Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? Does anyone freaking care? (update)

Old picture, new story. At the end of the story it’s pretty clearly stated that this picture is old and that this news was circulating before.

Holy Moley, a weekly British gossip e-mail service that is similar to popbitch, is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has been visiting Vince Vaughn on the London set of his new film, and that she’s quite obviously pregnant. I thought these two were broken up a long time ago, and if Aniston is in London why haven’t we seen pictures? Oh, that’s right, no one gives a shit about her any more.

Also, the power-players on the set (we all know it’s the drivers) report than Jennifer Aniston has been dragging her huge chin there to watch her beau spin out strands of comedy magic, and she’s quite obviously lugging a mini-Vince around in her womb as she’s sweating for two.

The poor sods who have to do the real acting (learning words and not just standing there with a quizzical look and gurning), Paul Giametti and John Michael Higgins, are described as “lovely”.

[From the Holy Moley weekly e-mail newsletter]

Holy Moley also reports that Vaughn is rewriting the script of his new film between takes, delaying production and probably costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I thought Aniston was pregnant when she looked a bit paunchy at the premieres of “The Break Up,” back in June but that turned out not to be true. If she’s pregnant now it might be just what she needs to get some publicity and get her career back on track. She most likely realizes this. I’m not saying she convinced Vince to leave the condom off or anything, but it seems possible to me – if this suspect gossip is even true. Life & Style was also calling her pregnant in June. It’s possible she is visiting Vince and she just has a little bitty tummy.

Header image is from the German premiere of “The Break Up” in mid June of this year.

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36 Responses to “Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? Does anyone freaking care? (update)”

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  1. baby says:

    i really do care but do not believe this story and yes many people do too if not you would not bother placing this story here

  2. Vern says:

    Maybe she’d better hurry up and have kids. She’s getting old ..

  3. Action says:

    Couldn’t care less if she were pregnant, but I love the shoes!

  4. Pecarrie says:

    Looks like the ‘paunch’ of any ordinary woman who would try to wear the same dress. In fact, looks smaller than my paunch, sad to say… :(

  5. Lindsay says:

    This story is over 6 months old. She wore this during one of her Movie premieres for the break up I believe.

    You missed the boat.

  6. celebitchy says:

    You guys didn’t read the whole story. I wrote at the end that the picture was old, but the story is new. I will update the post since no one is bothering to read the entire thing.

  7. Mr. T says:

    Chinnefer better keep her chin up, up, up. I really don’t care about this no talented actress. It was amazing to see her to be in the top ten of hollywoods best paid actresses. How can Chinnefer top Kirsten Drunkst?

  8. janice says:

    u really must be verrrrrry jealous of jen to try be so nasty u most likely look like mrs jolie and no I do not think jen needs to get preggies to catch a man like mrs jolie she is talented and beautiful u have no taste sister maybe u need to get preggies to catch a man as well and can’t handle jen having a good time on her own i predict she is going to marry a very famous actor and not another wipped whoos like mr jolie

  9. sam says:

    pictures are interesting…hmmmmmm

  10. chelsea says:

    whats ur problem celebitchy? why are u so bitter and what has she done to u?

  11. Carly says:

    Never in her life has Jennifer Aniston looked paunchy.

  12. Fabiola says:

    She’s not the world’s greatest actress (nor is Angie, BTW, despite her Oscar) but she does have a smokin’ body.
    And I hope she never has kids if she doesn’t want them. Childless by choice is a beautiful thing.

  13. Viv says:

    I am doubtful anyone can be jealous of Jennifer Maniston. Unless, if by jealous you mean, likes to laugh at celebs who’s chin rivals the Hoover dam, then sure.

  14. trufflesauce says:

    I’m tired of people saying she has a big chin. Jay Leno has a big chin.

    She has a big JAW. The whole lower half of her face juts out. Jawniffer Chiniston.

    I think she just always has a beer gut. SHe has such a good girl image but smokes assloads of ciggarettes and boozes like crazy.

