Michelle Williams has all her fansites shut down

Michelle Williams, the surly chick who had Heath Ledger’s emo baby and used to be in Dawson’s Creek, not the Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, had all her fan websites, bulletin boards and forums shut down. Apparently she and her people just don’t get the Internet. Or maybe they do and they think they can control it:

I learn[ed] that Michelle William went into a crusade to shut down her MediaBlvd forum and it looks like it worked. Her forum on MB is closed now. This is the message that appears:

Quote:This forum has been closed for legal reasons. We would ask that our registered users refrain from mentioning Ms. William’s name and do not link to any images that include Ms. Williams in any of the MediaBlvd Community forums or websites, in anyway. This would include avatars, signatures, etc, or any other method of including an image.

And even her center, which would be the equivalent of Katie Holmes Pictures, is also closed.

Other Michelle Williams fan-sites rejoice!

The Michelle fan-site Monopoly is now over. The Williams Center–the longest running Michelle Williams fan-site on the net, with the most respect for her is now closed. We met a lot of nice people–and we are thankful to everyone for their help over the years. When the site was created, we were all 7 years younger. It’s time we move on.

If you still need a Michelle fix, there’s one other great fan-site out there for her that if you search for it on google, you’ll have no trouble finding.

Inquiries about having our old content/why the site closed may not be answered because we just deleted everything and our reasons are private. We never thought it would turn into what it did. It was a dream come true for awhile there. And it couldn’t have happened without you, the visitor…we’ll never forget ya.

Michelle Williams must not want any fans. It looks like her wishes are about to come true.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Really, who is she anyways? Forget her!

  2. Toubrouk says:

    Let’s call it “How to not have fans 101”.

  3. AC says:

    Okay thats the stupidest thing anyone has ever done. Your fan sites are the GOOD places on the internet… its the tabloids and some blogs celebs should get mad about… … what is she THINKING? Ugg.

  4. Viv says:

    Hey! I used to have that swim suit too!

    When I was five.

  5. millie says:

    I read about it on lainey but, since it was only alluded to, I didn’t quite believe it. How asanine of her! Doesn’t she know she needs fans — she’s an actress for pete’s sake! Well I hope she loses all of them now, stupid cow. And the swimsuit.. my daughter had one like that when she was five too. LOL

  6. Shelby says:

    i actually thought she was a little kid when i first looked at the picture. i thought to myself “there’s heath with a kid… where’s… oh my god…”

  7. mimosa says:

    That’s so strange..

    I still think she’s absolutely gorgeous though.

  8. elisha says:

    Well I LOVE her swimsuit. But she’s lame, uncharismatic and unattractive. Removing an internet presence is like removing your fame. This just makes me want to make her a fake myspace painting her in an unflattering light, haha. I hate celebrities with superiority complexes.
    Oh, and watch out CB, sounds like you may face a lawsuit since you posted her name on the internet.

  9. mimosa says:

    So I’ve been doing a little reading and from what I’ve got is that she didn’t have those fansites closed. Her lawyers had requested they remove candid pics and pics of Matilda and those fansites shut themselves down.

    She just wants her privacy and we need to respect that.

    Check out the Michelle WIillams message board on IMDB.com

  10. Malek149 says:

    WRONG! If you are a celebrity, and seek fame, you should take the good with the bad, if you can’t hack it, then don’t try to be FAMOUS. Like the say, “The best way to have your family tree studied is to run for office.” FUCK HER!!

  11. anonymous says:

    Apparently the pics she had problems with were pics from photoshoots, the MediaBlvd site never had pap pics or pics of her ugly baby. The site took down all the pics then she had them take down the forum too. You would think a celeb who is famous bc she had a baby with someone even more famous, not bc of her acting, would be more respectful of the few fans she has.

  12. Anon2 says:

    Actually, the media boulevard site, of which I was a member and regular visitor had over ONE HUNDRED pics of her baby. (That’s where I used to go to see them.) They even had a thread dedicated to it called, The Michelle, Heath, and MATILDA appreciation thread, in which pics of Michelle and Matilda, or Heath and Matilda were regularly posted in HQ.

    I have also communicated with the webmasters of both TWC and MediaBlvd; Michelle’s attorney’s told TWC that Michelle liked the site, but wanted certain personal pics removed, pics of their child and pics taken on private property.
    They did warn that use of her images in the future COULD also be liabilities (should those pics also be invasive), but that they had no problem with the site itself. They specifically said that the photoshoots, while they may be an issue for the copyright holders, were not an issue for Michelle or her legal team.

    It was solely the continued use of pics of their child and then finally, pics from a private party on private property that were requested to be removed.

    The sites themselves, DECIDED ON THEIR OWN, to shut down because they didn’t want to risk it.

    But neither Michelle, nor her lawyers asked them to shut down.

  13. Anonymous3 says:

    Actors don’t necessarily “seek fame”. They seek to act and have a creative outlet.

    That doesn’t mean they want fame and constant attention. They just want to act.

    That does not mean they deserve to have their privacy invaded and to be hunted like animals.

    Sure, some of it goes with the territory . . . but there are lines and rights to privacy that all citizens enjoy. No one wants their child’s face plastered internationally . . . it’s dangerous. And no parent would want that.