Lindsay Lohan will be allowed into Canada to work on ‘Liz & Dick’: WTF, Canada?

Lindsay Lohan

Here are some of the most unfortunate photos from Lindsay Lohan’s court appearance yesterday. In some, she looks like a 40-year-old escort on her 15th bust, and in some photos Lindsay just looks oddly strung out. Jesus, her lips are so crazy. Why does she do that to herself?

Anyway, as we were discussing yesterday, Lindsay was facing a lot of potential problems for the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, which will be filmed in Canada. The problem? Lindsay is a cracked-out felon with multiple convictions, and Canadians don’t hand out work visas to crackheads. Except they do! Because according to TMZ/Mother Crackhead, “Lindsay has just been granted a Canadian work permit to film an upcoming Liz Taylor movie in Toronto.” According to TMZ’s sources, “Canadian officials have realized Lindsay has been receiving positive marks from the court and her probation officer … and signed off on the permit hours after she completed her community service requirements yesterday.” Can you imagine the poor Canadian bureaucrat who had to sign off on this mess? You know he’s sending out his résumé right now.

You know how I had concerns about whether this “Lifetime movie” was just some enormous crack hustle that probably didn’t even exist, because only Lindsay and her crack team of drunken sycophants were the ones “confirming” anything about the project? Well, TV Guide has an answer to my misgivings:

It looks like Lifetime will finally officially announce that Lindsay Lohan will star as Elizabeth Taylor in their upcoming movie, Liz and Dick.

Sources tell TV Guide Magazine that Lifetime has been waiting for the actress’s legal trouble to be wrapped up before confirming her casting. Lohan is scheduled to be in a Los Angeles courtroom today, where the judge will rule on whether or not she has fulfilled her probation requirements, including counseling and community service, stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest. (She also spent time in rehab and jail.) Expectations are that her formal probation will be terminated; a case alleging a hit and run incident that could have derailed her progress was dismissed on Monday.

Lohan’s team is confident. “Lindsay is scheduled to start filming the movie the first week of May in Vancouver,” says her spokesman Steve Honig.

Lohan, who has become known more for her troubles than for her talent, has been on a sort of a comeback tour recently, starting with her March 3 Saturday Night Live hosting gig, which drew mixed reviews but earned the show’s second-highest ratings of the season.

She’s also wrangled an upcoming guest spot on Glee, where she’s reportedly playing a judge at the show choir’s Nationals competition. Adds Honig: “She’s a fan of the show; they’re a fan of hers and decided it would be a great idea to have her on.”

[From TV Guide]

Once again, I don’t understand who makes that call and where things went wrong in his or her life. Can you imagine the producer of Liz & Dick, sitting there watching THIS FACE on TMZ’s live feed and saying, “Yes! Finally, my Elizabeth Taylor!” Is everyone in Hollywood on drugs?

Also: LL celebrated her court victory by going to the Marmont, of course. Page Six reports that LL went to the Marmont with her sister (Ali) for lunch, and Samantha Ronson happened to be there. A “spy” told Page Six, “neither [Samantha nor Lindsay] made eye contact, and Ronson — who friends say recently broke up with her girlfriend, Erin Foster — left 10 minutes after the Lohans arrived.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Innocent says:

    Lindsay is NOT a felon.
    So proud of her. 😀

    • Bite me says:

      Morning Dina 🙂

    • lilred says:

      Just STOP,please!

      • Leikyn says:

        Stranger things have happened. Maybe she’ll turn her life around. At the very least this is a job where she’s getting paid w/o exercising her coochie. I do like the color of her outfit.

    • marie says:

      ha ha, proud of her for what exactly? it’s taken her 4 YRS to clean up a DUI case, that is mind boggling! but be proud that she is a complete waste of space, good job Lindsay!!

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Oh Innocent – how u and ur crazy comments have been missed!

    • Happymom says:

      This is exactly the ridiculous, warped attitude that has caused Lindsay to turn into-separate from being a drug addict-a complete and total asshole. You could be relieved that this is behind her, or hopeful that this is the start of good things for her-but PROUD?! It’s mind-boggling.

