Duchess Kate & Prince Harry seem especially close these days. Just sayin’.

As I was covering some of the royal family photos from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations (here and here), I kept noticing something weird… Prince Harry and Duchess Kate are TIGHT. Their body language is much, much friendlier and sweeter than her body language with Prince William, her husband. Now, I’m not saying that Duchess Kate is going to get pregnant with a little ginger heir (wait… I already said that more than a year ago), but I do think that it says *something* about Kate. And Harry. And William.

I asked my Twitter buddy Prince Harry Watch if they thought something was up, and I got shut down – Prince Harry Watch says, “Harry’s a very affectionate person & despite what some people say, I think he does like his sister-in-law.” I agree to a certain extent – Harry seems like the kind of man who gets along with everyone, and… well, let’s face it: if there’s a pretty girl around, Harry is going to make jokes and try to impress her, regardless if the “pretty girl” is his sister-in-law. But I find it especially interesting given the dichotomy of Prince William’s mostly sober, at times morose disinterest in his wife as compared to Harry and Kate’s affectionate relationship. You can see even more photos of Kate and Harry here. They look really nice together.

So… will the next heir be a ginger? Can you imagine the scandal? No, Kate would never. Would she?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. birdie says:

    They look sweet together and I KNEW that you would say something about these pictures! I don’t think Kate would ever do that, but I also think Harry would never ever do that to his brother.
    AND: Kate is not his type anyway. She is not blonde and trashy.

    • Candyland says:

      That’s right.

      Harry and William are tight. Can’t see Harry messing with that.

      And he likes the fun, trashy girls who are good for 30 or so days.

      • Tess says:

        I can’t help but notice how gaunt, pale, thin William looks. His eyes look sunken in too, sure sing of weight loss. And I notice that their body language has been off also. I believe days ago, Katie Couric interviewed the royal family..and asked William about marriage life.. he commented with a ‘its not cracked up what its suppose to be’ something along that line..he also said ‘we’re not fighting right now’ Maybe this guy is realizing he probably made a mistake with Kate, who knows. Good luck for them, i’m glad it isn’t my problem.

    • Liv says:

      They are probably more comfortable than William and Kate because they don’t have the feeling being observed all the time…

      • QQ says:

        Acording to Lainey, until fairly recent that She kicked the habit, they were smoking break buddies so they are close

      • gg says:

        I think it won’t go into wuh-oh territory, because of a million reasons. Also, I have dated a guy in the past who had a hot brother that was more “fun” than my then boyfriend. It was like having a hot half-brother I could be very candid with since the boyfriend was a bit more stodgy. If I were she, Harry would be my best friend and confidante. It’s fun suddenly having a brother figure when you grew up with sisters. Love Harry.

    • gigi says:

      Agree. Will and Kate also have to abide by some royal etiquette rules about not being too close or too touchy in public, it’s weird. By the way, aren’t the press in London saying that Harry and Chelsy are seeing each other again on the DL?

      • Chia says:

        That’s the rumor. I just don’t get it!

      • LAK says:

        The touching thing is only the monarch. Ie you may not touch the monarch etc. I think they don’t touch in general because they are taught to have professional but bland face. The Queen has been such a joy to watch because for once she has been smiling and beaming at every single jubille event, all year and not just this weekend.

        As for W&C body language on the balcony, google images of them soon after the wedding at horseguards parade. They are standing so close and leaning into each other. whatever William is saying to her is giving her fits of giggles.

        Also, their body language during the canada tour is also of a couple in tune and affectionate.

        There has not been a set of pictures like that since.

      • Sachi says:

        I don’t think it’s just about royal etiquette. If there’s a connection and closeness, it will show whether William and Kate are having PDAs or simply meeting each other’s eye. Problem is, IMO, there is none lately. They both appear out of sync.

        The Spanish royal family is even more conservative than their British cousins (not even a kiss on the lips when Prince Felipe got married), but the future King of Spain, Felipe, and his wife, Princess Letizia, have never failed to show affection for each other in public.

        Prince Felipe is Charles’s peer, he was also raised to mind his role from a very young age and to behave accordingly. But he always lavishes attention on his wife.

        Here: http://images.mujerdeelite.com/galerias/6036_nt_xxl_3.jpg

        No touching, no kissing. But look at the Princess’s face, the adoring look in her eyes. Look at their bodies leaning towards each other. They are connected, and they respond positively to one another.

        I don’t have to see the Prince’s face to know he has a big smile on, and it’s all for his wife. They’re not touching, but they have a lot of chemistry just looking at each other, flirting, and having fun together. And they’re 10 years older than William and Kate.

        This other photo was taken 2 weeks ago, on their 8th wedding anniversary May 22, 2012 (they were working as full-time royals, even during birthdays and anniversaries, like most people):


        Not very blatant, their hands even hidden. But there is that connection, that search for intimacy and comfort, that they held hands in secret. Their body language shows closeness and they are in tune with each other.

        It might look unprofessional, but it can also come across as two people who are still so in love after years of marriage, and who are a real team, have a marriage with a real foundation, all the while living their lives under a more intense scrutiny from the media and public. The Spaniards are more critical of their royals than the British, but Felipe and Letizia’s marriage have grown stronger despite the challenges and problems.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK and Sachi: The DM should hire us as body language experts, because their expert said that Kate getting chummy with Harry is a sign of William’s confidence in her.

        Although I don’t think Kate would ever touch it (and I don’t think he would either). For the reasons stated above, plus the fact that she’s groomed herself for this position for ten years and she won’t want to eff it up. William’s father’s already proven divorce is possible.

