OK!: Brad Pitt told Maddox about Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina freaked out

Surprisingly enough, Angelina Jolie’s horrible and controversial leg did not take the cover of every tabloid this week. In fact, Brangelina drama only took the covers of OK! Magazine and In Touch Weekly, and none of it is about The Leg. It’s about the fake-wedding, the one which both Brad and Angelina were suggesting would take place as part of Brad’s Oscar campaign. Both OK and ITW claim the wedding is OFF! Of course. But why is the wedding off? Because of Jennifer Aniston, of course. And Maddox. I swear, Michael K is writing for OK! Magazine at this point.

Brangelina got into an explosive fight because of Angie’s unrelenting jealousy over Jen! Now the couple’s wedding plans are up in the air! Angelina Jolie, 36, and Brad Pitt, 48, are temporarily calling off their wedding because of what Brad told son Maddox about his ex-wife, reports OK! mag.

The 10-year-old happened to see an online article about Jennifer Aniston, 43, and had asked Brad who she was.

“Brad didn’t realize that Angie was home, and so he basically just told Maddox the truth: that Jennifer was a woman he loved very much and was once married to,” said a source to the mag. “But that’s when Angelina walked in.”

The actress, 36, was livid with Brad, 48, for a number of reasons. “Brad thought he had taken all necessary precautions and never suspected the kids would learn about his past by coming across a story about Jennifer,” says the insider.

Although Brad thought he had taken steps to keep his kids from knowing his past with Jen, apparently, the Internet happened!

“Angie went berserk and said he was stupid not to supervise Maddox’s Internet use,” said the source. “She knows this is just the start. They have six kids who are all going to get older and want to know everything about their parents’ pasts.”

The source also said that Jen is still a “sore spot” for Angie and that after Maddox left the room, she flipped out on Brad and screamed that “she didn’t want to get married to someone who’d been married to Jennifer Aniston.”

After they exchanged nasty words, Brad took off on his motorcycle and things haven’t been the same since, confided the source.

[From Hollywood Life & OK! Magazine]

First point: shouldn’t Angelina be upset about the kids looking at stuff on the Internet that they shouldn’t be seeing? That seems like a reasonable argument for two parents to have – what kind of Internet time do we allow our kids to have? Second point: Of course it was about Maddox asking about Jennifer Aniston. All of Michael K’s assumptions about the Maddox-Aniston blood feud have been correct! Now we just need to know what Brad told the gerbils.

You can totally see it on Angelina’s face too. That’s the face of a woman who just bitched out her baby-daddy for even mentioning the name “Jennifer Aniston.” Of course. That’s what Angelina’s leg was trying to tell us.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bite me says:


  2. Dawn says:

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of that rag. I would never waste a penny to buy it. More lies.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Totally, didn’t they have her pregnant with twin boys last week?
      I doubt she cares about being married to someone who was with JA. It’s 7 years too late for that. Amusing.
      The kore I watch the footage of her walking in that dress you could see it was a really wide slit. Her leg was out even when walking, I think that’s why the pose looks so bad, she really had to stick it out there. Slit would have been better in the front.

      • Molly says:

        Jennifer Aniston looks fantastic for her age, only vacations in Mexico (because that’s her way of helping Mexicans) named her puppy after a book/movie about the Holocaust, and is best friends with boozecruise comedian Chelsea Handler, of all the people she could be friends with. Plus, the only redeeming quality about her new boyfriend is that he can sort of breakdance.

        Yeah, Angie should be real worried.

  3. blonde on the dock says:

    Pile of crap! But Angie could take a lesson or two from Aniston on how to wear a dress with a slit. I dont think that one is ever going to go away. She made a fool of herself!

    • Guest says:

      N aniston can take a lesson or two on how to carry a movie. Wanderlust Bombed big time. Clearly her fans do not support her movies.

      • Jill says:

        I don’t get that. To hear her fans shrieking and yelling about how she represents the epitome of perfection (she’s so hot! she’s got such great hair! she’s got such a great body!), you’d think they would be stampeding to the theaters as soon as her movies opened. But they just aren’t there.

        The only explanation that makes any sense that is that her fans — as represented on this blog — make noise out of all proportion to their dwindling numbers.

      • Nilber says:

        The Tourist… (just sayin’)
        On another note, I would love to see what the tabloids, news outlets and gossipers if Angelina and Jennifer went to lunch. You would think if all the rumors bothered them that much they would do something. They enjoy it and it keeps them relevant. *Shrug* I am not an Angelina fan for my own reasons but I am sick of the same story, different day routine of all 3 of these people.

