Angelina Jolie promoted to diplomatic ‘Special Envoy’ to the UNHCR

Yesterday, April 17th, the United Nations announced that Angelina Jolie had been given a brand-new title. She was no longer a “goodwill ambassador to the United National High Commission on Refugees” – she’s now a “Special Envoy”. You know who gets appointed to “Special Envoy” positions? Ex-presidents. Former secretaries of state. Major politicos and PhDs in international relations and such. This is mega.

The UN refugee agency announced on Tuesday that actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie will take on a new and expanded role for UNHCR as Special Envoy of High Commissioner António Guterres.

During a decade of service as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Jolie has conducted more than 40 field visits around the world, becoming an expert on the phenomenon of forced displacement and a tireless advocate on behalf of refugees.

“In her new role, she is expected to focus on large-scale crises resulting in the mass displacement of people, to undertake advocacy and represent UNHCR and Guterres at the diplomatic level, engaging with relevant interlocutors on global displacement issues,” spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva.

He said Jolie would focus on complex emergencies and work to facilitate lasting solutions for people displaced by conflict. “High Commissioner Guterres is grateful to Ms. Jolie for accepting this role at a critical time in global displacement. Her new status as Special Envoy is effective immediately,” he added.

[From UNHCR press release]

This title change gives Angelina the same level as UN diplomats, and it honors her decade of work with the high commission. She did a lot of UN work last year, but she seems to have been busier with her Hollywood stuff this year. I wonder where Special Envoy Jolie will go first? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Libya? Sudan? Syria? Jesus, there are a lot of crises going on right now.

People Mag has a piece about Angelina being a “busy bride-to-be” – it’s just a nice piece about all of the work commitments Angelina has coming up, what with filming this summer on Maleficent and maybe-probably The Counselor (with Michael Fassbender!). Basically, Angelina isn’t going to have the time to plan a big wedding. My guess? Small family affair in the renovated chapel on their French chateau. Maybe in the fall?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and the UNHCR.

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  1. marie says:

    good for her, seems more exciting than the engagement, but maybe that’s just me.

    • autumndaze says:

      Way to go, Angelina. She is putting her gifts to good use.

    • Tia says:

      Speaking of engagement I think we now know why they held off the announcement for four months. This BS appointment was supposed to make the pill go down smoother I suppose. Chica knows she still wears the scarlet letter, so everything must be timed just right.

      Its a shame they gave it to her. They should have given it to a former head of state, particularly one from a country that either hosts refugees or has a large displaced population. Whoevers the current director of UNHCR watches far too star-struck clearly. Envoy is a demanding role!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        (blinks) Why should Angie wear–or know that she wears–a ‘scarlet letter’? Brad and Angie didn’t get together until April 2005. Jen filed for divorce in March 2005 so where’s the Big Red??

        And if you say that the divorce wasn’t final until October 2005, so they still cheated, then what do you say about Jen-Jen, who started her affair with Vince Vaughn in July 2005?

      • Aagje says:

        @ Emma

        I think Tia is more of less referring to the simple fact that despite that it has been years ago, Jolie still is seen as a home wrecker hence ‘the scarlet letter’.

        And basing the cheating or not cheating on the date when there was asked for a divorce and when Jolie and Pitt went public is a bit naive. But whatever, only three people in this world will ever know what really happened and it’s their business but being in the public eye, people will always form an opinion about it. And given how freely Jolie and Pitt share their private life, they really set themselves up for this.

        And agree with Tia, far better qualified people should have been given the position of envoy. Rather insulting to the people who spent day in day out doing their job and hopefully being well-enough informed (no matter what your opinion of the UN might be) and being passed over for a famous face.

      • teri says:

        Emma, you are dead on right girl. Jen moved on to Vince three months after they filed, yes before leagally divorced. I am still not sure why her fans painted her as a desperate poor me victim for so many years.

      • NYCGAL says:

        Tia, I agree. This appointment is ridiculous. Does she even have a high school diploma? She is not at the level of ex-Presidents or Secretary Of States. If she has done 40 field visits in 10 years, that’s 4 (2-3 day visits) a YEAR. Please.

      • Freya says:

        Who is the better judge, the UNHCR or you? The current high commissioner is Antonio Gutteres, a former prime minister of Portugal.
        The agency obviously finds her suitable for the job, and she doesn’t get paid. She does it because she wants to. She has been an active goodwill ambassador for more than ten years, and they trust her. That’s why they appointed her their special envoy.
        The fact that as a famous actress she has easy access to the media was also a consideration. Plus the fact that after all these years she knows plenty about refugees too.

  2. Bite me says:

    Good for her, she alluded to this this awhile ago
    Edit Jolie is also a member of the CFR

  3. Nicole says:

    Now that Angie is “Special Envoy” I will sleep better at night knowing that world peace will soon be at hand.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well exactly. The people responsible for creating refugee crises don’t give a flying f**k about the UN when it’s backed with military force, so they’re hardly going to lay down arms because some actress says “please”. Hell, the US Government showed just how impotent the organisation is by flipping them the bird and invading Iraq!

      But that’s the thing with the UN – the “goodwill” part of “Goodwill Ambassador” has always been about positive PR for the celebrity and deflecting criticism that the UN, in fact, does close to jack s**t to stem the tide of the displaced and desperate. “OK, so you’ve lost your family, your home, your livelihood and been gang-raped, but at least you get to have your photo taken with a pretty, skinny white chick!”

      • Sapphire says:

        Don’t care. This is pure PR show and tell.

      • helvetica says:

        I know right ?
        Sometimes i wonder,when an actress/actor join UN Goodwill and followed by a bunch of photographers, yet they do close to none when they aren’t followed, are they raising awareness for the refugees or raising awareness to themselves ?

        And i’m not specifically talking about her here.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What Tapioca said. Sad that more people don’t realize this.

      • Leen says:

        The problem with the UN is the fact it cannot infringe on a member state’s sovereignty, so even if the US flips the bird and invades Iraq anyway, the UN cannot exactly march in the US and halt the operation. Furthermore, the problem with the UN is it does not function merely as a separate institution, it started out very much as a balancing of power (of course it has expanded and so on). The UN is an institution where helps deal with the consequences of conflicts (which includes displacement). Who else do you think will help the refugees when a conflict breaks out or another country invades?

      • Girl says:

        She is a front for some mighty awful corruption the UN shovels around. It’s such b*llshit. It doesn’t take a genius to be able to google UN related corruption or read a book about it. Why don’t most people acknowledge that? Angelina is technically doing nothing. She’s visiting different locations, shaking hands, and pretending to make a difference. All the while she flashes her bling into a starving child’s face and says she can’t eat over her sadness. I am not saying her heart isn’t in the right place, but she isn’t in a place of authority, nor will she ever be. People have this false understanding that she is making an actual difference, because the media feeds them misinformation. She’s a so called advocate of awareness surrounding certain problems, primarily relating to displaced families and children. This mother theresa facade the media pushes is ridiculous. Most celebrities donate millions and millions of dollars for tax write offs. Ugh, why bother? People will believe the fairytale instead of the truth anyway.

