid putting herself out there as “sexy”. Sure, she’s selling My Week With Marilyn, in which she plays one of the most iconic sex symbols ever. But it just doesn’t feel like Michelle, does it? Go and look at GQ’s slideshow – it’s very sexy and… it makes me uncomfortable. She always so fragile, it feels like this was done against her will? Unless that fragile thing is just an act, I guess.

As for the interview – it’s pretty in-depth, and this is one of the few times where an interviewer has really plowed right into the Heath Ledger questions, especially regarding the fact that they had been separated for nearly a year before his death. The interviewer also notes at the beginning of the piece that Michelle cried a lot – so she’s still selling fragile. Fragile and “sexy”. You can read the whole GQ piece here, and here are some highlights:

It seemed crazy at first. Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe? We all knew the two-time Oscar nominee could act—but could she make us drool? America, we have our answer. And what Williams gives GQ in drop-dead gorgeous photos, she equals in insights regarding her incredibly emotional journey thus far. Correspondent Chris Heath meets with Williams in two different cities over three days, and the pair discuss everything from living on her own at age 15 to avoiding playing sexy characters (“I mean, sexuality has been a part of my work, obviously…but it’s never been sexy, it hasn’t been beautiful”) to her imagining she would end up with Heath Ledger (“It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit”).

She‘s not drawn to the darkness: “Maybe when I was in my early twenties and my late teens, I was more prone to sitting in it or lacerating myself with it,” she says. “Now I want to move out of it. I have a daughter. I want a happy life.”

On her education, and how she ended up being home-schooled (a better fit with her acting work):
Her last formal school was Santa Fe Christian in San Diego; later its principal would denounce Williams after she appeared in Brokeback Mountain. (“Michelle doesn’t represent the values of this institution,” he said. “She made the kinds of choices of which we wouldn’t approve.”) “It didn’t really bother me,” she says, when I allude to this. No twinge, I ask, when you suddenly found out that you’d been living a sinful, artistic career? “It wasn’t any surprise to me,” she says. “I knew. I remember my mother saying to me at one point, ‘Just don’t make anything your grandmother couldn’t see.’ And at that point I knew I was living a sinful artistic career, because I had done, and I knew I would do.”

Being legally emancipated at 15: When Williams legally emancipated herself from her parents at 15, she didn’t do so because of any family schism, but for the independence and the practical advantages—she says she no longer needed a tutor and could work adult hours. When I suggest that it was pretty ambitious and self-contained to think she could handle it, she agrees. “It was just stupid. I didn’t know what I was taking on,” she says. “I don’t think things through very often—I don’t project into the future about how a situation will turn out. Even the simplest things, I’m guilty of making really bad decisions a lot of the time. In my work it’s a capacity that’s served me well, but in my life it can be a problem.”

On playing a bad girl on Dawson’s Creek: “I wouldn’t say that that would be one of my first qualities as a human being—being sexy,” Williams reasons. “And I think because my character on Dawson’s Creek was sexy…sexualized…sexual…I saw all the negative attention and connotations that can come along with that. And that those things can keep people from seeing you clearly.”

On Brokeback Mountain: “I didn’t know what to make of it,” she says. “Maybe when you see something different for the first time, you don’t know how to categorize it. It doesn’t really fit with anything else. Like the first time you listen to Björk. The first time you eat sashimi.” She hasn’t seen it since. But she does know what she thinks of it now. “I think it’s a great film. And…it’s probably obvious but…” She pauses for a long time, and when she picks up the thought her voice is quieter and higher: “…well, he’s really quite astounding in it. Heath.”

How she and Heath Ledger were drawn to each other: “There’s an answer that I know,” she says, “but I don’t want to say.” She talks around this not-saying for a while, then says, “Our initial meeting, the circumstances of how we first met, were cosmic or something.” They were together through the shoot, and soon she was pregnant. “Yeah, a lot of things happened at once,” she says. “It’s a bit like: We had a lot of things to do, because we didn’t have a lot of time, or something.”

Dating after Heath’s death: She explains that a year or two ago, she was putting herself under a lot of pressure to find someone new to spend her life with, for a particular reason. “Because I really wanted, and I really expected or imagined, that Matilda would have siblings that were close to her age. I wanted that for her. But I couldn’t make that happen. And now that she’s 6 that isn’t even a possibility anymore. So something that was making me feel impatient, that’s been removed. For whatever reason, that’s not our luck, or our path.” A further thought. “You know, as hard as certain things have been for me, it’s been harder thinking about how things will be for her. I have a lot of things that she doesn’t, and some of what I have I can give to her—the memories that I have, the objects that I have, the physical reminders that I have, the stories. But she won’t really have any that are solely…” And that is where that sentence ends.

Was there a part of her that imagined she and Ledger would have somehow ended up together? “That would make me way too sad to answer,” she says quickly, and I hurriedly begin another question, about something completely different, hoping that if I say it fast enough these new words will chase the old words away from where they are hanging in the air between us, and maybe she will let me pretend that it was something I never said. “No, no,” she says, and I can see the tears forming, and I think she means that she doesn’t want to answer any more questions about anything. I mutter some kind of apology under my breath. But, even now, I’m wrong about everything. Mostly she is just trying to stop my new question. She has something to tell me. “No,” she says. “I said it would make me too sad to answer but it’s also…”—and she nods even as her voice breaks once more with tears—“…one of my favorite things to imagine.” And through the tears, a beaming, almost beatific smile stretches room-wide across her face. “It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

[From GQ]

There’s a lot of other stuff in the article in which Michelle’s hipster passport is stamped repeatedly but I found that stuff boring. But, several things struck me about the way Michelle deftly handled the questions about Heath: first, she’s re-imagined him, and she’s still in love with the memory she’s conjured of him, which may or may not be the reality of who he really was. Secondly, she doesn’t want to discuss the idea that both of them had moved on to other partners (in Heath’s case, multiple partners) after their split in 2007. She’s claimed ownership of Heath’s last years that way, for better or for worse.

Photos courtesy of Michael Thompson/GQ, GQ’s slideshow.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Fragile? You seem to forget that her character in Dawson’s Creek was all Lolita-like.

  2. valleymiss says:

    It seems like she’s romanticized her time with him because he passed away. That’s pretty understandable. She’s “forgotten” about their split and them both dating others, because she is reminded daily that Mathilda doesn’t have the family unit of 2 parents.

    • Caz says:

      Yes. She prefers to remember the best bits of Heath and pretend the drugs and many women after her didn’t happen. That’s kind of normal. The reality is that they had broken up and were probably in for a rough time ahead dealing with co-parenting Matilda. I do get annoyed at her trading on her supposed “fragility” and Heath’s death and wish she’d grow up and move on. I don’t find anything interesting about her.

