Octomom on death threats: My kids could never have a better mother, people are jealous

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Suleman interview starts at 2:20

Octomom Nadya Suleman was on the Today Show via satellite from her home this morning. (Video is above.) She was much more subdued and less manic than we’ve seen from her in previous interviews. The issue was that she seemed genuinely scared, and was talking about a recent death threat she’d received.

Suleman of course recently made the admission that she was back on food stamps to make ends meet. Many people were outraged that she had seemly squandered all the money she earned from photo spreads, interviews, and appearance fees and was now relying on public assistance to raise the 14 children she got IVF to conceive as a single unemployed mom. Someone went so far as to smash out the back window on Octo’s minivan and scrawl a note to her to “leave California or die,” which is the death threat we’re talking about. In this interview, Suleman explained that she lost the original note, and claimed she gave it to a news outlet that interviewed her. (Maybe TMZ, they have a photo of it.) She said she handed a copy over to police though. I found myself feeling sorry for this lady, who is clearly in way over her head. Then she added a bunch of stuff about how she’s the best mother ever and people are jealous of the bonds her kids have with each other. (Like soldiers bonding in the trenches.)

On the death threats
It’s exacerbated my anxiety and my fear of being out in the public so I don’t really go out often. If I do, I’ll wear a wig or I’ll disguise myself.

On her plans to make money
I’m open to doing any type of reality show. I’m planning on getting off the food stamps within a month

On if she’s scared her children will get taken away
Not at all. They [CPS] don’t do that. They help you get assistance. They were actually shocked it took me over three years to even call, to ask for some help with food.

On people who say her kids deserve better
My message is that they could never have a better home. A better home physically yes we are going to be moving, but they could never have a better mother. They are so so fortunate.

People are just jealous!
Actually these people who are saying that are quite envious that they will never have the connections that these children have within their own groups. The bond that they share and the connection they share with each other is extraordinary, and I think that they just are kind of oblivious to how special that bond it. They don’t have it.

Oh Nadya. Well her kids definitely need help, and they need to eat. They also need protection from anyone who would threaten them or their mother, that’s despicable.

It’s easy to see how Suleman deluded herself into thinking she could handle all this though. She’s the best mother ev-ah! Her kids are so special! Everyone is jealous that they didn’t have 13 brothers and sisters competing for the love of just one narcissist who never manages to pay the rent.

Nadya Suleman Octomom

Nadya Suleman Octomom

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41 Responses to “Octomom on death threats: My kids could never have a better mother, people are jealous”

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  1. Emily says:

    Sadly, I found myself thinking that she may have done this herself, to get some more attention. I wouldn’t put it past her.

    • Jess says:

      Exactly. If you look at the note, it looks like it was written by a child (her oldest daughter maybe?)

      This woman lies and seeks attention with every fiber of her being. She is being cagey about the note because she knows she will be found out to be a fraud…

      • Emily says:

        I was thinking the same thing. It seems like very childish handwriting, but then again, that points to her as well.

    • The Bobster says:

      An even more obvious hoax than the “lottery winner” in Maryland.

    • leelee says:

      I’m with everyone who said they suspected it might be Octofreak herself behind the smashed windows or at least the letter. For attention, or maybe because she wants insurance money for a new car…who knows? Her history suggests anything self serving is possible. She gets weirder looking, uglier every time I see her. Don’t know what she’s doing to that monster face of hers, but it ain’t pretty. She plays the jealousy card whenever she’s criticized. She’s so delusional she sees herself as a brilliant, ultra organized, martyr man magnet superhuman instead of the pathological, narcissistic mess she really is.

  2. atorontogal says:

    She calls them monsters and says they are mistakes…yeah I’m jealous of her mothering!

    • leelee says:

      she called them “eight pieces of poop” and said babies repulse her…maybe we all say things about our kids we don’t quite mean when we’re at our wits end, but Octogoon should know by know that when she’s giving a recorded interview, she might want to check herself before she wrecks herself…too late!

