Jennifer Aniston hated briefly living in NYC: “It felt like I was in a fishbowl”

I don’t understand why this is a big story. It’s like you expect Jennifer Aniston to be taken at her word. First she says she wants babies for more than a decade and then calls you “narrow-minded” for assuming that she does, in fact, want children in her life. Now she spends years describing how she would love to move to New York, and when she finally does, she immediately moves back to LA and complains about the “fishbowl” of the city. No, I’m not going to yell at her for that one – I really don’t think Aniston realized how few options she would have in exiting and entering her NYC condos, which she purchased last year. She thought she’d be able to move with the same kind of stealth that she has in LA, and that just wasn’t happening in New York. So Aniston described her new-found dislike of city living in a recent interview, and she also talks about how happy she is:

She made have initially made her mark playing New Yorker Rachel Green on Friends, but that doesn’t mean the Big Apple was the right place for Jennifer Aniston.

“We tried New York,” the Wanderlust star, referring to herself and Justin Theroux, said Friday on Australian radio’s The Kylie and Jackie O Show in Sydney, but “it felt like I was [living] in a fishbowl.”

And while, “Justin still has an apartment there … It was a little rough with the paparazzi. It didn’t feel like the New York I grew up in and knew,” notes Aniston, 43, who now calls L.A. home.

As a result, Aniston’s current happiness level is at “10-plus,” she says, and her Zen approach to life is also a contributing factor.

“You have a more relaxed sense of the world and life,” she explains, “and you realize there’s nothing to be taken too seriously besides doing your work and being a really good person.”

[From People]

It feels sort of like Aniston did the classic girly bait-and-switch. She moved to NYC to be closer to Justin Theroux (back when he had a girlfriend), she acts like she’s down with Justin’s downtown New York hipster scene (complete with Terry Richardson photo shoots), and then when she gets her guy, she’s all, “I hate the city, we have to move to LA!!” And Justin is along for the ride because… she’s paying the bills? And why not? It’s working for Aniston – this probably is the happiest she’s been in a long time.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. The Original Mia says:

    Grabs popcorn. This is gonna be good.

    • Lurker says:

      I thought it was strange that the reason she gave for wanting to move to NY was to simplify her life. How can NY simplify anyone’s life especially a celeb chased by the paps. I think Kaiser has it right, the real reason Jen moved to NY is to be close to Justin and lure him in. Now that the fish is on the hook, no need for the bait.

      • gigi says:

        Agree. And I think that once she had Justin in the bag, she fled New York because she secretly cannot stand his hipster lifestyle. Just look at what she did to him once they moved back to LA! He’s barely recognizable.

      • Mac says:

        The contention that Jennifer had to reel Justin Theroux in or otherwise convince him to do anything is laughable.

        Now that he’s become a liability she’s probably mostly concerned with the exit strategy.

      • Molly says:

        I’m jealous that she can just move wherever she wants to whenever she wants to on a whim.

      • PJ46 says:

        Agreed 100%. Noticed how she use to dress like him and went everywhere he frequent.

        I also call BS on her thinking that NY is such a fish bowl.

        I’m sure the real estate agent told her where all the other high profile people lived.

        Everyone forgets she’s an actress. This was all so calculated. She lives like him, reels him in and then slowly gets him to dp everythings she wants.
        Jen is a control freak! She has to eventually have her way.

        Jen knew that NY was temporary. This way she could complain that NY is a fish bowl and move back to CA.

        Plus that’s where all the work is located. How can she smooze and meet with big wigs for that next part.

        And noticed after the utter disater of her last movie all of a sudden she has to go back to CA.

        Come on!

    • Camille (The original) says:

      Right there with you Mia. :)

      • smith says:

        Well I don’t want to disappoint so …

        “On behalf of Manhattan, don’t let the door hitcha in da ass.”

        She’s ridiculous – NY is a great place to hang if you’re a celebrity. Everyone minds their own business and there’s a veneer of “I don’t care who you are just get out of my way” that keeps celebs relatively insulated and free to roam the streets.

        Even so, do us a solid and just stay in LA. Tanks.

        Oh, and the newly plucked, tucked and sucked Justin isn’t welcome here anymore. He looks like a flincher.

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    Yeah, like Hollywood isn’t a fish bowl. What a joke!