      • Snowpea says:

        What the? I’m pretty shocked by the level of cynicism being displayed here!

        Why does this woman get criticised for using her celebrity to promote causes that are close to her heart?

        Alot of it MAY be just smoke and mirrors and PR stunts but at the very least, it’s spotlighting international crises and concerns, that, let’s face it, would go unnoticed if it were not for her.

        Let’s think about ALL the celebrities who are using the VERY powerful influence of their celebrity to raise awareness about different issues…Hmmm, let’s see… well, there’s Bono…and, um…. nope, can’t think of any.

        Imagine having a platform where every word you uttered was transcribed, where the most facile, trivial thoughts that sprang to mind were beamed around the globe to all the media outlets.

        Well, folks that’s what these people have! The ability to influence people, change the world, to make it a better place.

        I don’t know…There seems to be so much emphasis on the superficial now. Where are the Paul Newmans, the Martin Luther Kings, the Bobby Kennedys today?

        At least Ms Jolie, unlike the rest of vapid Hollywood, is TRYING to make a difference.

      • Emma says:

        While huge crises are going on world wide, instead of doing sometihng about it some people choose to post on a blog and criticize someone who’s donated lots of time and money.

        Granted she’s definitely far from qualified, although since she’s got a team of people probably informing her on this stuff she’ll definitely do the job passably.

        Also, I DON”T understadn why people call Celebitchy pro Jolie. It’s 50/50 Jennifer vs. Jolie….is it just because people don’t hate her 100% that it’s pro Jolie? *I mean fans/posters…not Kaiser being partial to Jolie, but still being critical of her a lot of times.

        THe only pro Jolie site I know of is Just Jared where there’s about 10 others i can list off the top of my head that’s 100% pro Jen, hate Jolie.

    • Jilly says:

      I love how everyone here is so quick to judge work that most of them have never even done themselves.

      Of course Angie isn’t the most qualified person, but she is a person who can get attention and money brought in to a cause.

      On top of that, if you look at every picture that has ever been released of her visits you can tell she is a person who takes time to listen and connect with the refuges and effected people.

      Say what you want, but to those people there is nothing more important to them than that moment where they get to reach out and tell someone their story and still be looked at as a complete person. I have seen it first hand.

    • Freya says:

      There are many kinds of special envoy. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) appointed Angelina special envoy for their agency. It’s all about the plight of REFUGEES. Please think before posting!
      If you want to sleep better at night, the SS dalliances in Colombia should worry you!

  4. watchingyoubitchh says:

    she s gonna do a great job.congratulations

  5. Jean says:

    She should donate that ugly bloody diamonds ring to charity. I wanna see her in some third world country wearing that ring. It’d be fun!

    • Rhea says:

      From all the celebrities, she is the only one that “MUST” be wearing a blood diamonds. You should scream that also to all the celebrities that got diamonds in their jewelry. To be fair, I don’t hear much people complaining blood diamonds when celebrities dripping in diamonds at the awards. But, since it’s The Evil Jolie’s engagement ring so IT HAS TO BE a bloody diamonds, right? Because you were there when they mined the diamonds for her ring so you know for sure they are coming from a bloody way #major-eye-roll#

      And please, if she is wearing it to a third country someone would called her insensitive. If not wearing it, someone would somehow say that there’s a problem in their relationship. People really do like to imagine knowing a lot of things about a stranger.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Good point. I am not a fan of Angelina but some of the stuff she gets criticized for is ridiculous. There’s so much legitimate stuff, why waste time on dumb petty crap?

      • Roberta says:

        Apologies if my post sounds smug.

        The choice of diamond as opposed to a less contraversial stone is going to be a problem for her. I am certain of this! My family has been involved in mission work to Katanga for over 30 years. Katanga is in Eastern DRC (formerly Zaire) and it has suffered massively over mercineries sent in to fight over its diamond mines. It is one of the areas with the highest displaced persons problem in the world.

        Now heres the thing: there has been a push by locals to close down the mines as a means of ending the war & exploitation. Its a push opposed by some very powerful people as you can imagine.

        Enter UNHCR special envoy doing good work but flashing …..a massive diamond! It is irrelevant whether it was acquired under the Kimberly process, that stone is associated with death, exploitation & enduring poverty. There will be fallout in Africa that is certain – whether they report it in the West, I dont know.

        I am glad to see commentators here with some experience in this matters. I am sure they will bear me out.

      • Jeannified says:

        Ummmm…they released a statement that mentioned that they got the diamonds from a non-conflict area. good for Angelina for getting engaged, her movie AND becoming Special Envoy for the UN!

      • Rhea says:

        @Roberta : True, there are diamonds that comes from conflict area. Almost everybody that educate them self with the world’s problem know that matter. You said : “the choice of diamond as opposed to a less contraversial stone is going to be a problem for her”.

        Now this is what nagging me as Jean’s post before. So is it because she is Angelina Jolie, she CAN NOT have diamonds as her engagement stone while other celebs that has them not even got a questioning wether it’s a blood diamond or not?

        Or is it because it’s Angelina Jolie then the diamonds MUST BE blood diamonds?

        Is it because it’s the Evil Angelina Jolie then OF COURSE she would like to get the diamonds from the conflict area because she is the master of villain who likes to wear anything that comes from other people’s suffering?

        Why didn’t I hear any other celebs got this kind of question when they are wearing diamonds? Oh,right #snap fingers# It’s because we all know her personally and Jolie is pure evil… silly me….tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • Freya says:

      I doubt blood diamonds were used for that ring. I hope an interviewer asks Brad or the jeweller about it.

  6. truthSF says:

    Congrats Ms. Jolie. I hope your work continues for another decade or more.

  7. Folly says:

    Congratulations to her for her new appointment,i think this year is going to be huge for her

  8. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    The photos of her with those people are so sweet. She has done a great job, indeed! :)

  9. lisa says:

    I remember when the UN announced they wanted to up her responsibilities. Now we know. Congrats to her.

    This is a first for them. They have never given anyone this title before. Bravo Ms. Jolie.. or dare I say.. Mrs. Jolie-Pitt..

    • Nicole says:

      ‘They have never given anyone this title before.’

      Thats probably because they made it up just for the PR it would create.

      • mln76 says:

        Lisa is referring to the fact that most celebrities are only appointed as Ambassadors. Envoy is more prestigious within the UN. For instance Pres Bill Clinton was appointed an Envoy to Haiti.

