Kelly Brook offered $1 million to spend one night with some “tycoon”

Kelly Brook is what the Brits call a “glamour model”. That basically means that she has a career based on posing in various bikinis and bras. She’s not a runway model, but Kelly does have some high-profile ad campaigns here and there. She does some acting too, mostly B and C-rated stuff where she plays a version of herself. Which is why she’s at the Cannes Film Festival – she has an appearance in some funky-sounding British film that screening at the festival, and Kelly has gone all out with costume changes and red carpet appearances. These photos of Kelly in the silver, one-sleeved gown are from last night’s premiere of Vous N’avez Encore Rien Vu. She looks beautiful, I think, but… I mean, Kelly just seems like a sweet girl and not much else. She’s got a great figure, a pretty face and a sweet personality and… that’s enough, isn’t it? That’s enough for her to build a career and a sizeable fortune and most men are absolutely crazy for her.

Which brings me to this story, via the British tabloids. Apparently, just before this red carpet appearance, a man accosted Kelly in the middle of a press conference – and the man offered her $1 million to spend the night with him. She was publicly Indecent Proposal’d.

She may only be starring in Keith Lemon’s film, but Kelly Brook is already being thought of as a Hollywood star. The 32-year-old model was recently approached by a French businessman who wanted her to re-enact a moment from hit film Indecent Proposal where Demi Moore spends the night with a stranger in return for $1million.

Following the bizarre request, Brook put the incident behind her and wowed onlookers at the annual event wearing a stunning silver dress. According to The Mirror, the businessman who is known only as Frederic, interrupted a photocall session which Brook was attending at the Majestic Barriere hotel and offered her a cheque for €1million in return for ‘one night’ with her. Brook was a bit confused at first and thought it was nothing more than a prank set up by Lemon – whose film she was promoting at the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

But Frederic, who is said to be in his thirties, wouldn’t give up and allegedly tried to grab the brunette.

‘Just one night! Please, one night! I have money!’ he shouted as Brook suddenly realised there was a problem. A bodyguard came to the rescue and escorted the man away and was ejected from the French hotel. And despite perhaps being a bit shaken up, Brook continued her photo shoot and showed no signs being freaked out as she graced the red carpet today.

In fact, the model-turned-actress looked stunning as she arrived at the Vous N’avez Encore Rien Vu premiere. Wearing the metallic floor-length gown, the Piranha 3D star showed off some leg as it featured a thigh-high split and teamed the dress with a jewelled boxed clutch bag.

[From The Mail]

So that’s where Todd at IDLITW went.

Let’s set aside the fact that this man probably had some mental health issues. I’m always interested in the Indecent Proposal question, because (my opinion) most women would probably do it under a certain set of conditions and stipulations (like, no butt stuff). In the movie, it was Robert Redford who did the “indecent proposing” – and let’s face it, many, many women would probably pay Robert Redford for one night with him – especially back in his heyday, when he was so amazing and beautiful (I would pay to have one night with him circa Three Days of the Condor). But if a normal, relatively sane man offered you $1 million for a night’s activities, who would take it? Who wouldn’t, in this economy?

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  1. Ponytail says:

    A glamour model is usually of the topless ilk, like Page 3. It sounds so old-fashioned now, considering sex tapes, online p**n sites and more nudity in films.

  2. emma says:

    Id definitely take it!!

    • smith says:

      In the Atlantic City epidose of “Mad About You” (Cindy Lauper guest stars, it aired around the time of “Indecent Proposal”), a handsome man walks up to Jamie and Paul and says, “Your wife is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’ll pay $1M to spend the night with her.” Paul and Jamie both say, “Okay,” kiss and Jamie walks off with him. Paul goes back to gambling.

      After all the whining in the movie (remember the whining and angst? It was so over dramatic and annoying) the joke was that a real, strong couple wouldn’t bat an eye and make a nice bit of money.

      My husband and I agreed that hey, if that offer ever came along (and I thought the guy was hot), we wouldn’t miss a beat and $1M in the bank. We meant it as a joke but I’d like to think it would not be problem. Not even early-days Robert Redford could lure me from my husband.

      To me the interesting question is what would be the cutoff? Would $1M be worth it but say, $500K might be an insult? How about $500 and a six-pack? You know somewhere out there THAT’s someone’s price.

  3. n. says:

    No amount of money would make me have sex with someone other than my husband.
    And the bad economy will not change it – I would not become a highly paid prostitute, just to get loads of money. We all know how the movie ended…
    Also imagine the person who offered you a million for sex was sweaty and ugly…yukkkkk

    • tripmom says:

      Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. I mean, I’m no prude, but a bad economy still doesn’t change the fact that getting paid for sex makes you a prostitute.

  4. cupidtyrox says:

    Have been in a situation like this before though it wasn’t anywhere near a million. An the dude was a total turd

  5. The.princess.leia says:

    That sound you hear is The Cracken throwing on a brown wig and calling herself Kelly while looking for Frederic!