      • G says:

        The Tourist grossed over 16 mil it’s first weekend vs the 6 for Wanderlust. The Tourist went on to gross 270 mill worldwide. (just sayin’)

    • LoL says:

      some People forget about the bunch of other times she wore a dress with a slit, but usually it’s on the left side. She needs to practice more with the right leg 🙂

      I loved the diva pose. Your fave will never be as famous as Angelina’s right leg. 🙂

    • anonymous says:

      And Angie can school Jennifer Aniston on how to make a movie that wins an oscar and is a box office hit instead of making cheesy rom coms that bombs at the box office! Wunderlust 6.6 mil, for the week-end number 8th, 2 mil per day, now that’s a bomb, should have sent that horor movie straight to video store.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        your comment has no basis in reality

      • Jill says:

        @blonde on the dock: The box office numbers say her comment is very much based in reality. Wanderbust is a major bomb, whether you want to admit it or not.

    • Mari says:

      @. Blonde
      I’ll show youa pic of JA practically showing her vajajay in a black dress witha slit… I’ll post it here in a while… Yeah, very classy she looks.

  4. normades says:

    That Twilight vs. Hungar Games pic is cracking me up. It’s the mouth breathers vs. the nose breathers!

  5. MJ says:

    I’m fairly certain that a 10 year-old kid of Angelina and Brad would already know all about this. Kids are smart.

  6. Catherine says:

    Wasn’t it previously mentioned by Brad that the children can not google Brad and Angelina on the internet? That they had restricted access so they don’t find this stuff?

    Just a thought as to why I also do not believe this story.

    • Reel Wheel says:

      Right, because the only time children have access to the internet is from a home computer – with parental controls – that they can’t get around. LOL.

      This story is crap like all of them are, but it’s not because Maddox has restricted Google access…

    • jojo says:

      I don’t buy this story, but, I’m guessing the kids have run into “the triangle” online. Even if brangelina googles are disabled, these three are often on the main pages of numerous news and gossip sites. THe kids are very likely to have come across references to Brad and Jenn at some point.

  7. Abby says:

    so ridiculous and made up.

  8. constance says:

    Kaiser: I’m surprised you didn’t post the meme photo of both her legs bowed out through splits in the dress.

    It’s a giggle, like this stupid story. lol

  9. Sue says:

    Oh wait till Mad googles Mama….. Can we say kissing brother, blood in vile around neck, etc…..

    Being married to another woman is pretty tame compared to this…..

    These are the funniest stories!

  10. Julie says:

    for every aniston-jolie-pitt story a little blind kitten dies.

  11. Dibba says:

    I guess this was after she made him cry in the restaurant?

  12. Rita says:

    So sad that Maddox betrayed Brad’s trust by calling Okay Magazine immediately after Brad explained in confidence the JA situation.

    Never tell a child anything….especially about the birds and bees. Let them learn about it in the back of a car in the city park and let them figure out the rest for themselves. It’s the American way.

  13. LoL says:

    Brad’s face is so shiny and … Orange.

  14. NeNe says:

    Honestly, I do not think anything is wrong with Brad telling Maddox about Jennifer. As long as kids/people are computer savvy, they can access pretty much anything on the internet. If this story is true, Angelina needs to grow up.

  15. Kate #2 says:

    This is so ridiculous.

    Maddox is 10, not 4. His parents are not stupid. The Zombie Triangle of Doom is plastered all over every magazine cover at least twice a year. Those kids are not hermits – and they can read. Of COURSE the parents will have got their versions in first. They’ll have said that yeah, they were both married to other people in the past, but never felt ready to have babies with those people, only one another. And kids are the ultimate mutual commitment. That’s what any smart parent would say to a kid in this situation, and they don’t strike me as unloving parents.

  16. Kooky says:

    ‘She didn’t want to be married to someone who’d been married to Jennifer Aniston’

    Hilarious 😆

  17. Sarah says:

    “she didn’t want to get married to someone who’d been married to Jennifer Aniston.”

    Fair point.

  18. G says:

    Who knew Maddox was a Jen-hen and a source for Star?

  19. di elepha beth says:

    at least OK is not harping about legs anymore.

  20. FinallyFr33 says:

    “All of Michael K’s assumptions about the Maddox-Aniston blood feud have been correct! Now we just need to know what Brad told the gerbils.” Priceless!!!

  21. Original Chloe says:


  22. Jill says:

    He’s probably known about Aniston for the last five years now. Big freaking deal.

  23. Ara says:

    When this come up we know for sure that it is a lie so when this topic surface, it must be about bashing Angelina again and giving Jen her money’s worth of pr that she has paid for. Why not talk about Jen’s movie Wonderlust or is she so precious that there can never be any talk about her movie failures. Jen should send Angelina a thank you card for drawing attention away from her movie.

    • alw says:

      i think alot of people should start paying her.since the media and certain people have been talking about her,unemployment have gone up,foreclosure is at it high,people have been divorce or separate for years,had babies,but it have not been reported because they are obsessed with angelina.