      • Nicole says:

        So what you and lisa are saying is that Angelina more prestigious than the other celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors such as:

        Pierre Cardin
        Celine Dion
        Jeremy Irons
        Ronan Keating
        Carl Lewis
        Dionne Warwick
        David Beckham
        Orlando Bloom
        Jackie Chan
        Danny Glover
        Whoopi Goldberg
        Jessica Lange
        Ricky Martin
        Sir Roger Moore
        Vanessa Redgrave
        Liam Neeson
        Susan Sarandon
        Serena Williams
        Herbie Hancock
        Nelson Mandela
        Forest Whitaker
        Nicole Kidman
        Antonio Banderas
        Maria Sharapova
        Giorgio Armani
        Nicholas Cage
        Mira Sorvino
        Christina Aguilera
        Curtis Stone
        Penelope Cruz
        Rachel Weisz
        Sean Penn
        Sheryl Crow
        Jet Li
        Craig David
        Don Cheadle

        (Some of the people on this list shows the UN isnt all the fussy when it comes to appointing celebrities willing to be a Goodwill Ambassador.)

      • mln76 says:

        Actually Lisa isn’t THE UN IS that is why they named her a Special Envoy ;)

  10. Green_Eyes says:

    Congratulations to Angelina. She has definitely earned that position. She will no doubt excel in her new position as well,she has the determination, drive, and most of all compassion & heart.

  11. Toot says:

    Congrats to Angelina. She’s been dedicated to the refugees for 10+ years so I’m happy for her.

  12. kibbles says:

    I applaud her humanitarian work but I do not think she deserves the position of special envoy simply because she is a celebrity. There are people who spend their entire lives working in international development and poverty, going to graduate school for a degree to work in this competitive field, oftentimes foregoing a larger salary to do something that is important to them. Some face daily challenges and dangerous situations. They don’t just fly in for a few days for a photo op. They are there 24/7 and most will never get much recognition or even an award for their work. It’s great when celebrities bring attention to a good cause, but they don’t deserve to be given titles that are only meant for people who spend years working full time in public service. It just doesn’t seem fair to me.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ITA with everything you said (kinda reminds me of the “stars” that get into an ivy league school without the grades) but from what I understand special envoys are on location for only short periods of time? I didn’t get the impression that it was a 24/7 position? Just curious…

      • kibbles says:

        I’m unsure. I just read Kaiser’s description that special envoy is reserved for “Ex-presidents. Former secretaries of state. Major politicos and PhDs in international relations and such”. Angelina does not fit any of those descriptions. She is simply the UN’s highest profile celebrity goodwill ambassador. I understand that celebrities can bring in money and attention to a cause just for being who they are. I’m not denying that they can be a useful resource for the UN, but they are nothing more than celebrity goodwill ambassadors. Humanitarian work is not their full time job. This is purely a PR move. I would have rather seen the UN gift her with a plaque or an award honoring her work which seems more appropriate rather than give her this title.

    • Hipocricy says:

      No offence but i find it arrogant, naive and insulting people belitelling the intelligence of her colleagues who put her in that position when they are in a better position to measure exactly how her contribution has helped them in their humanitarian project without injecting the hollywood obssessive notion you inject….not them.

      The people you are talking about are the same who put her in that position after knowing her work under the UN, what she can do for them and has done for them as UN goodwill ambassador.

      Insulting their intelligence and making them seem that they are stupid for chosing an actress, makes you the one who interject that hollywood notion in a matter that shouldn’t. She is a UN goodwill ambassador as well and that was her promotion from that particuliar function she led for them, not her Hollywood persona, just like Reagan was the US president and had had some political exeperience as a mayor not just a former actor. Does that means that Americans were stupid to chose him because he was an actor ? Of course not, cause he wasn’t just an actor and his function as the US president involved much more responsabilities than being a UN representative aimed at implementing UN rules….

    • Gerry says:

      @Original Kitten: An envoy position is actually quite a demanding one. It also demands a great deal of policy experience. In the past these positions are reserved for former heads of state, diplomats and UN personnel. It is a job that also requires people who can lend gravitas to a meeting. I’m no longer in the system but I’ve heard grumblings on the UN listserves that I still participate in.

      @Hypocricy: Contrary to popular perception, the UN like many other bodies does make mistakes. The issue with how much space you can allow celebrities has been a debate for a long long time. Generally, reason has won over – not sure about today.

      Gerry Spall – formerly UNON

      • Swahili Nation says: were in Nairobi?? COOL!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Thanks for the insight, Gerry! Interesting stuff..who knew celeb blogs could be so educational? :)

      • kibbles says:

        Thanks for the additional info, Gerry :)

      • Hipocricy says:

        Of course the UN can make mistakes, just like people make mistakes chosing one to be president or not. It CAN, that doesn’y necessary mean it did in this case like some imply it as a fact.

        It just seems to me that making mistakes as in chosing a special envoy which is a diplomatic representative role is one of the least mistakes the UN does.

        How can you measure it besides ? Koffi Anan and Bill Clinton are both UN envoys. Even if they didn’t succeed to enforce a UN resolution to their interlocutor so far, doesn’t mean the UN made a mistake opting for them.

        Mistakes at this level is those that involved states who veto or not some intervention that leads to human catastophes of epic proportions, not the choice of a UN representative who uses UN diplomacy to find diplomatic answers to limit those catastrophes.

      • Gerry says:

        @Swahili Nation: Jambo. Nilikuwa Nairobi na kusoma Swahili kidogo katika USIU.

        @Others: Just saying hello to Swahili Nation in Swahili. The best years of my life without a doubt were those in Kenya – beautiful country, wonderful people.

    • teri says:

      Angelina brings world wide attention to areas that need help. Full time UN workers are not as known so their voice would’t carry. It’s not that they aren’t worthy of a title. I’m not sure how your thinking Angelina should live there full time if she really cares would help the people? She wanted to better her family and give them opportunities that other 3rd world countries didn’t have. She rescued three, why put them back to where they suffered? Makes no sense.

      • lalola says:

        Having former presidents (Bill Clinton for example) do nothing but turn people off the causes they are supposed to represent. many, many countries in the world suffer because of the international policies of countries like the USA so having former p[resident causes a lot of distrust!
        Angelina seems to be a very intelligent and committed woman. If I had to choose between her and Bill Clinton, it will be Angelina all the way and MSF (Doctor without borders)for Haiti and the rest of the world.

    • Freya says:

      kibbles, where does it say that the title of special envoy is only for people who have spent years working fulltime in public service?

      The UNHCR likes the fact that Angelina has easy access to the media, and she has been with them for over 10 years now.

      They have appointed her special envoy and we will see how she does in that position. Wish her well!

      The refugees need help with food, shelter, medicine, schools for their children and, finally, resettlement in other countries or help to get back to their own countries.
      The UNHCR is responsible for all that and works hard. Angelina will do her share.

