Has Rumer Willis lost weight so she can pursue her “modeling” career?

These are some photos of Rumer Willis from a few days ago in LA. Poor Rumer. I already had some sympathetic energy for her just because, but then when everything went down with Demi Moore and the Whip-its and all of that… I just wonder if Rumer isn’t permanently screwed up by her parents. By most accounts, Rumer is a pretty well-adjusted girl, though. Maybe she had a normal childhood and it’s just over the past few years that everything has gone crazy. Here’s hoping. Anyway, a lot of sites have been discussing Rumer’s weight loss as of late. We discussed it too, when it seemed like Rumer might have gotten her implants taken out, either that or she just lost weight in a dramatic fashion. Most of the weight loss reports have centered around “Rumer is not eating because of her mom’s dramz.” But The Mail claims it might be because of Rumer’s “modeling” career:

She’s dropped a dramatic amount of weight lately, and many believe it was due to the stress of her mother’s divorce. However, it appears there could be another reason behind Rumer Willis’ rapidly shrinking frame – sources claim she’s close to inking a modelling deal.

A source tells Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that she might well soon be the face of Australian designer Charlie Brown’s newest collection. Brown’s spokesperson did not deny or confirm the reports.

She told the paper: ‘It’s too early to talk about next season’s campaign. Charlie does like to make a splash, though.’

The 23-year-old actress has certainly been looking the part of a fashionista lately. She’s dropped a serious amount of weight, and has been stepping out in chic, eclectic ensembles.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ eldest child was spotted leaving The Writer’s Room bar in Hollywood in a cool leather ensemble. She paired a sassy black motorcycle jacket with an asymmetrical black dress and tan cowboy boots. Her bright auburn hair stood out starkly against her pale skin and dark clothing.

It was recently believed that her weight loss could be credited to the demise of her mother’s second marriage. Rumer has been on hand to offer her mother support. The 49-year-old actress’ health rapidly deteriorated following her split from Kutcher; she was rushed to hospital in January when she collapsed at a dinner party after inhaling nitrous oxide.

[From The Mail]

So is Rumer losing weight because of personal drama, or because she’s trying to stay whippet-thin (ha) for her career as a model? Last year, Rumer got a gig as the “face” of Badgley Mischka, and while the images were pretty (for her), I don’t think Rumer is really going to set the world on fire with her modeling skills, you know? Basically, I’m saying that I hope she eats something and finds a better way to deal with her family drama.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    I’m sorry but she would not be able to get her chin in the door of a modeling agency if her last name wasn’t Willis.

    • Maya says:

      This is so true – for the chief reason that she is not photogenic.

      • Exactly says:

        You are so correct. Rumer is not photogenic. In fact, the camera seems to hate her face. She could actually look quite good in person, but the photos – yuck!

    • paola says:

      Actually the chin would be the FIRST thing to enter that door.. 😛

    • Katie says:

      No kidding! She is proof that attractive parents can have ugly kids.

      • Lisa says:

        So am I, haha. My parents are beautiful, but between us, my brother stole all of their looks. I can understand where Rumer is coming from. If you’re not pretty, then the best you can do is be thin.

    • Violet says:

      Word. Rumer is the spitting image of her father, which is not a good look for a woman. She’s got great skin, but her squinty eyes, prominent nose, thin lips, and lantern jaw would push the very limits of Photoshop.

      I think she got breast implants a while back, but that’s about all plastic surgeons can really do for her in terms of helping her live up to the Hollywood standards of beauty.

      (Incidentally, I don’t think Rumer is hideous. If she has a good personality, she could actually come across as somewhat attractive in person. But a model? Hell to the no.)

    • Molly says:

      I bet she feels horrible about the way she looks. She’s not blind. I don’t think anyone would hire her or her sister to be models.

      She probably got her eating disorder from Demi. It must suck to have a mom who is so pretty and cares so much about how she looks, and you yourself can’t compare.

    • Caz1310 says:

      Charlie Brown is a two-bit designer who uses PR tactics like this – often signs 5-min celeb wonders as the face of a current campaign. In real life she left her very young daughter to be totally raised by a nanny and she lived next door with her new man. I won’t buy her clothes on Principle. She doesn’t have much fashion credibility over here in Australia. Has to get publicity somehow.

    • Fritzi Schniter says:

      She lost weight because you KNOW Demi has no flippin food in her house.

  2. keri says:

    While I don’t think she’s gorgeous or anything, I think it’s pretty snarky to call her ugly. She’s not a conventional beauty but she’s unique.

    • FeverDream says:

      You’re being generous.

      She is not an attractive person.

