Madonna slams M.I.A.: “It’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do”

Well, as it turns out, the British tabloids got it right. The only thing I’m going to give Madonna credit for is that she waited five days to throw M.I.A. under the bus. Just to recap, during the Super Bowl Half-Time show, Madonna performed her new (terrible) song “Give Me All Your Luv” with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. You know exactly why Madge “collaborated” with Minaj and M.I.A. Madonna knows why she collaborated with them too. Because she’s 50-something years old and she desperately wants to be young again, and failing that, she’s trying to “borrow” the youth of performers like Nicki and M.I.A. Anyway, during the half-time show, M.I.A. slipped the bird to the camera while singing “I don’t give a sh-t…” Here’s the video again:

The British tabloids claimed that Madge was seriously pissed off at M.I.A. for basically stealing focus from her – classic Madge, right? What would Madge be if not a giant vacuum of narcissism? As it turns out, the tabloids were right – Madonna really is pissed off at M.I.A. She said so during an interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday:

Sounds like M.I.A. made a very powerful enemy in Madonna. Backing up the pop legend alongside Nicki Minaj at last Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, the British/Sri Lankan rapper nearly hijacked the spectacle when she flipped her middle finger; the obscene gesture aired on live TV as over 100 million viewers watched.

But this wasn’t a provocative move planned in advance with Madonna a la her infamous VMAs kiss with Britney Spears. “I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it,” Madonna, 53, told Ryan Seacrest Friday during a radio chat for On Air With Ryan Seacrest. “I wasn’t happy about it.”

Explained the singer, who invited M.I.A. (real name: Mathangi Arulpragasamand) and Minaj to perform on “Gimme All Your Luvin’,” the lead single off her album MDNA: “I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity it seemed negative.”

“It’s such a teenager…irrelevant thing to do,” she sniped. “There was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point? It was just out of place.”

Besides, Madonna was nervous enough for her big moment without M.I.A.’s unexpected gesture. Her most stressful moments? “When my throne docked on the stage,” she said of her dramatic entrance. “Then getting my cartwheels on the bleachers right.”

By the time the 12-minute set concluded with “Like a Prayer” (with Cee Lo Green singing alongside her), “I was overwhelmed,” she said. “I started crying. I felt an incredible sense of warmth, love, and support. To see an entire stadium light up like candles it was…like a religious experience.”

[From Us Weekly]

“It’s such a teenager…irrelevant thing to do…” Is it wrong to admit that I agree with the argument Madge is making (but not WHY she is making it)? It was just a dumb, immature thing for M.I.A. to do. But that’s not why Madonna is pissed off. Madge is pissed off because A) She didn’t think of doing it first and B) Doing “teenage” things is Madonna’s game, bitch and C) No one was talking about MADONNA!!!!!!!!! Waaaaah!

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  1. Asli says:

    Bleh – Everybody knows Madonna doesn’t like to be upstage. That’s the reason she’s ‘not happy’ about it.

  2. OriginalTiffany says:

    Says Madge as she gives a double one figured salute ALL the time.

    Plus, it was in the video, she’s just pissed because it’s a “big deal” which is stupid in and of itself. It’s a finger, let it die.
    Why is all this week old crap still news???

    • sandra says:

      Why didn’t this site post photos of madge flipping off her public like the other websites? It’s irrelevent unless SHE does it. What a joke. Who gives this woman a platform anymore??

    • Lis says:

      Most of the Irish reports (not available online, dammit) I saw assumed that Madge told MIA to do it.

      Which would make sense. Madonna gets controversy for a bafflingly successful performance, but all the punishment and opprobrium goes to MIA. Who in turn gets attention.

      Madonna is one of the toughest, most calculating women in showbiz. Does anyone really think she hasn’t planned this out to the last detail?

      The fact that we (including me, of course) are still talking about it shows that it worked.

  3. Iggles says:

    Muahahaha! Co-sign this 100%!

