Michael Fassbender covers GQ, confirms relationship with Nicole Beharie

GAH. I just had a spiritual experience reading Michael Fassebender’s GQ cover profile for the June issue. This is Fassy’s first appearance on the cover of a major American men’s magazine. Sure, he’s been profiled by tons of magazines, and GQ even named him the “breakout of 2011” but for the most part, Fassy’s covers have been in European publications. So this is his arrival in the American media. It feels good too. Especially when the full cover story (here) is so detailed and interesting, and when the photo shoot (here) is super-sexy. Here are some delicious highlights:

Mm, paddles: In the middle of [his London apartment] is a mini Ping-Pong table, borrowed from his British agent, who lives nearby. “Now that it’s here,” says Fassbender, “it’s not going. This table has been the best contribution for fun I’ve had in a long time. This table has seen some action…” He pauses, laughs. “That sounds wrong.” But has it? I say, gently pushing. “Just the paddles,” he deflects, and of course he then realizes that this sounds wrong, too, in exactly the same way.

All of the dong jokes: “It’s fun to a point,” he says of these situations he has been facing, “and after a certain point you worry that it kind of detracts from the movie. But there’s nothing I can do. I just have to laugh it off. I can. Pretty much. Because I take my work seriously but I can’t take myself too seriously. I’m in such a crazy privileged position—shit, this is the pinnacle of the dream when I was 17…. Nobody wants to hear really how difficult it is.”

Why he didn‘t get nominated for an Oscar for Shame: Usually for movie pissing the liquid you see is actually coming from a hidden tube, but he was nude. For the first two takes, he wasn’t able to do anything, but he announced on-set before the third that it would happen, and it did. “Actually pretty proud,” he says. And then he laughs and says—more blurts out, really—”That peeing cost me an Oscar.” He is not entirely serious. Nor will he endorse Steve McQueen’s slightly broader stated view: “In America they’re too scared of sex, that’s why he wasn’t nominated.” “I don’t know—I don’t think so,” says Fassbender. “Steve is a passionate man. There’s not much filtering with Steve, and I love him for that.” But he’s starkly honest in acknowledging that there was a concerted campaign to get him nominated—”They promised me paradise!” he blares—and how his expectations were raised.

Disappointment that he wasn‘t nominated: “At the beginning people [say], ‘You’re going to be going to the Oscars,’ and you’re like, ‘Whatever, doesn’t matter, don’t think so.’ But after a while it does penetrate. After a while you’re like, ‘Anyway, so I’m going to the Oscars…’ ” He laughs. “And you start to believe it. And I did. I thought I was going. And then I found out I wasn’t and I was upset. I was very upset by it. The first reaction was ‘What the f–k…?’ ” He sounds frustrated that he had let himself get sucked in. “It’s a vanity thing. It does become important to you. And it shouldn’t.” On reflection, he decided that he had learned something about misplaced priorities. “A good little lesson.”

On his blonde hairstyle in Prometheus: Fassbender also dutifully adopted the Peter O’Toole-esque hairstyle required, albeit with less enthusiasm. “Perfect for the character,” he notes, but as Michael Fassbender he hated it. “I don’t think peroxide-blond hair is a beneficial look for me,” he says. “I just looked at myself and I was like, ‘Five-pound rent boy.’ ” (Or, translated into American: $8 male prostitute.)

He cooks: He mentions that he has recently started cooking again. “If there’s friends around, I’ll cook. Or if I have a girlfriend. But on my own I kind of fell out of the habit of it, and it’s a shame really because I know it’s good for me. It’s something quite therapeutic.”

His relationship with Shame co-star Nicole Beharie: “I’m seeing Nicole, we’re trying to see each other as often as possible,” he acknowledges. “That’s kind of difficult when she lives [in New York] and I live in England.” He says they got together during the film’s promotion. “Nothing happened while we were filming. We started talking more on the promotion thing. So, yeah, it just sort of unfolded like that.” Presumably that’s why he’s now back in New York for a couple of days, though he doesn’t say so.

[From GQ]

I suggest all of the Fass-loonies go and read the piece, because there are some interesting anecdotes and even some new sides to Fassbender that I didn’t know he had. Like, Fassy is quite capable of being kind of bitchy – he was talking about a rude interviewer who just wanted to talk about his dong and how she had written something about how he was probably up for showing it off, and Fassy has a bitchy insult for that woman. He also hates hovering waiters. Just FYI.

Photos courtesy of Mario Testino/GQ.

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  1. shontay says:

    Hot, hot, hot. That is all.

    • lol says:

      Everyone should wave at Michael’s dad, Joseph, he reads every single thing written about Fassy on the internet and then report it back to him LOL ;)

      :) *waves at Joseph Fassbender* :)

      • Guest says:

        “There’s some stuff on the internet son”.
        You bet there is Joe… Damn good genes sir! ;)

      • Addison says:

        Sexy as hell photo shoot.

        Mr. Fassbender you and your wife did a fantastic job raising your son.

        I only have one thing against the two of you… That you didn’t make MORE!

