‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’ trailer: even worse than we imagined?

clint eastwood dina ruiz

In December of last year, rumors began to swirl that Clint Eastwood’s family would star in a reality show, and word filtered out that Clint had initially been dead set against the idea, but wife Dina Ruiz insisted. Then in March, the show was officially confirmed; it was further revealed that the program was called “Mrs. Eastwood & Company” and would primarily star Dina, her two daughters, and the band that Dina manages. In addition, Clint has begrudgingly agreed to make small cameo appearances in the show even though we all know he’ll be running like hell from the camera (and Dina’s crazy photo faces), right? Possibly. Here’s the new trailer for the upcoming E! show, which premieres on May 20, and it looks like Clint is featured prominently in the trailer both kissing his wife and making this embarrassed-looking face:

clint eastwood dina ruiz

Check out the trailer below and weep for The Man With No Name:

“Some Hollywood families live for fame. This one lives to let live. Some adopt an attitude. This one adopted a band. Some live for the spotlight. This one lives a million miles away. Mrs. Eastwood & Company. Coming this May. Only on E!”

[From E!]

Uh. Correct me if I’m wrong, but any Hollywood family (or other group of individuals) who does a reality show is necessarily doing it for the fame, correct? Certainly, Clint’s 19-year-old daughter, Francesca, has fame in mind while she frolics under a bedspread for the camera in the below screencap. In addition, Francesca’s boyfriend is none other than Tyler Shields, who has made a dubious career of gimmicky, tasteless photo shoots with the likes of Lindsay Lohan (featuring boob groping), Mischa Barton (featuring raw meat), and Tamara Ecclestone (featuring a bed and a pile of cash). Nope, this show will have nothing to do with famewhoring at all.

clint eastwood dina ruiz

Here’s the band (the titular “Company”) that Dina manages called Overtone. They look like nearly every other generic pseudo-rock act these days, but maybe they sound better than they look. Or maybe not.

clint eastwood dina ruiz

Screencaps courtesy of YouTube

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59 Responses to “‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’ trailer: even worse than we imagined?”

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  1. brin says:

    The title alone makes me want to hurl (trading on the Eastwood name for ratings). Somehow “Dina Ruiz and Company” doesn’t have the same cache.
    Call it what you want but to pretend you are above it all when you are on the Kardashian network says trashy reality show to me.

    • Eleonor says:

      My thought, people would have asked “DINA WHO?”

      • ZenB!tch says:

        She should have changed her name, then she could have that famous last name wherever she goes.

        BTW: I am not an advocate for changing one’s name or not changing it, I think it’s the woman’s choice but when one is a famewhore married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood, it just makes sense. If I were her I would have hyphenated to Dina Clint-Eastwood.

  2. Bite me says:

    For shame

    • Liv says:


    • Coucou says:

      Is she friends with Kris Jenner? I can just see the Kardashian Klan givin’ a big ol’ high five to the Eastwoods for this momentous occasion. Way to go Dina. Please walk up to the mirror and slap the first person you see for me.

    • Raven says:

      QQ, ITA. I never thought of Dana Ruiz as a bimbo, but I am clearly wrong. Eastwood has always been outspoken about not wanting to be involved with women who want to make a career off his name. It is part of the reason he broke up with Francesca’s birth mother. Apparently, for him, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      I hope this show crashes and burns soon so we can all avoid the embarrassment.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I want to know what happened. She’s been with him forever and NOW she does this? Ignoring my bad joke above – this makes no sense. She was a TV reporter and stopped doing that when she married Clint – likely because of Clint’s “don’t use me” clause. She kept her maiden name so it’s not like she was sashaying around saying “I’m Mrs. CLINT EASTWOOD” So after 15 years, what changed? I don’t see Dina hanging with the Kardassians because Clint wouldn’t let them in the house.

  3. marie says:

    oh that’s horrible.. add that to the list of things I will not be watching..

    • Aiobhan says:

      Me too! This just looks like she is taking advantage of a senile old man’s name; I feel sorry for him. Hopefully we will not see him do any stunts for this show.

