Will Jennifer Aniston dump Justin Theroux & get back together with John Mayer?

The tabloids, as always, are full of Jennifer Aniston gossip this week. It’s always interesting to see whether or not the tabloid editors have the “hive mind” thing going on – meaning, it’s more interesting when Star and In Touch and Us Weekly are all talking about Aniston’s broken heart at the same time. It makes it more believable. This week’s Aniston stories don’t all follow the same theme, but two of them – OK! Magazine and Star Magazine – are claiming that Jennifer and Justin Theroux are having problems. For what it’s worth. Star says JustJen are “at the breaking point” because Justin is “starting to realize he made a mistake” by leaving Heidi Bivens. Also, Justin hates LA and he misses being in NYC. OK! Magazine mentions that JustJen are having issues too, but they only say it in the context of “Jennifer Aniston might want to get back John Mayer because he wrote a douchey song about her!!! What’s that, Team Aniston? Are you ready for another round of Mayer Douche?

As her relationship with Justin Theroux cools – due in large part, sources say, to his continued contact with his ex Heidi Bivens – Jennifer Aniston is back in touch with her former lover John Mayer! And pals are speculating that the two may be close to rekindling their rock ‘n’ roll romance.

The pair split three years ago, but John let it be known his new single, “Shadow Days” is about his love for Jen.

“He has never really gotten over her,” discloses a friend. “When Jen heard he’d written a song about their breakup, she immediately downloaded it and listened – and the tears were rolling down her face. Jen has a lot of wonderful memories from her days with John, and they all came flooding back.”

Still emotional from hearing the ballad, Jen texted John to tell him “the words in the song are so beautiful” the insider says. And he texted back!

Now, says Jen’s friend, “She is desperate to see John again. She realizes a piece of her heart still belongs to him. They’re sending each other a lot of flirty texts and it’s obvious John still has very deep feelings for her.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition]

I don’t know how I would feel if Aniston and Mayer went one more round. My first reaction would be to laugh and laugh. But really… it would be sad. And I don’t think it will happen. Either Jennifer is going to be with Justin for a while, or they’ll break up and Jennifer will just find someone new. I can often think the worst of Aniston, but I don’t think she’s clueless enough to get back with John Mayer. RIGHT?!?

Oh, and last story: Life & Style has another “Jennifer is going to have a baby” cover. The story apparently involves an intricate timeline noting that Aniston has dropped out of a few events, she hasn’t been drinking alcohol, and she’s been “shielding her body” whenever she goes out. And she hasn’t had her roots touched up in a while. Eh.

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51 Responses to “Will Jennifer Aniston dump Justin Theroux & get back together with John Mayer?”

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    I miss maniston… Justjen is boring

    • Rhea says:

      I can see what happen if they ever get back together again.

      They would break up and then get back together every award show and break up again after, and we would get to hear his feeling from his new album and Jen will take him back again….repeat the cycle… ;)

  2. Eve says:


    Seriously, I want to work for a tabloid. That must the easiest job in the world: you’re supposedly a journalist, but for writing the articles you don’t actually have to do any research nor you need to interview anyone (real).

  3. MARTI says:


  4. Stacey says:

    JM didnt say the song is about her its all her PR flack that are fanning the flames

  5. gee says:

    I feel like IF she ever does do the whole baby thing, she’ll adopt a la Charlise Theron.

  6. mln76 says:

    Even i don’t think she’s enough of an insecure twit to take back Mayers’ white supremacist penis. Even if the tabs happened to be right about Justin dumping her.

  7. samira677 says:

    I don’t know why but I still laugh when I see their Oscars photos. They kept saying how happy and in love they were to only breakup a week later.

    I don’t believe most of these these stories. I think Justin misses NY but not breaking up with Jennifer or going back to Heidi. Jennifer isn’t pregnant and doesn’t want children. When will people stop riding this train? She’s not getting back with John Mayer but it wouldn’t be shocking if she did want him back. I can’t believe she ran back to him after he did that “press conference” after the first breakup.

  8. Jayna says:

    I could do more plausible fake stories every week in these crap nags. They are all lazy.

    • MW says:

      True. I was looking at a couple of tabs at the hairdresser yesterday. The stories have gotten so bizarre that I would not be surprised at all to see something like “Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Alien Child”. Of course, it would have to be Angelina’s fault.

  9. Liberty says:

    Justin not being selected as the face of Chanel was probably the last straw. All that poodle grooming for nothing!

  10. Liberty says:

    Looking at the top photo: was she attending a Mad Men party? I just noticed the people behind her and thought it was Sunday night. Lol lookalike event.

  11. Didi says:

    This story had me in hysterics! Hilarious! I am all for Jen and Mayer, much more entertaining. Though is suspect mayer was just using her for publicity.

