Lindsay Lohan isn’t back with Sam Ronson, but she is hanging out with Woody Allen

Last week, there were some reports that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan were back together. Apparently, they were hanging out at a NYC club together, and they were spotted holding hands and giggling. The report came after months – no, YEARS – of crack-stalking by Lindsay. LL really considers Samantha the great love of her cracked-out life, and LL follows her around, real-estate stalking Sam and ACTUALLY stalking her too. My take: if we weren’t talking about a lesbian couple, I think people would be so much more disturbed by Lindsay’s stalking. Anyway, considering Lindsay was also seen with her seemingly on-again john, Vikram Chatwal, the Cracken wants people to know that she’s not really “with” Samantha. Of course. That probably hurts her business!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are NOT getting back together … sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ — despite reports the two were all over each other this week at a NYC nightclub.

Lindsay did hang out with Sam Thursday night at Le Baron in New York — but sources tell TMZ, there was no touchy-feely business going on … it was just two old friends catching up together.

There were reports the two might have rekindled a relationship — but we’re told that’s not true … neither Lindsay nor Sam has plans to reunite romantically.

We’re told the two are simply focusing on mending their friendship after a rough break-up in 2009. They began dating on-and-off in 2007.

As one source put it — they’re “just friends. That’s it. Nothing more.”

[From TMZ]

Some of you seem to think Samantha is just as crackie as LL – although it’s hard to imagine anyone competing with Lindsay for the crackie title. I think Sam has issues, sure, but at the end of the day, I think Sam always comes from a place of being the “responsible adult” in her relationship with Lindsay. I always think that Sam is really just trying to ensure that Lindsay doesn’t hurt herself or someone else. Sam is more “crackie caretaker” than girlfriend.

Incidentally, remember Lindsay’s hit-and-run outside of The Hookah Lounge? She clipped an Iraq War vet. And she got away with it! Of course, because it’s California, the Give A Crackhead A Driver’s License State. Radar reports that the LA District Attorney’s Office “has decided not to file charges against Lindsay Lohan for an alleged hit and run.” Apparently, LL’s victim had credibility problems. Which is… so weird, right? Does Lindsay have some kind radar for her victims? She only attacks and assaults and runs over people who end up screwing up their case against her.

One last Cracken story – she and Woody Allen are now friendly. For real. Or so LL claims – TMZ has a story about LL possibly working with Woody. And there’s video of them leaving the same restaurant.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    Ruh roh….watch out Soon Yi!

    • Alita says:

      Hehe – in a malignant, cracktastic way *totally* what I was thinking. Maybe Woody and Sam can hook up, adopt Lindsay (God knows she could do with better parents .. and from such a low baseline, that would qualify) and live happily ever after. Just occassionally reprimanding their wayward ‘child’ as she ages chronologically (instead of facially) through her 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond! Oh, that poor child Lindsay!

  2. Nashville Girl says:

    The Cracken + Woody Allen = Yuck

  3. YT says:

    Didn’t TMZ recently have a story with a photo of LL and Allen saying that Allen had only met her in passing once before and said hello to her at the photo event? Now they’ve been friends for years? Something is fishy. Maybe Allen is planning a stunt casting.

    • Dana says:

      Yes, about a month ago.

    • Roma says:

      Yes, I remember that as well. Woody has a thing for troubled actors and we all know that Lindsay hounds people for work (like Leo). My guess is that Woody caved for a meeting and LL made sure their were cameras there to catch it.

      Too bad she doesn’t work as hard as the pre-work hustle.

    • Ally says:

      He did do stunt casting with Carla Bruni in the snoozefest Midnight in Paris. And cut her scenes down to nothing when she put in a poor performance, apparently. It probably helped him get shooting permits in France & publicity for the movie.

      Lindsay Lohan acted with Meryl Streep in a Robert Altman movie three drug-addled breakdowns ago, and it did nothing to stop her self-inflicted career nosedive.

      It is one more sign that Woody Allen is but a creepy shadow of his former talented self, though. I think his last decent movie was Mahattan Murder Mystery (1993).

  4. Axel 5 says:

    Soon Yi was with them at the restaurant.
    A film with Woody Allen would be very good for her career, hope it happens!

  5. Marjalane says:

    Where else does a man who bangs his step daughter go but to Lindsey Lohan? Woody Allen is just weird enough to want to put her in one of his films. All three of them are shudder worthy.

