Stacy Keibler at the Marchesa show: how busted and cheap did everyone look?

These are all photos from yesterday’s Marchesa show at New York Fashion Week. Can we just call it now? Marchesa was the most busted show in town. Harsh? True? First of all, Marchesa designs are themselves pretty busted, cheap and tacky. I tend to think women only wear Marchesa to curry favor with Harvey Weinstein, because his wife Georgina Chapman is co-designer of the line. Because there is seriously no other reason why women would choose to wear Marchesa. Also notable: considering Harvey’s pull, there was a serious lack of quality “gets” for the show. Like, Stacy Keibler was the biggest “get”. And she did NOT look happy about it. I would be making a monster bitchface if I was wearing that dress too. I would also be photographed constantly mid-eye-roll if my makeup guy did this to me. Oh, Stacy. You look like a coven of bitchy drag queens styled you. Bad show. Barbie, I hope you do better for the Oscars.

Guess who else was at the show? RACCOON MCPANTLESS!!!!!! She coordinated her raccoon eye makeup to her dress too. Raccoon in navy!!! Who is she kissing up to?

Here’s Petra Nemcova, looking particularly cheap. I told you this was the most busted show in town. Poor Petra looks like she has a case of Paris Hilton wonk-eye.

I will never understand how and why Bar Refaeli is considered a supermodel. To me, she’s just kind of an average-pretty girl with a nice figure. She just isn’t striking or interesting. At the show, it’s not that she looked any more or less busted than anyone else, I just barely noticed her.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Samanthalous says:

    RACCOON MCPANTLESS looks good except her face, she always looks like she doesn’t give a shit.

  2. TruthTella says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me but lately i just can’t even bare to look at a picture of George Cloony, He just seems to ooze smugness and entitlement…

    • Veruca says:

      No, it’s not you. That pretty much describes George (& if it’s so obvious, why can’t you see the same behaviours in Chris Brown?).

      • TruthTella says:

        I do see the same things in Chris Brown, My argument wasn’t that he shouldn’t be held accountable it is that there are other male celebs out there who are much older, have done the same thing and don’t seem to get half of the hatred CB does, I just think it should be the same for ALL men that do that.
        Also about the “I got a grammy” comment i was just saying that if you read the tweets before that one he’s talking about twitter trolls that are harassing him not to the general public.

  3. JudyJudyJudy says:

    I think Stacey looks pretty. Not getting the hate here. Her face is lovely and the make-up looks nice.

    so I gotta say, huh?

    • Tapioca says:

      Well quite. Some dresses are truly offensive to the eyes, but the dislike of this one probably has more to do with who’s in it. She’s only borrowing him for a short while after all; deep breaths and relax folks! That said, it would look better if it was either full length, or if it lost the red lace over the shoulders.

      Taylor Momson looks lovely (and her music isn’t bad if you’re a rock fan), but I have no idea why Bar, who’s boob-waist combo is near flawless, should be covering up her best features!

    • Anodyne says:

      I agree. I think she looks good. Her face is very Heidi Klum to me… anyone else see it? If you are getting photographed in dresses constantly then some are bound to be better than others. This isnt off the charts but I dont think she looks bad either.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        I agree with both of you, ‘she’ doesn’t look bad, but literally hate the dresses. Tapioca’s idea of losing the lace on the shoulders was good, and maybe a more nude lining, the white looks hideous. (She does look kind of annoyed, doesn’t she?)…lol. Makes me like her.

      • Lee says:

        yes! my first reaction to these photos was that Stacey looks like a discount Klum, and I wondered why I had never noticed it before.

        She’s a pretty woman, albeit rather boring seeming, but her relationship with Clooney and the way he seems to be molding her is super uncomfortable. I mean, she used to be a pro wrestler, no? She had a VERY different style not so long ago.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        Stacey looking annoyed made me like her too. ha! That dress is awful…

    • Capella says:

      I agree too. Stacey looks, clean, not overdone like some that have showed up to the many designer shows in the past few days.

      And raccoon eyes has cleaned-up quite decently! Really, is the author pmssing? Bar Rafaeli average looking? The woman is a bikini and lingerie model. Not a catwalk strutter. She is stunning when almost naked. Really not what you would call average looking!

  4. OriginalTiffany says:

    I saw the line last week and they were horrible ice skating costume dresses.
    They look worse in person.

