Lily Collins in Paris, following disappointing box office: gorgeous or boring?

Lily Collins

Here are some new photos of Lily Collins at the Paris premiere of Mirror Mirror, or Blanche Neige (French for Snow White), as it’s being called in France. I think these may be my favorite photos of Lily that I’ve ever seen. It’s not even that I really love her dress – I don’t. It’s an okay dress, a bit too mature for her, but everything else is working in her favor. Great, healthy-looking hair. Eyebrows under control (or at least they’re not the first things I see). Great skin. That color is surprisingly good on her too – you never know when a shade of olive green is really going to work on someone.

Unfortunately for Lily (and everyone involved), Mirror Mirror kind of flopped at the box office this weekend. It came in third behind now-behemoth The Hunger Games and Wrath of the Titans (#2). Mirror Mirror only made an estimated $19 million – so, it’s not really a complete flop, but it’s not some family-friendly, must-see film either. It ended up being critically panned, and Rotten Tomatoes currently has it at 50% fresh – not terrible, but not good either. It cost as estimated $85 to make, plus the expensive ad campaign, so I’m guessing that at the end of the day, it will be lucky to break even. I’ve got to wonder where Julia Roberts was during promotion – she showed up for the LA premiere, but beyond that, she was barely around. Did she even make any television appearances to support the film? Nope. And now Lily is being sent overseas to promote the film solo. Poor Lily. Oh, well. At least her stylist is a lot better than Jennifer Lawrence’s.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    I saw Julia on GMA and the Ellen show

  2. kiko says:

    she looks like a vampire lol

  3. Mia says:

    Who is her mother? I’m always amazed something so pretty and exquisite is from Phil Collins. Not that he is hideous but he doesn’t really come to my mind when I think of male beauty lol

  4. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    I think she looks stunning. :)

  5. Linn says:

    She looks really pretty, but I still don’t thnk it’s fair to say she’s better styled than Jennifer Lawrence. In my opinion JLaw has looked great at all of her THG promotion stops and premieres…

  6. CC says:

    that dress would have worked much better if it were shorter

  7. HAHAHA says:

    mmmhhh… the best I can come with is :meh!
    too hairy, too overworked lashes (her eyes look like little spiders)… too cakey… well just above bland, well meh!

  8. T.C. says:

    She is beautiful. Flawlessly beautiful but she is too petite for that dress. The color is great on her though.

  9. Katren says:

    I think shes way too pale. I’m not one to say that everyone should be tanned (my legs have been described as the whitest in Australia) but she looks so monotone and powdered its awful.

  10. phaksi says:

    She is pretty, but the eyebrows and the lashes are too much

  11. lucy2 says:

    She looks very pretty here. I don’t know whether I love or hate that dress.

  12. Lemmy says:

    I don’t understand how her movie comeing in 3TH can be considered disappointing or doing poorly at the box office. I thought the movie did very good. Look how Jennifer Aniston movie came in 8TH place and no one can even say anything about that. If a Aniston movie came in 3RD place then it would be called the top movie at the theater. The hypocrisy in Hollywood is ridiculous. Talk about expensive ad campaign, Kristen Stewart Huntsman is ridiculously over hyped. That thing has been pushed for months. Guess it helps to have your mom in the business to give your movies a push along the way.

    • LAK says:

      Lemmy, think about the economics. That’s why a film is a disappointing and or a flop if it comes in 3rd or 8th. Especially a family film which generally tend to do well on their opening BO.

      That said, Julia Roberts has always had medium openings [for her budgets/marketing]which build up to post $100M within weeks, so whilst opening position is disappointing, i wouldn’t call this a flop just yet.

      Many other actors, including Jen Aniston, tend to have strong opening which falls away exponentially. In their case, it’s important to have strong opening BO results.

    • TeamEdwardJace says:

      i agree how is that a flop? and i loved mirror mirror

  13. deva says:

    She is gorgeous! I would have loved to look like her when I was younger. The dress is not me but I could imagine her having fun wearing it. I cannot understand how people do not think she looks darling.

  14. shailee says:

    GTFO, Kristen parents have nothing to do with her career, stop your jealousy, MM looked silly and dumb, it’s not Kristens fault that she is working for a better movie studio and has the best looking movie

  15. Sakyiwaa says:

    She is SOOO pretty. Prettier than I would have admitted. Au contraire, I love long lashes and bushy eyebrows, if they are nicely trimmed to a perfect shape. And i know how hers can get…

    Ooh, but me likey her here.

  16. Dibba says:

    Not a fan. She annoys me already.

    • TeamEdwardJace says:

      How does she annoy you? I disagree with you on that one. I’m a huge fan. She’s a great actress, with a great personality, and she can sing and she’s beautiful with a great fashion sense ( and she’s going to play Clary in city of bones from the mortal instruments and the author cassandra clare was extremely happy over the casting by the way.

      • Dibba says:

        I saw her in a movie with that boy from twilight. That was the first time I saw her. Her acting wasn’t the best. I think she annoys because of all the hype, but mostly because it seems to me that she got opportunities others didn’t get because of her father. I have a pet peeve about nepotism. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I see more of her actual talent

  17. Fifthpocket says:

    Whoa! She looks so much like Jennifer Connelly.

  18. bluhare says:

    Now there’s someone who could play Elizabeth taylor from a physical point of view.

  19. Minty says:

    I’ve seen her interviews on Leno and Jimmy Kimmel. She does not merit all this hype. She has a bland personality and can’t act (Abduction), so this is your typical Hollywood famewhoring supported by nepotism.

    That Zac Posen gown was clearly designed for a 5’10″ model. She’s 5’5″ and it makes her look stumpy.

  20. Eleonor says:

    I love that dress! Even if I find it totally wrong for her, she seems too petite for a gown like that, she is not wearing it, it’s the dress that wears her.

  21. Pretty Kitty says:

    Beautiful. Eyebrows need a good trimming though.

  22. Kosmos says:

    I definitely hate the dress, otherwise, she looks nice. Please change that dress to something less foreboding!

  23. Diana says:

    Those close-up pics make her look weird; I’m not so sure about her make up. Too powdery perhaps?

  24. Sarah says:

    Haha. I love the typo that says it took $85 dollars to make. From the budget speacial effects and busted costumes, it looks like it cost that much.

  25. Camille (The original) says:

    She looks pretty from the neck up, but that dress is awful. It makes her look really short and stumpy.

  26. jkatz says:

    Pretty girl, hideous eyebrows. Completely detract from what are otherwise very nice eyes.

  27. Hikkilove says:

    I have to disagree here. Here make up is too pale. I know its for her movie, but its cakey and creepy to me. The eyes are overdone too. Not to mention that shes practically swimming in that dress. I dislike the hair as well. I just feel as if she was styled to be a sexy vampire, but should have been styled as a lovely princess type. Idk. Does that make sense?

  28. Caroline says:

    Her foundation is so white

  29. Deyan Georgiev says:

    She is poignantly pulchritudinous here and everywhere. What a rare, sublime sight for so a sordid world! I feel unnerved, shocked.

    Another rarity is the fact that she’s distinctly endued with exquisite mannerisms; the way she wields her gestures with that nonpareil grace seem to make all other women look like creatures unworthy of being taken into any sort of romantic considerations, to put it mildly.

    As far as the eyebrows: they are perfect for her as they are. I cannot the imagine her with commonplace thin eyebrows- they would look hysterically bitchy and detractive. The pale or nitid complexion is always the way to go for men and women. Not because it’s been historically associated with grandeur, but because it is one of the inherently beautiful, fair and splendid aspects of skin.

  30. Briana says:

    DONT dis Jennifer Lawrence