      • maemay says:

        oh crap, poor Daddy Fassbender!!

      • claire says:

        Damn you Google Alerts!!
        Celebitchies it’s only fair to say we’re f-ed especially you Kaiser lol!

        Sie müssen stolz sein auf ihren sohn Herr Fassbender! :) ;)

      • MS says:

        One of his father’s replacement activities, so it seems, is to follow his son’s mushrooming fame via Google Alert. That is how Fassbender learns much of what is being said about him. A call will come in. Sometimes there are important issues that need addressing. As Fassbender tells me when we meet in New York, “My dad was like, “What’s this about some fan vomiting on your shoes?’ ” – GQ June 2012

    • Anonny says:

      Photo #7.

      That is all.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fassbender for creating such an awesome talented actor. I still cannot believe I did not recognize him at nyff. Well, at least I know I thought he was cute without noticing it was Fassbender the actor, hehe

  2. original almond says:

    I’ve tried, really, but he does nothing for me, dong-wise; more for the loonies, I guess. Great actor, though.

    • Krill says:

      Just like I tried to like Shame, but could not. I’ll probably get blasted for saying so, but it’s my opinion (and I’ve heard others say so, too). Is pr0n-watching, random sex, and masturbation so shocking to Americans that they consider a movie that demonstrates all to be a tour de force? And the back story with his sister was so weak, it was almost non-existent. He did not deserve an Oscar nomination… nothing about that movie did.

      • chalky says:

        Didn’t like the movie either. Saw it this past weekend and was stumped at what all they hype was about. He gave a good performance but the movie/story was weak and boring. As for the sex, soft porn and less than you’d get in an HBO or Showtime Sunday night lineup.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I can see how some people would be really turned off by the movie. It’s not for everyone but it wasn’t a story/plot-driven movie. It was a character study of someone who was mired is a pit of self-loathing but compelled to maintain a destructive path instead of improving his conditions. I thought his performance was amazing and I loved the movie-could not stop thinking about it afterwards which is kind of my *test* for a great movie.

  3. chrissie says:

    This interview is actually the first time I’ve liked him.

  4. Iggles says:

    At first I couldn’t see what was so interesting about him, but now I like him! Best of luck to him in his career! I think he and Nicole make a lovely couple!!

  5. Helvetica says:

    He is dreamy. Oh my.

  6. ramona says:

    Love the cover photo. Also have wanted the model’s bracelet for yonks, but it’s about £3000.

  7. Chatcat says:

    I think he is just talented and honest about himself and the work he does…if that is bitchy or dicky or whatever then so be it! Better then most the Hollywood men who act 24/7…you never know who they really are. Glad he got the cover of GQ because he certainly deserves it.

  8. maemay says:

    Like that he is’nt being cagey or coy about his relationship like most celebs. Must be sort of serious if they are racking up the air miles.

    • ramona says:

      I lived in NYC and dated my husband while he lived in London for over a year before I made the move across the pond… And we DID have killer frequent flyer miles!

  9. Kola says:

    I like Michael and Nicole together, it’s nice that she has her own career going and she seems down to earth and not a fame whore. Good luck to the both of them.

  10. Kitty says:

    He is overrated. I don’t get the appeal of him.

  11. Memory30 says:

    $8 male prostitute lol omg can he be any hotter I love this man.

  12. Me says:

    Overexposed and boring.

    • Shel says:

      So are your views on him. LOVE the interview and the pics of him, too :) He is so damn beautiful and sexy, it’s not even funny. Best wishes to him and Nicole!

  13. Crystal says:

    I prefer him with facial hair. I think Nicole is hot and can do better than him but they look good together… You should have seen all the comments from the pressed White girls on Tumblr when the pictures of those two came out. So much racism. I don’t even know why I was surprised, Tumblr is a cesspool and it’s like reading YouTube and yahoo comments. He has some of the worst stans I swear.

    • Kola says:

      Yeah I saw that, they wouldn’t even acknowledge that these two were dating despite all the evidence. Glad he set the record straight and claimed her. Now they can be even more pressed lol

    • Anon says:

      It was disconcerting to observe the lack of respect to Nicole Beharie someone they did not know nor care to know. Their delusions/aspirations were more important than his choice; it is not enough for him to turn in a good performance he should fulfill their dreams and fantasises. How rude.

    • Nina says:

      She’s beautiful and talented. IMO she could do better but i like them as a couple. They’re so low key unlike so many hollywood couples (yep i’m talking about you Ryan Gosling and Evil Mendos)

      • mara says:

        Yeah. Ryan and Eva claim to be low-key, but they are not. So hypocritical. I dislike them very much.
        It’s refreshing that Fassy actually acknowledges his relationship and doesn’t resort to playing stupid mind games with the public.

    • Jakell says:

      There will always be haters. Some people will be unhappy with whoever he’s dating. I hate how it always comes down to race though. What does it matter if he dates Maiko (who is asian) or Miss Germany or Nicole, they could all very well be sweet, classy ladies. Beautiful certainly. I love that he dates women of different races. Shows that he isn’t as closed minded as others can be. He seems to see beauty in all kinds of women.