    • Photo lab says:

      Hollywood, and Southern California in general, are made for driving. All that urban and suburban sprawl. It’s much easier to hide when you duck down in the back seat of car or when you go in and out of parking garages, than it is exiting your apartment building on foot. Sidewalks are public property.

      • bk says:

        Lots of places in NYC have underground garages. And I think she could have afforded a driver (although, maybe I’m wrong– Wanderlust didn’t exactly kill at the box office). It really wouldn’t be unusual to have both in this city. The more likely explanation for her move is that she got tired of calling the paps on herself.

  3. mln76 says:

    It’s her money so whatever…but yeah classic bait, switch, hover, grab and move.
    We’ve seen this from her before.
    Maybe it’ll work out better for her this time?

    • PJ46 says:

      …”classic bait, switch, hover, grab and move.”
      LMAO! I love this line. You summerized the whole article.
      I’m going to get my circle of friends to use this.

    • jill says:

      great line. but the problem is that Justin is a NY fish. i don’t think he will be truly happy in LA. also, if Jen is honest she would admit that at least a part of her motivation is getting away from his ex’ home turf. it can’t have been easy/comfy for her that his younger and prettier ex lived nearby.

  4. G says:

    I think that pap attention IS her career at the moment. It’s not her movie projects.

  5. cat1 says:

    I remember post or at the end of “Friends,” Jen Aniston saying she loved New York City because she could walk around and no one bothered her! She was pretty famous at this point and I think it was during or after Brad Pitt marriage. Anyway, the point is, not that long ago!

    Maybe she got *more* famous based on her love life … curious if single she’d be garnering this level of attention. It’s a big ‘get’ right now, photos of her and Justin T. The other thing is … that might have been the wrong property. It was a building where people could signal if she was there, coming or going, etc. Other really famous celebs seem to manage in NYC.

    • mln76 says:

      She moved to the wrong part of NY. The Lower East Side and Tribeca aren’t the places to move if you want privacy. Her best bet would have been Upper West or East Sides both of which have very high profile residents.

  6. Lisa says:

    Are you OK? You wrote something POSITIVE about Jennifer without heavy sarcasm. Congrats. You made the first step to become fan of her.

  7. NYC says:


  8. bk says:

    There are tons of celebrities who live in NYC and don’t get papped like Aniston did. It’s a pretty anonymous city, and celebrities don’t often get noticed. First, because it’s very easy to “blend in” if you want to (just wear dark colors and nothing flashy) and most people really don’t care all that much– New Yorkers are way too self-absorbed to be checking out the people around them to see if there are any celebrities to spot (yes even in the West Village). When they do, it’s more like, oh cool I just saw (blank). There aren’t roving packs of paparazzi all over, and I suspect she called most of the ones who found her anywhere more than a half block from her own condos. People don’t wait on sidewalks for days on end, unless the person who’s house they are parked in front of is on trial for something sensational. There are a lot of celebrities who move here BECAUSE it’s easier to remain anonymous and out of the way of paparazzi. I wonder how so many other celebrities manage to do it pretty low key, but for Aniston it’s a “fishbowl.”

    • Wendi says:

      If they’re still together in a couple of years, they’ll probably be able to do the same. Timing is everything.

    • proth says:

      I think there’s celebrity and then there’s CELEBRITY. My thoughts are, if the paps know where you live they will camp out and pretty much track you through the city which is already crowded and hard to manoeuvre around . I don’t know how you would avoid that. I know there are plenty of celebs who live in the city (and they definitely get papped -eg SJP) but don’t think they bring in the $$ that Aniston and definitely Aniston/Theroux would bring in.

      I do love how this has been twisted into a bait-and-switch angle. Probably because she’s the DEVIL!

      • Gene Parmesan says:

        Exactly Robert DeNiro lives near where Jen lived in Tribeca i can honsetly say i have never seen a pap photo of him.
        Same thing with Matt Damon im not sure what neighborhood he lives but i rarely if ever see pap pics of him. Im from Ny lived there till i was 15 i saw tons of celebs, drew barrymore, liv tyler, sex and the city filming but i rarely ever saw paps. its simply too big and fast paced

      • proth says:

        De Niro, Damon don’t generate pap interest or $$ for tabs. So why would they be hounded?