      • apsutter says:

        That hand holding picture is the sweetest thing ever. I feel like Kate is an affectionate happy person and I wish that Will were less reserved. I’m excited that she married in because she brings some happiness and smiles to this clan. I love the young royals…especially the ginge!

      • discerning says:

        Ya know, we have been saying
        that maybe the coldness between
        william and kate is because of
        royal protocol. Hey, there were
        showing closeness and warmth
        in Canada, during trooping the color,
        and other events. So, I don’t think
        that is it. Plus, when they were on
        the balcony for the queen’s jubilee
        Charles and Camilla stood close to each other and shared warm moments.
        Charles was still by his mother’s side
        to give her support but he still acted
        like an interested, caring spouse to
        his wife. IMO, the queen and the rest
        of the family should have made even
        a modicum of effort to even just appear
        friendly to Kate during the Jubilee
        weekend, if just to strengthen the
        nation somehow in that way if nothing
        else. To ignore her was a HUGE
        mistake IMO, particularly since Kate
        has such a presence anyway. People
        are going to notice Kate wherever she
        goes. To try to downplay her presence
        is futile and not the smartest idea.
        And, thank God Camilla and Harry
        were social with her. Those looked
        like the only normal social interactions
        going on, even if Kate may have been
        over compensating a bit to counteract
        the way William was treating her the
        whole weekend. I had a glimmer
        of hope when I saw William treating
        her a little more nicely when they were
        entering guildhall for the reception.
        Then I realized that maybe he had
        to as Jamie-Lowther-Pinkerton and
        Becca Deacon (William and Kate’s
        secretary/assistants) were close by.
        Again, William and Kate have an
        event to attend with the queen tomorrow. Hopefully, the warmth and
        closeness will have returned between
        them, even if William did party with
        Guy Pelly at a private club in London
        last night. Come on William, please,
        please, don’t turn out to be a cad,
        you have so much more than that to
        offer the world.

    • momoftwo says:

      Yes! I think she’s an older sister and he is probably like her fun sweet younger brother that she can let loose with a bit.

      I agree with other posters that I don’t think Will and Harry would ever do that to each other. They seem pretty tight

      • discerning says:

        william was out partying with guy
        PELLY, of all people, at a private
        club in london. they way william
        has treated kate in public recently,
        it was a sad bit of news to me, but
        not really a surprise. and, even if
        kate does or does not make any kind
        of faux-pa at any time, it does not
        give william, or anyone, the right to
        be mean or abusive. There are
        many other civil, decent and even
        loving ways to correct what may need to be corrected. It seems to me that
        his distance from kate really only
        appeared since the weekend in Suffolk
        during their first anniversary, although
        he had said apparently disturbing things to her at public appearances
        prior to that. The general warmth
        and social connection were there
        prior to that IMO. they have a
        public event scheduled for 6/13.
        will the wedding day connection be
        there this time. I believe in miracles,
        so I truly hope so.


    • corny says:

      fartsy tartsy and hot ginge? never

    • Pandy says:

      That’s mean to say that about them. Now with those rumours, they will probably never even stand near one another again – ruining what little fun is likely to be had at these stuffy events. I highly doubt HH would eff over his brother like that. And I don’t think Kate would eff over her husband like that either. They seem genuine.

    • deep says:

      Harry and Kate act like brother and sister. Nothing more…nothing less. Kate loves William and so does Harry. I am sure the thought never crossed any of their minds.

  2. LadyJane says:

    Kate might, but would Harry? He strikes me more as a T&A (tits and a**) kind of guy, not B&B (bones and buttons).

    • smith says:

      I cannot let your brill comment pass unnoticed. We are amused.

      Based on the first photo I would love to say: Totally. Doing. It.

      But no, the brothers are tight, Wills has to maintain the air of a King and these events are boring at times (lots of standing and waiting, LOTS of sitting and looking interested) and Harry does what he can to pass the time. Reminds me of my boyfriend and his best friend in college. “Thick as thieves” as they say. But nothing untoward.

      My fav photo of that day is of the three of them in church the morning after the big concert. They look seriously hung over and about to fall face first on the carpet. It’s perfect.

      • Amelia says:

        Nicely said.
        I think the hung-over St Paul’s photo kind of sums it up. As much as we’d all like there to be a scandal, if there is one, it’s not a Will/Kate/Harry thing.
        I reckon they’re probably the Royal Family’s version of the three muskateers, just really close to each other.
        Although, it would be quite interesting to see if history repeats itself a la Charles/Camilla/Diana. But I doubt it. Their PR people would probably have an aneurysm.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Amelia, thanks for pointing out that pic! I just glanced over them, so I had to go back and click on it. Spot on! :D

      • apsutter says:

        That church photo is the freakin best. They clearly had some fun at the concert. I also think that they are thick as thieves and that Harry really likes Kate. I’d love for Harry to find a really nice woman that he really loves and to have that foursome doing events together.

  3. n. says:

    Does this mean – wives are not allowed to be friends with their husbands’ brothers or sisters?

    They’re all more less same age so why should she not hang out with William and his funny bro Harry?

  4. brin says:

    No way…Kate didn’t fall off the fish & chips truck, she waited too long for Wills to mess up.

    • Fleur says:

      Okay, let me just say I think there is no way, in any universe that this would ever happen. To put it in perspective I think Harry would sooner make a pass at ME–a skinny unheard of brunette living in middle America–then he would with Kate. And even in a dream world, my chances with him would be non existent. So yeah, never happening.