  3. Miffy says:

    Maybe she’s the one (and only one) jealous of that bond, she admitted before that being an only child fuelled her ovary harvesting hobbies.

  4. Laurie M. says:

    The note was not initially reported to the police, only the broken window. Nadya called tmz instead if the police with the note threatening her family? Then she threw the note in the garbage, then the cops came to her door asking for the note and she claimed she couldn’t find it, then her daughter found it but instead if giving it to the police – she gives it to an interviewer she won’t name. Sounds like the local police should do some more investigating. Someone is being evasive.

    • BW says:

      This ^

      And of course, the only option she’s thought of for making money is, “I’m open to doing a reality show.” Getting a job apparently isn’t on her radar.

    • leelee says:

      wow, those details make me 100% convinced that this so called “attack” is the work of Octo…enlisting any of her kids to help scam the cops and the public is such a Sulemove…she’s such a sneaky, calculating, yet totally transparent moron. She thinks she can con us into feeling bad about all the hate mail she’s getting since the food stamps came to light. It’s impossible to feel anything generous or positive toward her, she’s gross looking, gross acting, just gross all the way around.

  5. Isa says:

    I HATE that way of thinking. You don’t like/agree with me so you much be a JEALOUZ H8ER!!!!

  6. DeltaJuliet says:

    That’s funny….I know a lot of Mom’s who WORK HARD and take care of their families, and still feel pangs of guilt (myself included). “Maybe I could do this or that better”….not Octomom! She’s the best mother ever and her kids are SOOOOO lucky to have her!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      This ^. I cried every day on my way to work when my oldest was 2 and I went back to work. I cried at work every day when my youngest was 4 months old and I had to go back to work.

      Golly, it must be rough to be “open to doing ANY reality show” where the kids would most likely be involved. Cry me a river, Octobitch.

  7. brin says:

    No one is jealous of this delusional mess.

  8. Jenna says:

    Gosh, her face! What happened there? Ugh.

  9. lucy2 says:

    She probably did do that herself for attention. She’s clearly nuts. Of course her kids have bonded together, they’re all each other has!

    I hate that this woman has taken so much from the state, has no real job, etc, yet somehow had money for plastic surgery, all those IVF treatments, etc. She is the poster child for the word WRONG.

    Her plastic surgery didn’t hold up so well, huh? Yikes.

  10. bagladey says:

    I hope this story does not have a tragic ending because that woman is unstable and then to have the added stress of having to care for 14 children, well, time will tell. I can’t have sympathy for her because I do believe that she planned this thinking that it would bring her fame and wealth a la the Gosselins. This has to be the biggest backfire ever.

  11. Macey says:

    Do not waste any sympathy on this thing, thats why SHE started this story. If you look at the note on TMZ you can tell it was written in a girl’s handwriting. I truly believe she set this up herself to get sympathy and money, her usual routine. Funny how none of her neighbors heard or saw anything and she ran to TMZ before the police. She also stated she didnt notice until 9:00am when she got out of bed. How many mothers do you know that sleep in until 9:00am??
    Everything about her is phony, nice she’s using the media coverage from this to put feelers out for a realty show. Also notice she has fresh fillers in both her lips and cheeks, cant be hurting that bad. She probably applied for the food stamps so she could use her cash for her upkeep, just like she did with the millions that were already donated.

    • Jackson says:

      So true.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Especially with all those little kids? I mean, Toddles is in the process of trying to give up naps. But sometimes he gives up the ghost late in the afternoon, thus staying up later, and WE sleep in until 9.

      Idle curiosity question: Who takes care of those 14 kids while she lounges in bed until 9?

