Peter Facinelli files for divorce, Jennie Garth says he wanted out last year

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth only announced their separation a few weeks ago, but it really does look like there’s no hope of turning back now – Peter just filed for divorce from Jennie. From all of the tabloid and legit reporting that’s being done on this split, it really seems like Peter wanted out of the marriage for a while, and that Peter and Jennie had a definite plan for how this separation and divorce would go:

It was only a matter of time … but Peter Facinelli has finally filed divorce papers in an effort to end his marriage to Jennie Garth. According to the docs, filed moments ago at L.A. County Superior Court, Facinelli cites “irreconcilable differences” for the split. Facinelli also wants joint physical and legal custody for their 3 minor daughters.

Interesting timing — considering the two were spotted out shopping together in L.A. just this weekend.

In the docs, filed by Facinelli’s attorney Terry Levich Ross, the actor notes the date of separation is January 1, 2012. The couple was married in 2001.

Garth’s lawyer, Melanie Mandles, simultaneously filed a response to the divorce petition … in which she requests to have her name legally changed from Jennifer Facinelli back to Jennifer Garth.

Garth also checked the boxes for joint physical and legal custody of their children. According to the docs, both Peter and Jennie have agreed to pay for legal fees.

The couple announced the split earlier this month in a joint statement that said, “While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children.”

[From TMZ]

Incidentally (or maybe not), Jennie has an exclusive interview in this week’s People Magazine. She pretty much says that Peter wanted a divorce last year, and it took her a while to come to terms with that.

When Peter Facinelli told Jennie Garth last fall that he wanted a divorce, she at first refused to give in.

“I was very resistant,” she tells PEOPLE in an exclusive new interview. “I didn’t want it to happen. It took me some time to come to peace with it.”

The couple, who wed in 2001, always had what looked like a storybook marriage. Parents to daughters Luca, 14, Lola, 9 and Fiona, 5, they dubbed themselves the Facinelli Five and reveled in family traditions that included camping in an RV, family movie nights and bingo tournaments. But over the past two years, as Facinelli’s career was taking off (he plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series and is a regular on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie), the couple began spending more time apart.

In 2010, Garth, 39, and their daughters moved to the family’s Santa Ynez Valley, Calif., ranch house, while Facinelli, 38, commuted from Vancouver and New York City.

“He would do everything he could to fly back every weekend,” says Garth. “[But] it took a real toll on our marriage.”

Since then, “I’ve gone through my darkest parts and I’m coming out of it,” says Garth, whose new CMT reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, premieres on April 20. “I’m okay. I don’t know what the future holds, but then I’ve never been a planner. And maybe that’s a good thing.”

[From People Mag]

I think it’s interesting that most people think that Peter was screwing around, but that Jennie still isn’t saying anything bad about him. Or is she? When she tells People Magazine that he wanted out a long time ago, is she giving us a wink and a nudge? At this point, I do think she’s come to terms with whatever went down, and she’s not about to throw the father of her children under the bus. It’s sad.

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  1. Agnes says:

    i hope they keep it amicable and classy.

  2. brin says:

    It is sad but they are handling it well and putting the kids first, hope they continue to do that.

  3. launincaangelina says:

    I find it sad too. I hope they both remain classy about this difficult step.

  4. Snowflake says:

    Nice to hear that they are being classy about it.

  5. Iggles says:

    I think it’s classy she’s keeping the details to herself. Her kids are old enough to Google, so I hope they both refrain from airing their dirty laundry in the press.

    That said, I still don’t get the “we’ve grown apart” thing. If you see spending time apart is damaging your relationship shouldn’t you dial back the amount of time spent away? In essence it’s choosing that something else is more important that your spouse/family. To me it’s not worth it, but it seems like he got what he wanted..

  6. katie says:

    I hate that they are getting divorced, but I hope that the press will give them some respect and not try to sensationalise things. I think it’s wonderful that Jennie isn’t willing to hang Peter out to dry.