      But let’s put aside odds and probability and just start with character analysis. I think it’s obvious Kate would never step out on Will with Harry. Ever. This is a woman who waited YEARS to get where she is with William, to the exclusion of every other man in England. And there are some hot men in London, I’m just saying (hello Clive Owen!). It’s not like she wouldn’t have been tempted. There were rumors of Will cheating on her when they were younger, but not a whisper on Kate’s end. Ever. This is what she wanted, she fought and scrambled and perfected herself to get it and there is no way in heck she would choose NOW to fool around with his younger brother (who I think she considers a brother, by the way. If she’d met both boys and realized ‘crap, I have a crush on the younger prince’ it would have happened YEARS ago).

      As for Harry and Kate’s rapport–I think harry’s a nice guy. I think he feels the least like the stiff proper royal in his familial crew and he feels like it’s his duty to make small talk with the commoner while the rest of the family is busy being ‘royal’. As for Kate in those photos, I think she doesn’t want to get in the way of the
      Future King and Queen Grandma’ shot. Can’t say I blame her; I’d hang back a step too.

      And lastly as it relates to Harry and his ‘type’: come on now. Let’s start with the obvious: Kate is NOT his type. Too proper, too controlled, too BRUNETTE and thin for gosh sakes (spoken by a skinny brunette that would never have a shot at him herself. And like I said, even *I* would have better odds than Kate)! As for the emotional ramifications, there is no way Harry would betray his older brother. Ever. It’s obvious how close the Wales Brothers are; after the death of their mother they only had each other to turn to. I think they trust one another more than anyone else in the world.

  5. me says:

    I think she’s close to him because he’s probably one of the very few she can be herself around and can trust. I’m sure even most of her old school friends would sell her out for the right price.

    • Rhea says:

      I am thinking the same. It’s more like they found a friend in each other. Who knows?? Kate might consult with him about Will, and Harry about Chelsy ( since I have a feeling Kate would love to give her opinion about girl’s point of view in a relationship for Harry :D ). I think it’s nothing more innocence than that.

  6. cupidtyrox says:

    Also Kaiser how come your not covering the drama with the Goldsmiths? I thought Pippa was linked with Ben Goldsmith. The story’s a mess

    • LAK says:

      Yes!!! The goldsmiths…it’s drama to the max. We need a story on the Goldsmiths implosion!!!

      On a different note, I didn’t know you could have a house, with land in Nottinghill – where is the space?!!

    • bluhare says:

      Isn’t it Goldsmiths and Rothschilds? It’s a British thing, although a Rothschild heiress messing with a no name rap star while married to Jimmy Goldsmith’s son . . . well, you just can’t make this stuff up.

      • LAK says:

        Well, she made an excellent first wife. Jimmy would approve! Onwards and upwards for him I say! Lol.

      • Emma says:

        Yes, and her brother-in-law left his wife for her sister! Lots of drama between those two families.

      • bluhare says:

        Was it Jimmy who said that when you marry your mistress you create a vacancy?

      • LAK says:

        Yes it was Jimmy. My quote about first spouse is a direct quote from him too. He made that statement at Jemima’s wedding to Imran Khan. Well, they’ve each married and divorced for the first time, so who will be no 2? Zac is wating for his divorce to come through before he marries his mistress, thus creating a vacancy there! LOL. Zac having an affair with Ben’s SIL is too soap opera even for me. Jeesh, can’t these people look further afield??

  7. beyonce's bump says:

    I remember around the time of Princess Di’s death when both boys were still young and I could have SWORN prince william would grow up to be the hottest of the two. Prince Harry is definitely the hottest of the princes. Kate has never peaked my interest….so….um yea….but Prince Harry is so HOT! lol

    • flan says:

      William was very handsome when he was young, drawing crowds of screaming fangirls in South America even when he visited.

      Don’t know exactly what went wrong, apart from the hair, but have a feeling it had something to do with palace pressure to marry right.

      • bluhare says:

        He doesn’t have the cute blonde fringe/bangs he had as a teenager. They made him look a lot more like his mother.

      • Fleur says:

        Yes! Google pictures of teenage Prince William and he was GORGEOUS. It wasn’t just the mop of thick blond hair, though that was part of it. As he’s grown older his face has grown thinner as well, which I think is part of the change.

  8. Ell says:

    Weren’t they always close? Check out pics of William and Kate walking along the beaches in Anglesey, they are extremely close and obviously still very much in love.

    I think William has to be more mindful at public occasions due to him being King one day, whereas Harry can be more relaxed.

    • Snarky says:


    • Emma says:

      Agreed. Harry seems to joke a lot too, and most people look relaxed around him. I think William is a bit more analytical and formal, especially because he was raised to be king.

  9. Tifygodess24 says:

    Prince William seems about as exciting as a damp washcloth, Prince hot ginge on the other hand seems like a ton of fun and easy to be around so I could see the attraction but she doesn’t seem like the type to cross the line , she waited way too long for PW to finally come around.

  10. Maritza says:

    Why wouldn’t they be close? Kate had been William’s girlfriend for 10 years before they got married so she has known Harry since he was a teenager. I bet she loves him like a brother.

    • Susan says:

      Exactly! It’s not abnormal to bond with your brother in law. You’re all family. I think it’s more abnormal to be distant. My brother in law and I are close, especially b/c he’s one of the few that truly gets my husband. This is rumor is rubbish!

  11. Emily says:

    But these photos have been edited so that you can´t for example see that William, as the future king, is obliged to stand next to the Queen at the centre of the balcony, while Kate and Harry, Camilla and Charles stood on the sidelines of the balcony.

    On many of the official functions the protocol is quite strict, and I doubt that the Queen would approve of Kate and Will´s PDA.

    • Seagulls says:

      I think you missed Prince Charles in that line of succession there.

      • Candyland says:

        So did the Queen.

      • Emily says:

        No, I did not. Charles is in line to be king, but so is William. Also like I said, in these pictures William is standing next to the Queen, not Charles. The younger generation of monarcs were quite strongly promoted throughout the Jubilee celebrations.

