Pamela Anderson’s requests to Barack Obama: legalize marijuana

Pamela Anderson seems to have confused the job of “actress/boob displayer” with “presidential advisor.” While I can’t blame her – the two positions are nearly interchangeable – I think someone should have corrected her before she went on her website and wrote out a very long to-do list for President-Elect Obama.

At first I assumed it wasn’t really written by Pam – she starts out by assigning our next president some reading, specifically “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein and “Crimes Against Nature” by Robert Kennedy. So you can see why I was skeptical. However once I began reading the long recommendation, it became very clear that it really was Pam who wrote it – due mostly to the random capitalization and often forgetting to use “and” as well as “the” and other short but necessary words.

Pam would like marijuana to be legalized. She would also like the prison system reformed and all potential child molesters castrated, along with the promotion of vegetarianism. Finally, she shares some words on the economy. But we’ll focus on the pot for now, because frankly there are just too many deep thoughts in Pamela Anderson’s head.

I think we should Legalize Marijuana, tax and monitor -farm Hemp etc-this would make our borders less corrupt and then I think eventually this will be more secure option and save children in the long run – we should be able to farm Hemp in America- it’s just silly— it would create jobs- and be good for environment.

[From Pam Anderson’s website]

Honestly I agree with the majority of Pam’s opinions, she just phrases them so poorly. It’d be one thing if a bigger, at least semi-respected celebrity expressed the exact same opinions (albeit better worded). It might get some attention and Obama might in some way respond to it. But Pamela Anderson has been the punch line to sleazy jokes for the better part of two decades, and little more. I doubt anyone’s too worried with her views on Guantanamo Bay. Unless she wants to run on the beach in slow motion or something.

In related Obama news, Ariana Huffington notes that he’s working hard to encourage important values for Americans by focusing on volunteerism and helping others.

…The campaign [email] was letting me know that was directing visitors to volunteer for – or donate to – relief efforts to aid the victims of the Southern California fires. “Throughout the campaign,” said the email, “we saw time and again that when ordinary people act together, they can make a huge difference.”

Obama’s high-tech outreach has been instrumental in getting people across the country to donate millions of dollars and contribute millions of hours working on the campaign. Will it now become a hub for civic action?

Obama has always said that a call to service would be “a central cause” of his presidency. “We will ask Americans to serve,” he said in a signature speech in July. “We will create new opportunities for Americans to serve. And we will direct that service to our most pressing challenges.”

…Obama clearly understands this. “In America,” he has said, “each of us is free to seek our own dreams, but we must also serve a common purpose, a higher purpose… Because, when it comes to the challenges we face, the American people are not the problem — they are the answer.”

[From the Huffington Post]

Pretty impressive. I think we have a lot of positive things to look forward to in the future, and good reason for optimism.

Here is a very cool mosaic of Barack Obama made by Ohio resident Brent Quebman. It’s made entirely from newspaper headlines reporting Obama’s win. Header of Pamela Anderson promoting her reality show ‘Pam Spirito Libero’ in Rome on September 15th. Images thanks to WENN.

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20 Responses to “Pamela Anderson’s requests to Barack Obama: legalize marijuana”

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  1. Murmur says:

    What a boob

  2. Vibius says:

    Unfortunately its morons like her that take away from the legitimacy of the argument.

  3. Christina says:

    she really needs a better make-up artist…

  4. Susan says:

    Man she looks rrrrrrrrrrough.

  5. devilgirl says:

    Yeah, I am sure he will get right on that, right before he tends to the pesky tasks of war, a failing economy etc.

  6. Codzilla says:

    Sorry Pam, nobody gives a f*ck what you think about anything. (And I use the word “think” loosely.)

    She really does look haggard. Seems like all that plastic is the only thing keeping her face off the floor.

  7. Because I say So says:

    Klassy all the way, Pam! Way to show some inteligense!

  8. SeVen says:

    I actually like the top shes wearing here… Her ideas are good ones, and thats all the niceness you guys get from me today.

  9. Holly says:

    Of course she wants weed legalized. How else is she gonna come down off the meth?

  10. cara says:

    AC-tu-ally, Barry has already been quoted as saying that he too thought marijuana should be legalized, NOT decriminalized, there’s a difference . It was in the NYT during the primaries. TRUST ME.

    I must say, I’ll be shocked if he does “Legalize It”, but we’ll see.

  11. Sickitten says:

    She’s sick people. Something is not right. Don’t be surprised to hear of a hospital stay soon. I’ve always liked her. Sweet person.

  12. Sue says:

    Cara, you’re right that he said that – but you know he can’t, right? What Anonymous Realist said is 100% correct… stunning and sad how many Americans have no clue how their government works.

  13. Baholicious says:

    If marijuana is legalized before Gay marriage the panties will REALLY hit the fan.

  14. She is right they should legalize marijuana.

  15. moonfry says:

    Obama came in the nick of time. The generations just keep getting scarier and more selfish. We don’t help our own, we don’t care about anyone else, and we take all of our luxuries (freedom!) for granted. Yeah, you can be a self-serving, thoughtless, entitled pr1ck and assume that when you turn around all the spoils of this country that you did nothing to deserve will still be there. TURN IT AROUND WHILE YOU CAN BARRY!

  16. Sixxkitty says:

    I’m sorry, I thought this was Gwen Martin’s thread………..

  17. Lauri says:

    Ugh. She is aging sooooo poorly. She really should stop trying to be the coquette and start dressing and acting like a woman her age. She just comes across as so terribly desperate to look 25, and it is failing miserably.

    Look, I’m no fan of Obama and was terribly disappointed in the election results…but even I don’t think the man is foolish enough to listen to her nonsense. When he takes office in January he will have a lot more important issues to deal with than what some over-siliconed, washed up porno actress has to say.

    Why to these irrelevant Hollywood types think that what they have to say is of any importance? I think the president needs to focus on the war and the economy before he worries about Pammie getting high.

  18. Kennedy says:

    Well she is certainly not the spokeperson I would choose for legalizing weed.

    But I do agree – smoke em if you got em!

  19. Rosebudd says:

    Pam REALLY needs to reduce those balloons. Her back must ache endlessly. What shes says is accurate I think, Barry won’t be meeting w/ her anytime soon. If Ed Norton spoke up in same way, Barry might listen. (great actor, Yale Alumni). I have a few friends that have card for medicinal marijuana and it is a joke. They buy for others, don’t need it, make a few bucks off it Barry has the right idea about community coming together and not just in the name of religion or what tax break will I get. Everyone, please be kind to your neighbor, the homeless person at the market, get off your effen cell phones and say hello now & then. Please..I have neighbors I have silently helped and been courteous to for years only to find a nasty note parked on my car the one time it’s is parked on the property in an emergency. I will continue to be kind. I want nothing in return from them. I just need to sleep well at nite. Folks, please try it at least 2 days a week if nothing else. It will matter.

  20. haha pam. what a nut. at least the shirt she is wearing isn’t see-through.