Stacy Keibler: “George Clooney doesn’t care whether I’m dressed up or down”

Here are some new photos of Stacy Keibler at LAX yesterday. People are making a big deal about Stacy not wearing makeup in these pics – I think she looks really pretty here. She looks younger and softer when Clooney’s crack team of stylists and image-makers haven’t gotten their hands on her. As for why she’s at LAX – I don’t know. I don’t know where she’s going. I don’t know where she’s been. I do know that she’s still with George Clooney. She was just tweeting about having her fitting for the dress she’s going to wear to the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC, which is a week from tomorrow. Stacy didn’t get the invite herself, you know. Clooney was invited, and Stacy is pretty confident that she’s going to be Clooney’s plus-one. For now. But what has been done can be undone, Stacy. Just ask Elisabetta Canalis, who just got dumped by a Jackass. So this week it’s the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, next month it may be a paid gig shilling lady-wrestling in Uzbekistan and a new “relationship” with Michael Lohan.

For now, though, Stacy is safe. Safe enough to wear wedding dresses for Hello Magazine. Safe enough to talk about being “grateful” for being allowed to walk the red carpet on Clooney’s arm. Yes, Stacy is profiled in the new Us Weeklyyou can see some video here. Stacy is just talking about her “evolving” style now that she’s Clooney’s official piece.

Stacy revealed her boyfriend George Clooney ‘doesn’t care’ about what she wears. While she’s frequently seen wearing glamorous creations to red carpet events, George is equally attracted to her when she’s in ordinary clothes.

Stacey told Us Weekly: ‘George is always happy with everything that I wear. He doesn’t care whether I’m dressed up or down. I could never be the girl that has to put my hair and make up on and do my hair before I go out the house.’

However, Stacy admitted she enjoyed picking her dress for the Oscars in February, for which she settled on a floor-length gold Marchesa gown with matching high heeled sandals.

She said: ‘I’ve always loved fashion when it comes to fashion, I’ve definitely evolved, and I’ve got to work with some amazing designers. I never feel pressure to dress a certain way, but it was such a fun experience to go to fashion week and see a dress and try it on and then wear it to the Oscars, I’m extremely grateful for that.’

While Stacy is not particular about the clothes she wears, she adheres to a rigorous workout regime to ensure she stays in shape.

She previously explained: ‘I’m very active, so I work out probably five times a week or more. I try to eat very balanced meals and I try to eat as organically as I can. I also make sure I wash my face every night. One of my most important routines is hydrating my skin every morning and night with creams, oils and nourishing treatments.’

[From The Mail]

That’s interesting that she’s talking about her skin care and how it involved “creams, oils and nourishing treatments”. Personally, I don’t think Stacy has the best skin – like, it’s not her best feature. But can I just have a sidenote here about the night cream that I’m using? I started using Oil of Olay’s Age-Defying Night Cream last year, and I’ve never been happier with my skin. Sure, it would be really awesome to try some of those expensive night creams, but why bother when Oil of Olay works really, really well? I wonder what Stacy uses? Because for a 32-year-old, I don‘t really think she looks as young as she should (although it could be a styling issue). She and Clooney are always on vacation in Cabo too – I wonder if she uses sunscreen every day?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. biteme says:

    Kaiser i have very oily skin, does the Oil of olay leave ur skin feeling greasy ?

  2. brin says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t care about anything she does.
    I love Oil of Olay products!

  3. IC says:

    Wow…she looks way better without tons of make up.

    And I love her comment, “George doesn’t care…”

    True that.

  4. Nessa says:

    I really like her outfit here. She looks good!

  5. Intercontinental says:

    Dear God, please kick Clooneys ass hard enough to help him get the picture and stop making a fool of himself. It’s just..just..embarrassing!!!


  6. paola says:

    Of course he doesn’t care.. he’s gay!

    • DT says:

      I don’t think he’s gay. Gay guys love and enjoy the company of smart women. This guy is showing way too much contempt for women to be gay. I have too much respect for gay men to entertain the idea that Clooney is one of them.

      • Jayna says:

        He isn’t gay. Everyone says a contract. If that was the case, since none of them want to leave him, he would keep the same one around. He is a womanizer who loves the chase and has a busy, jet-setting life and gets involved with someone who has no life and is grateful to hook on to him. He gets bored and moves on. I dated someone exactly like George, older playboy that chases you, seduces you, loves you for a while and moves on. Believe me, he wasn’t gay.

