Lindsay Lohan was cracked out at the amFAR event: how busted did she look?

I don’t even have the words to describe these photos. Lindsay Lohan was at the amFAR event in New York City last night, and these are some of the spectacularly cracked-out photos from the red carpet. Um. She gave herself bangs. AND SHE’S THE CRACKEN. Dear God, look at her face. Look at her bruised-looking eyes. Look at her nose. Look at her lips. Look at that fried white-blonde hair. Look at how she’s smiling and playing it all up for the cameras. She’s high as a kite and having her picture taken, so of course she’s happy. I guess technically this is a “fashion post” so we should mention her dress? I can’t even look past her face, though.

Lindsay has been front and center this week because of her TWO photo shoots with Terry Richardson, one for Love Magazine and one for… no apparent reason, other than LL was high at the Marmont and Terry wanted to take her picture. She looked especially dead-eyed and pathetic in those photo shoots, but these red carpet photos are a new low.

I also have to wonder – she still has a few months left on her probation, right? I wonder if she skipped out on morgue duty to come to New York just for this event? I wonder if she’ll stay in New York to party for a while too? Valentine’s Day is coming up. She’s probably got some “jobs” to do for some “clients”.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    So beautiful… Haters gonna hate

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Please tell us that was dripping with sarcasm? I fear it wasn’t.

    • logan says:


    • smith says:

      Haha blog-people you finally have pics worthy of replacing those ridiculous fur coat ones you always use. These are the best ever.

      Remember when she was super-super thin and everyone wanted to stage an intervention? Let’s get a crate of Clariol Nice ‘N Easy 112 Natural Dark Reddish Brown and head WEST!!

      Can I get an Amen?

      • Erinn says:

        Haha, Amen!
        I really liked her red hair. She’d look a little less cracky with it.

      • Kimbob says:

        @smith, couldn’t agree more. Honestly, I’ve never seen such fake-looking hair and extensions in my life. She just looks flat-out RATTY in these pics @ the amFAR event. She looks like some rock-bottom ho they dragged off the street for these pics. Doesn’t she realize that the photogs are snapping away @ pics of her because she LOOKS SO HIDEOUS?! She looks like she thinks it’s adoration. She really needs to get a clue.

        @smith…LOL..your name is my actual maiden name..kinda funny.

      • gg says:

        A-men, I’m first in line with the rubber gloves!

        Now, I’ve heard of bangs trauma, but THIS … THIS is trauma. I get that she wanted bangs to cover the bald spots, but this is not how it’s done, obviously.

        And her new permanent veneers must’ve come in and had them installed because what is with the Bucky Beaver mouth thing she’s doing???

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        Amen, Smith! I didn’t think it could get worse but I was wrong. She reminds me of those photos of the aging H’wood stars who can still suck in the old bod but needs to cover a puffy, over plastic face with a huge wig. Older folks with really too young of hair. The gals from various ’60s sit-coms come to mind. Then I remember….Lindsay is in her 20s!!!

    • flourpot says:

      You dropped this, sweets. :)

    • Petunia says:

      What is beautiful about looking like a drugged up 40-year old porn star? That’s no exaggeration, either. Who would want to look that way or have their daughter look like that? This is the worst I’ve ever seen her look. Does her looking so pathetic and drugged up not bother you one bit?

    • AMANDA says:

      Holy hell!You kidding me!

    • My2Cents says:

      Beautiful indeed. NOT! Has anyone noticed how bad her hands looks? I know her face and wig is distracting but check those hands out!

  2. Original Chloe says:

    Eh. Does she have to go full Britney before people stop enabling her?

    • Nanz says:

      I think she has surpassed full-on Britney spiral. Unfortunately, unlike Britney, she doesn’t have anyone who can come in and take over until she gets better. All her people think she’s “doing GREAT.”

    • Capella says:

      Oh she’s been there, done that some 3 years ago. Waaaaay past the point of Britney shaving her head! And Britney had a bi-polar mental illness that was not being treated. BIG DIFFERENCE. It could be though Lilo’s problem too. But right now, it’s flat out addiction, fueled by narcissism.

      However, since I really couldn’t stare too long at her face, made me feel queezy, I looked down, and:

      Holy shit look at her fingers!!

      And then further down at her shoes.

      I want those shoes!!!

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Actualy, Lilo has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. She refuses to take her meds or stick to a treatment and her family certainly doesnt force her to stick to treatment like Britneys does. her father has Bi-Polar as well.

    • Katija says:

      A lot of people are making the Britney comparison, but honestly… I don’t think Britney ever looked this bad. Britney’s problem was that she just starting neglecting her hair and makeup… she didn’t over-style herself into this heinous Victoria Gotti crack hooker and think she looked good. I don’t think even Britney thought Britney looked good… it’s Lindsay’s delusion that is the worst part. Hell, better you go out in no makeup and a ratty ponytail than…this.

    • Original Chloe says:

      You’re all right, and maybe the comparison to Britney wasn’t good – I mean, Britney was actually diagnosed as bi-polar, right? She also has a family that actually stepped in. Lohan’s family seems to be happy to enable her and profit of it.

      @Katija, it’s not even about how bad she looks now. What I meant was that there’s a woman literally falling apart before our eyes and her family, her manager, her friends (if she has any left) are either looking the other way, or pretending everything’s fine. After Britney’s head shaving a lot of commenters started linking old interviews in which she cried for no reason, behaved erratically and basically, could barely hold it, and people were saying, yeah, there were symptoms, yeah, no one noticed anything etc. I think we’re just witnessing those symptoms.

      Maybe Lohan needs to hit rock bottom. Drew Barrymore managed to climb her way out of a similarly bad mess and seems to be in a very good place now, I just can’t believe that we’re watching the same story again and again. It’s sad and sickening.

      • lush33 says:

        Bite your tongue Chloe! Drew has actual talent and was never avoided like the plague which seems to be La Lohans status currently.Also might I mention that Ms. Barrymore was under 20 when she recovered and Ms. Lohan is eh 25.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Well, aren’t you a sunshine today.

        Anyway, the point of my original post was that we’re witnessing someone falling apart, plague or not. I don’t find it entertaining, at this stage it’s kind of scary, or at least uncomfortable to watch, whether richly deserved or not.

      • Capella says:

        @Original Chloe, I understand what you’re getting at.

        We used to make fun of her, but it’s not fun anymore, it has gotten beyond sad. And I get the frustration with her “family”, we can instinctively scream “why aren’t her parents doing anything”, and then remember… Yeah, Dina and Michael are the cause, result, and condition of Lindsay. And they are still doing their best to ride her coattails, no matter how shriveled they’ve gotten.

        All over sad, and bordering on the macabre.

      • MrsNix says:

        actually, Drew Barrymore was uninsurable and no one wanted to work with her anymore. She was completely outcast. She got her career back by getting sober and working REALLY hard on quality B films (see “Poison Ivy”).

        She most certainly was a Hollywood pariah for a while.

  3. Camille says:

    I didn’t know that Victoria Gotti has older sister.

  4. eileen says:

    OMG she looks EXACTLY like DINA! They are twinsies now.

    • Lukie says:

      I totally thought that, accept I would like to add:
      “and doesn’t look much younger than her either.”