  7. Jayna says:

    This is when I say she should have moved the family to where Twilight was shot. The movies were practically shot back to back to back. Distance can kill a marriage.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes but on the other hand it would have been extremely disruptive for the kids to uproot them like that. School, sports/activities, social life are huge for kids and moving them was not really an option, I’m guessing.

    • chexmix says:

      As a military wife with a husband who has deployed 3x (7 months each) , distance will not kill a marriage if a couple is committed. I think Jennie was and Peter, being a momentarily rising star, thought the grass was greener elsewhere. It’s sad. But distance for a creative and loving couple is only a temporary inconvenience.

      • k says:

        Well said.

      • Jezi says:

        Totally agree. It wasn’t as if he was gone for years at a time. And they could fly back and forth. Something else was happening there. He checked out of the marriage emotionally already. I do believe the rumors to be true. I am sad because they really seemed like a solid couple.

      • Lemmy says:

        So very true Chexmix. I also think he got a little fame and it’s gone to his head now he is done with Jennie.
        I believe he did get involved with some one else and Jennie is not throwing him under the bus about it because we will find out soon enough.
        I believe this other person will rear their
        head up soon-unless it’s a man. Most gay relationships stay in the closet but if it’s a women she will want to be seen in public with him soon to show off her trophy.

      • beanie says:

        So very true, chexmix. I definitely agree with Lemmy. His whole Twilight success has gone to his head. When they married she was the star, but she took a back seat in order to focus on a family and happy marriage only to have that douche say to her, Okay, I want to go play now and enjoy my fame so goodbye. Burns me up.

      • muffin says:

        momentary fame, indeed. one day peter will realize he ruined everything for what is essentially a small part in a bunch of very bad movies. yuck. i’m sad for the family.

      • Violet says:


        Reading between the lines, it’s clear that Peter let the Twilight buzz get to his head and didn’t keep his marriage vows while on location.

        My heart goes out to Jenny and the kids.

      • Deets says:

        Actually the divorce rate amongst deploying military personnel is higher than that of non-deploying personnel and the overall annual military divorce rate was higher than the civilian rate as of 2010. It’s theorized that time apart does indeed contribute to the higher divorce rates in deploying military personnel. This doesn’t contradict what you’re saying but I think it’s worth being mindful of.

  8. Eve says:

    All right, I’ll be responsible for the shallow comment on this thread: great ass in the first picture (I mean Garth’s ass).

  9. Marjalane says:

    He might be perfectly innocent, but I doubt it. I don’t like him, and I bet he’s dating some wanna be actress publicly within a few weeks.

  10. Annaloo says:

    Wow..apropro of nothing, couples do really look alike. Peter and Jennie have such similarly built faces….

  11. T.C. says:

    I know it’s bad to say it but he looks so much younger than her. I won’t be surprised if he started dating a 21 year old piece before the divorce is final.

    She has the reality show which I think is tacky to involve your young kids to. Kids trying to get over a family divorce.

    • suzzie says:

      I agree with everything you said. There are photos where he looks almost a decade younger.

      And I kind of believe he was fooling around. I never really had an opinion on Garth, but I feel bad for her now. Her reality show sounds incredibly dull, I doubt the kids will have to put up with it for more than a season.

      • Annie says:

        I think Jenni Garth is gorgeous, yet you’re right she does look older, she’s always looked a full decade older than her age to me – when she was a teenager she appeared to be in her mid-late twenties. I’m not sure what it is about her face. Peter is just the opposite though, he’s got a babyface.

  12. Gia says:

    This is so awful and heartbreaking. you marry, build a life and a family, struggle to make it in a cut throat industry and when you finally do get a break it destroys your family. Hollywood is a terrible,terrible place.

  13. Talie says:

    I think unlike a lot of selfish parents were seeing lately in the spotlight, Jennie actually is thinking about her children and the fact that they can go on the Internet and easily read if she or Peter trashed each other. She doesn’t want them to know about anything seedy going on. She wants to protect them and, you know what, good for her.