  6. Liv says:

    WTF!? I can’t believe they had dinner together!! What’s going on there?

  7. lower-case deb says:

    in the orange picture, what did she powder her face with?!

  8. hillbilly in the corner says:

    More like Lindsay stalked Allen and his family down at that restereant on their Saterday night out family dinner and invited herself into the dinner party…and Woody being polite like most people couldn’t turn her down without causing a scene….and just to make sure they got the Money shots Lindsay call in her Papz and has them waiting at the door…Watch the tape Woody takes off like a cat out of the bag getting away from the Papz and Lindsay blocks the door with her assident till the Papz get into position for the best shots then she walks right dead for them so they can get the good face shots…She was not trying to get away she knew they were their..Watch his wife and kids run across the street…stop and point back at Lindsay …I bet hes saying “what took you so long” and his wife is saying as she points to Lindsay “She blocked the damn door and we couldn’t get out..” those were not happy dinner partners…bet he doesn’t go out to eat again while shes in town…hell now he’s probably afraid to go out of his door…Nasty little pervert…

    • Boo says:

      I agree with your take on this “dinner.” Why on earth would Woody bring his children along on a business dinner? Or are we to believe she is a big friend of the whole family? “Aunt Lindsay’s here, Mom! Yay! I hope she brought the powdered donuts again!” I love the way the person LL actually came to the restaurant with, that creepy guy, is holding her bottle of “water” as they exit the joint. Because everyone brings their own bottled “water” to upscale restaurants.

      Woody looks a wreck trying to get out of there–going the wrong way, looking all shaken up. He’s a major douche, but even he doesn’t deserve to be in the crosshairs of the Cracken.

      • Lady D says:

        Hey Boo, how’s it going? Just wanted to let you know I am still giggling over your “down with the poetry” comment. Everytime I think about it, it makes me laugh.

      • Boo says:

        Hey thanks, Lady D! You’re sweet! I’m doing fine…still agoggle over Lindsay’s antics, as we all are. How are you?

      • Lady D says:

        Doing good Boo thanks. I’ve been in school for the past 2 years at home online. I wrote my final last Friday and I get the results next Friday. I’m eating, sleeping, showering, etc. with my fingers and toes crossed. I am so looking forward to working in the medical transcription field. I can’t wait. I will have to do a 100 hour practicum first because I will be working from home and its not like I can go out and get job experience. If the company likes my work, they hire me or the school has a long list of potential employers. I researched for awhile before I chose transcription. I needed an at-home job because my feet are dying, and there is a huge demand for workers in my occupation. Canada is an aging population and more and more healthcare workers in all fields will be needed. The job is also a constant learning process which is important to me. Wish me luck.

      • Boo says:

        Ooh, very good luck to you! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. I looked into that field a few years ago–it seems interesting and ever-changing, so that’s a great thing IF you can understand what the docs are saying! All the best to you as you await the results (I’m sure you did well!) and start your practicum. And stay off those feet! <3

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Woody is known for his rituals–it wouldn’t surprise me if he is known to be certain places on certain nights, and the Cracken stalked him there.
      Even if Woody meant to meet with the Cracken about a part, though, she has NO IDEA how badly she screwed up calling the paps in! Woody hates that sh-t with a passion. If he gets a whiff that Lindsay called them in, she’ll lose her chance with him for sure. She is such an idiot.

  9. Cathy says:

    Well, that’s one more Woody Allen film I won’t go and see. I don’t like him, he’s creepy.

  10. bea says:

    Forget your lips girl, you need to fix that stuff under your chin!

    Also, please get your hands out of your mouth.

  11. dorothy says:

    Either Woody was ambushed by Lohan for a photo op or Woody has hit rock bottom career wise.

  12. Jayna says:

    We watched Parent Trap this weekend. Lindsay was so talented and uniquely cute. It made me sad for her. I can’t get that funny, cute kid out of my head.

  13. Mounir says:

    Linds was very pretty during the Sam Ro Era..

    • Jen says:

      Yes, she was so pretty back then. And Lindsay tends to get arrested less when she’s with Ronson, which suggests that perhaps this may be a good move for post parole lifestyle. However i think that ship has sailed. Its common knowledge that Ronson has moved on with (several) girlfriends since and that her family hates lindsay.

