Ashley Judd: “I think it’s hatred of women that invites the criticism”

These are some new photos of Ashley Judd and her husband Dario Franchitti at an LA screening of Ashley’s new ABC show, Missing, at the Paley Center. Can I just interject for a moment and tell how crappy that show looks? It looks AWFUL. I don’t know if the show is better than the commercials, because I haven’t watched it, but just the idea of Ashley going all Jason Bourne and running around Europe, kicking ass… it just looks horrible. Now, Ashley looks pretty good in these photos. Is that terribly misogynistic to say that? That Ashley looks healthy and pretty here? Or is it only anti-woman when you point out that a woman looks less attractive? Why are we talking about a woman’s appearance at all? Oh, right. Because she’s a film and television star who has made millions of dollars off of her appearance through Hollywood work and beauty and modeling contracts with Estee Lauder and others.

Some people took offense yesterday to CB’s coverage of Ashley Judd’s Daily Beast essay. I’d just like to say… I cosign CB’s thoughts and then some. In my opinion, Ashley was not making a larger argument about patriarchy and the objectification of women. She was just angry because people talked about how she looked puffy and waxy, much like someone who had recently gone in for fillers and Botox. She was angry because people said she looked BAD, not because people were talking about her appearance in general. And you know what? She had and has every right to be angry, and she has every right to defend herself. But I too think she’s full of it for couching her defense in a larger feminist discourse, especially when her defense includes the phrase, “When my skin is nearly flawless, and at age 43, I do not yet have visible wrinkles that can be seen on television…”

Anyway, Ashley is going to be interviewed tonight on the NBC Nightly News. She basically going to double down on her (flawed) argument, judging from this preview on Today:

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  1. Rhea says:

    Uh-huh… Whatever you say, Ash.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Uh, well ~ I hate to break it to you Ashley. I CAN see wrinkles on your face on tv. I have NO PROBLEM with seeing them, but I can see them.

      I was really sad when I saw how puffy she was, and I immediately thought she put fillers and I was like NOOOOOOOO! I hate seeing people turn into plastic melty faces! She has since said she was on meds which caused the puffiness. I believe her.

      I feel for her, but imo, this crusade is not gonna help anything. It just makes her look more like a bitch than anything. People will say shit about the most perfect looking people without blinking an eye.

      And can I just say I am so sick to death of the words hater and bully now. SO overused and it’s only just begun….

    • leelee says:

      seriously, Ashley, it’s women like you who give in to the bs pressure of trying to look “young” forever. so many of you…filling and tweaking your faces into bizarro masks that make you look strange (and old) instead of young (and pretty). those who call you out on a suddenly puffed up, weird looking mug aren’t being misogynistic, they’re just being observant! Ashley, learn to like yourself as a woman and lay off the needles, lasers, and scalpels.

  2. Eve says:

    Dario Franchitti is kinda hot — looks a little like Oscar Isaac, non?

  3. marie says:

    I’ve watched the show and it is as bad as you think. The whole time I watched it I couldn’t figure out if she was always asking a question or if her eyebrow was styled that way. It appears to be styled that way, WTH? I am the only person that’s bothered by this?

    • nbc says:

      I love her show!! Stupid, unbelievable plot (at times)…but it is quite entertaining….

      • hstl1 says:

        I like it too. There were lots of twists the last episode. And Sean Bean is in it so bonus!

    • cat1 says:

      I agree. The show is better than you would think. It’s engaging and keeps you on the edge of your seat. And she’s quite good in it. I read some essays on her blog about conflict in the Congo and how our use of electronics is fueling it — I have to say that changed my opinion of her. I have more respect for her now because she does seem engaged in the world which might be where this viewpoint is coming from re: her looks. (That being said, I don’t know that I believe that something is not up with her skin … _

      • polk8dot says:

