Who is crackie enough to play Richard Burton to Lindsay Lohan’s Liz Taylor?

Rosie O’Donnell was part of a panel discussion this morning on Today. The group – which included Star Jones and Donny Deutsch – ended up discussing Lindsay Lohan’s formal casting in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, a TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s relationship. In a moment of extreme clarity, Rosie laid it out: “I feel very sorry for [Lindsay]. I think she needs a lot of help… She needs time away.” Then Matt Lauer asked, “But is it a good idea to cast her?” Rosie said, “No! Because she’s had a lot of trouble doing every single movie, including SNL. She was out and not at rehearsal. I think she’s not in a place to work.” Then Deutsch tried to defend LL, saying “She’s our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor,” and Rosie went crazy, “You’re out of your mind. You’re a crackhead! Get out of here! The last thing she did good she was 16. I don’t think she’s right for the role and I don’t think she’s capable at this point of doing what’s needed.” I completely cosign everything Rosie said. Why are so many people in the media and Hollywood so afraid of saying this? The Cracken is a mess. This casting is a cracktastrophe.

That being said, it will probably be fun to watch the train wreck. Speaking of, several outlets are now running stories about who should be cast as Richard Burton. Well, if this was a real, authentic film about a complicated love story and two of the most interesting personalities of the 20th century, there would only be one choice for Richard Burton: CLIVE OWEN. Same sexy voice, y’all. But considering this is not going to be a quality film of any kind, but a cracked-out disaster, who should play Richard Burton?

People Mag suggests Russell Crowe, Brendan Coyle (Sad Sack John Bates from Downton Abbey) or Jermaine Clement (from Flight of Conchords). You know it’s not going to be anyone like that, though. They’ll probably cast an American to do a Welsh accent. And they’ll probably cast someone like Wilmer Valderrama. No joke. Here are some of the Burton options…

KELLAN LUTZ!!! OMG, Kellan should totally get cast as Burton!

Joey Lawrence. Totally.

Daniel Baldwin. This one actually makes sense.

Charlie Sheen, because why pretend there’s anyone else who could do it?

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    I was wondering who the “lucky” guy would be and I reject all of the above.

  2. Relli says:

    Joey Lawrence does not have the body for a bustier. WOAH!

  3. Sisi says:

    well… would Charlie Sheen and the Baldwin look age appropriate in comparison to Linnocent? Don’t answer that, I fear the answer…

    with Wilmer all I can imagine is his Fez voice

    they should cast Lutz and make it a comedy oozing crack, tanning spray and narcissism.

  4. LeeLoo says:

    Is Joey Lawrence gay? When did that happen?

    None of those guys are right. I think they’ll find some lowly starving drunk British/Irish/Austalian actor living in Hollywood get him really drunk and make him sign on the dotted line.

  5. G says:

    I thought Andy Dyck had the part?

  6. heatheradair says:

    Rosie’s right.

    And there’s no way Russell Crowe would do a Lifetime movie and waste his time “working” with The Cracken, but he LOOKS a lot like Richard Burton.

    So, yep, that makes Charlie Sheen the MUST-CAST obvious choice — and neither of them will show up to work, they’ll hole up in their trailers with briefcases full of coke, they’ll OD before filming is done, and — BAM — no more Liz & Dick.

    • Dlsmith says:

      Russell Crowe recently did a guest spot on Canadian TV “Republic of Doyle” WTF??!!! so weird

      • wtf says:

        Its a Newfoundland based show and he’s good friends with a band from there called Great Big Sea. One of the members was in Robin Hood with him. He actually is in NFLD quite a bit. Friends ran into him in lineup at liquor store there.

    • tar says:

      Agreed, I would love to see Russell Crow as Burton, he resembles him not only physically, but in temperment as well. But not on Lifetime and opposite Lindsey Lohan, that would be just sad. I think Tom Hardy would be a good younger Burton too, but again, on the big screen.
      I can’t for the life of me come up with a good pick, I think they’ll go with a relative no-name, after all, they have their marquis name, I guess :/

    • LAK says:

      There was a very strong rumour last year that Martin Scorsese had optioned FURIOUS LOVE, and was putting together a feature based on it, starring Russell Crowe as Richard Burton.

      I am still confused that the reality is Lifetime Tv and Lindsay Lohan.

      Their casting choices are always name female star, and vaguely familiar but unknown [or used to be an 80s TV soap star] male co-star.

    • Trashaddict says:

      The only up side of Russell Crowe doing Burton on LIfetime is that, at some point, he would be forced to kill the Cracken in a fit of righteous rage.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    She’s our generation’s Elizabeth Taylor

    What pathetic, half-assed, generation is he referring to here?

  8. Franny says:

    hahahha I hope they make Charlie Sheen do it. Those 2 crackheads can just sit there and snort together, while creepily fondling each other. I would much rather watch that than whatever try-hard movie they are trying to make.