      • Vesper says:

        There is no right or wrong amount of time to grieve. In a bereavement setting, four years is not an unusual amount of time to grieve a former partner. Add in the fact that they had a child together, just makes the grieving process that much more complex. Whether or not they were currently together, is not the issue, nor is the fact that they weren’t married. What is the issue is that Heath was one of Michelle’s great (or greatest) loves and she deserves to grieve without judgement.

        Have any of u lost a partner?

      • blah says:

        damn Caz that’s cold- and coming from me that goes a long way!

  3. Bite me says:

    She was so sexy on Dawson’s Creek

  4. Marjalane says:

    Not exactly sure why, but I’m finding myself very disappointed in Michelle for wearing her underwear on the cover of GQ. It just doesn’t fit.

    • Mimi says:

      ITA. She just went down a few notches in my book; I couldn’t even read the excerpts I was so disappointed.

    • mia girl says:

      On the other hand, it’s nice to see her in something other than a high neck collared dress. So tired of that look on her.

    • Samantha says:

      That was my thought as well. I’m surprised she did it. She’a always seemed to go for the “smart, serious actress” image. This is a big step back.

    • drawbackwards says:

      Agreed! My first thought! She succumbed the male world of scantly-clad “stars”. I imagine she has several near nude (if not fully) in Marilyn… should have let that speak for itself.

      And I cannot figure out for the life of me why she looks SO different than she did on Dawson’s Creek… it doesn’t appear to be plastic surgery, but I remember thinking she was not attractive before, but beautiful now.

  5. kaykay says:

    I’m so sick of this boring fugly chick using Heath’s name for publicity they broke up before he died and he didnt even really love her he only siad with her for a few months because she got pregnant he loved Naomi Watts and if Michelle didnt get knocked up they wouldve been together it’s so disapointing that she ended up having his daughter she doesnt desrve that.

    • Bubulle says:

      Agree she’s not his widow. I heard she was quite a bitch when they broke up, preventing him from seeing their daughter.

    • someone says:


    • Franny says:

      wow, I’m actually disgusted by the things you just wrote. get a grip craykay, you have no idea what a dead man was feeling. Did he call you and tell you all of this? Does his ghost come and tell you how he didn’t love the mother of his child? If so, check yourself into a mental hospital stat. And even if a ghost didn’t come tell you this, check yourself in because you are a vile human being for saying such things about people you don’t even know.

      • Leigh says:

        People have asked her repeatedly about this subject and it’s only recently she’s begun talking about it.. Take it easy – and for the record – she does have a right to talk about it – her daughter lost a father and she lost a good friend (if not more).

      • Bubulle says:

        Give me a break she doesn’t have to talk about Heath if she doesn’t want to, she gave really personal details in this interview, that sounds pretty tacky, she did the same last year while promoting Blue Valentine.

      • C says:

        It has been reported by many, many filmmakers and actors about her bitchy behavior. She is no saint – far from it actually. Terry Gilliam, who directed Heath in his final film, had a lot to say about this girl and her bitchy ways about how she is just a fame whore and fake as hell. Now, why would someone like that have to lie? Gilliam could give a shit so to actually bring this out into the open – he had to have major resentment for Williams. He said that she is only in the business for the fame and money. She’s a game player but acts as if she isn’t. Two faced she is.

      • Ha! says:

        To the gals that wrote bitchy stuff abour Michelle: you really don’t know who Heath really.loved, it seems he was an erratic and imbalanced douche just womanizing and breaking hearts. Kudos for Michelle having their baby, she had options. so what if she still loves him? She has a dauhter with the douche for goodness sake. Shurt it bitches, Heath was a pig and a dog, i don’t care if he’s dead. That’s what he was, a.porker, sex addict with no meaning in life.

    • Mare says:

      As if you know who he did and didn’t love.

      • kay says:

        as if anyone on this site knows what any celebrity is thinking or feeling, yet here we all are, offering opinions and drawing conclusions.

        ever read Kaiser’s take on Duchess Kate?

        I have always thought Michelle uses Heath for her own gains, and it is time to let him go and start standing on her own abilities, though IMO she has none and is a shit actress. I am so tried of her.

      • Mare says:

        There is always a line, there must be a line! Yes I know this is gossip and I love gossip, yes I know this site is called celebitchy, but there’s always a line a decent person doesn’t cross. Writing about dead man’s feelings, did he or didn’t he love the mother of his child and how she doesn’t deserve to have his kid… It’s beyond horrible and tasteless.

    • Dena says:

      Totally agree! Not only am I sick of her bland oatmeal “fragile me” act, but she’s quickly become the new Priscilla Presley, acting like the widow of a man she wasn’t with at the one of his death!

      It strikes me as opportunistic and shallow. She trots him out whenever she has some dumb movie to promote. And don’t anyone say “the interviewer asked” — she could easily decline to comment.

      • Dena says:

        I will say something nice: he has a beautiful collarbone.

      • I.want.shoes says:

        Completely agree. The girl only has 2 conversation topics: Heath and her daughter.

      • Caz says:

        oh thank you for saying this about Priscilla Presley. My Elvis knowledge is pretty much zero….why did she inherit Graceland etc…did he leave everything to Lisa Marie?

      • Anon73 says:

        re : you are sick of her bland oatmeal “fragile me” + Priscilla Presley act, AMEN to that !! yack this woman is nothing special.

    • Mimi says:

      Try to put yourself in MW’s place. She lost the father of her child. That had to be hard. Oh and btw Heath DID love Michelle. They didn’t work out in the end but they absolutely loved each other. What a nasty person you are. So hateful. Just gross…

    • Eli says:

      You’re not the only one who’s tired of her act! She should feel bad and get emotional after what she did to him in his last few days alive…

    • Irma B. says:

      You r wasting good air

  6. podzol says:

    Sometimes we meet people somewhere in our life, that completely changes or defines who we are (or makes it clearer). I think it’s obvious that Michelle Williams had that strong connection to the late Ledger, and it’s completely changed my view about her (maybe) exploiting that relationship posthumously; imo she’s still exorcising her own demons about it even today and I hope she finds that peaceful emotional balance. All the best to her.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      ^^ This

    • Caz says:

      Oh very well said! Maybe a tiny part of her thinks “if he had stayed with me he would be alive” or “what if..?”. It is hard to have an admired person die at a young age for their fans (I was very upset when Michael Hutchence died)…it is harder when you’ve had a close personal relationship with someone who passes away far too soon. That I can cut her some slack on, and respect. Totally sick of her using it for her PR purposes in line with making her appear like MM.