  14. Jazzmin says:

    Maybe they did grow apart and maybe their marriage was shaky for a while before his star rose higher. Not every marriage ends in cheating. This is not the Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian story here. I hope their marriage did not end because of another woman. I have such disdain for women who knowingly go out with/sleep with a man who is married. Yes…I know it takes two to cheat, but we women have so much power and if more women said “no” the man will tuck his tail between his legs and go home to his wife. I have been in situations where married men have proposition me. I have the power to say “yes” or “no”. When is always no, they go home to wifey. I am sure sooner or later they’ll find a woman willing to say yes.

    • sans says:

      I think that’s a myth, and kind of a woman-hating belief our culture feeds us. Maybe it’s just something we say to comfort ourselves about the rejection. Like it’s not so bad because he was tempted away, when the truth of rejection is harder to take.

      • Jazzmin says:

        When a man is “tempted away” we lay all the blame on the woman only. Like she is this seductive vamp with powers and the man is a weak minded zombie, who had no say or control over his thoughts and actions. Like I said, it does take two but we do have a lot of power when it comes to initiating a relationship with a married man.

      • Jackie says:

        agree sans. why does the ‘other’ woman have to take on the moral responsibility in these situations and send men back home to ‘wifey’??

        these men are always treated like children by women who think it is their responsibility to mother men and slap their hands when they are ‘bad boys’.

        as a single woman, i don’t feel it is my duty to keep married husbands in line. i have no desire to be a mother figure to a grown ass man.

      • Jazzmin says:

        To Jackie, I personally don’t think it has to do with “mothering men who stray”, but having some self respect for myself as a human being. You are right it is not a woman’s responsibility to teach that married man anything; but I am responsible for my actions. Cheating is a choice, being an A-hole comes naturally for some.

      • dilettante says:

        Actually, I totally blame the guy. If you have committed to a marriage, you’ve contractually vowed not to cheat. Not saying someone else out there would not try to “lure away” one spouse…(which is wrong as well) but they have an obligation to their partner to say NO. Certainly if the spouse was the pursuer, then it’s even more his fault.

        If PF couldn’t resist, he should have waited till after he was divorced to pursue another relationship. That’s what a respectful, ethical person would do. IMO that is end of story.

        Of course I know that’s not always the way it goes down. 🙁

      • CTgirl says:

        There really is no excuse for either the man to go outside his marriage or for a woman to go after/sleep with a married man. It is distasteful on all levels. Divorce is very easy to get these days. Why screw around? Only the weak minded and weak willed get caught up in this trap. No married man (or woman) worth their salt would cheat. And no woman (or man) with a shred of dignity and self respect will go after someone married. And if he cheats on his wife he’ll cheat on you. Just common sense.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Jazzmin-I 1,000% agree with you. I too have been in a couple situations where a married man has *tried* to initiate a physical relationship with me. It’s always disgusted me and it’s never been difficult to simply say “no”. I guess neither of us is desparate 🙂 BUT-to play devil’s advocate-what if you fell head-over-heels in love with a married man? It happens. I guess at that stage you would say “leave your wife if you want to be with me” but then you get labeled The Homewrecker. I don’t know..these situations can be really complicated-people fall in/out of love. People are ever-evolving so when you get married someone might be perfect for you, 20 years later maybe someone else would be a better fit. Regardless, it has definitely made me think more critically about the idea of marriage in general. BUT it doesn’t change the idea for me that marriage is FOREVER. Maybe people just shouldn’t get married if they can’t committ to that concept.

