Enquirer: Jennie Garth knew Peter Facinelli was seeing other women

The tabloids have just gotten around to discussing what went down in Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli’s marriage. Where were the tabs a few months ago? Where were they a year ago, when everything seemed to be falling apart? Oh, right. They were endlessly cycling Uncool Bermuda Triangle stories. Anyway, just hours after Peter and Jennie announced their split, Scallywag & Vagabond reported that Peter had been engaged in an on-and-off two-year affair with a woman in Canada. Peter and Jennie later issued a statement denying the involvement of any “third parties” in their split, but the PR damage was done (in my mind). I know believe that Peter was screwing around on Jennie for a while, and that Jennie simply doesn’t want to air her dirty laundry or publicly call him out. The Enquirer’s story seems to back that up:

The Twilight Saga sucked the life out of Peter Facinelli’s marriage to Jennie Garth, insiders say.

“All of their troubled can be traced back to 2008, when Peter costarred in the first Twilight film as vampire dad Dr. Carlisle Cullen,” revealed a friend of the family. “Until then Jennie had the bigger name and was the family breadwinner. But after Twilight, Peter went from being a run-of-the-mill actor to a heartthrob overnight.”

Problems first appeared in 2012 when the couple put their Toluca Lake home on the market. In 2011, rumors swirled that they were taking time apart as Jennie lived with the girls at their ranch in Los Olivos, California, while preparing for the CMT reality show, “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.”

“Peter was either filming in Canada for ‘The Twilight Saga’ or in New York for ‘Nurse Jackie’,” said the source. “Jennie suspected that he was seeing other women, and they’d have furious fights about it.”

Reports recently surfaced that Peter carried on a two-year affair with a 26-year-old Canadian woman. The illicit romance allegedly began in August 2009 during filming of Eclipse and picked up when the saga’s two Breaking Dawn installments were shot.

In a joint statement, Peter and Jennie denied that a third party was involved in their split. But a close source told The Enquirer, “Jennie knew all about Peter and the woman, and there were other women as well. She turned a blind eye to it for as long as she could. But she finally got fed up.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Yeah… I think it went down like this. Peter and Jennie were having problems, they sort-of/kind-of separated while Jennie lived with the girls on a farm, all while Peter worked in LA, NYC and Canada. And somewhere along the line, Peter just started fooling around. Maybe it’s just a matter of semantics as to whether they were actually separated or whatever… or maybe Jennie just thought they hit a rough patch and Peter would eventually come back after he worked out his junk. All I know is that it’s pretty sad, and I end up feeling a wave of sympathy for Jennie.

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  1. KWM says:

    I feel badly for her too. She is handling it with dignity though which I admire. Classic situation, once he got “big” [although how big is debatable] he got overly impressed with himself and started cheating. I don’t find him remotely attractive, never did.

  2. Bite me says:

    Hope Jennie play her cards right, this divorce could lead to a career revival

  3. LeManda says:

    I know the reality is this is going to happen but I hope they don’t get dragged through the tabloids too much. It’s really unfair to their 3 young daughters!

    • ol cranky says:

      she’s been shooting a reality show since December (if not earlier) so if they deal with this on the show, the kids will be exposed

  4. Franny says:

    He gives me the creeps.

    • Marjalane says:

      Me too! I always had to do a double take whenever he would be referred to as a “hot Twilight guy”. I have a real problem with Dads that cheat on their FAMILIES, esp. with young pre-teen daughters- kind of sets them up to expect men to be real shits to them.

  5. jc126 says:

    He is kind of creepy looking.

    I tend to believe that Jenny Garth did know and was basically putting up with it – eating crap, really – in hopes he’d stop. I just always had the notion she was way more into him than vice versa.

  6. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I haven’t been able to sit through twilight but nurse jackie is a good show – Peter is an awesome actor.

  7. Nev says:

    don’t cheat….destroys everything.