    • Marjalane says:

      I know! The bunny teeth in that one pic are soooooo Dina-like. She and Dina could get away with playing twin sisters in a series of porno flicks.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Bite your tongue, woman! Un-see, where’s the un-see key? *searches frantically for brain bleach*

    • Petunia says:

      They could star in some strange, grown up version of the Parent Trap, where they’re both trying to get Michael Lohan to come back home. Or maybe just the opposite, come to think of it, stay away for good.

  5. rosa says:


  6. Melissa says:

    That has to be a wig right? No1 hair really looks like that does it?

    • LadyJane says:

      Ditto. She looks like a wig mannequin. Seriously, what does she think she looks like?

    • Pia says:

      I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure it’s made up of what’s left of her real hair plus lots of extensions, all bleached into oblivion. I think the bangs might be clip-ons, too. They really look like they don’t belong, and she is probably trying to cover that awful forehead and receding hairline of hers.

  7. pennyfeather says:

    She looks just like her mom here!

  8. brin says:

    She looks like a corpse….must be getting her fashion tips from the morgue.

  9. Eleonor says:

    I thought she was Heather Lockhart…

  10. Zelda says:

    I like her dress. The cut and the fabric.

    I am less keen on the cut and fabric of her hair, however. But at least the colours almost match.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I like the dress too. I’d like to see it on someone else though. She’s just not built quite right for it.

  11. Asli says:

    LOL! I showed this pic to a friend and she refuses to believe this is Lindsay Lohan. Her words and I quote: ”That’s not Lindsay Lohan! Ahhhhh! She looks like she’s 85!” Granted she hasn’t been following this Lindsay mess or seen any pics of her besides watching Mean Girls.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hi Asli :)
      She does look…um…not good. However, I might like that dress in a different color on someone else. Her nostrils are SO inflammed-it makes me sad. She really needs to stop snorting…These Lilo posts are seriously starting to depress me.

      • Zelda says:

        In all seriousness–I think we’re reaching the nose cartilage-damage phase here.
        Long term snorters of most things often have to have their noses rebuilt. I can’t believe her is falling apart in her mid-20′s.

      • Erinn says:

        Holy shit, they have to rebuild snorters noses? I can’t imagine the benefit would outweigh that cost. Unless you really hate your nose maybe? Ew. Just ew.

      • autumndaze says:


        I was wondering why her nose looked so different in shape and that explains it. She is losing cartilage.

        I guess those fake teeth are impervious to meth?

      • Asli says:

        Hi Kitten :D

        Yeah. If Lindsay isn’t a campaign for staying away from drugs I don’t know what is. So sad especially since she was so promising before she started going downhill.

      • Annie says:

        Google Tara Palmer Tomkinson (English socialite) – her nose completely collapsed down the middle from cocaine; she had to go around for a couple of years looking like she’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Took several ops to rebuild it. Lindsay’s nose isn’t nearly as bad yet, but it looks like it’s getting there for sure. I hope she realizes it will be much harder to fix her nose than to get new teeth.

      • Zelda says:

        If someone starts getting a “pug” type nose well into adulthood, that’s the start of it. It’s not a nosejob, because people usually get those to refine the nose.

        Kris Kardashian has a prime example of coke-nose.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I saw people all the the with horrible damage to their noses. Some with no septums, some collapsing. No doubt for me that like I said above, her nose is sliding off her face.

        HOF Cracken pics! They put the screeeee in screeeee!

  12. Waldemar says:

    I like the dress, just not on her.

    I saw another picture of this but then in profile. Her butt is hanging just as low as her breasts.

  13. bea says:

    She DOES look like her mom’s OLDER sister! It’s shocking.

    Someone should break in to the Chateau Marmont and steal that wig immediately!

    Why on earth does she think she can be a blonde and/or wear white?!

    I have a terrible feeling that she’s going to be the next Anna Nicole……..

    • Nev says:

      So true I thought that was Dina Lohan but then I remembered Dina look younger than Lindsay. Lindsay just look like hell. I don’t understand why any one would want Lindsay representing their product.

    • Ladyfoot says:

      And i thought that was victoria gotti-kaiser are you for sure you didn’t mislabel this post???

    • TeamElton says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. The first thing I thought of when I saw these pictures was Anna Nicole Smith. Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to end well for Lindsey. It’s sad in that she could have had such a wonderful life, if just someone would have stopped making excuses for her and made her take responsibility for her actions.

    • MrsNix says:

      It was easier to feel sorry for Anna Nicole. She seemed to be naturally kind and insecure. Lindsay Lohan is an entitled princess-syndrome bitch to everyone around her. Much harder to conjure sympathy.

  14. hateonit. says:

    lmfaooooo wtf is with her face in the first pic she looks like a hamster…I can’t stop laughing!!! whyyyy does she color her hair that ugly fake Barbie color? what in the world did she do to her face? did she get a nose job? why does she look so pale? her makeup looks horrible. if she had her red hair she might be able to rock that dress. the dress is nice at least….I guess she’s never coming back. too bad. I honestly loved when she was an actress and sober :/

  15. Lol says:

    Holy Shit. She does not look well.

  16. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    That second one is cracktacular. Look at her mouth 😳Dear Lawd!

  17. Tierra says:

    Dear gawd I didnt think it was possible for her to look much worse but she proved me wrong. Looks like she has new front teeth again. they’re bigger/longer than the last ones and looks like she put more filler in her cheeks.
    I wont even get into the hair. she obviously has no true friends around her to tell her how hideous she looks.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’m thinking it’s more coke bloat than fillers. Although she does like to pump those lips.

  18. Bubbling says:

    This is just too sad…Look at those bangs, did she cut them while she was high? Drugs are so bad y’all

  19. jen7waters says:

    Oh, God…Lindsay…what have you done to yourself…O_O

  20. quinnie88 says:

    She looks like shes bloated and has jaundice…..i actually feel sad looking at these photos. *this is what ur face looks like on drugs*

  21. JudyK says:

    When I saw the caption, I wondered who that 50-year-old woman was.

  22. Tiffany says:

    OMG she looks AWFUL!!! Dear Lord, somebody get this girl some GD help!! She’s going to be dead soon, I fear. How on Earth has she not hit rock bottom yet?? Dreadful.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Blohan’s “rock bottom” is so much lower than others’ due to her starting her descent so young in life, resulting in her having the tolerance of a crackroach.

      I bet she’d survive exposure to Ebola AND nuclear contamination.

      There is no one to step in to help her, because no one really cares. She’s got a pimp-momager who takes her 15% off the top and a jailed father. And the WHOLE SYSTEM in Cali is snowed or starstruck by her.

  23. neelyo says:

    This is the longest suicide ever.

    • SolitaryAngel says:

      OMG what IS that on her fingernails?!?! Is that supposed to be polish? Because it looks like her entire nails are infected. EWWWW

    • honeychurch says:

      This. It is not even ‘worth’ poking ‘fun’ of anymore. This just depresses the jebeebus out of me.

