Samantha Brick is back and she’s promoting submissive, trophy-wife marriages

*Samantha Brick and her French husband, Pascal.

Back in early April, we were inundated by The Most Gorgeous, Amazing and Maligned Woman In The World, a Daily Mail columnist/essayist named Samantha Brick. I don’t have the willpower to go through the whole sordid history – just check out our archives. The basic gist of the “scandal” was that Samantha Brick, a average-looking woman of scant intelligence, publicly claimed that she’s been hated, criticized, held back and pushed aside by petty, jealous women all her life because all women feared her magnificent beauty and sexiness. Brick’s first Mail essay went viral, and Brick ended up doing a slew of television appearances – I thought the best appearance was on a British morning show in which an attractive feminist deconstructed and destroyed Brick’s JELLY H8R thesis bit by bit.

Well, Brick is back. And you know what? I get it. The Mail is totally trolling all of us. But does that mean that we can’t call out Brick for her insanity and delusions? Why not? It’s kind of fun (if you consider rage strokes “fun”). You can read Brick’s new piece here, and here are some highlights – hint: this piece is all about how her marriage is better than yours because she submits to her controlling French husband. And her marriage is better than yours because she’s so pretty, of course. Some of my favorite quotes from the piece:

*My husband sets me a £250 allowance each month for my wardrobe, I ask his permission before booking a hair appointment and discuss with him what I will have done. He even has an opinion — which I adhere to — on how I dress and what I weigh. He prefers I wear classic ladylike attire and, at 5ft 11in, he insists I tip the scale at no more than 10½ stone. In fact, he’s there when I weigh myself.

*At this point, many of you will be thinking I’m little more than a trophy wife for my husband, Pascal, and you’re right. I am a trophy wife — and what’s more, I’m proud of it.
Pascal has built up a very successful business, he earns more than I do and I’m lucky enough not to need to bring a salary into the home, though I still work part-time to keep my wits about me.

*Pascal is a Frenchman with particularly traditional views. He is a decade older than me and unashamedly tells people he chose me for my looks. But that doesn’t make me a designer-clad airhead who’s only interested in getting my hands on his cash. People disapprove of relationships like ours because they assume love doesn’t enter the equation — that our marriage is merely an exchange of commodities: my youth and good looks for his wealth. They couldn’t be more wrong.

*Whatever else the naysayers may throw at us, I’m comfortable with my trophy-wife status for two reasons: Pascal and I are deeply in love and I adore being treated like a princess. And even in these egalitarian times, many people enjoy this kind of marriage — even if most are shy of the ‘trophy wife’ tag.

*I was in my mid-30s when I met my second husband, Pascal. From our first date I knew he was a man who cherished physical looks. He complimented me on my legs, my eyes, my figure. He would endlessly tell me how beautiful I was. He wasn’t attracted by my career or my bank account. Instead he viewed me as a prize to be won and, to my surprise, I found his approach seductive. Pascal likes being a proper gentleman — the idea of going Dutch in a restaurant is abhorrent to him. On our first date it was the first time anyone, other than a chauffeur, had opened a car door for me. I loved it — it made me feel special. Throughout our courtship I received flowers, and was taken to boutiques, where he would hand over his credit card.

*Since the time of our blossoming romance, a day has not gone by where I haven’t made an effort with my appearance. It pains me to read that women such as Hillary Clinton feel they’ve reached an age where they no longer need make-up.

*If a woman doesn’t make an effort, it’s perfectly logical that her husband will assume it’s because she feels he’s not worth making an effort for. Can you then blame a man for looking elsewhere? A trophy wife, however, would never make such a mistake. It’s part of our job description to look good and support our husbands at all times. Pascal and I understand what the other wants. It’s not something we’ve ever discussed, but we both know my role in our relationship is integral to its success.

*Most of the other wives are older and are focused on their families first, their husbands a poor second. My day is organized around my husband: isn’t that what all wives should do? I know my place in the home — in the bedroom or the kitchen, I’m a consummate professional.

*A man who covets a trophy wife has nothing in common with those in-touch-with-their feelings metrosexual men. Accordingly, I don’t witter on about PMT or yell at him when I’m stressed. That’s what my friends and mum are for. If I’m poorly I keep out of his way. I knew from the start he was ill-equipped to deal with me when I’m not bright and cheery.

*I’d be lying if I said there weren’t downsides to being a trophy wife. I know I’ll have to maintain my figure and looks. Pascal is adamant that even as I get older, it’s no excuse to let myself go. As a younger wife, you battle against the assumption you’re a gold-digger crossing off the years until your beloved is six feet under. But I have my career and own income, so my lifestyle wouldn’t suffer if I wasn’t with Pascal.

[From The Mail]

One of her more interesting points was when she discussed her first husband, and described how she made more money than him and she ended up paying for everything in their marriage – which goes a long way to explaining how and why she ended up with a controlling bastard who provides her with financial stability (but no emotional support, it seems). It’s not that I don’t think Brick has the right to have whatever kind of marriage she wants – but I’m irritated that she seems to denigrate and deride women who make different choices, or women who just happen to be mothers or career women or, you know, any woman who doesn’t want to be weighed-in by their husband every day. Ugh. This bitch.