        Are you saying they need the paps, or the paps need them? Considering they generate so much $$ for tabs, I don’t think they need to call the paps at all. AND if everyone knows what apartment you ended up buying, you think the paps need a call to let them know where they will be seen? I highly doubt SJP calls them, or the Garner-Afflecks, or Clooney or Pitt/Jolie. So why is it she’s suddenly the one who deliberately calls them?

      • Wendi says:

        And yet we saw Depp being papped only a few days ago in NYC. How is that possible?

      • Katherine says:

        Almost all celebrities get papped. The difference being the photos of most of them don’t get bought by the media, gossip mags or sites – so you don’t see them. If you go to the photo agency sites you can usually see photos of almost everyone – big stars and Z Listers. Tons of family pics as well.

        I’ve seen pap photos of DeNiro and Damon.

        I have no idea why Aniston moved to NYC or is now saying she doesn’t want to live there – if that’s even a real quote. All I can say is this is all very predictable.

    • PJ46 says:

      Not unless “someone” (cough,Justin or Jen,cough, cough) is calling the paparazzi.

      • proth says:

        I don’t get it. We haven’t seen a peep of them outside of promotional related pics in the last two months, when they moved back to LA. So how can you say they call the paps in NY, but NOT in LA?

      • Sisi says:

        I suspect that Stephen Huvane is the culprit

  9. Mac says:

    Jenn probably tried to embrace the Bohemian lifestyle of living in NYC, but if she wasn’t happy then what’s the purpose?

    Justin seems to have adapted quite nicely to living in Bel Air.

  10. The Truth Fairy says:


    Are you saying Los Angeles isn’t a big city? Have you ever been there? It’s HUGE!

  11. Wendi says:

    NYC with it’s neighborhoods has always struck me (perhaps incorrectly) as a walking city, much like Paris is. If that’s the case, that’s a large part of the charm of places like that, strolling around, window shopping, stumbling across little cafes and restaurants. Not being able to do so because of being hounded by the paps would be a pretty big buzzkill.

    • meme says:

      Plenty of celebs live here and have privacy. We New Yorkers see famous people all the time and don’t care. She probably didn’t get ENOUGH attention.

      • Photo lab says:

        I’m sure the NY people mostly left her alone. It’s the papparazzi that were indisputably hovering outside of her building. Her neighbors tweeted pics of the it. There were daily photos of mundane stuff like Justin parking his motorcycle.

      • Wendi says:

        Be a bit serious. One side of the Triangle had a new guy and that was pretty much when it became public. Of course she’s going to get papped everywhere she goes for a while, even in NYC. There’s nothing to say that it was locals doing the papping, I imagine shots of them were probably worth the trip up. Skarsgard was constantly getting papped over the summer in NYC too, so it obviously happens and not just to Aniston.

      • Jill says:

        @Photo lab: I think that was the problem. She didn’t want to be left alone. She wanted to be noticed and fawned over. Maybe that’s the case in Hollywood, but in NYC she’s just another minor celeb, a very small fish floundering in a very big pond.

      • Wendi says:

        @Photlab: that must have really annoyed the neighbors, a crowd of paps at the entrance. I saw a video of the crowd that was waiting for them at their building, what a circus!

  12. John Wayne Lives says:

    She’s got her stolen man all locked in. Now she can let the “All Jennifer, all the time” show begin. I bet all his friends just looove her.

    • Lauren says:

      Well done. I do not hate Jen, but she seems to get bored easily, and is insecure. Thus far, Justin does not seem to mind being dragged around by Jen. I did not know who JT was until he was with Jen. JT is one of the most famous men in the world currently. I hope JT appreciates all she has done for him.

  13. meme says:

    This trick changes her mind more often than clothes. First she wants babies, then we’re morons for wondering why she doesn’t want babies, first she loves NYC, now she hates it. Boring talentless twat. Glad you left NYC and so is my friend who lives in your building.

  14. sullivan says:

    I’ll bet New York is OK with this. And, I agree with the bait & switch theory. She moved her little man to LA and gave him a makeover. Now he’s the male version of her.

    • meme says:

      It is.

      • right says:

        No it isn’t. Stupid comment.

        He is looking the same as allways, only the tan was too much. Look at old pictures from him at premieres. It’s only because he shaved his beard, that beard was for wanderlust and he hated it, he said so in a interview.