  24. OriginalTiffany says:

    My God! These might be the best of all time! Cracktinis for everyone!!!
    Where do we start? The wiglet of bangs, totally separated out from her other fried hair (wig, weave, straw???).
    Her nose is sliding off her face.
    Her hair and dress match and she looks high as a kite and feeding off this. I take back that I ALMOST felt sorry for her after that one photo shoot.
    She is living for this. Will she see 2013? Are we witnessing the final slide? We know she’s hooking, she’s not an actress, she hangs out with the worst people, no one wants her except for her dealers and the drugs.
    I can’t believe how bad she looks, comically bad. Really, this is up there with the pink mink pics.
    The White Witch!

    • QQ says:


    • curegirl0421 says:

      I just kept thinking “LOOK AT MY NEW TEEFS!” as her voice. In my head. DON’T JUDGE ME.

      I wish someone would step in, I really do. If she doesn’t stop with the drugs (I absolutely refuse to believe she is not using – it shows in her skin and eyes) she is going to die. Pure and simple.

      What a waste.

  25. Missy Mara says:

    From Mean Girls to Golden Girls in just 8 years!

  26. imabrat says:

    good heavens. It looks like her lip got hung up on her dentures in the one pic, she makes the dress look like a WWII nurses outfit. It appears that the night before, she decided to jump on the bang bandwagon over her bathroom sink.
    What a hideous, disheveled mess.

  27. Jackie says:

    i find these pics very sad.

    • Zigggy says:

      Same here- she’s always been fun to hate but it’s starting to get upsetting now.

    • Petunia says:

      I made an earlier Parent Trap joke about them that I do regret because I think this really is about it for her. The last set of photos with Terry Richards (the hanging out ones) and these show her to be completely out of it and utterly pathetic. I think we’ll be reading about her demise soon, and she’s still so young. I wonder if Dina will even miss her when she’s gone?

    • bagladey says:

      I agree.

  28. Common Sense says:

    Busted as an old eight track…but as long as her parents get their ca$h who care?

  29. Kerfuffles says:


    I thought it was Carol Channing at first when I just saw the hair. But Carol Channing looks better than this and she’s 90.

    She’s so, so delusional.

    And btw…did she get a new nose job or is her nose collapsing from the coke? It looks weirdly narrow and pointy.

    • katie says:

      was thinking the same thing about her nose, it looks terrible. maybe her cracken pipe busted in her face? mini meth lab explosion? all seriousness, this is sad. i’ve always rooted for her bc georgia rule is one of my fav movies and i relate to her character. she needs to go live with some monks for a year or two, help people in serious need, and maybe some electro shock therapy. girl needs to mentally unwind.

    • Mindy says:

      Oh my GOD!!! I was thinking the VERY SAME THING!

      And I still think that she can no longer close her mouth. Too much filler and blow jobs has now made her lips stay permanently open.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      lmao @ “Holy Crackballs!”

      Yes, her nasal cartilage is being worn down to nothing due to her incessant inhaling of drugs. There are some pix online I could refer you to, but it’s only just after 8 a.m. here, and I’d like my breakfast to stay down.

      With her new Chiclets (too big for her mouth) and all the fillers in her lips, it now seems impossible for her to close her mouth.

  30. some bitch says:

    Oh dear, I really think this girl is going to die soon.

  31. lynda says:

    So sad. But I see she got her teeth fixed

  32. M says:

    Everytime I see her, it is a reminder to not waste life and opportunities for superficial things. She was a good child actress and had so much potential; sad that there really was no real love and support to guide her. Can’t believe that ppl still enable her to continue. I fear for her future. Can’t believe she is the same age as leighton m.

  33. logan says:

    I can’t get past the back to front comb over her fivehead!

  34. El Kiddo says:

    But her face.

  35. Quinn says:

    If she wasn’t so deplorable, this would be tragic.

    • Kerfuffles says:

      I know. She seems like such an arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, lying jerk that it’s hard for me to feel sorry for her. Her issues seem to go way beyond just being an addict.

  36. dahlia noir says:

    Her dentist is very gifted though.

  37. dorothy says:

    Can just anyone show up at these events? I just don’t see her being relevant enough to be on the invite list.

    • Lucy says:

      I think she is someone to gawk at and feel sorry for.

      And she at least dresses up and is somewhat put together; and they know she may do something crazy so it may get their event some attention. (that’s my guess anyway)

  38. Aria says:

    Speechless! She’s my age (25), born 4 days apart and I could pass as her much much younger sister. What a mess! I can’t help feeling so sorry for her.

  39. Shelly says:

    Sad. She is a shell of her former self.

  40. mel says:

    I feel so bad for her…honestly. she was so pretty at one time. It just makes me sad..and I blame her parents for the mess she has become….

  41. constance says:


    OH NOES!

    She’s figured out the ritual of Perma-Freaky Friday possession at last!

  42. erika says:

    god pls help our lindsay lohan. god guide her in your way

  43. Franny says:

    These pictures are the defintion of busted.

    How is it that someone “in Hollywood” doesn’t have people who can at least make her look good/presentable? Hell, I live in the Midwest, and I know how to fix it! Back to red hair, no unholy bangs, some nice blush, and a nice bra. Not difficult!

    I don’t know what is left to do to try and help her. She has been to rehab countless times, jail multiple times, and nothing sticks. She is going to either kill someone else or herself before this downward spiral ends.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Now, every time I read one of your posts it will be my best Jersey attempt at a Southern accent 😜 (which, as you can imagine, is pretty terrible)!

  44. Lucy says:

    Gawl…her face looks like it caught on fire and got beat out with a wet chain…(and in that front page thumbnail, she looks like a skinny Roseanne. ::shudder::)

  45. Girlygirl410 says:

    So, this how I think it went down. She was dressed and ready to go to this event and decides to take one last hit off of her crack pipe and she singed the front of her hair. With no time left she cut her bangs. Then she took one last hit to deal with the bang trama and I’ll be damed if she did not singe them!

  46. lucy2 says:

    OMG. She seriously looks like a grandma (no offense to grandmas). Her face is virtually unrecognizable now, her nose is all messed up…so weird.
    These photos should be used as cautionary tales for drug use and being pushed into child stardom. She the poster child for bad decisions.

  47. Cathy says:

    What a mess. I would like that dress if it was a different color and on someone else. Think I’ll have a couple of cracktinis and just laugh over the fact that she is so whacked out. What a joke she is.

  48. Nicole says:

    She looks awful.

  49. NeNe says:

    She is like this because of all the enablers in her life. This is what she is now, we all have to face it. In my opinion, it looks like the beginning of the end for her.

    • dahlia1947 says:

      Yep, that’s what’s going on. Her parents are a mess themselves so yes, I totally agree. Seeing her like this makes me think of Heath, and Anna Nicole.

      This just looks like a really bad situation with this girl.

    • Melinda says:

      Well not to be mean, but it’s been looking like the beginning of the end for her since the fur jacket days.

  50. Sillyone says:

    I think that bitch beat up Bugs Bunny and stole his toothers!

  51. Coco says:

    Really beginning to look as if the crackdown is almost up.

  52. Roma says:

    Fashion week starts today – that’s why she’s in NYC.

    I just don’t understand how she got permission to leave the country. She’s almost always at her worst in NYC.