  14. Eve says:

    That’s a really nice cover.

  15. madpoe says:

    Hot but spoken for.
    * heavy sighs*
    Gotta shift through my rebound guy files now.

  16. Talie says:

    He’s talented and all, but I pity the woman who sleeps with him…he seems like a walking disease.

  17. kpist says:

    Damn you Kaiser, Now I’m gonna be dreaming of Fassdong all day.

  18. Harpster says:

    Camilla Long is the journalist Michael was talking about. She isn’t particularly popular with anyone in the UK and she’s pretty stupid to be honest. I don’t think it was being bitchy, it was genuinely pointing out the truth! AND, I remember in that interview she also asked him if he would have sex for real in a movie. DAFT!

    • maemay says:

      True, if a male reporter said the same things that reporter said about michael to an actress and the actress took offense she would be applauded.

    • podzol says:

      That Sunday Times interview by Long was pretty insulting/derogatory, actually, even if not meant intentionally by the journalist. Kaiser, try to find it, you’ll definitely understand his “Bitch, please!” reaction.

    • Eve says:

      Errr…not necessarily disagreeing with you guys, but he didn’t complain when Clooney, Theron and even his father (who, apparently, was really “proud” of him…because he had a big d*ck) — in fact, he laughed/giggled and seemed to be rather pleased with all those comments.

      Now people feel entitled to ask him questions like that.

      • maemay says:

        The reporter makes it seem as if it makes him uncomfortable. It is different when your peers rag you.

        Perhaps Michael’s daddy will read this and tell him about it.

      • Eve says:

        I know the difference. Still, the one way to not allow random reporters to do such thing is not allowing anyone to do such thing.

        Because, as I said, it doesn’t matter (for the reporter)…when she sees that he seemed comfortable with the jokes before she feels entitled to do the same (whether it comes out as a joke or not).

      • T.C. says:


        Her first question to him was “how does it feel to have a big cock”. First question. She implied he would be willing to sleep with her if she gave him some champaign. That’s when he got bitchy saying he wouldn’t touch her with a flagpole. Would a male journalist get away with asking Scarjo about her breasts and say he knows she would want to have sex with him? Just low class trashy journalist.

      • Harpster says:

        I see what you mean but on the other hand I think its also the way you propose these questions. Camilla Long once asked an MP in England which testicle was removed after his cancer treatment. I think its more to do with how ignorantly and fake-provocative she can be.

      • Eve says:

        @ T.C. and Harpster:

        Girls, I’m not saying she’s right or has the right to ask him this type of question — I agree that’s bad journalism (not even that, actually). Oh, and his remark about her was well deserved.

        My point is that when you allow people (whether they’re your co-workers or not) to publicly crack jokes at your penis’s size, you end up with other people (like this “journalist”) feeling entitled to do that as well.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      @Eve: I think he liked George’s comment/joke. But I never got that he liked Charlize’s comment. After that when tmz asked him about Charlize, he was pretty serious and took a while to answer and said she was a good/great actress and he would work again with her.

      • emma bee says:

        i got really tired of all the dong jokes. they quickly became overdone and took away from a really powerful performance. i agree with the gq journalist that mf had to grin and bear it bc what’s the alternative? but it’s got to get tiresome in the long run. i found charlize’s joke unfunny and annoying…beating a dead horse by that point.

        i agree with eve that camilla long was just one of many who felt (wrongly) entitled to making those sorts of jokes about mf based on the trend.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        @emma: *waving to a fassie fellow “fan” (FFF)*

        Emma, yes I got that. I was just trying to say that I got the impression he did not like Charlize’s joke. I did not like it (totally unnecessary) and I did not even like George’s joke either. I agree with you and I think it took the attention away from a powerful performance.

  19. Aiobhan says:

    I now have to get this magazine and the EW with him and Noomi. Great way to start the day.

  20. Nan209 says:

    We’re soulmates. I hate hovering waiters too.

  21. Alexis says:

    He and Nicole make a hot couple. I like interracial relationships!

  22. fingerbinger says:

    I like him and the focus on his gentitals is seems to be getting a little weird and uncomfortable like they have never seen a penis before. As far as the film Shame it was a good movie it wasn’t great. The performances of the actors were exceptional,but the story was lacking.

  23. danielle says:

    He was on Top Gear last night, was quite funny.

  24. Toot says:

    He looks great on that cover.

  25. maemay says:

    oh crap ya’ll michael’s daddy tells him about everything on the nets!! shhh….daddy’s watching.

  26. Allie says:

    I can’t bring myself to like him based on all the allegations surrounding him. But he is a good actor. I’ll give him that.

  27. Linda says:

    I like a man who cooks.

    • Eve says:

      I swear I read “I like a man who cocks”.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I think it’s just Fassy’s unit that is getting to you subconsciously Eve :)
        Seriously, I love the guy but even I’m kind of tired about hearing about his dong!