  13. Folly says:

    I just read that the german government donate 2.5million dollars for UNHCR in honour of angelina,wow thats great,i say congrats to her again

    • Gerry says:

      Thats an absolute tragedy. Those of you who have never been in non-profit need to know that the UN system is so bloated & clunky with beurocracy, you may as well burn your money. If you are givin, give to organisations actually on the ground. And track those organisations to make sure that recurrent costs are not exceeding actual programme expences by too much. I worked with UNON for half my career – I know what I’m talking about

      Secondly, these kind of appointments get alot of media but accomplish little on the ground. This ambassedorial positions should always go to people who make this a career. Thats 18 hours a day, 365 days a year! Anything else, shortchanges the programme.

      Perhaps when I see the letter of appointment it will become clear that her role is purely FACE, otherwise I imagine there will be alot of disappointment in the Organisation at this kind of pandering to a celebrity.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Makes me think of journalist Matthew Lee who suddenly “disappeared” from the google search engine for exposing rampant corruption in the UN. Such a brave guy, really admire what he accomplished. A shame that power-hungry UN found a way to silence him.

      • Hipocricy says:

        I disagree, many UN goodwill ambassadors are actresses (jolie, Sorvino, lange to name a few), models (Warris Dirie before she was released from it after her blood test and erratic behaviour showed that she was an acoholic, lya kedebe) and even princesses.

        That’s why there is GOODWILL in the title. It’s a free service they do besides their other profession, using their status to back up and enforce a cause within a chain of collaborators who need that to strengthen and make their job on the ground more effective driving more means.

        On the otherhand, special envoys are usually former president, former UN chieves or former TOP employees within the UN who all had in common the fact that at some point they operated in a level where they met or were in touch with leaders. I beleive this is where Jolie was different from the other UN goodwill ambassadors. She was sent to high volatile dangerous places where wars were ungoing while the others went in POST war, POST conflict areas. She was the one who was pictured talking with presidents. I am pretty sure that her network is more impressive than we can imagine. The fact that she had gone through that type of dangerous missions had to involved the kind of top level people other UN goodwill ambassadors don’t, including secret service, foreign service department and even her government.

        For me her promotion tells another story far from Hollywood fantasy, the one of a UN goodwill Ambassador who through her high risk missions and meeting with leaders has built a network at the top level, has entries more or less equals to former presidents, former UN chieves like Anan cause special envoy is strictly a DIPLOMATIC role, hence they will chose someone who has already entries in the top level, who is articulate and can be the UN voice to his/her interlocutor.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Gerry-thanks for lending some first-person insight to this. Seems there are a lot of commenters posting here that may know how to use but don’t really have a complete picture of things. always interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has worked directly w/UNON.

      • marie says:

        thanks for the insight, but I think I’ll have to do some digging on my own..

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Sorry this post is here but I couldn’t reply below. FYI, Eve is not a bully. Eve-I agree. Jolie stretches herself so thin between family, acting, projects and her activism. She’s obviously a passionate person but she needs playtime too ya know?

      • sandra says:

        Lots of typos in this post, Gerry. Perhaps that’s why you weren’t given a Special Envoy role?

    • Eve says:

      @ OriginalKitten:

      @Gerry-thanks for lending some first-person insight to this (…) always interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has worked directly w/UNON

      With all due respect, I wouldn’t take at face value when people claim (on the internet) to be or have been a member of the UN (or any other official organization, for that matter). He (assuming it’s a male) may have a balanced opinion, and you may agree with him but it’s still an anonymous opinion on a gossip blog.

      P.S.: I googled that name and couldn’t find a single result linking him to the UN except…here. I’m not saying he isn’t what he claims to be. I’m saying I’d be skeptical if I were you, that’s all.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Hi Eve :)

        Gerry, frankly, you sound a bit bitter that you weren’t honored more for your (supposed) works. Jolie and others being honored in no way diminishes your achievements.

        Reducing her and her work to a “FACE” is thinly veiled jealousy at best, pure sexism and elitism at worst.

        Hipocricy, you are awesome.

      • Roberta says:

        Poor Gerry clearly wasnt prepared for the bully tactics the Lunatics employ. Dont you worry Gerry, theres only a handful of them but they spam every comments page so hard, you would think it was full army.

        @Runs with scissors: Wow! Thats low, even for an online bully. I think AJ would atleast acknowledge that the real heroes in any organisations are the people on the ground. You really should apologise.

        @All Loonies: If your idol can teach you something, surely its to spend your time meaningfully. Perhaps learn a new language like that guy or spend sometime working in needy places, like that guy.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I know, Eve. I am a skeptic by nature! :)
        But nothing he said is inconsistent with things I have read regarding the UN. In fact it seems right in line with the last few decades of corruption and controversy surrounding the organization. (read Matthew Lee-Inner City Press
        And frankly, it’s not unbelievable to think that a political organization is rife with corruption, favoritism, mismanagement, kick-backs and bureacracy. In fact, I think that’s generally the standard (sadly).

      • Eve says:

        @ OriginalKitten:

        I know that the info given isn’t inconsistent — but that wasn’t my point. What I flat out didn’t believe — and still don’t — is that said person is what she claims to be. The comment sounds just like many others I’ve read here (from anonymous posters who didn’t claim to have worked with the UN), only with more spelling mistakes.

        Also, after reading Roberta’s attack at Runs With Scissors (and probably myself as well), and the fact she has the exact same writing style (take a look at “Gerry’s” replies to kibbles), I’m even more skeptical.

      • Roberta says:

        Oh Eve, your paranoia is endearing. Giving new meaning to the word Brangeloonies. I would give you my full name so you can google it but I fear you may be exactly the kind of person to stalk me.

        Some “interesting” people on the internet for sure!

        Good luck hounding other commentators off the site – me, I have better things to do than to quarell with a strangers on a gossip site. See Yas!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        You might be right, Eve? I guess my point is that whether Gerry is legit or not is irrelevant to me. *shrugs* I still maintain that the UN has a lot of issues. Like others, I applaud Angie. At least she’s trying to make a difference and use her celebrity for good. However, will she really achieve anything in the long run? I hope so but I doubt it. Politics is a rough game for even the most adept players.

      • Eve says:

        @ OriginalKitten:

        Read the comment above (directed at me). See what I mean?

        About Jolie taking this job: I worry. And I’m not exactly happy considering I think she should enjoy her youth a little more and pursue that (any UN position — if that’s what she wants) later in life.

        @ Roberta:

        Good luck hounding other commentators off the site

        I don’t hound posters on this site — some comments (like yours and Gerry’s) simply stand out. And I couldn’t possibly be a “Brangeloony”. Brangeloonies are supposedly fans of the couple. I like Jolie only. I do not post under multiple IDs and have used the moniker “Eve” for more than a year.

        Oh, and I googled “Gerry Spall” because he claimed to be something related to an official organization and I wanted to confirm that. Not because I’m curious about people’s lives here.

        Finally, I don’t bully people here. If anything, it’s you who’s trying to do that. I was straight forward: I don’t believe this “Gerry Spall” person is what she claims to be and after reading YOUR comments, I now think you’re both trolls (perhaps even the same person). Unfortunately, the only person who can tell that for sure is Kaiser.

