George Clooney & Marchesa-clad Stacy Keibler: tacky, bitter or beautiful?

Last night, Jean Dujardin and Harvey Weinstein scored a major victory when Dujardin, a little-known French actor with oodles of charm and humor and barely any name recognition, ended up taking home the Best Actor Oscar. Didn’t Dujardin know that the Oscar was supposed to go to George Clooney?!?!? And so that became the conversation – how did Clooney lose what was considered a “sure thing”? Clooney came into the awards season ahead of everyone else, he was the one to beat, it was his to lose. So what went wrong? Are we looking at what went wrong in these photos? Are people getting tired of seeing Clooney’s escort-of-the-moment on every red carpet?

Now, I’m not really blaming Stacy Keibler. She’s doing her best, she’s hustling, she’s trying to be the perfect Oscar-Date Barbie. Whatever happened between late December and today, it’s all Clooney. He wants to date C-list wrestlers and scandal-prone Italian “performers” – which is fine. His choice. But he wants to dress them up and whitewash them – “Pretty Woman” these girls and force us to accept them as his equal partners. And it’s just not working anymore, is it? That’s what Clooney’s body language on the red carpet told me – his face said, “I might need a new strategy.” Of course, he might end up doubling-down on this strategy, though. Every time I think one of his girls is on the way out, she ends up hanging on for months longer. But it certainly seemed like he didn’t want Stacy to even open her mouth, right? He seemed contemptuous. Bitter.

So, poor Oscar-Date Barbie. I felt bad that she felt the need to dress up like a damn Oscar statue in this gold Marchesa. Why was everyone talking about how great this dress is? It’s not good. And I have to say something shocking about it too – I think Stacy makes the dress look much better than it really should look. Somehow, a busted dress on a budget girl equals “not that horrible.” I did hate Stacy’s hair, though. And her earrings were horrible!!

Last thing: we got a promotional email letting us know that Stacy had used “Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser” before the Oscars. I wonder how much she got paid for that endorsement? Poor Oscar-Date Barbie.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. BK says:

    I think they both look great. 🙂

    • Guest says:

      He looks great. She looks great. Together they look ridiculous. Sorry to say that but next to her he looks like a creepy old man.

    • mandy says:

      sorryyy but her dress is horrible (she looks like an oscar beurk!!) they are so distance together (no see together since a long time so…) why to be with girls like her (without class )?

  2. paola says:

    That dress is totally horrible, i also believe that George at this point had really had enough of Stacy considering how annoyoed he looked last night and how very little chemistry they shared. I hope she at least had the time of her life living the life of a princess for a few months. bye bye stacy, it’s time to go back to your real life.

    • Katie says:

      George does look bored. And Stacy, well, did we ever really take her seriously? Who’s next in line, George? We all know you have your eye on someone. YOu’re never single long.

      • paola says:

        At this point, with all the pushy stunts and the living on the red carpets for the last 2 months, i like stacy more than George.. and i really don’t like her but i think she did a good job, she was polite, smiley, she tried to play the part of the refined lady and if he didn’t win it wasn’t Stacy’s fault but i think we all got tired of seeing him everywhere, at least we had a fun time talking about all the dresses she had the chance to wear! Now George please come out of the closet because me personally i don’t buy the barbie-bimbo-doll-girlfriend play anymore!

    • Myopinioncounts says:

      It was a low choice when George selected that women to be his ‘escort’. Come on George you stooped to WWE class instead of Hollywood class. I mean…..

      • JudyK says:

        I think they look so odd together…don’t like SK but not sure why, so it wouldn’t matter what she wore.

        Recognize she’s pretty, but she’s not my idea of pretty or classy.

      • irishserra says:

        I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. :/ I think one class is as good as the other. He’s a trashy jerk, no more than a polished turd. I don’t know anything about her, but I’m sure she knew what she was getting into when she signed on, so in my book she’s a fame whore like Hollywood citizens.

      • polk8dot says:

        I totally agree, he is not a class act, or better than her in any way. He is a low rent schmuck who made it big in Hollyweird just because he used to have a nice face. He also used to age gracefully for a time, but now seems to have jumped the shark, and at each event looks more haggard, older and used somehow. I do not understand HOW he ever became such a huge star! His acting is very wooden, plus he’s clueless about building character. Each time you watch him on screen, guess who shows up? REAL GEORGE! Not the character he’s supposed to play. No, all he knows how to do is replicate his own persona in EACH SINGLE ROLE! That is Effed-up! Enough already!
        Plus, all the escorts (I’ll never call them ‘girlfriends’, that is just offensive to all legitimate GFs out there)… They seem to keep getting younger, and lower rent with each iteration. In turn, it makes him look creepy, slimy and gross – as I’m sure is exactly how he truly is.
        George – we all know you are batting for the other team. You’re not fooling anyone anymore. Why drag the charade on? Just admit it – it is nobody’s right to criticize your life choices. But the lies, that staging, the rented escorts, it all opens you up to very sharp criticism.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Yes, thank you. It was so evident. She would look over at him adoringly, and he would barely return any glance. Instead, just kind of move her along the carpet for pictures. You can just tell he doesn’t seem to really like her all that much. How sad, to not only be a trophy but to be dressed like one too!

      • UniqJazz says:

        yess i noticed that too. He didnt even return her gaze when they were seated and the camera was on clooney and her. She looked at him adoringly and he just kinda looked passed her like he wasnt interested =/. She should know better. She is old enough to know she deserves better!

  3. brin says:

    I liked the gown (maybe the hip rose could have been left off)and her hair. The Biore cleaser email wasn’t necessary.

  4. LadyJane says:

    I didn’t hate the dress – but George should have stood on the other side of Stacey. That bulky rose gets in the way and makes for awkward red carpet. Overall though, I think Stacey looks really pretty. I love her relaxed hair and she has a stunning, healthy figure.

  5. Bite me says:

    George just needs to start brings his parents to award shows

    • Frayed_Edges says:

      My thoughts exactly! Out of the closet George, it’s where you belong!

