Did Johnny Depp sneak out of Ashley Olsen’s apartment after a hookup?

Will I feel the wrath of the Olsen-stans if I admit that I still can’t tell Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen apart? Because it’s true. It’s also true that I’ve never tried that hard to differentiate between them. Why would I? They share the same creepy twin brain. And now that creepy twin brain knows what Johnny Depp looks like naked. Allegedly. According to In Touch Weekly, Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen may have hooked up. Er…

Johnny Depp publicly claims to still be happily coupled up with Vanessa Paradis — his longtime partner and the mother of his two children.

However, In Touch can exclusively reveal that on February 27, Johnny was spotted making a hasty exit from an office building connected to Ashley’s apartment building “looking like he didn’t want to be seen,” a witness tells In Touch. In fact, an office worker confirms, “An e-mail went around to the employees saying Johnny Depp was using our building to try to avoid paparazzi.”

It turns out the star, 48, was secretly leaving 23-years younger Ashley’s loft after a sneak slumber party. Arriving in the afternoon of February 26, Johnny hunkered down in Ashley’s Tribeca digs until noon the next day — nearly 24 hours later. “It was quiet in her apartment, like it was just the two of them in there,” an insider recalls, and though no one outside can know what happened, “It didn’t seem like it was just a visit between friends.”

Whatever the twosome were up to during their overnighter, it certainly left Johnny exhausted. When the star finally left the next day, “he looked like he was out of it,” an onlooker said.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Was Johnny even in New York? I keep hearing stuff about him being in LA., where he seems to be on some kind of real-estate-buying binge. Anyway, while Depp going for an Olsen makes some kind of sense (he seems to like small, delicate-looking pouty types), I just don’t think it’s on. I still believe that Eva Green had something to do with Depp’s relationship (with Vanessa Paradis) falling apart, and my guess is that Eva and Johnny are still doing… something. Now, it’s possible he screwing around on Eva too. The tabloids claimed that Johnny has been surrounding himself with ladies as his midlife crisis blossoms even further. I guess I’m just hoping that Eva Green is the one to stick it out.

Whoops, I wrote all of that up before I saw these photos – Johnny leaving a New York apartment building on February 27th. Was he leaving Ashley’s place? They totally boned.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. gg says:

    eek, Johnny, no! She is totally his type, though.

  2. YuYa says:

    She is so his type. He’s still gross. She can do better though IMO.

  3. dorothy says:

    I really hope this isn’t true. I’m afraid it probably is though.

  4. Tapioca says:

    Ashley Olsen is the one in the couture dresses, Mary-Kate is the unwashed hobo.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Violet says:

    Screwing girls less than half his age is pretty much a text book case of a midlife crisis. I can’t tell the Olsen twins apart either, but they’re both toxic.

    If he doesn’t pull himself together, he’s going to destroy his family. Seems to me that he was far better off living in France, away from the temptations of celebrity.

    • YuYa says:

      Seems like he’s the “toxic” one wouldn’t you think?

      All the Olsen’s are doing is building a billion dollar fashion empire employing thousands of people…while single.

      Apparently Johnny can’t keep it in his pants long enough to actually end his last relationship. But, let’s judge the woman in this scenario. He’s just as much chasing fame as anyone else. He’s just better at pretending he’s some deep human.

      • Violet says:


        I agree that Johnny definitely deserves the lion’s share of the blame here, since he’s the one supposedly in a committed relationship.

        As for the Olsen twins, they’re definitely bad news. They’ve starred in a number of very unsavory blind items in the past, many of them involving hard drugs.

      • P says:

        @yuya, I agree that most of us got probably fooled with this persona he created, the deep thinker human being, who couldn’t care less for his clothes or fame. Though the clothes bit is true.

    • Ally says:

      This makes me think of Heath Ledger & Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment.

      I would have thought Depp was more Mary-Kate’s type, both being millionaire hobos bonding and all…

  6. nikzilla37 says:

    He really knows how to make himself look like shit, doesn’t he?

  7. lucy2 says:

    Good Lord, I hope this isn’t true! She’s probably closer to his daughter’s age than his.
    After all those crazy years, JD seemed to really calm down and find happiness, but now it seems he’s going back to his previous type of life.

  8. Roxy750 says:

    Those are the same OshGosh’bgosh toddler pants 4 men as before!

  9. Kaboom says:

    The boned so hard, it blew holes in his hat.

  10. Emma says:

    Doesn’t the super thin Olsen twin girl totally fit Johnny’s type/tastes?

    Also…he looks pretty bad without foundation – splotchy, pale skin….

  11. blah says:

    Now there’s a mental image I didn’t need. Bloaty, goateed rat man coupling with a mange infested, crazy eyed, permasmirked, Rhesus monkey. I’m getting rabies just thinking about it.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    Oh Johnny, say it isnt so. I am so disapppointed in you.