    • Kate says:

      That’s a very good point. Kylie Minogue still goes on about Michael Hutchence a lot, even though he died some years after they split up. Early deaths of formerly loved ones do scar people. Having said that, Michelle needs better PR! She even referenced Heath in her GG speech (talking about her daughter’s “bravery”). It’s tedious. If she wants to turn their relationship into an epic Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton kind of thing she needs to come up with some better answers about why they split and why he was calling Olsens not her at the end. Or simply say something along the lines of “even though we weren’t together when he died, there was still a lot of love there on both sides, and my daughter and I will always miss him. Next question please.”

      • jess says:

        TRUE. The main problem here is that she’s using Heat and her daughter’s names to win voters at the Oscar. Is that is her strategy (just like the last year) at least she should hide it better

      • geekychic says:

        THIS! And what Jess says.
        I do believe they loved each other, and i’m inclined to believe that, even though they weren’t together anymore, they still loved each other and that they weren’t really over.Hey, it’s no secret he had addiction problems and they broke up bc of it: she had to remove their child from that circle; and I do think that his private life reflected his drug use in the last years-that’s why In my eyes she will always be Heath’s ultimate love, no matter the Olsens or whatever woman that was with him last.
        BUT….it really is starting to seem that she’s totally using Heath as a PR weapon. And that is just too much.

    • Ally says:

      One of the saddest things I read was about her driving him to a rehab. And then obviously he went back to the drugs again.

      I think because it was his drug abuse that broke them up, the relationship itself remained unresolved, because it was easy to blame the pharmaceuticals for their problems, and not him. It’s evidenced by what she says in this article, if he had gone off the drugs, we might have one day had this ideal relationship — as opposed to, he might have been a self-indulgent Hollywood boy who would likely continue to find it easier to move on to a new blonde than quit drugs and work things out with his partner.

      We’ve all had these dramatic relationships with charming/difficult people, and those are the ones that suck you in the hardest, because you grow to love the highs that follow the many lows. I wonder how good a relationship it really was overall, but I can see how it would still be haunting years later. He clearly got under Naomi Watts’ skin, too.

  7. birdie says:

    In the magazine cover she is photoshopped to death, but in the second pic she looks nice. The wig..meh

    • LadyJane says:

      Ya, in that second pic she is like a skinny little teenage girl in a Monroe wig. It doesn’t work.

  8. Kathy says:

    I believe that last quote from her pretty much sums up everything you need to know:

    “It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

  9. melanie says:

    I think its hard for her because he chose drugs over her and Matilda. Thats a HARD reality to live with…and she will always wonder why she wasn’t enough for him…addicts have a way of destroying those that love them. But she really does need to move on. I mean its been years now…

  10. Ari says:

    I really don’t get how she won best actress for anything at the Golden Globes – there was NO ONE ELSE THEY COULD HAVE PICKED? SERIOUSLY? :L

  11. Sal says:

    Is it in poor taste to say that I’m really really sick of her talking about Heath?

  12. MsGoblin says:

    She looks like a little girl playing (inappropriate) dress-up.

  13. Talie says:

    Well, it was said that she ended it because of his addictions. But I doubt she ever stopped loving him or imagining that he would clean up his act and come back to her. I remember reading a Vanity Fair article after his death that I found to be very unfair to Michelle. His friends really slammed her for being “too ambitious” in regards to her career. As if he was the artist and she was dragging him down with her Hollywood dreams. She had his child, so I think she can claim whatever ownership she wants, certainly more than Mary-Kate Olsen or Lindsay Lohan.

  14. mia135 says:

    She doesn’t look sexy here at all.

  15. Mia says:

    I don’t think she pretends to be fragile. That really seems to be a part of her. It was a little rude of the interviewer to keep bringing Heath up like that. It’s obviously a painful thought for her that her daughter won’t remember him very well.

  16. Nessa says:

    She is really pushing for that Oscar! Disappointing because she does not need to do this type of PR in order to get it…

  17. Maya says:

    I don’t know…
    But she was basically a B grade until she started dating Ledger. She isn’t all that. I’m quite disappointed that she was chosen to play Marilyn. She doesn’t really have that kind of charisma.
    As for Oscar material…as if.

    • kay says:


      she looks ridiculous in those photos.

    • Tammy says:

      But she was basically a B grade until she started dating Ledger.

      Well, so was he. Brokeback Mountain is what made both of them and they both received their first Oscar noms for it.

      • cat says:

        I’d be willing to be the first comment is from an aussie. Heath was A list in Australia some time before he was in the USA or elsewhere. Ned Kelly was huge

  18. Teresa says:

    Can the press still stop treating Michelle Williams like she was Heath Ledger’s widow. Heath Ledger and Michelle were over as a couple way before they made it public in September 2007, and he was happily dating Gemma Ward (and probably had been for nearly a year) and spent Christmas with her in Australia and their respective families and introduced her to everyone there as his girlfriend. At least Gemma has had the dignity NOT to milk Heath Ledger after his death. I understand that Michelle does not get magazine deals without promising to talk about Heath, but this pretence, the way she acts like she was his widow when he had actually LEFT her and was very inlove with fellow Perthsider Gemma, has gone on for far too long.

    I have lost respect for the press who are too lazy to get their facts right, and for Michelle and her publicity mad behaviour.

    Michelle, show a little of respect to Gemma Ward, will you!!!! And to Heath!!! If Heath hadn’t died he would have been with Gemma, if that hadn’t worked out he would have preferred to have gone back with Naomi Watts a million times than to Michelle the rebound of Naomi, and if he couldn’t that, I’m sure he would be happily dating somebody else. What a cheek Michelle Williams has!!!!

    • Overrated says:

      Holy shit that was pretty personal!

    • Vesper says:

      Michelle is the mother of his child, not Gemma. Obviously there is a greater connection there.

      BTW, Heath and Gemma were together for all of two months as per the interview link below.

      • Vesper says:

        Video clip posted as response to #23 (Theresa) by Miss S.

      • jc126 says:

        To be fair, not always a greater connection emotionally between two people who share a child, compared to two people who are deeply in love. People get pregnant soon into a relationship, or get pregnant to “save” a failing relationship, all the time.

  19. Teresa says:

    valleymiss, it looks like Michelle has also forgotten how she had made Heath seeing Matilda for 2 months before his death impossible. Any doubts people, see what Terry Gilliam had to say in the Heath special Vanity Fair did. It makes me so sad that Heath hadn’t seen his daughter for so long before his ACCIDENTAL death. At least he got to see his beloved family in Perth and introduce them to his beloved Gemma.