    • Newtsgal says:

      That’s so sweet of Dina to lift her head from the keyboard and that puddle of drool to defend her mealticket…. Mornin Dina!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hey! That’s not drool, that’s vodka! Get it right, Newts. 😉

    • bluhare says:

      Proud of completing probation requirements after four years? You’ve got low standards, Innocent. Real low. And, guess what? She’s STILL on probation!

  2. Lexi says:

    I’m happy for her. She looks good and feels good. Go Lilo!

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Looks good for a cracked out alcoholic – then yes I agree with u…

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Also if u only look at her eye area (cover the rest of her face) girl looks f’ing awful – like a really heavy duty druggie – she looks really ill

    • Happymom says:

      Are you blind? She looks ill, her hair is patchy, her skin is uneven. God. Like I said above-be relieved, be hopeful-but you are delusional if you think she looks good.

    • polk8dot says:

      If your idea of ‘looking good’ for a 25-year old is having her boobs hang down at her waste, then yeah, she’s looking great…
      You may need to have your eyes examined 🙂

  3. deb says:

    that second picture from the bottom, what is up with her cheeks?

  4. Zelda says:

    So is it Vancouver or Toronto?

    Those aren’t even remotely near each other.

    Since it’s film, I’m assuming it is Vancouver, and that the “source” made up “Toronto,” as it is the only Canadian city they could remember/pronounce. Because Lindsay keeps smRt peepz in hr en2roj lik dat.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Seems likely, happily either way she will be FAR away from where I live 🙂 🙂

    • BeeCee says:

      So when will she be in Vancouver? I would like a heads up so I can leave and not be anywhere near her… Damn the government/immigrations office to hell for letting this b**** whore and STD up our friendly clean home

      • Hmmm says:

        Ugh. Canada pretty well lets anybody in. This is unreal.

        I, too, live in Vancouver. There should be a siren warning when she lands here, so we can make an emergency escape. Just yuck, yuck, yuck.

      • BeeCee says:

        Care to run away with me, @Hmmm when the time comes then? I thought they let everyone in Canada too but my co-worker is from New Zealand and came here in January; she said it was actually a pain in the butt and was really difficult to get a work visa for a year here and as far as I’m know her record is as clean as a whistle and is a total doll and a pleasure to be around… Unless she’s hiding something from me…

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        It’s nearly impossible for non-Canadians with a record to get in. My hubby works for a huge Canadian entertainment company but even before would have to fill in concerts for another musician of a very famous band who had a DUI over 25 years ago. They won’t let that guy in ever.
        There is a ton of movie filming in Toronto, while we were there they were filming the remake of total recall but lots of tv too.
        I guess Hollywood can even make Canada accept the cracken. Amazing!

    • Mika says:

      There are lots of movies made it Toronto. Seriously, there was a time you could’t walk around town without tripping over Rene Zellwegger or Mark Walberg. They were both bitches.

      Also, let’s not forget Toronto is where Lindsey and Tina Fey filmed “Mean Girls”. That’s right, Vancouver, when has Tina Fey made a masterpiece in your town?

      • Zelda says:

        Haha–I actually am working on a film in Toronto.

        But I always think that films are shot in Vancouver, and TV in TO. Not exclusively, but film-for-film, I’d say they get more of it.

        If you’re hanging in film/theatre circles in TO, doesn’t it seem like freaking everybody was involved in Mean Girls? Which is cool. But I don’t know anyone with a Lohan crack-story. I guess she wasn’t as high on crack and herself, back then.

        And yes, Mark Wahlberg, has a reputation for being a twat. Madonna too.

        But hands down, best ever “celeb” (I’m pushing the definition, here) story from me involves Joey Lawrence trying to get noticed in a bar muttering “whoah” under his breath, hoping someone will notice him and who he is. Best part is, everyone noticed, no one walked up.

      • polk8dot says:

        @ ‘Also, let’s not forget Toronto is where Lindsey and Tina Fey filmed “Mean Girls”. That’s right, Vancouver, when has Tina Fey made a masterpiece in your town? ‘

        Exactly the same number of times she made a ‘masterpiece’ in Toronto, or anywhere else for that matter. ZERO.