  15. kailie2 says:

    yes, nobody cares.. and I’m happy that the tabloids are finally catching on. Besides, how could she possibly be pregnant by someone she’s not even dating anymore?

  16. amy0148 says:

    I can hardly believe some of the people that comment on these sites. They call themselves fans of BAMZ or whatever, but I wonder who gives anyone the right to try and knock others down. I am currently serving in Iraq. We don’t get a lot of time to watch t.v. time (I’m a medic). Let me just tell you all something. I have seen somethings I hope none of you ever see. No matter what I wouldn’t sit here and think I could call people names or think I was somehow better then them because of the size of there jaw or chin. Ridiculous. People should grow up and realize that real life is out there and the people you talk about likely would like to live their own.

  17. lyric says:

    I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now. In fact it was predicted by someone on another blog that this pregnancy story would come back to life pretty soon. Someone (not you celebitchy) is just stirring the pot again.

  18. Action says:

    “She has a big JAW. The whole lower half of her face juts out. Jawniffer Chiniston.”

    Now THAT is a good one.

  19. alarmjaguar says:

    Good point, Amy!

  20. emma says:

    u should really leave her alone that wannabe african queen jolie stole her man.then u say she has a big chin .jelousy is a serious illness so get well soon the lot on ya.go amy by the way .

  21. Anna says:

    Are u so uneducated u don’t realise that things happen to women that result in pregnancies ending without the joy of birth? Meaning she could’ve been pregnant in June when u thought she was but the baby didnt make it. Dont think she is now tho.

  22. kailie2 says:

    Oh, please, people, get a grip! “Joy of Birth”??? Aniston was never pregnant or wanted to be. She made it very clear by obsessing over her bod and choosing career over a family–5 years of marriage is enough to figure out if you want them. Get over it, she didn’t want kids, nobody “stole” her man.. he left her because he wanted to have a life–it’s pretty clear when you look at him now. “Jealousy”? Of what? Maybe a fat wallet but nothing else. Amy–it’s commendable what you do and God Bless but if you’re so above it, why do you even post on gossip blogs? Aniston fans call Angelina names (“African Queen” being the mildest I’ve heard so far though interesting jab at Africa) too so it’s not just one-sided. I don’t care for either one, I’m just glad the Victim is momentarily out of the tabloids.

  23. FYI says:

    1) she isn’t preganant

    2) nice photo ! the silver dress suits her more than the Versace’s

    3) Jen and Vince were never dating (it was an act)

  24. Kelly says:

    I am simply tired of her and I use to like Vince but since he went along with a sham relationship he lost much respect from me.

  25. patti says:

    that would be a hell of a huge baby.

  26. ER says:

    The best thing about this site is that the fans appear older, well educated and have command of the English language. Then Janice comes along and blows that theory right out of the water!

  27. Viv says:


    Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion. =)

  28. Anonymous says:

    kailie2, nice to know u live with Aniston & know everything about her & can account for her every menstrual cycle. Answer this, does she bleed for 3 or 5 days? How bad are her menstrual cramps? Are her periods regular or a little iffy like some women?

    No answer? That’s obvious because U ARE NOT JENNIFER ANISTON. Jennifer Aniston is the one of the few who knows the details of her monthly cycle & if it’s ever been halted due to pregnancy & u arent one of the other few who would be privvy to such information.

    Stop talking like u were there. U werent, u know nothing, including if Aniston is, was or ever has been pregnant. U make yourself look like a real fool speaking as if u know.

  29. Keri says:

    Why the venom directed at Jennifer Anniston? She claims that she always wanted children and that Brad’s leaving her had nothing to do with her refusal to have kids. Why not believe her? Whatever the reason, it would totally suck to have your husband develop an inappropriate relationship with his co-worker, end your marriage/dump you, and then immediately jet off to an exotic vacation with the co-worker who was “just a friend.”