        I thought the same until the 3rd episode, when her friend from US showed up in Cannes. It was almost as if the whole cast and production crew had been abducted by aliens and substituted by others who had no clue what they were doing. The acting became campy and ridiculous, with over-acting spreading like wildfire from person to person. The writing became trite, stupid, and unrealistic in the extreme. The action/events became just sooo contrived, so forced, so…just sooooo bad. The wole thing went to sh!t in 3 min tops. I could only stand 5 more min of the show, and after that did not watch a moment more. Even when I want mindless entertainment, I still have some standards, it turns out. That crap is not just camp, it is a total kitch, a complete disaster, and I do not think it will even last the whole first season thru – it will most likely get cancelled in an episode or two.
        Yes, it REALLY is THAT BAD.
        And Ashley – oh, she’s the worst of the bunch. Almost like she did not get the memo what kind of campy crap they were shooting, so she shows up to work every morning ready to knock ‘Richard III’ out of the park or something.
        I think she not only lost all her beauty and charm from her youth, she lost any acting ability she might have had before.
        Since she will not be able to support herself as a successful actress much longer, I bet we’ll soon hear a declaration of how she ‘decided to dedicate all her efforts to her charity work’ from now on. Too bad she apparently sucks at that, too….

  4. Chatcat says:

    Uh, hmm, Ok whatever Ashley. I have watched the show waiting for signs of Sean Bean (God I love that man) and it is terrible and only 2 secs in a flashback of Mr. Bean. It is terrible. Oh and her hubby is kinda hot in a short, lean, great smile way.

    • hstl1 says:

      Spoiler, Sean Bean is back so watch it!

      • Chatcat says:

        Thanks hstl for the head’s up…besides Peter Dinklage I thought Sean and Mark Addy were the other best reasons to watch GOT…both gone and as much as I loved season 1 I am having hard time with season 2.

    • Jen34 says:

      Sean Bean is on that show? Now I will have to watch damnit.

    • gast says:

      So I’m not the only one 🙂 I’ve watched the first minutes of Missing, just to see Sean Bean – after he was gone… meh. But I heard that his character is coming back and so am I. I just love that man.

  5. lucy2 says:

    She’s feeling defensive and trying to turn this into something bigger – that it’s really not.
    People saw her doing promotion, said hey, her face looks puffier than it used to, wonder if she got fillers. That’s about it, not some great hatred or conspiracy against women.
    Yes, women, esp. in Hollywood are judged more harshly on their looks than men and it’s not fair, but she’s trying to make this some sort of crusade, and it’s very overblown.

  6. Ann says:

    She looks great, and this site is full of disparaging and overcritical remarks regarding women’s appearance while men are often given a waiver.

    • Sapphire says:

      To each their own, but I think an individual who has exhibited themselves invites this response. Was she succumbing to a hatred of women when she posed for topless shots? I am sure she had nothing to say about the patriarchy when she was complimented. Judge much?

    • Chatcat says:

      Ann…why do you think this blog is called celeb “bitchy” because this is where us woman come to vent vent vent. It is really harmless to the celebs on one hand (the nature of these type of blogs) and helpful on the other (the nature of these type of blogs) to us everyday folks!

    • lower-case deb says:

      just today i’ve read about fassbender’s ugly hair, ugly teeth, ugly clothes, and also the assortment of monickers given to him that are variations of his name plus a part of his anatomy.

      even on this page, dario is being remarked as “short”. tame, i know. but still a disparaging comment aimed at a short-coming of a physical attribute.

      also, clooney’s alleged gayness; as well as ewan mcgregor’s scruffiness and general-midlife-crisis-ness, shortiness (the need to wear lifts was even criticized. why can’t men wear lifts, i ask? women wear skyscrapers!), his hoop earring (also something that’s okay on women, but men must be absolutely crucified for). jude law’s gross hairline and general saddyness.

      even 81-year-old geriatrics are not free from scorn. ranging from senility to meow-whipped. hmm what else. another favorite on this site includes theroux’s orangeness and pluckedeyebrowedness; brad pitt’s scruffy unfortunatelookingnes; the bieb’s is-he-really-a-male criticism

      when it comes to bitchyness, no one is safe.
      moreover, there’s no bitchness like showbitchness.

      i guess, even g-d is not safe. if he ever dares set foot on earth, i’m sure we’ll find a way to criticize his fashion sense and/or personal appearance and/or grooming habits.