    Yes she looks like his type and hopefully she looks better naked than dressed (hate her clothes) and maybe he is into “doing two for the price of one” – who knows. These twins are weird – but then it seems, so is he.

    I feel so sorry for his kids.

  13. Alarmjaguar says:

    Seriously, Johnny, you can’t afford a hat without a hole in it. Ridiculously affected and dumb.

  14. Yeipi says:

    This gossip is RIDICULOUS!

    Oh please!! Just because he was in NY doesn’t mean that he was with an Olsen!!

    “In touch Weekly” is one of the worst tabloids ever!

  15. Hubbahun says:

    Ewwwwwwwww eeeewww eeeeewwww. What a creep.

  16. LadyJane says:

    Who has the more non existant neck: the Olsen twins or Tracey Anderson. That question will keep you up at night.

  17. NerdMomma says:

    The other option is that this was more of a drug-related hangout. Just throwing it out there.

  18. Gene Parmesan says:

    Michael K is right he does indeed dress like a fool! and you guys are right. He likes petite girls like her so…..

  19. Raven Sparrow says:

    I don’t care…I wish those were pictures of him coming out of my apartment after a 24 hour slumber party!

  20. jojo says:

    It looks like the playboy wild side of his personality is coming out of hibernation if you ask me. I think he tried to be responsible and grown up for years but remained a coolio teenager at heart.

  21. hoya_chick says:

    I think the Olsen twins are more like 25-26 not 23, I can’t tell them apart either, they are so creepy looking. I just lost all respect for him. So disrespectful to the mother of his children. After all these years you would think he would end it with her in a dignified way instead of trolling for pun from an Olsen twin. Gross.

  22. Sarko says:

    Fair play to the Olsens.
    I respect their discretion (see Heath Ledger) and love their clothe line.
    But c’mon btw them the twins have done half of HW. If the mags are to be believed there is a whole roll call. As I say good on them. All I wonder is why no one calls them for it while other starlets are eviscerated?
    But hey its great for gossip and I believe every word of this story1

    • YuYa says:

      Good for them! Men in hollywood do it all the time! Turnaround is fair-play.

      They just don’t need hollywood anymore, they’ve built their own fashion empire. Miles above the groveling that most other women in that town have to subject themselves to.

  23. Marianne says:

    I didn’t know that his name was Johhny Deep. ;)

  24. Hayley says:

    He does like them odd, doesn’t he?

  25. Maritza says:

    I could see these two together. They have the same hobo dressing style. He is totally having a midlife crisis.

  26. Agnes says:

    How the mighty have fallen.

  27. Dibba says:

    Ever since the WM3 got out, he’s got to hell in a handbasket.

  28. fabgrrl says:

    Somehow, I doubt that a “night of passion” with either of the Olson’s would leave one exhausted. I’m sorry, but they just look frail, anemic, and like they don’t really want to be touched. Even doubling them up doesn’t seem too exciting.

    On the other hand, I would totally believe that Johnny was at their pad overnight doing heroin, or some such.

  29. Newtsgal says:

    What is it with Depp and dating girls that look like “Flowers in the attic” girls?

  30. Me says:

    Well, Johnny was there (in NY) with his friend Patti Smith (there are photos to prove this: http://s7.postimage.org/57xoa74ob/d81545f0575e5dd3957cbe64943f41ac.jpg )
    And multiple sources saw them together at a concert and restaurant…I think she is who lives there

  31. Oh c'mon! says:

    First Eva, next Angelina, now Ashley O. who’s next? Snooki? AHAHA!!…B.S!

  32. dahlia1947 says:

    This is just gross and pathetic. DOn’t say that you’re still with your wife while you’re doing it with this chick. Just don’t.

  33. Holden says:

    If I dressed like Johnny Depp, people would think I attended a special school and sold drawrings to pay my way.

  34. Onyx XV says:

    Hmmm. Mary-Kate seems more like his type.

    Nice hat.

  35. Orange Cone says:

    I dont know which Olsen I’m referring to (probably both), but I find her/them to be insufferable…I mean- she/they walk around looking so miserable, for why? reminds me of Vicky Beckham (I have a gazillion dollars and I cant smile)… and mouthing “prune” to give themselves that pout makes me want to smack ‘em!

  36. Terry says:

    A lady who took a picture with johnny depp inside the building said he visted one of the offices there for a business meeting. She asked him if he wanted to go out the back to avoid the paps and he said no. But I guess someone in that building wanted quick cash to sell Depp out to the tabloids.

  37. Daisy says:

    Johnny has turned into a perv.

  38. Moi says:

    Eeek Johnny noooo if this is true.

  39. stephanie says:

    the end of this post literally made me lol :)

  40. Bubulle says:

    Johnny was probably there to “powder his nose “.

  41. Ramie says:

    I wish I was Ashley Olsen. Millions of dollars AND a roll in the hay with Johnny.

  42. Ramie says:

    They never married. But they have 2 kids together so he should show her some respect.

  43. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    The Olsens have stans?