  12. Sachi says:

    I honestly doubt Kate would go for Harry. I may criticize her for a lot of things, but cheating and adultery aren’t one of them. After all of William’s cheating, I don’t think Kate strives to be like him.

    I don’t think Harry is that kind of man, either. He’s not his brother.

    Harry puts everyone at ease. You can see it in his tour of the Caribbean and Brazil. He has the charm and the fun personality to make people laugh and be comfortable.

    I don’t think he likes Kate 100%, but I do think he’s one of those people who goes out of his way to greet everyone, tries to get along with others, and doesn’t like it if there’s tension in the atmosphere. I always thought Harry seeks to get a smile out of everyone he meets.

    Their body language, though, is quite interesting. In those photos above, Kate is leaning closer towards Harry than she is to William. She’s always smiling when Harry is around and she’s more at ease, as if she knows someone will be there to back her up and be her friend.

    But she is also this way with Camilla. I really think those two may be the only ones in the Windsor clan who actually pay any attention to Kate and extend friendliness towards her. The rest can’t be bothered. Kate is always sticking close to Camilla or Harry at family events.

    William’s body language in those photos are also interesting. There’s no love or lust or warmth or chemistry between him and Kate. Kate and Harry are more in sync. William looks like the tag-along friend here…and he and Kate just come across as strangers, not a couple who got married only a year ago.

    It’s not a case of having PDAs. I don’t need to see them making out to believe they love each other. But there are no looks between them, not even passing glances to make sure the other is okay. No quick touch on each other’s hand to reassure one another. No small smile when they happen to meet each other’s eye. They don’t laugh with each other. It’s always someone else making a joke and both of them laughing.

    They just don’t interact on any basic level in public, aside from William pointing at things to Kate and seemingly showing/telling her what to do. It’s not a set of edited photos, either. Even on videos, you can see William and Kate not showing any closeness even when they do interact.

    I don’t think it’s just because of strict protocol or William wanting to be as ‘perfect’ a royal as possible that he and Kate can’t display any closeness in public. They can just stand there and do nothing, but there is a connection between them that should be present but is not there.

    Other future King/Queen royal couples from Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands display such “oneness”, that it’s easy to pinpoint them out as a married couple, who are still very much in love, even when they’re not standing close to each other or not interacting. And those couples have been married for 8-10 years now and have several kids.

    • flan says:

      Nice and interesting comments. Other royals indeed seem much closer, even though they are older and married longer.

    • JulieM says:

      Excellent comment, Sachi. I agree that Camilla and Harry are the only ones in the family who give Waity the time of day. Even her own husband seems to keep his distance. And it’s not just royal protocol.

      I don’t think that Harry would ever do it with Waity. He simply would not do that to his brother.

    • kibbles says:

      Great comments and I agree with you. Everyone loves Harry! He’s a fun loving and handsome guy. Even Kate seems to have fallen for his charm. I have read that Harry has not always approved of Kate but now that she is officially part of the family, Harry is just being a good friend to his sister-in-law. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate secretly crushes on Harry, but I doubt she’d act on her desires and I seriously doubt Harry would betray his brother like that.

    • bluhare says:

      Sachi, I agree with you pretty much on all counts.

      But what do you think has caused the difference from the wedding/Canada and now? Is it just that they aren’t on their honeymoon any more? Or do you think it’s something else? I’m sure no one knows except the two of them, but speculation’s fun. :)

      • Zimmer says:

        Mabye it’s the pressure to produce a royal bundle of joy, but more likely William sees Kate as too clingy. I get the feeling she’s like that. She’s not keeping William on his toes and showing any confidence in her new role (that’s probably why he cheated on her in the past in the first place). He needed a wall flower for the position, but I think men fall in love with women that have some kind of personality or life running through their veins. Beauty is a definite plus, but to be in real love with someone, you need more than that. Unfortunately, I can see him having more fun on the side in the future, if he is not already.

        Just my feeling….

      • Sisi says:

        I assume it’s being apart for too much of the time. She stayed here while William worked abroad. There doesnt seem much bad tension there, but They seem almost unaware that they are actually sitting next to eachother imo.

      • LAK says:

        @Sisi – William took an extra week’s alone vacation time on Falklands after his 6weeks duty tour was done. So he was definitely NOT in a hurry to return to his wife who was ‘missing him terribly.’ On his return, he went immediately on vacation with Kate Plus her family and the other Duke’s heir they are trying to reel in for Pippa…..and so on and so on it goes.

    • discerning says:

      look at videos of william and kate
      on the barge, in the carriage, in
      the cathedral, and on the balcony.
      there eyes never meet. they are
      apart mostly, and it could not be
      colder between them. and, it has
      NOTHING to do with protocol.
      even if william is trying to have
      kate disappear in public like
      prince phillip is supposed to do
      with the queen, it is the very
      wrong plan william.