Photos courtesy of The Mail.

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  1. Lisa B. says:


    It’s so obvious this whole thing is a troll story to sell papers.

    In my opinion, this delusional person is clearly being used by the Daily Mail and some people are just loving the opportunity to exercise their internalized misogyny at an easy target.

    Stop promoting this crap, c’mon.

    • Tapioca says:

      The real tragedy is that so many women do aspire to be a trophy wife – you only have to go to the smarter nightclubs in Manchester or West London to see how many girls think being a soccer player’s WAG is a viable career option, no matter how abhorrently the players behave.

      Dignity has a price and it’s 80K a week.

      • Intercontinental says:

        Absolutely, but even worse than that is Hollyweird, New York, Paris, Milan and other places where there are men with money in abundance and looking for young arm candy to take charge of! Unfortunately the issue she’s proclaiming is a very real world wide issue and one that has a high percentage of domestic abuse!! And that is not funny!!

        Frankly somebody needs to put a stop to her antics and gossip columns and such like need to stop giving her the attention she clearly loves and craves.

        In the long term (after her 5 minutes of famehoing that plants the wrong seed in a young girls mind) she is doing more harm than good!! She might think its fun but she’s not the one who has to pick up the pieces of a wrecked young life!! More to the point, she doesn’t have to LIVE that wrecked life!!

      • Sarah says:

        @Intercontinental I think you’re a little confused. Beverly Hills is where the Trophy Wives are, not Hollywood. Hollywood is filled with young broke people who spend their time working at real jobs and avoiding tourists who use the phrase “Hollyweird”.

      • su says:

        ‘Dignity has a price and its 80k a week’

        You speak the TRUTH, and lets be honest some people are willing to settle for MUCH less…

    • Agnes says:

      agreed. she needs to go away.

      • Genevieve says:

        Samantha….who?! A legend in her own mind, obviously suffers from a severe case if cranial-rectal inversion AND her husband looks like an inbred hillbilly. These people fall under the title of…who cares? Hope they enjoy their 15 minutes, lol .

    • Rhea says:

      I agree. But sometimes I feel that maybe she’s doing this on purpose just so she could get the attention.

      • Zimmer says:

        I believe she is probably being honest (though she loves the attention and it probably turns her husband on that she tells the world about it),, but she also wants to make money too so she is telling us she practices what many other women also practice but never have the guts or audacity to admit. I am sure we can all think of an example, the most obvious being Duchess Kate.

      • Rhea says:

        There are things that better left untold. Or written down for the whole world to know. Example, J.Love with her vajazzling and her crush on Adam. ;) It’s not just about having the guts or not.

        It’s her choice what kind of marriage that she wants. But the subject that she chose and the way its written down always made in the way to provoke people.

        Example the way she wrote down that as a beautiful person she always in trouble with the same sex. She didn’t interview other beautiful girl for another opinion or how about trying to make a comparison with the treatment of someone not as attractive in daily life to see their point of views. After all, people with unattractive outer appearance also often get unfair treatment.

        She didn’t even dig deeper only whining about her,her and her which is way her story came across half bake and selfish to the point of bordering delusional.

        This article is the same. Only written down as a bait to rise our reaction. What kind of message does she send to the other woman anyway? That it’s okay if you are only worth for your outer appearance? Sure, we need to make an effort to dress up and look nice for our loved one. But that is not supposed to be the base of a healthy and long lasting relationship.

    • Jordan says:

      Agree, except I’m not so sure she is delusional. Perhaps she is just a liar and her marriage is not like this at all, but she knew it would drive people crazy if she spewed this crap. I think it’s all a big joke. Either way, it doesn’t deserve the attention it is getting.

    • jc126 says:

      Agree SO MUCH. Let’s not give her any more attention.

    • Carolyn says:

      Agree. Just because this idiot says stuff doesn’t mean you have to post it on this site. She’s been exposed as a fool…pls don’t give her any attention.

  2. LAK says:

    Yep – DM totally trolling us.

  3. says:

    Pascal has pretty low standards if THAT is what he chose for a trophy wife.

    Is she pregnant in the first picture? Not being snarky, just wondering.

  4. lioness says:

    Oh! So SHE is the one that gives women a bad name! I found her at last!

  5. Lucy says:

    She’s only attractive with a muzzle and bin bag over her head. She really grates on me

  6. LadyJane says:

    It makes the old vows “for richer, for poorer” seem almost quaint. Actually I think it is good to make an effort for your spouse but that is a long way off from being weighed by them. I imagine we are all somewhere in the middle between ragged hags and this delusional woman.

  7. DailyNightly says:

    I really think she writes these pieces just to get a rise out of us. I don’t know anyone that is THAT delusional. The Daily Mail, being what it is, is just hoping for a controversial article to attract readers. If we don’t react to her, hopefully she will just go away.

  8. Cleveland Girl says:

    What does 10 1/2 stone mean in pounds?

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    Hahahahaha. This will reach over 100 comments. This chick is hilariously bonkers.

