Prince William photographed peeing on a fence in all his glory

Prince William on 11/8/08 examining the Prince William cup. This is obviously not the photo in question. Credit: WENN

Prince William was photographed peeing on a fence after a polo match, his manhood completely visible. The pictures were published in Spanish language Nueva magazine and D-Listed has them, so go over there if you’d like to check out the royal member. (NSFW obviously)

The 26 year-old second in line to the throne looks genetically blessed but seems a little dim. People are pointing out that he’s peeing on an electric fence.

There’s speculation that Benji Madden’s jealousy of Prince William led Paris Hilton to break up with him. That seems like an overblown story based on a brief meeting between Paris and William at a club. I hope that Benji has nothing to worry about and that William keeps it in his pants when he doesn’t have to relieve himself. Herpes is a life sentence.

How scandalous do British readers consider these photos? They’re obviously an invasion of privacy but Wills isn’t doing anything wrong and he didn’t intend to get photographed while he was doing his business. It was probably a long way to the bathroom.

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  1. mojoman says:

    cant wait to hear the reaction from the Queen, she most probably dry heaves from all these exposure.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    Poor thing,the ignomy of being photographed while only doing what nature demands.
    He should have known better than to do it out in the open instead of safely against a solid fence or tree – the paps are EVERYWHERE…….That said, he’s got nothing to be ashamed about. Wonder who taught him the ‘hold’? Charles?

  3. Kim says:

    Oh NO, why would any one do this to him? Mean mean people. He at least has something to Show, not like that Equus guy who has nothing.

  4. Lauri says:

    Why would madden be jealous? He can’t really think that a prince would take that tramp seriously, can he? Is he really that clueless?

    On the other hand, he IS dating Hilton, so I guess he is that clueless….

  5. gg says:

    I seem to remember him getting in big trouble for doing that same thing when he was a little tyke on the playground. There seems to be some confusion on Dlisted about “the hold” – looks to me like he’s pulling back his foreskin. The mystery is, what particular advantage is there to peeing “on” a chainlink fence ??

  6. geronimo says:

    Scandalous? Hardly. Charlie’s ‘tampon tapes’ set the scandal standard for the Windsors. Invasive, yes, but maybe he shouldn’t be pissing where people can see him. Whatever, it’s just a peen (and quite a decent one from what I can see.)

  7. xiaoecho says:

    geronimo…..definitely not petrified

  8. Kate says:

    Wow nothing special at all.I bet Harry is huge.

  9. geronimo says:

    The polar opposite of petrified, in peen terms, xia. :mrgreen:

  10. xiaoecho says:

    g…..healthy lush and….growing 😆

  11. question: does prince william get a portion of the proceeds when that fence goes on sell at ebay?

  12. Syko says:

    Nice! I see he has at least one of Charles’ attributes.

  13. Chun Li says:

    Thank you!! This made my day! 😀

    HA Geronimo, The ‘Tampon Prince’!

  14. DLR says:

    errrr, where’s the penis (said like where’s the beef?)? actually had to “zoom in” to find the penis in those two pictures. hmm, not much to look at. just your average 5-inch intact and flaccid penis. i actually am surprised william would do something like that considering it is in public. i would have thought he would have a spotter or two in front and behind to cover him up, security detail and all. are we sure it isn’t a photoshop? well anyway, i think it is more embarassing to be caught talking about wanting to be a tampon (charles and camilla) than pissing on some fence. now we just need a pic of harry’s penis. 😛

  15. CC says:

    Holy Royal Penis Batman. This just made my day!

  16. Syko says:

    Gosh, I thought he was right healthy looking, all nice and plump. I guess some of you are used to more, or possibly are overlooking the fact that it’s peeping out from several layers of clothing.

  17. caribassett says:

    Oh my gosh. Why would you photograph someone urinating? How odd.

  18. CC says:

    I agree syko it is very nice looking. Maybe he’s a grower and not a shower. I’ll be happy to volunteer to take a closer look. let me head over to London.

  19. Susan says:

    I’m with syko and CC. It looked quite nice to me. “healthy and plump”….lol…..exactly. Yummy.

    (looked bigger than 5” too)

  20. devilgirl says:

    The problem with him and urinating in public, is he is a royal and they are held to a higher standard than us mere mortals. Do we want to see our President peeing by a building? Do we want to see our family doctor releaving himself by a fence? No. Only in emergency situations should anyone pee outside of a restroom. It is among the things that separates us from the animals. It is also relatively simple to find a bathroom, unless you are in the Amazon, Gobi desert, etc..So use them!

  21. geekaziod says:

    I have never been so dicusted in my life.

  22. Codzilla says:

    devilgirl: 😆 I can’t imagine there wasn’t a toilet on hand at the polo match. Isn’t that like the most civilized sport on earth? Hard to believe they’d be left to their own devices in that respect. :mrgreen:

  23. Syko says:

    Dicusted? 😯

  24. CiCi says:

    lol syko.

    americans tend to find certain things more *crude* than other countries do. this is probably no big deal.

  25. Syko says:

    I object to classifying all Americans as prudes. I’m American and I’m certainly no prude. Just a sweet little old lady. 😛

  26. Ron says:

    I feel sorry for the guy. I live in LA and see the worst of the paparazzi in person and they suck. This photog probably got over a million bucks for that shot and didn’t care one bit about the embarassment or humanity of the person he was taking advantage of. Sad.