  12. Hipocrisy says:

    This is tabloid melodramatic soap opera at its finest.

    So lame. The only positive element in that fantasy is that for once they have Aniston wanting her TRUE ex back instead of the eternal ex, ex, ex, ex, ex, aka Brad Pitt, as if the weren’t several exes in between !

  13. Dusty says:

    Ah, the male hunt. It is all about sex and competition. They want what the competitor has, in this case Justin has Jennifer. Once Jennifer dumps Justin and gives in to John’s attempts to woo her over, she will immediately become less appealing to Mayer. Ladies, men are hard-wired this way – no money or fame can protect us from these acts.

  14. Agnes says:

    hahahaha! i hope she does.

  15. T.C. says:

    Mayer does not want her back, At all.

  16. Cathy says:

    Justin won’t let go of Jen without a fight. She’s his meal ticket.

  17. Janet says:

    Thanks for starting my morning off with a good laugh.

    I don’t think J’Anthrax make a good couple and never did. But if she hooks up again with John Mayer, who dumped and humiliated her twice in public, she ought to be locked up in a nuthouse.

  18. lisa says:

    I don’t think she is going back to Mayer.
    Dumb story, but the tabs have to do something. The FAKE triangle stories don’t work anymore. Most people with active brain cells either knew (the smart ones) that the stories were lies, or the woke up to the truth (ones slow on the go).

    But I do think she and Justin are in a new adjustment phase. She has not worked much since they got together..mostly promoting. I think maybe like many couples they have to be adjusting. Especially if he prefers NYC and she LA. Commuting is not always easy. At some point I think you have to pick a spot.

  19. StrawberryGirl says:

    Come on girl, just give me the Tom Ford bag!

  20. Dee Cee says:

    Nope.. she has this adult male puppy well trained..

  21. SofiaPetrillo says:

    Looks like the tabs are recycling JA/BP/AJ stories by cutting and pasting Justin and Heidi into their fan fiction.

  22. Dinah says:

    “I can often think the worst of Aniston, but I don’t think she’s clueless enough to get back with John Mayer. RIGHT?!?”

    I don’t know about that… girl seems to be a glutton for punishment. I agree, it would be just sad.

  23. Deann Baldwin says:

    John Mayer in my opinion is leaking the BS about the song is about her. When he dumped her the second time he had backlash from his fans, and its reported as him saying it in interviews. He has sunk his career by being a total ass hole, plus I think he is bisexual with a tendency more to ****. I think he is trying to insert himself into a triangle. May I suggest the one in Bermuda. He is a loser.

  24. barb says:

    Nah. It’s all made up. She’s with who she’s with, and how on earth would anyone know how she feels about an ex she never talks about. Made up.

  25. Holden says:

    I really hope this is the cruel joke of some kind of high school tabloid writer, because if not – its just tragic.

  26. Ramona Q says:

    John never said that song is about Jennifer.

    He could be singing about anything. His parents split up around xmas 2010, his father being much older and in his 80s. his dad moved to california from connecticut and now lives in a home of some kind. that’s a lot of shadows.

    besides, i just read last week that john is looking for a non-famous girlfriend now.

  27. Cinderella says:

    I would hope she wouldn’t touch Gia D.’s leftovers. Blech.

  28. crtb says:

    Can’t the tabloids think of something original to write?

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    If Justin misses NYC so much, why did Jen just sell her recently-purchased apartment there?

    J’Anthrax is going to last for awhile. He’s her producer/writer version of the ballet K-Fed.

  30. Kosmos says:

    Why are these things being written that have no validity? If we’re being fed lies, or made up stories, why read them at all? I love the tabs, but I want truth, not lies, how about you? I seriously doubt she wants Mayer back. She gave that up before she ever met Justin…Mayer was just not relationship material.

  31. crazycatlady says:

    ReDINKulous. Happy people are boring. So they have to start making up crazy shizz to write about so people will buy their rags. She and Justin seem quite happy together. And John Mayer has douchey-itis.

  32. A Girl Named Mikki says:

    First off, not another JA story puhleez!

    Secondly, if it’s true then it’s a little sad. I actually like JA (first time poster) and I’m hoping she’ll find whatever she seems to be looking for in a mate since “Brad-Gate”.

    I mean at 20-something, this routine of “man-hopping” is to be expected. But you should have some of this crap figured out by the time you hit your 40′s yes??

    ~ Ramblings of a fellow 40-something…

  33. EAG46 says:

    I don’t care for Ms. Aniston that much as a performer or as a fashion icon or whatever, but all of this attention on her womb and on her love life has me feeling sorry for her. Leave. Her. Alone. Let her live her life how she wishes.