Robert Pattinson is “really insecure” about his body & he’s trying to quit smoking

Last week, some photos came out of Robert Pattinson paddle-boarding in Malibu. “Paddle-boarding” is a thing, right? I didn’t just make that up? Like, someone stands on a surf-board-like thing and paddles? Anyway, you can see the photos here at Pop Sugar. I thought at the time – and I still think now – that those were great pics of Sparkles. Sure, he’s not super-toned, but he’s not really out of shape either. His hair was a good length and he looks awesome with some scruff and with some color. Unfortunately for Sparkles, he has the self-esteem of a teenage girl. Sparkles thought he looked awful, and he hates that there are shirtless photos of him!

Robert Pattinson may be adored by millions of people — including his lady love Kristen Stewart — but a source tells Us Weekly that Rob was “upset” after photos emerged of him without a shirt. The Twilight actor was caught paddle-boarding in Malibu on March 30 wearing only his swim trunks — but we thought he looked great!

“He’s really insecure about his shirt being off,” a source said of the 25-year-old actor, who had painted-on ripped abs for scenes in various movies.

“Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six-pack,” a source previously told Star.

While we don’t think Rob has anything to be insecure about, if he wants to improve his body, first he should stop smoking! “He’s trying to cut back,” admitted the source.

[From Hollywood Life]

I actually buy that he’s trying to cut back on the cigarettes – because this is what happens to most people who try to quit or cut back – they gain weight. Also, from what I’ve read of Sparkles, he seems like a pleasantly neurotic guy who wallows in comfort food like fried chicken and pretzel M&Ms when he’s having a bad day. He’s a comfort-eater. Add to all of that the simple fact that at 25 years old, he’s probably already losing his crazy-fast metabolism so common in teenagers and those in their early-20s. By the time he’s 30, he’ll really have to work to take off those extra 20 pounds. Poor Sparkles! Still, I’m going to keep saying that he looks really good with some extra weight, and I don’t mind the lack of makeup-abs. He looks less pretty and more masculine with what he’s got going on now. Don’t be shy, Sparkles. Show us your body!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. marie says:

    I thought he looked fine, nothing to be self-conscious about-but I can sympathize, most people feel that way. And good for him trying to quit..

  2. Jeane says:

    He has a really unfortunate nose…

    His body is fine, he should worry about his weak nose! I always thought he could be really handsome if only he had a more masculine nose… Sorry but I just love a good nose on a guy! Shane from Walking Dead has THE SEXIEST nose! …anyone with me here..?

    • gillie says:

      He has a classic Roman-esque nose. Sure it’s small-ish, but what’s weak about it? It’s not like a weak chin.

    • T.C. says:

      I don’t like his nose either. It’s croocked and makes his face look strange. Also the caterpillar eye brows and big froggy eyes. His body is fine. We all carry a little weight. Good for him trying to stop smoking. It’s a bitch to quit.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I have kind of a weird thing for Shane. He’s not my type but there’s something about him..From my *ahem* research I have found that men with big noses also have big dongs. Weird right? Maybe it’s just coincidence but it’s been my experience….

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I wish I could figure out how to post a photo from my iPhone! I have a super hot picture of Jon Berenthal with his arm around me and my friend. HR looks super hot, I am 9 months pregnant LOL.

      • Jeane says:

        Ha! If that’s true it does not bode well for RPattz…

        Look at that second picture, en profil his nose looks like Angelina Jolie’s- especially with that pout. That in combination with the superlame virgin emo vampire that is Edward Cullen just kills all the sexy potential he had, imo.

        But oh dear lord don’t get me started on Jon Berenthal… I am OBSESSED! SO HOT! When he shaved his head in Walking Dead I almost slid of my couch. My bf looks a bit like him, lucky me :) .
        Would still love to see that picture though, Morticians! Would also love to know where you met him ;)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @jeane, I met him at a local “horror convention” called monstermania. He was super nice. Very talkative and had his arms around us the whole time! My friend didn’t know who he was and just kept calling him “that guy who kept rubbing our backs.” LOL

        Anyway, if you know how to post pictures on here from an iPhone I will gladly share 😄

    • elise says:

      I agree about his nose. It’s really strange looking. Not romanesque, imo. It’s squashed, like his teeth, and makes his face look concave. I love his smile though. It always seems spontaneous and genuine. His personality is great when he’s not around that sullen girl.

      I don’t mind his belly at all. I wouldn’t even call it a belly because there are so many guys with a lot worse. His is nothing.

  3. Hipocricy says:

    I don’t understand little gils and teens. This guy has always looked bleeh to me.

  4. FeverDream says:

    No sympathy whatsoever.

    Not with the metabolism of a young man.

    If he went on a bodybuilding diet (aka eating 4,000 calories a day like men can) and trained 5 days a week he’d be ripped in like 3 months.

  5. gillie says:

    “SUP” (stand-up paddleboarding) is a recognized sport. It started with the Polynesians, I think, and has been popularized in tropical locations as a way to tour the waterways.
    Here where I live in the Keys, it’s very popular. There are six or seven SUP rental companies to pick from.

  6. moopsie says:

    I like the way he is. He is hot, but not pretty boy hot. Hope he doesn’t get too over polished.

  7. Jade says:

    I hope he really is trying to cut back on smoking. Other that he’s fine.

  8. cupidityrox says:

    I agree. Dude looks like an anemic frog

  9. bea says:

    Based on that foto, he should be more concerned about his face!

    Do not get the appeal of that guy……

  10. Dee says:

    I wish he shaved his armpits or at least trimmed the hair a bit. In these pics it looks like algae.

  11. Franny says:

    Maybe its because I don’t have any feelings towards Twilight, but I just don’t think he is that cute. Am I missing something here?

