Megan Fox covers Miami, Angeleno Mags: “I was never the pretty girl”

Megan Fox covers the new issues of Angeleno Magazine and Miami Magazine for the March issues. The photos from the two magazines are the same – as are the quotes being attributed to each interview, so I guess Miami and Angeleno have the same publisher or something. As for the photos – well, I’ve started to feel bad for Megan. She was such a naturally pretty girl when she first started out in Hollywood, and in the past five years, she has radically transformed her face, and I have no idea why. Why does a girl who started out so attractive feel the need to remake herself into the current version of Janice Dickinson? As for the interviews – the point of these quotes is to show us that Megan has gone away and done some growing up. She’s not so full of it anymore.

She doesn’t feel pretty: “I was never the pretty girl.” Describing her teenage self as “abrasive” and “obnoxious,” Fox, 25, says she felt like a “loner” growing up.

On working with Jon Hamm and the cast of ‘Friends with Kids’: “I’d rather be with good people in a movie than the other way around. Most of the cast knew each other very well already — Kristen and Maya are BFFs; it was such a nice, welcoming, supporting environment. I always try to choose something different than what I’ve done before.”

Megan on religion: Until about age 10, Megan Fox attended a Pentecostal church and religion still plays an essential part in her life. “I’ve always been intrigued and repulsed by how divisive and hateful different Christian denominations are to one another despite their obvious commonalities and interconnections,” she says. The 25-year-old actress regularly attends an L.A. church that she presents as being “not judgmental, does not close its doors to anybody, and has a young, active, passionate congregation, which is how I like to experience church.”

She went to Christian school: Before turning 16, Fox left high school and moved to southern California. Consequently, she earned her diploma via a correspondence program. “It was the deal I’d made with my mom: I had to have a real diploma before she allow me to drop out of Christian school and move to Los Angeles,” she says.

She’s honest, to her detriment: “I’ll fight to death for something I believe in, and I’ll be completely honest – even when being completely honest is maybe not the wisest way to be.” The actress then admits that maturity thought her how crucial self-control is. “I’ve learned you can do yourself a disservice by being too honest too quickly,” she says.

On Brian Austin Green: “I was too young to remember ‘Beverly Hills’, so I didn’t know who he was. But I knew I was instantly in love.”

What her secret power would be if she were a comic book heroine: “Invisibility. It’s how you gain the most advantage, at least in practical situations. I would also need super strength, but that’s a given.”

She believes in alien conspiracies: “Come on! You don’t think everything that’s learned is released to the public, do you? Surely you know one of my favorite shows is ‘Ancient Aliens’?”

[Via Us Weekly & Becoming Gorgeous]

She actually does sound mature and more relaxed, especially when you compare this version of Megan to the one we saw when she was promoting the second Transformers film. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s a kind, gracious woman, but she’s improving a lot, isn’t she? She’s not trying so hard. As for “I’d rather be with good people in a movie than the other way around” and “always trying to do something different” – well, it’s a career strategy. Her second, backup career strategy after the first one failed. I will give Megan credit for sticking with it and not being so ego-driven – she’s taking smaller roles and trying to prove herself. It’s not a bad strategy. Now I just want her to stop messing with her face.

Photos courtesy of Miami/Angeleno Magazines.

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  1. audreys says:

    I think she ruined her looks with the plastic surgery

  2. valleymiss says:

    In the header pic she’s looking very Dita von Teese-y. I, too, wish she would stop messing with her face!

    As for the interview, we should turn it into a drinking game. Every time a gorgeous young starlet says they were bullied, they weren’t popular, or they weren’t pretty in high school, we take a shot!

    That being said, I like Megan a lot for standing up to Michael Bay.

  3. bigorexia says:

    I think she looks better than ever. Absolutely stunning. What are you all talking about?

  4. lilred says:

    Sad really she looks nothing like she did pre-op she was much prettier then.

  5. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    It’s interesting she never saw herself as the “pretty girl” a few years ago. There was a really cheesy Disney movie when she and Lohan were like 17/18 that they costarred in (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen). Megan played the gorgeous, b*tchy girl. Don’t see how someone can play roles like that growing up and not consider them self to be pretty.