  4. Natasha says:

    Poor Clint.

    • dahlianoir says:

      He’s my father’s hero. I don’t think I’ll tell him about this show… Poor Clint indeed.

      • corny says:

        talk about sinking to a new low

      • Ari says:

        Same here, Dahl.

      • guilty pleasures says:

        Hear, hear. My husband is a Clint fanatic. I tease him about watching his movies a million times over. I will not be telling him about this horrific fall from grace. I am saddened and embarrassed for a man who has added so much to our modern cinema.
        For shame.

    • Dusty says:

      It almost seems like elder abuse. Poor Clint is likely too old and feeble to put up a fight. He looks pretty hot for his age but he is 81!

  5. lower-case deb says:

    dare i ask if dina ruiz is having a mid-life crisis?
    poor clint.

    but then again, i really really hope that the film crew actually learn something useful and great just by breathing the same rareified air as the great Mr. Eastwood.

    the cameraman picking a tip or two, for instance?

    i am still clutching on my beads, hoping that even in this unfortunate circumstances, the Man with No Name can turn a miracle. :)

    a new-leaf for untrashy reality show? it’s a huge ask. :)

  6. Jellybean says:

    This is so wrong.

  7. dorothy says:

    Pathetic attempt at fame on Dina’s part. Have a little pride and self respect.

  8. Guest says:

    I sure many people will tune into the first two episodes to see Clint and make fun of the show and I bet the ratings will fall after that.

  9. Agnes says:

    oh, clint. how the mighty have fallen.

  10. Jackie says:

    is he senile?? dominated by his wife?? just wants to keep peace at home??

    what on earth could make this man do this?

    what a terrible decision he has made. especially when he is nearing the end of his career that has become very well respected.

    • lower-case deb says:

      possibly love. to make a man do this.
      “for the wife”

      well. in sickness and in health (thank god for his continuing health, obviously).

      in grand designs and hare-brained schemes.

      in dignity and ignominy.

      oh the things you do for love, clintzy.

    • Deven says:

      Knowing this…I don’t understand why he agreed to do it. I get the part about keeping the peace, but he should have refused to appear in it. When it falls off the air, so be it.

  11. Jordan says:

    First he puts Justin Timberlake! in a movie and then he wants Beyonce to star in the remake of A Star is Born, and now this; I think it’s time to start looking for signs of senility in Clint.

  12. Assistantrachel says:

    Dear God…

  13. sup says:

    this is brainless.

  14. BW says:

    What is it with women named Dina?

  15. Jayna says:

    This breaks my heart. He is an icon, A-lister, great director. Shame on his wife.

  16. Martina says:

    I feel sorry for him too, but he DID marry her and I’m sure he knew what kind of person she was.

  17. Luciana says:

    And i mean NOW!!!!!!

  18. Gene Parmesan says:

    I am deeply embarrassed for this man. His legacy and legend is going down in flames and ironically it is not cos of a scandal but his wife’s thirsty famewhore abilities.

  19. Jess says:

    This is so depressing.

  20. La.uren says:

    Clint has always lost his marbles over women he finds beautiful. Sandra Locke was another gorgeous ditz that dominated Clint’s life for over a decade. Dina was in broadcasting when Clint met her, and pursued her like an old horny dog. This is what Clint wanted, this is the sacrifice.

    • This is terrible fame-whoring. But Clint’s getting on in years and once he’s gone, it’ll be harder for her or the girls to get public attention.
      Oh and Dina could barely get out a coherent sentence as a newscaster in the tiny Monterey market. I used to cringe when I saw her on KSBW. Since then, I’ve seen her host a weird special or two, and she’s clearly gotten coaching. But this IS an embarrassment.

    • Raven says:

      Sondra Locke beautiful??? You’ve got to be kidding. She was a dog, will never understand what he saw in her. A big Hollywood star can do way better than that.

  21. Green_Eyes says:

    Somewhere Dirty Harry is asking Someone desperately to “Go ahead and make my day….just shoot me & get me outta reality t.v. Hell”!!!!!!