  12. hmmmm says:

    I still find him adorable. Ever since he was Cedric. :)

  13. Cedric diggory has never been hot. I don’t just get the appeal of this dude. He’s as hot as wesley snipes to me and that is NOT!

  14. mia girl says:

    When I saw these photos last week, I thought that he looked really manly. Less pretty young boy and more hot man. I mean, I’m kind tired of/numb to that Abercrombie and Fitch teen six pack/young boy look. I saw those shirtless photos of Zac Efron for example and while, yes the guy has a nice body, Pattinson was hotter to me. Does that make sense to anyone else?

    Seeing him shirtless, with some color on his skin, while engaged in physical activity, well he lost some of his Sparkle and that can only be a good thing.

  15. kristipistol says:

    Yes, I just recently quit smoking. I have gained about 4/5 pounds. I’m petite, so it looks like more. Now I am trying to add more cardio to get it stable.

  16. emma says:

    I think Rob’s body looks awesome. I was drooling over his body for the first time ever when those paddle pics came along. He looks like a man now.

  17. BKiddo says:

    Between the busted nose, the flabby gut, the unkempt facial hair, this guy is just fug. Sorry but I don’t want my celebrities looking like “normal” guys. I can walk into any local college bar and find so many guys that are way better looking that this one.

  18. Chickie Baby says:

    Oh, Rob, Rob, Rob! Get thee to the gym, and you’ll be okay!

    He may be starting to grow out of his “super-fast metabolism” years, but he’s young enough that his bod should shape up quickly if he would just put a little effort into it. He’s so tall and lanky, he should take up running—he would look great with those long, lean runners’ muscles.

  19. lucy2 says:

    He seems like a nice enough guy, but I don’t find him at all attractive.
    Good for him if he’s trying to quit smoking though.

  20. Alexis says:

    He’s not attractive at all.

  21. Nan209 says:

    I love all things male. I love hair on the body. I even like scruffy because it’s so damn male. So when I saw those pics my first thought was “Oh, look at that man” which is not what I typically think when I look at pictures of Sparkles which is usually “Eh, a little boy who could easily be a twink”. I’m with you. I love these pictures. I like that he’s not all cut. I never really dug the super muscle look because it makes me think they are especially narcissistic – total turn off.

  22. nina says:

    meh, I don’t buy this story or the conventional wisdom he’s insecure.

    He’s self-deprecating in interviews,people mistake it for insecurity.

    If he was truly insecure, he wouldn’t have started modeling and acting at a young age. He’s always naked and having sex in movies, he’s hardly mousey that way. He just knows everyone sees him as girly-pretty, and he just jokes it off with humor.

    • another nina says:

      I agree. Being self-deprecating is a polite mannerism in Europe, and people in the US tend to mistake it for a character trait. Look, Pattinson himself in one interview got serious for a sec and said that he should stop being that self-deprecating because people were starting to believe it…

      Judging by his actions rather than words, I guess Pattinson is relatively comfortable about his body. He just does not think that his appearance is his main asset and that’s it.

      I actually think that he is quite different from his current image, in a way that he does have a backbone, he loves mental games and he is much more complex (especially as a boyfriend) than he shows it (in his projected image) but then again I don’t know the dude, so hate to speculate about it. On my books, he is ranked quite high, ever since he defended Ledger’s memory in that stupid comedy club. So, I sort of forgive him for all these Twilight-ish deviations.

  23. Cathy says:

    Never seen the Twilight movies, just not into them. I don’t see the big deal about him. He doesn’t do anything for my ladyparts.

  24. jess says:

    I think hes adorable. I love watching his interviews, hes funny and seems down to earth. I dont like the beard but I think he looks better with a little weight on him, he was way too skinny before.

  25. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Geez, it’s not as if the photos show him with a giant gut & moobs like those Gerry pix from Barbados a couple years ago.

    He looks like a normal fit guy who cld use a shave.

    I think his parents pushed him into acting & modeling originally

  26. shailee says:

    he is adorable, when he cleans up he looks very handsome, blue eyes and that jaw!!! but the best thing about him is his personality, he is hillarious and goofy, how can anyone not love him

  27. Rose says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it. He’s super goofy looking to me. Plus, he rants about how much he hates twitter, blogs, paps, etc. and never gets called on it because he’s got this Hugh Grant kind of charm. Even if it is kind of charming, he still complains like the rest of them.

  28. GlitterTrauma says:

    Having come really late into the Twilight films, and only being aware of him through the gossip blogs and magazines,I never found him appealing in the slightest. Scruffy and kind of unsanitary-looking, total turn off. Then I watched Twilight and found him insanely hot in it! Couldn’t believe it was the same guy!

    But then I am a sucker for a pretty boy with sharp cheekbones. I blame it on hitting puberty and finding out I had hormones just as Leo DiCaprio was in Romeo+ Juliet!

    I’ve always liked pretty boys- Johnathan Rhys Meyers is my major pin up, and Douglas Booth is pretty hot as well!

    But R-Pattz in his natural state leaves me cold. I only like his fake vampire prettyness- kinda hate myself for that, but there it is.

    He seems like a bit of a messy stoner in real life!

  29. Chrissy says:

    I actually think he looks better. He was too skinny and it’s natural around his age to develop a physique that is less adolescent. I don’t think he needs to get that “on steroids” look so many of the young actors have, just because he’s an actor. However, I agree that in a few years he may need to watch his weight. Especially if he’s not successful quitting smoking now and then tries again when he’s older.

  30. Dee Cee says:

    Cute, perfect Irish nose..

  31. ally says:

    I hope he quits doing cocaine. Nasty.