    • Carolyn says:

      I think she just had to act natural for that role. She would have been the arrogant b**** girl. Not the pretty one. For once she’s right. PS she’s so not a red-carpet icon!

  6. Nessa says:

    Her face is tragic. She was stunning to begin with. Now she her face looks so weird and stretched.

  7. audrey says:

    I think Sybill on Downton Abbey looks more like Megan Fox than does Megan Fox.

  8. Beatrix says:

    All I see is plastic-SURG!

  9. k says:

    Maybe she has had cosmetic surgery, but everyone who makes these comparisons uses images of her as a GIRL as the baseline. The woman is only 26. My face dramatically changed after I stopped growing. She also lost weight.

    Anyway, if she did have surgery, I think it’s actually fairly tasteful looking, as compared to someone like Rose McGowan.

    • NinaG says:

      Stevie Wonder can see that she had surgery to change her face dramatically. I realize people grow up and they take on obviously more mature look, but some of the photos that were shown were not all of her being a teenager. It’s obvious that she has done cosmetic surgery just like any other celeb.

      • k says:

        Taking on a more mature look is different from having your physiognomy naturally change as you get older. I rule out (specifically)surgery.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Ha, and yup. The nose and the ears never stop growing, so half of the nose doesn’t magically fall away with the baby fat. Ray Charles taught me that ;)

    • bea says:

      I agree – Rose McG turned her face into a plastic doll face – super weird.

      • Annie says:

        Actually Rose looked just fine after the accident – just a little scar under one eye you could barely see. It was when she started pumping her lips and cheeks full of filler about 18 months later that she started looking fake and weird.

      • Jayna says:

        I didn’t even recognize Rose on SVU. Her hair was not flattering, too light of an auburn shade. Her pale skin and dark hair was so dramatic and stunning on her before. And her face was altered with filler and such.

        The worst offender was Lara Flynn Boyle, though, who blew up her face and lips. She is disturbing looking and she was so pretty in the Practice days.

      • Annie says:

        Lara Flyn Boyle? Yeah, what the hell happened to her? She used to be so pretty, all very sharp Irish cheebones and now she’s a bloated mess. Rose I think might be able to get her looks back if she went back to black hair and layed off all the botox/filler…I don’t think it’s so much surgery as injectables, people underestimate just how much overdoing the injectables can ruin a woman’s face. Megan Fox is very pretty but she’s only 25? 26? and already tinkering with her face. Meg looked best around 3-5 years ago, sometimes now it looks as if she has the beginnings of that bloated duck look. She needs to be careful she doesn’t end up like Lara.

        I don’t know why any of ‘em thought they needed all that crap to begin with? Was being gorgeous not good enough for them, they needed “perfect”???

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        So weird. Like her face secretes sebum and parafin. The car accident was a convenient scapegoat for her scapel slicedown. She was so, so pretty before all of that crap.

      • Annie says:

        It’s crazy how botox seems to make people’s skin secrete paraffin wax.

    • janie says:

      It’s more than just her face maturing..I’m thinking cheekbone implants. They just made her less pretty/more handsome..

      • k says:

        People think I had cheekbone implants also.

        I looked at all of the available pictures, including the ones that were only a few years apart. I don’t see obvious signs of surgery. Different brow shaping and contour makeup, yes indeed.

  10. hateonit. says:

    she used to be so pretty :(

  11. bea says:

    She def looks different – still beautiful, but tweaked. Why do it so young?

    She seems to have learned to turn it down a notch – now she needs to ditch BAG – he seems like a controlling has-been that’s dragging her down.

  12. The Truth Fairy says:

    She looks really old.

  13. Juu says:

    By the time the first Transformers movie came by I didn’t like her. But she’s grown on me, mainly by her attitude against that chauvinist Michael Bay. She’s stunning!

  14. Hypocricy says:

    I think she is maturing and it’s nice, but she is lying through her teeth, she was always pretty and she knows it.

    I have seen pictures of her being a baby, a toddler and a teen and she was beautiful in each stage, considered as such, popular at school and a teen model.