        She may write funny skits, she may produce funny 30 min sitcoms, but putting Tina Fey and ‘masterpiece’ in the same sentence is just ridiculous.
        And if you still think that LL will ever appear in a ‘masterpiece’, oh well…. Even if it starts out on that level, it will definitely become the exact opposite the moment LL is done with it.
        Whoa, you be funny, Mika, you be funny….

    • Wif says:

      Liz and Dick got engaged at the Barbarian which is in Toronto, so some filming will probably be done there.

      I just hope it’s not the day I have to take my daughter in to Toronto to go to Sick Kids. Last thing we need is a hit and run from Lilo.

      • Mika says:

        “The burn books said I’m not a virgin because I wear extra super jumbo tampons, but it’s not my fault I have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina”

        Sorry, you were saying something about Mean Girls not being a masterpiece…

    • Maggie May says:

      It was in the Toronto Sun today filming in Toronto. *sigh* Maybe I can rent a cottage up north for the summer!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Thank God we lived there last summer! They had everyone working in entertainment staying in our building. Can you imagine living in the same building?

    • Hmmm says:

      Just say the word, @BeeCee, and we are outta here!

  5. some bitch says:

    Well, she DOES look better.

    Sorry we allowed her in. We need money, or something.

    Thankfully I’m closer to Detroit than I am Toronto, so at least I’m a 3 and a half hour drive from the cracken…

    • Mika says:

      You talk tough, but she may come in through Windsor.

      They may not even BE a Windsor after she comes through.

      • some bitch says:

        by all means, I’m not a soft person…

        …but the Cracken coming through Detroit and into Windsor scares the hell out of me! She would DESTROY the city. She’d never leave any of the scuzzy night clubs here.

      • Karen says:

        Message to the Toronto – Windsor corridor – “You in danger girl!!!”. Never mind the G8/G/20 fallout, the damage will be far more explosive is the Cracken films in Toronto. *Full body shudder*

  6. Roma says:

    Who goes to court high? Oh right, Lindsay.

    Without a doubt she was on something.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘who goes to court high?’
      Yeah, I too thought that she was flying high during the proceedings.
      I accidentally ran her whole court appearance on FF, and it was hilarious – she had 3 facial/bodyli expressions that she was replaying over and over – in the same order, mind you – as if she were a computer stuck in a loop… F-ing funny.

      • Roma says:

        I think it’s because she views her court appearances as “acting” so she’s like “look sincere here”, “look happy now” and “try not to wipe your nose.”

  7. brin says:

    Good luck, Canadians…you’ll need it with Crackie!

    • lilred says:

      Thanks Brin I have a feeling we’re going to need it.

    • podzol says:

      I’m going to take this issue up directly with Stephen Harper. Indeed lilred, we’re going to need some extra courage/luck/Valtrex.

      • Bess says:

        … and antibiotics.

        Also, don’t leave your car parked on the street. She has a habit of hitting stuff.

      • lilred says:

        You should talk to Harper,granted talking to him hasn’t gotten us much,lol.

      • atorontogal says:

        why? That’s all I want to know is why? I’m packing up and moving. Somewhere anywhere. I don’t want to take the chance of being run over erm I mean running into her in the street!

        Screw Harper he is so star struck he will break out the keyboards and welcome her with open arms!

      • Hmmm says:

        Harper would happily hit it. Water seeks its own level.

      • podzol says:

        Neener neener, I’m in Montreal and so our Pharmaprix will provide the Valtrex and antibiotics to TO/Vancouver, since those pharmacies will evidently run out after the Crackie establishes her lair. 😉

        And major laughs for all the great comments in this entire thread! Ah, the Crackie, she unites Celebitches like no other.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m 4-5 hours from Vancouver in the interior. I should be safe although I am in the middle of wine country.
      OT: You can find polar bears on the prairies up top where Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba join the Yukon Territories. Lots of pictures of polar bears wandering the towns, along with moose. There is even polar bear watching expeditions. They are big business up there.