  44. AudreyS says:

    I don’t think it’s gross, I could I TOTALLY see it. It was a sex and drug infused party and probably tons of fun.

  45. OhWells says:

    He is a perv. Read some of Perez Hiltons post. A young girl named Sxy outs him on him going with her and I now think sxy is right he is into young girls. His best friend married a twenty year old and he is sixty. His friends are doing it. He defended Polinski for going with a thirteen year old.So why wouldnt he do it too. Everyone has a price to pay and he is old now and wanting some young stuff.

  46. Beatriz says:

    Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen???? What the actual f….

  47. shontay says:

    Whatever. I still like Johnny. I’m not married to him, so it’s not hurting me. Still, it’s best to just divorce than mess around while you’re still married. Oh and divorce Tim Burton while you’re at it Johnny b/c it’s getting tired already.

  48. Terry says:

    In Touch just hates Robin Baum Johnny Depp’s Publicist. They just recently accused Robin and Johnny of having an affair and now this crap. He didn’t spend the night in that building. Also, if he wanted to hide some big secret going on. He would have left out the back and avoid the paps.

  49. Peanut says:

    Seriously. The men keep getting older and the women keep getting younger. Sleeping with a guy 23 years older than me is dangerously close to my father’s age. Yuck and no thank you.

  50. Nash says:

    Those awful get ups EVERY TIME.

    That man obviously has the means to hire a stylist or something so why not jump on the opportunity and stop looking like an idiot? …. he really can’t dress for shit.

  51. Alexis says:

    The next time he is full makeup and his fangirls are like “he doesn’t age” I’ll be like here’s what he’s really like. It’s easy to look “younger” in distracting pancake Tim Burton role makeup.

  52. Surah says:

    He did not denied his split with Vanessa. He never said anything about it.
    Vanessa did it in January on French TV, but I don’t believe in her because she was very very tense.
    I believe he is with Eva Green, not Ashley Olsen. Eva seens the perfec lady for him.

  53. Daisy says:

    If Eva is a perfect lady why would she go for someone like Johnny? He has turned into a cad and is full of himself. Very affected if you ask me.

    • celestine says:

      That’s interesting, ‘cuz she was just quoted as saying this about him in Total Film mag:

      And when we asked about working with Johnny Depp, Green said: “He’s a gentleman. He’s intense in a nice way – he has very intense eyes in this film. They see right through you.”

      They also like the same artists and authors, they like playing and listening to music, they’re both shy, and they both love Burton’s work.

  54. Bait & Switch says:

    Seems like this is a combination of 2 things.

    1. Even though they don’t need any more money, there seems to be some PR push now for the Olsens. They’re friends with JD, so he prob doesn’t mind being used. I believe what’s on some other site: Ashley was in LA for the Oscars that weekend, and the NY apt belongs to JD’s close buddy, Patti Smith, who also photographed with JD there. JD’s been having a hard time emotionally lately; maybe she’s helping him out. Building doesn’t look ritzy enough to house billionaires like the Olsens.

    2. After a lot of silence from JD, now there’s all kinds of PR for Dark Shadows, the Lone Ranger, a duet with Marilyn Manson, Jolie’s kids making Depp PB&J sandwiches, this bogus hookup piece. At the same time, Time Mag has had some tweets over the last week or so warning an official Depp-Paradis split is imminent. So, all this PR crap is to divert people’s attention away from the split.

  55. OhMyGawh says:

    I don’t think he’s seeing this troll. In Touch and other outlets are just pushing for an official press release about the split. That is if Depp and Paradis are indeed in relationship trouble.

  56. Divorcee says:

    I must be the only one that like the Olsen twins. I grew up watching Full House or at least the reruns.

  57. Viv says:

    Really confused about his flying-under-the-radar-tactics. Wouldn’t it be easier to hide from paparazzi by not dressing like a bum? It’s almost like an undercover clown costume.

  58. bob says:

    If Johnny was dating a 45 year old fat bartender people would say even worse things about him. No one really knows his life. Really Vanessa and Johnny had an open relationship from the beginning according to interviews given by Vanessa. It looks like he started drinking again, its hard to be in a relationship with an alcholic. Thats probably the real problem.

  59. Lisa says:

    Nah, this is just smoke. He’s coming out of the building with his long time bodyguard (these photos have been all over for a month). Vanessa and Johnny own an apt. in NYC, and both of them are friends of Patty Smith. He’s with his bodyguard in the photo with Patti. More like the Olsen twins pr.

  60. Daphne says:

    I don’t know why, but this doesn’t surprise me. I do have to say though, while so many people claim that the Olsen twins are vapid twits (or whatever), they seem to be able to get their talons into really hot/talented actors. Heath Ledger, anyone?

  61. salamanca says:

    Those photos are showing Mary-Kate, not Ashley.
    And yes, she’s totally his type. Reminds me of Kate Moss, and Vanessa.

    He looks awful now. Gross.