    • Agnes says:

      omg, they DO look like ice skating outfits! i couldn’t put my finger on what these awful things reminded me of. haha.

  5. normades says:

    Stacy looks tired and over it. She knows her days are numbered.

  6. Marjalane says:

    Bizarro world fashion. Keibler looks like a whorehouse madame.

  7. gigi says:

    Fugs on top of fugs. Well, it’s Marchesa… Maybe we’re just so used to seeing these women in photoshopped form that it’s shocking when we see them unretouched. Petra and Bar look particularly rough.

  8. Madrid says:

    Totally agree about Bar Refali, I saw her in PR event and she was nothing special (for a super top model I mean)

  9. monette says:

    What in God’s name?? Racoon Macpantless actually looks good, if you get passed the busted shoes. Bar is no supermodel material, she is barely model material.

  10. Franny says:

    Raccoon!! I was sure that when I scrowled down the page that I would see that she was wearing just a top and then underwear. But she is wearing a full length dress…that I don’t even hate! Now just wipe that snarl off her face and she’ll look presentable!

  11. Mrs K says:

    I like how they look.
    I find it good.

  12. Agnes says:

    I think Racoon takes the “best looking” award here. Which is just sad all around. haha.

  13. TruthTella says:

    I missed Raccoon Mcpantless lmao

  14. Sarko says:

    That’s beacuse Bar is NOT a supermodel.

    She’s a lingerie model who attends every red carpet event going to say relevant.
    Her fellow SI gals were invited onto Letterman 2 nights ago sans Bar and most of them are currently in Vegas doing SI promo being feted left and right, while Bar’s left behind.

    The other true models like Gisele, Candice and Joan Small are actually WALKING the runways
    That term supermodel is just misused and abused.

    ETA – Bar and Taylor appear to have horrible legs in these pics. Even Stacy’s legs ming badly surprisingly!

    • normades says:

      Bar does not have nice legs and you are correct that she was NEVER a super model.

      If she got the SI cover it was only because she was Ms. Dicaprio at the time.

      • Kimbob says:

        @normades…appreciate what you wrote. Actually, I’ve never really noticed her legs & was thinking while scrolling through the comments that I didn’t think Bar was in the strata of supermodels, either.

        When I read your comment, I scrolled again to look @ Bar’s legs…and…behold…you are so RIGHT! Geez…naw…they are not pretty, in fact. Is she bow-legged? It kind of appears that way. That’s why I like to read blogger’s comments…they point out details or some other “juicy” item that I’d previously not known or realized! 🙂

  15. Jackie says:

    wow, i am surprised bigger names did not come out. however, due to harvey, i guess we will see their fug dresses all along the oscar carpet.

  16. Gossip PHD says:

    Bar is STUNNING! Perfect Body and Stunning. I don’t get how people think she is busted.

    • Lola6 says:

      I think she is stunning also, but that dress is very unflattering. If I had her body, I would be showing it off at every opportunity possible. 🙂

    • anjessa says:

      Thank you for saying that! If Bar is average pretty, then who the hell is gorgeous?? She has by far the best body I have ever seen: nice boobs, great hourglass-proportions, smooth skin…she looks toned, but still has a feminine softness. And contrary to most other celebrities (side-eye to Scarlett Johansson), you’re not disappointed at how she actually looks without good lightning, heavy make-up and Photoshop. She looks exactly the same just hanging out on the beach as she does on the cover of a magazine.
      THAT dress and make-up (is she even wearing any?) is seriously unflattering though.

  17. arock says:

    i feel like golf clapping for her landing a triple axle. how very ice capades.

  18. Amy says:

    Hmmm, Stacy no longer has that cheerleader twinkle in her eyes. Even in the pics where she’s smiling her eyes look tired and/or sad. All the dresses are gross.

  19. Lola6 says:

    That lipstick and blush are all wrong with that dress. Orange undertones with a red dress are terrible. Sorry, I am a MUA, and I would never do that. Otherwise, she looks like crap….lol.

  20. Asli says:

    We’re seeing so many full-lace dresses lately, my eyes can’t take it. Someone is trying to make lace ”happen” again. This award season we’ve seen to many lace dresses to count. Lace is for lingerie and you grandmothers tablecloth! Stop making nothing-but-lace dresses! It’s not a good look.