        And again she didn’t say that people were narrow minded for thinking she wanted a baby, she said she thinks people are narrowminded if you think a woman can’t be happy without children. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  15. Strawberrygirl says:

    I want that Tom Ford bag so BADLY! I’d seriously snatch it from her, empty the contents, and just take the bag.

  16. Jill says:

    New York doesn’t miss either one of them. We have much bigger celebs living here than those two.

  17. OriginalTiffany says:

    @Asli, ITA!
    I always thought I wanted to live in a big city. Suburban LA I thought, was pretty boring. While I loved living in some of the big cities these las two years, I secretly hate part of it. I miss living on the edge of a National forest area, miss big spaces, mountains, trees, room to ride my horse 50 miles. I miss my huge yard with my horses, dogs and cats and garden, my fruit trees.

    I do think there is privacy out in the open in big cities, nobody notices you because they are all so busy and crowded. She courts pap friendly areas, always has. TheAnis needs paps to live.

  18. Jackie says:

    these 2 are so mismatched. but, ya he will go along with all this to become famous.

    however, i guess she should enjoy it while it lasts, even though it makes her look like a desperate, middle aged women who is willing to put up with being used.

    • right says:

      Do you know them personally? Because we don’t know how they are in private. So to say they are mismachted is based on public perception of them and has nothing to do with reallity.

      And a relationship makes you a desperate middle aged women?

      And at last the most stupid comment that she is being used, why? Because she has more money? It that’s it then she can’t have a relationship with almost nobody because there are not many guys who have that kind of money. And who says she is not using him for that matter. Always the women are desperate….. STUPID

      By the way i don’t think they are using each other, they just fell in love and are in a relationship. THAT’S IT.

  19. Jayna says:

    She moved there to get closer to Justin while he was living with his girlfriend because he was a New Yorker. She got him. Plenty of famous people get around NY just fine. She was papped no more than California. But, hey, he is apparently down for it , so why bust her. She said a while back she would be living back in Cali more because that’s whete the work is. I guess now that he is trying desperately to become an A-Luster he is all for it.

    • LeeLoo says:

      The only reason I think it should play into it is if Justin wants to live in NYC. Jen may not like it but if justin feels NYC is her home then she is hopefully compromising for his sake.

  20. allenpoe says:

    I get that the fun thing to do is hate on Aniston, particularly on this site. But can we please hate on her for real things rather than imagined ones? She has maintained (even before buying a place in NY) that she would be living bi-coastally. Since her purchase that’s exactly what she’s done. The Australian radio host asked her about living in NY and she remarked, “we’re back in LA, and then gave the remainder of the quote above about how the paps gave them a lot of difficulty there (which was evident from info and pics from her neighbors). They are still maintaining properties on both coasts, and they were even looking for a better (more private?) place in NY back in the fall. So it’s doubtful that they’ve given up on NY completely. In fact, they’re there right now given twitter sightings.

    And her comments to CBS can be viewed in the interview with Gayle King (on youtube) to see them in context. King asked her about the baby rumors and said “I think people want you to have a kid now and they think you’re unhappy because you haven’t had one yet.” Aniston called this – the assumption that someone isn’t happy because they don’t have a child – as being narrow-minded. She did not say she no longer wants kids, never wanted kids, etc. In fact, on the Australian radio program that her comments about NY were taken from, she was asked if she wanted to announce a pregnancy and she said to give her a chance to get pregnant and that when it happens you will hear it from her. It would be perfectly fine if she were to change her mind about kids, but that doesn’t even seem to be the case. I would expect female posters to appreciate that this can and does happen to many women all the time (especially with age and life circumstances). I would equally expect that female posters would applaud someone making a point to say that a woman’s happiness is not solely dependent upon having a child.

    • proth says:

      Thank you. I was going to post about how her words in that interview got twisted.

      Considering how much complaining happens about words being twisted, you would think care would be given to ensuring that doesn’t happen. But I guess whatever fits an agenda…

    • MS says:

      Thank you! Nice to see someone with some sanity on this thread…

      God forbid she change her mind!