    Which makes me think she has really started snorting H.

  53. Happymom says:

    Doesn’t she have ANYone around her who can see how bad she looks and can step in here and intervene?? The girl is 2 steps away from death, and it’s like we’re watching it all in slow motion.

  54. Dany says:

    Her yellow fingernails have already died… *shudder* … maybe she will follow soon.

  55. Raised Brow says:

    IDK….I don’t think this is the WORST she’s looked. I like the green pumps with the white dress, and speaking of the dress….I like it. Her fashion choice pretty much overrides the overall busted-ness of her hair, makeup, face. Poor girl. *snicker*

  56. NinaG says:

    I almost didn’t recognize her I thought she as an older women in her 60′s at first glance but than I realize it was Lindsay. You know I wonder if she wakes up and say’s “How can I make myself look horrible today”

  57. DG says:

    OMG I don’t know what else to say?
    She looks so awful!

  58. mememe says:

    Wow. The drug abuse has aged her.

  59. neve says:

    joan rivers got compettition methinks.

  60. Akula says:

    I have never seen her look worse.

  61. Talie says:

    Holy sh*t! I thought that was Donatella Versace!

  62. Twez says:

    How long before she’s doing actual porn? Good lord.

  63. Jules says:

    Such a shame. She used to be pretty.

  64. Gem says:

    Oh dear! I am almost at a loss as to what to say about these pictures. She looks so awful it’s almost comical. Sort it out Lohan!!

  65. OhMyMy says:

    Oh Good God here we go again. After all the drama and mayhem she caused at the last Fashion Week you’d think she’d be a little embarrassed to show up. But no. It seems like she always gets off track and winds up in more trouble when she goes to these things. I hope her rep is rested up he’s gonna need it.

  66. TXCinderella says:

    She totally got herself some new Chiclet teeth. They look too big for her lips to cover them.

    • Heebeegeebee says:

      Actually, I was thinking she needs new veneers. It looks like she has burned through these ones already.

  67. Jackson says:

    Holy. Hell. The dress isn’t bad though but who is going to notice it with that face and that hair looking the way it does? She looks seriously messed up.

  68. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Jaysus!!! She really looks half dead – if you think about all the surgery etc and she still looks like this then this is really scary

    Girl is def high as a kite and looks as tho she’s lost a ton of weight (drug weight loss) but crikey but this is looking like she’s waiting for her grave to open up…as vile as she is I don’t wish death on her but fear that will happen sooner if she continues her life like this

  69. No says:

    I see her ending up like Anna Nicole Smith very soon..

  70. Ali says:

    Zsa Zsa Gabor looks better than she does

  71. kas says:

    I’m reminded of a country song: “That’s a cocktail waitress in a Dolly Parton wig…..”

    Sincere apologies to Dolly.

  72. JenJen says:

    She SO did not get her teeth “whitened”… those are full on VENEERS. Her teeth weren’t shaped like that before, she obviously had the dentist file down those crack-stained, chipped teeth and had new ones installed.
    Her left thumbnail is what caught my attention… why is it brown and red around the edges? I guess it’s gross nail polish but why are the cuticles all inflamed looking?
    And what’s with her nose? The bridge is all swollen, and her eyes are bruised looking, has she recently been punched in the face???

  73. mazzy says:

    I get this site on mobile so pics don’t show up immediately, just the headline & thought ‘oh CB exaggerates all the time, she can’t look that bad’ but after clicking — oh boy does she ever! Good God, who’s got 2012 on the death pool? The odds are looking good there, sadly… :-(

  74. Tastykakes says:

    I feel terrible that this lovely dress has to live with Lindsay now. She should send it to come live with me where it will be safe & abuse free.

  75. janie says:

    This is the least of her worries, but her hands and legs are a completely different color from her face! Is she too lazy to self tan her whole body now?

  76. Nance says:

    I like orange and white together.

  77. only1shmoo says:

    Dear God, this is rough, even for her. The eyes, the hair, the teeth, everything is just… gah! And is it just me, or is the white dress just a tad ironic?

  78. LeeLoo says:

    OMG. Until this day I didn’t think she could go any lower. I want to make fun of her but these photos of her are too sad for me to do it. She looks seriously cracked out.

  79. Sandip says:

    Are you sure that this is not her mother?

  80. the original bellaluna says:

    What I want to know is, has she fulfilled her CS requirements to leave the state? Or has her PO been snowed by her (AGAIN)? Because how the hell else has she been allowed to leave the state?

    (It’s only the 9th of Feb…she can’t have gotten all her days for the month out of the way yet. There’s no way!)

    • LeeLoo says:

      The only way I can see this going down is if she doubled her hours in January so she could take February off to do events and “service” her clients.

    • Bess says:

      I want to know why she’s not being drug tested. Anyone looking at these photos can tell she’s not clean and sober.

      I thought Judge Sautner was no-nonsense, but she’s giving LL free passes.

    • Madisyn says:

      Belle, Bess, Leeloo

      Check out this twit pic of Dina at the AMFAR event. She looks completely wasted!

      A poster on tmz posted some twitter stuff from Andy Cohen from Bravo saying Dina ‘had some drama and stormed off’ and someone answered Andy Cohen and ‘she wasn’t with her and Dina just got kicked out’. I’m assuming the after-party and not the AMFAR event.

      Good stuff. And last night was ONLY night one!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Whoa! Like mother, like daughter, no?

        *raises cracktini & heads to TMZ*

      • Madisyn says:


        Its an old post: “Lindsay Lohan Calls BS on Boozing Story —
        Threatens to Sue” Use the ‘search’ and type “lindsay lohan’ and then look for the story. Start on page 45 or 46 to see all the pics and twitter comments. Vikram is paying off tmz for some reason, its the ONLY gossip website not talking about how gawd awful she and her mother looks.

      • Bess says:

        Mad & the rest of the Cracken Crew,

        Do you think Vikram is paying off the PO & Saunter to keep them from requiring drug testing?

        Also, how was she able to finish all of that CS in time to go to NYC for several days of fashion week?

      • Madisyn says:


        If you do the math, its IMPOSSIBLE for her to have finished this ‘session’ of CS before 2-21. She just barely finished last time. Literally had to do Saturday CS, as Monday was MLK day and probably a morgue holiday, Tuesday, her hearing.

        Several people think Viki has paid off Sautner and the p.o. Now here’s my problem with this thinking. It wouldn’t just come down to the judge and p.o. You’d have to consider the morgue director (or whatever his title is), other morgue employee’s, and most importantly the other morgue PROBATIONERS. Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last 6 months, you know LL’s probation schedule, especially the people serving with her. If I had to do CS and I know LL’s schedule and she’s not there, I’m gonna know. I will also see her hearing on TV where it says she completed it. If I had to do it and I KNOW SHE DIDN’T, the first thing I’d do is get a lawyer and call a press conference saying LL has had ‘preferencial treatment’ and is NOT THERE.

        I’ve said it before, I can’t see ALL these people, especially a judge, risking her career over this TRICK. You know I’m a ‘conspiracy theory’ kinda girl but I just don’t see it here. Do I think something is going on, YES. Like MAYBE, the morgue is letting EVERYONE go early or something like that. WE KNOW she’s not ‘AHEAD OF SCHEDULE’, she just barely passed this last month which we knew would be difficult due to the holidays.