    • Beatrix says:

      Wow, speaking of over-romanticizing – – drug addicts are dangerous and irresponsible around children, do we not know this? Heath was incredibly and undeniably talented, but he was also human. I don’t know what Michelle is like or what the core of her character holds, but she is talented and has given no self-evident reason for all of this disdain.

    • Vesper says:

      It is not uncommon for a parent to choose to protect their child by restricting visits when the other parent is actively using. The fact that Heath died soon afterward is sad, but it doesn’t invalidate Michelle’s reasons for keeping them apart.

      BTW, Health’s death was not accidental it was due to a “toxic combination of prescripton drugs”. Autopsy reports of high profile people are often presented to the public in the best possible light. For example, one of Brittany Murphy’s causes of death was anemia. Nobody dies from anemia. The bottom line was Heath was still actively using before his death.

    • Ally says:

      It’s in the same category as the Michael Jackson death — celebrities finding doctors to prescribe them prescriptions drugs, which are nonetheless intoxicants, and overdosing.

  20. Rhiley says:

    Kaiser, more often than not,I agree with your point of view and feel you have a real talent for stating your views with the perfect blend of intelligence and humor. You are a person who knows herself well and it comes through in your writing. That said, I have often disagreed with your posts about Michelle Williams. I really don’t think she tries to use the Legend of Heath Ledger to shell her career. They had a child together and that is a big deal. And as an overly sentimental romantic type, I can understand her imagining Heath in the best light possible. She sees his face every day in her child. She is asked questions about Heath Ledger and I think she tries to answer them as honestly as possible without giving too much away. When Naomi Watts is given a question about Heath, she answers it head on and really romantizes her time with him, but I think that the end of their relationship was really pretty bad.

  21. jc126 says:

    I don’t have anything against Michelle Williams, but I always did think she got pregnant on purpose. However, I don’t blame her for romanticizing him, and I’m sure she was in love with him. I was a BIG fan of the guy, but the very day he died, TMZ published a paparazzi pic of him and in retrospect he was very obviously on heavy drugs. So maybe she split with him because of that, not wanting her baby around that behavior. I bet she was still in love with him.
    It must be so difficult to explain to a child where her dad is, raise her without that dad, while also feeling the heartbreak of the loss of him. I always feel so bad for people who have kids and the other parent dies. Heartbreaking for them.

  22. Lisa says:

    #1…if you don’t want to hear her talk about Heath anymore…than why don’t each of you campaign interviewers and ask them to stop ASKING her about Heath…

    #2…She is “sexing” it up because she is onboard to win an Oscar playing the most iconic sex symbol in history…or maybe she is sexing it up because as a woman…she can…maybe its both…

    #3…she fell in love with an addict and if she wants to romanticize the hell out of him…she should..whatever gets her through the night…and believe me…I know that from personal experience…

    No,” she says. “I said it would make me too sad to answer but it’s also…”—and she nods even as her voice breaks once more with tears—“…one of my favorite things to imagine.” And through the tears, a beaming, almost beatific smile stretches room-wide across her face. “It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

    The above is a PERFECT illustration of why I have always FRIGGIN’ LOVED HER!!!

  23. Teresa says:

    Heath’s ex-girlfriend also could have had a child with him, but they didn’t pull a trick on him, unlike Michelle. Now she milks him, and milks him, and milks him.

    Poor Heath!!!! I bet his family and Gemma and Heath’s close friends know the truth and can’t stand Michelle and her milking of Heath and trying to pull the blind over the public’s eyes to the fact that he was inlove, very inlove, with Gemma Ward.

    BTW people, Heath did not die of drugs, he took drugs when he was incredibly depressed to be with a girl he didn’t truly love, a rebound from Naomi, and to find that she had got ‘accidently’ pregnant. Heath loved Matilda more than anything in the world, but he couldn’t make it work with Michelle and he took a while to find happiness again, he needed to find happiness again, hence he left her and found love with Gemma.

    Shame/credit to his ex-girlfriends and even Gemma who had TOO MUCH regard and respect for him and their relationships to do what Michelle did with the ‘oops accidental pregnancy’ oldest trick in the book.

    • Beatrix says:

      I don’t know if you’re right or wrong, no one but those involved really know, but this seems to dismiss Heath from any responsibility and it is remiss to do this.

    • Asli says:

      No offense but that first paragraph sounds kinky 😛 Made me laugh really hard!

    • RobN says:

      Doesn’t knowing that much, and caring that much, about a celebrity that you imagine their feelings for them, make you feel a little creepy? It would me.

    • Enn says:

      No, I’m pretty sure that Heath died from an overdose of drugs. It’s called the medical examiner’s report. Find it.

      • Vesper says:

        Official cause of death as released to the public was “toxic combination of prescription drug”. Like many people in the spotlight this was likely watered down. The abbreviated cause of death would likely have been given only to the family.

    • Miss S says:

      @Teresa You’re all over this post…What’s it to you? Are you Gemma Ward’s BFF, because you seem awfully invested in this.
      It’s quite ridiculous to say that Heath got ‘tricked’ by Michelle. Your long term memory must be faulty, because you it was so clear to anyone with eyes that he adored Michelle. They both looked so happy, Michelle never looked so happy again after that, neither did Heath. But I’m sure you’d disagree, as you’re such a strong advocate of his ex-gf. You implied that she never talked about Heath btw…Ahem:


      It’s quite clear that she had substance abuse issues too, she says so herself in above interview. So they bonded on that and on being both Aussies probably. And of course she’s beautiful and his type, but they broke up again as well before his passing. It’s comparing apples to oranges really. Even when this shouldn’t be considered a ‘Who did Heath love best’ competition. Sigh. I guess believe whatever you want.

      Just google Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, enough pics there.


      • Teresa says:

        NOBODY knows how long Heath and Gemma were dating, but Heath tended to date girls for a few months before making it official to the world, and I’m sure this is what happened with Gemma as she was part of the group of friends Heath hanged out with in New York. Indeed, he had known her for a long time BEFORE he started dating her, so knew perfectly well if he liked her or not. Unlilke Naomi and Michelle, he did NOT meet Gemma on a film set, and therefore it was a relationship more grounded on the REAL WORLD, and not the imaginary one of a film set.

        BTW the Lindsay Lohan story is BULLS—-!!!