    • Mirror says:

      Another Oscar season, another woman. Is he aware of that he is making a fool of himself?

    • Aqua says:

      I agree with you but maybe he doesn’t want to exploit his parents or use them in that way.

    • Ellen Ripley says:

      I’d love to see him bring Nick Clooney to an awards show – THAT is a funny, classy man. I love Nick.

      Maybe that’s why we don’t see him

      • Aqua says:

        Agree! his dad is intelligent,very well spoken and very down to earth.I would definitely would like to see and hear more from him.

  6. Anne de Vries says:

    I… strangely like this dress. It’s interesting. I just scrolled back up twice.

    And I concur with the idea that it’s not Stacy Keibler but Clooney himself who is failing here. The way he’s handling these relationships is not showing him in a good light.

    For his new strategy he should stop going for arm candy and take people whom he genuinely likes as dates. Including friends, sisters, his mother, etc. It would make him seem far more genuine and less shallow than this Oscar barbie approach.

  7. LadyAnne says:

    That thing on her hip. Awful.

    • Myopinioncounts says:

      The hip rose was ugly, she was hinting for a ‘ring’ It will never ever happen Stac, cheer up, you can always return to your WWE guys where you belong.

  8. Zimmer says:

    Hate it and am glad someone else does too. Also, I’ve never understood the obsession with Clooney.

    • Myopinioncounts says:

      George went to the ‘dog’ last night and rightfully so, his choice in women should have told him what direction he was heading, down the toilet.

  9. magda says:

    haha, I also end thinking why Stacy look like Oscar statue? she is some kind of back-up consolation prize?

  10. Riana says:

    I feel like the beginning of this post doesn’t match up with the end. We started with why Clooney lost and it somehow became about him and Kiebker?

    First off that dress is horrific, let’s face it though, based on the academy states they wouldn’t dump anyone for their date so much as for just not appealing to them.

    I believe it was 92% old white male? Do we really think they were looking at Stacey andBGeorge while furiously crossing his name off a list?

    I just think it’s because that ‘amazing’ role wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Especially compared to everyone else, I’m also guessing they still see George as a young punk snow at the temples or not.

    P.S. George needs to figure something out, he’s hit the point where he looks almost as desperate as Hugh Hefner at half the age.

    • Cherry says:

      I agree- Keibler had nothing to do with Clooney’s chances of winning an Oscar, she’s just a temporary girlfriend, who cares about her? Clooney didn’t win because the other guy was better. That’s it.

    • Myopinioncounts says:

      It DOES all tie in together, his choices in films and dates’escorts’ tell much about a man.

      • Riana says:

        About himself? Possibly, though I’m guessing it publicly says what most Hollywood men artfully try to hide between PR and good interviews.

        About his acting talent or depth of movie roles? Not so much. I just think most commentators want to bash Stacey for being proud/comfortable with who she is and what she did (wrestling) and are mad George doesn’t pretend he’s gonna marry someone or pretend he doesn’t know his name, career and face do get him easy sex and pretty women.

        I never considered Cloony a Shoo-in at all, especially against a film like ‘The Artist’ and I suspect the Academy saw George’s film for what it was. Simple, tepid and boring. An attempt to appear grown up.

      • Tapioca says:

        Makes sense – Matt Damon married a bar maid and hasn’t won an Oscar since Good Will Hunting!

        Seriously though, I don’t get the hate for Stacy – she has her own career, hasn’t been openly boasting about their relationship, has dressed and acted appropriately escorting her BF to events and looks like she’s having a good time. What exactly is her crime?

      • Veruca says:

        I don’t really like her either, but don’t get all the hate. To me, it’s no different than if GC pulled one of us out of the crowd and did his little “My Fair Lady” trip.

        She’s doing her best, and doing it pretty well. She’s nowhere near as annoying as the waitress or the Italian.

        And, most importantly, I’m SO GLAD George didn’t win. He’s become so smug since his last win, he’d be unbearable if he could call himself the “Best Actor”.

        I haven’t seen The Artist, but have fallen in love with JDJ.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Agree with Tapioca and Veruca that the Keibler bashing really seems uncalled for. Although I think the post is supposed to bashing Georgie but that Keibler gets tainted by association. I really think Tapioca had it right when she posted that Keibler has a legit career even if most of us don’t appreciate what she does. I’m gonna save an intense dislike for reality stars, leaked sex tape “victims”, and the like. Keibler is just a woman dating a famous love ’em and leave ’em type. Meh, big deal.

  11. Sisi says:

    The gals at the E Red Carpet coverage were completely gushing over Stacy as if she were the biggest and brightest thing on that carpet while she just is slightly above a plus-1 guest imo. I thought it was very strange.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      I’m not fond of George Clooney, the “Rock Hudson” of our time, because all his performances are the same. Boring.

      Stacy, on the other hand, was grace personified on “Dancing With The Stars”, and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since.

      • barbie says:

        here’s my silly thought, George always the same in movies meet Jennifer always the same in movies-match-set & bubye

      • Sisi says:

        Because I live in the Netherlands where they don’t show DWTS, I only know her from George and know that she is a wrestler.

        Mind you I don’t hate her, but it baffles me that she got so much attention at the Oscars, a show that’s suppose to be all about the moviestars. Instead the 5 presenters of the red carpet were completely kissing Stacy’s ass. I didn’t even see Meryl Streep or Penelope Cruz arrive for instance. But that’s not her fault obviously, it’s the fault of those asskissers.

  12. MissM says:

    So budget, so predictable.i knew she would dress all look at me…and not in the right way… i used to loveeee George. Now i just think he tries too hard… blahhhh

  13. Cathy says:

    The dress is meh. Don’t really care for the flower on her hip. For an ugly dress she does carry it well.

  14. Me says:

    Dat dress is lovely. And, i really don’t understand d hate towards this girl. She’s his girlfriend and, has as much right to be with him as any other. And, just cos she’s not “A-list” doesn’t make her any less human. These so called “a-listers” were once nobodies. Give her a chance!