    • S says:

      “They just don’t interact on any basic level in public, aside from William pointing at things to Kate and seemingly showing/telling her what to do.”
      This is what I had predicted last year would ultimately symbolize their public relationship, at least to an extent.
      I feel bad for Kate sometimes when I ponder how much pressure she must face from the royals, but I just can’t get myself to respect her for seemingly making it her life’s goal to marry into the British royal family (regardless of how much she and Wills may have come to love one another). There’s just something decidedly daft about that. To each her own, I guess.
      I studied abroad at the Univ. of St. Andrews when Waity and Wills were both students there. Though I never knew either personally, I did get plenty of opportunities to observe them in different situations (the campus and its surrounding town was small and relatively secluded, and many students spent their weekends drinking themselves into a haze at the university town’s many pubs). I wouldn’t know about how their relationship developed or how they get along now, and I won’t speculate, but I can say with certainty that she was HELLA clingy (and EXTREMELY snotty) at university. The closest I ever got to Wills (and yes, he was attractive … back in the day) was at some snarky campus pub one night. I was waiting for a drink at the bar and he came over to stand next to me SIMPLY to wait for his. We exchanged a GLANCE, and a passing smile, perhaps. That was all. Pure meaninglessness. It lasted all of, oh maybe, half a second. But I can still clearly recollect how Kate was on the scene in an instant, wedging herself next to her man and GLARING me down through the dense fog of cigarette smoke she was blowing out of her mouth. It was super classy, ya’ll, even for a 20-year-old. She was so quick, I don’t even know where she came from. You would think she was one of his bodyguards.
      Real-life stories aside, though, I’m assuming she’s come a long way from those days, especially since Wills did end up putting a ring on it. But I do believe that there are some aspects of an individual’s personality that never change. Kate never seemed to be a demure type; I think most are aware of how she and Wills met (she was modeling a bikini at some rich-kid-sponsored campus fashion show), and some have an idea of the kind of (frivolous) lifestyle she led prior to getting hitched. I guess she had to prove to Wills that she could be a spoiled, upper-crust brat, too. ;-) So long story short, I’m with those who feel she’d never try to hit it with Hottie Ginge because she is smart enough to know that by doing so, she’d be effing up not only what she worked to achieve over the last decade, but also her whole existence, essentially. But I wouldn’t put it past her to sneak in a bit of sly, imperceivable-unless-you’re-really-paying-attention flirtation with Ginge whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’ve never believed she’s the classiest of broads (despite how much she’s been groomed). But then again, what other kinds of girls would one expect the princes to mingle with?

  13. Seagulls says:

    Why wouldn’t something like a ginger haired heir happen? Haven’t the rich and famous been doing stuff like this forever? I mean, hasn’t everyone? But they’re believed to be nobler and better, more deserving, so it blows people’s minds when people who are “supposed” to be doing something a different way do not. How many of the early popes had children? How many illegitimate (i don’t like that word, but don’t know what to substitute in its place) children are the issue of kings?

    • LAK says:

      Jokes aside about the ginger baby, it is a very real possibility in this case because the Spencers are for the most part ginger. People always forget that about William, so if Kate has a ginger baby, there will be those who will point fingers and completely discount his red spencer genes, just like they do for Harry’s alleged parentage.

      • bluhare says:

        For that to happen, wouldn’t Kate have to have red hair in her family background? Just looking at the two of them, her genes are going to beat the shit out of William’s when they do have a baby.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Very good point, LAK. I don’t think so, bluhare. There’s always the possibility of a fluke.

    • kristiner says:

      Kate has to carry the ginger gene too. The Middleton’s we’ve seen are super tan naturally and very brunette. If someone in her family, an aunt, grandparent, great grandparent had some red hair they could have a ginger baby.

      Red hair is so recessive BOTH parents need the gene. I don’t know who in the Windsor clan had red hair but someone down the line did because Charles is a carrier too…thus why Harry has red hair

      • LAK says:

        Edward IV who was Henry 8′s grandfather on his maternal side was a red head. Henry himself was a red head as were all his kids to varying degrees – Elizabeth I was a bright red colour.

        Henry’s sister married into Scotland, so she took the red gene to the Stuarts who took over after the Tudors. The strain would have been diluted further when the line moved to the Hanovarians, but it certainly was a very dilute recessive gene in our present Charles, before getting a big infusion from The Spencers in whom it seems a dominant rather than recessive trait because they all [parents and kids] seem to be red headed with the exception of Earl Spencer’s kids.

  14. cody says:

    If she is going to be queen someday, Kate needs to surround herself with people she can trust and from her generation, Harry is the right guy for the job. He has less pressure and expectations than William. He probably calls it as he sees it. I have read that Kate will live in a bubble for the rest of her life, so she might as well find family members who she can be herself with. I am sure Diana had really no one in the royal family she could communicate or laugh with. Harry gets it and probably saw what his mom went through.

    • LAK says:

      Diana was tight with Andrew and went so far as to matchmake him with Sarah.

      • cody says:

        I saw an interview with Sarah, awhile back and she said at first they all were great friends, but as the years went on they became less and less friendly and Diana became more isolated from the rest of the royal family, as well as she did eventually.

  15. flan says:

    That first pic shows Harry looking more affectionately at her than I’ve ever seen William look at her.

    Do I think there’s something going on? Not really. Don’t think Harry would ever do that to his brother, amongst other reasons. But she might be happy to get some affection at least.

  16. Zvonk says:

    Diana’s brother is ginger, and William will undoubtedly carry the gene. It’s entirely possible for Will and Kate to have a ginger baby, and it to have nothing to do with Harry.

    • Emma says:

      This. I feel sorry in advance for them in case they have a ginger baby because then a lot of people will say it’s not William’s. Imagine how awful that must be for the parents – and then for the child!

  17. Jackie says:

    that would be fabulous!

    that kind of scandal might finally put them out of business.

    if only.

  18. Alecia says:

    I agree with what some of y’all had said-Prince Harry is a nice person who makes everyone comfy. And like y’all said- she’s not a blonde mess like bird’s nest who came to Will and Kate’s wedding.
    I bet Will is a great husband but he has the mindset of his grandma but Harry is more like Queen Elizabeth’s sister-no pressure and no problems.

  19. inthekitchen says:

    Maybe Willy is shooting blanks so Harry will have to step in to deliver the next heir. OMG, I’d LOVE that.