      • Chatcat says:

        Yes, well some is bitching just to be bitchy and some it constructive critisism (i.e. Fassy’s teeth issues). For some of us it is escapism and for other’s of us it is a way to share our wit and sarcasm. If you don’t like it or are offended, then you have the right NOT to visit this site or others like it. And there is no way I’d ever critisize God or Jesus…there is enough atheists around getting media attention doing that!

    • AnnaLeigh says:

      I agree with Ann. She looks great and is standing up for herself.

  7. jc126 says:

    I give her a pass, because I can’t imagine what it’s like having tons of strangers criticize your appearance and comment on your body publicly. I know how it felt to get comments on my body when I was an adolescent, and that was horrifying, so it must be exponentially worse in public.

    • Lithe says:


      • Chris says:

        Oh give me a break. She’s an actress for crying out loud – looks have helped actors and actresses get ahead since hollywood became an industry. She’s been in the business for years and has benefitted very much from Hollywoods “obsession” with looks (but then again, she probably thinks she succeeded solely on her talent, much like Gwyneth thinks). She’s a hyprocrite for whining about it now, when it no longer works for her.
        Her whole essay is one big complaint about a gossip columnist pointing out she’s not as hot as she used to be. Poor baby.

    • chalky says:

      Seriously? Judd chose a career that revolves around being seen and talked about, and is paid millions to do it. In addition, she’s used her face and body to advertise for brand products as well as her chosen pet causes.

      Bottom line: If people were commenting on Judd’s beauty instead of pointing out her puffy face she would not be using every outlet available to whine about the misogynistic, patriarchal society. These are the ramblings of a vain, insecure narcissist with a platform. She’s using a bigger issue to lash out at negative comments about her appearance.

  8. Coucou says:

    Somehow i’m liking the dress and shoes…especially those shoes…yessss…however, she needs to get off the feminapause bandwagon FAST…if all us Celebitches were saying she looked totally fab, there’d be no complaints. She was puffed out, and we were sincerely worried for her health (and also wanted to be warned about any sort of beauty technique she was employing). Sigh, she’s got the Winslet-Minogue eyebrow arch.

    Hubby is hot, meeoowww…count your blessings sweetie, not your critics.

  9. saintdevil says:

    Her overstuffed face actually makes her look older than 43.

    • DreamyK says:

      Her face looks completely different than it used to, and yet her body looks about the same. It’s normal speculation and feminism has nothing to do with it. The same idle speculation happens at class reunions and family picnics to both men and women who are noticeably changed.

      Get off that high horse, Ashley. I ain’t buyin’ what you are tryin’ to sell.

  10. Lizbet says:

    Is it just me who thinks she looks awful? Something is definitely going on with her moonlike face.

  11. gab says:

    Dear Ash, get off your high horse before you fall on your face.

    • atorontogal says:

      With all the puffiness she’d just bounce back up anyway.

      • marie says:

        ha ha ha, I couldn’t contain the snort and now my co-workers are looking at me funny..

      • randand00 says:

        Oh, how I love my fellow celebitches. Sometimes you girls say what I’m thinking before I can pound it out on my keyboard. Other times you pull shit out that makes me happy that I can read. Good laughs y’all, good laughs.

  12. Roxy750 says:

    Getting sucked in now, question: Is she an alcoholic? She has that puffy alcoholic face look…hmmm, too bad.

  13. Jezi says:

    Someone who has filled their face with fillers and botox should not be commenting about how people judge based on appearance. Obviously, they judge themselves because they are injecting their face with stuff so that they slow down the aging process. Which I’m all for but don’t get all uppety because people comment on it.

  14. imabrat says:

    It happens to everyone. Whether spoken or unspoken we judge everyone’s looks to an extent.
    It wasn’t a judgement call sweetie, it was an observation.

  15. Jenna says:

    Ah, I love everything you wrote.

  16. Jayna says:

    I love the new show, I have to admit.

  17. bagladey says:

    There’s NOBODY who can convince me that her face is not over-full of fillers. Her cheeks are so “full” that her eyes look sunken. And why is she wearing so much red blush all the time? It makes her look like she has rosacea.