        You want conspiracy, I got one for ya. Remember at her last hearing, the judge postponed her 2-15 hearing to 2-21. Now that we know she’s in NY, I can’t help but think this judge bent over backwards to accomadate this nitwit ONCE AGAIN! Why, I can only speculate this judge is ‘starstruck’.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        That’s amazing. Who knew that a mom and daughter could BOTH look like the Crypt Keeper?

        If only the Cracken hadn’t worn that Tom Ford dress. It should belong to a nice home. Can you imagine what WO and LL’s clothes look and smell like after a night of partying?
        *shudders softly to self before hiding head in pillow*

      • LadyT says:

        Oh, my goodness. I read two articles how Lindsay stalked Woody Allen. (Begging for a job I’m sure)

        And how she tried to get some rich guy to bid on a gift for her and responded
        laughing in her face.


    • LeeLoo says:

      @Madisyn You’re right. I don’t think the courts got paid off. I don’t I think Sautner is starstruck either. I just think CA and Sautner is sick of her shit and of her burdening and manipulating the system. The courts have washed their hands of her. Hence the whole she’s either going to do it or go to jail. They’re just done with her.

      @Bess what does Vikram honestly have to gain by bribing everyone? He’s only in this for the beej and I doubt they are good enough for him to warrant any real help. He has nothing to gain from helping The Cracken outside of her normal pay. I do think WO is paying off TMZ though. I’m betting Crackie promised her P.O. that she will work double time when she gets back and maybe she worked a bunch of days before she left. No one is keeping track of her days anymore so it’s hard to say.

      • Bess says:

        Since a lot of Dina’s money comes from Lindsay, do you think it’s enough to bribe TMZ? I think that would take a hefty sum and I’m not sure WO/LL could afford it.

        Also, you think the reason Sautner isn’t having LL tested for drugs because she’s fed up with her antics? Then why is Saunter sending her to the shrink?

        I don’t understand how Saunter could look at these photos of LL (and we know she sees the gossip blogs) and not realize this chick is a raging drug addict.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Sautner has to look like she is putting in some effort or else people will accuse her of playing favorites with the stars. She’s putting in a minimal amount of effort but it has nothing to do with being starstruck and everything to do with just wanting to get the stupid bitch out of her hair. The judge isn’t stupid, she does not want to waste her time or the resources for this. So she’s making Lindsay see a therapist so she can waste the therapist’s time and making her work in the morgue. That’s all with the state having to put in the minimum amount of resources because LL pays for the therapist and LL is doing a service for the morgue. So all that is wasted is an hour of the judge’s time once a month.

        Edit: As for TMZ their credibility has been compromised several times in the past year and they are losing money. I think they will take what they can get. TMZ is no longer living in 2006-2007 at their height. In the past 18 months their credibility has been called into question and they aren’t doing so well. Thayey will take whatever they can get.

      • Madisyn says:

        Bess, per usual, I’m with you. Dina and Blohan have NO money. According to a poster on tmz, Dina’s house in Merrick is in FORECLOSURE. This poster has intimate knowledge of the family, knows them, and HATES them. Every rotten thing we think of Dina, this poster says to multiply that 3 fold. Of course they’re not paying off tmz, with what? Good looks, buttons? Better have LOTS of fvckin buttons! Not to mention, why ‘pay off’ tmz, EVERY GOSSIP WEB SITE has these pics, so what would be the point?

        LeeLoo, I have to disagree about the ‘court washing their hands of her’. I’ve gotten into some serious debates with my ‘friends’ on tmz over this and I’ll try to keep it short here. Do you know how many people are in jail in LA county for the EXACT SHIT Blohan has done. Multiple DUI’s, failed drug tests, constant probation violations due to failed drug and/or alcohol tests? Too many to count and enough to clog our system. My point is, I know the judge has shown more slack than your ‘average joe’ but at this point if she doesn’t comply, why would the ‘system’ allow her to skate? The judge has the option to toss her little flat, freckled, fvckin ass in jail and then that WOULD BE THE END OF IT! Blohan should have taken the ‘jail’ option and then she’d already be out and free and clear to hook stateside or overseas. DUMB, STUPID, IDIOT CRACKEN!

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Madisyn It’s not too late. All she has to do is mess up one time and it’s slammer time. If you noticed, up until this last month she looked half sober. What do you think is going to happen with her getting high as a kite? She’s going to fvck off the morgue and her therapist! $10 and an apple cracktini says she is going jail at the end of the month. Also, I will have you consider this fact and yes her celebrity does come into play. I don’t think Judge Sautner is starstruck but is trying to have some common sense. If Lindsay were jailed and put in with the general population she’d get straight up murdered and LA County would have a lawsuit on their hands. Housing her in an isolated cell consists of more manpower and resources which once again is something the judge would like to avoid. There are many reasons the judge wants to keep La Lohan out of jail and I guarantee you it’s not because she’s “starstruck.” It’s about money, manpower and resources.

        @Bess and @Madisyn Another thing to consider with TMZ is Harvey has played a huge role in The Cracken’s career demise. I think he’s feeling a lot of guilt about that. Maybe he feels by not reporting the bad press he will save her career and her life. What he’s trying to do is save face so when she dies people won’t point fingers at TMZ.

      • Madisyn says:


        TMZ is no more at fault for Blohans ‘career’ demise than you and I for making comments on gossip websites for ‘hits’. These are HER ISSUES, HER PROBLEMS, HER ‘I’M BETTER THAN YOU’ BEHAVIOR, HER FAMILY, HER ADDICTIONS, and HER CRIMINAL RECORD that have all contributed to her ‘career’ demise. No one elses fault but her OWN!

        As for the $10 and cracktini, your on! I don’t think this judge will put her in jail, not this month anyway. If I hear ‘one more fvck up and your going to jail ‘ one more time, I think I’ll scream.

        As for Blohan going to ‘gen pop’, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. She will always be housed in the isolation wing and she’s not the only one, so no ‘extra’ resources being used there. Plus, thats up to the Sheriff’s dept., the judge could care less about jail resources, thats not her job!

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Madisyn You and I know TMZ is in no way responsible for the demise of LL’s career. But that doesn’t mean the people at TMZ aren’t allowed to feel guilty for their part (albeit small part) in killing LL’s career for exposing her crack shenanigans. If you read the reports or listen to Harvey and Charles, there’s a twinge of guilt involved.

        Also Madisyn while it isn’t the judge’s call about what happens as far as once she gets to jail, I guarantee you there are people in the sheriff’s department who are in communication with the judge and are BEGGING her not to send her to jail because she’s a pain in the ass and drains resources.

      • Boo says:

        Harvey Levin, feel guilty about Lindsay? That’s a laugh. Harvey would ride her all the way to the bank. There’s some reason why he isn’t covering this story, but compassion or guilt seem a ludicrous explanation for a “man” who posted those tragic pictures of Zsa Zsa a few days ago. That guy has no soul.

      • jwoolman says:

        I agree that Vikram has nothing to gain by bribing anybody. She wouldn’t be in jail long. If anything, it’s to his benefit to have her tailspin lower and lower.