    And it really is true. The last time LiLo did anything worthwhile was 10 years ago. Time to let it go.

  9. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Whoever they choose it will mean career suicide

    No respectable talented actor is ever going to sign on opposite the Crackie

    Still can’t belive they went ahead with Crackie as Liz… & we all know its going to be panned afterwards – Crackie socoipaths are not deserving of chances like this….. grhhh

    For the first time in a few months I have a jug of cracktini next to me if anyone fancies a glass or 2!

  10. simba says:

    I just want to say that Liz Taylor would probably be sick to her stomach to hear LL is cast as her. Wasn’t it just a few months ago LL was supposed to be Victoria Gotti???? I would be so aghast that I was put in the same context.

  11. simba says:

    And I want to add:

    Wasn’t it Lifetime that did the Kennedy Family thing with Katie Holmes?? Doesn’t that speak to the low-rent idea that crackie brings?

    • lucy2 says:

      I think that was the History Channel. When I hear Lifetime, all I think of is Tori Spelling’s “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” – most hilarious movie title ever.

      I just read something about how much insurance they had to put on her. Now I’m wondering if it’s all a big scam – surely she will screw this up, and if they insured her for more than they put into it…

  12. lucy2 says:

    If they truly feel Blohan is the best choice for Liz, based on their casting abilities, I can only assume they’ll a dirty mop with googly eyes to play Burton.

  13. Chatcat says:

    Winston Rekert…look him up. It is a Lifetime movie and Crowe won’t do it though he does look the closest to RB IMO.

  14. Jayna says:

    You can’t get an A lister for a Lifetime movie. So whoever the B lister is it needs someone who has a rugged face.

  15. Newtsgal says:

    I said on other thread…

    I think lifetime will hire EDDIE CIBRIAN

  16. Bess says:

    I think they’ll probably cast some totally unknown British or Australian dude for the part of “Dick”. I feel sorry for the guy already and I don’t even know him.

  17. fluffyrabbit says:

    Put me down as a YES for Charlie Sheen!

  18. Jayna says:

    Liz Taylor was one of the greatest beauties of our time. It is an insult to chose someone with a messed-up face – fillers, cheek implants, duck lips, immature. There was a class about Liz even when young. Lindsay is low class and doesn’t have the acting skills to become Liz. This will be a train wreck.

    • Sweettart says:

      Actually, before her life turned into a complete train wreck, I think she would have been a good choice.

      If you look at Lindsay at 16 and imagine her with black ’60′s styled hair and make-up, she would be believable as Liz Taylor.

      Now with her drug damaged, filler full face and her entitled drama queen act, no.

      It’s such a shame. She would be so beautiful now if she hadn’t made such a mess of her life.

      It’s amazing to me that anyone would even give her a Lifetime movie role in her present state though. You have to wonder who she has dirt on.

    • JERI says:

      Jayne you said it perfectly. LOHAN has no class, no ability as an Actress and this is an insult to the memory of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and her legion of fans. WTF are these people thinking? It is for pure shock value. Who watches Lifetime? Would love to know other than my 91 year old mother?

  19. brin says:

    I swear the first guy I thought of was Kellan Lutz…LMAO!!! Talk about MasterPOS Theater!

  20. hillbilly in the corner says:

    they could ask that guy who does all those Hallmark Movies with Katherine Heigel about the old west were he’s the daddy…..can’t think of his name but he’s a Canadian….Nope wouldnt work he’s only does G rated movies…and don’t think he would do it….think they will have to find a unknown English man like they did for the desaster Kate and William movie

  21. Gene Parmesan says:

    Kellan Lutz is too A-list to be on lifetime DUH!!!

  22. Rice says:

    I think Samantha Ronson will make a perfect Richard Buton.

  23. Bess says:

    Apparently, Michael Lohan sent Rosie a tweet criticizing her condemnation of the decision to cast Blohan as “Liz”.

    Let the twitter war begin between these two rabid psychos!! It will be more interesting than the “Liz & Dick” movie.

  24. Mama*C says:

    How about James Franco? That would make for a…fun…set.

  25. Newtsgal says:

    oh oh oh…I got it!
    They can hire Sam Ronson and rename the movie…..Les & No Dick!

    **hangs head in shame**

  26. Lila says:

    Jonathan Rys Meyers. He’s got the drunk thing down. And he’d have to be to sign on.

  27. Barbara says:

    Maybe they could get Gerard Butler, just out of rehab, and he has been there before.

  28. Rice says:

    On second thought, it’ll be a CGI of Mr. Burton himself. I would definitely watch that. Wait.. no. Not even then.

  29. Onyx XV says:

    If they can’t get Clive Owen, they may as well not do it. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Richard Burton.

    This movie is going to suck a$$.

  30. Roma says:

    Elizabeth was breathtaking and captured the imagination. Richard loved her and lavished her with diamonds and gems.