    • Myopinioncounts says:

      Come on she belongs in the WWE world. That is her class. Everyone begins somewhere is true, but not usually does a WWE world cross with a George Clooney world.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        I actually think that makes her cooler than a lot of other people. Hey, she’s probably not afraid to break a nail or get sweaty.

      • Anne says:

        She has been given a great opportunity to reinvent herself and belong in a whole different world. I understand that is a very American thing. I hope she makes the most of it.

        That dress is beautiful.

      • Me says:

        @ myopinioncounts. Wow. Listen to yourself. Your posts have all been hinting on class class class. It’s humans like you that invented class. Before God, everyone’s equal. It’s not wrong to aspire to be somebody (if you feel you’re not). Grow up!

  15. Jayna says:

    She looked fantastic. I have to give it to her. He still looked bored with her, though.

  16. Launicaangelina says:

    I think she looks great, not budget. To each their own. Also, who cares if she started as a wrestler, everyone has to start somewhere and it seems she’s doing alright. I think people tend to be hard on her because of Clooney. It seems that no matter whom he’s dating, the woman is judged especially hard.

  17. Dredz says:

    I never understand the appeal of Clooney, at least this one managed to make him look like an old wrinkly prune…!!!

  18. bea says:

    Why so cranky about her getting paid for doing the same product promotion that every other Holly Ho does……?

  19. Lady_Luck says:

    Definitely tacky! An A-lister with class could have ‘possibly’ pulled it off. But not oscar date barbie with half a brain cell.

    haha George you lost, you overrated, womanising marriage-hater.

    • Rosalee says:

      I’m jealous because she’s at the Oscars wearing a dress that cost maybe 8 of my mortgage payments. I’d love be her for a day and then write a best seller about how George gets his “injuries” and if Jolie eats more than a bread stick and what’s up with those bromances

    • Flan says:

      Find the fact that he doesn’t get married sympathetic. It’s better than those douches who DO get married and then keep womanising.

  20. Asli says:

    UGH, that dress is ug-ly! I thought it would be great since most people thought it looked good yesterday but damn… just dayum.

    Does George have two left feet? They look a little odd here.

  21. Marjalane says:

    So budget. And you can tell she was under strict orders to keep her mouth shut. I thought it was particularly arrogant for her to drape herself like an oversized Oscar; I also think that it backfired on George to keep dragging around these low rent Liza Doolittle’s. It got creepy with this one.

  22. Wendy says:

    I think Clooney got outcharmed by Dujardin. And while I thought Jean was going to have a huge problem coming across as himself due to not speaking English that well, he obviously spent considerable time working on the language. The Weinstein tactic of saving Jean’s overt campaigning until everyone was sick of all of Clooney and Pitt’s coupled with keeping much of it physical (the dancing on Leno, SNL etc) was brilliant.

    Plus, and I have to say it, Clooney didn’t deserve an Oscar for his performance. Dujardin carried an entire film with no words (or two to be exact). The only person that handed in a performance better than Dujardin’s (and granted I haven’t seen all of the films) was Fassbender in Shame but they didn’t even nominate him.

    • vic says:

      Great comment. Dujardin is charming and sweet and seems very humble plus he’s a loving family man. I don’t see Clooney as charming anymore and no humility. Why does Clooney act like he is Hollywood’s personal Host?

      I also think the comment about him turning into Hefner at half the age is spot on but I did love her dress, her skin and she seems sweet.

      • Suz says:

        Dujardin did a very good job in a demanding role. I think that’s why he won.

        Being a “loving family man” – while honorable – has never been and hopefully never will be the reason for a best actor award.

  23. really says:

    creepy grandpa, a year or two away from sexpest.

  24. Myopinioncounts says:

    Stacy just belongs in a different world. WWE is where she belongs. It was fun for her to play dress up for a few months but George has looked ashamed of her ever since he began that trip down gutter lane with her. He knew when his two year relationship ended these shows were coming up and he grabbed the first escort available and groomed her to be some sort of eye candy for the events but it was a horrible failure on his part. He would have been better to have once gone by himself this year and taken the time to select a better fit.

  25. Myopinioncounts says:

    AND oh please Barbie isn’t with the WWE! Barbie has much more class than does Stacy.

  26. lulu says:

    I loved it. Many of the actresses had great difficulty with their dresses and shoes on the red carpet, and Stacy did ok. This dress hung well and moved well. It was over the top – but because it was only one colour, it worked. If Angelina Jolie wore something like this, it would do down in red carpet history.

    • says:

      Moved well? You apparently didn’t watch the red carpet coverage. She was walking like a geisha in that dress! LOL

      And the designer took that dress from elegant to garish with that rose knotted at the hip. It made your eyes go right to her very wide hips, instead of landing on her very small waist.

  27. Cody says:

    I like the style and cut of the dress, but it is too metallic. She looks like a gold trophy. I guess George didn’t win the Oscar last night, but he took home another trophy. Also, she was acting like her teenage self last night and tweeted during the show. She should have just enjoyed her moment in the sun.

  28. Blankverse says:

    George reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. Holding on to the past by trying to recreate the same shtick over and over. They may have friends who tell them they’re great and that fans want to see them in a relationship, even one that is obviously set up for promotional purposes, but both are so transparent in their desperation it’s just sad.

    • kristiner says:

      This right here! They are two peas in a pod.

      Jennifer needs to get with George or would that be a no go because he’s BFF with Brad.

  29. Aiobhan says:

    I have never really understood people’s reaction towards George. He is handsome but, for me, he is just handsome. I don’t find him charming or funny. I don’t even know if I really find him charming or if I am just agreeing with other people just to have something positive to say.

    Anyway, I personally do not believe that he ever had a chance to win because all season long I have been cheering and hoping for DuJardin to win. It has nothing to do with his latest well- dressed boil/beard on his arm. I don’t really care why he did not win, just that he did not win is more than enough for me to wake up this early and talk about him.

