Is Mischa Barton losing her sh*t, she wants to kill her dog!

Mischa Barton was photographed breaking down in her car after she injured her wrist by shutting it in a car door a short while ago. Her publicist said she had “re-injured” it, but the bandage was on her other wrist a few weeks ago, so that’s a bogus excuse. Janet Charlton reports that she’s so distraught over her lackluster career and bad relationship with Cisco Adler that she’s threatened to kill herself – and her dog too!

“Mischa is miserable since she left the O.C. She feels like her life is over and everything is going downhill.” revealed an insider. “She feels lost since she left the show and started pestering her boyfriend Cisco Adler for a commitment. She threatened to leave if he didn’t give her a ring. He wasn’t ready to get engaged so he stalled by buying her a “promise” ring. That satisfied her for a few weeks, but she started acting crazy and hyper-emotional. “She acts like she has nothing to live for.” Cisco couldn’t take the drama and told her “We’re better off apart.” He told friends “She’s too crazy for me.” That really set her off – she threatened to commit suicide and even threatened to kill their dog! She was seen sobbing in her car with wrist bandages. Whether she actually cut herself isn’t known. “Cisco feels bad so he’s pretending to work things out with her so he can let her down easy. He’s hoping she’ll come to her senses and won’t do anything violent or vindictive. But he wants out.

When a gossip source quotes an insider I always suspect that they’re making shit up, so I don’t know if I believe this. Cisco did give Misca a promise ring, so Charlton is working with that news and may or may not have a source for this information. It sounds way too dramatic for Mischa, who always came off as thoughtful and smart to me in interviews, albeit a bit flighty.

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  1. Jen says:

    I feel bad for the dog.

  2. ER says:

    If any of this is true then Mischa really could benefit from some counseling. She’s a cute girl with a lot of potential and it’s a shame she feels so hopeless and has to resort to threats of suicide.

  3. elisha says:

    “I’ll get you my pretty, and you little dog, too!”

    Maybe she’s a cutter like LiLo.

  4. JT says:

    And here I thought this was a scene from O in Ohio????

  5. h says:

    I read a few months ago that she pulled a drama in a hotel elevator with her mother, not knowing that a gossip informer was riding the elevator with them. She treated her mother like she was a low paid servant and finally her mother said that Misha’s problems did not involve her (the mother). I think this kid is nutty, as are they all- the whole lot of them, and things seem to be coming apart at the seams. Lindsay, the Olsen twins, the Simpson girls etc…. and now they have a new playmate, Britney, to liven up the incestuous crowd.

  6. mauiexperience says:

    maybe she should lay off the pills. that would probably help a LOT.

  7. baseball says:

    maybe if they all had a good meal for a change they’d feel better.

  8. Randi says:

    Man, I’d kill myself if I was married to Crisco, I mean Cisco.

  9. shannon says:

    This girl seems to be a spoiled brat to say the least.I think her lifes not going the way she had planned and she’s pissed at the world.Grow up Mischa your not 10 anymore and your old enough to know you don’t get everything you want in life.

  10. Green tiger says:

    I hate poor-me-spoiled-rich-cry babies.
    Here’s an idea, before you go off yourself (somewhere private)
    1.Leave all that money to a charitable organization.
    2.Make sure your dog has a loving home.
    3. Leave us in peace.

  11. name says:

    i like mischa but i really don’t see why she would want to commit suicide. I think that really was just an empty threat. she’s probably crying coz her dog pooped in her new handbag or something… and what is with celebrities and little dogs? it’s kinda cruel.

  12. Solitaire says:

    I dont get the attraction with this clothes rail? She was ok in the OC – Summer was and IS tons better, prettier, nicer, smarter, sexier etc etc, I think Mischa believed her own hype too much – silly little rich girl!

  13. Alix says:

    h at 3:22. I also read about the elevator incident and how disrespectful she was to her mother. Whatever happens to her can’t be enough in my eyes.

  14. paris herpes says:

    She’s just spoiled. I’m sure it’s true, all the drama, but she needs to grow up.

  15. sorry - no says:

    And I don’t believe that “suicide threat” thing for one second.

    What a load of shit.

    Also, fighting with her mother? Like hell just about every single one of you hasn’t done something of the like before, yet if Mischa does it everyone gets down her throat about it. Give me a break.

  16. Phoebe says:

    guys lay off of her! Just because one person says shes suicidal doesnt mean she is! They could CLEARLY be making up this load of crap, so dont be so quick to judge her. shes pretty famous, if it were true (which i doubt it is) it would be massive news. dont believe everything you hear, i see no direct quotes or reason to suggest it is true

  17. Allikatt says:

    i think that some of the stuff might be true….and with her reading all the stuff that people are posting…i think she thinks no one likes her and that might want her t okill her self…god i hope she doesn’t

  18. Marissa says:

    Everyone just leave Mischa alone
    Just because she is rich and famous doesent mean all of yous have to talk bad about her
    cmone guys i am sure all of yous throw a fit sometimes not just celebrities. i know i am like that too. Mischa never did anything bad to yuo did she?? no! So just give her a brake she will get back on her happy mood . So stop writting dumb comment about my fav celebritie.Even though i am 14 just listen to me ok? Just leave mischa alone and her feelings. she sometimes needs her personal life too!!

    so listen up

  19. Fabiola Thing says:

    “Even though i am 14 just listen to me ok?”

    Sorry, honey, but, shit, you’re 14. STFU!