        Here are what Gemma’s dad had to say about their last holiday in Perth together over Christmas 2007 and also what a anonymous punter posted BEFORE Heath died about seeing Heath and Gemma and friends in a favourite hangout outside Perth:

        *****Gemma made Heath ‘really happy’*****
        January 25, 2008 10:00PM
        THE father of Perth supermodel Gemma Ward said yesterday Heath Ledger was “really happy” during his Christmas break in Perth.
        Gary Ward said he was proud his daughter had played a part in that happiness, though he was guarded about their alleged romance.
        “The relationship he had with Gemma is really private,” he said.
        Dr Ward said he believed she would return to Perth this week for Ledger’s funeral.
        “His holiday in Perth was one of the best holidays of his life, or best times of his life. He was really happy,” he said.
        “He was happy and he was having a great time and I’m proud of that fact that Gemma may have played some part in that.”
        “My daughter (Sophie) had said that he was edgy, but I think that was just about his privacy.”
        When asked how Gemma was handling Ledger’s death, Dr Ward said: “Use your imagination.”
        He confirmed she would attend a funeral service for Ledger in Los Angeles tomorrow with sister Sophie, who flew to New York yesterday.
        Details of the services, in both LA and Perth, are being kept a closely guarded secret, with Guildford Grammar School offering its chapel to the Ledger family.

        Posted: Tuesday, January 08, 2008

        We were at Little Creatures on boxing day, we were sitting two tables across from them and Heath actually has a tattoo on his arm that says GEMMA in a fancy looking love heart. Obviously it’s true love!! Oh and Sal, it was in a ponytail with a black hair tie. But i seriously don’t know why Gemma would go for Heath, his guns aren’t very big at all!! She should give us a call…


        The night before his death he also spent part of it with Gemma:

        1/22/2008 6:40 PM PST by TMZ *beep*

        We’re told Heath had dinner last night with his model girlfriend Gemma Ward.



        If Heath HADN’T died, we would have seen photos of Heath and Gemma together in 2008. It’s a FACT he was with her, if he would have been with another girl I would still have come on here and said he was with this girl too. Why pretend that Michelle was his widow when she wasn’t, she was a rebound from Naomi, (even Ang Lee said he thought Heath got with Michelle in the set as it was ”his way of getting over Naomi”).

        I’m sure he did love Michelle, but it was not TRUE LOVE. However, he did ADORE his daugher, and tried to make it work for her, but it didn’t work out and HE MOVED ON TO GEMMA AND WAS HAPPY WITH GEMMA. FACT.

    • Kate says:

      There are photos of his close family, standing in the ocean with Michelle soon after his funeral, all holding her close. I found that really moving at the time, and I still do. They clearly don’t hate her in the least.

      He died of an overdose of drugs. It’s on public record. He was hanging out with Lindsay freaking Lohan, what do you think they talked about – Sartre?

      Gemma Ward in the interview above says:

      “”I kind of met him at first and said, ‘Listen my mum’s living with me right now and I’m kind of going through a hard time and I’m not interested in having a serious relationship with somebody right now’ and he was like, ‘You know, um, let’s just be there for each other through these hard times we’re both going through’. And we developed a relationship and we started seeing each other.”

      That was back in November 2007 and Gemma had just turned 20. The two then spent Christmas together in Perth before heading back to New York where Ledger died less than a month later on January 22, 2008.”

      In that 6 weeks, she saw him with his daughter, because she talks about that as well. So he can’t have been denied visitation or given onerous restrictions during it, or he’d not have been able to let his kid hang out with his latest lady friend, so early in the involvement. What, incidentally, would you have said if Michelle Williams had been allowing her kid to spend time with a 20 year old boy-toy she’d only been sleeping with for roughly a month? Because I’m betting your opinion of that would be shocked disapproval. Especially if she were abusing drugs, too.

      I have no idea what happened with those two, and nor do you. All I know is that if my kid lost a father, I’d be devastated and really struggle to get past that. I think that’s human. I don’t like that she talks about it in interviews, and I wouldn’t in her shoes as it’s way too personal, but that’s her call to make.

      Romanticising the memory of someone you’ve lost is normal. And if you were on really bad terms when they died, as people claim – wouldn’t that make it worse, not better? So little closure possible, in that situation.

    • Vesper says:


      And shame on u for ur post. It’s amazing how much u know about the inner thoughts of people u have never met.

  24. Penguin says:

    Thought she was better than this.

  25. Franny says:

    did they photoshop that marilyn wig onto her? why is it sitting so high up on her head?

  26. kbomb says:

    OK. So I was in Calgary while Brokeback Mountain was being shot. I was at a restaurant on the patio and Heath and Michelle were sitting right beside my friend and I. At this point there hadn’t even been a rumour that these 2 were together. But I am telling you we knew it immediately. The energy between them was palpable (and they were playing a game of footsies under the table). Now granted we are ALL like that at the beginning of a relationship, but those two had beautiful energy. Couldn’t take their eyes off each other for even one second. Very sweet.

  27. brin says:

    It’s been interesting to read the comments, I have mixed feelings about this. She and Heath weren’t together when he died but they did have a complicated relationship. He will always be a part of her life, but I hope she does move on.

  28. kee says:

    She drives me nuts – her fragile, breakable little girl routine has long gone past its expiration date. Let’s face it, as tragic as Heath Ledger’s passing must have been for her, she’s been trading on it for years.

    • Cilo says:


      • Sasha says:

        I don’t think she trades in on his death.. I think she was very much in love with him. As another poster pointed out, they do have a child together, and that binds them together forever. Michelle doesn’t bring Heath up in every interview voluntarily (as far as I know). It’s just pretty much the only thing interviewers want to talk about! Either she answers the questions or walks out of the interview. I think she is professional and honest.

        There is always a sadness in Michelle’s eyes even when she’s smiling. I don’t think the ‘little girl lost’ thing is a routine she’s churning out. Michelle is a naturally gentle sort of person. That comes out in a lot of her acting roles. It’s not fake.

  29. bea says:

    Another non-blonde! What does everyone think that white-blonde hair will look good on them?

  30. normades says:

    I think we’ll never know to what extent Heath was hooked on drugs. I believe that MK Olsen’s team cleared all the evidence before the police got there.

    But he was obs with Emma Ward, and Lohan is tots delusional.

  31. Missfit says:

    It’s so hard to know what to believe. Was she a bootie call he was just itching for? Some guys are guys, they just want a piece of ass without being “in love.” Or was there real chemistry between them? We’ll never know. She kinda is doing that Katie Holmes face on the bottom pic…where she does that side thing with her mouth…I can’t stand that, ha ha. And I honestly think Michelle as Marilyn not a good decision. Not even the trailer looks interesting. I see her more cute than sexy.