      Its okay to say it.

      • Indra says:

        It really is okay to call out her face because Rumer has broken the two golden rules regarding commenting on celeb kids.

        1. She is of age.
        2. She fame whores herself.

        Underage fame whores are a grey area.

      • minime says:

        smiling @ Indra: I love your reasoning 🙂

      • FeverDream says:

        Hello? Exactly.

  3. I.want.shoes says:

    Oh, are they are making a new line of accessories for Mrs Potato Head?

  4. PrettyTarheel says:

    I’m a bit ashamed to admit that my first thought upon reading the headline was, “Modeling what? Chin straps for the NFL?”

    And this is from a girl who refused to date any man with a weak chin.

  5. Me says:

    She looks like Bruce Willis with hair. I am not being mean either, I have two little girls and I always say they look like their dad but with hair… in Rumour’s case she looks A LOT like her father.

  6. Jaded says:

    You know, she’s not movie-star pretty but far from ugly. She does have a horsey chin but many people who have seen her in person say she’s actually quite pretty in an unusual way, with gorgeous skin and a great figure. All this to say it’s mean to snark on her for the way she looks, it’s not like she had any choice in the matter.

    • Lucy says:

      She’s not pretty or attractive enough to model though, now come on…by a long shot.

    • Eve says:

      @ Jaded:

      I think that what annoys/puzzles people is the fact she’s aiming for a career that requires two things she is not: being beautiful and photogenic.

      Even in your comment, you say people who “have seen her in person says she’s actually quite pretty”. Models must look pretty in pictures.

      I’m guessing they’ll use the same amount of photoshop in her pictures that they’ve been using in her mother’s lately — they’ll literally turn her into somebody else.

      Like others have already said it here: the only reason she has a shot in a modeling is because of her last name.

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        I’d like to add it’s more irksome because she thinks she can get by with it, having the parental name dropping to get her through doors that would otherwise be bolted shut against her.

      • AudreyS says:

        Mourning – +1

  7. Bite me says:

    Don’t u have to photogenic in order to be a model

    • Tapioca says:

      Look at Gisele, Chloe Memsevic or even Kate Moss – striking? Yes. Beauties? No!

      There are good pictures of Rumer, she just has to learn her angles.

  8. Lucy says:

    I REALLY hate to say this but she could benefit from that crazy chin reduction surgery that Heidi whats-her-name had. :-/

  9. Becky says:

    does anybody know where that leather jacket is from?

  10. Nonny says:

    Modelling career! Somebody needs to tell her.

  11. Hipocricy says:

    Why those rich girls with no extreme talent are so desperate to be in a business where image is extremely important when they are graced with such an unfortunate face ?

    Why forcing it while they could chose anything else, can go to college, write, be a musician, i don’t know…

    Why being an actress and/or a model and force that face upon us when they know them well that without their name they would have never been photographed even once to begin with ?

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I agree. And it irks me that she gets jobs because of her last name and connections, while girls who could really use the career boost and $$$ are passed over. She can’t seriously look at herself in the mirror and think ‘I’m gorgeous–I should be a model!’ I would think at some point these “modelling” jobs would get embarrassing for her. But maybe she got her mom’s brains…

      • lucy says:

        In what universe are her mom’s brains that valuable? Without her killer bod, upgraded rack and solid B face Demi wouldn’t be ANYWHERE. Yes, she has pretty good acting chops but if she looked like Rumer she wouldn’t have gotten half a chin or schnoz through any door in the 80s, 90s or now and nor would her talentless daughter.

        I heard scout singing the other day (on tmz maybe?) and she’s really good! Why can’t Rumer take that up or writing or something. She certainly has the face for radio… :/

    • ViktoryGin says:

      Because in an industry that promotes idleness and superficiality, most of them don’t spend enough time developing the requisite skills that those aforementioned conentrations require.

      They grow up seeing that money, fame, and appearance are easy transplants for self-worth and validation.

  12. Emmy says:

    She’s always been slender. I don’t really see a dramatic weight loss. Probably just stress from her psycho mum.

    As for modeling, well Demi proved that ‘all things are possible through Photoshop who strengthens me’. Phillipians 4:… waaaitt…

    ANYway. Yeah. She is, in fact, a potato head. BUT she has nice skin and a great figure. She could model. They’ll just leave her chin on the cutting room floor.

    (hahaha mental image of chin clippings littering the floor).

    • It is ME!! says:

      “As for modeling, well Demi proved that ‘all things are possible through Photoshop who strengthens me’. Phillipians 4:… waaaitt…”

      DEAD. 🙂

  13. Madrid says:

    I feel sympathy for Rummer, I think she´s dealing with lots of fugly stuff at the moment.Who can blame her about these omg strong genes?

