Dina Lohan thinks Lindsay Lohan & Elizabeth Taylor were very similar

These are some photos of Lindsay Lohan in NYC last week, after her disastrous appearance at the A&E Upfronts on Wednesday. While her crack face doesn’t look as horrendous here as it did on the red carpet, that’s still a ridiculously jacked face. HER LIPS. I need to stop talking about her lips. I need to un-see them. As far as I know, we’re just a few weeks away from the start of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick production. I don’t know what we can expect – will Lindsay be too cracked-out to even show up for work on time? Will she (gasp) get her act together enough that she shows up… for the first week at least? Unknown. What I do find interesting is that Dina Lohan, our own Mother Crackie, is back to giving interviews about her darling crackie daughter. Speak on, Enabler:

Dina tells Access Hollywood that LL is “very prepared… She’s so excited to do this and it’s such an honor to play Liz Taylor.” Dina also thinks there are “so many similarities” between Elizabeth Taylor and the Cracken because “the tabloids, they attacked [Liz] as well… She’s really learned a lot, she’s grown up a lot.” My favorite quote, though, is when Dina accidentally calls LL’s years-long crack shenanigans a “demise”. Dina says, “This town is tough… Lindsay is 25, so it’s for her to talk about her demise, or whatever was going on at the time. I felt as a mother, yes, I’m going to protect my children publicly, privately, I kick their butts. I’m a single mom, of course I do!” DEMISE?!? I can’t believe Dina used that word.

In other LL news, Page Six had this funny story on Sunday:

Lindsay Lohan made an unexpected demure appearance at the VC Gallery at Dream Downtown for artist Domingo Zapata’s “Life Is a Dream Exhibition” Thursday night. The actress — featured in a work by the artist, who depicted her as Eve and surrounded her with semi-biblical banter before selling the work to a British collector for $100,000 — arrived on time and spent just under an hour chatting to Zapata and hotel owner Vikram Chatwal before leaving via an underground exit to avoid “waiting paparazzi,” even though there no one was waiting.

Zapata, who has studios in Chelsea and at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, told us: “The light is great in LA, and the hotel’s history gives me great inspiration . . . but sometimes there is too much of a party there, and I have to change the locks to keep certain people out.” Zapata said he’s working on a series of starlet portraits, including Sofia Vergara, Pamela Anderson, Michelle Rodriguez and Kim Kardashian, that he will show in 2014.

[From Page Six]

What is the deal with LL and Vikram Chatwal? I still don’t get it. Is LL just escorting or does she not even bother charging him for her services, just because Vikram gives her something more important than money – access and drugs? I also love the part about LL’s crack paranoia about being photographed and how there were no paps following her.

Last thing – LL tweeted this old photo of herself, Ali and Michael Jr. What does LL think when she looks at a photo like this?

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and LL’s Twitter.

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  1. gee says:

    I hate myself for saying this, but I really, really love that tan coat.

    • brin says:

      I do too. *smh*

    • Marjalane says:

      Take a moment and imagine what that coat smells like. Is it still as attractive to you?

    • Rhiley says:

      Regarding the coat, I am sure the person she stole it from loves it too. In those pics she looks a little like Miley Cyrus blended with an Olsen (except she kind of looks better than an Olsen does lately. Those gals look really horrible (not Elizabeth) and I am kind of surprised they don’t get called out more often for looking like poop).

      • Genevieve says:

        LMAO!! Well said, and agreed! :) Love the coat, as well…no matter whom she stole it from .

  2. brin says:

    Well “demise” is more appropriate than “demure” when talking about the Cracken so 1 point for White Oprah.

  3. beyonce's bump says:

    what’s new really? of course this delusional leechy disgusting momager is going to continue blowing smoke up her cash cow…er I mean daughter’s a…rear end. Anyway I “don’t care” that much for the story but just wanted to ask….does anyone know the brand of the brown sneaks with heels she’s wearing with that trench coat, I saw it also on some girl at the mall the other day and love it!

    • gg says:

      She needs to be getting comp’ed clothing if her apparel is getting so much daily attention. Because there’s not much else going on there.

  4. Cherry says:

    @all the ladies above: I think we can all agree that her outfit is remarkably cute here? I WANT that coat and those shoes are adorable, too! Shame about the orange knees, though.