  7. Jenna says:

    I like her look without make-up. :)

  8. Franny says:

    Her outfit is super cute. Her face doesn’t always do it for me (although for a blond, she looks pretty good without make up on) but her body is banging.

  9. Jayna says:

    It’s so funny how his girls talk up a storm about him, but he never acknowledges them In his life except on the red carpet. For a man who is adamant about not discussing his love life it is very strange that his women are allowed to discuss him. Sure, if it crosses the line like marriage, kids, they are out, but otherwise he seems to encourage it. I mean, he could put the kabash on her tweeting about him and her comments in interviews and she would stop immediately, but he hasn’t. Strange.

    Oil of Olay is what I use. Everyone always raves about my skin, and I tell them you don’t need all the expensive potions (which I had succumbed to before) nor eye creams. Oil of Olay moisturizer on face, neck, under my eyes, and that’s all

  10. Abigail says:

    A few months ago Clooney’s security guys were almost always with her and picked her up at the airport. I haven’t notice that lately. I think she looks better without so much makeup as well, but that smug grin on her face makes me ill.

  11. KaitX says:

    I think she looks really good in these photos- the lack Of make up suits her. I swear by Liz Earle products for my skin- they have a hot cloth cleanse and polish you use with a muslin cloth, I’ve been using it for years and it works brilliantly. Their moisturiser and exfoliator are great too. My mum got myself and my sister into their products years ago and its all I’ve used since

  12. myrealitie says:

    She looks amazing and beautiful. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would make a big deal out of a woman walking around periodically without make up, especially one with vibrant skin like Stacy’s.

  13. guest says:

    I love in the Us video she says she is “evolving”. I guess she is evolving from the birds nest in her hair, a few months ago, to now. Aren’t we all evolving from something. I think this is part of her new image change, from wrestler to an expert in skin care and a fashionista, because she is definitely not an actress.

  14. weezy says:

    If she wasn’t dating George no one would really care much about what she is wearing or her skin care regimE or her.

  15. Me says:

    She totally has on the no make-up make-up look people! She is not completely make-up less…and let me tell you- fake eyelashes and/or mascara, a little light lipstick, and a little blush goes a long way. Just that can make someone look 80% better than being really without make-up.

    • Anne says:

      My thoughts as well. She definitely has on eyeliner and I bet she at least has on some type of tinted moisturizer and lip gloss.

    • Susan says:

      Exactly, she IS wearing amke up, it’s just not the heavy stuff worn for red carpet / photo ops, etc.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, eyelash extensions make a huge difference. Big trend now. My friend just got a certification from cosmetology school to do them and she asked to do mine. One one hand I’d love it since mine are blonde and invisible but on the other hand I’m not keen on someone poking around my eyes!

    • Belle says:

      Thank you…. I was just going to post something about this. It seems like every time there are photos of a celeb (or celeb wanna be) wearing LESS make up than they are usually seen with, the talk is always about NO make up.

      She definitely has make up on here… just not as much as usual, and in my opinion, she looks much better this way.

    • Vesper says:

      In the morning after my boyfriend sleeps over I get up 15 minutes earlier, wash my face, put on foundation mixed with water, add a lip balm that has just a slight tinge of colour, moisturize and spray with a fine mist of water. Sometimes I add just the slightest touch of mascara. Each and every time he raves about how he has never seen someone look so good without makeup. To this day he doesn’t know the truth. Makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  16. mmhmm says:

    The parade around george clooney’s girlfriends makes me sick. It’s as if they’ve won the prize of a lifetime and so, naturally, it’s what their life is all about now and it’s all people ask them about. Jesus Christ! Why do they do it? Get interviewed by people asking about him and just get so giddy to talk about him because they feel just so honored to be with him? Blegh. Your boyfriend shouldn’t be your entire LIFE but clearly that’s how george clooney wants his girlfriends to feel. Never saw his appeal. Or the fuss about whoever’s his latest “lucky” girlfriend.

  17. Esmom says:

    No pics of her and George here but I cannot recall a single image of them where there was any chemistry or affection whatsoever. It’s almost like they are distant relatives who hardly see each other and have to pretend they like each other when they do. Come on, can’t they give it a little bit of effort??

    • lisa says:

      I noticed that too. I have never seen a sexual moment between them. And that doesn’t have to be groping each other. Not a look or glance or anything that screams HEAT..

      I don’t get it..don’t understand it. Especially when some women are all gaga for George and screaming how sexy he is..I have never seen it with any woman at all. No connection at all.