      • Jazzmin says:

        Agree, sometimes a woman will date a married man without knowing he is married. Falling in love is a very serious matter and sometimes it is hard to walk away. As much as it would hurt me, if I were in a situation where I would date a married man without knowing he is married, only to find out later I would have to make the hard decision to let him go. Why?
        1) I can’t trust him anymore
        2) He will do to me what he did to his wife
        3) I deserve better

      • Jezi says:

        I’m with Jazzmin on this. I have been in a situation where I dated a guy at work and was told that he was single. I started a relationship with him and fell hard for him. Then I found out that he got back together with his ex girlfriend but did it while we were dating. I decided to leave him. As much as it hurt me, and yet they weren’t married, I wasn’t going to be the “other woman” and if he lied to my face and to hers, then what would that have meant for our future together. Turned out that he was a serious player and I learned things down the line that made me realize I made the best decision ever. We can’t control who we love but we can control how we handle a particular situation.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Jazzmin-EXACTLY. That’s what I find difficult to understand-that a woman who was the “other woman” could then move forward and still trust that man. A good friend of mine was the “other woman” in a triangle scenario. They didn’t go far before she gave him an ultimatum. Eventually, the man left his GF at the time and ended up marrying my friend. Pretty crazy..then again, the man wasn’t married but still in a VERY serious relationship, living with his GF, been with her for 4-5 years. I don’t think I could trust a guy that did that but they seem happy, been married for a few years now *shrugs*.

      • Isa says:

        How can women trust the man after he cheated with her? It’s simple. He tells her his reasons for cheating. (Ex: She never paid attention to me.) The woman is convinced that their relationship will be different.

        I cheated on a boyfriend and left him for my husband. It was horrible of me and I regret not handling the situation the proper way. My husband trusts me and knows I would never cheat on him.

      • Bobby sue says:

        1000% co-sign what you wrote. very true.

    • Melissa says:

      Sometimes women aren’t knowingly cheating with a married man. This happened to a friend of mine – met a guy on one of the dating websites and then found out he was married, at which point she immediately broke it off. Luckily, I think she’d only gone out on a couple of dates with him, but I’m sure he just moved on to someone else.

    • lileneboheme says:

      Unfortunately even if most women they came across said no, men who want to cheat WILL still find a way to cheat most likely with prostitutes, strippers, etc… I do agree that sleeping with married men is a no-no but at the end of the day the “other woman” did not take vows, the man did so the responsiblity is 100% on him. Same way around if the situation was reversed and it was a woman cheating on her husband…SHE is the one who took the vows and not her jumpoff. And to the poster above who said she cheated on her boyfriend with her now husband and her husband trusts her completely…despite what he tells you, most likely he does NOT trust you 100%. You’ll probably find this out later though. Good luck because you’ll need it when that time comes. No shade, just keeping it real.

      Anyways, I’m sad Peter and Jennie are divorcing…who knows if he was cheating or not but it’s still sad all the way around. And I agree, now is not the best time for those kids to be on any kind of reality tv show.

      • Kara Ann says:

        This thread has been really interesting. I agree that a cheater will eventually find a willing accomplice BUT I do think that BOTH the spouse and new paramour are morally reprehensible. Definately, it is the spouse that took vows and then violated those vows and should be held accountable by their partner. The person they were cheating with, if aware of their married state, perhaps hasn’t violated any vows taken BUT has shown disrespect and disregard for the institution of marriage in general and, in particular, to the partner of whomever they were cheating with.
        I am only addressing cheating within the context of marriage.

  15. lin234 says:

    I feel really bad for her. Sounds like she still loves him but he checked out awhile ago.

    I found the quotes from the Dailymail much more interesting:

    “But there’s no doubt that the split took its toll on Garth who said she was shocked when her husband told her their marriage was over.

    While Jennie admits that the couple had been in counselling several times and also reveals that there was ‘jealously’ within the relationship the split hit her hard.

    She told People magazine: ‘You get the rug pulled from under you.’

    She added: ‘I would take the girls to school, then go back and get into bed and not get up again until it was time to pick them up from school, and I had to pretend everything was fine.’”

    Read more:

  16. Grasshopper says:

    I think a lot of men struggle with the grass is greener complex after a few kids and when they reach financial success- I know my husband is.
    It doesn’t mean they love their kids any less but what could they buy or do if they were single or free of responsibility.

