Rihanna on the Chris Brown situation: “I’m still going to do what I want to do”


Rihanna is the cover girl for the May issue of Elle Magazine. Elle hasn’t released their cover yet, but we know Rihanna is on it because she tweeted about it (she went blonde for the cover shoot) and because Elle is already releasing parts of their cover story. It seems like whoever interviewed Rihanna for Elle went full-speed into the Chris Brown stuff, like Rihanna and Chris’s work together on joint singles, and how there are still reports about Chris and Rihanna hooking up. I don’t know if Elle asked her about all of the stuff with Karrueche Tran, though. Anyway, Page Six has some excerpts, as well as some insider-y information about Rihanna going to war with her management over the Chris Brown situation:

Rihanna is on a rebellious streak and has warned her management team she won’t be kept apart from ex Chris Brown or be held back by their rules.

Management firm Roc Nation, owned by Jay-Z, advised the pop superstar to stay far from Brown, but sources tell us she’s defied their orders, after putting Brown’s voice on her suggestive song “Birthday Cake,” then tweeting about Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“Her management banned her from reuniting with Chris, but she said she’ll do whatever the hell she wants to,” said a source, adding, “Rihanna is rebelling. She says they have been working her too hard and she wants some time to herself. They fear she’ll secretly record an album with Brown, just to defy them.”

But another source said: “Rihanna never takes time off. She’s got tons of work lined up, including movie projects.”

In Elle’s May cover story, Rihanna says of any backlash over a re-association with Brown: “People end up wasting their time on the blogs ranting away, and that’s all right… Because tomorrow I’m still going to be the same person. I’m still going to do what I want to do.”

She says following the fallout from Brown assaulting her, she was given an opportunity to express herself more openly: “That was my opening . . . one less skeleton in the closet, one less burden, one less secret; now you know that, so you can say what you want . . . I don’t have anything to hide.”

Rihanna also talks about the thrill of risk-taking, which she did by swimming with sharks (literally) in Hawaii for her film debut “Battleship.” “When you know you like a guy, or when you’ve been in love . . . That’s the same feeling you have swimming with sharks,” she tells Elle. “That’s the same feeling you have when doing anything daring, risky, spontaneous, or unpredictable. I think having those butterflies is the closest thing to being in love . . . And when you play it safe, you don’t feel anything at all.”

[From Page Six]

The “swimming with sharks” works as a metaphor for the Chris Brown situation. Those bastards can circle for a long time, waiting you out, tiring you out and then BAM. They attack and you’re left bloodied and maimed, if not dead. And that’s not love. That’s getting off on the adrenaline rush of danger and drama. Some women are like that – they can’t sustain a relationship based on mutual respect, admiration, attraction and nonviolence. They need the drama. In that way, I think Chris Brown feeds something in Rihanna, something she doesn’t get from dudes who treat her with respect.

I’m also including some photos from Rihanna’s Twitter feed. She’s been promoting Battleship overseas – the Tokyo premiere was yesterday, and you can see some photos here.

Photos courtesy of Rihanna’s Twitter feed, WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    This bitch
    edit: and Iif Sean Carter really cared about Robyn Fenty he would have Encouraged her to seek some counseling … Let’s be real they all probably knew what was going on but turn a blind it … All for the sake of the mighty dollar :(

    • Liv says:

      “That was my opening . . . one less skeleton in the closet.”

      Is she confirming that he beat her before? She’s unbelieveably stupid and immature.

      • lila says:

        Or, you know, she’s like millions of other abused women on the planet who don’t always realize how terrible their situation is.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        No, she is a classic victim of cyclical domestic violence. She isn’t stupid. She’s caught in a psychological trap that started long before Chris came in to the picture. This goes back to her parents and their relationship and how she saw the women in her life getting treated by the men who were also in her life.

        No one can help her. She has to want to help her self. I was never a big supporter of her to begin with because I felt her image was one that was negative to young girls in our community, but I also realised that her image which hypersexualized has a lot a to do with her childhood as well.

        She’s still a scared little girl.

      • Liv says:

        I agree with you, her problems now are probably the result of her (violent?) childhood.

        But based on her behavior now I find her rather immature and stupid (unlike women in general who are abused and go back to their abuser because of psychological or financial addiction). Because of her status and options it’s her choice now. Plus she has a responsibility for the kids who buy her records. It’s up to her.

      • Anna says:

        No, she is stupid and immature.

  2. Elj says:


  3. Micki says:

    Stupid girl if true.

  4. Elj says:

    Eurgh. Go away both of you.

