Kim Kardashian totally wants to be in politics, wants to run for mayor of Glendale

This ^^^ is a promotional image from the Kardashian’s new home collection, “The Kardashian Soul-Eaters LUXX.” I wish that was the name of it. Anyway, everyone is talking about this completely dumb Kim Kardashian story, so why not do it too? In an unaired clip from Khloe and Lamar, Kim tells Khloe, “I decided I’m going to run for the mayor of Glendale…Noelle [Keshishian] is going to head my campaign, but it’s going to be in five years. I have to buy a house there [because] you have to have residency. Noelle and I are looking into all the requirements and she’s going to help me with my campaign, because it’s like Armenian town. I need to wait, like, five years.”

Kim claims that she wants to do it in Glendale because it’s “like Armenia-town” – meaning that she thinks all of the Armenian-Americans will vote for her. Which is debatable. From what I know of the Armenian-American community, they’re close-knit and overwhelmingly conservative, and they probably wouldn’t vote for a p0rn star, you know?

Anyway, the LA Times took this completely ridiculous video seriously, and they actually got quotes from the Glendale City spokesman, a dude named Tom Lorenz, who says: “No. 1, you don’t run for mayor in the city of Glendale. It is not an elected position in the city. The elected positions are five City Council people, a city clerk and treasurer.” But! Glendale does have a “mayor” – it’s just on a rotating basis, pulled from the city council. Basically, Kim wouldn’t be running for mayor, she would have to run for city council, and then be elected within the city council to the mayoral position. The good news? You only have to establish Glendale residency for 90 days prior to your candidacy. Kim should totally do it. Except she won’t, because she just wanted to talk about it, not actually do it.

Photos courtesy of Khloe’s Celebuzz page, Kim’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. JM says:

    What would her slogan be…”Don’t Pee On Me”?

  2. lani says:

    there’s nothing more nauseating than a kissy pose.

    ANYWAYS, on a funnier note–KK just tweeted that she wishes she had seen that tupac stunt at coachella in person and a tv producer tweeted back:

    “But you can’t give holograms blow jobs. :(


  3. fancyamazon says:

    Does she realize that people in city councils actually have to get out of bed in the morning and do things that resemble actual work?

  4. Agnes says:


  5. Dominique says:

    Kim would never really want to actually be mayor. In her mind she would just be running to endure all of the hoopla and press she would receive while doing so. She knows she wouldn’t win, even if there was some sort of election. It’s all about the drama.

  6. lilred says:

    If I saw that kissy face thing coming at me I’d hit it with a stick…repeatedly.

  7. Happy21 says:

    She’s such a moron! Her lips in that kissy face stupid-ass photo – SCARY, truly frightening!

  8. Jean says:

    If I could pee on her I’d vote for her. Totally.

  9. Cathy says:

    There goes the Glendale land values if she moves into their town.

  10. Tiffany27 says:

    Didn’t a pr0n star try to run for Governor of California once? I don’t see why this amateur pr0n ho couldn’t run for Mayor.

  11. Tapioca says:

    Two words – Arnold & Schwarzenegger.

    People will literally vote for anyone.

  12. Dawn says:

    I wonder if any Armenians are as proud of her as she thinks they are. Her little quote was something like Glendale is like Armenianville…how could I lose? So if there are any Armenians who read this blog please answer me if you are proud of this Klan of trash and would you really vote for someone who didn’t even graduate from high school? I should hope that we are as a country better than that.

    • Poppy says:

      Nope and Nope. Some of the teenage girls like her, but it is cause they are at that naive age where only shallow things matter, but the older generation (the ones the vote) think she is trash and a disgrace to Armenian everywhere. My parents hate her, as do I.

    • Simon says:

      I’m half-Armenian, my father’s family are Armenian. We are not proud of her. We don’t hate her, because hate implies we may have loved her once. No such thing. My father, who likes his trashy girls, can’t even stand her and says she gives us a bad name. He says it would be okay if there was a totally awesome Armenian celebrity in the world’s media to balance it out, but unfortunately, we have Kim, her fat arse and her family of famewhores.
      I’m from the UK, so the whole ‘Mayor of Glendale’ doesn’t apply to me. But her stupidity offends me.

  13. Moi says:

    And my little girl wants to be a mermaid. Neither one is operating in reality yet, but my daughter’s WAY younger.