    What always gets me is like in peters case you leave a great family and float around single and play around for a few years. Eventually you realize how empty of a life that is and you settle down with someone and have another kid etc. Too bad you didn’t realize what you had the first time around…..

    • sassenach says:

      Your post is spot on.

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      Sorry to hear about your struggle, Grasshopper. I agree with you, if you had years of happiness, fun, loyalty, children (so sad), and physical beauty all around to boot, why take a risk just for possessions, ‘freedom’? ‘Home’ is not just the American dream of a house, it is a soft place to fall and rest during the difficult times. Where the judgement of others supposedly has your best interest, and ultimately loves you, knowing who you are at your best and worst. No doubt they had these conversations, sometimes the pull of the unknown is too tempting. In so many cases, just a trick from the devil. Stranger danger. Hollywood really is poisonous. Can’t believe I am so sad for them. Rant over.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Totally agree. I think that we plebeians are luckier than celebrities in this matter. Spouses aren’t, typically, separated for long stretches of time and aren’t surrounded by very attractive, often younger, people with whom they are required to be intensely intimate and emotional with.

      I’m saying they have a lot more opportunity and temptation than the average man who goes through this.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    This has been such a sad story to me for some reason-much more depressing than the break-up of so many doomed H-Wood marriages. God, they make such a beautiful family too..bummer 🙁

    • T.C. says:

      It’s sad because they are a beautiful looking, photogenic family. We all saw those pretty pictures of them in People magazine. We don’t know if that pretty imagine was ever reality though.

  18. TXCinderella says:

    I met Peter two years ago at a Twilight convention in Dallas and got the impression that he is very full of himself. I wouldn’t be surprised is he wanted to be free from Jennie to pursue other women. He is a very good looking man, and with his Twilight and Nurse Jackie exposure, I’m sure women are throwing themselves at him on a regular basis. Good for Jennie for not calling him out, and protecting their kids from that, if that is the case.

  19. H-Town5thWard says:

    In my opinion, he is selfish.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Glad they aren’t publicly trashing each other, I hope it stays amicable, but I still think it’s off putting that she’s doing a reality show with the kids, as they’re coping with their parents splitting. I’m sure she’s looking to re-energize her career too, but there are other ways to do it.

  21. DeltaJuliet says:

    Obviously I don’t know what is going on in THEIR marriage,but my mother made an excellent observation to me one time, and the more I studied it, it was accurate with all the divorces of people I knew. Men get a divorce when they have someone else. A woman might finally decide she is unhappy enough that she wants to be on her own, but MOST men will not leave a nice warm bed unless they have another one lined up.

    • Jayna says:

      It is true, but she said in People mag there was no other person.

    • Happymom says:

      I think your mother’s observation is spot-on. There’s definitely “more” to this story-but it’s none of our business and hope they both continue to keep quiet about what actually happened.

  22. aenflex says:

    Classy, and respectable. Wish more of Hollywood would follow suit.

  23. Chatcat says:

    1. The distance excuse is BS
    2. He is full of himself since the Twighlight thingy took off.
    3. Jenny and her kids are better off without a selfish, vain, look at me now guy around the house who is cheating with some young girl who knows he is married and doesn’t care because she is boinking a “movie star”
    4. Everybody ages…he will too.
    5. His daughters will be women some day and if he cheated they will remember it, not love him any less as a father but see him as a man and how he treated his wife/their Mom. Will he care? We’ll see.
    6. Only 1% of Hollywood marriages ever last until “death do us part”…do these people ever see a pattern and say “wow maybe I don’t want to be like all the rest?”
    7. Hope Jenny’s next man is the last for her and he has nothing to do with anything celeb…she seems to deserve that and so does her girls to have a “real” male role model in their life.
    8. You can bet the “ranch” that the reason it is staying classy is Jenny…he doesn’t seem to have it in him.
    9. Pretty boys just do it better! Cheat on hot chicks that is.
    10. Who is the next HW couple to split?