    • LeeLoo says:

      Here’s my problem though. Jennifer Aniston tends to act like a spoiled brat who was raised in Hollywood and her statements to me tend to reflect why I have such an attitude. I don’t really care about the fact she WAS married to Brad Pitt. What bothers me about her is the fact she does not know what real problems are nor does she have any inclination of what it means to be a real person. She was born and raised in Hollywood, albeit at the lower end of it. But still, if her worst problem in life was divorcing Brad then she is still in a better place than most people I know. However, I’m tired of the media treating everything that goes wrong with this woman as something tragic. Jennifer has done much to give people the impression that every negative life event is tragic (see Oprah interview 2004). The only thing Jennifer seems interested in is house, having a man and being in Hollywood. To me, that makes her shallow and clueless to what real people deal with in the real world.

      • proth says:

        I disagree with you on this. She’s said many many times she has a blessed life and that her problems are nothing compared to what is out there in the ‘real world’. There are multiple examples of this – it just never shows up on this site.

        I think expecting her to talk about real world issues while promoting a comedy movie in interviews, fashion/celebrity magazines is bizarre. Her conversations are topical in the context of the medium/content in which her interviews are published, and what she is promoting.

      • MS says:

        So, lets crucify her for being reared in Hollyweird? Speaking of shallow…

      • Wendi says:

        Except that she was actually raised in NYC. Fame school and all…

    • lola says:

      OMG, a sane post on this! Thank you.

      It’s frightenting how people are assuming things about her and taking her words out of context.

  21. heyhey says:

    well according to recent twitter sighting they both seem to be in new york at the moment…

    people website didnt give the full transcript of her interview>…. her main problem was the paps on her doorstep every day and according to her she felt sorry her neighbours had to also deal with the hassel

  22. samira677 says:

    Bull on her excuse. Jennifer has spent a lot of time in NYC doing films and John Mayer. Why it’s an issue now is baffling. Or not. John was bicoastal and on tour. Justin probably wanted more time in NYC which Jennifer hated.

    • right says:

      pfff ……………..

      Before she was staying in hotels, so she could go out and not be papped because they have different exits.

      Now she has a appartment and papz. know where she lives and camp outside and follow her.

      That’s the difference.

    • kazoo says:

      “Jennifer has spent a lot of time in NYC doing films and John Mayer.”

      LMAO, I love how you say John Mayer like screwing him was a job. Maybe it was for her? LOL

  23. Allie says:

    KAISER ! Here is a recently solved blind item about Gerard Butler:

  24. anom says:

    theAnUs do not want to live in NY anymore?? maybe NY is Heidi;s base???

  25. Cathy says:

    I could never live in NY or LA for that matter. Been to both places, and they’re a nice place to visit, but there are to many people. I doubt I could get any sleep with the constant goings on 24 hours a day. I’ll keep my country living, anonmyous life compared to people like Jen Anniston anyday, I have it easy.

  26. Coucou says:

    So weird, in that first pic, it looks like she’s packing a bigger bulge than he is…i guess we know who’s wearing the pants in this relationship.

  27. Gigohead says:

    Funny, but I’m born and raised in NYC and I don’t see the huge groups of paps and I work in front of 30 Rock where you see celebrities coming and going all the time. apps.

  28. birdy says:

    Of course she is happy. This the first relationship she has had in years that wasn’t creating by her agent and the guy’s agent sitting down and coming up with a relationship schedule/plan to promote a film and her as desirable.
    And all it took was a little homewrecking for her to get her happiness at someone’s expense. Oh the irony.

  29. skuddles says:

    I’m much more interested in hearing her thoughts on her latest box office bomb…

  30. mssnarnd says:

    “I love chocolate. I think all girls like chocolate.”

  31. DailyNightly says:

    She got pissed off at NY because she continually had to call the paps to take her picture. No one wanted it or cared she was here. Back to LA where paps will still feign interest.

  32. weasel says:

    seems too superficial to be living in ny— can’t imagine her going to the theater, or to the opera, or to a museum. in fact, no paparazzi photos show her at any of those places. she’d rather tan topless in her backyard.

  33. Hypocricy says:

    Jenny is a homewrecker too, has questionable friends who are abusers and is a pot smocker.

    She has homewrecked Heidi’s home on two levels : taking her boyfriend of 14 years away from her and taking her home away from her in the process since she had to move on to friends then to a lower standard small appartment.

    Sorry, truth hurts but it’s the truth that you Aniston sycophants never want to admit pointing fingers to others instead and digging your head in the sand on your idole’s equal or even worst sins at an advanced age besides.