  10. Lol says:

    She makes me feel a bit sick.
    this bit
    “Each afternoon, before his siesta, I massage his head and shoulders with lavender oil. When he arrives home in the evening, I greet him with an aperitif. Having been married before, we both know about modern relationships — shouty, stressed wives trying (and failing) to do it all, husbands who stay out all hours to avoid the messy domestic scene at home, only convenience food on the table and growing resentment destroying the relationship. “

  11. dahlianoir says:

    “in the kitchen or in the bedroom”
    Take that feminists! /irony

    She’s so stupid it’s not even fun anymore.

  12. lil ole me says:

    My response to the top pic: I don’t think we need to be bashing pregnant women….

  13. cupidtyrox says:

    Who wants to bet this Pascal fellow has a side piece somewhere. It seems living in the French countryside gives you boundless confidence

  14. Cathy says:

    If she wants to live that way than go for it. It doesn’t affect me, my husband and I are perfectly happy in our relationship, and this August will be our 20th wedding anniversary.

  15. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Did this bitch really just say that trophy wives don’t have to worry about getting cheated on because they handle their business.

    This sh-t right here ninjaa…..LOLOLOLOLOL

    Obviously she is deluded if she thinks her average ass looks being his beck and call girl is keeping him on lock down. LOOK AT HIM. No beautiful woman who was independent and not a gold digger would look his way twice. He married her because that was the BEST could do and she’s a bird.

    And this joker is probably cheating on her for SURE. And with a hot chick who likes having a sugar daddy.

  16. Medusa says:

    He would endlessly tell me how beautiful I was. He wasn’t attracted by my career or my bank account.

    Or your personality?

    Instead he viewed me as a prize to be won and, to my surprise, I found his approach seductive.

    Of course it did, because it fed your ego. Has nothing to do with him as a person.

    On our first date it was the first time anyone, other than a chauffeur, had opened a car door for me.

    Lol. And you claim to be such a man-killer? Every single guy I’ve dated has opened the car door for me. It’s a normal thing to do. If it’s never been done for you before, then no one has found you very desirable.

    It pains me to read that women such as Hillary Clinton feel they’ve reached an age where they no longer need make-up.

    Well, that’s because Hillary has a hell of a lot things to do that are more important.

    Most of the other wives are older and are focused on their families first, their husbands a poor second. My day is organized around my husband: isn’t that what all wives should do?

    I hope you don’t have any children.

    Oh well, to each her own.

  17. gee_gee says:

    Dear Universe,

    PLEASE STOP with Samantha Brick, Courtney Stodden, the Kardashians. These people have nothing important or interesting to say and they don’t do anything entertaining.


  18. cr says:

    “…though I still work part-time to keep my wits about me. ”

    She has wits?

  19. Esmom says:

    Oh, Brick. I can’t hate on her because she took such a beating during her last flap. The DM totally set her up and humiliated her.

    My take on her: I really think she thinks she’s being witty and tongue in cheek but just doesn’t have the writing skills to pull it off — in this instance and the last one.

  20. Jae says:

    Let me get this straight: she is and through all her adult life has been unbelievably beautiful, so much, that she has been given stuff for free, yet it was only in her mid-thirties that she met a man who saw her as a prize to be won and loved her for her looks, and it was a new and unusual pleasant experience for her, so much, that she found it ‘seductive’.

  21. Jayna says:

    How are you treated like a princess when he gives you a clothing allowance, stands over you while you weigh yourself, on and on. I want to throw up. She is more insane than I thought. I keep myself slender because I feel sexier and love that I can wear anything and I do want to look good for my husband. But ten pounds more and he
    thinks I am hot. I want to slap this woman silly for getting space to write inane ramblings.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      You nailed it Jayna–all she wants is “space” to write something. She is one of those people who will write, say, or do anything just to see their name in print. That’s all. She just happens to be a very limited individual so is writing about the only 2 things she knows anything about: one, being a woman, and two, being married.

  22. Cirque28 says:

    Meh. I’m done with despising her. Samantha Brick is like your achingly clueless friend who is constantly going, “Pascal says blah blah blah…” and, “Pascal thinks blah blah…” and, “I have to stay skinny for Pascal.”

    You nod indulgently at her because 1. she seems happy with the guy (probably because they’re insane in complementary ways), 2. she has no actual ability to set women’s rights back 100 years, and 3. her initials in reverse are B.S. So God does have a sense of humor.

  23. Aiobhan says:

    I want to hate on her for her disgusting comments but after reading that mind fart that looks to have been planted into her brain from the NO MA’AM British/French chapter I feel a little sorry for her.

  24. NerdMomma says:

    It sounds like this lady has absolutely everything she deserves. A man who loves her only for her looks, who stands over her and weighs her, and who isn’t there for her when she’s sick or sad. Oh, and a man who will kick her to the curb when she ages a little. That sounds super awesome, Samantha, I must be so jealous!

  25. Jayna says:

    P.S. You idiot. Trophy wives are cheated on just as much as wives period. Many trophy wives marry to spend money and not work. Once they get thrir rich husband it doesn’t mean they are devoted to their husband.