  24. prithee says:

    I think he is gay. I cannot believe more hasn’t been said about it. His whole look has changed recently and I am just getting this huge ‘gaydar’ blast.

    • Happymom says:

      There is a blind about someone cheating with a younger, gay co-star. Could be him.

    • Sophie says:

      This makes sense in the context of what Jennie has said. Sounds like he came to her and told he was gay, and she spent a year trying to convince him otherwise.

  25. Nan209 says:

    I was actually waiting for this to happen…it’s such a common story even amongst us plebeians.

  26. Lauren says:

    Very sad..Peter seemed to worship Jennie years ago when they were first married..then he has checked out of the marriage. Best wishes to Jennie and her lovely daughters..i hope their reality tv show is successful to help support their family. All the Gay rumours about PF are very disconcerting.

  27. kiki says:

    there was a blind item on dlisted that facinelli was hooking up with ashley tisdale. jennie and ashley worked on the same show. apparently ashley just wanted to annoy jennie so slept with facinelli

    • Eve says:

      I think it was Amanda Bynes (the show being What I Like About You).

    • mia girl says:

      and to add to @Eve’s comment, I thought that blind said that the young actress tried to hook up with the husband of the other actress, but that he did not pay attention (something about walking around topless in front of him or something).

      I’m too lazy to actually look it up

  28. jc126 says:

    I’m not surprised. I always had the feeling she was hanging on like a barnacle, too, and that comment about her being resistant to splitting last year seals it for me. Just a shame for the kids.

  29. serena says:

    Poor Jennie.. hope she finds someone better!

  30. mel says:

    No one said marriage is easy…I feel really bad for Jennie. I’ve been married 21 years and we’ve been through it all…and we are in a good place now. You don’t bail out just because you want out. You need to give it time and give each other space. UGH! People suck.

    • Chatcat says:


      Me, 27 years and I am 48 yrs old with three sons…24, 22 and 17. Ups and downs (not just my weight or his hairline) but then we both thrive on a challenge and that is what marriage (at least ones that last) is all about, not bowing to temptation (oh yeah, it’s there sometimes) or taking the easy way it’s about committment, patience, understanding, self control…all those things that aren’t easy to master but damn worth it in the end!

      • mel says:

        I agree with you 100%! Congrats on 27 years…those of us who have stuck it out for 20+ years know it was not a cake walk getting here.:) We have two daughters and all of our struggles to stay together have been made worth while because of them! Its not always about you – hear that PETER!!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I agree with all of you! We just hit 23 years and there have been some tough times in there. Now, we have two great kids 12 and 14 and are a total team. We have each other’s backs. Things keep getting better in every way.
        Congrats to those of you that have made it this far, there is a lot of compromise, but great payoff if you have a great partner.
        I’m sad for Jennie, she seemed like she was in it for the long run. Makes me wonder about those blinds.

    • Nev says:

      word up.

      good for you guys!

  31. Jayna says:

    People aren’t evil for falling out of love with your spouse. It happens and is painful and a long process before you leave because there are children to consider and you respect your spouse. But sometimes the feelings are just gone. I see a lot of marriages where there is little love between the spouses. Finances and children keep them together. Jennie is still young. As terribly ainful as it is, better now to find out he isn’t in love with you anymore than 50 when he leaves you when the kids are all graduated.

    • Jezi says:

      But that in love feeling always fades over time. It’s never going to be that feeling that it was in the beginning. It’s about keeping the spark alive and that “in love” feeling turns into so much more. Friendship, companionship, partnership, etc. What happens when the next relationship goes down that same road? Bail and start a new one again? Now if a relationship ends because of so much more, then that is understandable, but leaving because the love faded is not really a good reason.

      • mel says:

        I agree Jezi…its not the same kind of love…but its called being a grown up and not bailing out just because its no longer all Twilighty. I also agree if you are truly unhappy and miserable life is short – do not do your spouse and yourself the disservice of staying in a relationship that is just not happening anymore. Divorce is not the end all…it just sucks.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I’m of a mind that one falls in and out of love with their spouse over time. Sometimes, said spouse is a turd-blossom and makes other spouse resentful.