  4. paola says:

    Oh come on!!! She’s done much much worse in her days!! she’s just jelous because that was HER show and MIA stole the scene ( even if i wouldn’t have even noticed it if all the press wasn’t talking about it!)

  5. Lola6 says:

    Kettle, meet pot.

    And get some white strips while you’re at it. Her teeth are as golden as her hair.

    • gg says:

      exactly. Her new SONG is what is the teenager, irrelevant thing to do …

      • Asli says:

        Yeah. I agree. That song might very well be the worst song I have ever heard. And really? Who’s the immature one here? Madonna’s dancing around with pom poms, pretending to be a cheerleader. Maybe she should take a look at all the sh*t she’s trying to pull instead of judging others. M.I.A was in the wrong but Madonna isn’t exactly a new kid on the block. I was more offended by her vadge-thrusts than anything M.I.A did. Also ”love and unity’. Eh. You’re at a football field with a bunch of fans/enemys. Any love there was at that stadium could only have been the love of cold corndogs or small lines to the rest room.

    • B says:

      If I read “Kettle, meet pot” one more time I am going to heave into the kettle and pot. Trite meet cliché.

  6. UniqJazz says:

    I see when someone else does something to steal the show, it’s wrong. Yet when she decides to kiss britney spears during a performance and sexualize herself, or nail herself to a cross it’s alright as long as she is the one to do it. She is narcissistic. I feel like M.I.A didn’t do it to steal the show and didn’t think it would cause such a huge problem. Seems like she is always pulling out her middle finger. Why doesn’t madonna be a mature person and call up m.i.a and talk to her. Apparently madonna is immature enough to talk trash behind someone’s back like a junior high school kid. She has no right to call others immature. She should observe herself first.

  7. Sacred says:

    Oh, STFU. You built your entire career on pulling stunt queen moves. Sit down somewhere. And, no matter how hard you try, you will never be young again.

  8. Jayna says:

    MIA is almost 40. She is no kid. She’s married or engaged to a billionaire.

    • MerryHappy says:

      And according to thesuperficial, madonna is 5000 years old and married to the dark lord satan. The superficial guy would never lie to me, because he respects women 😀 lol

  9. bored says:

    Her age is showing with comments like that. She should have gone with defending m.i.a’s right to express her creativity in her art.
    Anyway, it was just the finger – the strangest things are considered obscene by americans.

    • Jayna says:

      You don’t get it. The FCC fined the last network over half a million dollars for a nip slip with Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl because it’s a family show. It went all the way to the Supreme Court.

      The NFL sat Madonna down and she promised no surprises. They all signed contracts. MIA in weeks of rehearsals was very clear on it and never did it. Madonna had a vision for her show of fun and happy. That didn’t include flipping off the Super Bowl audience, which is not their
      audience or necessarily fans. The same as when Madonna sang at the Oscars twice. Different audience.

      Madonna is no prude and performing for her fanbase in her own concerts is far different than how she performs for the Super Bowl when invited. She said she considered it an honor. MIA should have honored Madonna’s wishes since she was invited by Madonna.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Here ya go Jayna. Your hero in full salute.

        Did you buy her sex book as well? Very classy. Who doesn’t want pics of yourself with Vanilla Ice for the world to see for ALL time? Madonna is a freaking bastion of CLASS!

      • LeeLoo says:

        Oh what a load of crap! This has nothing to do with the FCC. This has everything to do with the fact Madonna is no longer relevant in pop music.

      • Jayna says:

        What does her Sex Book 22 years ago have to do with it? She sang at the Oscars twice and knew not to flash her boobs or at Live8. All she said was it wasn’t the time or place. It wasn’t. None of my liberal friends got it, flipping off the audience. The Super Bowl is what it is these days and Madonna tailored her show accordingly. A lot of people, most of all Madonna, put a lot of effort into the show. MIA didn’t upstage her or the show. But her flipping off the audience created negative press overshadowing all the great aspects of the show.