    I hated this dress last night but find it tolerable today.

  30. Dredz says:

    Like a father and daughter

  31. mln76 says:

    How long does she last now that the Oscars are over??
    I’m guessing 2 more months.

  32. Lorenzo says:

    Hahahaha, I can’t stop laughing looking at the Golden Giant.
    Modesty is not her thing.

  33. Guest says:

    It will be interesting to see now that red carpet season is over with and George lost, what offers come in for Stacy. Yes, we will get a few pap photos of them out and about, but she is now on her own. She said last night that her and George are taking a vacation to get away from it all. What has she done that she needs a vacation? I would think she is too busy with her career for a vacation right now. LOL

  34. kit says:

    I never thought this oscar was a sure thing for George Clooney. Especially in the last few weeks, even the bookies (I’m in the UK) in my area had Dujardin as the almost guaranteed winner.
    I hope Stacey doesn’t get dumped straight away, it would make me think even less of him.

    • Aqua says:

      I think even George knew their was a good chance he may not win because someone asked George on the Red Carpet what he would say in his acceptance speech if he won and he replied “I don’t have to worry about that because I’m not French”.

  35. Siren6 says:

    His body language with her spoke volumes. He couldn’t even look at her, and when she spoke he looked like he was physically biting his tongue and forcing himself not to respond. When his name was called with the other nominees there was no exchange or moment between them. There is no relationship there. I have a feeling after an appropriate cooling off period her contract will be terminated.

  36. DT says:

    No one in Hollywood would be caught dead in a Marchesa except for the fact of Weinstein’s wife being a “designer” there. These get-ups are truly awful.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Like I said, I saw the line while I was living in London. Awful, ugly dresses. They look like cheap glorified ice skating outfits. VERY not impressed at ALL!

  37. xploxite says:

    she’s soooo Beautiful and very classy, she should have been one of the presenters.

    • Shit happens! says:

      Classy? beautiful? Presenter?
      Stacy, Is that you?

      This is by far the most ridiculous thing ever written in here!
      I hope you’re kidding

      • xploxite says:

        so everyone who thinks and comments on her beauty and her elegants must be stacy haa? so what does that make you? are angie?

  38. xploxite says:

    most of her haters are Brangeloonies cause they know next to stacy she looks awful and talk about class , did you see what a fool angie made of herself at the oscar? they were all making fun of her.

  39. normades says:

    Call that girl a cab George! Her “duties” are now over, contract completed!

  40. eileen says:

    The dress would have been better with hair up, more colorful makeup and better jewelry. George does look over it.

  41. jamminatorr says:

    Terrible dress. The pictures seem to make it look less cheap than it did on the TV. But I still hate it.

  42. He treats his women as if they weren’t there–no engagement or even interaction with them at all. I am so over George. His charm has faded and he’s becoming just another old Hollywood queen.

  43. chloew says:

    i just do’nt get her

    she’s ugly – that hair is terrible and the dress is trash

    can someone explain the obsession?

    i sensed soemthing was BIG TIME wrong with him last night – he was pissed about something, maybe he knew ahead that he lost? not sure

  44. Guest says:

    I can’t believe how these Entertainment hosts drool all over Stacy and George. Calling Stacy’s dress the best on the red carpet and saying George and Stacy are a power couple of Hollywood. Do they really believe this stuff or are they getting paid to say it.

  45. whocares says:

    Their smiles look forced! They look like their just going through the motions.

  46. Marianne says:

    Stacy looks part oscar statuette/80s attire.

    Hated the look.

  47. ladybert62 says:

    She is very pretty but that dress is horrible as was her hair and the earrings.

  48. Lisa says:

    I ADORE me some George Clooney…on every level professional…I mean he is TRULY a pleasure to indulge in…cinematically…

    That being said…the best actor received the Oscar last night…and the Academy quantified that fact…

  49. MsGoblin says:

    I liked the dress, but thought the rose should have been a bit smaller. I bet it would have been gorgeous in a different color…say pale, soft aqua.

  50. gigi says:

    The word for her is SKINNY. It’s like she was trying to out-thin Ange. But I think she picked a good dress for her newly thinned out frame and her coloring. Too bad George didn’t look particularly enamored with her. And did anyone else notice how she was very purposely cut out of his close-ups? I guess that just comes with the territory when you date Clooney.

  51. kristiner says:

    When George comes out of the closet or says he likes some sausage in his breakfast too (because he’s either straight up gay or very very bi) he’ll win. He tries too hard with his rent-a-dates.

  52. Mia says:

    She looked beautiful. She is a stunning woman,she knows it and dresses for it.

  53. Madrid says:

    she couldn´t walk properly…

  54. Ravensdaughter says:

    So, when will the contract be up?

  55. wuuuut!! says:

    I’m so glad Cloonys oscar campaign is over,i can’t take anymore of his smug face everywhere,i mean he really thinks hes Cary Grant or something .He doesn’t have the looks or even small amount of charisma of Cary Grant.And somebody had the nerve to compare him with the late Rock Hudson,Mr.Hudson is an proud gay handsome tall classy guy and a good actor too,which Clooney is not.

  56. Dibba says:

    Good for him that he will hang with woman taller than him. That aside, I really like him. I think he’s a great actor and humanitarian, seems smart and caring. I don’t understand the parade of women and its getting so old. It overshadows everything else about him and cheapens his image. He should just go stag for a while or something. His constant changing of women of this ilk makes me think he doesn’t have alot of respect for women and I can’t like someone like that.

    • Jayna says:

      He appeared on the red carpet alone a lot, but in the last three years has had his temporary girlfriends to the awards and he needs to go back to stag.

  57. sallyreo says:

    I honestly think she is doing him a favor by being his escort. He is looking old and boring. She is making him look like he’s still a stud when he
    is really an aging older man. She will
    dump him when she finds something younger and with more sex appeal. She will follow in Lively’s footsteps, replace him with a young guy. SHE WILL DUMP HIM!