  24. Sakyiwaa says:

    Gosh! The tabs again! At least, it’s not the World-Dominating Leg. But man… this stuff is so lame! They are totally picking MK uber-creative brain with this Maddox and JA plotline. I guess i can go lame-r and get all old school with my reasoning on this sh-t.

    Brad has most definitely been thought of as some prize among men by numerous women for years. And nobody put him there but the people. Two-time Sexiest man alive, not to mention all the other accolades he’s won. Every woman Brad Pitt went out with became instantly famous. Every woman around the world would begin to scrutinize said woman relentlessly trying to figure what they have so they could get the same and hopefully snag a guy like Brad. Now he’s being nominated for Oscars. Thanks to Angie’s leg, no one’s making a big fuss that he lost out.

    Who is Jen? Who is Jen? Jen was Maddox’s father’s ex-wife. Jen was the epitome of an “everywoman”. Just sufficiently attractive. Everyone could relate and when Brad married her, suddenly, he was attainable to “everywoman”.

    Maddox should ask; was he happy? Looking back at the women Brad’s dated, many of them were not perfect beauties. But he still loved them at that time and to me, he’s never been openly classless. And i try to never begrudge Aniston’s inadequacies. Plus, his exes list is probably as long as Aniston’s by now but of course, double standards reign. Please.

    Fans, and women fans at that, know that for the past 20 years, Brad just moved steadily from one awesome woman to the next, each one providing a “je ne sais quoi” element in him as he adopted portions of their auras and certain nuances. Yeah, so what? Maddox wouldn’t care.

    A man is not capable of being “stolen”. But, his heart is. Just means he left the door open and never really gave the key to the woman he was with. His tastes change, his plans change and he moves. Brad has always moved in the past. He was just searching for what he’s always wanted. Love goes where love is. You can’t deny it.

    The kids are growing. They will become aware of some of this stuff sooner or later. Kids aren’t what they used to be. I can only hope everything will be put in the proper, sane perspective for them.

    • anon says:

      good to see you here Sakiwaa. You are a good soldier; Oscars over until 2013, missed your input on the leg debacle 🙂

    • alw says:

      well stated sakyiwaa-these kids are always with their parents,and maddox is 10 and taking pilot lesson,i’m sure they have talked to him if he asked about certain things.

  25. “Brad thought he had taken all necessary precautions and never suspected the kids would learn about his past by coming across a story about Jennifer,” says the insider.

    * * *

    Are they locked in towers? I mean, come on now. I have a friend who doesn’t want his children by his second wife to ever know that he was married before. Really? That’s just ridiculous. We are the sum of our experiences and denying a part of our lives (he was married for 6 years to his first wife, it’s not like he was married for 72 days) is denying a part of ourselves.

  26. Mac says:

    Brad & Jenn may have inadvertently stoked Ange’s latest hissy-fit

    Jennifer Aniston reportedly send Angelina Jolie flowers to congratulate her on her directorial debut.

    The pair have been pitted against each other since Brad Pitt, 48, left Jennifer in 2005 and started a relationship with Angelina, 36, who he met on the set of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

    But a source claims relations between the former love rivals have started to improve now that Jennifer, 42, is loved-up with her new man Justin Theroux.

    The insider told Now magazine: ”Brad Pitt sent Jen a copy of Ange’s new film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’.

    ”Jen sent Ange flowers and a note telling her how beautifully directed it was. It’s a sign that things are thawing between them.

    ”Jen’s so happy she thinks all her past heartbreak might have been worth it for her to have what she does now.”

  27. Sakyiwaa says:

    i like the cover pic.

  28. AudreyS says:

    IF it’s true, I’m not happy with the way Angie handled it. Yes, parents of 10 year olds need to police internet usage, but it’s also important for parents to be honest with their kids. I think it’s great that Brad was being perfectly honest by explaining his relationship with Jen.

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    Note that “OK!” is “The Magazine that Stars Trust”. It’s right on the cover…

  30. sassy says:

    take a hint tabloids it is long overdue.

  31. di elepha beth says:

    btw, nevermind that maddox might have already known from almost the very beginning, that pitt was once married to someone else, i.e. Miss Aniston.

    I thought Maddox would be around MAMS set, and during most–if not all–the shoot, Pitt is still Mr. Aniston-Pitt(or was it Mr. Pitt-Aniston, or Mr Piniston?) , instead of PapaPitt.

    Only I don’t know how much kids remember their really early childhood years.

    On the other hand, look out for another tab headline,
    Top of the agenda: Shave Uncle Billybob’s goatee.
    Papa Pitt cries in a pit dug up by Chosen One, while clutching Knox against his liver and Viv against his heart.
    Exclusive! Reason for New Lake Sighting at Jolie-Pitt Mansion-Slash-Warzone. Pax: Papapitt’s been crying for three weeks straight.
    Maddox: Considering calling Uncle JLM and Auntie Michele, see if they want to adopt a 10-yr-old refugee from the little kingdom of JoliePittland

  32. Maritza says:

    Those kids would have found out sooner or later that their father had been married before. The same way they will find out that their mother had been married two times before.