  5. blc says:

    She is so stupid. I wonder what schooling she has. Did she finish high school? She really thinks that by hooking up with Chris Brown that she comes across as edgy and tough and rebellious. In reality she comes across as weak and pathetic and a terrible role model.

    • Werty says:

      She was a straight A student, dont know if she actually finished school thou (she got signed at 16).

  6. Marjalane says:

    Such a lovely role model for the young women who find her admirable. sigh.

  7. Eve says:

    We got that, Rihanna…that you’ll do whatever you want no matter how many times people try to help you not having your face beaten into a pulp again.

    P.S.: I love sharks. Even though they’re quite selective predators, they’ve been killed indiscriminately because of misconceptions about them.

    They DO NOT deserve the comparison (to Brown and his likeness).

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, in general, but in her case it’s the same. At least she thinks she can compare being in love with taking risks in life. Like I said, she’s stupid and probably doesn’t even know what being in love is all about.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I guess the sum of her immaturity is given by her own words: she’s an adult who thinks she can do “what I want to do”. Because that’s what she thinks being a grown up is: doing whatever.

    • jc126 says:

      I love sharks, too! Save the sharks.

      Don’t care much for Rihanna. She’s a great example of why it can be fruitless to try to save or help an abused person in a domestic violence situation sometimes. Not all, but many victims just go back to the abuser even if they aren’t practically forced to by circumstances, which is NOT the case here, obviously.

    • melibea says:

      IMO she has a very twisted idea of what love should be maybe bc of what happened b4 with chris..this chick has lots of issues! and btw i love sharks..

  8. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    The shaving the side of the head trend is getting tired. It’s so overdone, it’s no longer “edgy” (just like her).

  9. Jackie says:

    too bad. she seems to have that battered woman syndrome. how awful.

    on a lighter side note, her body is amazing! damn.

    • gg says:

      For her, unfortunately, all that matters is how attractive she is to abusive men. Seems like learned behavior. Sad. So having a great body is not helping her situation at all. So I cannot admire it, because she is using it to bait woman beaters.

  10. jenn says:

    Had alot of respect for her for coming forward and talking about the Chris Brown situation and how it affected her. By her collaborating with Chris Brown and acting like it’s okay is a big FU to her fans. I can’t even fathom how she thinks doing a duet with him is okay. Chris Brown is still acting like he’s the sh*t and now that he has Rihanna’s approval he sees no wrong in what he did. Have no idea how people can still accept him. Shame on us.

    • marie says:

      collaborating with Chris Brown is a big FU to herself, I had hoped with her talking about it she would have gained some respect for herself, which to me is far more important..

  11. Loulou says:

    Tina Turner should have a talk with her. She’s pathetic IMO. She’s got the whole inverted victim syndrome thing happening where she can’t see past what she thinks is control over the situation. She’s a misery addict. What a waste.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    Gosh in all my years on this planet, I never once equated falling in love as being the same as swimming with sharks.

    Strange girl. Disaster looms ahead in her life.

    • Umlaut says:

      My thoughts exactly: when I fell in love with my husband, it was because I felt safe and treasured and utterly loved. It wasn’t about danger; it was about finding security with one person.

  13. lila says:

    I feel bad for her. She’s still relatively young, and had dealt with a lot of crappy men in her life, starting with her father. Hopefully she’ll be able to grow up and realize she doesn’t need sharks in her life.

  14. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    Well, I think this calls for a Big, Ol’ – Bitch, please!

  15. LeeLoo says:

    Unfortunately, I think this move will have a larger negative effect on her career than she anticipates. Interviews like this are going to turn her fanbase away from her and turn the media against her. Rihanna has kissed her career goodbye.

    • skuddles says:

      I think the negative impact to her career and rep is already well in effect. Seems a lot of people are very put off with the whole Chris Brown part deux.

    • Liv says:

      Agreed. But she’s not realizing it yet – to busy with being rebellious.

    • Diana says:

      I just think she was so overrated from the start, she thinks nothing can touch her and I feel everyone around her feed that perception. That’s why she thinks she’s the shit and everyone should applaude her crappy decisions.

      • Day says:

        Yeah, I think this is a big part of it too. Most celebrities are narcissist w/god complexes. It is hard not to be really. You have millions of people admiring you, trying to look like and be you, yes people kissing your ass day in and day out. Mix that in w/her obvious insecurities and issues and you have a receipt for disaster.