  20. LAK says:

    I have noticed that since the wedding, when ever the three are out together, Kate is more relaxed, jokey and smiling with Harry than with William. They’ve been like this for awhile. I think this weekend put a spotlight on their relationship because William was so pointedly ignoring Kate. He couldn’t summon up his game face and was really distant all weekend. I actually thought he was most friendly towards Waity at tuesday’s events and balcony.

    Since wedding, and glaringly at the river pageant, it is evident that waity is not a welcome member of the royal family. Neither the queen nor prince philip said a word to her. They were all chatting to each other but not waity. At these family events, Waity sticks with Camilla and Harry. They are the only two who show her a friendly face.

    Of course now the waity/harry insinuations are trending worldwide, Harry may be frosty to her in public at the next family event. Which will leave her isolated if camilla isn’t there.

    • Candyland says:

      And the Royals wonder why Diana had problems.

    • Sachi says:

      It will be such a shame that for PR reasons, Harry may be told to stay away from Kate and keep his distance.

      My dislike for Kate’s lack of ambition and work ethic and many other things may be well-known here in CB. But I do want her to succeed in this role because I don’t like to think about what a complete waste the last 10 years of her life would be should she “fail” in this position and then be replaced. This is what she has striven to achieve for almost a decade. IMO she’s given up everything about herself to be in this role. She really should have the motivation to do well and succeed.

      Having Harry and Camilla by her side may make people speculate (silly stories like Harry/Kate romance or Camilla the Rottweiler using Kate for attention) but I do think Kate needs people like them by her side.

      She has no friends of her own anymore. Most of her friends are William’s friends, and if sh*t hits the fan, I doubt they would take her side over William’s. Her own family seems more intent on securing titles and status than about encouraging her to be her own person.

      But all of those are moot points right now. Kate is in this position, and she needs people who will support her as Duchess of Cambridge. Harry and Camilla are those people for her.

      Nobody else in the Windsor clan seems to like her. They can’t even bother to show they tolerate her. They just flat-out ignore her and freeze her out. Even Beatrice and Eugenie don’t seem to care for her.

      And this is why I don’t get when people accuse those who criticize Kate or don’t praise her at every turn as being “jealous haters”. Her life has never been enviable for me. She has nothing I could ever want. Not the cheating boyfriend-now husband who ignores her in public. Not the family who overlooked William’s cheating because of his wealth and title. Not the Windsors who are cold and indifferent. Not the absence of friends and support network that I can absolutely count on and trust.

      And now because her closeness with Harry is getting more attention, one of her “supports” in the Windsors may be taken away, too.

      • JulieM says:

        I’m repeating myself but, excellent comment, Sachi.

        I, too, don’t respect Waity. But I am decidedly not jealous of her. She wanted Willy, she can have him.

      • LAK says:

        You and I are in such agreement over this.

        Ps:- the York sisters have history with Kate and Pippa. They (K&P) were rude and obnoxious to them for many years, and went out of their way to embarrass them at parties but I guess who’s laughing now?

      • Sachi says:

        @ JulieM: Thank you! :)

        Yes, I truly don’t get it when people like us get called jealous, haters, and other names simply because we refuse to buy the propaganda that is William and Kate’s “fairy tale” and we offer up a not-so-rosy version of things than what others would like to believe.

        Kate chose this bed, she has to lie in it now.

        @ LAK – I’ve read about it once before, how Kate and Pippa were unkind to Beatrice and Eugenie. No love lost between the York sisters and Kate. Also, during the Jubilee concert, did you see how Beatrice sat beside Kate, but still far away? There was that distance between them, like they didn’t know each other. They didn’t seem to interact, either.

        Now I wonder if Beatrice’s hat at W&K’s wedding was her own idea, not Fergie’s, as some media speculated? :D

      • kibbles says:

        The only thing I’m envious of is her wealth which she already had before marrying William. She could have lived a great life without marrying into the Royal family but she and her mom wanted the title. I don’t envy that aspect of her life. If she were married to Harry that would be a different story ;) but there is nothing attractive about William who reminds me too much of Charles nowadays. I’d much rather have my freedom, friends, a career, and be in a loving relationship than be married to a cold fish even if he is a prince. This is probably one of the few rare occurrences that I actually feel bad for Kate though. Watching her interactions with Harry then comparing that to the way she is with Wills is sad to say the least. She is with the wrong guy.

      • bluhare says:

        Man, you and LAK have this down cold!!

      • Mare says:

        As if you know these things! You know what she feels, what every other person feels about her, who likes her and who doesn’t, you know how many friends she has and doesn’t have? Yeah right.

      • littlestar says:

        Every time there is a Will & Kate story, I seriously live for Sachi’s and LAK’s commentary. It’s so insightful and spot on!

    • Carolin says:

      Yes, taht’s precisely what I noticed to. Waity and Camilla seem to get along well on public outings, both in theit outsider-ish roles.

      • Nancy Blue says:

        I think that Camilla and Charles thought that by cozying up to Willy and Kate some of the original stardust would rub off. What they (C and C) didn’t realise was that the constant vacationing, spending and partying in addition to the unpopularity of the Middletons would make them (C&C) popular in their own right. Charles now appears a dutiful, serious and respected King in Waiting. Camilla is not attention seeking or pushy and supports him as the D of E does the Queen.

  21. yahmimyah says:

    a man must not have relations with his brothers wife that is not right just saying. Don’t want to judge harry and the rest i mean its not like i live with them

  22. Maura says:

    Thats because her husband does his best to ignore her in public. I think she’s done sumtin to him in private which is why harry and camilla tries to make her feel less nervous in public. Even charles doesn’t acknowledge her in public. She’s done sumtin really wrong in private.