  21. Julie says:

    Love me some Bar!

  22. says:

    How sad is it that Raccon looks better than everyone else (except for the makeup and bitch face)?

  23. ladybert62 says:

    I dont get the hate that you ooze for Ms. Stacey – I think she is pretty and that dress is not the best but it not as bad as that one in the third picture!!! I also think her hair and makeup look good.

    I dont especially like Clooney but I dont hate her.

  24. BW says:

    Petra’s bodice doesn’t fit, and the hem is falling down in the front of the dress.

  25. mia135 says:

    You know it’s bad when Racoon takes the award for Best Dressed.
    Marchesa just gets worse and worse each year. I guess the rumour that some of the actresses have it written in their contracts by Weinstein that they must wear his wife’s clothing line is true.

  26. T.C. says:

    I think Stacy looks good. Not sure why she is a thing apart from being George Clooney’s girlfriend. Bar has a prettier face than Giselle but I like Giselle’s body better in clothes. If I had to choose between the two I would go with Bar.

  27. imabrat says:

    A woman can detect “cheap” in another woman far easier than a man can. I wonder why?

  28. Amy says:

    I love the ginger kid giving Raccoon the side-eye. Anyone else notice that? It’s the best part of these pictures.

  29. Charz says:

    yeah… not a good look for Bar. I think shes usually very very pretty but that dress makes her look big and her make up makes her face look tired and blah.

  30. Guest says:

    I am not a big Marchesa fan, but Stacy and the others look good in their dresses. Stacy needs bangs. Really, it took her all these years to get to fashion week and the only reason Stacy got invited to these events was because of George. I wonder how much she got paid?

  31. Working says:

    Did anyone else notice how thin Petra is?? I don’t recall her being this thin, i hope she’s ok :-l

  32. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Marchesa designs, particularly the lace, work well for women over a certain age who may have areas they want to hide, but not cover up completely. The fact that they use young models and hire young actresses to appear at their shows is due to obvious forces. They’d be laughed out of town if they used 45 year old women to walk the runway, yet those are the women who buy and wear their designs the most. Marchesa may not be your thing, but there is a market for their designs and lots of women look wonderful wearing them.

  33. Samantha says:

    If you ever see Bar Refaeli in person, you might change your mind. She is STUNNING. Like, barely even human she’s so beautiful.

  34. Ally says:

    Stacy’s dress calls attention to her vajay-jay armpits. Just sayin.

  35. Lee says:

    ugh, I just can’t comprehend Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein as a couple. It really skeeves me out. He seems so unpleasant.

    • Cody says:

      I agree with you on that one. It is funny many people make fun of Stacy and George’s age difference, but Harvey and Georgina are at least 25 years apart. Yuk, they also look like father and daughter on the red carpet. Harvey is a lot more quiet about his relationship with Georgina, then George is with Stacy.

    • Kim says:

      He practically OWNS Hollywood so unfortunately she sold her soul and married him for money/connections. He is so gross!

  36. nan says:

    She looks stunning. I wish she would dump that old-geezer!

  37. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Kaiser- thank you. I have always been bewildered by the Bar supermodel thing, too, and I thought perhaps I was just crazy b/c I’ve never heard anyone else agree w/ me. However, hearing you say that validates my sneaking suspicion that a tall, cute “model” became SUPERMODEL b/c of Leo. I’d never heard of her until she began dating him, and he was just off dating Gisele (supermodel), so she got lumped in w/the “Leo only dates supermodels” thing.

  38. Ron says:

    Every now and then Marchesa does a beautiful dress. 90% of the time thier stuff look like it came from the mexican quinciera shop in downtown LA. Seriously overwought tortured fabric. And Georgina Weinstein is a judge on Project Runway All Stars, her husband’s show, like that bitch has any taste at all.

  39. Kim says:

    Petra looks ok. Bar looks awful. She is so beautiful but her hair & outfit are just a big miss. Staceys hair & makeup is ok but the dress is bad.

    I usually like Marchesa but these dresses are awful.

    I think Georgina has good style. She was dressing many women in Hollywood long before marrying scary Harry but it really grosses me out that she married him for money/connections.

  40. Devon says:

    Georgina married Harvey because he’s loaded and would help launch her career and he married her because she’ll put up with ways and she’s beautiful. That’s about it.