    I do focus on my husband and don’t want a marriage like many I see where they become roommates with the focus on the kids. But we are a balanced couple. I wasn’t bought and controlled. Each to his own. What a dimwit. His friends’ wives must abhor her, but not for the reasons she thinks. Can you imagine having to sit next to her at a dinner party and listen to her talking at you, not to you, just bragging on and on about her life?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Right. Like she makes it seem that there are only two choices: Live/breathe for your husband or ignore your husband and lavish all attention on your kids. I actually DO think it’s important to continue to foster a marriage even after the kids are born but as you said, it’s all balance. It really doesn’t have to be a choice between your kids and your husband.

    • Bess says:

      I have a news flash for Samantha. A grown man requires far less help and attention than a small child.

    • orion70 says:

      Exactly. There are stunningly beautiful women out there who have been cheated on. And women who don’t pay any attention to hair and make-up or their weight, who have husbands that wouldn’t even look twice at another woman.

      There’s no magic formula.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        By this trolls own definition, someone like Pamela Anderson, would have been successfully married. Shes got her own money, is always overly put togather, doesnt shirk her sexuality, and is always there for her husband. Problem is, that even a sexpot like Pam Anderson cant keep a man faithful. Or non violent. Even a renoun beauty like her can’t remain married to a toad like Kid Rock, who should have been 24/7 on his knees with gratitude for the honor. So what in this chicks theory went wrong with Pam’s marriages. To include Tommy Lee and whatever Shannen Dohertys ex husbands name is.

  26. Jessica says:

    Actually thank you for writing this. I read the daily mail often and when I saw the little summary of Samantha Bricks article this time, I was loathe to click on the link to read the article, not wanting to give her more readers, which would only encourage her more. However I was very curious, since she makes me laugh at her self delusions. So thank you for this. It all has to be a joke though.

  27. Liv says:

    Haha, she’s back from the countryside! She’s so funny! Problem is, she probably doesn’t want to be funny ;-)

  28. lower-case deb says:

    I think it’s less about Samantha preaching to us, than it is about her hoping Pascal, the husband reads it and gets an epiphany.

    “My husband sets me a £250 allowance each month for my wardrobe,”
    –> Husband, please! Not enough anymore.

    “I ask his permission before booking a hair appointment and discuss with him what I will have done.”
    –> I’m overdue for an appointment, so where’s the damn permission slip?

    “He even has an opinion — which I adhere to — on how I dress and what I weigh.”
    –> I need a new dress and I need to renew my gym membership.

    “He prefers I wear classic ladylike attire and, at 5ft 11in,”
    –> Do you know how much it costs for the Duchess of Cambridge to look like that. Not £250 that’s fo’ sho’.

    and on and on it goes.

    Pascal! Husband of Samantha Brick, please heed your wife’s needs before someone else does (and you know they’re littering the streets!). For her to go to national tabloid with her worries. Thou hast not completeth thy duties as husband.

    • fabgrrl says:

      The husband sure seems to take a LOT of interest in women’s clothing, hair and makeup. Not saying, just saying.

    • Silk Spectre says:

      She should have mentioned something about more money for shoes. Those things in the first pic are truly hideous. Even I wouldn’t wear them, and I’m so not a shoe person.

      If being a hot trophy wife is your whole thing, why are you wearing nun shoes? I’ve known many a feminist university professor with hotter shoes. So how do you explain those things, Samantha?? HOW?

      Obviously, those shoes are giving me lots of feelings. Her writing, though? Eh, whatever.

  29. Janet says:

    Who in hell is Samantha Brick?

  30. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Dude that first pic freeeeaaaakkks me out. Looks like Pascal went hunting and brought home an insanely vapid, delusional trophy wife.

  31. Samigirl says:

    “It pains me to read that women such as Hillary Clinton feel they’ve reached an age where they no longer need make-up.”

    I’m 25 and I don’t need make up to be attractive. In fact, my husband doesn’t care if I wear make up or not, bc he knows that although I am physically attractive, the day will come when my looks fade. He loves me bc I’m a good person, smart as a whip, a doting mother, and funny as hell. I’m sooooooooo happy to not consider myself a “trophy wife.”

    • Jayna says:

      Most men I know like a natural woman more. I love to wear makeup. But my husband and ex-boyfriends always hated it if I wore tons of makeup and loved me best with little to no makeup. She probably needs makeup or else her features are washed out and she is just beyond average.

      • sup says:

        definitely agree. every guy i’ve heard talking about make-up was complaining about how he prefers none or a natural look. i’m convinced they don’t like make up much at all. it’s just us ladies applying it for our own enjoyment not that there is anything wrong with that.

  32. fabgrrl says:

    This is either brilliant satire, or a very, very sad situation. I’m hoping that Samantha and Pascal are drinking wine and laughing their asses off over these “articles” out in the French Countryside.

  33. Jbumkat says:

    She saves her yelling for her mom?? That’s not nice at all! It sounds like she should be giving old pascal some of that yelling. It also sounds like these two are perfect for each other. Two less crazies off the market that no one else has to worry about catching.

  34. DeltaJuliet says:

    Seriously, if she is spending that much money and time on her “wardrobe”, hair appointments and the gym, she should look a hell of a lot better than this….

  35. yas says:

    Oh for God’s sake, Troll McTrollerson. Hilary Clinton is an accomplished, intelligent woman who happens to be the Secretary of State of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Be as pained as you want to be when she doesn’t put on God damned mascara, but she’s going to be off actually doing something other than sounding like an idiot.