  14. It is ME!! says:

    Aw. Poor thing. No honey, just….no.

  15. Domestic diva says:

    She looks like a “Crimson Chin” bobble head doll with all that weight loss ….poor baby
    I worry bout chu Rumer

  16. Maritza says:

    She would definitely do great as a model, why not? She is a pretty level headed young lady, with all the mean criticism she receives it’s a miracle she hasn’t gone crazy or turned into a drug addict. Good for her for staying strong.

  17. Linney says:

    I’m sorry but this comes off as remarkably entitled. She is not a model. She does not look like a model. She has beautiful skin and probably a great body but her face doesn’t work. It isn’t mean to say it. Not everyone can be models. Most of us can’t be. Rumer is among that group. For her to think that she can just because of who she is and because she wants it really badly doesn’t cut it.

  18. Kimbob says:

    Ugh…what a “non-story.” A headline that has the words “Rumer Willis” AND “modeling career” in its’ title.

    Yes, due to her parents she gets such gigs. And no, I don’t think it’s wrong or harsh to discuss her looks. She’s of age and chose to be a model? She’d better be prepared to hear less-than-flattering remarks about such…it’s the nature of that business.

    If she didn’t have the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore association, she’d have already been laughed out the door. That’s the truth. That’s reality.

  19. SamiHami says:

    “It was recently believed that her weight loss could be credited to the demise of her mother’s second marriage”

    The article is wrong. Ashton Kuthcher was Demi Moore’s third husband. Her first husband was some unknown musician named Freddie Moore.

    Is it really that hard to do five minutes worth of fact checking before publishing an article?

  20. Hayley says:

    Is she dreaming of a career in hand modeling? Or maybe voice-overs? If not for her celebrity, any ad with that unfortunate face in it would draw only “say what?” reactions from those looking at it.

  21. Paula says:

    Cocaine or The sleep Cure?

  22. logan says:

    Uh, I got nothing to say on this one. Will just let time set the record.

  23. Dibba says:

    I admired Bruce and Demi raising the kids in Idaho to give them a “normal” upbringing and life. So why did they all run straight to Hollywood instead of college or “normal” careers? I don’t get it.

    • Holly Hobby says:

      Scout is actually an undergrad at Brown. That’s one Willis girl who is realistic enough to know that she won’t succeed in front of the cameras.

      Rumer give it up. First of all isn’t she too old to begin her modeling career (don’t models start when they are 16?). Also she’s unfortuate looking – not leading lady material. She can be quirky sidekick #6 to the beautiful leading lady.

    • Jackie says:

      just because you raise kids in idaho doesn’t mean your a good parent.

      i think all three girls seem fairly screwed up. it is also unfortunate that they are really unattractive.

  24. blah says:

    Uggh. Modelling what? Rocky Dennis lookalike pageants?

  25. Maria says:


    ehm…¿Why celeb´s kid don´t just go to college ?

  26. ladybert62 says:

    If she would do something else with her hair to distract from her chin, that would be an improvement. Get it cut and styled and short.

    • Holly Hobby says:

      She started with a Michelle Williams cut and that didn’t do her favors either. Frankly, I don’t know what do will work for that face. It’s long and shapeless. Yes Mrs. Potato Head.

    • Original Lucy says:

      maybe the “cousin it” hairstyle would be an improvement….

  27. wunder says:

    Maybe she ought to focus on education instead, assuming she graduated from highschool.

    • Leikyn says:

      Yet again I read about these celeb kids that have the world in the palm of their hands, and all they can aspire to be is actor/model/singer/reality ho. WHY DO THEY RARELY GO TO SCHOOL? Go to school THEN go the butcher/baker/candlestick maker route. *sigh*

      • Holly Hobby says:

        Harrison Ford’s son from his first wife is a chef, I’m not kidding. I’m not sure what the other kids do but they sure as heck aren’t in front of a camera.

        Harrison’s son looks just like him too so it’s not like the dude was too ugly to be in front.

      • Ellen Ripley says:

        Indeed. Ben Ford has a restaurant in S. CA – I “like” him on facebook. He was posting food photos last night – I felt like booking a flight.

  28. j says:

    Seriously , why doesn’t she get that facial feminization surgery that trans get… just like a prev poster said.. that Heidi chick got it

  29. fabgrrl says:

    Maybeeee…for the Demi Moore’s next ad campaign…Rumer could be the 20-something body model that they photoshop “Demi’s” head onto? Mother and daughter, working together!