    I was on earlier today and wrote this on Twitter: Looking at the Marchesa show from yesterday…SO MUCH ILLUSION NETTING & TULLE! Gross & you know EVERYONE is going to want to wear it. And feathers! So many feathers!

    Women wear it because they want an in with Harvey. “Wear my wife’s designs and come sit on my couch. Then we’ll talk about you getting a look at this script.”

    • Kim says:

      Women wear it because they want an in with Harvey. “Wear my wife’s designs and come sit on my couch. Then we’ll talk about you getting a look at this script.”

      EXACTLY!!! He is known as the biggest “casting coucher” in Hollywood along with his brother.

  41. original kate says:

    i haven’t seen this much lace since my granny died and i had to clean out her doily collection.

  42. taxi says:

    Stacey’s make-up & hair look nice. She’s gotten better since Clooney cleaned her up a bit.
    Poor Petra! That dress is horrible & doesn’t fit her.
    Bar’s dress is boring.

  43. danielle says:

    WWhoa – Stacy looks BAD there! The makeup the dress the shoes – shudder.

  44. Aqua says:

    I think Stacy and Taylor need to just exchange their shoes with each other.The bone/tan colour shoes would look much better with the dress that Stacy was wearing and the black shoes would look better with the dress that Taylor was wearing.I don’t think Stacy is unhappy I think the picture was taken when Stacy could have been having an off moment that we all tend to have every now and then.

  45. Camille (The original) says:

    Ugh. They all look busted (and I really tried to think of something nice to say about all of them but I couldn’t!).

  46. Playlist says:

    Stacy’s tee-pee eyebrows don’t help her look any. Her makeup is way too heavy for the lace dress. The orange of her spray tanned skin does not go with the red of the dress. She really needs to stop with the pulled back hair. Her dress would have looked better in a more neutral color, like a soft grey. Stacy’s a beautiful woman when she’s done up correctly. This is just a whole lot of wrongs. All the women look bad. Guess Stacy’s contract didn’t include a Valentine’s Day date with George. Maybe this was a consolation prize.

  47. weezy says:

    Really who cares about what Stacy likes or what fashion shows she is attending. The gossip sites talk about her as if she is some A-list celeb. She is just suppose to be Clooney’s escort to the award shows and the Oscars. She is not nominated for anything. What has Stacy really done to get the front row at Marchesa fashion show? She dates George Clooney.

  48. weezy says:

    Really who cares about what Stacy likes or what fashion shows she is attending. The gossip sites talk about her as if she is some A-list celeb. She is just suppose to be Clooney’s escort to the award shows and the Oscars. She is not nominated for anything. What has Stacy really done to get the front row at Marchesa fashion show? She dates George Clooney.

  49. skuddles says:

    Well she quasi pulled it together for awards season but I see she’s gone back to her roots here. Always a skanky bridesmaid.. never a bride.

  50. Lorenzo says:

    She looks like a rooster with this hair and the orange skin.

  51. shawn says:

    My guess is that the press releases Keibler’s publicist sent out saying that designers were going to pay her to attend their shows didn’t actually pan out with any offers, so being that George is very good friends with Harvey Weinstein whose wife is a Marchesa designer, George pulled some strings to get some Marchesa dresses sent to her and an invitation to the Marchesa show. Weinstein’s wife probably then got Keibler the invitation to the Kors show. Keibler looks the same as she always does to me, which is average at best and much older than her official age. I don’t think she looks bad enough for a designer to pay her not to wear their clothes like they do with Snookie for example, but I can’t imagine a designer actually paying her to wear their clothes. I do like some of Marchesa’s past designs but have never been a fan of lacy dresses like these.

  52. crtb says:

    I don’t like the red lace over the white. I think the dress is prettier in black. Her make-up is very flattering. Some people feel the need to always say something negative. Stacy always looks pretty. George thinks so too! So it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks does it? She is such a breath of freash air after that Italian skank.

    • shawn says:

      Did you type all of that with a straight face? LOL. Breath of fresh air? Nice makeup? George thinks she’s pretty? LOL again.

  53. Lorenzo says:

    “So it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks does it?”
    This is a pretty arrogant statement, isn’t it?
    So glad to meet somebody who knows what George is thinking.
    Probably he’s just telling her what she wants to hear because he’s scared the Giant will bash him or force him to jump through the hoops again!