  33. Jill says:

    After printing bullshit cover stories about an impending wedding for the last month and a half, they had to print something to explain why it hasn’t happened. Now how are they going to explain away the non-existent pregnancy with twin boys?

  34. teri says:

    I’m sure the children already know about the ex’s of both, I don’t see a big deal. They are together now and this is silly at best.

  35. tmbg says:

    Why won’t the Bermuda Triangle of Celebrities disappear already? It’s been seven years. If they stay together until they are senior citizens, will the tabloids still be droning on about this?

    I swear, it’s like a damn clogged sink that just won’t clear no matter what.

  36. lilred says:

    Once again Angie FREAKS out…smdh she does that ALOT!

  37. HotPockets says:

    I never read the articles about Angelina, Brad or Jen, I only click on them to read the pathetic comments…hilarious! There are some delusional people that get wrapped up on these celebrities, especially this trio. The Brangelina and Jen really bring the crazies out of the online comments.

  38. skuddles says:

    Will the rag mags ever stop with this garbage?? It’s the only thing keeping Aniston on the radar. Please let her fade into oblivion already – I’m sick to death of all this bogus triangle nonsense.

  39. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Sure they lie and keep secrets from their kids, but can’t manage to lie and keep secrets from the insiders talking to tabloids.

    Somebody MAY actually believe this if they try really hard enough.

    Maybe the kids don’t know they are siblings and think they are all just friends.

    Maybe the they think the grandparents are just older nice people who come and visit sometimes.

    Maybe ALL the anger, livid freakouts and crying is being spun (lied about) as mom and dad acting for roles. Sure that would work. Fights and blow ups are rehearsals. Don’t forget the great acting the drunk and stoned behavior is practice for.

    I can see people believing this. Angie and Brad have it made then. What a perfect diguise for everything. Where they the first to think of this?

    I am being a smarty pants in case you want to believe my mess too. I thought I better clear this up since you can’t see me sticking my right leg out.

    • Jill says:

      Your comments crack me up and are spot on.

      I remember when I was a child and was told about my dad’s first wife, who died before he met my mom and left no children with him. Aside from a few questions (what did she look like? What was she like? How did she die?) I never thought about her again.

  40. Newtsgal says:

    The only way those youngin’ aren’t going to read about the 3-ringed circus that is their mommy and daddy’s life is to throw them into a cave without computers & electric and never let them interact with the human race.

  41. chloew says:

    imagine how much a tell-all book would be worth to one of those insiders

    bet they could do it w/o putting their name on it so as not to get sued

    I would pay $$$$ to get that info

    • Jill says:

      Wow, you need a life if you’re willing to pay $$$$ to get inside info on other people’s business.

  42. BELLA says:


  43. Jane says:

    Wow, finally a picture of her not showing that leg at the Oscars!

  44. Amy says:

    I understand that Brad and Angelina want to control how their kids find out about their past. So I get the no Internet thing. However, if the kids don’t know it yet, Brad and Angelina won’t be able to hide the fact that both of them were previously married to other people before ending up together (and that Angelina has a rather turbulent past). The kids will find out sooner or later. I don’t think it’s bad if the kids do learn about it–they need to understand their parents had a life before they entered the picture.

  45. original sandy says:

    i don’t believe one word of this,it is brad past, he has happily moved on, angie is in good terms with her exes,brad not so much, angie’s exes, didn’t try and ride her coat tail for fame, used her name in every interview to stay relevant,play the victim at every turn, Angie’s exes moved on gracefully without a word or scandal.

  46. irishserra says:

    “… and screamed ‘she didn’t want to get married to someone who’d been married to Jennifer Aniston.'”

    Best quote used by a grown-up ever!

  47. Palermo says:

    They can limit the internet all they want, but are they going to keep the kids locked up inside? Cause every store that tells trash rags is going to have these stories on the cover, do they really think the kids are never going to “find out”? He’s ten years old for goodness sakes.

  48. anytime says:

    why would he even do that? do you read what you write, o.k. magazine?

  49. I Choose Me says:

    My favourite part of the whole story “the Internet happened.” And because I’m 12, I absolutely must work that into a conversation some time today. 😀

    Oh and people keep talking about Angelina’s weight but when did Brad get so skinny? His legs look almost as thin as hers.

  50. Sara says:

    meh. Brad and Angie have a bunch of kids together. Even if they do break up someday they’ll always be in each others lives, unlike Brad and Jen.

  51. lezlo says:

    have u ever seen a white snake with an amphibian dislocated insecure blade emaciated limb?? thats called angelinahore!!!