  23. dahlianoir says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s the only friend she’s got.

  24. yahmimyah says:

    Herod took Herodias his brother philip’s wife and that is not lawful not for Herod and not for Harry.

  25. Talie says:

    Harry is definitely more affectionate than his brother. I also just think he needs constant attention. On the flipside, I would’ve liked to have seen William around a woman whom he was truly passionate about. Kate is lovely and perfect to be Queen one day, but these two have no heat.

    • LAK says:

      I think Kate’s the one who needs attention. She was the one engaging Harry in conversation and at times tried to do so with William even when it wasn’t appropriate like during the service and National Anthem and William gave her the stink eye to shut her up.

      Harry and William were talking to each other across her. Some of the pictures have been edited to look like Harry is talking to her but his eye line is at William.

      And William had an affectionateface/expression when talking to Harry or other members of the family but it wouls change back to distant/blank when he talked to Kate, and whatever he was saying to her was kept very short and abrupt. Seriously, whatever is going on privately, they should learn to summon their game face at all times. They will be on display for the rest of their lives afterall.

      • eny says:

        Sure. Will hates Waity and that is why he married her.

      • Sachi says:

        @ eny – Who said William hates Kate? People just voiced that he was ignoring her over the weekend and they don’t have that connection that most couples truly in love do. Doesn’t mean he hates her.

        @ LAK – Not only are they royals, but they just got married a year ago! It’s bizarre how things have turned out and IMO they are not looking good.

        And even if William is not that ‘hot’ for his own wife, where is the humor in him? He doesn’t seem to want to make her feel at ease. Every time I see photos of him pointing at something and looking like he’s lecturing Kate, he doesn’t seem to be doing it with pleasure. He seems impatient, curt, and abrupt with her.

        He’s been on edge around her lately and he couldn’t even summon a tight smile to pretend all is well. He just ignored her in a couple of very public events, which magnifies the easy friendship/closeness between Kate and Harry even more.

        If William and his PR team are smart, they would rectify this immediately. Not by having Harry keep his distance, but having William be more attentive to Kate. I don’t think he’s angry with her or that he loathes her, but it seems they may have had a tiff or something, and William has not mastered the art of putting the “royal face” on.

        Whatever is it that Kate didn’t do or has done wrong, it should be kept private. It doesn’t look good for William to be ignoring his wife of only one year.

      • JulieM says:

        No, eny. William doesn’t hate his wife. He settled for her. No passion.

      • LAK says:

        @Sachi- 1 year and not only can he not summon his game face but also can’t show her any courtersy (sp?)!!! Did you see how he reacted on the boat when she broke protocol? This would be when they were leaving the boat???!!!

        On a different note, how come those princess lessons are not taking? It’s been a year. I am beginning to think that faberge eggs comment wasn’t a fluke!!

      • Sachi says:

        @ LAK – was it this one?


        If yes, then I saw the video. At first I was like, “Oh, Kate, when will you learn?” but then I saw William’s actions about 1:13 into the video, and I forgot Kate’s breach of protocol (This is what? The 25th time she’s made a faux pas? Goodness me :D )

        But you are right, William was really quite something during that interaction with Kate. He looked like he was scolding her while pointing at the stairs and then even gave her an impersonal shove to get her on her way. Nothing gentlemanly about the way he treated her at that moment.

        And his reaction to the umbrella hitting his hat. What is up with him? Only a tightly wound and tense person would be that overly dramatic with the grimacing, crouching, and flexing fingers, as if hot water was being poured on him. He reacted so weirdly, and Kate was also surprised.

        William really behaved oddly.

        As for the Princess lessons, I don’t think Kate is stupid, but it makes me wonder if this is the best she can do…she doesn’t seem to be getting better, does she? Every time she’s out doing royal stuff, she always seems to be committing some mistake. I don’t think it’s just a case of her being new at this. But her comments “I’ve been to a fashion show before”, “I can’t make a cup of tea”, “Do they still make Faberge eggs?” don’t reflect intelligence. It just seems like she lacks curiosity to make smart comments and doesn’t realize the seriousness of her role just yet. Hopefully, she will improve this year.

      • kibbles says:

        Sachi – I rarely if ever watch video of Wills and Kate. I only see them in photographs for 99% of the time. That video looked extremely uncomfortable. Wills appears to be ordering Kate around and she appears to lack much confidence in herself, probably because of how she is being treated. I am not a fan of Kate but it almost made me feel sorry for her that she might have gotten herself into another cold and loveless royal marriage. Wills is his father’s son. His behavior reminds me a lot of Charles and his cold attitude towards Diana. I believe Harry is the son of James Hewitt or someone other than Charles. That is probably why his demeanor is so different from that of his brother and father.

      • bluhare says:

        I just watched the video, and maybe I should have watched it before I read you guys’ comments because I just don’t see it.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        LAK & sachi, did he really call Kate a bitch in front of all those people at such an event? Because it’s not that hard to read lips.

      • LAK says:

        @ original bellaluna -i can’t imagine that he would call her a bitch in public, if that is what he says. I am not a lip reader so I don’t know. My impression of those images is that whoever put them together was having fun with them. However, if you try to watch without tAking the commentry into consideration, it shows in the body language going on with all concerned that they are not comfortable with each other.

      • anne_000 says:

        I saw the video of Kate asking William if he’s singing “God Save The Queen” anthem while he was singing it. He stopped to tell her that he’s trying to. She is really just too clueless.

        I also saw the video of William waiting for his father to follow his parents down the stairs while Kate was trying to go before Charles had a chance to. Both William & Harry waited at the top of the stairs by sidestepping them, & William had to stop Kate & lead her away from them & get her off to the side. Apparently Kate thinks she’s #3 in that procession… Then after Charles & Camilla went down the stairs, he offered Kate to go down them ahead of himself, probably because like a child, Kate has to do what she wants to NOW. William seemed very gracious towards his vapid wife.

