Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are on the rocks

The “divorce watch” countdown is apparently ticking on Charlie Sheen and his new bride, Brooke Mueller. Charlie had barely extricated himself from his last marriage with whack job Denise Richards before announcing his engagement to Brooke, whom he married this summer. While Brooke is currently pregnant with twins, sources say the couple is not getting along and Brooke has left town to seek emotional support from her mom.

With twin baby boys on the way, Charlie Sheen and his new wife, Brooke Mueller, should be enjoying one of the happiest times in their lives. Instead, their five-month marriage is being tested.

“Charlie and Brooke are going through a rough patch,” an insider says. “They are arguing a lot.”

Brooke, 31, is so shook up over Charlie, she needed a little getaway to relax and de-stress. A close friend says she might have flown to Palm Beach, Fla. to stay with her mother Moira Fiore. “I’m not saying that she’s not here,” Moira tells In Touch. “I really can’t say anything.”

Another source says that Brooke has been hard to reach. “I have not talked to her at all. Her voice mail is full and she hasn’t been in touch with anyone.”

According to a source, Brooke is worried that Charlie, 43, who has battled many demons, might be slipping back to some of his bad-boy behaviors since they’ve announced having the babies.

“Charlie has intimacy issues sometimes,” an insider says. “After getting too close with anyone, he retreats.”

[From In Touch print version, Nov. 17, 2008]

Well, it would not be the first time one of Charlie’s wives left him while pregnant. Denise “Crazy Eyes” Richards filed for divorce while pregnant with their second daughter, Lola. I really can’t imagine why anyone would marry Charlie Sheen. The man has issues. Maybe Brooke thought she could change him. But guess what? That never works out. Who wants to bet that the marriage will be over by the time Brooke delivers those babies?
Header image: Brooke and Charlie at the Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in L.A. in May 2008. Photo credit: Bauergriffin. Gallery: Charlie Sheen at Planet Hollywood on Oct. 25; Brooke Mueller out and about in Beverly Hills on Oct. 23.Photo credits: WENN. The couple hasn’t been photographed together since appearing at the Academy Awards together.

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  1. mojoman says:

    well, it seems somebody owes me 50 bucks..

  2. nycmom100.. says:

    I person that I hold in the utmost regard once said to me, ‘If everyone is telling you the same thing, it is time to look in the mirror.’ Everyone blames Denise & calls her the whack job. Maybe everything has been true. Maybe he made her the crazy woman she was. Just a thought.

  3. RAN says:

    You know… I realize this guy probably isn’t the easiest person to live with at all times, but isn’t that what love is supposed to be about? I’m not sure I completely fault him for all of these shenanigans, emotions run pretty high during pregnancy, and I’m sure he’s not attracted to the expanded waistline – I just get that impression, I do not have YouTube info to back it up :roll: Anyway, if he’s acting different while the wife is imagining all kinds of things, then sure… this is going to go downhill fast.

  4. WTF?!?! says:

    Apparently once his devil’s seed takes root, his women feel the need to amputate him.
    What’s that about?

  5. RAN says:

    Sigh… I’m in moderation, so I’ll just finish my comment here… My point is that I think he’s attracted to a certain type of woman and that type seems to flock to him. The cycle just continues. They’re ALL at fault.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Hmmm… Charlie never seems to enjoy his wives’ pregnancies, does he? Perhaps it’s narcissism. He hates when his wives are focused on anything or anyone besides him.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I used to really admire his father, Martin Sheen; sad to say that Charlie’s not half the man his dad is (gossip or no gossip)

  8. CiCi says:

    Eh, Martin Sheen is a whack job, too. Altho, he HAS managed to keep his marriage in tact forever.

  9. queenie says:

    Another man with addictions….always a bad choice.

  10. popo says:

    Listen this woman is now getting what Charlie was giving to Denise. I’ve seen it before. The new girlfriend believes all the lies her wonderful man says about his ex. And just when new girlfriend becomes pregnant. She becomes the victim. I knew this was going to happen. Sad thing is the twin boys will become the victims also. Charlie is a classic narcissist. And it is and will always make the partner look like the crazy one.
    I can only imagine what this poor woman has been suffering through. She now may have some sympathy for Denise.

  11. Leandra says:

    He’s creepy to look at and is probably frustrated being with only one woman. I suspect his frustration is coming out in the way he is treating her. Plus getting pregnant so soon after getting married and add to that his penchant for hookers – not good odds for this marriage being a success.