    So i don’t know why she thinks differently today, if it’s false modesty.

  15. lucy2 says:

    She’s definitely plastic and tweaked, but I still think she’s strikingly beautiful. Still a little obnoxious and a bad actress, but whatever.

  16. birdie says:

    Why do gorgeous people always try to convince everyone how ugly they are?

  17. jackie says:

    I think someone is fishing for compliments.

  18. janie says:

    I don’t think she means she wasn’t pretty, but that she wasn’t one of the “pretty girls.” She does seem like kind of a weirdo (not in a bad way necessarily), and someone that guys liked a lot more than girls did. To be a “pretty girl” in high school, you have to be popular and in THAT group of girls that are cute, sweet, and preppy and end up joining sororities in college. Or maybe that was just in my high school?

  19. Dani says:

    I am always suspicious of actors who say they were an ugly duckling. They are just asking for everyone to dispute that statement. I have seen pics of her in her pre-surgery days and she was beautiful. Now, not so much. Just another tweaked Hwood face. Nothing unique here.

  20. Maria says:

    i saw a clip of her in some sitcom, many years ago, she must have been 14 or 15?… she was beautiful then and still is..and she has the sort of face that would have been gorgeous even as a child since her face is symetrical, nose is nice…strong jawline….even if she was a child with glasses and a bad haircut, underneath it all, she would have been pretty. funny how we all struggle and criticize ourselves, even those blessed with amazing looks…good parenting is SO crucial in those early years!

  21. Jayna says:

    Wow, stunning photos.

  22. Amanda says:

    I can’t help it, I hear so much hate for Megan but I just like her so much.

    • Jayna says:

      I grew to like her after seeing her on some latenight shows. She’s adorable, very quirky and doesn’t take herself so seriously and admits she’s insecure about her talent. I don’t find her pretentious in the least like other young actresses.

    • Orange Cone says:

      I absolutely LOVE Megan :)

  23. Eleonor says:

    Sher wasn’t stunning, she was cute with a faboulous body. Plastic surgery made her stunning, but the she went on messing her face, now I think she looks better because gaining weight helped her face-settling.

  24. Euphorima says:

    Hey Kaiser/CB, can you post some before pictures of Megan for the sake of comparisons? That should be interesting!!

  25. Meanchick says:

    Was “never the pretty girl?” Isn’t that was these type of women say? I call bullshit on that. Also, saying she was “too young” to remember BH 90210, the show her husband was on is a bitchy thing, right? Passive aggressive comment about her youth and his lost youth. Is is just me or does she look Vampire-y in these pics?

  26. mam says:

    Ok everyone is right she has always been beautiful, but if she has some body image issues and has always thought of herself as an ugly duckling doesn’t that explain the surgery?

  27. Stubbylove says:

    No doubt she’s gorgeous – but the pics are photo-shopped to hell – let’s not kid ourselves. Must be slow at Miami mag though cuz there’s no way Megan Fox is a “red carpet icon”.

    • Bria says:

      The way that they photoshop these days scares the shit out of me. I don’t even want to know what it’ll be like in 10 years time.

  28. TXCinderella says:

    They should get her to play Elizabeth Taylor instead of Crackie. She is a beautiful woman.

  29. B says:

    Looks like they they took down some of her usual waxiness via Photoshop. Led me to do a search on “virtual powder”. Apparently it can be done with the clone tool.

    I know zip about Photoshop, but even to my untrained eye, these pictures look “off”.

    Aside from that, I agree that Megan doesn’t seem as odious these days. I guess it’s easier to view a female celebrity as a sympathetic figure when she’s not constantly being shoved down your throat as the Hottest Thing Ever.

  30. Sasha says:

    I also don’t believe that she didn’t think she was pretty. She’s absolutely stunning. People love telling pretty girls that they are pretty, so she would have heard it her whole life. Maybe she wasn’t always confident, but I don’t believe for a second that she was an ugly duckling or whatever.

    • FrowninPabloDread says:

      Actually, when you are really pretty growing up or in the world. More people will try to tell you the opposite. Especially in middle and high school, if you are prettier than the popular girls they will go after you and bully you until they convince you that you are ugly.