    P.S. Your husband looks like a fat lumberjack and sounds emotionally abusive, so have fun with that.

  36. PrettyTarheel says:

    *sigh* I got a promotion and now make more money than my husband. Thankfully, Samantha is here to tell me how to fix my problems. Apparently, they all stem from me making too much money and not supporting my husband enough.

  37. JennK says:

    This woman is on such a high horse that I can’t believe that she is still able to breathe due to lack of oxygen

  38. Samigirl says:

    I cant help but notice that he has the gun pointed in her direction…

  39. HotPockets says:

    I feel like this is just a social experiment to fish for reactions from general readers. I don’t buy this woman actually possesses these opinions and if she does, then why is choosing to exploit them? She knows the kind of reactions she is going to receive and I don’t buy she is delusional to the point where she thinks people are going to write in complimenting comments This is some sort of experiment the daily-mail has decided to unleash on its readers.

    I agree with all the comments that claim the daily mail is trolling its readers.

  40. Zelda says:

    I don’t know, I’m just kind of glad she didn’t mention how she lives in France 347 times, in this one.
    Because did you guys know that? She lives in France. France. In case you didn’t catch it the first time.

  41. Courtney says:

    having at least 1 trophy wife is part and parcel of the entertainment industry and always has been so little Mrs needs to stop complaining about it think about it Conrad Hilton Jr was 24 when he married then 18 year old Elizabeth Taylor May 6th 1950 granted they were divorced 9 months later February 1st 1951 about a month before her 19th birthday

  42. Katyusha says:

    Me thinks shes exaggerating a bit on her weight; I have a hard time believing she’s 147 lbs if she’s 5’11. I’m 5’10, significantly thinner than she is, and I weigh more than that.

  43. tracking says:

    Is this woman crazy like a fox or just plain crazy? Hmm…

  44. Beth says:

    He needs to lower the weight limit…

  45. ramona says:

    I like that she’s a “consummate professional” in the bedroom. Just what every man wants – a wife who treats lovemaking as a moneymaking strategy!

  46. nikzilla37 says:

    Her good looks?? She is so average.

  47. Nan209 says:

    I couldn’t even read past the first paragraph where she described how Pascal (twerp) insists on her weighing so much and being there when she is weighed.

    WTF? I’m a grown woman, the last time someone treated me like a child was when I was a child. If my husband insisted on any such nonsense he’d find himself in a lawyers office. A

    nd bulls**t she’s only 140 at 5’11″. She’d look a lot skinnier if that were the truth (I can say as a 5’10″). That woman wouldn’t know the truth even if it kicked her in the butt so hard it left marks.

  48. palermo says:

    Between this dimbulb and all the Kardashian stories, not sure why I still read the Daily Mail. This woman is paid to say outrageous things and get lots of “clicks” on her articles.

  49. Lisa says:

    lmao, look at her thick-necked, fat-fingered husband. They were made for each other.

  50. kira says:

    LOVE all the comments!–so funny to read. ;-)

    Looks like some (French) village is missing its idiot again.

    Wonder what the neighbors make of these two numbnuts?

  51. anemon says:

    I think that she’s trying to prove to Pascal that, like she’s “the best wife-cook-lover-etc.” – she also can be a world famous journalist with a great career without leaving his house(writing stunning articles between making omelettes and soufflés for him dressed only in a foxy apron).

  52. sup says:

    yeah i was just thinking about this troll the other day it popped up in my mind randomly, i decided that jezebel were probably right, the daily fail is trolling us all to use this bait as an advertisement for themselves and their shitty 1950′s era social views. it’s disgusting. we shouldn’t pay them more attention imho

  53. Petra says:

    Her whole essay looks like a page from Duchess Do-Little’s “Submissive Princess Manual”

  54. Jordan says:

    I have to admit that this article was more informative than her last though. I mean, I had NO IDEA that there were rednecks in France.

  55. Slim Charles says:

    I love these stories! Don’t stop. It feels good to roll my eyes at her and laugh. (It’s hard to believe she’s not trolling, though)

  56. Amy says:

    BS. She’s allegedly been oohed and ahhed over all her life by men, but…

    “I was in my mid-30s when I met my second husband, Pascal. On our first date it was the first time anyone, other than a chauffeur, had opened a car door for me.”

    No man had opened a door for her until her mid 30′s?

  57. Rory says:

    Figure?? What figure?? “I know I will have to maintain my figure,” lol. Saggy boobs, very noticeable gut??

  58. Reece says:

    I too think they’re trolling but I’ll bite.
    Going off her schtick, then Hilary Clinton, before she became Senator then Secretary of State of an entire country in her own right, married the guy who became a governor then President of said country, 2Xs, and Brick got a brick. Madame Secretary has stuff to do far more important than take bad pictures and write opinion pieces for a glorified tabloid.

  59. HK9 says:

    I said to myself “Self…don’t reply to this….don’t give her any more attention” but I couldn’t help it. All I have to say is….look out people, I think there’s a book coming~watch out!(BTW, if her gun toting, man who likes weigh ins can’t see that she’s got a gut even at 147lbs, she needs to take some of that $$ he gives her to get his eyes checked.)