    • Hypocricy says:


      Word of advice to you, when english will be your 4th language out of 7 you can talk instead of acting like a drama queen ranting, boohoohing and protecting the false virtue of a 43 years old starlet and whining and ADMONISHING !

      Practice what you preach or don’t preach at all if you don’t want your rant coming back at you!

  34. The Original Mia says:

    Because it’s theirs. They can do anything they want. Visitors can make the decision not to return or not to go into threads they think might offend them.

    • Jill says:

      @Mistryness: I hope we can take your word on that. Mind the doorknob on your way out.

      • spinner says:

        @ Jill

        That was totally cheyenne’s line. Mind the doorknob.

      • Wendi says:


      • Wendi says:

        Yup, was thinking the same thing, only more from the general tenor of the posts. Maybe someone figured out how to bypass the ban she had. Someone is not too bright though, it only took a few months to figure out how to do it, lololol!

        Edit: hmmm this won’t nest into Spinners comment for some reason, or I wouldn’t have bothered deleting the above one because it didn’t either. Sorry for the empty post above.

    • Jill says:

      @Mistryness: I’m sure doorknobs have never been a problem for you. You don’t need to turn a doorknob to crawl under a rock. Now scat.

  35. Sugar says:

    I actually love this site I broke my foot so while on the mend reading about all these kooky celebs & the comments have helped take my mind off the pain. Some sites are just to harsh with the hate. Even though folks get pretty passionate here @ least there are some regulars w/a great sense of humor:) y’all know who u are keep on keeping on with the comments that’s what’s great about celebitchy

  36. Pounette says:

    Do you all realize how much she pays to get her name and pic in the media??????Steven huvane is a rich man

  37. die elepha beth says:

    With a quick scroll down, I thought the first picture’s Justin to be Jude Law.

    wrong jaw line and everything.

    • Sugar says:

      Jude Law in the Talented Mr R was yummy even though his character Dickie was an uber wealthy brat-
      In that pix of JT at a quick glance I could see a JL-ish likeness.

  38. anna says:

    i smell mk ultra. i dont think its her who changed justin. it was mk ultra.

  39. The paps pretty much leave me alone… oh wait, I’m not Jennifer Aniston.

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    Wait a minute-isn’t this attention exactly what she wants?

  41. Sam says:

    she can change her mind a million times if she Im sure you all do..and the writer of this article does…why do people love to hate her for the smallest, insignificant things? She never said that “you are narrow minded to assume she does not want kids”..go read up god the level of hatred..

  42. Kim says:

    There are WAYYYYY more paps in LA than NY. LA is way more of a fishbowl. I think all actors would agree. I think she didnt like NY because Justins ex lives there.

  43. pamela says:

    Please, I think TheAnis hightailed it back to LA after someone left salami on Justin’s bike when it was parked in The Village. LOL

    But I’m sure he is loving living in a mansion in LA…now he has mucho space for his pill bottles collection. LOL.

  44. Jill says:

    I always wondered why actors – especially actors who are tabloid friendly and/or recognizable wants to live in Manhattan. I’m not sure if their publicists encourages them to live on the island, but in case they were wondering there are four other borough, one being trendy Brooklyn, that are accessible to The City granted they’re “bridge and tunnel.” Or even try other east coast cities like Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia. If not the east coast not why not try South in NOLA or Austin. Try what Prince does and choose the Midwest as home base in Minneapolis. Want the NYC experience without the celebrity pizazz and NYC attitude go to Chicago. Chicago truly doesn’t give two sh*ts about its actors unless its a premiere or for the Chicago Film Festival.

  45. b anonymous says:

    Who cares where that skank ho lives?I wish she would exit to the moon.Maybe that is to close.How long do we have to suffer this no talent,poor excuse for a star?She can’t act,she can’t dance,she can’t sing,what are they paying her for?She is not even good to look at.

  46. b anonymous says:

    I personally think she wanted to be near Gerard Butler.She still had a thing for him.even though he dumped her because he was interested in another woman.She wanted kids with him to trap him.He just wasn’t interested in her in that way.He just wanted to use her for a while.I think she is homely

  47. anonymous says:

    I am so sick of seeing that ugly face of Jennifer Aniston.This ugly with her eyes stuck so close together,and her big jaws is the best we can do for the sexiest woman in the world.?I’ve seen better looking girls walking down the street.If I seen her I would look away afraid I would turn to stone.