    • QQ says:

      Yes, it is with Sad Shame i too say: This might be the BEST this Hooker has looked in recent times , as in probably not soon to be repeated

      • skuddles says:

        And the ironic part is she doesn’t even look like herself, at least in that 2nd from the bottom pic… I could have sworn that was Miley Cyrus!

  5. Boo says:

    That’s not Michael Jr.; that’s Cody.

    I think the knee socks are stupid, personally, and I am not in love with those sneakery things, but the coat is nice. She is pretending to be conservative so we will all think she has changed. Too bad the bloat says otherwise.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      The bra under the blue shirt is an improvement, but the bloat is very visible in those black pants.

  6. Cathy says:

    It’s to early in the morning to listen to that womans voice. So I didn’t bother with the interview. I did like the part of her taking some tunnel to avoid the papparazzi and there were none chasing her. lol that’s funny.

  7. Ailine says:

    She has a lot in common with Elizabeth Taylor? Being written up in tabloids is what every celebrity has in common. Dina needs to try harder. How about “We desperately need the money”?

  8. imabrat says:

    Uh yeah, real similar….they are both females and that is where the similarities end.

  9. Jonah says:

    Hey Kaiser! The deal about Vikram Chatwal is that he wants to make it big in the movies.Look it up! He is the type that likes to associate with celebrity women He also most likely payed lohan to do the red carpet for this art event he funded. He payed Kim K to host his 40th b-day last year. His bio says he dated various celebrity women but you be hard pressed to find any evidence to it, well expect for some wasted pics with Tara Reid…..
    And another thing, he has a steady girlfriend, Angela Lindwal, the lingerie model, who was pictured with him at that same event. (he is a big deal in india and took Angela to india last month, they were pictured holding hands at events) Of course no blog bothered to post the pics of him and his girlfriend or mention her, because him and lohan makes a far better story. (By the way his ex-wife was also at this art event and we all know lohan is not the type of woman who could be around an ex-wife and a girlfriend of a lover without attacking someone or blowing a fuse so i think there is nothing between lohan and him now)
    Somehow i also think lohans managers prefers this story to the Samro story.
    The ny daily news have a story today about how lohans handlers are trying to persuade her not to be seen in public with Samro because they want the media to focus on her upcoming liz taylor bio pic and not her personal life.

    • hillbilly in the corner says:

      I agree with you on the the mutual using of each other with Old Vikey….I think they were lovers but its cooled but they are still using each other for whatever use they can…She’s still using him for free housing and flying around in his jet…and clubbing in his owned hotels and resterant and I bet their is never a tab paid on all that partying and drinks….and how she paying him …..Well I will leave that up to you……..
      and I think that Lohan Inc is using this to frantically cover her activities and rekindling her lesbian affair with SamO because they are trying to sell her as a hot sex symbol and Elizabeth Taylor like sex syymbol and Liz may have been a whore but she never crossed the fence to the other side that we know off and she was a whore with a heart which people tend to forgive…Not like Lindsay who is a coldhearted and mean you can get….

    • G says:

      It completely routine for hotels to have “walk-rates” and exchange priveleges with other hotels. Where she stays says nothing about who pays.

      It’s prudent of them to dampen the public perception here but where there is smoke, there’s fire.

      • Henry says:

        @ G

        That may be the case, but I don’t see how you can argue that they are trying to dampen the fire. They posed together and CB posted pics of them out shopping. If anything id say its been played up. The only thing thats been played down here are LLs gay tendencies. Crazy days and nights have an interesting post. They claim dina puts out the denials.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yeah, I believe there’s still some trading-off going on here regarding payment.

      Be it Vik exchanging hotel rooms/suites with other hotels and/or Blohan’s “services,” there is still some *ahem* accommodation going on somewhere.

