Disgraced former NY governor Eliot Spitzer faces no charges

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer lost his job due to his dalliance with a high-price prostitution ring, but it looks like he won’t be losing his freedom. Spitzer will not face any criminal charges for his soliciting activities, and prosecutors in the case say they could find no evidence of misuse of state funds to bankroll his love of hookers.

Former New York governor Eliot L. Spitzer will not face criminal charges for his role in a prostitution scandal that drove him from office this year, prosecutors announced yesterday.

Investigators for the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service uncovered no evidence that Spitzer had misused public or campaign money to pay women employed by the Emperors Club VIP, a high-priced New York prostitution ring.

Justice Department guidelines disfavor indictments against clients of prostitution rings, even those who transport women across state lines to have sex in violation of the Mann Act. Spitzer acknowledged making payments to the service, which amounted to “acceptance of responsibility for his conduct,” said Michael J. Garcia, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“We have concluded that the public interest would not be further advanced by filing criminal charges in this matter,” he said in a statement issued yesterday.

[From the Washington Post]

Personally, I think prostitution should be legalized. It would deflate the entire sex trafficking industry if people could legally and willingly engage in trading money for sex. However, it’s currently not legal and the governor knew that. I’m calling major BS on these prosecutors. If it had been a regular, everyday citizen engaging in these activities, he’d be sitting in jail right now. And if Spitzer is getting off, I certainly hope that the same philosophy is being applied to the women involved in the prostitution ring. It’s only fair.

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  1. Syko says:

    I agree with your take on the legalization of prostitution. It’s always been around, always will be, and if it were legal it could be controlled (mandatory medical exams, etc.) and taxed (maybe less for me to pay?).

    I think probably his disgrace is more punishment than a fine or imprisonment would be.

  2. devilgirl says:

    Please, another politico who gets off with a slap on the wrist. He was an elected official, he is a representative of a state and the voice of it’s people. He needs to be held to a higher standard than John Doe on the street. He is a disgrace and should have received some form of punishment. Even if protitution were legal, what kind of a man cheats on his wife with hookers while holding public office? Also, embarassment? Men like him don’t get embarassed by their actions.

  3. Vibius says:

    So should judges take public disgrace into account when Trying all defendants or just the important ones. He should face the same penalties as the people that he spent his life pursuing. If anything it should be worse because he took advantage of his expertise.

  4. mamalama says:

    “And if Spitzer is getting off…”. I think the “getting off” has already been done! :lol:

  5. Syko says:

    I didn’t say he shouldn’t be punished. I just said that the disgrace was probably more of a punishment. He ruined his career, and he is not a young man with plenty of opportunity to start over. Certainly he deserves a fine or a couple nights in jail, just like Joe Smith (the plumber?? :lol: ) who tries to pick up a blow job in a shady area of town on a Friday night. But the disgrace is the biggest punishment for him.

  6. queenie says:

    How the hell can his wife stand there by his side?? She should have wound up and kneed him in his crotch!

  7. Kaiser says:

    I disagree with MSat’s conclusion that if Spitz hadn’t been The Love Guv, he would be in jail. It’s the hookers, madams and pimps who are usually prosecuted, not the johns. See the DC Madam.

    Look, I think Spitzer is a liar, a hypocrite, a pervert and an all-around douchebag. I also think the Republican-led NY AG’s office had an order to take down a prominent Democrat.

    No one looks like a winner.

  8. devilgirl says:

    The republican’s didn’t bring him down, he brought himself down with his own actions. Politicians are all sleaze balls, republican, democrat, no matter what party.

  9. Jeanne says:

    What a sorry ass creep. His poor wife looks mortified and disgusted. He’s got some shifty ass eyes on him too.

  10. Yoli says:

    I couldnt agree more… he’s the opitamy of disgrace and dishonor. My worry is that there are many more like him using our $$

  11. Trashaddict says:

    Mamalama: funny! Maybe his wife is just waiting to quietly divorce his ass later.
    Is he at least gonna be disbarred?

  12. Codzilla says:

    devilgirl: Agreed. Eliot fire bombed his own career, and the Republicans just enjoyed the show.

  13. devilgirl says:

    Codzilla- you are a pretty cool person. We agree on lots of things. I read your post on prop.8. totally agree.

  14. Codzilla says:

    devilgirl: Ditto. I just typed a response on the latest Brangelina thread, agreeing with your comment. :D

  15. daisy424 says:

    Couldn’t agree more Vibius, Codzilla & Devilgirl.
    This is Spitzer’s own fault. The right didn’t have to lift a finger. What a dumbass.