    Why must everyone be so spiteful toward Jennifer? Over-exposed and classles celebrities abound: Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears come immediately to mind. Jennifer Anniston was humilated in front of millions of people by her straying husband. She’s never flashed her girlie bits to photogs or stumbled drunken and dirty from a nightclub in front of them, either. Whether she’s the most beautiful or talented actress in Hollywood doesn’t matter — she’s not the ugliest or worst, either, and it must be hard to live through public heartache and humiliation. Cut her some slack; also, support her for weighing more than 85 pounds, like Nicole or MK. Geez. No wonder so many celebrities have eating disorders.

  30. kailie2 says:

    Keri.. why not believe her? Because it’s obvious she lied. Why? Brad has three kids just a year after he left her and she had none during the 7 or 8 years they were together. Again, nothing wrong about not wanting kids but many people consider Jennifer Aniston to be a huge fraud because she pretended to want them, kept him waiting for years only to choose another movie instead–six to be precise, right after Friends ended when she supposedly was “ready”. And no, Anonymous (who doesn’t have the guts to write her name), I don’t know the details of her menstrual cycle (neither do you), but she never even alluded to having problems getting pregnant or carrying to term (like Courtney Cox who is a real gem, btw).. if she had those problems, don’t you think this professional victim wouldn’t say anything? I don’t care enough to comment about Paris or Lilo, but those who defend this fraud of a woman to their last breath are just pathetic. She’s not Rachel Green, she’s not nice or “down to earth” or any of that garbage your friend Oprah feeds you. She appears self-centered to the extreme and deluded when it comes to her own worth. I wish she found a goal in life other than gracing the covers of various tabloids with “how is Jen coping” headlines…

  31. @ kailie2 says:

    get a life. you’re so delusional it’s almost hilarious watching you talk like you know all the details of the pitt/aniston marriage nd why it failed. go lurk at a jennifer aniston fanboard, you know you do.

    I cant believe you even mentioned her gracing tabloid covers either. tabloid being the underlined word. you’ve never met her either so spare anyone the “she’s not nice” bullshit, face to face experience is the only valid way to make a statement like that, not what you read in star or perez hilton. fyi, some women dont talk about their female problems, something about it being painful to admit your body fails you at what is supposed to be the most natural thing for a woman but you wouldnt know that being 12 or 13 right? youve clearly no life experience.

  32. Kailie's tutor says:

    I’d like to suggest that kailie pull a dictionary and look up the common meaning of the words ‘assume’ and/or ‘assumption’ and compare that with the meaning of the word ‘fact’ and then see if she can work out which she is using, assumptions or facts. It’s not hard, I can see which already. A hard boiled candy for you if you get it right kailie

  33. Action says:

    I really hate it when people spell the word ‘you’ with just a ‘u’. What? It takes an extra second to type the y and o? Using ‘u’ also makes the person typing look quite immature.

    Kailie, you’re right. Not everyone woman can have children or have an easy time of trying. It’s a very painful experience when something that supposedly so ‘natural’ fails you. I’m not saying Jennifer had issues, but if she did, I’m sure she wouldn’t blare it all over the headlines. It’s too painful and sad for that.

  34. tegan-rose says:

    why dont you all just grow up and leave her alone, she aint done nout to any of you, and dont you think that she finds all these horrible comments and reads them? or her friends find them and show them to her?, imagen all of the things that she or any-one islikes about then and then have some people right them down for the whole world to see and read them? what if you was in her shoes? an you have hear about all the things that people have been saying about you? and you have the press following you around 24/7? and she aint a heavy smoker she quitted this year, and it is not like she has any privacy is it? and all of you areslagging her off, but y dont you take one minute every dayan look at you, deep down before you go critasizing other people. do you just slagg her and anyother celebs of because you are jelouse? Its like you wouldnt go slaging your best frien off behind there back, would you? and what o you think she woul say of she found this? if i was her i would be pretty upset! and what is up with this website? with the language?

  35. ashley says:

    what the hell is your fauuking problem. everyone loves jennifer. she is amazing. why would you ever talking negative about her. angie is a homewrecker.
    get a real damn job.

  36. blackdahlia says:

    I hate Jennifer. Angelina is far more interesting.