  10. Fyofeelings says:

    Outside of the coat and the bag she looks horrible! Orange knees…smfh

  11. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Well…talking about clothes …how many times did she wear those god-awful black leggings while she was in NYC ? almost daily I think…and the Leather Jacket Ali has on the int second Picture is the “stylish Leather Jacket that they would touting about at he art gallery showing….Ha Ha Ha….shes down to sharing her clothes with sister and rewearing same old clothes over and over again…Which is a major “you never get caught doing” in the entertiament world….One day she wearing it the next Ali the next she’s wearing them again…NO MONEY thats why !! Wheres the ware house of designer cloths she had hauled out of that Venice house ? …Oh yea ! thats right she sold them the other month for running money…..
    By the way that brown walking coat was on Ali about a month ago if I remember right at Christmas….
    and another thing I noticed they may have the same shoe size because I have seen Ali in shoes that look just like some of those monstrositys Lindsays wears that she call shoes…expecially the stiltboots…..the black one with buckles……
    Funny thing about Photographic memory…even as you get older you still are able to remember seeing certain things…and clothes is something I never forget….LOL

  12. lower-case deb says:

    is that Ali Lohan in the black leather jacket? o.O
    looks like hathaway

  13. HannahF says:

    No comment on how the painter has is bothered by the party atmosphere at the Chateau Marking and HAS TO KEEP CHANGING THE LOCKS TO KEEP CERTAIN PEOPLE OUT.

    • hillbilly in the corner says:

      Love that name its my grandaughters…
      Anyway, as long as Lindsay has a copy of the Master Key from Vikey changing the locks won’t keep her out…Its like a pigeon going back to the same old roust…or better yet at bat returning from their nightly feeding and rambling to the same old cave…block the hole and they will still find a crack to wiggle thru….!!!!

  14. Jackie says:

    this dina lohan is such a piece of white trash. the fake long blond hair, wrinkly cleavage that is overexposed, fake tan, gravelly voice….so gross.

    …and i haven’t even touched on her ‘personality’.

  15. DanaG says:

    It will be a miracle if LL makes it through doing this movie. Glee was a huge challenge for her and she failed. I can not even imagine her as Elizabeth Taylor who had issues yes but she also was a great beauty and a great actress. LL is neither of these. That is going to have to be some great makeup artist and lighting to get her to look anything like Liz. Dina has no right to even call herself a mom her kid’s are just paychecks to her.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      And she was only scheduled to film Glee for 5 days! But she was such a pain in the arse to work with that they reduced her part to 2 days.

      • mary simon says:

        Lifetime will regret this epic fail, probably after about 5 days of filming when they find themselves dealing with absences due to “exhaustion”; chronic tardiness, ever shifting ducklips, face fillers and coke bloat chin. How did the Cracken get this part, anyway? There are so many great young actresses out there who could do it justice. Something doesn’t add up here.

  16. Amy says:

    Agreed with the coat opinions–I love it!

  17. Bess says:

    As much as I’m offended by the Cracken’s sense of entitlement and constant drama, it’s nothing compared how much I loathe Dina Lohan.

    I can’t believe she has the nerve to go on television after she and daughter have been caught in lie after lie.

  18. Sisi says:

    we haven’t seen Dina in a couple of months…

    Has she had some work done to her face?

  19. Quinn says:

    Is that nail color called “fungus”?? Blech!!!

  20. lulu says:

    Lindsay: Her blue t shirt is torn in two different places around the neckline, her roots need doing and she’s back to always having a cigarette in her hand. I thought she would do better for longer.
    Dina: I can’t follow her train of thought. Basically she is saying, I lied in all my old interviews because I didn’t know you. Now I know you. No I don’t. Yes I do. I can’t stand this kind of ‘journalism’ though…pandering to her like that. Telling her she’s a great mother, a ‘wolf’ mother? I don’t like watching people lying.
    Ali: Just sad. I get the feeling she just never even had a chance.

    Ali? Awful, just awful. Lindsay had a chance but Al

    • MacScore says:

      Oh, I so agree with you! Pandering to Dina – good grief, that’s an understatement. When the interviewer (whose name I don’t know coz it’s not relevant) is saying “and that’s why I love you as a mother…” Where’s the barf bag? Who is being paid what here? And the bimbo dumbo-ass with puffed lips sitting there nodding her head in agreement…? Sycophantic idiots, all of them.
      Peeeps, we have far more important things to focus our energy on. I need to find a way to stop reading about Blohan!

  21. JudyK says:

    Ha, I thought the cover pic was Khloe Kardashian.

    Yes, Dina Lohan is nothing but white trash. An UGLY piece of white trash.

  22. dorothy says:

    I thought Lindsay’s new PR person must have locked Dina down. For a while there she was doing interview after interview…of course they always made things worse. Everyone realized it but Dina.

