Is Lady Gaga about to dump Taylor Kinney and get back with Luc Carl?

Last year, Lady Gaga had a moment of awesomeness. She dumped her liquor-soaked on-again boyfriend Luc Carl and ended up getting with Taylor Kinney, the hottie she met on her “You & I” music video. Gaga and Taylor seemed to start up last September-ish, and they were spotted out together at various times through the fall and winter. Things were looking up for Ol’ Gaga. But Gaga is self-defeating, I think. And she just can’t quit Luc Carl’s mangy ass. Radar/Star reports that Gaga’s “fling” with Kinney is “cooling off” and she’s rekindling something with Luc. Ugh.

Lady Gaga is not able to hide her devotion to ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl with a poker face these days, as a source tells Star magazine that her fling with actor Taylor Kinney is cooling off, while her feelings for Lüc are heating back up!

“They never really gave up on each other: they’ve been talking a lot lately,” the source says of Lüc, who recently authored a book called The Drunk Diet, and is expected to meet up with Gaga in their native New York in the near future. (In contrast, Gaga and Kinney haven’t been seen out publicly in a month.)

The 26-year-old Bad Romance singer — who plugged Lüc’s book to her 22 million Twitter followers on March 25 — is “impressed by how ambitious he’s become since they split a year ago,” the insider tells Star.

“He wrote the book and is opening his own club,” the insider says, predicting Lüc and his Lady will “probably end up together again.”

[From Radar]

From what I’ve seen of Luc Carl, he’s like a drunker, even more busted version of Trace Cyrus, so… I hope Gaga knows what she’s doing. I think Kinney is gorgeous, so obviously, if I was in Gaga’s place, I’d keep Taylor around just to have something pretty to look at. I just don’t “get” why Luc has this hold on Gaga. Is it because he knew her before she became famous? Because that sh-t only goes so far.

Taylor Kinney

Luc Carl

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  1. someone says:

    Taylor kinney’s character in Shameless US was ruined for me when I realized he was the one dating Lady G in real life. cannot for the life of me stand her and her pretentious bs

  2. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Luc Carl Looks like a scrawny 80′s hair metal (cover) band reject. Really, he looks THAT cheesy and budget. I’d hit Trace Cyrus way before I’d even shake hands with that one.

  3. kristipistol says:

    It reminds me of the relationship between Ginger (Sharon Stone) and her pimp (James Woods) in Casino. Weird. Taylor is hot!

  4. Katyusha says:

    Is that the same Luc Carl who who hosts Sirius’ Hair Nation???

  5. Sydney says:

    Story is bs. GaGa has been in Chicago with Taylor while he films his tv show. She recently told fans that Taylor is her dream boyfriend and can’t believe he is her boyfriend, so she would be beyond dumb to go back to Luc.

  6. iseepinkelefant says:

    Not only is he fug but what kind of hipster douche pens a diet book about living off of whiskey? Try hard.

  7. Random Devotchka says:

    Oh GaGa! Don’t Do It!
    This Luc person seems so terrible and from everything I have read he treats her terribly. But it seems she feels she is her most creative with him. Gaga sets herself up as an example, and I worry what example being with Luc is sending- esp. to her younger fans.

  8. Coucou says:

    Her outfit is FUGLY, as usual. Her sunglasses remind me of “Pop Specs” from Absolutely Fabulous, where we were all sure to understand that they were a complete and utter JOKE.

  9. Moi says:

    I met Luc Carl in NYC at Brian Newmans show. He’s very sweet and has a beautiful face in person. Just sayin’….

  10. Cleo says:

    She should be the new face of Estee Lauder – sophisticated, young, creative and totally protected from sun damage!

  11. kaligula says:

    Whomever she’s with, hope they cherish her….

  12. Julie says:

    She doesn’t match Taylor AT ALL. Look at the pic of Luke & then look at hers. They look like they were MADE for eachother.

  13. Bridget Kerrigan says:

    I for one also would like to see Mother Monster maybe not back with Luc Carl… but I’m telling you, Taylor is not doing anything for her bad-girl image…. She needs to dump Taylor and be on her own for a while to focus on her music… that’s the most important thing… Am I right?