      • Janet says:

        Eve, good looking out. I compared the writing styles and found them markedly similar, and her subsequent diatribe at you did nothing to dispel that impression.

    • Freya says:

      Yes, the German foreign minister said when Angelina met him some time ago that Germany would donate.

  14. Lori says:

    I love Angie soooooo much!!!!!! I´ve been a fan since “hackers”.

  15. Hipocricy says:

    Congrats Angelina, so proud of her.

    I am thinking about her former boss right now, Sergio Viera de Mello, the best of them.

    It such an honor.

    On another UN news, UN Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino who uses her star power in the fight against human trafficking, especially against women and girls, was at the UN april the 13rd to take part in an interactive dialogue on the issue.

  16. Franny says:

    I just can’t hate her, and I don’t understand why so many do. Don’t try to tell me how horrible she is, because all circumstances point towards her being a good person.

  17. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I can see her being good in this position for a variety of reasons and not to sound sexist but it probably won’t hurt that she’s beautiful. A lot of the high-ranking officials she’ll be meeting with are probably men. Not to take away from her intelligence and abilities, just saying that realistically, this could work in her favor. Anyway, good for her.

  18. Jennika says:

    wow , it always seems like everyone here is so far up her a$$, no offense. To me, she’s all about the PR making her look good. Like look at these fricking pictures, um staged much?

    And please don’t attack me! I mostly agree with all you about other celebs, just not about about her and brad

  19. Ari says:

    I don’t see why this woman is berated so often for being the face of compassion. Of course the people who put other people in a position of poverty and war don’t care about the UN or her work but I think it still helps people around the world that SOMEONE gives a flying f*ck. If it happens to be Ms. Jolie so be it. I think that the compassion that is lacking in this regard is what makes the world often a sad place to live.

    • Hipocricy says:

      I find it more interesting that they would berate Jolie who has shown that refugees are her priorities but not Clinton who during his mandate as US president acted the opposite way and showed he could care less about the weak’ lives.

      I have a congolese father and rwandese friends. Clinton’s US vetoed the intervention to rwanda during the genocide while there were informations aboyt the killings, including radio milles collines coming weeks earlier and a rise in machettes from outside the country.

      Results :1,000,000 dead and 2,000,000 desplaced in neighbouring Congo, a mineland for future destabilisation., 10 times more refuges in both cities of Goma and Bukavu than they are locals. Never seen in any country.

      Two years later, Rwanda, Ouganda and that rebel Kabila backed by the US and helpt by them, including with US generals, launched the biggest african war ever involving 6 countries.

      At the times, Koffi Anan was urging for an intevention, the US vetoed, Sergio spoke on TV saying that the UN had several pictures from sattelite showing massive killings, the US vetoed again and refused any intervention…it needed ironically Bush beieng elected to decrease it as he stopped backing Rwanda and Ouganda : results 5,000,000 dead to what some people called the biggest genocide after the Jews.

      And Clinton is chosen as a special envoy for himantirian crisis while he never demonstrated he cared for millions of lives, yet it’s Jolie who is undoutedbly a UN mistake, Give me a break !

      I can undertsand Koffi who always fight for diplomatic solution, i can understand and adored Sergio Viera de Mello, I can understand Jolie who always put refugees before anything else, I can understand that french politician who is a doctor and always advocates lives befor politics, but certainly not Clinton who actually too much of a politician to put lives befire realpolitics and political strategies.

      • Girl says:

        Are you comparing Angelina Jolie to Bill Clinton? Get the hell outta here.

      • Hipocricy says:

        Now you get out of here !

        Clinton is indirectly responsible of the death of 5,000,000 people some of which i knew, not Jolie. So you get out of here.

        Both of them have been appointed special envoys for refugees, hence me questioning why one should be deemed as a mistake and not the other when one has advocated to intervene to save refugees lives without putting political interests in the mix, while the other one has intervene in the past to create those humanitarian massive catastrophes.

        He maybe a respected person in his country, but not one single of the 72 millions of congoleses nor millions of rwandese have something nice to say about him, Kagame and Museveni.

        So i don’t care about your ego being hurt for comparing a president who has blood in his hands to an actress UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR who has advocated their plea for a decade and spent more time than him with refugees.

        i am talking about wasted lives and metastases that are still ongoing in eastern congo, with rapes and killings because of Clinton’s choices.

        Too bad keeping his reputation clean is more of your concern that the lives of children dead because politics and interests were more important to him and getting them done by any means necessary including by mass killings was just a collateral damage he was keen to take.

        For me having creating so much havoc in a country doesn’t put you as the best person to advocate for humanitarian crisis and being a former high rank politician will always put a question mark as how you view humanitarian versus politics interests which are often in the opposite side. The only exception being former brasilian president Lulla. They others are too caught in their national best economical interests to really care about refugees regardless of their country’s ressources and what it can bring to their country’s economy.

      • lalola says:

        Hipocricy, thanks a lot for saying things so nicely. As I said before, Clinton might be respected in the US but not in many other countries. When he was president he did not care about causing humanitarian crisis around the world (the list is long) and now he wants to clean his conscience.
        Angelina gives a more neutral appearance to refugee crisis everywhere.

      • sandra says:

        Well said Hipocricy. I stopped caring about Clinton after Lewinsky. He showed his true colors then, didn’t need to see more.

      • Freya says:

        Thank you for your posts, Hipocricy!
        Informative and interesting! I printed them to keep.

      • Girl says:

        Riiight, and the UN isn’t behind some of human trafficking and they NEVER covered up murders, or propagated falsities, not ever. It’s just all one big fairy-tale, where that evil man Bill Clinton has committed all the horrible acts. Our entire government is corrupt, and sure, there are some good men in there, but they are not getting the final.

        Anybody who speaks out about this is labeled a conspiracy nut, and black-balled. You are out of your mind if you think Angelina Jolie has any power or that they are giving her any power. It’s an illusion, it’s just good publicity.

        I am not knocking her advocacy, as I am sure she really wants to make an effort. I applaud her caring and visiting those countries, but that is not saving lives. People make it like this woman is refurbishing these countries and she is NOT.

        Ugh, it’s a winded topic. Then when you address it, her drones come in from all corners to defend a person whom they do not know. Not only do they not know her, they don’t understand the level in which she is not doing much.

        Once you put out the fact she is making a really small ripple in the water, they say, “oh, she donates!” I should hope, with all of her money, what kind of a narcissistic money hog wouldn’t? She is making money off the interest of having money! She isn’t losing out on anything. Lots of idiots donate money, whether anonymous or not.

        I am not saying I don’t wish for change! But stopping backing shit that isn’t working, or it will not change. There are good organizations out there, there are good charities that go directly to the cause, and there are people who aren’t pulling the pull over eyes. Angelina is entwined with some heavy corruption and she’ll admit to it. She’ll never admit that the UN is corrupt. This just makes me skeptical of her.