      • Hmmm says:

        We need to get crackie on one of those safaris and , erm, accidentally lose her so she can have quality face to face time with a polar bear.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Schedule her on a puddle-jumper & let her crash, a la Snow Walker (great movie, BTW).

    • Happy21 says:

      Thanks. Am thinking we should create an App telling us where she is at any given moment so we can NOT be anywhere near there.

      Kind of like gasbuddy that tells us where we can find cheap gas prices. This will tell us where LiLo is…

      What could we call it?

  8. Blue says:

    So are they shooting the movie in Toronto or Vancouver? Conflicting stories ( shocking) They are opposite ends of the country. Ugh I hope she goes to Vancouver (sorry) it’s bad enough she’ll be in the country I don’t want her in my backyard.
    Since when do you get a visa because your probation comments are positive? People who have records and haven’t been in trouble for years can’t even get in. Smh.

    • Sweettart says:

      Okay, I’ve never looked at her Twitter account before, but now that I have, I’m convinced she must be close to broke.

      The background picture is horrible. It was obviously set up by some amateur who doesn’t know the first thing about graphics or customizing a Twitter account.

      And then . . . did you see who she is following?!/lindsaylohan/following

      The classics, CelebTweetAds along with a couple of booking agents.

      Is that like the Craigslist for low level celebrities?

      • Innocent says:

        That is a personal pic.

      • Sweettart says:

        My point exactly.

        You don’t tile something like that and if you’re trying to build a brand/career . . . particularly if you’re selling tweets . . . at least be professional about it.

        If you want to put personal pictures up, put them on TwitPics. And what is with the background in the picture anyway? An empty closet? What is it supposed to be? A hotel room hookup?

        It reminds me of the clueless girls who take photos of themselves that are supposed to be enticing and never notice that there are clothes and garbage all over the floor in the background.

  9. dorothy says:

    As far as Lohan actually having the Liz Taylor part..I’ll believe it when I see it. Just because Dina or Lindsay say it, doesn’t mean it’s true. They have a history of lying.

  10. Sisi says:

    The crotch of those pants looks horrible

  11. WTF says:

    Oh please Canada doesn’t want this cracked out mess infecting our country….ugh

  12. Samantha says:

    She actually looks a little better. Or maybe I’m just getting used to her face.

    • LeSigh says:

      Personally I don’t see any improvement.
      There is also ZERO similarity between her and Elizabeth Taylor, one of the GREATEST BEAUTIES OF ALL TIME! I mean even pre-crackie days Lohan looks nothing like her.
      Are they going to use CGI?!?!?!

      • OhMyMy says:

        Claymation. And someone else will do the voiceover but Lindsay will still be the star and she’ll totally get an Oscar for it (even though it’s a cable tv movie). Kidding…kidding.

  13. Mika says:

    She may come to Toronto? You mean they’re letting her…(whispered) inside?

    I’ve got to buy some supplies. This could be the end.

  14. Ruby Red Lips says:

    No way….can’t believe she got the visa…but will wait and see if this really happens or if it is just Delusional Dina again

    • marie says:

      if it does then I’m calling my cable provider and having them yank Lifetime from my lineup *sigh* no more Golden Girls for me..

      • OhMyMy says:

        I’ve already taken it off my favorites list. They’ve done some really bonehead casting and programming decisions lately. Looks like they’re trying to turn Dance Moms into a Real Houswives like franchise aka Bravo (which is also off my favorites list).

      • marie says:

        I can’t stomach watching Bravo either, such crap tv..

  15. Sway says:

    Why does she never wear a bra? Is she convinced she has no need to support her dangling boobs?

  16. hillbillygirl45 says:

    This beats anything I’ve ever heard. I thought the Canadians were more strict than that. I guess I was wrong. This crack-ho has gotten more breaks in these past few years than anybody else would get in a lifetime. But, the stupid skank STILL can’t act, or sing, and I still can’t imagine her playing Elizabeth Taylor. Y’all think she’ll bother to learn her lines in this ‘blockbuster’? I mean, look how well she performed on SNL! (sarcasm ‘roll eyes’) She is, and always will be, a walking train wreck. Good luck, Canada……

    • podzol says:

      We let Randy and Evie Quaid into our country, so anything you’ve heard about our strict laws were urban legends 😉

      • atorontogal says:

        Technically they snuck in. Evie being Canadian and Randy being married to her we had no choice but to keep them.