      • Eve says:

        Seriously, I love the guy but even I’m kind of tired about hearing about his dong!

        Me too. Actually, I’ve been like that for a while.

        And I said something about that above thread (I honestly think his initial reactions to those jokes has kinda put him in a difficult place now).

      • LucyOriginal says:

        I am tired abouthearing about his dong too. I just like to see it! kidding, kidding…lol

      • mia girl says:

        Seems like people are still getting milage out of talking about his member. Check out first minute of the preview for Mindy Kailing’s new show on Fox.


  28. serena says:

    Oh so he has a type.
    I don’t like him, but she’s really cute. And resemble Zoe in some way.. is it just me?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Def has a type. Dark hair & skin, petite. She is beautiful, I agree.

      • gina says:

        …women who work in the same industry, shy, not stylish, less famous, younger, living in NY or LA, not the model type, met on a movie set, who does her own thing…

    • Deniah says:

      Nicole is adroable. She looks like a real life woman, not some supermodel. He definitly is into brunettes, all his girlfriends (that we’ve seen) had pretty dark hair and were olive/tan/dark skinned. All gorgeous too. He’s certainly had his share of lovely ladies.

    • jaye says:

      He has said as much in interviews. And no way in hell does she resemble Zoe. They are both black and petite…that’s where the similarities end.

  29. Stacie says:

    I love him so much . I can’t wait to get this mag. , Damn living in a small town sucks . It takes us forever to get the good mags. . Michael makes me swoon . :D

  30. LucyOriginal says:

    I do like them together! Sorry Kaiser… *moving away slowly from this topic*

  31. jess says:

    I’m starting to prefer Fassy over Ryan Gosling.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Starting to? I am THERE, girl. And Gosling used to be my number one. Totally over him now. Fassy is the future…until we find someone hotter! ;)

      • jess says:

        I just like that Fassy doesn’t appear fake. He tells it like it is and seems honest, which is something I appreciate in a celebrity. I don’t believe a darned thing that comes out of Ryan’s mouth anymore. He’s become so contrived, it’s a turn-off.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly. I like that Fassy speaks a lot “off-the-cuff”. Ryan seems more interested in his H-Wood image these days when his focus used to be more on acting. Lame. Plus I hate him with Eva. Nothing against Eva but I just hate them as a couple.

  32. T.C. says:

    I want to make ginger babies with him. Right now. H.O.T.

  33. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Le sigh. I will not be FassiNated, I will not be FassiNate, I will not be Fassinated.

  34. Meadowlark says:

    What? He was in Sacramento? His sister lives here now? I LIVE IN SACRAMENTO! I missed Fassbender!

    • whisper says:

      Catherine Fassbender (Department of Psychiatry, UC Davis Medical Center, University of California, Sacramento). She’s married and has a child. Google is your friend ;)

      • LucyOriginal says:

        lol. So, he was telling the truth when he said his sister was a scientist, cool! I almost went to UC Davis, :)

  35. novaraen says:

    He’s beautiful. Loved him way back before anyone over here in the US hardly knew about him. Watched him in the show “Hex” as the demon Azazeal…and was like “this guy is HOT…how is he not famous?” and now he is. :)

  36. kristiner says:

    Oh wow… he’s dating Nicole Beharie?

    So like I honestly, like seriously have a real shot at him some day knowing his preferences.

    I just need to get within his vicinity.

    • pfff says:

      Him having a preference for darker women doesn’t necessarily mean he would date your delusional ass too!! LOL

      Live in hope, die in despair ;)

  37. Belle says:

    I kinda find it creepy when people have a kind like white, black, indian or southasian people only it reeks of fetish to me. Excerpt of course its within their own race.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      I agree and I don’t.

    • Reese says:

      I don’t think its a fetish. We have seen him date women who were Asian and German as well as flirt like crazy with a beautiful Italian reporter (look it up on youtube, its hilarious). He certainly likes black women as well, as shown by his dating Nicole and Zoe, but its not like he exclusively dates them or has a ‘fetish’.

      • Shel says:

        Seems to me the only ones who gave him a “type” is everyone BUT him. So what if he’s dated black women? That means he has a type? I guess there was that alleged quote about him preferring darker skin. You know, the one that no one can find the original source of??? I personally am happy that he’s into ethnic women (being ethnic, myself, but I’m so over people labeling it as his ‘type’. Fact is, none of us knows a damn thing about his type.

      • read this! says:

        “Well physically, I am attracted to darker women, I’m not gonna lie. To me I personally find them beautiful, but of course there’s more to a person than what meets the eye. Everyone has their own uniqueness.” – Michael Fassbender

        * A journalist asked him what he physically find’s attractive in a woman on the red carpet at AFI festival for ‘Shame’ in LA in November 2011.
        So yeah HE said he has a type. :)

      • maemay says:

        I think he is open minded which is nice.