  32. HadleyB says:

    Heath was with a lot of women before his death, right before he died so he wasn’t serious with anyone.

    If Naomi and him were meant to be they would of gotten back together when him and Michelle broke up, but I hardly think Naomi would of went back.

    Yes, it’s very easy to see the good and nice side of a person after a tragedy or death .. and to me why is that a bad thing? Unless he raped and murdered someone I think it’s fine to have his loved ones, family members, friends, past loves remember him at a time when he was a good person, full of life not as a drug addicted man slowly on the brink of destruction who chose to get high than be with his daughter.

    And it’s harsh for Michelle to not let him see his daughter — but who knows what kind of condition he was in when he did want to see her! I wouldn’t want my daughter to see her father high.

  33. truthful says:

    its her story and she can tell it as much as she wants. She does not need a memeory to get work in LA, I think she is a pretty decent actress and I ma glad she is not all caught up in the glitter and glitz and being papped in Loubutins and ball gowns 24/7.

    I did not look at the whole spread but she looks cute and I have seen worse, I’m not getting Michelle in these flicks I am getting Marilyn.

    its her love story to tell and a child was born, who will always only have other’s memories of her father, and never have her own to make.

  34. TG says:

    Wow – she looks awesome in that photo. I am not disappointed now I wonder why she wore that fugly matrenly dress to the globes. I have never liked her for some reason but now I might like her better. I will read the article later today so that might change my mind.

  35. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t like her when she interviews. She always comes off as this fragile tragic person. However, let’s remember the interviewer ASKED her about Heath. She probably didn’t want to come off as a bitch so she answered his questions which obvioiously make her a bit emotionally raw. I blame stupid interviewers for Heath questions not her. I really wished she would move on with her life and let it all go and that the media would allow her to.

    She is a good actress. One of my favorite indie movies with her in it is called “Me Without You.” She has talent for sure but she needs to get out of tragic mode.

  36. Anna says:

    The photo’s make me uncomfortable as well. I wonder what she was thinking when the photo of her in front of the mirror was taken. She looks so sad and lost.

  37. JenJen says:

    I truly believe they broke up because of Heath’s drug use. I get the feeling that Michelle wasn’t going to stand for that kind of behaviour around their daughter. Most likely, she figured that he’d go away for a while, but eventually he’d smarten up and come back to his family. Unfortunately he died and she’s never gotten the closure she wants.
    Everyone saying “she should move on”… well, I’m pretty sure she has. She doesn’t seem to sit around crying about it, but anyone who has lost someone they loved will get upset when asked to speak about the person.
    Just because they’re “we’re together when he died” doesn’t mean much. It sounds like she was still in love with him, but unable to get him fixed up enough to be together with him and have him be a proper dad to Matilda. That doesn’t mean she didn’t love him or have feelings for him, and she may not have been his legitimate widow, but she certainly seems to have fond memories, real or imagined, and it obviously pains her that he’s gone (unlike that Olsen twat). That’s what matters. I’m not a huge Michelle fan, but I can put myself in her shoes and understand that the Heath book for her will never be closed properly, and that sucks big time.

    • Shelly says:

      I agree with everything you said. She may not be the “widow” but she was obviously still in love with him when he died, and she had his daughter and is still close to his family. I also think she didn’t talk about him at first because it was just too close to her and painful at the time. In my opinion, she can talk about him all she wants. Whether she’s doing so now just because she can actually finally do it without completely falling apart or because she’s trying to promote a movie or a mixture of both – who knows, and I don’t even care. I do think she’s not a fame whore and generally a private person, so I’m inclined to give her a pass. I really don’t get the hatred slung her way.

      • VML says:

        Completely agree! I remember Heath mentioning in one of the interviews that Michelle and he fell deeply into each others arms. And that’s exactly what Michelle is alluding to when she says that their meeting was cosmic. She’s not my most favorite actor but I believe that she has all the right to hold on to her pain and also choose to express it in interviews. Either way I have never read any of her interviews that has been any more detailed on their relationship than this.

    • Relli says:

      Well put! He may have no longer been her lover but he will always be the father of her child and the keeper of the last thing left of him on earth. It would be so hard to look at the face (Matilda) of someone you can never touch or talk to again every single day.

      • Jennifer says:

        I kind of think the opposite. I think it must be a tremendous gift and comfort to see the face of someone you loved so deeply live on in the joy & laughter of a little one.

      • JenJen says:

        Great point! Matilda looks SO much like Heath, it’s a little creepy. I don’t have kids, but I love my husband dearly and I can imagine if my child looked just like him, and he passed, I might have a hard time seeing him in their faces knowing I can never be with him again.
        Many people have gone nuts and pushed away their children in their grief over their lost partner… I cannot imagine what that must feel like.

  38. Marianne says:

    If interviewers stopped asking her about Heath all the time, she would stop talking about him.

    I think her wig looks fugly in the photoshoots…

  39. benny says:

    Dating after Heath’s death? I’m tired of Williams (or her publicist) trying to make her into some kind of hallowed widow. Their relationship was over long before he died. Stop milking the publicity cow, it is literally dead.

  40. ava says:

    Every parent rewrites history to an extent for their child’s sake that’s all tehre is to it. I know she benefits from this stuff, I get that. I don’t think she’s totally innocent here. But at the end of the day she seems to be a good parent and a SINGLE parent at that. If she wants to paint rainbows all over her kid’s dad’s memory, I’m not gonna knock her for it.

  41. Angelique says:

    Don’t care about her… She isn’t attractive or talented in my opinion

    But she’s using Heath Ledger too much. They were not in a relationship when he died ? I never understood her

    Of course Matilda, when she grows up, have every right on it, but Michelle – NO

  42. lush33 says:

    That cover pose looks strait out of the underwear section of a JC Penny catalog.

  43. RobN says:

    Jodie Foster does not answer questions about the idiot who shot the president to impress her. Somebody asks, she leaves. Period. As a consequence, nobody ever asks anymore and she hasn’t had to live her entire life answering the same questions over and over again.

    Michelle is established enough to do the same but she chooses not to. It leads me to believe that she uses it when it suits her to reinforce the image she wants to project.

    • Mimi says:

      Maybe talking about Heath Makes Michelle feel better. My mother passed away almost nine years ago and talking about her helps me remember her and feel closer to her. IMO Michelle has a right to talk about Heath all she wants. As other posters have said, it is HER story. HER memories of Heath, and when you really look back at all her interviews, Michelle really hasn’t given much up. She basically just talks about how much she misses Heath. I’m not seeing the problem here…

  44. Eli says:

    THANK YOU to the person who wrote this blog! First of all i must say i dont want to sound rude or cruel, but here goes my mini rant.