  20. islandgirl says:

    I always wonder hoe some people can be so full of hate. Really sad though to live your lives like that. I pity you all.

    Anyway congratulations to Angelina

    • Janice says:

      You would almost think Brad Pitt broke up with them, ;-)
      We’re not perfect. Sometimes we could’ve done things differently, but hey that’s life. Let them be.

    • s.jisa says:

      I know! I wonder if some of these people get just as upset about issues that directly affect them/others. Although there are some people who deserved this more than Jolie, I think she is a great role model for being actively involved with her humanitarian work as opposed to just writing a check. Which is why they probably gave her the promotion. Also, I think one of the main reasons the UN gave it to her is because of In The Land of Blood and Honey.

    • Janet says:

      Haters gon’ hate. But when it comes to hating on Pitt and Jolie, it seems like they’ve elevated hating them to some weird kind of religion. Beats the hell out of me.

      • Guest says:

        Have you ever visited femalefirst..those ladies who i think are really mental patients are OBSESSED with Angelina and they have literally write bad stuff about them all day 24/7 for 7 years, its so creepy..they believe that the twins have two different daddies James McAvoy and Johnny Lee Miller, they also believe that Angie used voodoo to get Brad and she is in the CIA..Olivia the resident Brange hater here is from FF because she repeats the same stuff they talk about..say what you want about JP fans but i have never seen this level of crazy over a celeb that doesnt even know you exist

      • Janet says:

        @guest: I checked that site out once, and after clicking out of there I wanted to throw my entire hard drive into the washing machine.

  21. celebasshat says:

    Angelina as special envoy haha! Wat a joke the UN has become. I believe they are star struck and have a stick up their ass, when pple that live,eat and breath this danger 365days doesnt get any recognision. Angie flies there for a few days and do photo op,then she goes back to her fab life. Really pple wake up! Angie is best suited as a goodwill ambassador not special envoy

    • casey says:

      jealous can never put this wonderful woman down.a lot of bitter person like you has been trying for the last 7 years but she continue to be blessed.go scream at the ocean.

    • Janet says:

      I think that’s up to the UNHCR to decide.

    • lower-case deb says:

      scrolling down to read, i am amazed at the reaction. it is as though she is the first actress/actor to hold a political position. such vitriolic comments too.

      many has, before her. and many more will after. in the US alone, an actor became Commander-in-Chief of the whole country. and he didn’t do too shabbily either. another actor and bodybuilder became the governator (for good or bad). others have hold mayoral/gubernatorial positions or as senators or representatives.

      overseas, this is not a novelty also.
      italy saw lolobrigida and, more controversially ilona staller.

      many asian and african countries have actors, comedians, etc holding very important offices.

      going back to the ancient greeks, goatherders and farmers became rulers of nations; and their parliament is by Sortition (lottery appointments much like jury duty), so a big part of their government and diplomatic corps are non-political lifers.

      again, i would not want to make an assessment on how they weigh in against political-lifers (career politicians and diplomats), but the fact that they are almost common-place does not explain the vitriol aimed at angelina jolie here both for her appointment (as though she’s the first ever to break this sanctified job appointment) and her engagement jewelry (as though she’s the first ever to be engaged in a world of no engagements).

      that being said, carry on :)

  22. casey says:

    congrats are simply the sure you will do a reat job.let some overweight bitter women attacks

  23. Mara says:

    Congrats to Angelina she is a very lovely person who care for the others.

  24. waq says:

    Atleast this is more news worthy than the engagement and the ugly ring. This news on its own would have been better if she would stop acting like a famewhore. She didn’t used to be this way, not sure what happened. Anyways, good for Angelina. Focus on this and less on your need to feed the public every detail about your so called private life.

    • Hipocricy says:

      I beleive the coming years will see her reduce tremendously her acting career (though she doesn’t act that muchn already) with an increase in directing small politically oriented projects like ITLOBH and the one she plans to do about Afghanistan while she’ll get more involved in her new UN role and other humanitarian duties.

      I don’t think Jolie will keep on doing movies as an actress by 2020 and maybe even years before that.

      I always had that feeling.

      • waq says:

        She’s reduced her movie workload but it hasn’t stopped her or Brad from pimping out their family life. If they are powerful and in control as their fans make them out to be, they could have done a better job of keeping the focus on their work, whether it was UN or movie related. Instead, we got Shiloh on the People cover, the twins on the People cover, Angelina breastfeeding the twins magazine cover, and every f–king detail about how Brad designed that fugly ring. If they’re going to cut back on their work load, it would be nice to see them cut back on how much they whore out their personal life. Just calling it as I see it. In the meantime, I do find it facinating to watch how they maneuver their publicity stunts. People who once used to like them are starting to see through them.

      • Aagje says:

        @ waq

        Glad to see I’m not the only one who sees a Brangelina backlash brewing. People are getting tired of their games…

        Boards that were once purely reserved to fans and others to their opposites are mingling. This should make for some entertaining threads in the future. *Grins*

    • Guest says:

      Brad and Angelina share as much personal info as other celebs its just that the media doesnt care about those celebs..Angelina can make one small statement about anything and us weekly people etc will post i on their site an analyze it, the same with Jen..when Brad and Angie first started their relationship they didnt say anything for over a year(Angies first time talking about it was Dec 2006 and they had been together since April 2005) but the media STILL hounded them and followed them. also sidenote to all those complainnig about the engagement i look back on the engagment of Matthew M to Camila and I dont recall them getting this much hate, Lebron James is getting married to his baby momma of like 7-10 years but I dont recall them getting hate either..but whatevs this is CeleBitchy so biitch on..
      ETA: also just in case ou all havent noticed the more you click on Brange stories and read articles about them the more popular you make them, the media would stop writing about them if ppl stopped reading about them so i guess in a way you contribute to thier “overexposure”, this goes to the ppl who dont like aniston as well, if you find her boring and dont like her, stop reading about her, I cant stand the Kardashian Klan and best believe I will never contribute to their popularity by watching their show, or clicking on ANYTHING kardashian related.

      • Aagje says:

        The media hound them because through all the years they have been together now, they have shared much more than most celebrities do about their personal lives. The constant talking about their children, their preferences in toys etc., the numerous photo-shoots of a rather private nature.

        Brad complained in the past about their kids being hounded which I find absolutely repulsive as a human being but he and his fiancee keep the whole thing going by parading their kids in front of the paps and by sharing numerous details which don’t necessarily need to be known by the rest of the world.

        Jolie and Pitt get put under scrutiny far more than other celebrities true but if it bothered them so much, then they themselves can make slight changes already i.e. not blabber to the press about how “her bad side belongs to Brad now” or how Maddox loves guns and stuff like that.

      • Freya says:

        Actually Aagje, Brad doesn’t mind the paparazzi. He said there’s the tradeoff that they enjoy, and Angelina likes to chat. She just answered the interviewer on 60 Minutes.