  14. Monkey Jim says:

    Woody & Crackie?! Aaaand I just threw up in my mouth…

  15. Camille says:

    She is too old for Woody and she is not his relative. I don’t see future for them.
    BTW I see that she is lesbian again. Did she quit her job as call-gir… I mean jet-setter?

    • terrytoons says:

      He is such a pig. Can you imagine what would happen if Brad Pitt slept with Zahara? It’s the same situation.

  16. Sillyone says:

    To me it doesn’t look like they are together. It looks Woody was leaving the restaurant and Crack Stalker tried following him out the door to get her photo op to get the rumors started. Maybe she was having dinner at the same restaurant and seen him was thought “omg here is my chance, people will be talking forever”. Everyone by now should know how this trick thinks.

  17. Bess says:

    If the Crackie hasn’t reunited with Sam Ronson at this point, I’m sure it’s on her agenda.

    I think the Cracken knew media reports of a reunion would spook Ronson and that’s why “Team Crackie” denied it to TMZ.

  18. Quinn says:

    Wow..that’s a perfect duo! Neither Woody nor Lindsay ever developed a sense of healthy boundaries in relationships…a match made in inappropriate behavior hell!

  19. ramona says:

    Photo #2: What the WHAT is she wearing?!

  20. nikzilla37 says:

    Her face looks so bloated. ugh.

  21. wtf says:

    can’t wait for the Cracken to try to crack her way into the Met tonight. BRING IT

  22. Sisi says:

    and the Cracken never has credibility problems… *shakes head*

  23. Petey says:

    Omg woody and Lilo, i can’t even… I am a life long woody fan, but this might be it for me. I don’t think i could handle her in a woody movie.

    as for lilo and chatwal , yeah i suspected she is denying to keep her john happy.. And i suppose ronson doesn’t want to get back together. After all ronson supposedly has a new girlfriend.

  24. NerdMomma says:

    AH HA HA OMG I just watched the video and it really looks sooooo much like Lindsay just got herself tangled up with the Woody Allen party on the way out. The pap is asking Woody, “Who paid for dinner, you or Lindsay?” and Woody says sarcastically “Ha ha ha,” which sounds to me like, “Yeah right, I didn’t have dinner with Lohan you idiot.” And then everyone else runs across the street and points back, like “What on earth was that all about?” Lohan pulled a good one here!

    • meh says:

      Agreed. If you listen closely, after he laughs at the guy he actually says, “You must be joking.” Lindsay definitely ambushed their exit.

  25. Rio says:

    Another set of photos looks like Soon-Yi is ready to punch LL’s lights out– and I can’t blame her! The “girl” is little more than a professional photo-bomber at this point.

  26. Annie says:

    She looks so pretty in that top picture with Samantha. Now she’s ugly and bloated and it’s only 3 years on.

  27. Prim says:

    Sucking up to Woody Allen just to get in one of his movies. Please. She’s an opportunist. Her mom even put out a statement about it. Can we say desperate? But then every actor has been in a Woody Allen movie, so it would be no big deal if she got a walk on part like Carla Bruni did.

  28. YT says:

    If LL photo-bombed Allen with his wife and children there, it might have been a very bad career decision on her part. Her antics are bad enough, but involving someone’s children is not cool.

  29. JamesFranc says:

    omg that guy vikram chatwal is so disgusting he is a literal manwhore of india. just a few weeks back he was in india hand in hand with his girlfriend angela lindwal the underwear model. Also check out set of pics of lohan with woody on just jared, behind lohan is one of her hangers/suspected drug buddies. Seriously starting to doubt this was a business, would she have a business meeting with Allens kids and her hangers on?

  30. Floridaseaturtle says:

    I think it was Yahoo news where I read that Nigel Lithgoe was in the same restaurant, and tweeted that he saw them at another table. Honestly, I am not surprised. Just more sad for her every day. A poster above said that Woody is noted for approaching the weak. I hadn’t heard that before, but I totally believe it. He is not a good man.

  31. skeptical says:

    Yea she’s after Woody for a part. Trying to take the fast track with minimal work to Oscar. She just stalks Sam for Sam’s wallet and cuz Sam is probably an easy mark. Who esle has been so forgiving of cracken’s bad behavior? Not even the starstruck judges would give crackie a place to crash as she pleases.