    • Melanie says:

      I think your daughter has a better shot at becoming a mermaid than Kim does at becoming mayor!

    • lush33 says:

      There is in fact a professional mermaid, her name is Linden Wolbert and she is amazing. Your daughters dream is more real than Kim’s face!

  14. bkiddo3880 says:

    People of Glendale, RUN!!!

  15. Dorothy says:

    Delusional girl .

  16. palermo says:

    She can’t even spell Mayor

  17. Lady D says:

    Think of the taxes the people of Glendale could save on sewer rates.

  18. Fyofeelings says:

    Hoe please. Kanye come get yo chick she’s been in Bruce’s liquor cabinet again.

  19. bagladey says:

    I never wish harm to anyone but Kim K. is making my ethics, morals and human compassion waver. I’m on the brink of even accepting acts of violence if it will make Kim K. and her family go away.

    • marie says:

      I changed my way of thinking a while back and now have a list of people I’d like to punch, and Kim is No. 1 offender, actually she is the only offender so maybe I should change that list to person I’d like to punch..

      • Lady D says:

        My list has Woody Allen, Naomi Campbell, and crackhead Lohan.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        I would punch Kourney. Can’t stand that no-talent filthy twit. At least Kim is a successful golden shower-ee. She did SOMETHING for the $$$, even if it was just standing in for a toilet, at least it was SOMETHING.

  20. NeNe says:

    This is just probably another of her and her families many publicity stunts.

    Nothing but pure trash!!!

  21. Izzy says:

    Lovely. There goes the neighborhood…

  22. Laurie M. says:

    Does Kim think Mayor of Glendale or a City Councilman/woman is a popularity contest like high school? Does she want to be voted Most Popular Armenian?!!

  23. Annaloo says:

    When I saw this pic, the first quote that came to mind was, “POW! right in the kisser”

  24. Skins says:

    She just sounds so utterly STUPID whenever she talks. Wonder what her IQ is?

    • LeeLoo says:

      It is definitely below normal intelligence levels. Does anyone else know any 32 y/o woman who would use such a stupid whispy baby voice and constantly makes kissy faces? That grates on me so bad.

  25. nikzilla37 says:

    What is up with the photos from their product lines?? Why are they always naked?

  26. LeeLoo says:

    *Sigh* No Kim, it’s not proper to give bjs to all the male voters in Glendale. That could be considered buying the vote. Also, you’ll only piss off voters if you try and legalize prostitution which I’m sure is your sole purpose of running for office.

  27. skuddles says:

    This trashy idiot hobag wants to be the mayor of Glendale? It’s official… I’ve heard it all now.

  28. juju says:

    This dum ass hefer running for office is such a joke !! please stop

  29. moo says:

    Oh why not? There are bigger idiots in politics already!! And we already know she likes to PARTAY!!!! ugh…..

  30. Kendall says:

    I’m loving the way that Khloe has absolutely no interest in what Kim is talking about hahah

  31. Saph says:

    I guess they are looking for another story arc for her pathetic reality show. Kanye can be her running mate. Does Kim think people aren’t going to notice the whole porn tape being pee’d on thing? You need to have some sort of platform for politics not just a big butt. If I lived in Glendale I would be moving pretty quickly.

  32. umm ok says:

    Hmmm funny how this clip got out to the public when it was left on the cutting room floor…it’s just a way for kim to keep her name in the news. I remember her saying the only time she ever voted was when Obama was elected…I don’t think she really gives a damn about politics or even knows what a mayor does…she probably thinks if she gets elected the tax payers will pay for her wardrobe, stylist, hair and make-up artist lol.

  33. THIS is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have heard since… well since Kim said she was in love with Kris… This girl is a joke. A huge joke. I am peeing in my pants from laughing so hard… Funniest joke I have heard in a long time!

  34. darkladi says:

    Please tell me this dizzy b*tch is trying to make a joke

  35. Harleyhoney says:

    Does she even’ UMmm like you know,,, how to spell politics? Doesn’t watts or Compton have some spacious street corners to take residency on ….just a thought!.!.!!!!

  36. ShanKat says:

    Glendale is won’t suffer this tramp. It got her in the news. Way to go, PimpMama. Now please GTFO of my beloved hometown!!!

  37. Str8Shooter says:

    Wow…I didn’t know inflatable sex dolls who talk can run for public office!!!