  17. only1shmoo says:

    I am a truly disheartened Canadian. Now, when I hear the national anthem, a tear will fall down my cheek.

    “With heavy hearts, we see thee rise, the Cracken, strong and (now) free,” Nnnnnoooooooo!

  18. cupidityrox says:

    Wasn’t Megan Fox also in the running for this part? It must suck to have someone who looks like the crack bride of frankenstein picked over you for a part.

  19. Ms. Candy says:

    I wish her much success and best of luck because she had to learn her lesson one way or the other. The judge opened her eyes which is good because people need that at times to see their errors. Lindsay need to see her demons and she has.

    Now I am going to see if she actually going to continue this way moving forward.

    Nobody is perfect in this world; I do mean Nobody

  20. bagladey says:

    Just imagine how much worse all of those images would be if that awful, trashy, white hair was still “crowning” everything. Good that the hair is red but Lilo’s natural hair looks messed up. It also doesn’t look like there’s a lot of natural hair left. There’s even a strategically positioned piece of hair, that looks like a single extension, that’s taken from one side of the “part” over to the other side and secured in place with a bobby-pin, probably to cover a pink spot. On the other hand, her face does look less like a chipmunk.

  21. Lady_Luck says:

    I still can’t get over what kind of crack the casting director must have been on to cast Lindsay Lohan as the timeless, elegant and masterfully beautiful Elizabeth Taylor?!! I mean what planet were they on, how could anybody take the film seriously when the mismatched Lindsay Lohan is playing her. Somebody please explain what the hell was going on there. Even Megan Fox would have made more sense….

  22. Becky says:

    I always wondered what happened to her and Ronson. I’d seriously be freaked out if my ex rented the beach house next mine (psycho), but I do know that well after their break-up those two still hung out on the dl. Also, why didn’t she get a restraint order like her fam wanted after lohan went stalker on her ass. And then there was the sad, sad night when LL called UsWeekly to cry about how Sam abandoned her (before she rented the house next door to her) and ended up on one of the most cringeworthy cover of all times. Then suddenly LL never mentioned ronson again. I would love to know the details of their romance. They could make a movie and hire Lindsay to play herself, the crazy obsessive cracked out mess that she is.

  23. Skins says:

    Could these morons at Lifetime have picked somebody who looks less like Liz Taylor than Crackface? Liz was one of the hottest women ever and Crackface is going to portray her? Poor Liz must be rolling around in her grave

    • Bess says:

      Lifetime is going to need to hire the Michelangelo of make-up artists to transform LiLo into Liz.

      • Newtsgal says:

        Yea, a makeup artist might be able to pull off a miracle, but what are they going to do with the drug and alchol/chain smokin’ grizzly voice of hers?

  24. Ell says:

    I’m dumbfounded. Firstly that the Lohan is allowed to forever tarnish Richard and Elizabeth’s memory.

    But most of all, wtf Glee people. I’d like to know what they are a fan of regarding Lindsay. She’s hardly got a massive body of work and has done nothing for years. Maybe they’re a fan of the way she keeps driving in to random people or the way she helps herself to jewellery, or could it be the falling out of night clubs high as a kite.

  25. janie says:

    Vancouver?! I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS

  26. Maya says:

    Seriously – what has Canada ever done to us to deserve this?

  27. wunder says:

    Oh Canada!

    Our sympathies are with you.

  28. lucy2 says:

    Sorry, Canada.

    I can’t believe they actually hired her for the role (I still have doubts it will ever happen). How many, um, favors do you think were exchanged for that one? Or blackmail of some sort.
    She looks like a reanimated corpse…which is kind of accurate.

  29. Shelly says:

    Her lips are swallowing her face. WHY does she think this looks good? She had perfectly proportioned features before she screwed with them. It’s good she’s going to be working again (I guess), but I think she is going to embarrass herself by trying to be Liz Taylor. It just doesn’t work. At all.

