Adam Levine & model Anne V have split up after two years together

Adam Levine & Anna V

Back around the beginning of February, a few tabloids reported that Adam Levine and his model girlfriend Anne V were on the verge of splitting up after two years together, or that they had already split up. Adam denied it, and he and Anne V showed up at the Grammys together. But gossip is a marathon, not a sprint, and Anne V has just announced that she and Adam are done. Poor babies.

It’s all over but the singing for Adam Levine and his model girlfriend of two years.

The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice has split from Anne Vyalitsyna, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best,” Vyalitsyna said in a statement.

The Russian-born Vyalitsyna, 26, also known as Anne V, met Levine, 33, at the the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue release party in early 2010, where Maroon 5 performed.

Vyalitsyna has modeled in eight consecutive SI swimsuit issues.

[From People]

Adam has always put himself out there as, like, an “intellectual” rock star, a guy who isn’t just interested in a pretty face, but a woman’s mind and education and spirit. And then he just dates a succession of Victoria’s Secret models. What I’m saying is that Adam is pretty much like he seems – a vapid rock star, interested in similarly vapid models. Oh, and about a month and a half ago, Adam claimed his birth control method was “pulling out”. That’s just an FYI for any girl who wants to jump on the Levine dong, post-Anne V. Just skip it.

Adam Levine & Anna V

Adam Levine & Anna V

Adam Levine & Anna V

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  1. carrie says:

    i think Anna v dislikes to wear clothes because she doesn’t wear many outfits here
    she’s young,beautiful :she will find another boyfriend (is Leo Dicaprio free? i know they know)
    he’s a rock star:he will find another girlfriend or groupie !

  2. EmilyM. says:

    Weird. In the second photo, her face looks really pretty, but in the others I think she looks so rough…

    • Minty says:

      The fashion industry has always loved androgynous faces. And now they want those faces paired with adolescent bodies, ugh.

      Anne V looks rough because she has a masculine jaw. Designers love that stuff. Gisele, Alessandra Ambrosio, and many others do not have delicate, feminine bone structures.

      It’s the same reason Cindy Crawford (one of my favorite supermodels) looks rough now, and I’m talking about before her cosmetic procedures. Cindy has a very strong jaw which was softened a lot by the natural cushion of youth. Since she’s aged and lost some fat and collagen in her face, her jawline makes her look draggish.

      As for Adam, he’s probably a walking STD like Jagger. When will these celebrities learn to stop chattering on and on about their romantic relationships? They would last a bit longer if they keep their sh*t private. But thank you, Adam, for the “pulling out” admission. Women everywhere have been warned.

  3. Ell says:

    I’ve never seen anything attractive about him. In the real world she would be way out of his league looks-wise.

    • gg says:

      TOTALLY AGREE. He kind of makes me sick. Thinks quite a lot of himself it seems.

      And as vapid as SHE might be? – she can still do WAY BETTER. You go girl. Glad you stopped drinking his kool-ade.

      • sugar says:

        he’s a big cheater. and if his method is pulling out, doesn’t sound like he’s very safe either.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I watched the video about the birh control method, he was sort of teasing, Howard Stern asked him he avoided the question and Stern wouldn’t let it go, he kept on and on and on as only Stern can do. I don’t watch H.Stern but I did watch the video that was circulation on line. THat ugly model was there as well and she is dorky and ugly her hair is awful she looks unkept and tattered.

  4. brin says:

    Where there’s smoke there usually is fire.

  5. apsutter says:

    That dress is so awful. Why dont you just go wearing a bikini if you want to show that much skin. He reminds me of Leo Dicaprio with the women that he dates. These two just remind me of the “modelizer” from Sex and the City.

  6. Veruca says:

    Eww… he’s just skeevy to me.

  7. cody says:

    Maybe deep down, he just wants to meet a nice Jewish girl.

  8. shontay says:

    She has always been rough looking to me.

    Look, I don’t mind vapid, douche-like rockers. Hell, I like John Mayer (his music), but why is Maroon 5 still a thing? Also, Adam just has a girlfriend for show and then runs around behind her back. He’ll be swapping STD’s with more women out in the open now until he snags another woman and uses up a couple years of her life.

    • Nessa says:

      That sounds exactly like the behavior of the aforementioned Leo. He does the same exact thing. Uses the next available young model as the public girlfriend, then sleeps around behind her back. Both Adam and Leo are rumored to have the herp, too. Just sayin’

      • Lizzie says:

        ewwww! Leo has the herp!? I’ve never read anything about it…..yuck! lol

      • Nessa says:

        There was a blind item a while ago about a girl that got herpes from an ”A” lister and he was aware of it. It is widely believed to be Leo. Of course, it’s just rumor… Sounds plausible, though, with all the women he sleeps with.

        I think Leo hooked up with Anne V at one point, too.

      • shontay says:

        It’s a dirty game, that’s for sure. I’ve heard about Leo. I like Leo, but I always side-eye his private life. I will give him credit, though for being on the low with it. I look at him and I always think “what is up with you, boy?” but when I look at Adam, I can see right through him. I need a shower just to wash off the slime.

  9. OlsenTriplet says:

    Clearly Adam does not RESPECT THE LEG like Brad.

  10. Tiffany27 says:

    He is sucio. Yuck.

  11. Leticia says:

    He pulled out of the relationship.