  60. Jayna says:

    I just went and read the full article. Boy, does she have an odd roll of a gut in the photo by her closet. Odd for someone with no children. He better get her out there running. Plus, they look close to the same age. The full article is mind-blowing the way she disses her husband’s friend’s wives and the way she praises only the famous men who chose younger women. So odd.

  61. Izzy says:

    No wonder the French are still pissed at the British, with idiots like this Brick-head making them look bad…

  62. ViloDeMenus says:

    Here’s the breakdown, my husband is successful, I am not. I’m okay looking and wish I were so much prettier – it makes me insecure, plus I should never smile as I’m very gummy looking. I get $500 bucks a month for clothing and look like it, he’s wealthy I wear off the rack TopShop if I get sale items, I have no great bags or shoes and I like it that way. For my pedestrian life I am weighed in like a jockey, and I must be groomed as he wishes, because he has to look at my gums and God knows I was so lucky to land him. Can you imagine what our lives would be like if he actually spoke English? I’m a lucky girl, I’m the luckiest average girl in the world! I’m pretty, pretty I tell you. All she’s admitted is she sold herself off for the cheap. If she is happy it’s only because she knows this is the best she was going to get.

    It’s odd you’d go worldwide with your insecurities and think even one person was going to believe you. She thinks people are dumb, and she’s hoping with her imaginary beauty she’ll get an upgrade offer very soon!

  63. skuddles says:

    Someone needs to do an expose on “Prince Pascal”. How many side pieces? Lets trot them out. Are they as “breathtakingly beautiful” as wifey? And any wee Pascal’s running around? Now that might be a story worth reading.

  64. Rory says:

    “Part of our job description,” lol!! Good one, Skuddles :)

  65. Twez says:

    Honestly, that’s my idea of hell.

  66. TaylorB says:

    My mother always said ‘pretty is, as pretty does’, by that logic, after reading her garbage sight unseen, she is one ugly person.

    At this point it seems like she is just stirring up this pot for publicity or trying rather poorly to be a satirist, at least I hope so.

  67. Holden says:

    Quick, what is 10.5 stone in Amerikkan? Just kidding, I could care less what this made for media debacle weighs.

  68. Nina says:

    I am so jealous of her perfect marriage. That gorgeous bitch!

  69. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    What the…? Rofl! I don’t have much to say after reading this woman’s interview. All I can say is she is one stupid woman in this world. I can’t believe she even exists in this era.

  70. TaylorB says:

    For a gal that is, in her estimation, this generations Helen of Troy you would think she could have snagged a fella that was a bit more George Clooney and a bit less of an out of shape Ted Nugent with a Great Clips haircut.

    Rhu Rho! Does that make me jealous of her shining beauty? Not so much. But, to be fair, she is actually very pretty, just not enough to distract from her personality.

  71. efwcheryl says:

    Looks to me like she has already let herself go…..Isn’t her 15 minutes over anyway?

  72. Frayed_Edges says:

    The content of Samantha Brick’s ‘articles’ is irrelevant. The Daily Mail are just milking her for hits to their website and the hundreds of comments that the trolling generates. They will be telling Samantha to write these ridiculous articles, making her into a bizarre cartoon character who just says random stuff to annoy people. 90% of the stuff that she writes is completely invented to get people riled up at a woman who is now famous for being a ‘delusional b*tch’.

  73. kenyan-girl says:

    If this is her idea of satire, or some sort of stunt, then its an epic FAIL! But if she actually believes the sh*t she wrote, we shouldn’t be making fun of her. If she does, then the woman has mental issues I can’t even begin to comprehend. B*tch needs help. Urgently….

  74. G says:

    Ok at this point this woman is nothing more than an emotional cutter…. and wants the world to berate her cause this HAS TO BE A JOKE!!!!

  75. Stacia says:


    And she is nowhere near the level of Hilary Clinton to make remarks about her choice to go makeup free.

    At best, she is average looking which calls in to question what her husband’s view of what a trophy wife ‘is supposed’ to look like. so maybe he will leave her when she’s 50ish and get a ‘newer(younger)’ trophy.

  76. Katija says:

    The attributes she continuously assigns to Frenchmen are not ones that I have heard be commonly associated with the French, to be honest. Are Frenchmen really such shallow, domineering, old-fashioned creeps?

    • Amy says:

      NO! My father is French and while he proudly plays up the French stereotypes of being a huge wine and cheese lover, he does not treat my mother this way! In fact, my mother makes more money than him, always has. She is the breadwinner in the family. My father also has always been the cook.

      He treats her like a good husband should. I know French men get a bad rap for being cheaters or whatever. My father is so shy however, I’m always a bit perplexed as to how he managed to land a bubbly, outgoing American girl!

  77. Lithe says:

    Perhaps if Ms. Brick wasn’t so busy organizing her day around her husband she’d have time to sort out her narrative. The inconsistencies are making my head hurt.

  78. NeNe says:

    It seems we have another famewh*re on our hands. This woman is truly pathetic, and if she believes half the bullsh*t she is spewing, than she is dumber than she looks. She needs a muzzle!!! I personally do not find her attractive, or a trophy, at all. No hating. I just don’t.