        Love doesn’t hurt. Love isn’t danger. But, if she is not feeling those two things, in her mind it isn’t love. I rag on her a lot but I genuinely feel sorry for her. She will be used and abused her her life by men–and it all started w/Daddy Fenty. She will have no one to blame but herself. You can’t be a victim your whole life.

  16. sup says:

    sure it’s your life. do whatever kinda stupidity you want. then one day you can look back and realize what an idiot you were just to prove “you don’t tell me what to do! i do what i want!” -eyeroll- yeah that’s mature. and speaking of stupid choices let’s not forget those bangs, they make your forehead look 5 metres tall and your hair is burned like strands of sand.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      She sounds like those “out of control teens” Maury has on his show (and the resulting South Park spoof where Cartman dressed like an out of control teen girl) shouting “I don’t care, I’ll do what I want!”

      • marie says:

        dont forget the “you don’t know me..” ha, I say this to my mom when I’m giving her a hard time (the only South Park episode she’s ever watched)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @marie, ah! Yes. How could I forget!

      • sup says:

        lol that’s exactly what popped into my mind while i wrote that and anytime when immature adults/teens say similar stuff i can just visualize cartman waving his finger and his fat belly and going “whatever! whatever!” lmao

      • erin says:

        I literally lol’ed to this thread! +10 internets for you guys xD

  17. Me says:

    Some people dont live their lives according to a psychology textbook. The girl is a girl first. Singer second. Should she not live her life first?

  18. Deann Baldwin says:

    IMO, I think she gets off on the drama and the violence. When I see a woman or anyone trying to be Ms. Bad Ass, it screams major insecurities. She is setting up her own destruction. Career slipping away in two yrs tops. Move over Lindsay, there is a new bi*** in town.

  19. Zorbitor says:

    I don’t think her fans were proponents of feminist violence theory in the first place. Maybe she should do a duet with the Indigo Girls.

  20. grabbyhands says:

    Sorry, I can’t support this. I’m sorry that she’s so messed up mentally that she keeps slinking back to the guy who beat her up, but acting like a spoiled brat and promoting it as “being edgy” and “doing her own thing” is a giant slap in the face to everyone who supported her after what he did and and it is a huge disservice to abused women in general because the perception that she’s sending is that she’s doing all of this for attention and publicity.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I too think she enjoys the drama, and also thinks she’s being some badass rebel by doing what she’s not supposed to. What she doesn’t see is that all she’s doing is putting herself back in a very bad position. Not all things people tell you to do are bad – such as DON’T hang out with the guy who almost beat you to death.
    I think she is both stupid AND caught in a cycle of violence. She needs a really good therapist, and some true self worth.

  22. Valleygirl says:

    I’m confused as to why anyone says that Rihanna has a “responsibility to her young female fans.” Uh, no. PARENTS and teachers are supposed to be the #1 role models for kids. If your child is looking to a half-dressed autotuned celebrity stranger to know how to behave in romantic relationships, you’re doing something wrong. Your kids are supposed to be looking to YOU. If anything, celebrities like Rihanna provide a lot of “teachable moments” for parents. A mom can sit down with her 10 year old daughter after a Rihanna/Chris Brown song is on the radio, and talk to her about domestic violence.

    Rihanna is too far gone. She needs drama…if she doesn’t feel butterflies and danger, it’s not real love. Sad, but true. I feel bad for her, but again, she is looking to HER parents and their crappy example of a romantic relationship.

  23. robbie y says:

    This is not batter woman’s syndrome. Most of those women have no other options. Chris is a bad person because he wont repent. I think he should bow out of fame, it has ruined him for good. But for Rhi. She has other options. She still hooks up with him. She hasn’t been beaten yet. The commenters here have to accept she is an idiot.

    Having said that. She never ever said she was a role model. It is your job to tell your daughters to stay away from abusive men.

  24. jani says:

    Please let this spoiled, annoying twit “want” to remain forever in a soundproof room that has no access to Twitter or any other form of communication.

  25. knock yourself out Rihanna… or just give it some time and Chris will do it for you.

  26. judyjudy says:

    Yeah. Have fun with that.

  27. Skinnybetch says:

    Boring zzzzzzzzzz. She is so dead inside she needs all of the drama to feel alive. That’s what the industry does. And once she hits 30 they will replace her. Her rebellious behavior is just a cry for help. She’s just to immature to ask for it.

  28. Anne de Vries says:

    Didn’t she grow up with a lot of abuse in her family? Because I can see how if this is the only model of ‘love’ she’s ever really witnessed (the rollarcoaster model of high highs and super lows and lots of drama) that normal, respectful relationships seem flat and not really love.