      • Asli says:

        LOL! So her vadge-thrusts weren’t inappropriate for a family show?

        Agree with Leeloo and Originaltiff. She was just pissed that she got upstaged and that everyone aren’t talking about how ‘amazing’ her show was. Snort. She sucked and she knows it.

      • Darolo says:

        Here, here! Thank God somebody else understood why Madonna made the comment. I really wish people would do their homework or use a bit of logic before leaving comments. It’s obvious Madonna had an ethos for this performance & it didn’t include gestures like that! Of course she’ll do it on her next tour but that’s a whole different ball-game and a whole different audience expectation! I also wish, in these days of technocological advancement people would use spell-check.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Oh please, Madonna had no ethos about that show. If she did, she would’ve thought twice about the dance routine, the aforementioned vag thrusts, her outfit and the song she sang. Her being pissed has nothing to do with MIA giving the finger and everything to do with the fact that she got upstaged.

        And it’s not that I disagree with the argument at all. But it’s coming from Madonna who has to be the center of attention at all times. Her making the argument makes her a hypocrite. Madonna has done an awful lot just on national television that some have deemed inappropriate she has no room to talk about others who do the same thing for any reason. She needs to shut it.

      • Meanchick says:

        Actually, the ‘nip slip’ decision was overturned and no fine was paid. It gave the NFL half time show more recogniton and celebs compete for that slot.

  10. Julie says:

    mia wouldnt do something like that if people werent seriously discussing a finger on tv for days. she got what she wanted. if people had said nothing, noone would do that again in the future.

    i dont know whats worse if you need the finger to get attention, to slam someone because she stole your show or to be offended by an obvious attention stunt.

  11. samanthalous says:

    HAHAHA I agree with her for once just about that sentence.

  12. Little Darling says:

    I don’t think it’s that MIA upstaged her, or that she threw the finger out there.

    Madonna’s point was that everyone was feeling great, singing, and MIA threw the finger out that means F*CK YOU. Why tell the audience and all of the viewers to f*ck themselves? It’s not a start in the airport giving the finger to photogs…it was live tv, it was out of place and it was a bad judgment call on MIA. I think it annoyed Madonna because she’s thankful for her fans, was probably thankful for the chance to do the Super Bowl at her age, and MIA was just tossing out the disrespect by broadcasting a message like F*ck You..

    I also think that MIA just did it without realizing/premeditating. It happens…

    • Jayna says:


    • DeeVine says:

      ITA. During the rehearsal press conference she promised there won’t be surprises. Madonna’s previous stunt queen anctics were all for a specific audience like her fans or music events. No matter what she is always a professional.

      M.I.A is an idiot esp that she is in her 30s, and still acting like a rebellious teen. She would never have been invited for a big event like the superbowl and yet she chose to use it to draw attention to herself.

  13. paola says:

    ‘My daughter is in love with Tom Brady’
    join the queue bitch! 😉

  14. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    M.I.A. is British. If I had a dollar for every time some British friend gave me the one or two fingered salute, I’d be rich. If I had a dollar for every picture that I owned in my teens and early twenties and even now when I’m closer to 30, of someone (grown ass people with kids) giving the middle finger in the a picture, I would rule the universe like the Illuminati. LOL.

    Was it classy? NO. But then neither is Madonna so it was just right for the show.

    She had no problem offending anyone and burning crosses or making sacrilegious songs and videos, telling people to get over it if they didn’t like. And look, even though I wasn’t supposed to like, I did. Why is she the only one allowed to be risque, daring, and edgy. Why is she the only one allowed to turn heads and be inappropriate for the sake of self-expression and art?

    And all this talk about the Super Bowl being a family show? With the way some of these adults act during a game, and trust me I know because I’ve hosted one of my own for the past ten years, a finger from a pop star should be the least of one’s worries. The foulest mouths come out during sporting events from fans who have their precious darlings in tow. And if they think the kids in the audience even paid attention to that, then they are hilarious. They were probably too busy staring at Madonna’s dusty crotch in shock and awe. Talk about inappropriate.

