Tom and Katie depart for their honeymoon

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married yesterday in a non-binding Scientology ceremony that took place in a romantic Italian castle in front of over 150 guests. Cruise and Holmes walked down a stone ramp that was flanked with medieval-costumed flag-bearers. Drums beat in the background, and the castle was decorated with torches, candles, and masses of white flowers.

The couples’ first kiss was so long that guests yelled for them to stop:

Officially, they got married in Los Angeles, but the spectacle of the wedding between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was here, in a 15th-century castle that evoked fairy tales and lit up with red, white and green fireworks for a cheering, celebrity-laden crowd.

There were fireworks inside, too, a “never-ending kiss” between the betrothed after they exchanged vows Saturday. The kiss lasted so long it caused guests to shout “stop, stop!” said Giorgio Armani, who attended the wedding and designed the outfits of the bride, the groom and their baby, Suri.

The couple flew out of Rome Sunday for a honeymoon in the Maldives, said Ciampino airport spokesman Adriano Franceschetti. The rest of the wedding party was due to fly to Los Angeles later in the day…

The evening wedding was performed by a Scientology minister in front of more than 150 relatives and friends, the couple’s publicists said.

Oil-fed torches and tiny candles flickered from the battlements and windows of the Odescalchi castle in this lakeside town as the couple and guests gathered for the ceremony in the town about 45 kilometers (27 miles) northwest of Rome. Suri, dressed in white, arrived in her mother’s arms.

The wedding party included Cruise’s two children, Isabella and Connor, from the superstar actor’s previous marriage to Nicole Kidman, the publicists said in a statement. The best man was Cruise’s best friend David Miscavige and the matron of honor was Holmes’ sister Nancy Blaylock.

Holmes wore a black dress and boots before she changed into Armani’s off-the-shoulder ivory silk gown. Her father, Martin Holmes, walked her down the aisle and she carried a bouquet of flowers made by Armani including calla lilies.

Cruise, who sported dark shades and waved to fans as he rode through the castle gates in a van, wore a single breasted navy blue Armani handmade suit for the wedding, with an ivory silk French collar shirt of the same fabric as the bride’s gown.

Armani told The Associated Press that Cruise, then Holmes, walked down a stone ramp lined with flag bearers in medieval costumes and to the roll of drums.

They exchanged vows in a former stable decorated simply with white flowers.

They are now enjoying some alone time (that will undoubtedly be marred by paparazzi) in the tropical island nation of Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

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  1. Fleegle says:

    She’s stooping bigtime to try and look an appropriate height next to Himself. Poor girl’s gonna end up with thoracic scoliosis doing that for years.

  2. Marmel3000 says:

    Is it just me or is the body language in that photo a little scary?! Why is he gripping her like a nutcase? Oh, wait…

  3. van says:

    She looks so old!! And I’m not feeling the dress…she’s still beautiful but I thought she looked better in other candids around Rome.

  4. Anne says:

    I really love her dress, bot it looks much better on other sites, If tom does not loosen a little, he will fuse with that girl. Wish them all the best

  5. He’s gripping her like a nutcase so she won’t fall over from standing with her knees completely bent at a 45 degree angle. HA!

  6. Action says:

    “She’s stooping bigtime to try and look an appropriate height next to Himself. Poor girl’s gonna end up with thoracic scoliosis doing that for years.”

    Who said anything about ‘years’? Let’s try months…maybe a year or two… But let’s face it, it won’t lsat years!

  7. Jamie says:

    She’s definitely stooping…she is much taller than him. In these pictures, she actually looks a little shorter than him.
    She still looks beautiful…I wish them all the best for the sake of little Suri.

  8. nona says:

    She looks good except for that hideous mullet mop hairdo on her head. Those 1cm bangs are the antithesis of good taste nomatter how famous her stylist is.

  9. Anne says:

    I can bet you it will last years, those two are likes halves of a whole, their characters are so in tune, I also think the negativity about their relationship has actually cemented it. May be Katie is bear foot just for the pictures, because she actually looks shorter than him, I wish there were more wedding pictures!

    They shouldnt pay that hair stylist, he did nothing, Katie or her sisters could have combed that hair, not to say she doesnt look good, because she does but that is because she is a natural beauty. Congs again.

  10. millie says:

    it’s a wedding miracle.. either Tom grew a few inches or Katie is in flats and stooping like mad. She will only regret it when he divorces her and takes that kid from her… I can’t believe people are buying into it. I guess everyone needs a fairy tale, even if it’s based on fraud.

  11. Someone says:

    The dress is okay, glad she didn’t choose white. Hope to see pics of their honeymoon spaceship…

  12. oh please says:

    why do people analyze every detail? why can’t the world just be happy for them? i mean its there wedding day! i looked at my wedding photos and we have a simaliar pose, so i don’t see anything wrong with this pictures, when katie is wearing flats they are the same height and does it really matter if she is stooping in to her husband??, katie looks beautiful and tom not so bad himself. I wish them a long happy life together.

  13. Terri says:

    I agree “Oh Please”. I am not a fan of either of these two, but they look genuinely happy in those photos and the story about their first kiss made me smile. I have many photos of hubby and me wrapped up tight in each other’s arms… So I am happy for them and wish them all the best – no matter my opinion of them personally.