        Brad resents the papz bothering the kids. When they go out there are always papz with their flashing cameras. He has asked them to take pictures from the distance with their zoom lenses, but they prefer to come close and call the children to look at them. I guess close-ups make more money.

        I’d like to add that those who don’t like this family are not forced to read about them. To follow them and then bash them is so immature.

  25. Cathy says:

    She was promoted to special envoy to a commission not a country. We don’t know what this position entails. Why don’t people give her a chance and see what she does first.

  26. Fair and Balance says:

    I dont understand why she is called famewhore by some people who constantly clicking on anything written about her. By the very of your action that her fame rise higher. Nobody force you to look for and read and comment on things written about her. Call her anything you like but do not deny the fact that she is successful and living a meaningful life.

  27. mymy says:

    the only thing people who put her in the position care about. Is manipulation and propaganda. So they know if she is in a position to carry on from that angle. Seeing how her movie about Bosnia followed the UN propaganda side. And her talk of intervention in Sudan was also along the slant they wanted. She was promoted. Read a little

    • Hipocricy says:

      The only people who have the power to manipulate effectively are political leaders at the top of one of the 5 permanent members representing their intrests first and foremost.

      Their decision within the Council is always tainted by political interests at the expense of lives of the weakest of us caught in conflicts they at times indirectly or codirectly generate.

      Nor the UN body as a homogeneous institution, nor Jolie, nor other UN goodwill ambassadors nor any UN employee who may at times be naive but are more genuine when it comes to save lives than politicianS ever were have that power or prerogative.

      The only reason why certain countries are now keen to intervene in southern Sudan for example has nothing to do with saving black christians lives. They never cared for years, until they discovered oil in southern Sudan, hence the future american base to be built here as Congo refused.

      Same with all the interventions wether in Lybia, Côte d’Ivoire…It’s always first and foremost because of some resources in Africa or some geopolitical and redistributions of allies in Europe that determine the manipulation of states using their power within the UN to hide the true motives as to why and when to intervene and who to back up officially or undercovered.

      That’s why i personally don’t fault actors like Jolie, Affleck or Clooney who actually put refugees lives before any of those consideration. They may be wrong at times because of naiveity being less politically driven but it comes from a good place while politicians and their realpolitics tranfered through their right to veto inside the UN council have always an hidden agenda and often lead to massive lethal results.

    • lower-case deb says:

      of course, this is a no-brainer. it is obvious that any if not all institutions and organizations would promote/appoint people who can toe the party line. that is why mavericks are called such.

      jolie’s vision (if it can be called such), corresponds with that of UNHCR. that is why she is promoted, in order to then promote whatever agenda they wish to push, be it the more nobler ones or the less noble ones.

      i am not going to go discuss the political side of the UN, because on one hand i have some qualms about this organization, on the other hand my country’s history shows that the UN plays a role in helping us gain independence (although obviously not 100% out of the goodness of their hearts; multilateral diplomacy and all that). also, despite not liking the UN very much, I do respect the work of my closest friends who were/are deployed in various UN oranizations and commissions, mainly as peacekeepers, namely the UNTAET/UNMISET (3 people) and UNIFIL (1 person), as well as UNESCO (specifically world heritage, 1 person).

      however, that’s beside the point. the point i’m addressing is that, like any other organizations (profit and non–profit alike) the higher promotions normally go to people who toe the line the best. so commenting negatively on why she is chosen is rather moot/obvious.

      how that reflects upon AJ or UNHCR is another matter entirely possibly unsuitable to a gossip site, i suppose.

  28. sharylmj says:

    That sounds like a lot of work!! wonder if she’s going to stop acting for awhile?? CONGRATULATIONS Angelina Jolie!!!! They are going to use all the knowledge she has acquired combined with her passion on the next level… what an honor!!!

  29. Hipocricy says:

    Some other UN Goodwill Ambassadors from entertainment, modeling and sport world :

    Ashley judd
    Jessica Lange
    Mira Sorvino
    Mia Farrow
    Melba Moore
    Liya Kebede
    Serena Williams

  30. pamela says:

    Angie unknowingly will be the death of a lot of people. LOL. It is highlarious reading the hate-filled comments against this woman and her family, which accomplishes nothing,as she just continues to live her fabulous life.

    Congratulations Angie, you are a PHENOMENAL woman.

  31. Liz says:

    What is with this chick trying so hard to be another Audrey Hepburn? Like all her PR stunts could ever compare. No one is going to remember her for any of this, this whole “UN” trip she’s been on is to feed her own ego. She must know how people must think of her in the US. Sadly this won’t paint her in a different light, she’s already made her bed. So sick of these celebs trying to look like they make such a difference, the poor keep getting poorer while they make millions every year. If they really cared all that much they would help the US economy, instead of taking pics with starving children and then patting there own backs.

    • lira says:

      who is “they”?
      I think it is very nice that an ambassador, commissioner, or whatever from an organization that can do something visits the refugees and other people in need. Listening to them, their needs and getting those pleas known is important. Leaving them alone is worse. other celebs and politicians not lifting a finger, or maybe just going to charity parties and donating a few purses, clothes or buying a t-shirt is not much. It is more than zero, but still people in thise circumstances need to be heard.
      AJ is visible, her activities and the people she is with will be heard even if a few dogs bark.

    • teri says:

      Angelina is being herself, she is proud of what she’s doing and has accomplished. She’s not a follower she stands proud. Mrs. Hepburn was a wonderul person as well.
      Why must you link Angelina to anyone?

  32. Guest says:

    has anyone ever watched MTV diary with Angelina and Jeffrey Sachs or read her book notes from my travel, even read the amazon book review comments..I studied global health in college and from what i have seen she seems very genuine and concerned. i know many of you all think its for publicity but she had been doing this for 10 years and ppl such as Colin Powell, Hilary Clinton, Kofi Anan, and Obama have said nothing but great things about her and her work..people can change and i think its unfair to assume she is doing all this for an “image” because she was doing this way beofore Brad

  33. Camille (The original) says:

    Way to go AJ, congrats.

  34. yoyo says:

    If she is really a dilpmoat then the UNHCR has just itself into a bad joke.

    There are people who work day in and day out on these issues, I’m talking about working not just showing your face. If this is reel it’s a slap in the face to all those people.

  35. Carolina says:

    Even though Angelina doesn’t have a prominent political profile or any phd on anything related to human rights, she has power. Maybe not as a president but she can move masses.
    Two years ago see came to my country (Ecuador) to visit Colombian refugees who live in our northern borders. She didn’t go to any meetings with politicians but what she did and showed made both governments do something about it. Out of shame or not, the “political” figures answered to her claim.
    So yes she might not be Mandela but she can definitely help causes with her fame and presence.

  36. LeeLoo says:

    She’s worked hard at this and she obviously cares about human rights a great deal. Good for her.