  15. She’s just one step away from telling kids to get off her lawn.

    • ol cranky says:

      oh no, I just had a terrifying mental image of Madonna starring in & directing a remake of GranTorino

  16. Jaded says:

    Kettle calling pot black. Madonna knew who she was dealing with, M.I.A. is just as arrogant, narcissistic and self-absorbed as she is and loves to use shock tactics. M.I.A. stepped on Madonna’s toes, that’s all. The two of them are vile.

  17. Maria_Spain says:

    i haven´t seen the finger till all this XD.

  18. Jennifer12 says:

    Those two no talent narcissists deserve each other. Silly, rich idiots who truly believe they’re some kind of alternative, hip dream. MIA is 36 and lives in BRENTWOOD, California. How punk of her. It WAS a teenage, irrelevant thing to do, but that was not the place to do it. However, Madonna does the same thing all the time. MIA knew what she was doing when she decided to collaborate with Madonna and then appear on an all American sports show. Please. Flipping the bird doesn’t mitigate the fact that you make mainstream choices, dumbass.

  19. Miffits says:

    I agree with Madonna’s statement. Remember when MIA was cool? It was a seriously irrelevant thing to do. It was such a desperate attempt to get back into the peripherals of ‘mainstream’ music. Yes, we get it MIA, you’re still edgy, now get out there and sing your little cameo for a disposable pop song… and a terrible song at that.

  20. mmhmm says:

    How has this ever been more than a fleeting, mild news story? Who honestly gives a sh*t? She gave the middle finger. And…? Is anyone really that uptight this matters to them? I don’t understand how anyone could be that bothered by it that it’s still in the news almost a week later…

  21. nina says:

    MIA is not selena gomez, she’s provocative and attention getting and her flipping the bird was TAME. Maddonna didn’t ask katy perry to perform with her, she asked MIA. So for her to turn around and act disappointed is stupid.

    Personally I was more embarrassed for Madonna moving like a grandma up there than MIA’s middle finger.

  22. LeeLoo says:

    If this statement were coming from anyone other than Madonna I would wholeheartedly agree. But Madonna is just being bitchy because she isn’t the center of attention. I thought narcissism calmed down with age.

  23. crumbcake says:

    Teenage thing to do…..
    Like shaking your ass and waving pom-poms around like you’re in high school, Madonna? You’re not fooling anybody. You’re a fifty year old woman. You’re in fantastic shape and you look great, but you sort of look ridiculous trying to act WAY younger than you are.
    Plus, I just saw a picture of you from the recent past flipping the audience the bird while performing on stage, so try not to choke on your own hypocrisy.

  24. LunaT says:

    Madonna’s just pissed she didn’t think of it first. And that people were talking more about MIA after the performance than they were about Madonna. Madge should be thanking MIA—took the attention off the crap perfomance Madonna gave.

  25. Jackie says:

    madonna sounds like an old lady.

    i wish M.I.A would release a statement totally putting madge in her place.

    would love it!

  26. Annie says:

    Madonna has made of point of giving the proverbial middle finger to anyone who tried to limit or restrain her in the past…I think she’s perturbed because she was feeling empowered
    ” look they love me!!” and MIa dared to step on her moment.
    Well now the middle finger isnt paying off for her and she’s bitter….karma!

  27. catt says:

    I can’t believe how full of it Madonna is!!! Saying in essence that MIA messed up the ‘religious’ experience that was the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Yeah, right. And all that BS she says about the warmth, love and blah blah blah. Only in her mind. This was a football stadium. With football Fans who hate each other. Not a cathedral. The only reason she broke down crying after was from nerves but she is trying to pass performing at the Superbowl halftime show as a religious experience!! Lol!!!

