Sean Lennon’s short films featuring Lindsay Lohan

I’m not a fan of Sean Lennon’s kind of slow folksy music, but he’s talented and his songs sure beat Gwen Stefani’s latest atrocity. Regardless here’s a series of clips that Lennon produced for his new album featuring Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Phillips, Asia Argento, Carrie Fisher, Devon Aoki, and Jordana Brewster. The visuals and stories are quite good.

1. Headlights: 00:00
2. Friendly Fire: 3:21
3. Wait for Me: 7:05
4. On Again Off Again: 10:44

Lindsay appears at 12:15 as a character in a movie that Sean and his date are watching.

Lennon kind of disses himself while walking into a theatre at around 10:00 minutes into the video above. His date asks him “So what movie are we going to see?” and he reads off a movie critique that’s a self-conscious dig at his short films, saying “This surrealist decalogue runs the gamut from playfully absurd to playfully disturbed. Attempting to play tribute to the likes of one (unintelligible) Cocteau. This series of shorts put quite simply falls short.”

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  1. bitchessss says:

    it sucks. this guy has the voice of a little gay boy. he tries to sound intellectual with this nerdy shit.lindsay looks trashed

    ps:is he chinese or something? there’s something asian about his eyes, don’t you think?

  2. Clarimonde says:

    Is he Chinese? You are kidding right. You do know his mother is Yoko Ono don’t you? He’s 1/2 Japanese.

  3. Christina_J says:


    Is he Chinese?


  4. Fleegle says:

    wow, this is bad. Sean, intentionally singing through your nose is an old trick that never worked. Trying to sound like your dad isn’t going to be that simple. and you do a horrible impression of him. ich. trash this and get it off the web.

  5. Badunks says:

    LL is trash

  6. lotus girl says:

    i don’t follow sean much, but he’s been working in music for a long time. comparisons to his father are inevitable, but did it ever occur to you guys that he’s singing naturally, and that maybe genetics play into why sounds like john knock-off sometimes? it’s natural to want to hate him cuz of the whole musical-silver-spoon and all, but i think he’s sincere, and his music and images are quite serenely beautiful. and self-deprecation is always endearing. and, to reiterate, bitchessss, have you been living under a rock? of course he’s a halfie. halfies rule, by the way.

  7. i heart lasagne says:

    Well, I quite liked it, far more interesting than most of the drivel around right now – Fergie? Gwen – Wind it Up? trash, mostly. Speaking of, Fleegle, ‘trash this and get it off the web’??? When did the internet become the last bastion of quality and sensibility?

    Also, Lohan is a painted up trampy twat. I wish she would disappear. Ugh.

  8. Sean Rules says:

    I saw Sean live recently and he was excellent. Believe me, there are no tricks here. He totally delivers on stage vocally. He really is a talent in his own right and is actually VERY bright. He attended Columbia.

  9. Nezrite says:

    That’s “Bunuel and Cocteau”, not one (unintelligible) Cocteau. Movies. Learn them.

  10. Matt says:

    It’s disgusting how he and Yoko treat Julian Lennon. I have a hard time getting past that and appreciating his music. Still, I think this clip actually sounds really good. It’s nice to see him actually making some serious attempts at being sort of kinda almost as good as his dad.

    I think I missed Carrie and Asia, though. Hmm…

  11. Ana says:

    I think bitchessss doesn’t even know he is John’s son…

  12. AC says:

    Besides the fact that he’s mean to jullian lennon he sounds a lot like his dad and the music isn’t bad… but this was boring. I like linsday as an actress but i hate when she plays someone who’s older than she is. She’s 20 not 35… but thats not her fault thats casting.

  13. Sean Rules says:

    Who said he is mean to Julian? That wasn’t my understanding at all. He even refers to Julian on the new DVD. I’m thinking they are brothers and would value that about one another considering the awful way they both lost thier father too soon?

  14. Shucks says:

    It’s like watching John reborn as a douchebag. Painful to say the least. I’d rather go out with Pete Best at his current age than Sean Lennon now.