    • Jayna says:

      Keiblet isn’t gorgeous. Her face is cute in an average way. She is being raved about as one of the best red carpet looks. I agree.

    • Jayna says:

      She will hang on to him until he dumps her. She is okay looking in Hollywood filled with young beauties.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Lively has a bigger name (for now) but that is a great comparison. She has a model’s tall body but her face. OK she’s prettier than Lively who IMHO is a true Butter Face but clothes hang well on them.

      I don’t think this will last long at all. She is nowhere near as dumb as George thought.

      And she looks like his daughter.

  58. AudreyS says:

    I don’t hate her but I do feel like George is too desperate and is looking old. I’ve only seen Stacey in photos and when I saw them on tv, I was surprised at how big she is. People have said that about her, but I couldn’t tell until I saw her in “live action” on tv. And, for the record, I don’t understand all the hate for her.

  59. Fran says:

    I think it’s unfair to always give out to George’s women. I think we should start disliking him more. I don;t particularly like this woman or Canalis, I have a ‘meh’ attitude towards them, but I think she looked beautiful in this dress.

    • alaina says:

      Couldn’t agree more re disliking him more. Why should they get all the shit thrown at them when he’s the one orchestrating every last bit of this farce. They may deserve some ridicule but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what he deserves.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’ve been defending her on this thread. It’s not that I like her. I don’t really have an opinion of her other than she is a harmless D-List whatever she does trying to make it to C or maybe even B before her time runs out.

      George messed up here.

      She may not be the brightest bulb in the tree but she isn’t quite as dim as he expected. She does speak English, unlike Elisabetta and she has built a small name for herself in Hollywood unlike Sarah the ugly cocktail waitress. She has a reason to be there more than just going to awards shows. She is trying to use this association to move up. And she can answer the questions the press answers. She may make C list, she may stay D but she’s on the list and that was not a good move for George. Either be single for a while or stick to women who don’t understand the questions.

  60. says:

    I won’t bother to comment on her because her time’s up.

    I’m just glad Clooney didn’t win!

  61. Tiffany says:

    He seemed totally over her last night. At the other award shows he engaged her during his red carpet interviews- not last night. It actually bordered on rude, which is very out of character for him.

  62. NM6804 says:

    Keibler is gorgeous, her body and face are really beautiful so I don’t get how somebody as rich as Clooney, with all his access can still turn her into a cheap looking concubine? The Cloon has taste, why is he doing that to her? She has legs, a nice ass, do something with that! Make her into a star to deflect attention to what she really is.

    That said, Clooney is a 50+ man that always buys young broads and turn them into something they aren’t. Can’t he just bring his mom along instead of trotting out his concubines? After a while, the pimping gets silly and I do think it hurts his credibility. After all, the housewifes still think he’s going to marry somebody close to his age someday, that’s a part of Clooney’s appeal but how much longer can people keep up that fantasy? (Same goes for Leo D.)

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      See, I disagree about Stacey’s beauty. I think she is straight up budget basic. There is nothing wrong with budget basic, but I hate when it’s promoted as beautiful because it’s really about the fact that she is tall, blonde, and skinny and if that was some random brunette with that face at 5’5, people would be like meh. I am not saying you think this way, of course. But I’m talking about those annoying commentaries.

      Stacey’s face freaks me out. Her body is okay if you’re into no curves, but she has great legs and height. I give her that.

      I don’t have an issue with her other than the fact that she bores me. All of my issues are with George.

      • NM6804 says:

        The minute she opens her mouth, all my praise for her goes out of the window anyway so Keibler will never be an asset to Clooney’s status in general. Clooney never chooses a woman that outshines him (intellectually or aesthetically), he always goes for mediocre but I do find Keibler beautiful, she’s cute :). I don’t really have a problem with Clooney and his women (they know what they’re in for and he knows it so it’s not abusing their trust or whatever) but there is something off about him that never made me like him. I don’t get his appeal.

  63. Lizzie says:

    I don’t know who said it, but it’s true: George Clooney isn’t Cary Grant. He’s not even Robert Wagner.

    And I agree that the whole Pretty Woman schtick is creepy.

  64. tracking says:

    Every Marchesa dress sucked hard. Especially this one (though Sandy B’s was a close second). Ugh. And put a fork in these two, they’re done. I guess I would feel a little sorry for her, but I suppose she got plenty out of this odd arrangement.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Isn’t Marchesa designed by a very young* woman married to Frankenweinstein?

      *compared to him she may be 50 for all I know.

  65. LucyOriginal says:

    George was winning everything until GG. Right after GG, it was announced Stacy got a major contract with a talent agency. Are his peers tired of seeing him doing charity to untalented women? while so many talented actors won’t ever have a chance.

    I knew one way or the other this “relationship” would backfire big. They claimed she was the perfect girlfriend: independent and a guy’s girl. He seems the least interested on her. Gay rumors and all on full force. I even start to believe on that, which is fine as long as it is true and he stops playing this Rock Hudson game (I said it before I would rather wish he were homossexual rather than a mysogenist)

    As for her, she is doing a good job when her mouth is closed. She is the living proof that when you have no class, you cannot buy it. I’ve seen teenagers that carry themselves better than Stacy. I dislike to say this, but Canalis carried herself like a woman/adult, whereas Stacy acts/talks like a teenager.

    That being said, I think he lost because Dujardin deserved to win more than he did. I love both movies, but (as I said it before) The Artist is paying homage to the history of cinema. And I love that!

    • No Way says:

      Clooney won the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a drama. DuJardin won a Golden Globe for Best actor in a comedy or musical. Clooney seemed to lose when he started to directly compete with DuJardin, and Clooney started full out award campaigning with the roll-out of Oscar Barbie. I think it might have turned some people off.

  66. dena says:

    are we supposed to believe these two are having sex?

    • shawn says:

      Yes, we’re supposed to believe it if the publicists had their way, but no one is buying it.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      She looked like a girl who was really excited to be her dad’s date at the Oscars. Think back to Daddy/Daughter dances in HS.