  28. Nancypie says:

    I had previously misunderstood that MIA flipped the bird and sang “I don’t give a sh&t” as both of those things being unplanned. After watching the video it seems the lyric is part of the song and I think that’s already wildly inappropriate for a supposedly family-friendly show. Who cares about the finger when the song says that? I am so glad my kids got bored and left the room before that. Yes, they’ve heard cursing, but hearing/seeing it on TV undermines my teaching them that its not socially acceptable (when its on the Superbowl!).

  29. Kimlee says:

    I agree If this statement were coming from anyone other than Madonna Like Adele or taylor swift, I would agree with it but it cames form Madonna who has made a career of of shocking people Madonna kiss britney spears at the age of 49 to shock people She really has no room to judge.

    Was it stupid yes get over it, the only reason why Madonna still talking about it is to get the attention back on her, I mean she gave her statement last week to bring it up again is just attention seeking.

  30. UKHels says:

    this from the woman who flashes her granny crotch at us all day long

  31. Maya says:

    I like how Madonna makes a comment that seems like an offside comment, but operates like a snowball, gathering momentum.
    Her insertion of ‘irrelevant’ works in this way, creating that snowball or punch that pretty much sums up M.I.A.

  32. Missfit says:

    EXACTLY…how the irony and hypocrisy fits! She’s done much MUCH worse over all these years….made out with girls, showed her ta tas, finger, crotch grabbing. If the show was all full of love and that was such a teenager move…then why does she do that crap to her fans at her shows? When they are there so show how much they adore and love her and then for her just to be like…FUCK YOU…ya ok Madonna…much appreciation!!!

  33. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    When totally removing the source, I agree with Madonna: so it comes to this. I think she got caught up in a moment of lameness and dropped the digit and s-bombs, and since people are STILL gun-shy about that junk eight fripping years ago, anything but ‘Hooray For Everything’ is going to ruffle the dust. M.I.A used to be the schizz-nit, now she’s just a nitwit and that’s the saddest part of this all, to me.

  34. Lisa says:

    Oh, would you listen to this.

    I used to like her, but let’s be real about what she built her career on: giving everyone the finger, literally and figuratively, since 1982.

  35. Kimlee says:

    whitney houston has died today at the age of 48.

  36. Lushus L. says:

    I thought it was a dumb,lack of impulse control gesture as well. Now, if MIA flies the CA bird while driving on a California freeway, then yeah, it’s badazz.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Well, heck I fit right in then. Just joking. I try not to flip anyone off or honk while on the freeway, especially in the worst parts. Bullets sometimes fly.

      Seriously, it is a finger. I’m actually kind of irritated by this. Madonna has done so much worse at the Grammys time and again, and that too is a “family show” on a major network. Gaga can make a blood sacrifice and stab herself and bleed and die during these shows and on American Idol, but MIA has gone overboard? WTF? Huh?
      One last thing…they drop the C-bomb on regular old TV here in London, as well as porn on basic cable at 8pm. Us Americans are so uptight sometimes. Oh, the finger*clutches pearls*.
      As Joel McHale said, yes NFL, no one will ever watch football AGAIN because of this. Haha!

  37. rkintn says:

    I can’t wait til Madge’s kids write their tell all books!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’m sure we will all be delighted when We Need To Talk About Diction hits the stands.

      I wish someone else had said it. The hypocrisy discredits the message and that’s a shame because it’s one with which I agree. I wasn’t offended by the finger, but it wasn’t her best moment.

  38. Bambi says:

    How many damned interviews did Madonna give about M. I. A.??? I’d say dressing up in a leotard and rolling around on the floor is something irrelevant that a teenager might do. But either way, WHO CARES???

  39. jl says:

    This is the one time I agree with Madonna, while it would be fine at her concert, not the superbowl. It was totally lame MIA did that.

