Jon Hamm & Elisabeth Moss say that Don & Peggy will never sleep together

Can you tell I’m getting more and more excited for the premiere of Mad Men’s Season 5? THREE WEEKS. So NY Mag’s Vulture column sat down with Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm (Peggy and Don) for an interview about their on-screen relationship, which is one of the most compelling friendships on television today. In the Mad Men world, Peggy and Don have been working together for five years – Peggy has gone from Don’s secretary to his protégé to his equal (intellectual) partner. They’ve never had sex. They’ve never kissed. Last season, they spent the night together in the Sterling-Cooper office, and it was AMAZING. They talked about everything, about their lives, about their pasts, they yelled at each other, they cried, and Don ended up curling up on Peggy and falling asleep. It was beautiful. Anyway, you can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights from the conversation:

The Hamm on Season 5 surprises: “There are a lot of things where all of us as a cast were like, Whoa, okay. Uh, all right, so this is happening. It’s a world that’s consistently in a state of flux. There are things done that can’t be undone… Matt has also said it’s every man for himself—that’s obviously not gender specific. Everybody is acting in their own self-interest, and that creates some pretty good dramatic tension.”

The Hamm on Peggy Olsen: “It’s not a mistake that the show starts on Peggy’s first day at work. In many ways, the story of Mad Men is the story of Peggy Olson: a young, ambitious, talented girl finding her way in this crazy world. I think Don and Peggy have a special relationship. They’re unsatisfied with who they are and are willing to do what it takes to become something else.”

Moss on Don & Peggy’s relationship: “People are constantly asking if they’re gonna sleep together. I always get annoyed, because their relationship is more than that. And to keep that going over five years without selling out and having something else happen—that to me is really interesting and rarely done well.”

The Hamm on their relationship: “People want to put us in a “Sam and Diane” box, but it’s about their mutual appreciation for the work. That’s where the material strikes its resonant chord, when it’s ostensibly about one thing and then it becomes about so much more. That’s the fun thing about Don and Peggy, and that’s the deeper thing about Mad Men.”

The Hamm on whether he was worried that Matt Weiner wouldn’t come back: “I was never really worried. Too many people stood to lose too much money.”

The Hamm on the last two seasons: “I think Matt has a very clear, very beautiful ending for this story, and I look forward to telling that story and arriving at that ending.” Does he know the ending? “I know exactly what it is.”

Moss on Peggy’s coming-of-age: “When I made the pilot, I was 23. I’m 29 now. You change and grow and become an adult, and I’ve learned a lot in the past six years, professionally and personally. It’s definitely informed who Peggy is.”

[From Vulture]

I never get tired of listening to Jon Hamm discuss the world of Mad Men, and gender and feminism and the strength of the Mad Men writing. I just feel like… The Hamm is a very intelligent, thoughtful, interesting man who really thinks about this stuff. He loves his job and he loves the opportunities he’s been given, but most of all, it seems like he’s just really proud to be working on a show with such strong writing and such interesting female characters. Plus, I think The Hamm and Lizzie Moss just really like each other. Sigh… three more weeks.

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  1. kazoo says:

    Thank god. I love Peggy’s character, but EM is unattractive.

  2. Fatkid says:

    Love the Peggy/Don dynamic.
    I just started watching Mad Men last summer. I’m caught up, addicted, and can’t wait for the new season!

  3. Anne Elliot says:

    Peggy is way, way too smart to ever sleep with Don/Dick. She has him figured out, unlike most people he comes into contact with. He likes to control women and Peggy would not have it.

    • Helvetica says:

      Plus Don never see Peggy as a sex object, she focus in her career and he respect that and he consider her as an extension of himself (he said that in last season). She is his very inner circle work wise. It’s more platonic between them.

      And Don know what’s up between Peggy and Campbell

      • Awkward Yellow Balloon says:

        because don likes his woman young and inexperienced. still can´t beleave he dumped faye for megan

  4. Mary says:

    I’ve never seen Mad Men and I realize I’m a bit out of my depth even commenting on it since I really have no idea what they’re talking about. But in reality, how can they be certain that their respective characters will never sleep together? I mean, they’re not writers on the show?