  67. Lindy says:

    Sigh… I used to think the Clooney gay rumors really were just rumors.

    But the longer this stupid My Fair Lady crap goes on, and the more obvious he makes it that he is totally bored by the vapid girls he hires as his girlfriends, the more I begin to believe the rumors.

    The problem is that the whole “swingin’ hot bachelor who likes the ladies and doesn’t want to commit” schtick can really only work for so long, and then time sort of catches up. He stops looking sexy and debonair and starts looking old and tired. Stops sounding intelligent and politically aware and starts sounding like a sound byte.

    He’s got to realize that he has chosen a profession in which his image is extremely important, right? I mean, surely he gets that? And the image he projects right now is, at best, “tries too hard to pretend he’s still a hot studly lady-killer” and at worst, “in the closet but desperate to keep it secret.”

    Kind of sad:(

  68. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    He hardly looked at her! Even when they showed his face for the nomination reel, she looked at him and he totally was looking at someone all the way on the other side of the room! Like really Geroge? I just feel like he has women issues and I know it has nothing to do with his work as an actor, but I’m just glad he didn’t win. I wanted Brad to win, but French dude totally deserved it from what I hear. I have no desire to watch The Artist until the hype dies down, so I can be fair about if it was really as good as folks say it is.

    • anonymoose says:

      Well said!

      I also especially agree about the obvious disconnect between these two. George would not look at her. He seemed to be grinning and bearing to get through the evening.

  69. RelaxDon'tDoIt says:

    The Marchesa gown totally washed her out, that was a dress made for a brunette or the Chanel Imans and Joan Smalls of the world. Nice try Stacey but even George’s money cannot buy you taste or class, ask Elisabetta or Sara.

    I could name 5 women and a man that dress would have looked better in.

    Zhang Ziyi
    Sofia Vergara
    Jessica Chastain
    Angelina Jolie (who looked ridiculous shoving her leg out of that slit while posing and presenting)
    Jennifer Gardner


  70. Agnes says:

    does clooney get a bulk discount on these horrific marchesa dresses? because otherwise i just don’t get it.

  71. Tiffany says:

    He either needs to attend these events with his parents or start going solo. That is what he did when he won for Syriana. All of these women know what they are doing when they hook up with him. Cash the check and move on. I wonder if Keibler told him after this she was done.

  72. Mimi says:

    I’m not a fan of Stacey’s but i felt bad for her during George’s interview with Ryan Seacrest. Dude was flat out rude and I’m sure he probably hurt her feelings a bit. Calling her “seven feet tall” and joking that she “bumped her head on the good year blimp” was just in bad taste and completely disrespectful. I don’t care how “budget” Stacey is, George doesn’t have the right to treat her so badly. It was embarassing to them both. Okay, end of rant.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      How rude she was when got a bunch of interviews (through her association with him) saying how great and excited she was for all award shows because she was playing dressed up and never because she was proud of him? not once…

      How rude she was for not realizing that she should keep it quiet and just talk when someone asks her something? does she need to be reminded that is not about her? So much for being private…

      We all know George makes weird/acidic jokes about his girlfriends. He did that to Canalis and one time she gave himt he side eye and he looked nervous, afraid she would say something back, lol.

      Kaiser: you often asked yourself what George talked to Elisabetta since she barely spoke English at that time. Now, I am wondering what kind of convos he has with “Barbie”. Any ideas?

    • shawn says:

      That was nothing compared to the rudeness that Keibler has shown him, including lying about his dog on her blog and interrupting his interviews at past events, even grabbing the microphone away from one interviewer. I’m starting to think her head is that huge because of her giant ego. Girl needs to stop believing her own p.r. There is no way Ms. Botox Vein and Crow’s Feet is in thirties, she’s very plain in terms of looks, has minimal talent, etc. She’s just a big nobody who happens to be a contracted escort. It would have been nice if she had managed to show some decorum during this publicity contract, but you can’t buy class.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I think this one has more of a brain than George bargained for. She is trying to use her contracted time for her own career. He looked like he just stepped on dog doo last night. He knew he was going to lose and he knew he had to show up and he was not happy. She was cute and gave back what she got. She’ll be gone in a week – he’ll buy out her contract.

  73. Happy21 says:

    When I saw her I instantly thought she must have heard the buzz about her being Oscar date Barbie and want to take it to the next level by dressing like an Oscar statue.

    I didn’t hate the dress because I think I really did expect her to wear gold.

    The camera cut to her and George during the Cirque performance and she looked pissed off and George was smiling at the show he was watching. I thought hmmm, I wonder what he said??!!

  74. Shelly says:

    I actually thought Stacy looked pretty, even in that dress. The gold suits her.

  75. dorothy says:

    Another day, another arm candy for George. Yawn.

  76. janexxoo says:

    Don’t you think Angelina was making fun of Stacey by sticking her leg out there? Stacey doesn’t pose like that but she is known for her long legs….

  77. Kim says:

    The dress is terrible. Looks like cheap Barbie dress but i did like her hair & makeup.

  78. the original bellaluna says:

    Dressing one’s date as the award one wants to win SMACKS of desperation, George. And I really liked The Descendants.

  79. JudyJudyJudy says:

    dress mwas too tight at the legs so she couldnt walk – that is a design fail in my book.

    but really, if you insist on this George insultathons you all need new material. You are all really stale and he looks fresh by comparison.

  80. Me says:

    I don’t like the dress, but she looks beautiful.

  81. kc says:

    Sorry, but I liked the dress — on her, she pulled that look off.

    I think George shot himself in the foot with the campaign. It was such a clear “try hard” that even the non- celeb gossip obsessed friends I have (both of them), picked up on it.

    If this ‘relationship’ doesn’t work out, I think Clooney needs to try single again. Make us all eager and wonder who he will choose next…

  82. anonymoose says:

    Boring Barbie wearing a tacky dress; and George showed none of his usual charm. He looked rather grim.