        The judge before Sautner also said addiction wasn’t her problem, I think that was the UCLA assessment. That’s why he pushed her into therapy and Sautner is continuing that. She might not be physically addicted or be a binger. Drugs and alcohol are her deadly comfort foods, though.

        Adjusting the hearing date may or may not have anything to do with Lindsay’s sad foray into NYC Fashion Week. If it does – the judge just might figure it’s worth giving her a chance because she’s had two good reports now and (gasp!) even showed up to court on time in January, looking reasonably sane and sober. Will see what happens on the 21st. Doubt that the morgue is cutting her any slack. They nipped that in the bud…

  81. jamminatorr says:

    I saw the pics on the DailyFail and then came straight over here to see if these horrible pics were here.

  82. Reece says:

    Why do I keep clicking these? I know IT makes my eyes hurt.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Gone is the time for blaming anyone. She’s an adult, with adult enablers.
      I really think its time, as morbid as it sounds to start the death pool up.
      And the does she land in jail pool?

      Winner gets a bag of powdered sugar and a platinum bangs wiglet!!!! And a cracktini AND some pork cracklins.

  83. Amy says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t use the phrase “bangs trauma” here! These bangs are as traumatic as any I’ve seen.

  84. Ardilla says:

    She looks OLD. Like Dina old.

  85. original kate says:

    she looks like a methed out Q-tip.

  86. Sassy says:

    Where does one even start? What a f*cking mess.

    What’s with her mouth in the second pic? She looks like a diseased rabbit – did she get new teeth again? This time bigger?

    And what in bloody hell is on her nails? Is that polish? She looks like she’s got a raging infection!

    The color of her face? Combo of fake tanner, death and jaundice?

    I can’t even with the hair. OH.MAH.GAWD. Dolls have better hair.

    I’m 19 years older than this crack a$$ yet SHE looks at least 10 years older than I.

  87. dahlia1947 says:

    What the hel# is going on with this girl? She was an actress. I mean a real actress! I don’t mean to sound nauseating but she was doing so well, getting good parts with seasoned actors and now she’s just..

    I just can’t believe it. It’s so sad. She’s dumbed herself down to the likes of all of these reality “stars.”

  88. Newtsgal says:

    Can you just smell the cracktinis’ early in the morning.
    Yes, as always….she looks busted, scratch that….she is busted!
    More importantly….lets take bets on how many shows, parties and bar she’ll be denied entry, or try to crash. Will she have pics of her fallen down drunk. Will she show her ass, and make a seen?
    What else can we bet on?

  89. madpoe says:

    Seems she’s dressed like her favorite drug of choice.

  90. Cerulean says:

    For the love of Benji what has this crackster done to herself?
    She looks like a 53 year old hooker making the rounds at the Grand Ole Opry back in 1978.

  91. Lauren says:

    Has she put on weight? LL would look lovely with auburn hair. Crackie blond is dreadful.

  92. Wendy says:

    Holy Crap……I almost thought that was Donatella Versace when I looked at it really fast. What did she do to her mouth/teeth. Good lord

  93. angie says:

    It think it’s just sad now. As Jon Hamm said, It’s not funny anymore. She stays in Hollywood because she continues to think that she will have a career and win an oscar and people continues to encourage her. And now that she messed up with her face, she is never going to get the roles she wants. She will only plays pr0n star or drug addict strippers. With that face she won’t be leading lady material anymore like mila kunis or natalie portman. Besides, there are so many young actresses better than her that’s not even a question. Hollywood loves a good comeback story, but there is also a lot of misogyny in this world. It’s well know that it’s harder for women in the industry. Robert Downey Jr and Mickey Rourke (and Travolta) had their comeback but what about Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan… and so on?
    I even fear she will die before she even get a chance.
    She is just pathetic now, she goes to hollywood parties to stalk powerful producers and directors in order to won prestigious roles when nobody wants to work with her. She posed with woody allen at this event.

    Lainey has a great article:

    Indeed poor woddy allen.

    • Kim says:

      You know she has hot rock bottom when she takes a picture with a pedophile! But she need not worry she isnt 5 or his daughter.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        That looked more like a photo bomb and not at all like woody and soon-yi agreed to take a photo with her! LOL

  94. Rena says:

    My first thought was that this can’t be her.

    This looks like a street walker looking for her next client.

    Sad, Sad, and even more Sad.

  95. Kim says:

    I cant help but look at these pictures and feel sad. Yes she is an adult and is responsible for her choices, im not making excuses for her terrible behavior but we are all watching a girl slowly kill herself.

    I wish she had someone in her life to smack some sense in to her. Her parents are a NIGHTMARE and as long as she is infamous they dont care that she is a time bomb.

    Someone should propose a reality show with her with VERY tough love where she is under their watch, lives with them, is drug checked/cant do drugs and has a curfew, has to have steady work etc. I think if she had the right people around her and not Hollyweird enablers she could straighten up.

    I was never a fan of hers but I certainly dont want to see her overdose. I wouldnt wish that on anyone.

  96. Sara says:

    She looks awful!

  97. Sasha says:

    I can’t make fun of her. I can’t even call her the cracken any more – it really is too sad. A happy girl doesn’t do this to herself. She genuinely looks OLD. Remember how lovely she looked in Mean Girls? I really think she COULD have been the buxom, smiley, red-head, rom-com queen of cinema at this point. Lindsay did have talent. I watched her in the Parent Trap the other week and she was so cute, natural and adorable. I feel SO sorry for her. Stupid Dina. UGH.

  98. midnightmoon says:

    awww, cmon ladies. all she REALLY needs is some Madonna gloves, latex tips for the fingers, and a veil. she’ll be FINE…

    • irishserra says:

      I see your point, but even Madonna doesn’t look this used up. A little worn, but I think Madonna still looks good for her age.

      LL quit trying a long time ago.

  99. irishserra says:

    Wow, the partying has really done a number on her looks, hasn’t it? Way back in “The Parent Trap” I thought she was so cute and felt for sure she was going to be a gorgeous girl.

    She looks so old and used up!

  100. Tweakspotter says:

    O_O O-M-G! She looks horrible and that can’t be her hair I’m sure the crack has thinned it out and she’s practically bald now. Is her nail polish in the shade of a dirty band-aide?

  101. moopsie says:

    did something happen to her nose?

  102. Ycnan says:

    God, I said I would never read another post about this one, but I didn’t even recognize in the header pic.

    Saw mean girls on TV the other day and she was SO BEAUTIFUL and healthy looking. Sad.

  103. skuddles says:

    She looks stoned out of her skull… the only thing that remains consistent in her looks. The hair is beyond tragic.

  104. serena says:

    This is the worst she looked in months. Her hair seems cracked as much as her body.. her face, I don’t even want to start.

  105. daisy says:

    those look like clip in bangs

  106. Mommy2b says:

    Looks like her nose is broken?

  107. the original bellaluna says:

    OMG, I just realised it! She looks like the old-woman Lindsay (?) parody at the end of Pink’s “Stupid Girls” video!

    She’s actually MORPHED into that sad parody of herself!!