  40. Maxine says:

    Karma is rough! Really Madonna?? Really??? Madonna likes to control her image, and that includes controlling when she is “shocking” and “edgy” and when she’s British, controlled Madge and when she’s appropriate Madge (if that really exists. . . not sure). Even her “shocking” moments are carefully orchestrated. Well guess what Madonna, you met your match in M.I.A. who also likes to control her image but just didn’t send you the memo. And yes. . . . throw a little pot/kettle in there for good measure.

  41. Georg says:

    Ms. Detroit with her fake British accent skitter back under your rock please.

  42. Coucou says:

    AS IF Madge gives a shit about morals, she’s the one who started all of the vulgar and trash in the first place, i’m sure MIA felt right at home, at least she shot the bird instead of simulating masturbation, the patented Madge Vadge move that Rhianna mimics in her skank vid “you da one.” STFU Madge.

  43. asiont says:

    M.I.A. knew exactly what she was doing, she needed some publicity because the day after super bowl she released her new single. she did it for attention and she got it. which is good, because “bad girls” is awesom, and I love the video.

  44. Shelly says:

    She’s right, but her saying this is pretty funny. Madonna onstage with pom poms and cheerleading is pretty juvenile, too. Not to mention her whole career has been based on shocking people and doing a lot of inappropriate things.

  45. NM6804 says:

    Apparently Madonna called back to say that M.I.A. apologized.

    All I can say about it is: when a woman like Madonna who’s career is basically one big boundary breaking controversial move, is going to throw somebody else under the bus for doing the thing she would have done 20 years ago, then you know b* is becoming a whiny old memaw who can’t stand other (younger!) people getting more headlines than she is. For all her gymnastics and childish embarassing behaviour to show off that “see I’m not old, still relevant and hot *sticks out tongue and does leg curl*”, this all makes her behaviour quite redundant and desperate. Too bad her performance is becoming ludicrous in my eyes, I really had her back on this one :(.

  46. Sorolla says:

    Elton John always has younger singers on stage with him too. Just sayin

  47. Meanchick says:

    “It’s such a teenager…irrelevant thing to do,” . . .“There was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point? It was just out of place.”

    Funny, I was thinking the SAME thing about your performance Madonna. Your acting skills need work Hon. You’ve said and done far worse. You are the LAST person to judge. You get on stage with controversial rappers and then act butt hurt when they do something, um, controversial? I can remember a certain person who rolled around on a stage dressed like a trailer trash Victoria’s Secret Catalog with her legs wide open and humping the floor until she gave it an STD and singing about being “Like A Virgin.”
    Here’s a thought: You are such an egomaniac, the only reason I can think of as to why you would share the stage with so many HOT performers is because you have no juice lady! And your little diatribe about it being a ‘religious experience?’ Yes, religion goes well with your poon-skimming costumes and old-lady pelvic thrusts. Good job Sister Madge. You are the EPITOME of religion. I used to be such a fan. I know it’s hard to remember, but a LONG TIME AGO you were provocative and shocking and did whatever you could to establish your brand. Now all you do is attach yourself to other YOUNGER talents and insult your more talented peers. Bitch please.

  48. Jover says:

    I’ll side with jaded, miffits and jennifer12; both of them do nothing for me, but I didn’t realize MIA was 36 – if she’s so creative why couldn’t she come up with something original – apparently MIA is just another poser playing at being edgy and dangerous while living a wealthy affluent life – not only is she lame and untalented but a hypocrite. They can both go away.

  49. Dana says:

    Hypocrisy thy name is Madonna.

  50. Minty says:

    Hypocrite, sit the f*ck down!

    Slightly off topic: what’s with Vadge wearing crosses again? Isn’t she supposed to be a “sincere” follower of Kabbalah? I guess that red string bracelet is not enough of a fashion accessory for her.

    She’s a dilettante when it comes to religion, too.

  51. Kim says:

    Let it be. Yes MIA messed up, but she has apologized for it. Madonna keeps mentioning it to keep attention on herself. Madonnas performance sucked!

  52. Kim says:

    Madonna your entire life is a irrelevant, teenage act. New song sucks!