    Boring Barbie has good posture, at least!

    But this hairstyle is cheap and fug looking. Lopsided and over-processed, too. Pale pink lipcolor? Yick. Should have been a medium wine tone.

  83. Camille (The original) says:

    @Kaiser- thank god you are the voice of reason! I HATED Stacy’s dress. Sorry but I do. I think it looks all kinds of cheap and I think it looks like a budget knock off of other similar designed (and much nicer) gowns that were seen on other red carpets this season. Her hair and earrings were awful too. Overall her look to me was very low budget.

    I wonder how much longer Clooney will keep this one around.

    Oh and I said a loud ‘YES!’ when I saw that Clooney had lost lol, it was one of my favourite parts of the show lol :D.

  84. Madisyn says:

    I’m sure I’ll be in the minority here but I absolutely LOVED the dress!

    • Tazina says:

      It was Marchesa and it was a stunning dress on Stacy Kiebler. Only someone as tall and statuesque as she is could carry off that hip rose and she did so beautifully. It is sad that such a nice person as Stacy will be getting the boot probably not too long from now. Clooney is afraid of intimacy but gives just enough of himself so the women are hopeful and stick around optimistically thinking there could be more. Of course there never is and once they get too hopeful they’re eliminated from his life.

    • Aqua says:

      Stacy definitely saved the best for last.Although I didn’t really like George making fun out of Stacys height in the interview with Ryan Seacrest.I though she looked like a golden goddess.

  85. lileneboheme says:

    The dress wasn’t horrible to me but I just think it’s cheesy whenever someone wears a gold dress to the Oscars or to the Golden Globes so that they appear to match the statuette. Ug.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Like Meryl Streep? Seriously, when I saw her come up to present I thought “OMG! She’s dressed like an Oscar!”

      My TV’s color setting must be off so I actually thought Stacy’s dress was pewter and loved it. Now its just OK… I’m not a big gold person.

  86. Aqua says:

    The Best Actor Category was seen as one of the weakest out of all the major categories this year. The Artist was a tribute to the silent film era which appealed to many of the Academy voting members.Add to that a fresh face,charm and good humour Jean Dugardin and the Artist were unstoppable their fore this movie and actor that seemed to came out of no where ended up to be the biggest winner of the night.

  87. marie says:

    I don’t love the dress but she wore it well. She can wear anything and make it look great. Her makeup was light and fresh looking….her skin looked amazing compared to a lot of the women whose skin looked greasy.

  88. Em says:

    Oh dear lord it’s not Stacy’s fault he lost he is just a middling actor with a limited range and it’s workers in the industry and fellow actors who vote for the Oscars , they know George is generally a great guy but when it comes to Oscars they voted for the one they believed did the best job. I wonder what publicity tack George will take next time, he has tried being at deaths door (Syriana, that one worked), no campaigning (his words) by not doing talk shows and interviews and leaving most of the head to heads to his director (Up in the Air) and now being all over every media outlet like a bad case of hives. Next time he has a movie to promote in the Oscar race what will he do? My bet is on him being engaged to someone with a bit more substance (he’s never tried that before), not marry her mind you, just be engaged come awards season.

  89. cassius. says:

    He looks like he is in pain.

  90. ZenB!tch says:

    I may be in the minority but I’m Team Stacy. I feel bad for her. Like she signed on too late and she sold herself for nothing. She’s obviously a decent actress since she is faking interest in her very old, bitter looking, date.

  91. Zoey says:

    She looks good in the pictures….when I saw the dress on tv last night I thought it looked awful and cheap! But she doesn’t really bother me and I’ve always liked George, but his relationships are getting annoying.

  92. Playlist says:

    95% of the dresses (and hair) at the Oscars were ugly. Stacy wasn’t the worst or the best.

    I’m so glad Christopher Plummer won. I’m so glad George Clooney didn’t. At least we can be done with his Oscar campaigning. Stacy didn’t hurt George’s changes of winning, George did. He was in over-kill mode the entire season and even Hollywood got sick of him and his PR campaign games. Stacy was just part of the game and everyone knew it.

    Stacy and George used to seem like they were good friends, now they seem like they want to be done with each other. They both acted like George had just handed her walking papers to her in the limo on the way to the event. There was definitely an issue between them.

    George has said he is headed to Darfur in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also his way to separate and end the contract with Stacy. He always manages to be out of town when they have to clear out of his life.

    Off subject, but how sexy did Tom Hanks look?! A bit of Sean Connery going on. And Tom Cruise has the best plastic surgeon ever. He needs to give his number to Sandra Bullock. Her face was so tight it looked painful.

    • michelle says:

      Tom Cruise= Whackadoodle Scientologist. I just can’t see past that. He is doing much harm in the world.

  93. Jill says:

    I’m not tired of her; I’m tired of him. He’s a boor in a fancy suit. He invited her as his date so the least he could do was treat her without contempt. She should dump him before he dumps her. She can find someone better than him.

  94. Ruffian9 says:

    God-awful dress

  95. kibbles says:

    The dress looks okay on her but definitely isn’t as pretty as most of the critics are claiming on television and in print. Marchesa dresses are awful but will continue to get good reviews as long as Georgina Chapman remains married to Harvey Weinstein. Keibler has the body type to pull off this kind of dress. It is good for a Marchesa dress because there it isn’t ill-fitting nor does it have an overabundance of lace and glitter as most Marchesa gowns usually have.

    George Clooney looks awful here and I’m sure he is bitter that he did not take home an Oscar. I personally hope he never wins an Oscar but I doubt Clooney will give up in his quest for an Oscar. His time will come, not because he deserves an Oscar, but because he is ambitious, narcissistic, and completely overrated as an actor. I am wondering what his next strategy will be. Will he decide to dump Keibler and start dating an older woman with a more serious acting resume? Or will he stick with Keibler for a few more years since she is good at being his red carpet Barbie? I’m thinking that if he sticks with Keibler, he might even shake things up and shock all of us by marrying her.