    Lindsay is breathtaking due to her unwashed stench and captured the imagination when she captured her assistants car and some random young men. Men also lavish her with rocks, albeit crack rocks.

    Yes. She is the Elizabeth Taylor of our time. Man our time sucks.

  31. deb says:

    you have to match famewhore to famewhore. james franco should absolutely play dick. he does movies, he does soap operas, he should be game. he can call it performance art like everything else he makes an ass of himself doing.

  32. Green_Eyes says:

    Ok, is it just me or does anyone else see “Jughead” from Archie’s Comics when seeing Charlie Sheen & that hairpiece? Right down to the nose!

  33. dorothy says:

    Unless they go for some C actor I can’t imagine anyone would want to be connected to a project that included Lohan. I just cheapens the movie. I mean most actor/actresses run from her at events.

  34. logan says:

    I have the perfect fellow, one Mr. Blake Fielder. Amy Winehouse’s ex druggie boyfriend. You remember Blllaaaake…………..

  35. Deann Baldwin says:

    Bobby Brown for something totally off the wall…..

  36. mia girl says:

    No actor is going to want to kiss those lips, much less pretend to be passionately in love with her!

    Only solution, a hologram Richard Burton.

  37. NeoCleo says:

    Baldwin gets my vote. The others are just plain hilarious.

    • Sugar says:

      crazy as I was reading comments I was thinking the same thing no matter who they bribe to play RB I hope that guy knows at some point he’s gonna have to kiss her. I vote for hologram Richard. Can a hologram get impatient when their co star is late or unprepared?

  38. Cowjam says:

    If Lindsay Lohan is Liz Taylor, then only Dreamboat Pete Doherty can play Richard Burton. And he’s English. +1.

  39. Candyland says:

    The simple and obvious answer: Sam Ronson. Cause she looks nothin like Dick. Lindsay looks nothin like Liz. But they could have epic fights. Just like Liz and Dick. Epic.

  40. Dee Cee says:

    Ralph Fiennes in full Voldemort character

  41. C.Lynn says:

    I think they should cast Gerard Butler as Burton. It works on so many levels. He’s known for choosing bad projects, he’s a poor man’s Russell Crowe, and he and the crackie already have a sleazy history. They’re a train wreck match made in Lifetime Movie heaven.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    OhpleaseohpleaseOHPLEASE let it be Fez!

    Can you imagine the level of crack-drama on-set? I’d actually PAY to see the out-takes! :D

  43. skuddles says:

    Heath Ledger would have been amazing in this role! Although the thought of that great actor paired up with the scuzzy Hohan is just more than my brain can compute.

  44. Shy says:

    OMG at Kellan Lutz. Totally should get it. Lohan and Lutz belong together. I think he is the only one whol would actually aggree to do it. And Daniel Beldwin. Even that Wilmer Valderrama is now on a critical acclaimed show Awake. He will be embarrassed to star alongside Lohan.

  45. tooey says:

    Apologies if he’s already been nominated but Pete “Dreamboat” Doherty, of course! Richard Burton was from Wales (I think) and Dreamboat is from somewhere near there. Lohan is covered in scabs, so is Dreamboat. It’s perfect!! Lilo and Dreamboat are cellmate soulmates!

  46. Peachy says:

    Is it called CleoCracktra?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Supposedly, it’s called Liz and Dick (and we ALL know Blohan knows her way around those)! ;) But CleoCracktra should DEF be in consideration, since those at the Lifetime Network are OBVIOUSLY partaking in those same Shots of Delusion and “bathroom” breaks as Blohan.

  47. Byte Me says:

    Let’s go with the male version of Lindsay…..Pete Doherty …

  48. Trashaddict says:

    Let’s just go as far out there as we can go: Justin Bieber.

  49. Bess says:

    Apparently the Cracken is going to the White House Correspondence Dinner with Greta Van Susteren and Shawn Holley.

    Did we just tell you the celebrity lineup for this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner was rather on the safe and politically correct side? Spoke too soon! Lindsay Lohan will attend as a guest of Fox host Greta Van Susteren, the starlet’s rep told us, confirming Web reports. Publicist Steve Honig said Shawn Holley, Lohan’s defense attorney through her recent legal dramas, will also attend.

    Van Susteren, who did not respond to emails, has cornered the market in recent years on head-turning guests: Kim Kardashian in 2010, and last year Sarah Palin, who skipped the dinner but made the party rounds. (Kate Hudson, originally scheduled to attend with Van Susteren last year before a last-minute conflict, is expected this year as a guest of the Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth.)


  50. Jules says:

    Camilla Belle should have been cast as Elizabeth. Russell Crowe could have been Burton, I think.

    BUT since the Cracken is going to be Liz, I guess Channing Tatum can be Burton.

  51. Robin says:

    People forget that Elizabeth Taylor was an alcholic and had problems with both pot and prescriptions drugs. Lindsay is no worse then many male actors as far as behavior is concerned but she gets dumped on because she is a woman.