  18. Agnes says:

    she looks nice without make-up. but “32″? eh…

  19. Cody says:

    She is pretty, but not in a classy way. Listening and reading about her, I am not quite sure there is much depth to her personality or intelligence. She comes off as this sweet bimbo who is really into herself. I don’t like the Cheshire cat smile. I really can’t see her at the White House Correspondence dinner, hanging out with Fareed Zakaria and Candy Crowly, but if she doesn’t act like an excited puppy dog, she might be ok. IMO she is going to the dinner, because they have to prove they are still going out or whatever you call it. Especially,after the last time George was arrested in Washington and she was criticized for not being there. All the rumors started flying again that he had dumped her.
    Also I have used Oil of Olay products for years and they are great.

    • Playlist says:

      The White House Correspondents dinner is not the serious event the title suggests. Google the guest list and you will see it’s more of an opportunity for politicians to mingle with the Hollywood crowd, which they so love to do. It’s being hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. It should be called The White House Celebrity dinner instead. Even Stacy can handle this event. The evening is more like the Golden Globes at the White House, without the awards. George is wearing his Hollywood Celebrity hat at this dinner, not his “I need to be taken seriously by politicians” hat. He would probably get too many questions as to why Stacy wasn’t there, and the event allows Stacy to add more fluff to her resume before he dumps her.

      Lack of depth in George’s GF’s says more about George than the women themselves. They are just hired help. He’s the one who chooses them.

      • Cody says:

        I agree with you, the White House Correspondents dinner use to be about the White House Correspondents and raising of money for journalism scholarships, but has become a celeb thing, I think what makes me cringe is that she started tweeting already about her dress and exercise routine for the big night. She comes off as being very shallow or maybe immature for a 32 year old.

  20. Dreaming says:

    It’s sad George has chosen to promote a women, who seems to be only concerned about the state of her celebrity status..It would be nice to see him once, practice what he preaches, and promote a women, who’s soul goal, is to help right the wrongs of Humanity…You know a partner in crime like Robin Hood and his side kick! Just daydreaming!

  21. Fashionista says:

    Terrible cheek implants and about as hideous overly aged crackhead-like skin on a face that screams: Poor Man’s Drag Queen.

    The good news is that I have now lost my appetite, probably for weeks, after looking at photos of her fugly face.

    Sweet Jesus!

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hahaha, thank God I’m not the only one to see a nightmare walking.

      • shawn says:

        I agree with you both. She is wearing makeup in these pics and plenty of it, but she still looks like a man. As for Clooney caring what she wears, that’s a laugh since it already came out by her own admission that she started getting his approval for red carpet dresses, probably after the many fiascos. I’m sure there is some sort of clause in her contract that states that Clooney gets final say in such matters.

  22. Shelly says:

    Does she have a broken nose?

  23. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Consensus: Oil of Olay rocks. My elderly aunties used forever then my derm recommended for oily acne prone skin. My whole family uses including teenage sons!

    Also love C Booth Shea Butter night cream — it smells like HEAVEN.

  24. Kim says:

    Since he is pretending she is a man anyhow why would he care what she looks like.

  25. Kim says:

    Why has he never been with anyone established either as a star, business women, etc. I think he likes the ones he can mold and never has to get serious about.

    I think women who can hold their own threaten him.

  26. Gene Parmesan says:

    She is really pretty, but we know that hasn’t stopped him from dumping them in the past. I’m excluding Elisabetta from this list of course

  27. Liberty says:

    It was announced that two donors to Obama’s campaign will be chosen to win an evening at a party at George’s house. Let’s all pitch in and send Kaiser and CB to find out what’s what. Ha.

  28. Guest1 says:

    Their saying on other internet sites that Stacy will be seated at the same table, at the Correspondence Dinner , with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. I guess they can talk about their skin care regime (Oil of Olay) and she can show Leon some wrestling moves. I can see her twitter page now, “My new BFF, Kate, Steve and Leon.”

  29. Lorenzo says:

    Does George have a place too or will he wait on table to please his Goddess?

    • Eklesia says:

      I read this phrase as ‘or will he wait on THE table to please his Goddess’. A table mounted Clooney made me pause for a moment. Where would the dinner go? Maybe this is why he wasn’t on the chair inventory. I think his probable chair should have honorary handcuffs on the back sans his Sudanese protest arrest. Very proud of him for that and the Enough Project with Satellite Sentinel. Now that’s a talking point :)

  30. mememe says:

    A many of women have presumed to know what this man is thinking. Those women got kicked to the curb.