  30. Jazz says:

    You poor Canadians! No nightclub manager or baby in a stroller is safe!

  31. Lucky Charm says:

    I thought if you had a DUI then you weren’t allowed into Canada? A friend’s husband got one about 20 years ago and they wouldn’t let him in. And he’s harmless & a nice guy, nothing like this hot mess of a B!

    And I just have to add Oh Canada, my condolences to you if this is true!

  32. Cathy says:

    Is there even a slight chance that Canada might keep her? I know it’s only wishful thinking. I wouldn’t wish her on anybody.

    • lilred says:

      NOOOOOO…I mean no thank you.

    • Blue says:

      That’s a very mean thing to say 🙁

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Now, here’s the deal. We get Aubry😜, you get the Cracken. Fair trade?
        Damn. Knew you wouldn’t fall for it. Celine for Lohan? Just take her, please. Convince her that all the snow is “snow” and she will stay!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Slap those vodka wishes out of your mouth, we have families! Oh, my sainted tax incentives.

  33. Newtsgal says:

    To the fine people of “Hollywood North”,
    Do you think it might be possible for ya’ll to keep her… sort of a celebrity has-been exchange. Since Pam Anderson is already here, we will take her and ya’ll keep Lindsay. That seems like a fair trade!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      No dice, Yank. She’s not our problem. Listen ‘The States’: you have got to stop asking us to neglect our best interests so we can enjoy the ‘honour’ of bending over and letting America give it to us right up the true north strong and free. Don’t exploit the love we bear for you!

      Maybe this is recompense for some of the crazy stuff that happened in Let’s All Hate Toronto. Thems fightin’ words might have flipped the switch from ‘on guard’ to ‘en garde’ and the fact that the price of food has been climbing steadily for the last six months means I’m likely too malnourished to use my brain and violence for anything edifying.

      I think I’ll get some poutine for dinner.

      • atorontogal says:

        Love it!!!!

      • Leigh says:


      • Newtsgal says:

        OK, my best offer… if you agree to taken Lilo, we’ll throw in Jessica Simpson and the Kartrashains, a pitcher of Cracktinis w/ a side of drunk mellon balls, a batch of slutty brownies. But, you have to give up Gordon Lightfoot or the songbird…Anne Murray!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Poutine at Chez Victors in Quebec. The best.
        However, animal fries at In n Out are a fair substitute when factoring in the weather. Peeps in Cali are just as nice too. And some of my favorite people I know are Canadian, we love having you as our neighbors, sorry to inflict the cracken on ya. Just keep her, maybe let her loose in the middle of Yonge near the shopping, maybe someone will hit her for a change.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        As long as my heart beats, my cooter bone stays in place and Stop The Smoggies credits last longer than anything I’ve heard from Wagner and Mahler, I will devote myself to an urgently-needed flea dip task force.

        There no half-measures here and there, we are united. But, we’ll need a multi-pronged attack to makes this work. We will have to take to the streets–Yonge, and beyond–to reach out to all of our residents mind body and exo-skeleton. Look at numbers that Benedict just pulled in in Mexico–that’s how you unite the streets, not just the rarefied. We’ll call ourselves the Popes Urban.

    • Hmmm says:

      @All, Bwahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha!

  34. PG says:

    Is she wearing Lee Press On Nails?

  35. wunder says:

    “Oh Canada! Oh Canada! WTF? Oh Canada!”

  36. Orange Cone says:

    she’s starting to look like her dad, Michael Lohan

  37. logan says:

    Wonder who will be holding her leash in Canada? The legal system pretty much walked her in the U.S. these last few months. Hope it’s not Mommy. She lets her off her leash and away she runs.

  38. Kloops says:

    What?!? Oh for crap’s sake I have children she can potentially run down in Van!

  39. Devon says:

    A crackhead and the Stanley Cup playoff run. My city is doomed.

  40. logan says:

    Want to see some good acting? I happened to catch Duck Dynasty on A&E Wed. night. Those guys may be rednecks, but they are true to themselves. The first reality show that I truly liked. Very lovable bunch of guys. Also liked Rosanns Nuts. Will watch a Duck Commander before anything Lohan is in.