  27. daisy424 says:

    Amen Syko 😉

  28. Baholicious says:

    @Syko (…she says as she whips out her fur-lined handcuffs) 🙂

    Oh right, the Royal knob: verrrry nice.

  29. xiaoecho says:

    Dicusted……it’s a play on words isn’t it?

  30. Kaiser says:

    It’s always the tall, lanky ones.

    Wills reminds me of a guy I dated in college – almost identical body type, and that guy was hung like a motherf’ing horse. 😳

  31. Susan says:

    @Kaiser – yep – I dated one of those too. Ouch! 😳

  32. Kaiser says:

    @Susan – Just remembering him gives me lockjaw. 😯

  33. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, that’s a ahem, stiff order for Gerry to live up to 8)

  34. Susan says:

    @Kaiser – Yep. Mine — he really should’ve been a porn star. He was not only extremely “gifted” but gorgeous – a musician with long black hair, big beautiful blue eyes.

    Ahhhh, memories….

  35. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy – Ohhhh… don’t make me think of what Gerry looks like naked! It will make me cry. I want so badly for Gerry to be dead to me… but then I think about his everything. 😥 I bet he’s horse-like too. *stifled sob*

    @Susan – Mine was dumb as a rock, not that pretty, but sweet as could be. He totally cheated on me, too. Honestly, though, my jaw and my vadge needed a vacay.

  36. Susan says:

    @Kaiser — I’m sorry! Mine was dumb too – but talented (in many ways). He left me as well – I was tired of the lifestyle of living with a musician anyway. And, yes, my jaw/vadge needed a break too! 😆

  37. Chamalla says:

    *rolls around laughing*

    *raises glass to His Royal Healthy Plumpness and CB friends*

  38. Susan says:

    What can I say? It’s been awhile. Hence my going back to Dlisted and peeking…..I’m bad.

  39. geronimo says:

    Syko – what’s the deal on Charles’s peen? He has very short stubby fingers and for some reason I imagined (not that I’ve ever thought about it, she says, carefully back-tracking) it would be similar in size and shape. But, Diana’s father was reputed to be jumbo-sized so maybe the Spencer genes ARE there but concentrated below the belt?

  40. DLR says:

    people are now saying that photo was a fake considering the size of william’s head (the uppper one, lol) looks too small compared to the shoulders. plus they’re saying william would never do something like that, and his security detail would have been all over him like a blanket. also if this was indeed at a sporting event there’s portable loos and really he’s not that daft he’d do something like that. well, only time will tell whether this indeed is the real mccoy or yet another photoshop.

  41. orion70 says:

    Queen Victoria must be spinning in her grave…

    hate to burst the bubble there though on the “not doing anything wrong” front…aren’t there laws against public exposure….?

    Besides, it kind of pisses 😉 me off how guys can do this and I gotta cramp a kidney 😯

  42. Vex says:

    The Queen must be so pleased.

  43. Kristin says:

    Very classy.

  44. Trashaddict says:

    Celebitchy gets the jump on Full Frontal Friday – nice little piece!

  45. Patricia says:

    TO DLR, AMEN TO THAT SISTER!!! And to Syko, the person that a said “several layers of clothing”–give me a break lady, he has it pulled out all the way, there is nothing hidden there. He is averaged sized at best. It is no longer than his finger. and it aint that wide either, average. Maybe, hopefully for Kate M’s sake, he is a grower and not a shower.
    I dont know what size man you are used to, but if you think that is some huge big monstrous penis, than i suggest you rent a X-rated video or get a subscription to Playgirl or something.
    I mean, it is not microscopic or anything, just a regular AVERAGE sized penis–porn star sized Prince William’s willie is NOT.

  46. salvador says:

    Oh you are just a bunch of jelous people… yes, he is royalty and YES HE HAS A BEAUTIFUL DICK!!!

  47. Hello from Canada says:

    Jealous? of what? It is a nice looking penis; most are. However, it is hardly a size that has a “WOW” factor to it, or so darn large you think, “OUCH!!” It is just a regular sized/looking penis attached to a ROYAL PRINCE non-regular man. Period.

  48. Lili says:

    Now we see why Waity Katie is so willing to wait… and wait… and wait… for the ROYAL engagement ring. Nothing but the BEST for Waity Katie!

  49. dina says:

    oh god that was gross…
    peeing on an electric fence? if that were a cartoon he would have been electrocuted..
    and it would have been awesome!

  50. NYC says:

    Now we see why Waity Katie is so willing to wait… and wait… and wait… for the ROYAL engagement ring. Nothing but the BEST for Waity Katie! **************

    penis wise anyway, exactly what is there worth waiting for lady? You should really get out more. Toodles….:)

  51. Jason says:

    Totally suckable. I’d be the meat in a royal sandwich for sure….. Now for the nudes of Harry!

  52. Bill says:

    Yes, I’m ready for Harry as well. With that red hair he probably puts William to shame.

    If you believe the press, it won’t be long before Harry “accidentally” gets caught with his pants down. It’s long been said that he is jealous of his brother’s fame or, in this case, infamy.