  12. jennifer says:

    popo – agree 100%. It’s bad enough when the new wife/girlfriend thinks “Oh the ex is just crazy, he’ll be completely different with ME” – OK, fair enough, maybe the ex really IS a bitter hag ;) you have no way of knowing until you’re already IN the relationship. But in THIS case, it’s CHARLIE SHEEN. It’s not like you don’t hear about this stuff on TV, see it in the magazines at the supermarket, read about it EVERYWHERE online. And not just one isolated incident, but many, Mmany MANY incidents, over & over & over. Anyone who willingly gets in a relationship with Charlie Sheen has no right to be all surprised when he starts acting like a jerk. :lol:

  13. KDRockstar says:

    This is not uncommon. A lot of guys feel have the Madonna/whore complex, and when she’s busting out twins…

    Let’s just say Charlie likes the whores. Period.

  14. daisy424 says:

    Probably just a simple case of hormones.
    I had to hide the sharp knives with my last pregnancy so I didn’t stab my husband in his sleep………. 8)

  15. vdantev says:

    She forgot the cheerleader outfit last night, right ?

  16. pebbles says:

    why, you may ask, did she marry him? $$$$$$$, methinks. now that she has secured her deal by reproducing with the man, she can walk away with a cool million or so…twins may be even more lucrative so good job!! not a bad deal as it’s probably more than what she was making as a (ahem) model.

  17. Haystacks says:

    People are to an extent, their habits. Change takes serious time and effort, so it generally does not happen. How could this woman have looked at Sheen’s habits and said, “this man is husband material.”

  18. devilgirl says:

    SHOCKER! :-)

  19. ff says:

    I don’t like Richards and even I’m inclined to believe Sheen would drive a saint crazy. I think he’s the whack job, personally – he’s just better at looking superficially sane.


  20. let’s see…sperminated with TWO children? now that’s a big child support payment.

    let’s hope this is just a rumor…for Charlie’s sake.

  21. Jeanne says:

    I’m not surprised. The man needs a therapist. Every picture it’s the same look.

  22. Ana' says says:

    Hey Denise may be a whack job but Charlie has always been and will always be a grade A a@@h*le. I feel for the new wife. The prospect of raising two kids alone must be really scary. Hopefully, if these rumors prove to be true, she’ll learn a lesson and choose her partners more wisely.

  23. judy says:

    Good God Charlie…these broas marry you for your oney..they pop a kid as soon as possible and then say you are going back to your old ways and bail out and then go for the mone4y..You neede to get fixed and stop having kids and getting married. These women now damn well what byou are and who you are and you will never change. They were no bodies when they met you and married you ut now they are the exd mrs sheens and ngetting alimony and child support for the nexxt 20 years..get the picture charlie?????????????

  24. SeVen says:

    Hes like… the male version of Jlo. when he first gets married its the honeymoon stage where he claims this is the first REAL Time hes been in love. then it all goes down the shitter at warp speeds and the chick ends up looking like the batshit crazy one. Then, in a matter of minutes he’s married again and is in love for REAL this time!! I SWEAR MAN ITS REAL! ok anyways, rinse and repeat. Perhaps if these celebs would DATE someone long enough to get out of the “honeymoon” phase, where the hormones die down, life sorta settles in then you see what the person is like when youre not high on life… then they wouldnt get divorced 10 days after the wedding.. Oy, i sound like fucking dr. phil

  25. DLR says:

    Not surprised. I think Charlie has a “whore-mother” complex that as long as the woman doesn’t get pregnant he’s all over her, then once she’s sperminated it is like, urgh, look at her, all fat and ewww, look at how big her areolas are getting.

  26. Kat says:

    Time for a vasectomy Charlie ?

  27. xiaoecho says:


    love that yellow dress in the background

  28. cara says:

    Maybe Chuck just isn’t cut out for marriage. But a total bad guy? Come on, at least he had the decency to report what he thought was an actual snuff film to the po po…remember, it turned out to be a fake. That takes some b#lls. I can imagine the convo…”Uh, officer, I ah, was watching this porno and I ah think they really killed the girl!” It’s not like you get one of those films on skinamax!

    So seriously, that get’s some major decency points in my book, and I’m not kidding.

    Maybe the ladies are a little soft for thinking they can “change” him, OR they’re not and hope for single life and getting change from him.

  29. sauvage says:

    Or, maybe, Cara, he just was afraid what would happen if the snuff guys got busted and the police would find his Computer ID in their logs. So he voted for what seemed to be less threatening to his reputation. Or the shreds left of it.

  30. Nouvel says:

    It is so shameful that these people can get married and divoreced on a whim just because they felt like it at the time, but two loving gay people who have been together forever, completely commited, have children and are good honest human beings and citizens can’t have equal rights because of religious zealots who are miserable with their own lives and can’t see the truth when it is sitting right there in front of them !!! SHAME ON EVERYONE who voted yes on Prop 8, although there are just as many wonderful people with good kind souls who voted NO !! This just is so shameful !!!