        Other times, other spouse is the turd-blossom and makes said spouse resentful.

        The trick (and truth) is understanding that whether you’re in the “in love” phase or not, the actual LOVE upon which your relationship is based is what’s to sustain you.

    • fabgrrl says:

      I’m going to have to disagree. I think that “falling out of love” is no excuse for ending a marriage WITH CHILDREN. I’m sorry, but fairytale romance is just that – a fairytale. Yeah, it is great when you love your spouse just as much (or more) at 40 as you did at 25. But I think that just plain naive and selfish to divorce (again, when there are young children) because you aren’t feeling the burning, passionate, all consuming love. Now, if there is abuse, cheating, or hatred, or something else intolerable, then yes, separate ASAP. But if you can respect and care for each other enough to get along okay as a family, you damn well do it. Once the kids are grown, fine, split up.

    • Jayna says:

      I didn’t say that madly in love feeling from the beginning. I am talking about really not loving the person you’re married to anymore, not that he doesn’t have a love for her. This doesn’t happen overnight when people leave. He has probably been feeling this way for years. Divorce is painful to children and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But a bad marriage is damaging also. No one on here knows their story. My sibling has been unhappily married for years and tried counseling, everything. If the finances weren’t an issue she would be gone. I feel for her. But people like on here would judge her if she left because he comes across so wonderful in public and caring. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

      • Chatcat says:

        What is that famous line “I’d rather be alone for the right reason then with somebody for the wrong.” But what is the wrong reason, not being “in love” with your spouse regardless of the life you have built together and all that comes with it…or is the wrong reason spousal or child abuse, cheating, neglect. I know what the answer is for me and people I respect. Nobody’s perfect but to toss somebody out of your life because the “love feelings” aren’t as strong at 48 as they may have been at 25 is lame. Relationships evolve and so does love…being in love and loving are different and yet the same…if your willing to fight for it.

      • mel says:

        I agree with you Jayna 🙂 And besides…what kind of message are you sending your children if you stay in a marriage and your spouse no longer loves you and is seriously unhappy. Kids want to see their parents happy and well adjusted…not miserable and fighting and engaging behaviors that are unhealthy.

      • Linney says:

        I agree. My parents divorced for a lot of reasons. The main one was that they were both terribly unhappy. I do not fault them for parting. I would never wish unhappiness on my mother or father just so we could all live in the same house. I can promise you, it was unhappy for all of us living with two miserable people. We were better off, as children, with them being divorced. And then, they both remarried and have been with their current spouses for a very long time (over 20 years for my mother and almost 20 for my dad). I wouldn’t take that away from them just so I could have a married mom and dad. That’s just ridiculous and helps no one.

      • lileneboheme says:

        Exactly…I wouldn’t want to stay in a bad marriage just for the heck of it or for the kids because that can end up doing more damage than just divorcing. And I wouldn’t want my spouse to just stick with me if he was terribly unhappy and wanted to leave just for the sake of it. I know a lot of women and men who stayed in bad relationships for too long and started drinking heavily or exhibiting other self-destructive behaviors in order to cope. I say if you try counseling first and that doesn’t work then go and/or let your spouse go too. Hanging on for dear life in this day and age may cause more damage then the alternative.

    • maddie says:

      And that is why you work on your marriage, funny how they always have time for learning their lines for a movie, making contacts for more movie roles, but never find the time to work on their marriage.

      You will always have ups and downs in your marriage (it’s not a cakewalk) and more than likely you will find times in your marriage when you love your spouse more than before or less than before those are the ups and downs of every day life in a marriage.

      What you don’t do is go hook up with a co-star and run back to you spouse asking for a divorce.

  32. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I wonder if the reality TV show as a catalyst for the break-up. She could have started talks to do the show a year or so ago..
    I recently saw a clip of the two of them being interviewed and the interviewer said “Congrats on your upcoming show” to Jenny and Peter was quick to interject with “I won’t be on the show at all”. I think that may have played a part..if that is the case, then I don’t ENTIRELY blame him.