      And if you add a jealous family member on top of that it is quite easy to convince a natural beauty they are ugly. Hence all her plastic surgery. Body dysmorphia disorder stems from these types of experiences.

  31. Cel says:

    I can remember seeing photos of her with bad acne pitting under the cheek bones and spots on her chin – that can make you feel ugly, particularly when magazines highlight the problem.

  32. Kate #2 says:

    One day, it would be really refreshing if a famously beautiful actress said that yes, it had in some ways been easier to be considered attractive in high school, but at the same time she’d always known her chances of making it in Hollywood were limited and man, her calculus had been an issue if she’d failed… it’s such an obvious humblebrag to say they weren’t attractive. With the odd exception it’s so apparently complete BS.

    • Mouse says:

      Agreed. The fake modesty is so see-through. Someone’s getting paid GOOD money to coach her when she speaks.

  33. Mouse says:

    A red carpet icon? What strings did her team have to pull to get THAT printed next to her name?? Monica Bellucci and Cate Blanchett are stunning, MF is a joke.

  34. NeoCleo says:

    She is full of sh*t. How can anyone take her seriously when she says stupid stuff like this. So obviously a grab for sympathy from the audience and an attempt to make her seem more like us “normals”. Not that she can’t have had trials and tribs or feel the pain of rejection, but from being not being the “pretty girl???” Sheeee . . . it!

    If she wants my time and attention, she needs to try sincerity instead of manipulation. Me kinda suspects this has not yet occurred to her and that she thinks we are all as dim as she is. Foof!

  35. jc126 says:

    Lol – Dlisted has a high school photo of her that seems to contradict her latest round of complete and utter nonsense statements. She’s a moron, and she must think the public is a bunch of morons too, to try to sell them this crap.

    • Annie says:

      She looked more beautiful in that highschool photo MK showed than she does now. Now she’s obviously still a pretty young lady but she needs to lay off the fillers before she turns into Lara Flynn Boyle 2.0. There ARE plenty of people who were just awkward looking in highschool but you bump into them at 25 or 30 and they look 1000x better, but Megan Fox isn’t one of them.

  36. Charz says:

    she used to be so perfect looking. i had a huge girlcrush on her lol.. i hope her face can go back to normal in the future but i guess the chances are pretty slim :(

  37. ginger says:

    She needs to stop tweaking her face; she looks like a brunette Jerry Hall.

  38. poopsicle says:

    I don’t care how much she has changed. She will always be a bitchy person to me.

  39. Lisa says:

    Pretty girls often do feel lonely because people are intimidated or angered by them. I don’t think she’s lying about it. Even now, she can’t get anyone to take her seriously, because people accuse her of playing dumb or fishing for compliments.

    • janie says:

      I agree, especially a woman whose beauty is more “sexy” than pretty. She would be seen as a threat to girls her age and intimidating to guys. It would be lonely.

  40. renee says:

    Wasn’t she a cheerleader in high school? I saw her high school picture on d-listed, she was beautiful.

  41. wallycally says:

    i feel like she’s been 25 for a while now.

  42. Jover says:

    Kate mouse and JC126 I agree How many times have these comments been recycled; `face it she’s another talentless brainless hollywood t and a; nothing more; she’s the sum of her pr team; there’s no there there; You want to see beauty go on Youtube type in Yasmeen Ghauri overlooked 90s supermodel, check out some clips, now that’s beauty, elegance class, not this plastic blowup trailer park poser.
    There’s nothing interesting about this pedestrian t & a.

  43. Julia says:

    I think shes a narcissist. She felt like she wasnt the prettiest girl but she probably was. Narcissists are very emotionally stunted and insecure. Their coping mechanism is grandiose overinflated confidence. It works until their insecurity kicks in. Megan had a bunch of work done. WHY? She never explained WHY? Add it up. She probably was the prettiest one there. I’ve had a lot of issues with insecure hot babes. They are the most likeliest to turn and back stab you for the littlest thing cus they always have to be the best at everything or always reassured. They expect us to fall for their lies or not see through them. RIIIIIIGHT. She to me adds up as a secondary (personality /character wise)narcissist.