    • Girl says:

      Steroids can cause that sort of puffiness. I speak from experience. I also have a case of the gin blossoms on my cheeks. I went to pick up my son from school and got so many funny looks from the administrators (it has also made me very weak physically) that I had to explain that I wasn’t drunk but on medication and I was fine to drive.

  18. dorothy says:

    Either way she’s married to a gorgeous man.

  19. Lisa says:

    This whole family is nuts.

  20. normades says:

    I co-sign your co-sign. You pretty much summed it up for me.

  21. Onyx XV says:

    No, honey, it’s not hatred of women. It’s that you were once quite a beauty, and you presently look gawdawful.

    She must have gone to the same doctor as poor Lara Flynn Boyle. Quite a shame, on both counts!

  22. randand00 says:

    Can someone tell me WHY beautiful women feel the need to IMPROVE on their already gorgeous faces by surgical means, only to have it turn out to be a total disaster, and then get upset when common folks call them out on their stupid decisions? (Referring to Priscilla Presley, Ashley Judd, the list is too long to mention…). Seriously. I think botched plastic surgery is God’s sadistic way of saying “Don’t fu@k with my perfection, y’all!!!” Just saying… Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Ha, I love that!

    • polk8dot says:

      I think it is because these women are used, from the get-go, to having a plastic surgeon help them obtain the ideal of beauty they then present to us as ‘natural’, ‘born-with’ etc.
      To me that is the only explanation for why beautiful girls/women schlep their bodies to a doc’s office for ‘help’ the moment a tiniest imperfection appears. They’ve simply done that forever, and most likely, the prettier the woman the more the plastic surgeon was engaged in making her that way.
      I used to think that there were soooo many ‘naturally’ beautiful actresses, but I finally realized that probably 90% are plastic, even though they do not YET look it. And once you get used to running to your surgeon with every tiniest problem, you do not even realize that the slope gets more and more slippery with each visit. That’s why they all seem to – at one point in their lives – have crossed that invisible border, from behind which there is no return, and at which we finally realise how fake, plastic, worked-over and artificial their beauty was.

  23. Playlist says:

    My biggest irk with her is how she uses “all woman-kind” as her platform to complain. We know the difference between a woman working at a bank and a woman being paid big bucks to entertain us on camera. If A. Jolie’s face started looking like a puffer fish, do you think she would still get hired as a lead in a movie? No. As a highly paid actor/actress/model it is their job to maintain their face and body or they don’t get work.

    If her face is bloated from medication, then she should have tried some other alternatives. There are numerous men and woman who are no longer working in front of the camera because they have jacked their faces beyond recognition to their “brand”. If she were working behind the camera, no one would comment or care.

    Ashley also has a reputation for treating people, both men and women, like crap, so it is hypocritical of her to stand on a soapbox proclaiming respect for all women because we dared to criticize her personally.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Thank you, to be honest if I were on Prednisone (temporarily) and I were Ashley or someone like her, I would hide out until the effects were over.

      Here is a really weird example: Jerry Lewis the 80something comic. He was put on Prednisone indefinitely, he swelled up like a balloon. He went on Larry King to explain why he looked like that because he knew he looked like he gained 200lbs in a week.

  24. KateNonymous says:

    It’s not that she’s wrong, it’s that she’s now seeing the flip side of a system that until recently benefited her–and suddenly it’s a crime against women.

    Seriously, do you think Ashley Judd turned down a role and said to the casting director, “Why don’t you try Rusty Schwimmer? People think I’m hot, but she’s a much better actress and would really do a better job with this part.”

    And again, I agree with her overall point. But I’m not sure she has a lot of credibility here. Or that most actors do.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’ll admit it, I am HARSH when it comes to actors. I see it as being negligent in their duties if they don’t look perfect. I hold them to standards that I would never hold aid 20 year old or even Princess Kate to. It’s not Kate’s job to look perfect or even to be genetically beautiful.

      The thing is, I am not sexist – Ashley can go look at what I say about how old Brad Pitt is looking or if she really wants to have fun she can see what I think of Fassbender…

      “When my skin is nearly flawless, and at age 43, I do not yet have visible wrinkles that can be seen on television…”

      The opposite applies to him – he wishes he looked 43.