  12. maemay says:

    This is non news especially since she’ll be replaced with a younger model like what leo does.

  13. Toni says:

    Wonder if he got caught cheating?

    • kit says:

      There’s been so many rumours of him cheating the past 6 months or so. Good for her not to put up with it (anymore).

    • crazycatlady says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. And speaking from experience, rock stars have a buffet of poon laid out for them wherever they go. Just like someone on a strict diet, you know when they’re constantly tempted they’re going to give in at some point.

    • suhon12 says:


  14. Quinn says:

    She looks like a Whitesnake groupie after a three week bender. And, Adam Levine needs time with a therapist before he attempts another relationship.

  15. Ming says:

    “Adam Levine” and immediatly a picture of “Slimer” from Ghostbusters pops up in my head. Or the Kids Choice Awards slime, or the green ooze from the Ninja Turtles…or just slime in general.

  16. Hanna says:

    She reminds me of this blond chickk from school. I’d never date that douchebag. I bet he looks himself in the mirror for hours just to get a boner. Fking douchebag.

  17. ramona says:

    Adam Levine is SUCH a dirtbag. Has been for over ten years now. Tried to sleep with me not once, but twice. While I was seeing his friend. Yuck-o. Slime, gross, vile, ick.

    • normades says:

      Deets please!

      • ramona says:

        All I will say is this – I highly recommend that anyone who values monogamy dates outside of the music industry. Musicians are awful, yes, but roadies are not safe. Production is not safe. The merch girl is not safe. Even the bus drivers get more tail than you can imagine. I worked in music for a long time and have met SHOCKINGLY few exceptions to the rule.

  18. Gene Parmesan says:

    This is great news for her. I used to be a fan of Adam but he is just a botoxed arrogant fool that thinks he is Mick jagger or something gtfoh!!

  19. rachel says:

    everyones gunna sideeye me for this but……i kinda like him on the voice. I know i know hes a douche but he’s not that bad on that show…


    • janie says:

      I know!! Two celebrities I usually despise–Adam Levine and Xtina–completely draw me in on The Voice. But the second the TV’s off, I’m back to hatin.

  20. Lantana says:

    I’m just so glad I’m married and faithful.

  21. HotPockets says:

    Never trust anyone who has eyes so close together they look cross eyed, ex: Adam Levine.

  22. Isa says:

    Yea…I don’t care much for his face. But I think he has an insanely hot body and I love his tattoos.

  23. Alexis says:

    HAHAHA! Wasn’t he recently talking about how this is the most stable relationship he’s ever had?

    He’s such a douchenozzle.

  24. dahlia1947 says:

    Blah I kind of don’t care. I was crushing on him for a while there when in Maroon 5 then I saw him on Jimmy Fallon (I love Fallon BTW ;)) and Anderson Cooper. He was pretty cool.

    But after hearing his comment about pulling out, I’m just totally grossed out by him.

  25. TheFactsR says:

    That girl is ugly! I never saw what he use to see in her anyway.

  26. Coucou says:

    Something’s just wrong when you have to wax to wear a dress! Is that what the V is for? V slit skirts? I can’t remember when i saw something so skanky, hookers must be running out it droves trying to get their hands on one.

    They deserved each other and probably won’t do any better with the next, instead just choosing a different make of the same model.

  27. Kosmos says:

    Adam looks totally unappealing as a boyfriend, or someone who is at least mature enough to have a relationship. He’ll go on to groupies.

  28. LIVEALOT says:

    NOT surprised. The mag spread and grammy carpet reeked of try-hard and force.

  29. Dhavy says:

    She better watch out…didn’t he talked trash about Jessica Simpson?

  30. Emily says:

    I must be the only one, and my gaydar must be way off, because he always feels like he’s faking straight to me.

  31. Lizbet says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned the veiny look on her inside thigh in the last photo! She has fantastic legs, but wow, the tan is a serious necessity….

    I love Adam on The Voice, despite my better judgment. He could definitely float my boat for a few nights, if fantasty were reality and my health were intact afterward.

    • Trillium says:

      Most white girls legs look like that when a room is cold. Sitting in a tanning bed will just make you look old as hell, and probably doesn’t work well for eastern Europeans.

  32. Cait says:

    He looks so smirky.

  33. mimi says:

    “Adam has always put himself out there as, like, an “intellectual” rock star, a guy who isn’t just interested in a pretty face, but a woman’s mind and education and spirit. And then he just dates a succession of Victoria’s Secret models.”

    YES, THANK YOU. This should go on his Wikipedia page or something.

  34. Ally says:

    This is her type. Uppity douches with black gelled hair. Right after she got a massive Chanel contract, she used her Chanel mojo to hawk her then boyfriend’s (Levine lookalike) t-shirt line (t-shirt line!) in US Vogue.

    Not surprisingly, she was off the Chanel payroll lickety-split.

  35. Caroline says:

    They looked happy together…~.~

  36. Sonia says:

    Does anyone know who dumped who??? Was it Anne? Or Adam? He was still wishing her happy bday on Twitter a week ago.

  37. only1shmoo says:

    Adam Levine has always presented himself as a narcissistic ass, IMO. I’m guessing that the REAL reason they split up is because Anne V discovered Summer’s Eve, and now she no longer has any use for Adam (I know that’s juvenile, but I really can’t stand this guy!)