Jennie Garth takes off her wedding ring, keeps the divorce talk sweet and classy

First of all: how cute does Jennie Garth look in these photos? She’s adorable! She looks like a friendlier, more accessibly January Jones. And I absolutely love her sweater. I couldn’t pull it off, but it’s super-cute and I’m jelly. Anyway, these photos of Jennie from two days ago were getting a lot of play because she (dun dun dun) isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Which is what happens when you and your husband separate, so I don’t get why it was breaking news. But then again, I never understand the whole Ring-Watch thing. Maybe it’s because I always forget to look for the rings with both men and women.

The last time we discussed Jennie and Peter Facinelli’s split, we talked about the rumor that Peter had a Canadian side-piece. According to a report, Peter had been having an affair with a younger woman for “quite some time.” Shortly after that report came out, Peter and Jennie issued a joint statement saying: “There are rumors out there which are completely untrue and hurtful to our family. We just want to make it very clear – there are no third parties involved.” So… Peter wasn’t screwing around? Or is Jennie simply not going to throw Peter under the bus for the sake of all of the post-divorce press?

Speaking of press, Jennie gave her first post-split interview to Access Hollywood. She’s promoting her new CMT reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country. The show documents Jennie’s move (with her daughters Luca, Lola and Fiona) from LA to a “seven acre countryside farm in central California.” Jennie keeps it all nice and sweet when she’s asked about her split with Peter: “We’re doing great… My life is a little hectic right now and my personal life is kind of crazy so this is what I need and what the girls need right now.” She also says that part of her marriage breakdown will appear on the show.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lisa says:

    So it’s “classy” to put your young children in a reality show that will show the break up of your marriage

    I guess I missed something.

    I really don’t know much about him. I never saw Twilight and don’t recall him on any other shows. I though someone on a previous thread said they got married because she got pregnant and that they were having problems for years.

    • Dap says:

      My thought, exactly. And what about “this is what the girls need right now”?. I think they would need privacy and the time to adjust to the break-up of their family more than being exposed as materials for a TV-shows

    • Molly says:

      I guess when you sell yourself to Hollywood, you end up selling all of yourself eventually.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Why would she do the reality TV thing? with three young daughters? Takes her down more than a notch in my estimation.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, totally. I was just thinking how relatively normal she and her beautiful family seemed…until she mentioned the reality show.

      Still…maybe her motivation is strictly financial? Still, there have got to be other options. Ugh.

  3. Ming says:

    Back in the day, everybody and their mother made a sitcom about their fictional lives: Roseanne, Everybody loves Raymond, Seinfeld, etc.

    And now sitcom gets replaced by reality-tv-lives 🙁

    Don’t feed the troll ! Don’t watch this crap !

  4. tamara says:

    She looks awful – inch long roots, thick foundation, C.H.I.P.S. sunglasses, blah sweater, tacky bag… But I’ll give her credit for losing a ton of weight. She looked about 30 pounds heavier the last time I saw her.

    • HadleyB says:

      She lost weight? She looks heavy to me from what she is normally.

      I still think she is a tad chunky for her, from her norm. Maybe she will get a weight loss deal too lol

  5. Melanie says:

    She looks great.:)

  6. JenD says:

    I think she said elsewhere that the separation/divorce was not in the works when they started this reality show project. Maybe at that the point they decided to divorce, she couldn’t back out because commitments were made and contracts signed?

    She doesn’t seem the reality show type. Weird.

    • Mimi says:

      i agree. Most probably there were already contracts signed. She probably couldn’t get out of it. Not the best idea but crap happens so…

  7. sam says:

    I think he cheated for sure. I saw the interview and billy bush asked if she knew the divorce was coming when she signed on for the show and she said “I had no idea”. Sounds like something major happened, not just growing apart.

    • Danifer says:

      I agree about the cheating speculation. When she said she had “No Idea” that right there sounded like something that would be a response from that kind of situation. And from experience, if you are “planning” on ending your marriage of more than 10 years, you give a few years of thought to it. I wish her the best through this hard time!

    • Ajar says:

      Also think he cheated in a big way but she is too classy to throw him under the bus because it’s too embarrassing.

    • H26 says:

      While it’s quite possible that he cheated. I think this could be a situation were he decided that he didn’t want to be married any more and she really doesn’t have any choice but to go along with it. I’ve know quite a few couples, in which, on party decided they were just done and it is so painful for the person who doesn’t really want it. I mean you want to stay married and the other person is basically saying they don’t love you enough to stay in the marriage. They need to “find themselves”. I might do physical harm to my hubs if he ever pulled that on me.

  8. Darlene says:

    Did anyone else read the blind item that implied that their marriage ended b/c Peter experimented with Taylor Lautner while filming Twilight?

    • marie says:

      read it, wasn’t sure if it applied to him or not.. maybe its just me, but that second picture down makes her look like she has man hands-and its all I can see now..

  9. Jezi says:

    I think part of her doing the reality tv gig is because she wants to get herself out there again. Her career kind of took a backseat to his once he was in Twilight. It was probably a family show and she was blind sided by the separation and that’s when it became a show about her and the girls. I don’t hate on her. She doesn’t seem about drama.

  10. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I feel so sad in a way. But hey, 11 years in Holly is basically a Golden Anniversary.

    Who’s next? Goldie and Kurt? I know they are legally married but honestly they’ve been together so long.

  11. Chickie Baby says:

    They kept their private life out of the spotlight for a long time, which leaves things open for questions. And let’s be honest here: nobody outside her family knows what happened to cause the split. Just let them deal with the divorce the best way they can, and quit speculating about it.

    I’m glad she’s trying to get her career moving –loved her in 90210 and would like to see her back in a scripted series again.

  12. Stubbylove says:

    Go Jennie Go! Chin up and keep moving girl – you’re a pro.

  13. lucy2 says:

    I was on board with her right up until the reality show. WHY would anyone do that to their family to begin with, but especially why now, in the middle of a divorce?
    I feel badly for those kids, they’re going through something very difficult, and now are going to be forced to be on a reality show? About moving to a whole new type of life, away from their friends, school, etc? Hope they save some money for therapy.

  14. mia girl says:

    You mentioned the blinds about Facinelli… not sure if anyone saw this posted a few days ago on Blind Gossip:

    Sorry, Peter!
    We published some blind items about an actor in 2009, and one of the subjects of those items was recently revealed as Peter Facinelli.

    Peter and his representative contacted us, and we discussed both the veracity and impact of these items with them. Peter asserts that these items are not true, that there were no third parties involved in his marriage, and that these items have been very hurtful to him and his family.

    Out of respect for Peter, Jennie and their children, we have agreed to remove these items from the site, and we sincerely apologize to them for any hurt that they may have caused. Divorce is challenging for any family, and we wish them well during this difficult time.

    Love, BG

  15. Amanda G says:

    Love her! Those jeans are awful, but she looks great! Looks like she lost some weight. She’s always had a killer figure IMO. BTW, her eldest daughter is on Twitter and posted a pic of everyone riding bikes together (including Peter), it sounds like they are on good terms, at least for the kids.

  16. Paula says:

    He is really UGLY!