  108. new2this says:


  109. A~ says:

    This is heartbreaking.

  110. foozy says:

    she looks old and awful! horrible hair style. should go back to red

  111. omg says:

    wt4 is wrong with her FACE! her TEETH! her NOSE! this is a 50 yr old woman! wow wow… this is unbelievable. she aged tons since her last pic taken at the court house. horrid.

  112. Floridaseaturtle says:

    Everything. This is beyond tragic, all the signs are there, she literally is dying right now. I hope someone that cares about her, and that can manage it, goes and gets her right away. I don’t think she can see herself right now. This very minute, my heart is so, so sad. It makes me want to ask “what can I do?”, but I am just a random lady looking at a website for …fun? Instead, I am sooooo sad. I am glad there are pictures though. She is going to need to see these herself, and really look. This is not funny, and she (unfortunately) will die soon without something happening right away. Wow, I am at a total loss of what needs to happen for her.

    • Lady D says:

      Nobody can do anything for her except her, and she doesn’t see a problem.

      • ccoop says:

        And apparently no one else in her family sees it as a problem either. I can’t even snark on her anymore, it’s just too tragic watching her commit suicide by inches.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        Just tragic. Just like someone here said, the longest suicide ever. So horribly, horrible. I can’t seem to stop looking, but like you said, can’t do a thing about it. I somehow feel guilty, why is that? Because I am a mom, I suppose. Sad to say, but I guess I agree with you, Lady D.

        (Oh, and I see ccoop said exactly the same thing, right after I typed this, mine still in moderation. Terrible, terrible public suicide and she really must not know it.)

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Yes. I’m sorry, but I have passed over the “I feel sorry for her” mark. SHE courts this, SHE is loving this. Look at the cracked out gleam of glee in her eyes from the picture taking. Look at my bangs wiglet!
        She is at the pinnacle of delusion, thinking she is “troubled” like MM or ET. She’s not, she’s a terrible addict who is lucky she hasn’t actually KILLED someone yet.
        How many would feel sorry for her if she ran over one of your family members while high as a kite?
        This is HER choice. She’s been to rehabs, all the money and court orders to treat herself, she’s been given chances and she WANTS this.
        No more feeling sorry for her, and when she finally kicks the bucket, no lionizing this mess. This is a tragic, sick mess and it’s only ending up one way.
        She is NOT going to get clean, she doesn’t want to.
        She’s leaving this lifestyle when she is dead.
        The end. Sorry, I am so over the compassionate stage with this one.
        Platinum bangs wiglets for ALL my friends!

  113. CS says:

    So sad… just think, with those pretty teeth she now has, how beautiful she could look with, say, auburn, shiny hair… Oh! Wait!! Ha! Isn’t that her natural hair color she was born with? Honestly, I totally don’t get the [very ugly] “blond”. She is totally WASTING her gorgeous, natural red hair, so sad.

  114. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s a sad day in Crackville when the hair on the sleeves of your coat is in better condition than the hair on your head.

  115. mary simon says:

    Ugh! Stringy yarn bangs – whether its a weird cut or wig – hideous. Her hands look filthy and wtf with the vomit colored nails? Foul.

  116. NM6804 says:

    Her eyes seem normal, I don’t know which drugs cause your eyes to dilate…Horrible to say but I think she’s going to join the 27 Club (even though she’s not a musician). Nobody cares for her and she doesn’t care either, wow scary…

  117. Lia says:

    Unfortunately, she looks like all of her teeth fell out due to her drug use and she went to a large-animal veterinary dental specialist to have some new ones made. Neigh.

  118. lolas says:

    I am not at all interested in the Lindsay antics, but I have to say these photos make me sad. She looks like everything that’s ever been wrong with Hollywood and I don’t think it’s funny at all, and don’t understand how anyone could. You people ‘lmao’ing have a shockingly bad sense of humour.

  119. HoustonGrl says:

    Ok, I get that she’s a druggie, but why is that making her look SO different than she used to? There are plenty of celebrities that use drugs, but they still sort of look like themselves. Could someone please explain?

    • LeeLoo says:

      It’s the drugs combined with the plastic surgery. In her crack addled mind I’m sure she told some plastic surgeon she wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe.

  120. Happy21 says:

    I want to vomit.

    ‘Nuff said.

  121. Jessica says:

    @ Celebitchy – can you please put up a side by side of these teefers in this pic to one of her when she first came out… WOW!!!

    • almond says:

      Yes. I’d like to see that too. Because honestly, it’s difficult to believe that she could change this much in eight-nine years.

  122. Madisyn says:

    You guys think she looked bad in CB’s pics, take a look at this: WARNING for those who HAVE EATEN, ARE EATING LUNCH, or WILL EAT IN THE NEAR FUTURE!

    • Newtsgal says:

      Hey Madisyn! *waves*

      • Madisyn says:

        Hey Newt,

        I posted a comment back to you, oh somewhere between comment 80 whom I’m having a chat with Bess, Belle, and LeeLoo and this comment.

        I forgot to say on THAT comment, they’re isn’t enough hours in the day to take down and keep track of all the things we could possibly ‘bet’ on with this trick!

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Jesus christ!!!

      She’s def going to be dead in next couple of years – that photo is horrifying!!

      Hey Madisyn *waving*

      • Madisyn says:

        Hey Angel Ruby *waving back*

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Could it get any worse??? Her looks?
        That picture is so telling. My comments are upthread, but said the same.
        All we have left is the death pool and if she goes to jail. From this pic, looks like #1 is our best possibility.

        No, we are not heartless, just been following our Lady of Crack for way tooooo long. Who ever wins the pool gets a platinum bangs wiglet, complete with smell and bits of drugs/vomit stuck to it.

  123. Mirabelle says:

    Her teeth are looking better, at least.

  124. lulu says:

    I think her new teeth are lovely. It’s not their fault they’re stuck in her mouth.

  125. Labyrinth says:

    Go over to DListed to see a shot of her mid snarl, it’s frightening!

    • Kathryn says:

      I just looked at the photo after you mentioned it…her nose appears to be a little white on the inside.

    • dorothy says:

      Went to dlisted. Woody Allen let her pose with him? Can we say career suicide on his part? Wow, does she just run around, show up behind real celebrities and snap a photo before they realize she’s there? She’s like the unpopular girl in the cafeteria. Sad.

  126. Heavenbound says:

    It’s the teeth!! She got veneers and they look like dentures! Also the hair is so over-processed. She truly looks terrible.

  127. Kathryn says:

    Is it just me or does her nose change shapes?
    Like in these photos ^ it looks seriously busted. In other pictures it looks different all of the time!
    And her face is like really swollen….

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Her ducklips change shape too. Here and in a pic my friend sent me the collagen looks like it’s gone but in the pics Katie posted below it looks as ducky as ever.

  128. Hanna says:

    GAWD F–KING DAAAAMN! No words.. no.. words… she’s beyond busteeeeed

  129. Camille (The original) says:

    There are no words. SMH

  130. thetruthhurts says:

    Seriously, why doesn’t she see how horrible her hair looks white like that? Why does she refuse to go back to red? GROSS.