      • polk8dot says:

        Obviously the older 6 are stuck caring for the younger 8. It is apparent from the way she talks about them, and their ‘bond’, that they are everything to each other, and they are the only care/love providers in that household.
        The way she set herself up, she has 6 small human beings in perpetual indentured servitude, at her beck and call, for at least another 15 years, till the younger ones are of age. Because you know that the older ones will never abandon them, knowing what a SH!T of a mother they share, and will do everything to make life easier/more managable for the octoplets.
        I’m sure she’s not only able to sleep in till 9AM, she probably does not lift a finger around the house, instead depending on the older 6 to take care of everything. After all they are ‘so lucky to have her as a mother’, it is only fair that they should pay her back for that gift by slaving in her house, on her chores, and no doubt thanking her for allowing them the opportunity to be in such a devine presence.<>
        F-ing nutjob monster!

  12. ViloDeMenus says:

    People. Are. Jealous? No we’re pissed you had 6 kids you weren’t capable of caring for, with several special needs kids, and you decided to have 8 more you can’t feed. So I go to work and I have to pay for your children, the ones I never wanted, to eat. Jealous doesn’t enter in to it. And in a few years when some, or most of your kids will be entering our penal system, I will still be paying for your kids food, housing and needs. Resent is the word you are looking for, not jealous. Idiot.

  13. Lisa says:

    I know she’s basically old news, but it’s sad when a news item is identified as a “mother with 14 kids.” Really? That’s newsworthy?

    What about all of the mothers who struggle with one kid, half the income, and more than one job? Nobody gives them any media attention. Oh, that’s right, they haven’t whored out their insanity to the media.

  14. tooey says:

    No sympathy for this bitch. Her children, sure.

  15. sup says:

    she’s such a fucking idiot. remember when she denied having given that interview where she said that her children disgust her etc? well a very short while after denying all that she said similar things to what she earlier said. and she’s not kidding anyone she did porn. it doesn’t matter if you engage in the act or not fetish porn is still porn. she and alicia silverstone’s headlines (for that gross mouth to mouth thing) always make me nauseous.

    • sup says:

      and btw where does she keep finding all the money to get all these plastic surgeries (like her newest horrid nose for instance) ?

  16. Anastasia says:


  17. Laurie M. says:

    She also told TMZ she slept in that morning until 9am? She has said for years that she only gets 2-3 hours of sleep a night? I think someone named Octomom just got caught in a lie! And what mom of 14 sleeps in until 9am? I can tell she’s working hard to find a job.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Maybe she didn’t get to bed until 8:30am? That is the only way I could see a mother of 14 being in bed at 9am. Hell, that is the only way I could see ANY single mother (and most married mothers) with young children, in bed at 9am.

  18. nekid babies says:

    Hey where is octomom ustream 13? All good mothers video their naked babies. NOT. She is an idiot in so many ways.

  19. The Bobster says:

    You know you’re a loser when your only goal in life is to be on a reality show.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    I totally buy that she staged this. Maybe she didn’t shatter her car window (or maybe she did), but the disappearing-reappearing death-threat note has “Publicity Stunt” written ALL OVER IT.

    And anyone who is TRULY TERRIFIED for the safety of their children and themselves would have contacted the police, not TMZ. Dumbass.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I never thought about the possibility of her staging it herself before. But now that you mention it, it really seems possible.

    Re : 9 am wake up. This is why I love it when I have friends with small kids. I always know I can call them at 7 AM because I know they’re awake already.

  22. crazycatlady says:

    Can we talk about how her face is morphing back to its (somewhat) original form? It could be that she has gained some weight back after her manic overexercising “I’m gonna be a star after shooting out these kids” phase. Or it could just be that for some reason she stopped plucking her eyebrows. And god, please, I hope she gets her some tweezers and gets to work. Cuz they’re scaring me.

  23. kaligula says:

    I want one, or maybe two, of her children. I would be a devoted and loving mother to them, why can’t she give them to me??

  24. kellyinseattle says:

    She made me sick, and so did Dr. Drew, on his show. When people in the audience tried to speak, she spoke right over them and it was about “me, me, me”.