      • Reese says:

        @read this!- Well yea. Take one look at his dating history (that we can see) and you can tell he likes brunettes. Their skin tone has ranged from tan to olive to black. But thats a pretty big range. I imagine this dude will date women every color of the rainbow before he’s done. Which is something I love, means he can see beauty in all women and isn’t closed minded.

    • Crystal says:

      LOL. What is this comment???
      Noone says anything about the guys who only date within their race but let a White man date different races and suddenly it’s a fetish ?? Lord. I can’t.
      What about the White guys who only date other White girls?? Are they racist?? No. And they never get questioned but an open minded guy like Fassbender dates all races and people wonder if it’s genuine.
      God forbid he doesn’t date a White woman.

      • stella says:

        I totally agree with you.Isn’t it funny how white guys that date non-white women have fetishes yet, black guys that date white women don’t.
        We’re all of the same race, so get over the fetish thing. It’s quite insulting because it implies that white is the default standard of beauty. For goodness sake do you see white dogs breed exclusively with white dogs?

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I hope you don’t live too far away from Toronto because that’s where I live and we’re best friends now. Let your mind be opened to the power of bonhomie and poutine!

      • LL2 says:

        I co-sign this comment 100%. Nobody questions when a guy says he prefers blondes, no one says that is a “fetish” because supposedly men, in general, prefer blondes. This, of course, is not true but some people buy into this myth and can’t accept the reality that there are men who would pick a darker-skinned and/or darker-haired woman over fair-skinned blonde. Instead, they come up with ridiculous theories about “fetishes”.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        That’s the ‘post-racial society’ for you, right? The only way that the ‘pinnacle’ (white man), could be tempted by the ‘dregs’ (black woman) is because of some abnormal psychology or social experiment–really, any man who isn’t black and mentally stable would never go in for that type of thing without a story to accompany the attraction. Kind of depressing when the whole world is still taught to regard black women that way but steadfastly denies that this is the case. I can understand why it would be denied, as it’s a mindset that is today frequently absorbed rather than explicitly taught, but the mindset is as present as it ever was and unfortunately, a white guy on her arm can feel to some black woman to be a status symbol or something (rather than someone) for which she should be grateful. Yikes!

      • Crystal says:

        @ Jo ‘Mama’ Besser
        Unfortunately I live in Wimbledon Village in London but we can still be best friends :) I’ve lurked on this site for years but only just started commenting.
        Girl… Didn’t you get the memo??? Obama is president and Beyonce gets number 1′s so that racism thing you speak of is non existent. LOL. ‘post racial society’ my ass.
        People (especially white women) hate to see a good white man with a black women. Society tells us that Black women are at the bottom of the totem pole so the fact that anyone finds us desirable is a wonder. Gotta keep up with those white standards of beauty !!! :) Here we have a beautiful, educated black woman with natural hair to boot (no beyonce lacefront) and people are hating. One girl on tumblr said that she thought black women were disgusting and days that mixed babies are ugly. The b*tch got dragged and had to delete her tumblr.
        I’m a black woman and I married a white man. Boy is it hard. I’ve lived in my area for nearly 5 years and I still refuse to go to the store alone because of all the dirty looks. They only treat me nicely when there’s a white man on my arm an even then he still gets called a n*gga lover. His family disowned him and didn’t even come to the wedding. That’s why that ‘fetish’ comment pisses me off so much. It hits too close to home because even after a decade together people still ask my husband what it’s like to be with a black woman. As of we’re some special unicorns. We’re no different… But I feel like an extinct species when I walk around. It’s so frustrating… I have a hot temper and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to drag a couple white women who thought they could come for me. They all love our music, our lips and our bodies but they give zero f*cks about us.
        Ugh. I’m done… I could go on for days but it’s not even worth it.
        Fetish ??? B*tch please. His d*ck riding ass stans can do a backstroke in a pool full of battery acid with their subtle racism.

      • Annoyed says:

        Crystal, your last comment made me really upset. I can’t believe you had to go through that foolishness. My fiance is white and I’ve dealt with subtle and not so subtle disdain from some white women. From hair flips, to eye rolls to having a white woman find a way to use the term “tar baby” (she said something along the lines of “it was a real tar baby of a situation” and I knew what she tried to do) in a conversation, to having a woman yell our relationship was bullshit. I’m over in America, so over here we have some more blatant racial issues. I’m in the North though, so it’s more subtle racism than the South. I just get so annoyed at the entitlement that some white women carry as if they are the only ones that can be persued. I know this MF and NB relationship is going to cause a LOT of anger in certain women. Crystal, just let those ignorant people raise their own blood pressure. If they were so happy, they wouldn’t be worried about interracial relationships and just worry about themself.

      • ViktoryGin says:

        @ Crystal

        Aah…the trials and tribulations of interracial dating. It’s astounding how normally some who claim to be non-racist will show their asses when faced with the unpalatable thought of race, romance, and sex. And the ae comes from both genders and all sides.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Thank you for this comment. The internet makes sense again. :)

    • Issa says:

      I’m a mixed chick that prefers blonds & gingers, the nordic “white” look. Its a preference not a requirement. Does that make me a freak? WTF

    • Addison says:

      Your comment is creepy.