  30. truetalk says:

    She could model shoes….

  31. Str8Shooter says:

    Great, now just 10 more lbs to go…that unsightly lump on top of her shoulders.

    • sashavice says:

      oh my god..this made me spit my drink out

      • guilty pleasures says:

        O.M.G!!! Funny!!! We are so mean, but really, a model?
        ‘she has a good body…?’ So freakin what, so does every second high school girl. You don’t get a buy for being normal. She’s hoping for a free ride just for her name. I would laugh at any ad featuring her as their model!!
        Get a vocation that is meaningful, do philanthropic things if you don’t need the money. Don’t be a ridiculous joke.
        My husband’s sisters are in their 50’s, never worked a day in their lives, waiting for their inheritance. We call them the ‘waiters.’ Not in a good way.

  32. sup says:

    i feel so sorry for this girl. everybody is making fun of her looks. agyness deyn and many models of today do not look all that much better than her. on the other hand, people should know and accept themselves as they are, so she should know she’s not made for being anywhere but behind the camera. unless she gets a danii minogue kinda-super make over.

  33. lil ole me says:

    FACE IT PEOPLE- if she were at your local Walmart- you would STARE HARD. Her features are hard to take in. Such an unfortunate mix. And how can she breathe throught that skinny, pointed nose? I feel for her, but her place is in the writer’s room or director’s chair AT BEST

    • sup says:

      i wouldn’t stare at anybody who has any sort of unfortunate appearance. i think that would be extremely rude. even if their looks invoked pity in me, i’d try my best to act like i haven’t seen anything extraordinary.

  34. Gene Parmesan says:

    Smh her face looks like a bicycle seat!

  35. Mimi says:

    What is wrong with her? Why hasn’t she had surgery?!

  36. palermo says:

    Her face could stop a clock, sorry.

  37. BELLA says:

    What a joke!! Hope its for shoes! she thinks she some sense of entitlement
    She can`t act,sing dance or model.Go to college ,mommy dadda can aford it .
    let a real talent who deserve it get her “jobs”Get off the red carpet YOU DONT BELONG .

  38. Dorothy says:

    Bless her heart , she is just not a pretty girl. Such a horse face .

  39. Hanna says:

    Dat chin… Well she’s still ugly, like you can’t expect that chin to go away with weight loss. lol.

  40. Amanda s says:

    Man! She is the ugliest woman alive, good god!!

  41. alibeebee says:

    she is so unfortunate looking. photos.. who would have thought that demi and bruce would make such unfortunate looking kids..

  42. Dawning Red says:

    I don’t know if modeling will work for her, but if they ever do another Dick Tracy movie, she’d be awesome in that.

  43. Macheath says:

    Hahahahahahaha! I’m dying. This has to be the funniest thread I’ve read on CB all year.

    You guys are gold! Gold!

  44. skuddles says:

    WOOOO WOOOO!!! Next train wreck pulling into the station…

  45. SolitaryAngel says:

    I feel sorry for her because her looks are so unfortunate…trying to lose weight must suck, because most of it is her head and you can’t really diet that away. BUT…I’m angry at the people in her life who apparently never had “The Talk” with Rumer–the one that goes, Honey, you know we love you, but you are just NOT model material. Why don’t you try to find something else to do?

    Either no one had The Talk with her, or she wasn’t listening. I would respect her more if she just went to school like her sister and didn’t worry about Hollyweird. She has grown up watching the consequences and the reality of how HW chews up and spits out actresses based on their looks–see: Demi’s downfall–so if anyone should know better, it is her!

  46. gg says:

    That awful red clashing with her hair lipstick is not doing her any favors. When you dye your hair any shade of red, you MUST change your makeup and watch out putting any other shade of red on your face. Because it ain’t going to match your new coloring, even if it’s Snookie-purplish red like this.

  47. Janette says:

    Yikes. I never realized how much she looks like Tiny Tim. Not the Dickens character. The one who tiptoed through the tulips. Anybody else remember him?

  48. fabgrrl says:

    She is unfortunately looking, which isn’t her fault, but really, she is setting herself up for this kind of ridicule. Why is she trying to be a model, as in the epitome of beauty? If she wants to be famous, she should try being a singer or an actress, or something. I’m not saying that those women don’t get picked apart for their looks, they certainly do. But they don’t necessarily have to be beauties.

  49. gab says:

    Fug is one thing. But fug with an air of entitlement? That’s real fug right there.