  37. hopeso says:

    Congrats all around to the best lady ever on herself her 6 children, Brad, their upcoming wedding and on all her endeavour Angie’s talents are boundless

  38. Kate says:

    Did she get this job because she’s shown immense dedication, done all her research and helped make a difference? Or did she get it because her beauty and celebrity opens doors for her? Probably some of both. That’s the way the world works. Politicians will meet with her more happily than they’d meet some ex-diplomat, because they’re starstruck. Being a Special Envoy gives her the backing to go into those situations. But they wouldn’t give her the title if she hadn’t proven herself.

    It’s interesting looking through the list of other celeb Goodwill Ambassadors above. Sir Roger Moore and Nicole Kidman are the only ones I can remember doing any of significance (which isn’t to say that the others don’t). Angelina has really owned this role, been interviewed countless times, has been on top of the facts, has taken many trips into dodgy areas. She’s obviously committed and passionate. And frankly, when she’s been interviewed on CNN about refugees, I’ll tune in to watch. She gets attention. That’s what the UN needs.

    • Freya says:

      Excellent post! I agree with everything you’ve said, Kate.

    • Josephina says:


      She’s done much more than “visit” countries and hold people’s hands. She is an activist, a writer, and has funded a number of organizations, and created a few of her own. Some of her writings (op-eds included) have already been printed in the New Yorker and the Wahsington Post. She has been a member for the Council of Foriegn Relations for years. She is not a lightweight by any means.

      That she wrote, directed and produced and was already awarded for her debut movie ITLOBAH should have been a glaring sign that she has gathered keen knowledge and insight about war, poverty and conflict over 12 YEARS.

      Unlike you, she gets to speak directly to the victims of rape, abstract poverty, and extreme sickness. It takes someone special to want to know and become a sustained witness to that type of brutal reality, and be moved enough to act on their behalf. She has seen what you will never see.

      She know who she is and how to strategically position herself to affect change. She communicates very well in interview and under pressure. You should hear her when the foreign press try unsuccessfully to rattle her in interview about tough subject matter.

  39. cameron says:

    How many millionairess at 25 years old would have dedicated their time and money to helping people in third world countries and adopt a child from an orphanage? I can surely say that at 25 years old I was more concern in partying and drinking pina coladas on the beaches of the Carribean and I’m far from being millionaire.
    You have crazy Lohan drugged out, arrested and endangering the lives of others,Drew Barrymore showing her T*ts to Dave Letterman and third time in rehab, Megan Fox telling the world that she’s happy she wasn’t born Ugly.

    So haters keep hating but Angie has a fan in me. There’s no other actress like her that has the beauty and smarts. I believe BBT who was 20 years older when they married said he was intimated by her intelligence.

    • Nicole says:

      Angelina did all her drinking, drugs and crazy before the age of 25.

      • Josephina says:

        Thank you Nicole. But she already informed us of her boozing and drugging, not you.

        AND THAT is why she is so greatly admired. She moved herself away from that life once she adopted Maddox. It was her choice to stop because motherhood was THAT important to her at the age of 25. Wanting the best for Maddox drowned the idea of self-indulgement, self-absorption. She never knew love like that before, and she was now embracing it, no longer needing the party life.

        You never heard of mothers telling you how they “changed” once motherhood hit them? Now, not every single woman adjusts for motherhood, but Angelina’s focus was on Maddox (and working as an ambassador to UNHCR)…even got divorced from BBT (Billy Bob Thornton) when it was clear that he really wasn’t interested in being a father to Maddox.

        Angie grew from her experiences. She never hid from her past and she owns up to her mistakes as part of her development. She is now 36 and look at her now. Wow!!!!

        In what way have you grown and matured in the last decade?

  40. Lola says:

    Blah…No matter what she does or where she goes, AJ will never be nowhere near as great, beautiful and true hearted as Princess Diana was.

    • Emma says:

      I love Princess Di – amazing women – really sad how Charles was such an A-hole to her, but she cheated as well, had various dalliances with lots of men, and other issues.

      Same thing with Elizabeth Taylor.

      Funny. Jolie is the same and yet we idolize Taylor/Diana and yet Jolie is this vile, malevolent human being…..

  41. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I really loved Jolie prior to her hiring a PR team to rehab her public image. Yeah she was nuts and had affairs, but at least she was real. At least she talked about her issues openly and seemed like she wasn’t afraid to be herself. That kind of honesty is inspiring. I have no idea who she is now. And so much of her charity work seems so self-serving. Like it’s a replacement for her former heroine addiction. If it is genuine then good for her, but something seems off.

    • Josephina says:

      Ahem…Earth to you…

      Angelina DOES NOT have a PR agent, nor does she have a PR team.

      This has been well documented. What you have been witnessing is how strong her influence is on other people.

      I know, I know. It seems unfair. If you live a full life and in it you demonstrate respect and compassion for others, you would understand her better and be a lot less suspicious.

  42. Patty says:

    I do not get . Just be there and hold a hand is worth more than any degree or job experience. At the end of the day, more displacement will occur as we continue to breed the human population.
    More people competing for limited resources. We are powerless and if someone can just be with another what is better than that. She would not get this far if she was not disciplined, motivated, and thinking of others.

  43. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    See we waited, and got rewarded. She won’t stop.

    Great news and much respect. Folks are upset and should be. They plan was to take her down and that failed. Not alot of happy campers about that.

    Fans can rejoice and know she will do much good work. She is a smart one there. Is bashing the UN as a whole or the UNHCR in particular? Angie is quite specific and has her concentration on. She has devoted about 12 years of her life to the plight of refugees and don’t kid yourself. The World has noticed.

    She will do what she deems works best for her and the one’s upset are in for a long time of misery. These last years of JP’S should have showed that. The defiant one pushes forward. Won’t stop, can’t stop.

    Only a face is laughable as it has been years and the job is increasing not waning. Some take her serious even if you don’t. The refugees and those in positions certainly do.

    Good job Angie. Keep doing your thang. I am a supporter of good work.

    • Josephina says:


      Well said. The trolls and haters have been on a serious meltdown over the last several days. They’re screaming foul play; yet, they can’t just stay away from any news that is Angelina Jolie. No other actress is more watched or photographed as much as Angelina. Just google her name and see all the hits. She has been an icon for years. Her CV, influence and worldwide fanbase keeps getting larger and larger. Karma has done her well.

      Angie is a beautiful, devoted mom with a big family and a huge heart of gold. She lives a passionate, purpose-driven life and she has strong determination. She does not half-ass ANYTHING. And, obviously, Brad is still nuts about her. The engagement announcement, the ring, AND unique promotion of Special Envoy to the UN? Heads are exploding and people are screaming at the ocean.

  44. badassninja says:

    She’s a Beautiful person inside and out!

  45. Judy says:

    This proves that the haters and naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about. Its obvious the UN hold her in very very high regard. She is a dilligent hard worker and has paid her dues. She is for real.