  41. mln76 says:

    The ONLY way Lindsay could play Liz is if the whole movie is about the shooting of Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolfe? Other than that no f-ing way.

  42. ocean says:

    She did her time. SHe put her hours in and has been behaving. Her looks are permanent due to her party days. Lets give her a chance and see how she actually does in this movie. Hopefully she can keep a positive image going and stay out of the party scene. She is still young and people make mistakes. Growing up with the camera is hard. Lots of celebs have had break downs and are doing fine now. I wish the best for her future.

    • badrockandroll says:

      I thought that Innocent was Dina. I thought that users could not have multiple names.

  43. Leigh says:

    Please, not Toronto. Please, not Toronto. Please, not Toronto.

  44. Quinn says:

    She is hideous. End of story…next!!

  45. Lotta says:

    I think the role suits her, we have to remember that both Liz and Dick were addicts which caused them to ruin a lot in their lives.

  46. Jay says:

    No “Liz” on the Reel West production list. So, my fingers are crossed it’s Toronto not Vancouver. Nothing personally Toronto, but better you than us.

  47. Mauibound says:

    Liz is probally turning in her grave… Poor Liz

  48. Mindy says:

    Wait ONE second!!! “Sources” are telling TV guide magazine that Lifetime will officially announce?? Has Lifetime EVER REALLY SAID that they had hired her for this?? REALLY??? Look back folks – it’s still all just speculation. It’s all come from her camp that she’s got the role. Did the article say “INSIDE SOURCES AT LIFETIME???” Umm….NOPE. Just “sources” – could all be LOHAN’S INSIDE SOURCES.. couldn’t it?

    • podzol says:

      I’m going to laugh SO HARD if Lifetime does make an annoucement, and announces that they’ve chosen Megan Fox or someone else as Liz.

  49. carlino altoviti says:

    Elizabeth Taylor? LOL!!! and Jack Black will be Richard Burton?

  50. Stephanie says:

    It is amazing at how she has trashed her looks with drugs, alcohol and surgery. Very sad. I am so over this girl.

  51. Boo says:

    Don’t know if this was already posted, but you MUST WATCH.!

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Oh, my foodness. I fell off my bed from laughing so hard. I have to see it again.

      Boo’s right, you NEED to be watching this.

  52. Newtsgal says:

    OMG…..Guys go to youtube and checkout the video “Lindsay Lohan’s changing face”.
    Its a morphing of her face newborn to 25 in 1 minute.
    I’m going to have nightmares for weeks!

  53. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    This needs to be a whole thread on here. The freaking scariest Cracken thing EVER!
    I give you the morphing LL

    Have at it if you dare.
    Omg. Watched it again. The music is amazing. How many sets of teefs has she gone through? This should be shown to all children and adults as a PSA. WTF?

  54. Pjammie says:

    Thanks America… We give you Ryan Gosling AND Ryan Reynolds and in return we get the Cracken??? Really?? Thank God we have free health care here (especially for babies, nightclub staff and pedestrians). I suppose it will be good for our economy though, the drug dealers will make a fortune off of her…..

  55. Anonymous says:

    Still hating on bras, I see…

  56. Nessie says:

    I’m not with anyone, not the innocents or the haters.
    I do feel she really needs a fair chance to get her life back on track. She completed her community service and is off probation.

    You don’t have to watch her movies. If she does mess up again, then you can all chip in on the I told you so.
    But for now, let’s just let it go and move on……

  57. jwoolman says:

    She’s off probation finally for the DIUs but still on probation for the jewelry theft. Has any official Canadian source confirmed that they are going to let the scofflaw in regardless? Has Lifetime even confirmed the bizarre casting? Or is all of this another one of Dina’s attempts to make things happen? She’s done that before.

  58. jennie says:

    leave her alone she is doing pretty good. like duh I don’t like her but must have been hard growing up with Dina and Micheal as parents bunch of knuckle heads. go Lindsay!

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    “Hide yo kids! Hide yo booze! Hide yo crack! Hide yo car!” (With apologies for using an over-used term, as well as to anyone else if they used this comment before me – I haven’t read them all.)