  79. dillene says:

    Have ever two people deserved each other more?

  80. Skinnybetch says:

    The guy looks like he smells like moldy ass. I am soooooo jealous of her beauty and her amazing marriage!

  81. irishserra says:

    Meh, this too will get old and she will be on to her third husband.

  82. Skinnybetch says:

    I am soooooo jealous of her beauty and her amazing marriage!

  83. Candyland says:

    Yeah? Well the scales must be broke and hubby’s eyes too cause her tummy’s fat, ass is saggy and legs are wonky. Trophy wife? BWAHAHAHA!

  84. Kris says:

    You know, the more crap I read that has spewed out of her mouth, the more convinced I am that she is completely delusional. Like, Leann Rimes-crazy, delusional. And you know what? There’s one thing she said in the original article that really irks me: She claims she’s never been a bridesmaid because her friends are too envious of her beauty (this is a difficult sentence to write when I’m trying not to laugh my ass off). As other posters previously noted, it’s more likely that her shitty personality is the reason she’s never been asked to be a bridesmaid. I am definitely no supermodel, but I’m typically told that I’m “very pretty.” But despite this, I’ve been a bridesmaid in not one, not two, but EIGHT weddings. That’s right Brick, count ‘em up bitch. And the reason I’ve been in so many weddings is very simple: I’m a damn good friend. I am fiercely loyal, protective and loving toward my circle of girlfriends and rather than tearinng each other down over jealously, as Brick implies is the norm, we support and prop each other up. And so many women have this type of relationship with their girlfriend. She either needs to adjust her attitude, or find a new circle of friends.

  85. Mich says:

    I admit to loving stories about La Brick.

    She really knows how to bring the sisterhood together! With the exception of Lohan, no other stories show such uniformly shared opinion in the comments sections:-)

    Did anyone catch the recent Jezebel recap of her piece merde-ing all over French women? It seems that, yes, they all hate her. And yes, the global sisterhood came together in agreement.

  86. The Original Denise says:

    Too late, darling! You have already let yourself go….you have a gut in these photos. Here’s 10 pence, buy yourself a clue.

  87. Faye says:

    Joke’s on you, Brick!! For some crazy reason, my fiance thinks I’m beautiful no matter what (and I’m honestly no stunner, I’d put myself at a 6 on a good day) AND loves me for other reasons as well, like having a brain.

    So how’s this: You keep Pascal and fret everyday about how to make him happy and my fiance and I will just make each other happy being ourselves. (You lose.)

  88. Jag says:

    Well, it’s obvious she’s never dated a Southern man from the U.S. because I’ve never had a date who didn’t open the door for me.

  89. crtb says:

    Good for her!
    She and her husband are happy and they meet each other’s needs. I may not agree but so what?

  90. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Samantha Brick is the new Paris Hilton.

  91. Jayna says:

    She’s average at best with an average body and definitely no spring chicken.

  92. leslilly says:

    I find her level of delusion both fascinating and nauseating. When she came out w/her “I’m-so-gorgeous-and-it-makes-my-life-hell” article previously, I was shocked and amused because she is, at the very most, a little cute.

    I believe she is making all these outrageous statements simply to garner attention. Guess what? It has worked.

  93. Jenn says:

    So…because her husband brings home a check and opens doors for her, she tends to his every need, has sex whether or not she wants to, never expresses any feelings but happiness, and allows him to determine how she looks and what she weighs…pretty sure she’s getting the crap end of the bargain.

  94. Snail says:

    Yeah, I think the whole thing is a wind-up, and SB is the ‘face’ for all the trolling. I bet she doesn’t really believe all the things she says, it’s a made up story and she’s acting. It’s just too over the top and ridiculous.

    Also, she’s not that attractive, which makes the story harder to believe. She’s got a very asymmetrical face and a fat stomach and she’s not toned at all.

    • leslilly says:

      Yup. And since she makes outrageous claims re: her beauty, I have to assess her in a clinical method..because hey, she asked for it. I agree that she has a very asymmetrical face. She also has wonky teeth which makes for an unbecoming smile, a very pointy chin, a chunky is not smooth. Yep, she has a pooch in the stomach area – doesn’t look toned at all.

  95. Aubra says:

    This is either a joke, or a subliminal cry for help!

  96. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    She rubs her husband down with lavender oil, huh? Makes sense, this union’s got ‘lavender’ written all over it. (RIMSHOT!)

    But for realsies, I think this is all a put-on and for that, it fails to drag out my ire or sense of offense.

  97. blasted1 says:

    I love the camo and .30 deer rifle shot. She may wind up with her head on a wall right next to a 6 point buck or a moose. In this case she may really be a “trophy wife” after all!!!!

  98. It is ME!! says:

    I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls!

    (Ran out of troll food).