  23. Sillyone says:

    Why is Ali always behind Lindsay? I don’t think I have ever seen a picture where they are actually walking side by side. When my sister and I go some place together we walk side by side so we can talk and hear each other. Good grief.

    • polk8dot says:

      Hierarchy, hon! It’s called hierarchy!
      There can only be ONE ‘SUPERSTAR’ in a family, and until Ali supplants her, or Blohan kicks the bucket, Ali will be walking 3 feet behind, like a fricking made/servant/coffee-fatching-girl she clearly is to Blo.

    • Sisi says:

      Pap-pictures of Lindsay make more money for the Lohans, so Ali needs to stay outta shot or behind the more valuable sister?

  24. Green_Eyes says:

    HA! 1st Shewas sooo much like Marilyn, now it’s Liz??? WHICH MOVIE ICON will she screen her life around next?

    Here’s an original thought..try being LINDSAY for a change!!!

    • polk8dot says:

      Oh, I fear for the immortal image of Rita Hayworth!
      The moment Blohan figures out that Rita was a redhead and had drinking problems (amongst the host of other things), she will latch onto that ideal like a tick.

  25. lower-case deb says:

    how. How. HOW is it possible that she wears such a great GREAT coat and goes to ruin it with those… those things she wear on her legs and feet?

    how is that in any way similar to Elizabeth Taylor?

    forgive me. but i feel i need to swoon into my lavender bathwater on behalf of Taylor.

  26. jesstar says:

    Ugh! Why don’t either Dina or Linds know you don’t actually have to be like the person you want to portray. That’s why its called ACTING!!!

    Lay off the pipe & get a clue.

    I think with Michelle W basically owning Marilyn for a while, the Lohans have picked another icon’s coattails to ride, I mean insult, I mean sully, I mean…

  27. Navy Blue says:

    People who compare Lindsay to Monroe and Taylor are enabling her. She thinks because she’s a trainwreck and famous that she is legendary and romanticizes her troubled life. You’re not Monroe Lindsay, you’re Dana Plato. You only did a few teenage films not Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or Some Like It Hot.

  28. Mounir says:

    That photo probably feels like a life time ago for her.

  29. e.non says:

    ugh… that dl refers to taylor as ‘liz’ is delusional and disgusting..

    what is lifetime going to do once that camera starts zeroing in on lohan’s face. and her voice — she sounds like my 85yo lifelong smoking mother. how are they going to patch over all of these gaping holes.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    OMG, is she wearing a BRA under that blue top?!? Obviously, WO celebrated Mothers’ Day with her usual: shots of delusion and vodka chasers.

    • MacScore says:

      Hello Bellaluna! Nice to hear you here again, with your usual right-on reality check.

      Need a Blotini right now, coz all of these invented comparisons with REAL icons are making me ill.

      Wearing a half-way decent coat, does not an icon make.

  31. Bess says:

    Lifetime must be hoping whatever the Cracken brings to this shitfest in terms of press and ratings will be enough to offset whatever budget overruns occur due to her “exhaustion”, lateness, legal problems, diva tantrums, etc.

    • Madisyn says:

      Imagine the EPIC fvckery of all the ‘on-set’ CRACKnanigans. Oh, its gonna be good!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Madisyn! Where have you been?!? I’ve been looking for you! Did you fall into the bottomless vodka vat? Where the hell were our pool boys to fish you out?!

        I agree. Cannot WAIT to hear about the epic cracknanigans that ensue. Do you think Lifetime will send minions to fetch Blohan from the Chateau?

  32. Brenda says:

    The new duck lips give her an excuse for having coke mouth.

  33. sarahtonin says:

    There is just no way they can put that mangled head on screen. But I guess the worse she looks, the more people will want to watch it to see how bad it really is.

    I just can’t fathom why they are going with this sort of marketing tactic for a film intended to ‘honour’ a screen legend. I won’t believe they’ve done it until I see the finished product. Until then, in my mind, something will stop it from coming to fruition.

  34. ViloDeMenus says:

    Her hands make her look like a filthy, unclean person. She’s also managed to get digital herpes, so she often has open sores, which give her a leper-like quality. I would rather starve than have her touch anything I’d put near my mouth. Her hands always look like she spent the morning giving homeless men handies. How does a film crew deal with that problem, making new CGI clean hands into any project she does? Revolting and very abnormal looking for her age. Well, any age really. Ugh.