  8. BK says:

    It is the Dancing with the Stars thing. Get all bumping and grinding with her partner triggered an attraction that she had not expected to be there. Hubby was insecure, feeling neglected, may have strayed. Not sure if she did, but it may well be the wedge that drove them apart…

  9. Jezi says:

    Sad situation. I always admired their relationship. Just goes to show you that no one knows what goes on in someone’s relationship. Bet the “other woman’s” story will come out soon enough.

  10. terra says:

    Those poor kids… first their dad can’t keep it in his pants, then their mom puts them on a reality show. The timing of all of this is suspicious. No one would know about her show if it weren’t for the divorce. I feel bad for her, but the show sounds like a snooze fest.

  11. Mar says:

    Marriage is hard- and being apart for so long must not be easy. I actually hope they get back together.

  12. G says:

    I recently saw the movie “Loosies” which he was the lead in and it was just ok at best.
    He just doesn’t have the stature or presence to lead a movie…. Let’s see where they both are in 5 years…..

  13. Jenna says:

    Gah, I feel bad for her…but then again I’ll never understand the ‘turning a blind eye’ to cheating. Never had an opinion on Peter, but this doesn’t paint him in a good light.

  14. Relli says:

    I knew Mike Dexter would eventually fail, he’s totally the Brad Pitt in this situation.

  15. Alice says:

    Seriously this sounds as though they had already pretty much called it quits as Twilight came along…she was moving to northern Californ ia and palnning a solo reality show? I’d divorce anyone who wanted me to do a reality show…and to drag the kids into it too?

  16. Amanda G says:

    They’ve both denied cheating so I’m still going with “he was never home.” Before Twilight she probably had him all to herself and then he hit it big and she was left alone because of his traveling. I’m sure that kind of change is hard on a marriage.

    I’m definitely tuning into her reality show. I love her! She’s quite funny. I just hope it’s not a “let’s set up a scenario” fake kind of show.

  17. Gene Parmesan says:

    Same ol’ story he gets big careerwise(relatively) and decides he cant keep it in his pants..ugh

  18. hopperlea says:

    I feel bad for J. Garth too. She was my favorite 90210 cast member.

    Like the saying goes. “Men are as faithful as their options.” Apparently, Peter’s options became larger after Twilight.

  19. original kate says:

    something about this guy sets off my gaydar.

  20. Incredulous says:

    I have always felt Peter is very well cast in Nurse Jackie.

  21. Kim says:

    He should have manned up and divorced her before he was with other women. I hate men who want to have their cake and eat it to. Very selfish & immature especially when children are involved. Shame on him!

  22. shontay says:

    US Weekly makes it out to be that Jennie was jealous of Peter’s career. That’s a first isn’t it? Usually, they make the man the jealous one when it comes to careers. I just don’t believe that. I think it’s all about cheating. Poor Jen, indeed.

  23. sassy says:

    teaches her a lesson since she stole Dylan!!!!!!! Hah!

  24. Hina says:

    Well you only live once and if you’re not happy you have the freedom to leave and do whatever you want. In this world nobody is a saint.

  25. B says:

    Who knows, but I think he thinks he’s too cute (ahem, ego/narcist/gay/not gay, whatever…), but who knows…she looks good & strong. Stay that way ‘sistah.

  26. Bella says:

    They have a reality show premiering soon. So this news is timely.

  27. nika says:

    I think he was cheating on her since before he got famous. He just now feels the freedom to leave her for one of the women because he is famous in his own right. It is likely he married her for her fame and not because he really loved her. She probably never realized she could be used like that. When she recovers she’ll have a new depth of understanding of human nature.

  28. Anne says:

    She was always the bigger star that is why he married her because she was the one the people wanted not him. She had more money tthat was probably then reason he was with her. So once he made it big he no longer needed her. What a dog. She deserves better she is so petty not only on the outside but on the inside as well, you can just tell by her interviews that she really does have a good heart. His loss is definetly gonna be someone elses gain. When that happens then he will realize what he has lost.