  99. Bluebell says:

    I live in France, and first I must say that Pascal is NOT NORMAL. No Frenchman pays such attention to women’s clothes (unless he wants to wear them.) Pascal is an ugly old weirdo with a beergut – not a “catch”. Second, The average Frenchwoman between 40 and 50 is SO MUCH better looking in every way than this psychotic heffalump. Third, Samantha Nobody, you are not a trophy wife because you are far too old and you look it (nobody knew you were younger than the horrible Pascal until you told us.) Also, you are so plain, you were never goodlooking even when a teenager. Fourth, yes, we know your abusive Irish father left when your mother was your age, and had another five daughters, so you have spent your life trying to grovel to ugly old men for attention. Fifth – when you say you are a “professional” in the bedroom, please give it the correct name: prostitute. Sixth – you may find your sexual fantasies of being dominated by an old carpenter with hairy nostrils very erotic but the rest of us find it repulsive. It is actually very disturbing that you find a replica of your horrid Irish runaway dad sexually exciting. In fact, your entire life is a matter for a psychiatrist, not the general public. Take your rather pitiful dress allowance and spend it on therapy, which is far more important than it’s current use of putting lipstick on a pig. PS – I am your neighbour. Beware in case you see me and the rest of the neighbours coming up your drive with pitchforks and blazing torches.

    Also, apparently only last year in her tedious blog (which by the way I have never read because I would rather nail my own ears to the wall) she said that they had no money and lived in low-grade rented accomodation.

    • Katyusha says:

      Bring it home, Bluebell!

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      I so agree! I lived in France for six months a few years ago and two things stand out. One, women are dressed so much and look 10 times better than this twit. My French boyfriend was much better looking and maybe the most thoughtful boyfriend I’ve had so far. I’ve never known any French guy to be THAT interested in what you wear .. just what you’re taking off.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Bluebell, you are a goddess! Can I come with you and the others when you go with the pitchforks? P.S. : my friend lived in France for many years and she always said French women were beautifully dressed, much better than Samantha here. Weird.

      • Bluebell says:

        I will save a pitchfork especially for you. But first we will try to warn her off by pelting with pig-dung; for two reasons, one, nobody wants to cause unnecessary damage to property in these difficult times, and two, we hideous hags prefer not to spoil our manicures daubing tar on the fence-posts to make torches unless there is no alternative. Incidentally, I wish Putrid Pascal luck with his business now that Stunning Samantha has insulted all his colleague’s wives. And now they know about the daily head massages, they will all understand why he smells like an old lady’s underwear drawer. Perhaps instead of the grand “trophy” he will soon wish he had won the set of steak-knives, instead.

  100. wendy says:

    i live in australia and we have a magazine called ‘grazia’ which for some bizarre reason likes to publish this moron’s stuff. the other day they published an essay with her talking about how her stepson loves her more than he loves his bio mother based on the fact that he occasionally calls her ‘mom’. kid’s 12 so he wouldve been about 2ish when she married his dad. like seriously this woman…

  101. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Ha ha. The whole thing made me laugh so much. I know I’m a terrible human being but damn if I don’t get a giggle out of drinking my coffee with whipped cream and knowing that poor bitch is getting weighed by her husband every morning. Ah. Good way to start the morning.

  102. anneesezz says:

    I can’t figure out if she is FOS or not. If she’s being honest she must suffer from narcissistic personality disorder because she is CRAZY. Any woman who puts her husband before her kids should be ashamed of herself. Surely she will say that we are all jealous of her fab lifestyle because we are commenting on what a nutcase she is. Yeah, that’s it. I wish my husband only married me because of my looks. What a moron!

  103. gg says:

    Good thing two goobers like this can work it out. Ain’t love grand. :|

  104. ria says:

    *Rolls eyes* *Faint sigh* that just about sums up my feelings regarding Brick. Moving on.

  105. Jacqueline says:

    Unfortunately he is right. Men prefer dumber women in general. They say a more intelligent and educated woman emasculates them. They dont want a challenge in their marriage home. Men, even intelligent ones, marry dumb housewives and cheat with more intelligent women ot mentally fulfill them. Thats why people say affairs arent sexual but mental. Lol Look around at some suburbs and all you see are dumb housewives. I’ve met smarter strippers than some of the housewives of businessmen I’ve met. Men resent successful, intelligent high earning wives. Few want a woman who can hold her own. They want to be needed. Look at how white men now want asian chicks. To be dependent on them and jump when told to. She is actually right, most men prefer a submissive dumb wife over an intelligent, hard working one who can cook and clean and f**k just as well. Most men hate feminists cus they have broken a cardinal social sin: the truth that its actually men who depend on women not the other way around. Men will do anything to control women. The prefer dumb ones. They pamper their housewives into never leaving them. They cheat with hotter and smarter ones. But never leave their wives either. Even when I was in college at Harvard and MIT, the intelligent guy friend I had told me they hated intelligent women. And the suburb my husband and I first moved into was nothing but a carefulyl crafted lie of cheating spouses. We moved 2 years later.
    Something is wrong with the way we raise boys to think they have to provide and the woman in her place in the house. To them success is a dumb wife in the house. She is actually right. Submission and being dumb will get you a lot farther in life than honest, hardworking and intelligent. Thats why women play dumb.
    A real matured man who doesnt have ego or control issues, is like finding parking in New York. Its comforting to know that most of the “good” are taken but the bad as well. An affair with a married man never appealed to me. I like real men only-no little boys, or controlling ones or any with mommy issues.