  50. Jover says:

    Agree with everyone btw agyness deyn is attractive; the question many are asking – why doesn’t she go to school – truly reveals the bizzarro world of hollyweird – school is plodding, boring, difficult, certainly not instant gratification, famewhoring is easy; i just can’t believe, absent the exchange of money on the side, that a legit NY agency would sign her. If it were anyone else, she’d be shown where the janitor closet is and what cleaning supplies to use. I remember janette, btw, tiny tim was actually talented and entertaining, not like this fugly entitled broomstick.

  51. fugly ppl h8r!! says:

    OMG…this girl is soo fugly how can that be when her dad is Bruce he is freakin’ hot for an old dude!! I’d do him!! Oh well maybe she’s modelling for Bow-wow magazine lmao – She’s bitch of the month!!

  52. Mwe says:

    Dear God,

    Next time you decide to put together a face please try to use the same parts and get off the phone! Look what you’ve done!


  53. ryan says:

    That outfit is hideous.

  54. Deann Baldwin says:

    The perfect hairstyle for her would be like when a bald guy does a comb over she could do a comb under. Wrap it around that chin. God bless her heart.

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m sorry, but Rumer is not model material. She’s just not. I’m not being nasty; I’m not being mean; I’m just being honest.

  56. Meanchick says:

    Please tell me she’s modeling masks.

  57. Kosmos says:

    Well, you have to sympathize with her a bit..but at least she’s got fame and money and probably can make something of herself more easily (at least financially more easily) than most young women today who are not daughters of celebrities. She has access to many things, including beautiful clothing & shoes, and all the accoutrements that young women her age would die to have. Still, those things alone do not bring real happiness to anyone.

  58. Sam says:

    Some of these comments are so harsh. Yes she’s in the public eye and probably asks for a bit but I know if I read these things written about myself I would be devastated. There’s not much she can do about her looks and I’m sure if you passed her in the street she wouldn’t be offensive looking, so women, maybe we can stop hating on each other?

  59. Jen34 says:

    Such meanness. I doubt this is even true.

  60. Lurker says:

    I will say that she is classier than her sister Scout. Rumer is supposed to have a good singing voice too. If so, I think she should concentrate on that instead of modeling.

  61. Noi says:

    all she needs is confidence & a stylist
    not all models look good

    • LAK says:

      If only modeling was just about confidence and styling and how a person looked in person……..

      …..Why are you picking apart her looks….

      Modelling is a vicious industry. Apart from the obvious point that this girl is NOT photogenic at all (you can be pretty and unphotogenic and vice versa)

      They pick apart your looks at auditions. Any tiny imperfections (which may not be obvious to anyone) let alone the obvious ones above. What people are saying on here is nothing compared to what the modelling industry would say (if not saying it already) about her looks. And am not talking top of the heap people like Kunty Karl, but the underlings, model bookers etc

      She’s chosen a career where her looks are front and centre, and will be forever judged. A dose of reality is very much needed here, not just for her but anyone going into the modelling world.

  62. CN says:

    I agree with Sam – why is everyone gleefully describing how ugly this girl is? It’s terrible. She probably reads things like this about herself from time to time, and it must make her feel awful. Go ahead and say she’s not attractive enough to be a model, but there’s no need to viciously pick apart every aspect of her face!

    • priestess says:

      How EVIL for everyone to sit and jusge this girl! Shame on you people. Whoever took their time to try and humiliate her is ten times uglier than her cause your spirit stinks. I hope she gets the true love while the rest of you so called attractive people feel the pains of a superficial existence. She doesn’t even have to model her parents are filthy rich! She looks like daddy so f’ckn what? Hateful losers!!!!

      • guilty pleasures says:

        @priestess, Really? You can’t see the irony in your tirade? You call names, wish ill upon masses, and pass judgement in your silly little post. You have not hurt my feelings, this is a gossip website, and a comments page. Do you honestly think everyone is going to say, ‘well, she does have nice legs!’
        Silly, sanctimonious child, go to a different site.

  63. Lavender says:

    All of their kids come off as complete brats who think they are some hot commodities or something. Someone needs to be honest with them.

  64. MsJAPrufrock says:

    Her bodyguard looks like a younger Miko Brando, Marlon’s son, who was once Michael Jackson’s bodyguard. Now Miko is a case where the child looks nothing like his parents, especially his gorgeous, iconic father. I’ve always been upset that of the 7 plus biological kids Brando had with various women, there is no mini-Marlon to show for. They all look like their moms–cute as they may be–which goes to show that the ethnic gene is strong.

  65. Jana says:

    Rumer and her sisters are undenyable proof that two great looking people can produce not so pretty children.

  66. sookie says:

    uncommonly ugly and entitled

  67. sookie says:

    uncommonly ugly and entitled