    • Shelb says:

      I don’t think the writers would ever do that. It was betray everything they’ve shown thus far about both characters.

      • ChiTown says:

        I agree. It’s much more interesting to watch their relationship when it is kept platonic and I think everyone involved with the show knows that.

        Mary, check it out! I think all of the previous seasons can be streamed on Netflix, and they have the DVDs to rent. The show is so, so brilliant.

  5. jamie says:

    I’m glad about this given Don’s really screwed up relationships with women. It’s nice that their unique friendship is safely above that kind of behavior. On a different note I’ve never seen Elizabeth Moss look as pretty as she does in the above photos. I wonder why she looks so different.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Good, that would be a disaster and wreck one of the best relationships on TV.
    Can’t wait for it to return!

  7. Agnes says:

    i know, i hope they never do sleep together, or even kiss. that would destroy the entire awesome dynamic between them. love MM!

  8. sup says:

    i’m still wondering if i imagines the scene where he cried or if it really happened.

  9. HoustonGrl says:

    Hmmm…interesting. I do agree with Hamm that the Don/Peggy thing is “more than that.” But that’s only because Don cannot love women he sleeps with therefore he cannot degrade Peggy by making her one of those women.

    I felt that Peggy was disappointed when Don became engaged to his secretary, meaning she might have feelings for him. Plus they had that special night at the diner shortly before that. As a viewer, I thought that meant something. I don’t know, somehow I always felt that they were right for each other and would end up together. WAHHHH season 5 cannot get here soon enough!!!

    • Naya says:

      Actually I thought that Peggy was hoping Don would try to spend some time getting to know himself a little better instead of burying himself in another marriage. She wants him to stop using women as a crutch and go it alone for a while. That is why she seemed disappointed.

    • maemay says:

      I think that in the end, it will end with them together in a vague sort of way. I love them also.

    • Awkward Yellow Balloon says:

      i think she not oly was disapointed because don rushed into another marriage with someone who he barely knows but also because he stole her attention: while the firm was in financial trubble he just left for some nice days in the sun while peggy landed an account by herself. so it was her turn to shine and having the good news but insted don had his selfish moment.

  10. normades says:

    EM looks fab in that bandage dress! Her styling is usually a miss, but that’s a huge hit!

    Hamm says he knows exactly what happens at the end. Maybe Don dies?

    Next season: More Pete please!!! He and little Sally are my faves!

    • sup says:

      since the credits show a male figure fall off the skyscraper, could it be that the whole show is telling the story of how don draper died? i hope not! i hate the character but that would be kinda cheezy

  11. MSat says:

    I hope they never get together romantically – it would ruin everything! Now, Don and Joan, on the other hand…that would be hot, hot hot! But it looks like, based on the commercials I’ve been seeing, Joan is going back to Roger. BOO!

  12. maemay says:

    Peggy is Don’s work-wife, and they can work around all the cries about them sleeping together by showing their “emotional affair”.

  13. Happy21 says:

    I got Season 1 for Christmas and have been caught up for more than a week now. I love this show and am sooo happy to post about it 🙂

    I am glad that Peggy & Don will never sleep together. I love their friendship. The episode they spent the night together was probably one of my faves. Their friendship is so innocent. There were no awkward moments and there were no moments where I even thought that something would happen. I hope that this continues this next season and beyond.

    However, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to put them together at the very end. Like after all they’ve been through they realize they can only be together. Not that I want that to happen but I could see them doing that.

    I can’t wait until March 25 (only 18 or so more days!!) 😀

    Maybe I’ll go back and start at the beginning again!

  14. original sandy says:

    i never watched the show, but i read a lot about him from this site, i think i like him, he was on SNL, his little part was funny.

    • Happy21 says:

      You should watch the show! Its so well put together. I waited 4 seasons and am not sorry I did 🙂

  15. Zoe says:

    Don respects Peggy. She’s his equal in many ways. Don won’t sleep with peggy because he actually does care about her and respects her. Don is a dog, he only sleeps with women inferior to him, needy, and easily controlled