  38. Ginger says:

    I’m home ill today and just finished watching “Shame” on on-demand. WOW!!! Not only is he beautiful and sexy but such a damn good actor! I was thinking during his and Nicole’s love scene that they were hot together. I guess they thought so too!

  39. LucyOriginal says:

    @ Kaiser: Can you please have a random post about formula one racing drivers like Jenson Button, Kimi Haikonnen and Vettel, and pretty much any other hot formula one driver? I think I have made this request by e-mail, but I will make here on Fassbender thread since he is a formula one fan like me, :) Please please please

    ps: let me add that I am calling Haikkonen (The iceman) hot/handsome, but with all the respect to his wife.

  40. Leasi says:

    I hope Nicole got some hand-to-hand combat experience.

  41. Anon says:

    Two actors with more in common than shared skin colour get together on a movie promotion and “voila” people who do not know them nor will ever meet them have a needless discussion.If one look at the youtube items especially the premiere in Paris Michael Fassbender seem smitten, no doubt by Ms Beharie shy charm, brains (yes she is a scholarship recipient)and beauty. So he is not shallow and likes the entire package. This has nothing to do with him; he knows whom/what he likes. Do the rest of us?

    • Jasmine says:

      Smitten? I was actually really surprised that the rumors about them were true. No offense to Nicole of course, she is a cutie, but oh boy does this man FLIRT. If him acting like that with Nicole is smitten, then I would have guessed he was just as smitten with Gina Carano and Charlize Theron and pretty much every other woman I’ve seen him interact with lol. He could charm the panties off any woman. Not that I know him personally of course, but from what I’ve seen/read, the man gets a little crazy sometimes. I’d keep an eye on him if I were Beharie. But I guess that would be hard with her living on the other side of the world an all..

      • Shel says:

        Ah, yes, the old “he’s a FLIRT so girlfriend better watch her back because he’s obviously in love with Gina and Charlize since he opened Gina’s water bottle and bowed down to Charlize when presenting her with that award where she declared her love of his johnson” rationale. I hear this is working wonders for some people. Especially on the IMDB boards. Whatever makes them feel better.

      • LL2 says:

        Flirting is one thing, its another thing to publicly acknowledge a relationship with a woman. Obviously, Michael feels its serious. Don’t worry about Nicole, I’m sure she can take care of herself.

      • Alina says:

        Nicole is so cute and seems like a sweet girl, but I agree about Fassy. I give this relationship a year. Nothing against either of them, but with the distance and Fassy’s newfound celeb lifestyle (we know he knows the temptations) I just can’t see it. So yea, I’m sure Nicole can take care of herself, but she ain’t with him all the time lol

      • Jasmine says:

        Never said he didn’t take it seriously. He had a serious relationship with the ex that make the allegations and that beautiful Asian woman. But he’s never had the amount of fame that he does now. Until now no one really cared, or asked about his personal life in a top magazine. Nicole can probably take care of herself, I don’t know. But it wasn’t Nicole I was questioning. Honestly, I expect him with a new girl by next year.

      • Lydia says:

        Oh getting defensive are we Shel? No one accused him of being a cheat, calm down. I’ve not seen hardly any on this board say they dislike these two together so why say it’s a rational? He DOES flirt. So what. Are you annoyed by the idea that he flirts with women or what? Nicole is beautiful, she could get any guy she wanted. Why do people always try to hard to look for hate? It’s so annoying.

      • Lydia says:

        Oh getting defensive are we Shel? No one accused him of being a cheat, calm down. I’ve not seen hardly any on this board say they dislike these two together so why say it’s a rational? He DOES flirt. So what. Are you annoyed by the idea that he flirts with women or what? Nicole is beautiful, she could get any guy she wanted. Why do people always try to hard to look for hate? It’s so annoying.

      • Jasmine says:

        Wtf are you talking about Shel? My rational? Whatever makes me FEEL better? I never said a bad word about Nicole or that Michael didn’t care about her and somehow what, I’m attacking her? Most of what I said I was saying in jest. I never said the man was gonna up and kick her ass to the curb for the next hot chick he sees. He flirts with women. That what most attractive men do. Big deal. And I so said Nicole was adorable and that I had no idea what Michael was like in real life. Do not try to insinuate that I’m somehow against this couple (or IR couples, if that was what you were aiming for) because I made mention of him flirting with his female friends.

      • LL2 says:

        @ Jasmine You questioned the suggestion that Michael is “smitten” and stated that he was a flirt and could easily look that way at any woman he is pictured with. I am saying no, obviously he feels differently about Nicole because he is in a relationship with her and not the other women he “flirts” with. As for the possible length of the relationship, I’m no fortune teller, so I don’t know. But everybody does not plan to get married and have kids, people date for various reasons. So a possible year-long relationship might be perfect for Nicole. I certainly wouldn’t mind dating a sexy guy like Michael for a year. I wish them both the best whatever the length of their relationship.

