Amy Winehouse goes on a rampage before reuniting with Blake

Not surprisingly, Amy Winehouse has lost her mind. Again. For the forty billionth time. And unfortunately for her, the whole thing was caught by photographers. She looks seriously deranged, and it’s clear she’s back on I don’t know what. But it must be a lot of stuff.

Amy Winehouse went on a wild rampage around Camden last night, screaming for her husband and banging on the door of her old flat some 100 metres from her current home. The troubled star appeared to be completely out of it and was worryingly emaciated again, with sores all over her face.

The wild-eyed singer – still without her trademark beehive and minus her trademark sweep of black eyeliner – then made her way back to her flat clutching a litre bottle of vodka via a building site, signing autographs on the way.

She was also wearing the same Rab C Nesbitt-style black string vest she was pictured in earlier this week when she first showed off her new permed hair and fed cheese on toast to photographers. Her drug-addict husband Blake Fielder-Civil is due to rejoin his wife tomomorrow [sic], having gone straight to rehab from prison where he served time for GBH and perverting the course of justice.

It’s rumoured that Amy had been considering ditching the junkie, but Blake sis insisting they’re still a couple and “will be together forever” Amy’s worried mother Janis meanwhile has said she hopes her daughter never lays eyes on him aghain [sic].

[From the Mirror]

Few things say, “Honey I missed you,” more than going on a substance-fuelled rampage the night before getting to reunite with your husband. The pictures are truly shocking – how can someone behave this way and not realize there’s a problem? Amy had seemed more lucid recently, but clearly that was just a passing phase. I seriously doubt that Blake coming home will do anything to help her addiction issues or her mental health. Which means we have a lot more of these kinds of pictures to look forward to.

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  1. brianne says:

    She has got to be HAMMERED to not notice how uber cold it has to be out there with what she’s wearing. Sad, she’s such a fabulous artist when she’s putting music out. It’s kind of disconcerting, but if you look to the past at some of the best music ever put out was done on massive amounts of drugs.

  2. Kaiser says:

    It looks like Geronimo’s Cardigan Cure didn’t take! Perhaps it’s the black string vest of DOOM.

  3. Murmur says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Blake gets out. Maybe they’ll go shopping for a coat.

  4. Raye says:

    They’re like the new Sid and Nancy. I guarantee one of them will be dead soon, most likely poor Amy.

  5. Bodhi says:

    😆 Kaiser!

  6. Hollz says:

    What’s with random people saying Sarah Palin? I’ve seen it in the comments a few times today… (sorry if someone mentioned this in another post…)

  7. Baholicious says:

    I have no sympathy. She is bipolar and persists in drug and alcohol use. The two, affective disorder and substance, are incompatible. Period. She has her family and access to the best care money can buy and chooses to court a path to insanity.

  8. ak says:

    “fed cheese on toast to photographers”

    In this entire story filled with lurid details, all I could think was, Who would eat something Amy Winehouse touched?

  9. Ohforf says:

    Are you kidding? These photogs are making piles of money selling pictures of her insane crap. Not only would they eat stuff she had touched, but they would likely suck corn from her poop if she offered it to them.

  10. devilgirl says:

    Hey, but through all of it she still managed to sign autographs. Now that’s a real addict trooper! Gary Busey would be proud!

  11. paris herpes says:

    Crack is wack! Poor thing is outta her mind, does she have ANY handlers or what?! Blake is going to go bonkers for smack with her again, I imagine!

  12. Shona says:

    How is it that she can roam around the streets of London wearing flimsy silk slippers and not end up with glass or worse embedded in her feet night after night?

  13. JaundiceMachine says:

    Poor baby. I want to coax her into a therapy session with a couple lines of coke (a la Freud), and then exorcise her demons while drying her out.

    I see her wanting to turn it around, but lacking the conviction and the resolve to follow through – no doubt due to that venomous pile of shit that passes as her husband.
    At the end of the day it’s her burden to carry, but I can’t help but think she’d be a little stronger without so many distractions.

  14. Aud says:

    Must be nice to be rich n famous. If one of us “little people” pulled stuff like this, we’d be so screwed they would throw away our key!

  15. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    Ya’ll know what, this is karma for what Blake did to that poor bastard, kicking him in the head. Not only is Winehouse untreated for substance abuse, she is a walking plethora of emotional, mental and physical problems. Blake hasn’t BEGUN to suffer. While we don’t know the true depth of Amy’s feelings on Blake, he MAY be a predator preying on the emotions of a very sick young woman.

    For that, I’ll say, give him hell, Amy.

  16. Baholicious says:

    @Jaundice: you’re right on the money with Freud and cocaine. That’s where ‘talk therapy’ was born.

  17. ClubCrackers says:

    From the Bastion of the Free Press, the Sun:

    Meanwhile it emerged Amy’s husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL texted her on a borrowed phone from the toilet at a rehab clinic in Woking, Surrey, begging her to smuggle in crack.

  18. WTF?!?! says:

    @ Ohforf:

    Your posting was so disgusting, so visually descriptive that I laughed for ten minutes.

  19. Shane says:

    She has put on at least 10 pounds. I actually think she’s just striking out on the bloodsucking paparazzi. Look at those pictures and then compare them to three months ago.

  20. geronimo says:

    🙁 I may have over-estimated its powers, Kaiser.

    Sadly, I think Jaundice is bang on the money. Nothing good will happen while that piece of scum is still around.

  21. nag says:

    god she has to be cold in that outfit..

  22. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Well, I’ve seen her drugged, drunk, drugged and drunk, strung out, hung over, a moment away from unconsciouness, incredibly angry. Back in the day, I saw her gorgeous and lucid.

    But honestly this is the most wacked out straight up crazy lady I’ve seen her yet. She doesn’t even look much aware of where she is or what she’s doing.

    Anyone want to start a pool on when she’ll just start flinging her own feces at people?

    And I say all this as a FAN. Or a former fan. Or no, a fan of who she WAS. 🙁

  23. JaundiceMachine says:

    @ Baholicious – How can you ever go wrong with a (pseudo)scientist who promotes sex, drugs, and schadenfreude?

    I hope my little crackie comes to her senses after a week of his unbridled bullshit. But that poor baby is so filled with self-loathing . . . a little masochistic lamb sent to slaughter.

  24. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    JaundiceMac, Baholicious, and Ms. Beaverhause, all of you are eloquent and spot on.

    I just pray that the ‘new look’ is a sign that Winehouse will FINALLY gain control over herself, career and life. As long as she’s batshit crazy, high, and drunk, the jackals can use her as an ATM, or for free booze and cab rides. As of late this young woman is now worth $30 million.

  25. Baholicious says:

    @Jaundice: You left out ‘penis-envy’! 😀

  26. trolleydolly says:

    It amazes me how horribly unsympathetic people are about Amy. So she’s amazingly talented and incredibly rich. When was that ever protection from depression, self loathing, alcoholism, drug addiction, an unhappy childhood, fear, a determination to self medicate to make the pain stop? She’s in a terrible state. She’s very young, surrounded by drug pushing sycophants.
    I hope she’ll recover and learn to silence those inner demons.

  27. nz says:

    that woman is a disgusting mess!

  28. gg says:

    trolleydolly – we were totally sympathetic about 4,300 times. We’re just tired of it now. 😐