  22. velourazure says:

    funniest posts ever. lol @ “elder abuse” and “free clint”

  23. Jayna says:

    Which band member do you think Dina is screwing?

  24. Patricia says:

    At 81 Mr. Eastwood doesn’t need this kind of stress in his life or his home. This will surely put him in an early grave. Perhaps that’s the plan.

  25. Newtsgal says:

    TACKY…just TACKY!

  26. ol cranky says:

    “Some live for the spotlight. This one lives a million miles away.” and wants so desperately to live in the spotlight they put together this ludicrous and embarrassing excuse of a reality show.

  27. Shane says:

    I just lost all faith in humanity.

  28. Kosmos says:

    No, this is really in bad taste. Oh Gawd, is he doing it for the wife? Probably. Too bad. I don’t see this as a good thing and totally out of character for Clint. Then bring in the daughter, but trying for the sexy in a sheet? Double gag… I’m sorry, but this all looks very unfortunate.

  29. JRenee says:

    This really does give me a case of the extreme sads! I love Rowdy Yates…This is a stain on his career!

  30. crtb says:

    Why is she doing it?
    She doesn’t need the money. She’s been married to him for years. She didn’t just turn into a fame whore. She must be bored. This is what he gets for marrying a woman so much younger than him. He’s senile and doesn’t have a clue what his young wife is doing! lol

  31. Havik says:

    Oh, Clint :C this is…shameful. He doesn’t NEED this; Eastwood is a household name, and honorably so.

    If Dina wants fame and adoration this is the WRONG way to go about it. Actually, if anything, I kind of despise her now…

  32. Martha says:

    Tyler Shields is the sketchiest ever.

    What’s worse is that now he is actually getting to shoot people who are not just C list.

    He shot some of the cast of Hunger Games (not, mind you, Jennifer Lawrence as far as I am aware) as well as some of the case of Mad Men. Bizarre. His photos are foul.

  33. Anne says:

    I find it difficult to feel sorry for him. He has done some cruel and embarrassing things to some of the women in his life. Being 81 and a legend doesn’t change that.

    This also seems like it stands to benefit his daughters more than his wife.

    Also Dina only has one child, Morgan. Francesca is his daughter with Frances Fisher.

    • polk8dot says:

      I remember, many many years ago, his oldest daughter posed for Playboy. He had such a cow over it that he stopped speaking with her for several years.
      Somehow, that episode seems so insignificant now, compared to the total WRONGNESS of this new scheme. I be that oldest daughter is laughing her ass of at him now.

  34. JoJo Lee says:

    All the critiscism is unwarranted. Dina is perhaps using this as a platform to promote the band and jump start their daughters’ career. For better or worse, reality TV is not going away so watch it if you want and don’t if it bothers you. Of course you have a right to express your opinion.

  35. kingkayski says:

    It’s like “The good,the bad and the ugly”
    The Good is Clint Eastwood,The bad is Dina,and the Ugly are the famewhore daughters,oh my!Should we call senior protection program,i think Mr Eastwood is being abused!

  36. Jaye says:

    I saw the trailer for this on tv last night and rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache. A celebrity of Mr. Eastwood’s caliber shouldn’t have to be subjected to this potentially embarassing situation just because his wife and daughter are famehoes.

  37. sandy says:

    Men, this is what happens when you become whipped! Can make you say and do anything no matter how stupid it is.. omg, what a total anchor in Eastwood’s reputation and career! How embarassing! I hope no one watches this show so it can go off the air soon!

  38. Rose says:

    Oh my goodness, what was Clint Eastwood thinking…. I once thought and had much respect and admiration for him…. Wow!!!!!!! I can still remember him saying Dina had no interest in Hollywood…. Hello!!!! Was he in denial…. What a joke!!!! She brings him down!

  39. Earl says:

    Why not keep the show with just the
    housekeeper, she is so cool!!
    Housekeepers do lots of work with so
    little pay, so why not make her
    prosperous, by giving her, her own show?
    Then it would be great! Bless your
    housekeepers for they are just as
    important as you…