      • Jasmine says:

        @LL2-My point was just that the man flirts really. And I was honestly surprised that he dating rumors were true, only because you hear so much about them with two costars who get along. If you thought I meant otherwise, sorry about that. Its not to belittle their relationship that I say he flirts. Feeling something for a person and smiling and laughing with people are two different things. I hope Michael and Nicole do well.

      • Jasmine says:

        I think Nicole is better suited than some of his previous girlfriends. The (maybe crazy?) Leasi ended in disaster and hipster girl Zoe just didn’t look right.

  42. Mew says:

    Ahahaha, poor Charlize, she must feel like a total idiot right now with her public love declarations to Fassie’s member! I haven’t seen this girl do anything such and yet she still scored him. Is a desperation way to go? No no no! I hope Charlize picks herself up and doesn’t next inform us that she got vajazzled too! Oh the laughs!!

    • Jakell says:

      I’m pretty sure she and Michael are just friends. Why do you feel the need to put Charlize down? She wasn’t being ‘desperate’, she was being her raunchy self. Have you not heard some of the jokes Fassy has made?? They have the same sense of humor. I’m certain she doesn’t need help getting a dude. Shes Charlize FREAKING Theron.

    • Tasha says:

      Got something against Charlize do we? Quit acting like she was the only one to make a jokes like that. Shes not an ‘idiot’, shes obviously his friend. And your right, Nicole HASN’T really done much, besides a few films and being Fassys current GF. She seems like a good actress and is pretty, but I’ll wait before I even put her close to the same league as Charlize!

      • Shel says:

        Um, Tasha… she said she hasn’t seen Nicole do anything SUCH (as in publicly thirsting after his penis), not anything MUCH. You may want to quit stanning for Charlize for a quick sec and go back and reread what she wrote. Nobody was comparing their acting abilities. Not that it makes a difference what anyone thinks (Charlize included) since, you know, Michael chose Nicole and has been with her since November.

      • LL2 says:

        You accuse “Mew” of attacking Charlize and then you do the same thing to Nicole. Why?
        Charlize has accomplished a lot, good for her, but that does not make her superior to Nicole or anyone else for that matter.

      • Tasha says:

        How did I attack Nicole? Did I not say that she was pretty and also a good actress? I never said Charlize was a superior woman, she has Oscars and many good movies under her belt so yes, to me Charlize is a superior ACTRESS. That I have seen so far, maybe when Nicole come out with more films then I will change my mind. And to say Nicole hasn’t done much is not an insult because it is true. She is just starting her career. So no, you were wrong, I was NOT attacking Nicole.

      • Tasha says:

        Shel, I was the one comparing the acting abilities. Between the two of them I am just a bigger fan of Charlize. But if YOU want to reread the comment she wrote it was just plain snarky towards Charlize. Why call her an idiot or desperate? It was rude and I stand by my comment. Although I do feel like I have to remind people (again, geeze) that I never said anything bad about Nicole OR her acting. Just that I haven’t seen hardly any of it. It seems around here you can’t say anyting about Nicole unless its endless praise, God forbid bring up Charlize Theron. She made a dick joke like everyone else, get over it. Doesn’t mean she’s looking to bang Fassbender.

      • LL2 says:

        @ Tasha You were obviously comparing the two women in a way that made Charlize look more favorable. Your comparison was not objective. You are obviously a Charlize Theron fan and you could have easily listed her accomplishments without discussing Nicole. You were trying to make Charlize look good at Nicole’s expense. You can deny it all you want, but that is exactly what you did.

      • Tasha says:

        Well LL2, the original poster WAS making comparisions about Charlize and Nicole, so why am I being questioned as though I’m the one who brought it up. By saying Charlize has made more movies and won an Oscar is just a fact. But she has been in the business longer. And someday Nicole might have this as well, but she is fairly new here. This isn’t making Charlize look favorable at Nicoles expense. This is what it is. Yes, I am a Charlize fan and you are obviously a Nicole fan. I like Nicole as well but people are acting like the OP didn’t just randomly start attacking Charlize for no apparent reason. What her penis joke about Michael? Yea, becuase she was the only person in the world to do that, huh? I can’t believe I have to say this for a third time, so I’ll make it big. I LIKE NICOLE AS AN ACTRESS. Did people catch it this time? She’s gonna have more movies in the future because that what happens to talented actors. Whether or not I’ll like her a much as Charlize, who knows? I’ve watched Charlize for years and I’ve only seen Shame as far as Nicoles work. Now what have I said here that will make people think I’m still attacking her somehow?

      • LL2 says:

        @Tasha Your original comment speaks for itself. You listed one of Nicole’s accomplishments as being Michael Fassbender’s current girlfriend. No one puts their relationships on their resumes. You were obviously trying to minimize Nicole’s credibility as an actress. To further prove my point, you saw no need to include Charlize’s relationships among her accomplishments.

        The comparison was pointless anyway, Charlize is ten years older than Nicole. Nicole has no reason to feel less accomplished than Charlize as an actress in the same way that a second grader has no reason to feel less accomplished as a student than a fifth grader.