  131. Andshefell says:

    I bet when she finally od’s her corpse will look shockingly similar to these pictures

  132. PG says:

    For those who keep saying, her family, her friends, her managers need to step in and help her.. Remember – you can’t help someone who does not want to help themselves.

    • almond says:

      I think that if they really wanted to help they could what Britney’s family did and declare her incapable or something. I’m not very familiar with US legislation but that’s what I think they did.

  133. ccoop says:

    Holy freaking crap, that photo at ohnotheydidnt is beyond horrific. Her nose is in Tara Palmer-Tompkinson territory (and she’s got a coke booger!)
    And those eyes are dead pools.

  134. ocean says:


  135. darkladi says:

    Donatella Versace looks great!!

  136. BJD says:

    Wow…..I just cannot figure out what she is thinking! Does she really — I mean, REALLY? — think she looks good with whatever’s goin’ on in these photos? And that fried white hair?!? Ack!! She just seems to go from bad to worse!

  137. Quinn says:

    I have seen cleaner looking things slither off the Rock of Love bus!!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Silly suburban sheltered white/hispanic girl question… is meth snorted? I see what I thought was coke in her nose but the splotches on her face scream meth.

  138. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Did anyone read the article in Us Weekly discussing how Dina (LL’s mom) says her daughters are so fashion forward with their hair and style, and they keep telling her to get a makeover (even though she looks way younger and much better than both her daughters–sorry!). Lol.

    • Madisyn says:


      Here’s the article:

      “My girls are always telling me to cut my hair,” Dina, 49, told Us Weekly at Randi Rahm’s Fashion Week ****tail party in NYC Wednesday. “You know, you think you’re fashion forward, and then you have children who are way more, but you make your own look [work]. But it’s hard when you’re girls are like, ‘Mom, you’re looking scary.’”

      Speaking of her daughters, Dina said heTr 18-year-old daughter Ali’s modeling career is really taking off. “She loves it. She’s over my height now,” Dina told Us. “We’re really short compared to her. We need a booster — a really big one!”

      As for Lindsay, 25? “She’s wonderful,” Dina said of her daughter, who is close to completing her court-ordered community service.

      “We’re here for all of Fashion Week.”

  139. Ramie says:

    this isn’t funny anymore. she’s dying!

  140. Katie says:

    Good grief! She looks like she’s about 50. And she doesn’t look too sober to me. This poor girl is steps away from total self destruction.

  141. Jane says:

    She looks good…..for a 60 year old.

    • Annie says:

      If I look like this at 60 I’ll be shocked and upset. Most 60 year olds don’t look like freakin CORPSES unless they are terminally ill. Looking old is one thing and looking diseased is quite another.

  142. dj says:

    This is actually the first time I have truly felt sorry and sad for her. The delusion is strong with this one. L really thinks she looks gorgeous here. So sad.

  143. dorothy says:

    This poor girl is horrific. She is a walking joke. She needs to stay out of the limelight for several months, then maybe people would forget how truly pathetic she has become. Sad really, very sad.

  144. lush33 says:

    She looks like Rachel Zoe…..shuddderrr

  145. bettyrose says:

    I just showed one of these pics to my SO and asked if he knew who she was. His response: “Is that Pamela Anderson?” LMAO! I think that says it all.

    Edited to add: OMFG! Just looked at the link posted by Katie. No longer think this is funny.

  146. NicoleAM says:

    Too many comments to read through, don’t know if anybody mentioned her HANDS! Even more than her face and hair, her hands are so rough looking; they always creep me out.

  147. ZenB!tch says:

    Jobs? For whom? Some clients with a grandma fetish? She looks 60 and her duck lips are shrinking… and I think the horseteeth are new.

  148. OhMyMy says:

    So many comments saying “hey I thought that was ??? at first”. I’m finding that too. When I look at the pictures she now looks like bits of other people. Nothing recognizable or unique. Course that might be okay if she was a character actress but not a “movie star”. She resembles Dana Plato more and more.

  149. Green_Eyes says:

    Ya know we have been speculating she is trying to channel Marilyn. I am now firmly believing nope!!! She’s channeling CORPSE BARBIE after some 4 yr old had a hissy fit & f’d up Corpse BARBIE’s hair!!!!

  150. Francesca says:

    WIG ALERT! she is over the edge for sure…

  151. alibeebee says:

    OMG look at her face look at her hands! she’s yellow like her liver is giving out and then the rest of her she’s pale as a Frickin corpse.. this Shizz is not right… but loved the shoes and the dress isn’t bad.. the HAIR IS WRONG Y’all!! her new teeth look terrible they are too big for her. she’s melting falling apart .. whrere is her mother?!!! someone needs to save this girl and fast she could be another tragedy if this is not taken care off Asap!

  152. Lavender says:

    No sane person would walk out of their house with hair like that. It looks like a Halloween wig from the dollar store. If she would just dye it back to red and put it in a bun or something, she would look so much better.

  153. Louise says:

    I just want to steal her, bring her back to my town in New Zealand, and show her that life can be cool and happy sober. I want to sit her ass in a bubble bath, scrub all that fake tan off, remove the extensions, dye the hair, and then take her shopping for a good bra. Nothing will fix those veneers, but a manicure will help with the nails.

    I just wish someone would help her. And I wish she’d listen. I really want her to fix up her life – not because i love her (she sounds like a narcissistic brat) but because dying like this is such a waste.

    Come on, Lindsay. Ditch your family and your wig and fix your life.

  154. B says:

    Oh no…I went as LL for Halloween a couple of years ago and didn’t have time to go to a decent store for my wig. I had to get a crappy wig @ the last minute, and this is EXACTLY what it looks like!! Sad.

    • OhMyMy says:

      ** snicker ** I have one of those wigs from the party store in my closet too from when I went as Paris Hilton’s Mini-Me for Halloween a few years ago.

  155. almond says:

    Someone should kidnap her, shave her head, give her an industrial-grade bath, put her in a pair of PJ’s and then lock her in a room while she exorcises all the drugs out of her system. That’s the only way she could recover from the mess she is. Because, of her own volition, it will never happen.

  156. jilly says:

    she looks like trailer trash with better clothes. lovely dress and it fits her well. but dayum does she look a fright.

  157. hillbilly in the corner says:

    First you shave that head, then disinfect and debug. then you put her in a padded cell for two weeks while she sweats all those drugs out of her system…then the hard part starts rewiring that brain which frankly with her personality I think is a impossiblity…..after doing this four or five times you might just might save her life… but don’t count on it cause she loves it too much just the way she is…
    Hundred years ago Lindsay would have been a hooker on the Streets of NYC meatpacking distict.
    200 yrs ago …she would be sleeping wuth the british for money
    300 yrs ago she would have been working the street in Whiteshall London district and gettung disinbowed by Jack the Ripper..
    she that kind of woman….a whore….

  158. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Jesus, if I saw her on the street I’d assume she was 35 at least and one that had lived a hard hard life. She is the best anti drug poster child I’ve ever seen. They don’t need anyting else. Just before and after pics of her and no one will ever do hard drugs again

  159. two doors says:

    she look like she’s 50, will pray for her cos she’s on a deadly path

  160. MadMadgeThePartyVadge says:

    At least she let her lips deflate.