    I have no idea what will happen with this couple a year from now, but I think Keibler has done well for herself in the last year. She has upped her own profile as a regular fixture in magazines and has earned thousands of dollars more in guest appearances and endorsements. She is milking this for all it is worth and I believe she will end up better than any of Clooney’s other girlfriends when they eventually break-up.

    • Karma says:

      I think she has done well for herself as well. And even better for George, I don’t think that Stacy is looking to get married.

      The last one clearly was and embarrassed herself trying to get George to commit. Geez…even her dad was embarrassing with the whole marriage thing after his daughter essentially pushed herself out of a relationship with such efforts.

  96. crtb says:

    I guess I’m the only one who liked the dress. I thought she looked great. The best she has ever looked.

  97. Dirty Martini says:

    Hated the dress. Made her look like an Oscar statue herself. But she has a lovely body and I’ve seen her look really good. Just not in this.

    And she just may be too good for him vs this crap that she is some clist wannabe.

    She’s been to the Oscars and I never will. Does that make her better than me? No. Does the fact that he’ll go every year make him better than her and me? Still no.

    Does the academy actually vote on the basis of who brings what dates to the Oscars? Doubt it.

    Is his “no I’m never marrying again, GF of the season, commitment phobic” thing working for or against him in the Oscar competition?

    Well I doubt he thinks his life is incomplete without an Oscar.

    I think he just misses that potbelly pig.

  98. boo says:

    Her earrings remind me of birth control inter uterine devices. I think that’s how you spell it. Anyhow, she does nothing for me, just a very plain girl that got lucky and nailed George. And I do mean nailed in the biblical term.

  99. Poodlemom says:

    We should all look so terrible! Sorry…but I think Stacy is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…and I think she looked incredibly stunning! There must be so much pressure for her to look fabulous every single time she steps out with George. Stop picking on her!

    • Cody says:

      I doubt she is under any pressure. I think she enjoys all the attention and she says, she loves to dress up. She knew exactly what she was getting into. I think, she is the most disappointed of everybody that he didn’t win, because this would have raised her visibility even more.

  100. Cleveland Girl says:

    If he was a better actor he would have an Oscar. End of story. Why do you find it necessary to bash on this poor harmless girl?? She is not the one picking his projects.

  101. Ally says:

    I think he needs to date women his own size, not Scandinavian nurses.

    I did like her focused look during the Cirque du Soleil act; seemed like one athletic person assessing athletic performance. Made her seem less vacuous for a moment.

    Clooney’s just getting a tad ridiculous. If someone deserves a lifetime achievement award (and not for another of his cookie cutter phoned-in performances) it’s Clooney. Let’s remember that Cary Grant didn’t win an award for any of his amazing roles, his recognizable style yet inhabiting of each role (he was given a lifetime achievement award), so Cloons should stop trying to win acting awards outside his talent/effort class.

    He’s a Hollywood player, in every sense of the word, not a great American actor. He’s not The Artist.

  102. barbie says:

    George meet Jen- match,set & bu-bye

  103. barbie says:

    George meet Jen- match,set & bu-bye;)

  104. Karma says:

    I think George almost tries to send messages with his personal life. That he doesn’t want the power couple type of thing to happen to him. No blending of the names, no one will get to the A list dating him, no one to compete with.

    The relationship is at his pleasure so the type of women who have such schedules available are limited. Some people want to call it class, whatever. I think it has to do with being able to pick up and leave to Italy in a moments notice. The fact that he has a woman with some limited US fame tied to her has been how long? It is almost shocking that he has a women with any job with such relationship demands. So once again, I think class isn’t the issue. She could be a charming woman and still be a wrestler, waitress, what ever.

    That said, no one else could have worn that dress so well. I dislike that type of gold type anything on people. It never looks good.

    But maybe George knew he wasn’t winning and why he said yes to that dress, so he could go home with a gold statue anyway.

  105. mikamoo says:

    Ken’s Dad with Ken’s Date..haha

  106. di elepha beth says:

    she’s so pretty!
    the dress… could’ve been better.
    but then, it could be a much-much-much-much-worse Marchesa. Like Madonna’s Bat-Tulle dress, or Leighton Meester’s Lace Jumpsuit monstrosity.

    Therefore I’m thanking whatever God of Reprieve for Kiebler’s dress. With Marchesa, I’m just going to take what little favor I can.

  107. Guest2 says:

    He could be her father. Gross.

  108. pam says:

    I thought Stacie wasGORGEOUS……..STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Jill says:

    OMG I never liked George Clooney before but I’ll forgive him for anything behind this — CB, PLEASE put up a thread on this one! I love to see Fox News getting their asses kicked! The video is priceless!

  110. Cody says:

    What so interesting about Stacy, it is just a dress and a pretty girl in a dress. She became the it girl for dating George Clooney and that is all. In a few weeks or months, she will be forgotten, because somebody else will replace her by Clooney or the media will decide to replace her with some new young thang. Next years Oscars, some hot celeb will be the darling of the media, whoever Harvey Weinstein will crown.

  111. I-10 says:

    “Ken’s Dad with Ken’s Date..haha”

    That’s so hilarious!
    Oh George, you have become a laughingstock.

  112. Alby says:

    I don’t care to speculate on Clooney’s personal life. But why does a man who champions equality and social progress, use the most cliched image of a trophy wife/girlfriend on his arm for appearing at the biggest awards show? They have no obvious rapport or mutual understanding of a couple (unless she’s just a bad actress). They don’t seem to be equals or important partners to each other, beyond keeping the appearance. If George wants to support women, this is NOT the way.

    Dujardin winning the Oscar shouldn’t be a surprise. He won all the major precursors leading up the Oscar. It was a foregone conclusion. And yes it was an amazing performance – hard to compare with Fassbender when their role requirements are far too different. (And yes Dujardin has done the weird arthouse with French “auteurs”. I wouldn’t mind seeing Fassbender handle a silent film and win everyone’s hearts either.)