      • Tasha says:

        It seems like you’re reaching here, LL2. You really seem like you’re trying to prove that I dislike Nicole for some reason. No, I was not trying to minimalize Nicoles creidibility as an actress. You just claimed I was. It is true, many people are now just knowing her as Michael Fassbenders girlfriend. That doesn’t mean thats ALL she is. As for Charlize, she dated Stuart Townsend for years. She has always been the more famous in a couple. If she dated Leonardo Dicaprio, I would mention that. And your right, it IS pointless. Because as I’ve stated before, Charlize has been in Hollywood longer and is older. I know she is a good actress becuase I’ve seen her in many things. I’ve also said Nicole has a long career ahead of her and was destined to have more roles, yet it seems you deliberatly leave that out. Most of what you are saying I have ALREADY said. I can see I’m not gonna get anywhere with this. Whatever I say you will just keep complaining I’m bashing on her. So I’m done with here, its getting pointless when I have to keep repeating the same thing and you still ignore it.

  43. fan says:

    As long as his mouth is shut he’s looking hot.
    And I don’t bother the colour of his teeth, but the HUGE quantity of them LOL

  44. ViktoryGin says:

    Gosh, though I guess I’m not surprised; it really does gravely disappoint me the amount of hate that is being directed at these two if reports are true. This is in general, not necessarily in reference to this thread.

    I was really hoping that race would not enter too much into the discussion, but the notion seems impossible.

    The implications here are just downright insulting. As an above poster stated, it’s bothersome that the opinion is so low regarding black women that some women of others races (read: white) are just dumbstruck at the idea that a white male (and an attractive, talented, and highly soutght-after one at that) could possibly be legimiately interested in a woman who subverts the norm.

    I guess seeing those cracks beginning to form in that foundation of passive entitlement is a bit scary.

    Each person is an independent human being with their personal preference and the idea that one has default access to them out of perceived ethnic membership is erroneous and asinine. It’
    s just as misguided as black women who will look at a white (or otherwise) woman askance if she’s walking with a black man. There are so many socio-psychiological drams that underscorce this issue, and they are too numerous to try to explore in this type of forum.

    For those that may have an issue with this union, and it’s due to the fact that she’s black, get over it. There’s hardly an epidemic of A-list white actors going after dark-skinned women. Your throne hasn’t been usurped.

    • jaye says:

      ^^This…over and over again.

    • Rina says:

      Yea people can be A-holes. But I’ll have to point out that not ALL women, or only white women, are haters here. Some people will never be satisfied with whoever Michael dates. I have to wonder though, now that people have deemed his only preference being black women, if he ever dates one who isn’t what will all the women who felt so validated by this couple have to say? Will they be just as spiteful as some of the posters we’ve seen? Just a thought.

    • LL2 says:

      True, it is not an epidemic but they better get used to seeing more and more black women and white men relationships. Times are changing.

    • LL2 says:

      I agree that some black women do have issues with seeing black men dating women of other races, however, I disagree that it is to the same degree of hatred that some white women express towards white men and black women pairings. I don’t see black women making racist comments on the internet about Kim K. or Heidi Klum, etc. for being romantically involved with black men, not even on black gossip sites.

    • blenheim says:

      Guys, relax. No need to get your knickers in a twist. The man himself said he likes darker women so let’s leave it at that. It’s legitimate to have a type and say as much (I sure as hell have one myself.)
      I’m not from America and when I think of America and Americans I definitely think of black men & women as well as Hispanics as well as all the races of the rainbow as being “the norm”. I don’t know what goes on over there but for the rest of the world it isn’t such a big deal.

  45. Brianna says:

    I’m so glad he claimed her. :D

    • kayla says:

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird when people say he ‘claimed’ her. I’ve seen that word has been thrown around alot. It sounds so possesive. She is her own person. Why no say “admitted to seeing/dating her”? Maybe it’s just me but if someone said my BF had ‘claimed’ me, I’d be like WTF? On a different note, I have no idea who this girl is but she is super cute and looks waay better with him that Zoe Kravitz. Hope it lasts!

    • CoMet2 says:

      “Claimed her” is indeed a very bad choice of words. We are not talking about a lost puppy here.

      I will not comment on just how hard it is for a Black female to get ANY roles in Hollywood, period. That even includes those that have been in the business for years and have worked with the White A-listers.

      But I think we all are missing the point here. It was Michael who stated himself he doesn’t talk about his relationships but decided this one was serious and he cared enough to make sure the world knew who she was and what she means to him. So if you want to say “he’s staking his claim” and telling all others get the hell back…off himself and Nicole, well, I can see that clearly because in fact that’s what he’s done.

      • Matt says:

        Is it really that serious? I’m not asking to be a smartass, but I wasn’t aware he’s been asked about his personal life before. Has he been asked and flat out denied to comment? I could see that. I only saw the highlights where he said they were dating and she lived far away but from what people are saying here it sounds like there was more. Like a love declaration or something. Was there more to the comment?