    • mel says:

      Well – it seems a little arrogant on his part. I mean she supported him all those years he was not really doing anything at all. Its sad for actresses because really – what else is she going to do to earn income…she is not getting acting offers and she can’t go get a job at a dry cleaners. At this stage her options are pretty limited. Her kids are going to be on there and he didn’t prohibit it…so which is it…supportive but in a passive aggressive way? Talk about mixed signals!

  33. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Well Bill and Camille are together even after all the scandal came out so there is always that!

  34. Ally says:

    Did he play the part of the ex-boyfriend in ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ with Jennifer Love Hewitt? 1998, I think the movie came out.

  35. Joan says:

    This is one split I am sad about. I really wanted these two to last and prove marriages can last in Hollywood.
    They seemed like the perfect, happy family. I hope they keep it classy, and I hope Peter wasn’t screwing around on her.

  36. DirtyMartini says:

    He married up professionally at the time. She had the babies. Her income started them; his grew. Professionally she was on the “lower key” pathway–shed “been there, done that.” he ramped up for the first time. Their paths crossed and reversed. His eyes grew big; she was wiser, hoping he’d mature in recognizing its all fleeting. His ego grew and his blood supply isn’t sufficient to operate both heads simultaneously.

    Feel sorry for the kids. Shell be fine. Hell be regretful.

    Team Jennie.

    • Cirque28 says:

      I totally think this! In the long run, Peter will wish he had stuck with his (gorgeous) wife. And Jennie will be fine.

  37. Shamozzle says:

    I love all the “Poor Jennie” crap. How the hell do you know how SHE treated him behind closed doors?

    She even admitted in an article how jealous she was everytime he was on set. Maybe her jealousy/insecurity took its toll on him?

    Takes two in a marriage. Lets not all rush in to blame the man all the time geez.

    • TXCupcake says:

      ITA! Didn’t she meet Peter while she was still married to her first husband? Maybe she is not as innocent as everyone thinks! Once a cheater, always a cheater!

      • Rena says:

        Yes she did. And there was all kinds of confusion as to the father of their oldest daughter when she was born as many did not know they were even together. LOL

        She often expressed her envy of his recent career success. She could have moved to Canada while he filmed the Twi films back to back, like Matt D’s family does, like Ben A did last summer when JenG was filming in Georgia, like Dustin Hoffman’s family did, like Steven Spielberg’s family does, to name just a few. Then she could have been a part of his daily life, there was no barrier to her doing that.

        Very sorry for the kids, but a marriage breaks apart from within always.

    • lisa says:

      Great point.

      But people always assume if they like the character you play on TV then you are that character. I don’t know much about him or her. but someone said up thread that he would wake up and regret leaving her. REALLY. why do people assume that he will have regrets. He obviously wanted out. And as she said he wanted out over a year ago. Doesn’t sound like regret to me. And why would anyone stay in a marriage if you are not happy. Sorry. You don’t have to be a husband or wife to be a mother or father to your children.

      But here we do with the “Poor Jennie” she is handling this so well. Why because the media doesn’t know anything. You don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. Which is why people were surprised by the break up.

  38. kat says:

    she is beautifullll love the casual look with her sunglasses, she looks like drew barrymore…they should do a movie together as sisters

  39. jane says:

    I remember when Twilight first came out and I learned that Jennie Garth was married to Peter (I knew who Jennie was, but not Peter). Back then when I first saw him, my thoughts were immediately, oh oh…good looking, looks younger than wife and is in a very popular movie. Too good to be true marriage was what I thought then and immediately suspected the typical “big shot” guy who thinks he’s now too good for his own wife and family. Too bad it turned out to be true. I have a knack for predicting bad stuff. I really mean it too and I hate it.

  40. Meanchick says:

    If he cheated, it’s his loss. Sooner or later, he’ll have to pay for his play.