      There are some actors: Meryl, Tilda, DeNiro, Pacino who have a career and can look like crap but 99% of them are hired for their looks. The ones that hang on, also happen to have talent but that was a lucky accident.

      I never heard anyone say she looked ugly – just not her usually pretty self.

  25. BabyCakes says:

    Then just ADMIT to getting stuff done. People wouldn’t get so pissed if they didn’t think they were being made a fool out of.Don’t play spin doctor and try to deny it. I mean do these people think we are stupid? All one has to do is take a picture of her from five years ago and now and we can see the cheek implants and fillers. The botox too. If I had the ability, I’d get everything done that I have an issue with and they scream from the mountaintops about it.

  26. lost in the barrens says:

    Well at least she can articulate an opinion.Hell of a lot more then some actresses can do.

  27. Koa K says:

    So sick of these ignorant women like Ashley (Samantha Brick, anyone?) who trot out this same old “go to” response. Just because I criticize your puffed up face doesn’t mean I hate you or am jealous of you! Tired of hearing this same old song and dance, it’s a complete load of CRAP.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      That’s mean she looks younger and prettier than that thing. If I looked as old as Samantha does last year when I was “41” I would have had something peeled at minimum.

  28. meh says:

    Yeah. Her point about “I’m 43, but I don’t even look it. You can’t see my wrinkles BECAUSE I LOOK YOUNG.” is just evidence that she has bought into the patriarchy in believing she needs to look young. I wish she had just said “I’m 43, I look 43, and everyone can suck it because this is how normal people look.” At least then I would have some respect for her.

    Except she doesn’t look like a normal 43 year old woman, she looks like a swollen marshmallow, so I guess that argument wasn’t an option for her. Nevermind.

  29. sam jenson says:

    Agree that when she’s being complemented, she has no problem with ‘the patriarchy’ or whatever. She’s just digging herself deeper and deeper with her stupid remarks (not to mention sounding totally psycho)

    The more interviews this woman gives the more psychotic, arrogant and laughable she becomes.
    She had better hold onto Dario.

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    “When my skin is nearly flawless, and at age 43, I do not yet have visible wrinkles that can be seen on television…”

    — you know what Ashley? I believe you because so do I and we have same coloring, it’s the olive skin – that and I saw what you looked like when you tried the ‘tox during your book tour and you look much better in these photos.

    HOWEVER, your mother and sister must be utterly self-loathing misogynists because together they have had as much done as Catwoman.

    It’s your JOB to be preternaturally beautiful so please be quiet and go back to making me feel insecure. You make good money for that. BTW: that means you need to lose weight – you look like a normal healthy woman here… that is not what you are paid for.

  31. Nonny says:

    There’s no wrinkies in a balloon.

  32. kitty bye says:

    I think it would be refreshing to turn on the tv or see a mag or a movie, and not notice that almost every actress has had something done. Is it just me? what is going on? I remember being naive about duck lips terms etc and new to learning about ps & I still am a bit shocked by it all… :/ I guess it will just make the population value youth even more before all the ps because the ones with it just do not seem like the cherished actors of the distant past… the classic NON enhanced beauties…. Maybe it is just the enhanced actresses get called out most or shocking changes are more popular to discuss IDK!

    Shannon Doherty photo on yahoo recently? is that really her? and Renee mag cover? WHAT

  33. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    A good friend’s husband made a funny comment about my hair, pointing to a VERY noticeable white streak a la X-Men Rogue (yeah, right) and, though I laughed with him, I was mortified and crushed (as was his wife who proceeded to smack and scold him). If one silly comment from a friend can send you into an emotional tailspin, I can’t imagine what nasty comments from thousands of strangers worldwide can do!

    But on the other hand, there’s no reason for her to respond in this bizarre way, trying to deflect and distract us from what is probably just a case of hurt feelings and bruised ego. I mean,really, nobody likes to get old, but it’s a blessing. Accept and embrace it gracefully–don’t be a bitter whiner.