    It bothers me considerably reading this stuff; Michelle keeps acting as if she’s Heath’s widow, when they were already broken up and in a bit of a battle when he died. Yeah, they had a child together and i’m sure they would have been in each others lives forever if he were here today, but who’s to say they would have gotten back together? From stuff i’ve read Michelle was a bit into the business a lot more than Heath, who hated the stuff, and that was part of the problems they were having. It wasnt all about his addictions…

    I find it odd that she talks of Heath NOW, when academy award nominations are coming up, heh! Sorry, i’m just tired of this girl’s act. She can always reply: “I dont want to talk about that”… so simple!

    My heart goes out to Matilda; shame she doesnt have her two parents by her side. God bless her.

    Sorry if my rant offends anyone, i dont mean to be bitchy lol, but i’m just tired of this “widow” act.

    • Jessica says:

      She doesn’t act as though they were together until the end. But clearly what they had was, probably for both of them and definitely for Michelle, profoundly special. She has a right to that. He could have gone on to have many partners, but that doesn’t negate what they had. It seems like it was complicated. Either way, there was a lot of love there, and it’s her business.

      The comment about Matilda not having parents was rude. Michelle talks about her all the time and they go everywhere together. She is very devoted to her.

      Also, she doesn’t just talk about him now. She has always talked about him. And, when she does, it is because she was asked about him.

    • meg says:

      i love how you put ” lol” as you trash another human being whos lost the father of her child. ..

      and yeah she could say i dont want to talk about it, but maybe she does want to talk about it. ive lost more than one person i loved deeply and i find talking about it helps the healing process
      . i think you are a cold and bizzarely judgemental person.

  45. Amy says:

    First of all, there is no timeline on grief. No, Michelle was not Heath’s widow. They had broken up before he died. But they had a KID together. I feel like of the posters here don’t realize how significant that is. Saying things like “I know they had a kid together…” There were obviously issues in the relationship–Heath’s drug abuse, Michelle being more into her career–whatever. But Heath adored Matilda, that much is obvious in the pictures. Michelle and Heath were always going to be forever linked through her and that IS significant. For Michelle, it’s obviously hard for her to realize the father of her child is gone–Matilda will never get to experience that. But she was obviously still in love with him too.

    • truthful says:

      VERY nicely put!

      I agree totally, I only remember him w/Matilda and Michelle.

      I don’t remember any other supposed gf’s after.

      he is her daughter’s father, she’ll always love him. drug abuse or not.

      all this talk of “he could have had a baby with someone else” is CRAZY! LOL

      I never knew folks felt like this about Michelle, wow!

    • normades says:

      Well put. This man was her daughter’s father not just some dude she dated.

  46. Jessica says:

    You may perceive her as fragile, but she’s an actress. She acts. What she is in her own life is not what she is when she acts (or poses for photos, etc.). Besides, defining her as “fragile” is pretty far off base, in my humble opinion. She’s certainly demure and soft spoken, but fragile doesn’t get done what she has done in her life.

  47. T.C. says:

    Oscar campaign on speed= take off your clothes and start talking about your love for Heath Ledger. Yes the reporter brought him up but she didn’t have to go there. She could have politely declined to talk about that issue. I see Harvey Weinstein’s work all over this magazine promotion. The man will do anything to get his people or films to win awards even go below the belt. I have lost a lot of respect for Michelle Williams. You are better than this girlfriend. Much better.

  48. Heine says:

    It is kinda weird seeing her in her underwear in a guy’s magazine. She reads asexual and her image plays into that. I think she might be angling now to be more like Marilyn-tragic, beautiful and lovelorn-in order to win the Oscar.

    But she isn’t Marilyn because she isn’t sexy, she’s not into drugs or anything-the only bit of tragedy in her life was Heath’s death and that came long after they had broken up.

    I think it’s a smart move for her Oscar campaign but she likely won’t do any more of these kinds of things because it’s at odds with her milquetoast, ‘I’m a tiny little woman’ image.

    • Ally says:

      That’s totally how I read it, too: it’s part of the Oscar campaign & fighting the perception that she’s not sexy enough to be credible as Marilyn.

      It’s odd how she’s so gamine now, when in the Dawson’s Creek years, she was quite cranky and tough. However, it makes sense that if you felt you had to be an adult when you were still a child, you might want to relive that youth later.

      I think she was probably hoping to have that sibling with Spike Jonze. Michelle should get together with Sofia Coppola so they can chat about what a sweet yet flaky & selfish doof that guy is. (Funny that they haven’t worked together yet — Sofia loves dreamy, wispy blondes.) Come to think of it, maybe Sofia can introduce Michelle to some nice marriageable French rockers.

      I can’t recommend enough an early movie of Michelle Williams’ called Me Without You, about female friendship, with Anna Friel and Kyle McLachlan. It’s fantastic & I will love her forever for being so amazing in it. She really has a knack for choosing good projects and being a subtle and interesting actress in them.

  49. Camille (The original) says:

    I don’t find the photos sexy, just kind of awkward and unnecessary. And that is one awful wig!

    My hubby can not stand MW (and thinks she is very unattractive) and after this interview I kind of don’t care for her either. I have always disliked how she acted as if she was a widow after Heaths death when in fact they had been split up for a long time. I get that she possibly may still have a lot of unresolved emotions left over from her relationship with him, which is sad, but I really think she needs to stop talking about it/him. Journalists really need to let it go as well. JMO

  50. Jin says:

    It’s disappointing that serious actresses feel pressured to show some skin to promote their films. Actors don’t have to go through the same thing. This is all for Oscar season. She is just playing the game. I really don’t think her fragile thing is an act. Sure she could say she doesn’t want to talk about Heath. I think it would be in better taste if she didn’t. It’s her life though and she can talk about it if she wants like any star does. It’s the media that is obsessed with painting her as a widow because that is what sells.

  51. Snappyfish says:

    I remember the awards show when she wore the yellow dress & was with Ledger. She was asked a question about their little family. She answered that it was a really sweet life they were living. Then she added “I hope it stays this way”

    That’s the first thing I thought of when they broke up & again when he died.

  52. C says:

    It has been reported by many, many filmmakers and actors about her bitchy behavior. She is no saint – far from it actually. Terry Gilliam, who directed Heath in his final film, had a lot to say about this girl and her bitchy ways about how she is just a fame whore and fake as hell. Now, why would someone like that have to lie? Gilliam could give a shit so to actually bring this out into the open – he had to have major resentment for Williams. He said that she is only in the business for the fame and money. She’s a game player but acts as if she isn’t. Two faced she is.