  31. rottenkitty says:

    Maybe Charley Sheen is a bit thick? Combine that with the narcissism one often sees in actors and an environment where he never has to take on adult responsibilities, and you end up with a really bad candidate for a long-term relationship.

    Just saying…

  32. cara says:

    @sauvage…I’m pretty sure it was pre-online access…..I’m talking “A Current Affair” era…late eighties early nineties. If I remember correctly, he WENT to the pd WITH the DVD. (POSSIBLY even VHS)

  33. Mrs.Ezc says:

    All I can say is that it seems that history repeats itself with him yet again .. and since I never faulted Denise I think Brooke should’ve really looked at his track record … It’s unfortunate that she has to be bringing another set of his children into his crazy life the man needs to be neutered and remain single!! I think with this report Denise should feel vindicated.

  34. Yourself says:

    His first marraige was a lie, the second was fake. I wonder what he will call this one. Didn’t he pull a gun on Kelly Preston when she was his fiance? What makes women think men can change?

  35. paris herpes says:

    Charlie is the quintessential douchebag, I’m not surprised at all. He should just stay single and not complicate his life with women who want a commitment. He needs some hot lesbian witches or some thing to keep him going.

  36. mamalama says:

    Wow! Who saw this coming? I mean, really…no wonder he’s so good at the role he plays on Two and Half Men – it’s him in real life.

  37. Sarah says:

    Well, marrying this crazy nut job for his money wasn’t probably the best idea this chick ever had. Whatever could have been the reason otherwise to do so?

  38. frewt says:

    She’s either the most naive bitch on the planet or she’s a calculating gold digger. Either way I have no sympathy.

  39. jim says:

    charlie better watch the money, after his series goes off the air, he’s about done.

  40. lori says:

    He’ll get a new blonde, she’ll get millions…he’ll get a new blonde, she’ll get millions…and on and on. You know, he and George Clooney have the same agent..he’s gotta be the only guy in H’wood who actually deserves his percent, just for the aggravation.

  41. Codzilla says:

    Yeah, by now, any woman who marries this gem (let alone allows him to impregnate her) deserves what she gets. It’s not like he’s only had a few missteps in an otherwise sterling life. Charlie has been whoring, mean-spirited piece of sh*t for as long as I can remember.

  42. IMO says:

    I think many pregnant women are more upset and I wouldn’t judge any of them at that time.

    Nevertheless, I think it was a mistake to jump into a new serious relationship so soon after the divorce and a rebound relationship is never a safe bet.

    I think he just felt like he reay needs the support system that a serious relationship provides and got involved too quickly with a women he hardly knew.

    Especially since the last one was a gold-digger who showed poor judgement and shady motives in her “televised” life.

    She should have waited a bit and make sure he is not having another gold and fame digger.

  43. Really says:

    He’s had a reputation for decades, so what kind of woman looks the other way? Marries him & gets knocked up ASAP? I’m not saying people should never get second chances, but if they were truly interested in giving him a second chance…they might not clamp on & prayed for lock jaw…SO QUICK! That speaks volumes.

    I’m sure he’s an ass, but the women sure have their sights set on something…$$$$$$$$ or fame?

    I don’t really feel sympathy for them. They are like modern day versions of stupid characters in a Grimm’s fairy tale…..listen up little girl’s, if you are stupid, lazy & greedy looking for an easy meal ticket…this can happen….

  44. Well, finally, perhaps some of you will stop beating Denise Richards to death. As for Brooke, girl, you shoulda known better. Tell me it’s not about the money because you can’t put a price on sanity and dignity. The sex may be good, but the trips to the doctor after can’t be too enjoyable. Why, Denise, Brooke and Charlie Sheen’s other exes? Is it the bad boy image? Were you abused as children?

  45. lizze says:

    look the media trys to make lies so they can make the $$$$$.so i dont belive it mabye the story happened differently mabye sheen just needs company.and u should ent look at people like that. just look at they re personalty. cause ull regret later just like some people regret the death of mj

  46. melissa says:

    I don’t care what people “hear” about Charlie Sheen. I think he is so incredibly talented, undeniably sexy as ever and continues to get sexier. I am not the type of chic that cares about money. I would be happy to be with a guy who has such a strong sexual appetite for mixing things up. It does make things different when kids are in the picture but I just love him and would go so far as to pay him for just one night of, umm passion =) If I ever had the chance to meet him I’d jump him before he knew what was happening. LOL

  47. lvbabe says:

    charlie sheen is a sex addict. sex addicts should never get married unless they are in an open relationship.

    it’s really very simple.

  48. Jacqueline S Kurz-Dunn says:

    Charlie Sheen: the only thing attractive about the guy is his money.
    He seems to attract really stupit women along with it.
    I feel bad for the kids.