  6. monette says:

    If the media wasn’t so obsessed to shove 0 size models and actresses down our throats as the standard of beauty, than women who have curves like Kim K or Kelley Brook and not much else, wouldn’t be so popular. isn’t it so F**** ironic?

  7. birdie says:

    Umm, I wouldn’t.

  8. XiuFetish says:

    This story reminds me of the old joke:

    Guy: “If I gave you a million dollars, would you sleep with me?”
    Girl: “A million dollars is a lot of money, so I guess I would consider it”
    Guy: “OK, since I don’t have a million dollars, would you sleep with me for $10?”
    Girl: (outraged) “What kind of girl do you think I am?”
    Guy: “We’ve already established the answer to that question. Now we’re just negotiating the price”.

    I would like to think that most women I know don’t have a price. The alternative is too depressing to contemplate.

  9. Gwen says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, “just” being a glamour model or not.

    And ewww, at the offer. That’s just gross to me.

  10. marie says:

    I don’t know that I would/could go through with it. Also, Kelly is only 32? She looks older to me in those pictures-I thought upper 30’s at least.. She is beautiful though..

  11. Agnes says:

    this is really sad. i guess the “women as possessions and commodities” attitude isn’t going away any time soon.

  12. normades says:

    1 million isn’t enough if it means you get herpes.

    I doubt this dude was legit. Someone that rich wouldn’t have approached her on the red carpet like that. He would have done it at some private party or sent bling directly to her hotel room.

    • polk8dot says:

      Completely agree that the guy was a set up.
      I think it was probably her publicist, taking advantage of the fact she was invited to Cannes – which may NEVER happen again – hired some French actor to re-enact the movie scene. Whether Kelly was in on it or not is irrelevant, it still smells big time like a publicity stunt.
      Also, the article from the paper is hillarious, and kind of confirms my suspicions:
      ‘And despite perhaps being a bit shaken up, Brook continued her photo shoot and showed no signs being freaked out as she graced the red carpet today.’

      OMG! No sh|t! She was SUCH A TROOPER IN THE FACE OF SUCH ADVERSITY!?!? Lets all bow before the grace and regal poise of the topless pinup.
      Who wrote this crap, her publicist?

      And I do not find her beautiful. She is petty, granted, and has a very nice figure, but she’s nothing special. I bet you’d find scores of women as pretty, or much more, on any given day, on the streets and beaches of Cannes, trolling for someone to ‘discover’ them.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        I agree with this – total PR setup. Crazy “flattery” in public is not a real thing anymore..something about this incident reminds me of the recent Kim K flourbomb (although different motives of the “attacker” similar motives of their publicists).

  13. Me says:

    Holy crap she looks terrible in these photos. I didnt think it was possible for her to look unappealing.

  14. Moi says:

    I think what MIGHT have happened, is that this guy really did approach her with an indecent proposal, but was mentally ill and not rich. Only that guy knows if that was a real check or not.

    She’s always beautiful, but that dress is unflattering.

  15. jlw says:

    If I recall, in the movie Indecent Proposal Demi and Woody’s characters consider the proposal because they are in some sort of financial straits.

    It’s easy to say ‘no, I would never do anything like that’ when you have a roof and food etc., but what would you do if you were in some way desperate?

  16. Kitty says:

    I think she’s incredibly beautiful, and it’s refreshing to see a woman who isn’t stick thin.

    As for the offer, I think it’s disgusting. I’ve been offered quite a bit of money for ‘a few hours of fun’ myself, and I (not so politely) declined. In addition to being old and incredibly ugly, the guy was also married and had two kids around my age (I was 17). He actually showed me pictures of them before propositioning me.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I was offered three thousand once, and considered it(I was struggling to pay rent and was eating only ramen and whatever I could scrounge up). I didn’t take the man up on it because I didn’t find myself attracted to him. He was very nice and not what I’d call “creepy”, but he was almost old enough to be my grandfather.

    Anyway, I don’t think there should be a huge stigma about being a prostitute, as in “I wouldn’t take any amount of money because then GASP! I would be a prostitute.” Some people don’t mind paying for sex or being paid for sex, and that means their value judgment on the worth of sex as a spiritual or personal act is different than yours. Eh.

  18. French reader says:

    FAKE and ridiculously easy to check. If you google “”Nimrod-Frederic Kåmer” -Kelly Brook”, excluding her name from the search results, NOTHING comes up. This guy literally had no internet presence until 12 hours ago. Come on PR people, at least try to make it seem a bit more believable.

    • Tiamet says:

      While Kelly Brook may not the best actress in the world, I saw her in the West End (playing a trophy wife in Calender Girls)and she was pretty good. The whole part sent up her image. The line ‘I think we’ll need considerably bigger buns’ when she takes her top off and gets ready to pose with her assets discreetly hidden by baked goods still makes me giggle.

      OK, she was basically playing a version of herself, but while I’m no expert, I’m pretty sure that appearing 6 or 7 times a week in live theatre requires a good work ethic and a certain degree of ability.

      It’s scared off a number of Hollywood stars who can’t cope without multiple re-takes and creative airbrushing.

      Sorry, not meant to be a reply!