    • Tammy says:

      Gilliam is known to be extremely eccentric and difficult himself, so I’d take his opinion on others with a pinch of salt.

      • VML says:

        Agree! Gilliam, although a very good filmmaker, is the last person you want to take seriously regarding his dissing of Williams in Vanity Fair. And what is this fame whore thing about Michelle? She isn’t the biggest movie star or she doesn’t get herself papped at every turn of walk. If she was then she would have made different movie and lifestyle choices. As for Heath, it’s clear from many articles that he was battling substance abuse and didn’t do much to clean up. He was irresponsible to that extent. Williams called off their relationship because he continued to dabble in drugs. I think at that time she was hoping he would clean up and they would get back together eventually. It’s a tragedy that he died a senseless death. There’s no reason to hate on Williams.

    • blah says:

      Not trying to be contrary but can you qualify Gilliam saying she was a pain in the ass? Article link, etc?

  53. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Wow that is not sexy at all. She looks much better in the trailer for the film and more Marilynie than right now where she looks like a grown woman pretending she is 12 and trying to be sexy. It has a very creepy vibe

  54. Lola says:

    Even Lindsay Lohan has more personality, this girl is empty.

  55. Jayna says:

    I agree that she’s romanticized it. They had a year-long split and he was sleeping with a lot of women, and the chances they would have gotten back together and lived happily ever after is very small. But he was her great, intense love, and since she hasn’t found that again, coupled with having a child with him, his presence is still huge in her life. And she’s had a couple of relationships since and they seemed to flame out. So her love affair with Heath is unmatchable at this point. I get it. I hope she finds love again.

    That wig is awful.

    • Rhi says:

      I know this is a very late reply, haha. but heath and Michelle had only been split up for about 2 or 3 months when he died, not a year long split at all.

  56. kate says:

    Just make beautiful hipster babies with Gosling, please? Anyone that has seen Blue Valentine cannot tell me that they are not perfect for each other. The whole “past” section of movie was prettymuch improvised. So “real”, right? LOL BUT Take the scene right before they get married and THAT LOOK Gosling gives her is f–king LOVE

  57. blah says:

    I have no opinion of Michelle but I am EXTREMELY offended by GQ’s bad taste…in magazine covers! Who the hell photoshopped that thing? A five year old?

    They’re a fricken international read magazine with millions of readers! Can’t they afford a graphic designer who won’t make their cover girls look like Michael Jackson waxworks? Even first year community college students have better photoshop skills!

  58. kingkayski says:

    Of all the man she ever had or loved ,Heath is probably the famous one when they were together,so she kind of put him into a pedestal.And she’s the only woman he ever had a child with,so she probably kind of feels special about it,sadly her fairytale relationship didn’t last as she hope it would,and after Heath,she never had that intensity kind of love from somebody,maybe that’s why until now she’s still holding on to his memory,because thats the only best one she ever had and she’s got Matilda to reminds her of what once was,as short as their relationship was.

  59. whatevs says:

    i’m glad i’m not the only one to dislike her. i mean what, she was the no talent fug kid on dawson’s creek, and now she’s the hipster artist queen. give me a break. it’s sad her ex has passed but they had already broken up, she needs to stop acting like his widow, and if she isn’t milking it make you agent contact the media about not asking heath questions. she rubs me the wrong way, and she acted so cutesy in the golden globes, and her headband, and the way she was always wearing white to make people think she’s angelic or something. be who you are! i would have been more sympathetic if she would be a real person, but all this innocence washing makes it look fishy. and with the sexy poses it feels just wrong and awkward as hale.

  60. meg says:

    Michelle is a good actress, and for me that goes along with her natural sensitivity and frailty. in my opinion, it takes strength to have this type of conversation with anyone, interview or not. I dont really remember her talking much about heath in the beginning. and its been a few years so i think all of you who are accusing her of milking this.. well, i dont know what youre smoking.
    It doesnt matterif they were together or not when he died. Being with someone doesnt mean you are any more in love with them, and people are always in relationships for the wrong reasons. Its far from rare to love someone that you are not commited to, or to not love someone you are.

    I have to believe that those with nasty things to say, have never really been in love, and/ or lack the emotional capacity to empathize with her situation.
    Heath was an addict, and that is hell to live with for all involved.Relationships usually dont stay intact through that.
    I believe they loved eachother deeply, but even if they didnt, she certainly has the right to her feelings. Im sorry everyone is so uncomfortable with vulnerability.

  61. Mary says:

    I lost my partner tragically. He was well known and I had to deal with the ex wife trying to be the one he left behind. Even tho she is married to someone else. Let me tell you, it was the last thing my partner would have been thrilled about, even tho they had a child. At the end of the day, death leaves you hollow and you retrace the memories over and over. I can understand why Michelle does this. I don’t think for one minute she really is riding on the fact of who he was. I truly believe she means every word. So, for all those that are judging, I get it but as someone who lived through similar circumstances, I too get the association a Mother has with the Father of her child. At the end of the day, only the closest people to you and the partner know the truth. That person for me was his child, and that was good enough for me. In the end, I forgave the Mother because I knew the child recognized the love between his Father and I…and that’s all that matters.

  62. Amanda G says:

    I really can’t see Michelle as Marilyn. I’ve heard that movie is awesome, but she looks nothing like her. She doesn’t have sex appeal either.

    I have no opinion about Heath considering I’ve never experienced a loss such as that.

    • whatevs says:

      yeah but let’s face it nobody looks like marilyn. i’ve seen a few biopics about her and so far nobody looked like her, i’ve even seen marilyn impersonator pageants and the winners looked nothing like her. she had a unique face which was intensified with her nosejob and mole. anyway and the acting is the only thing that matters. i don’t even like michelle, but the trailer in the golden globes looked like fun and if that’s her singing she’s done a good job.

  63. jilly says:

    she must have a new movie to sell. lol

  64. MadMadgeThePartyVadge says:

    Blah, blah, snore. Do not see her appeal.

  65. Danielle says:

    Honestly…Michelle seems like a very smart woman, & I respect her for that. However, she should probably have thought about Heath’s track record before they became involved. Heather Graham, Naomi Watts, Christina Cauchi, Lisa Zane…and those were only the famous ones! After his split from Michelle he was rumoured to be dating Helena Christensen, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Gemma Ward…and he was most likely sleeping with multiple other women. If he was a regular guy he would definitely be branded a womanizer. Now, I LOVE Heath and adore all of his movies, but he was a drug user at one point and obviously had a roving eye. It just annoys me how everyone solely blames Michelle. There are TWO people in a relationship, not one!