        Then I saw a video in which Kate asks the tea counter people at Harrods (?) if one can smell the tea by smelling them. I think she meant “taste,” but with her, who knows?

        Anyhoo, as for the Middleton sisters, they were brought up & trained to flirt with men of a certain social class & to ignore other types of men. So if she comes off looking like she’s flirting with Harry, it’s because, imo, she isn’t used to acting any differently to such a type of man (high social level).

        As for Harry, since he likes Chelsea (sp), I think he goes for more intelligent women & of more substance than Kate. I think he just likes to banter, but I seriously doubt he’ll fall for a Middleton type of woman, all fluff & nonsense & too socially ambitious.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        Maybe this is his ploy? No one likes Kate. Well Americans like Kate but most of the Birtish public don’t (and for good reason). He has Diana love that will not tarnish and he never really has to worry about his behavior because people don’t call him out on mistreating her because she’s Waity and he’s Royal.

        This works in his favor for two reasons 1) she’ll never outshine him. No matter their dislike for her, the public won’t dislike him (in fact they may like him more because he’s cruel to her. odd I know) and 2) you always need someone you can throw under the bus. You need the fall guy, and Waity makes a good fall guy because no one really likes her (in fact most people say “poor William, which is idiotic because he’s no better, he’s just better at hiding it).

        Or Wiliam could just now be realizig the prison he’s made for himself. He probably thought once they were married he could ignore her and she could find something to do with herself (you know chrities like she’s supposed to be doing), but it’s the opposite. This pressure and general dislike has made her more clingy, more neurotic, more of an attention seeking mess than he could have imagined.

        And now he’s stuck. He’s annoyed and his frustration is manifesting itself into the video for intance. She needs to pop out a kid soon so he can get a mistress and spend less time with her.

        If Waity were a stronger WOMAN (and not a immature child) she wouldn’t be so clingy but a 30? Yeah she’s set in her ways. At least if she had friends she wouldn’t need to be around him so much.

        They BOTH made their beds.

    • Zimmer says:

      Interesting video.

      @Kibbles — I agree with you. Only I think William clearly takes after Charles and Harry takes after Diana. No wonder Harry is kind to Kate, he feels sorry for her (very Dianaesque).

      William is obviously a control freak and they make the pleasing types (Kate) very uncomfortable. Because of their control issues, people make more mistakes around them. Now I really feel sorry for Kate. Here’s the strange thing though, I think Kate’s personality type actually WANTS someone to tell them what to do (they feel strangely secure that way — and before anyone yells at me — I have seen a very similar relationship in my own family which is why I say that). I bet her mother is also a control freak, which is apparently the reason Kate went after William in the first place.

      I doubt anyone (even Kate) knows who the “real Kate” is.

      • discerning says:

        sachi, regarding the video
        where they are standing on the
        chartwell barge prior to disembarking.
        at 1:30 william says something to
        her and at 1:26 her reaction is
        totally not normal. she looks surprised
        and offended and appalled at what
        he said. what harry’s reaction during
        the exchange. what has kate gotten
        herself into? william has been treating
        her like crap for a long time, but this
        is really bad. she should leave that
        family asap, IF she can. watch the
        videos of the entire Jubillee weekend
        where they are in them. there is no
        interaction between them and certainly
        no love. watch those segments in
        slow motion if you have any doubts.
        even the tabloids couldn’t come up
        with any civil pictures of those two
        together. they had to edit and paste.
        this is all very sad and now more
        public than ever. william must have
        a plan b since he is bring so obvious
        about his distain for kate. If what some
        of us believe is going on is, I pray
        she finds a safe way out, if there is
        such a thing, and asap. oh, and when they were in santa barbara at the
        audi polo podium she was standing
        by his side and he said something to
        her and she had the look of trying
        to conceal horror. It is on a video
        on YouTube. there is also a video
        on YouTube where it shows her
        trying to be nice to him and he says
        something to her and the joy drains
        from her face and she looks so
        disturbed. they were on the stagecoach in canada. and he did
        the same thing to her on the red
        carpet at the Audi polo thing in santa barbara.

      • LAK says:

        @discerning – i heard he had moments of unkindness to her behind the scenes in Canada, but as they were publicly looking like they were in sync, i was hoping it wasn’t true. You are the first person whose openly said it.

        I can’t wait for the spin to try and cover up this weekend’s very public discord.

    • anne_000 says:

      Recalling that during their engagement interview, William kept insisting that Kate will eventually be good at this job if only given more time to practice & train, it leads me to believe that he really believed she would at least try to do so. I think that along with their years of extreme enthusiasm before the engagement, the Middletons convinced him that they would all do their very best to make sure Kate would study & learn as quickly & as much as possible for this new job. I seriously doubt that he would purposely marry someone so intellectually lazy just to avoid having a wife who would overshadow him in public.

      It seems as if the reason she says the dumbest things during her public outings is because of her lack of effort to do any research about them ahead of time, & therefore have something intelligent to say. Imo, once she was married, she knew that for the rest of her life, she didn’t have to put in any effort into anything else anymore, outside of her appearance & love of fame. So when she decides that at the opera event with Prince Charles & her husband that she won’t sing “God Save The Queen” which honors their mother/grandmother & then interrupts an obviously singing Williams to ask him if he’s singing it, or when debarking the Jubilee boat, she tries to walk ahead of Prince Charles because she can’t be bothered thinking about protocol, or when at the world’s largest Faberge Egg collection event, she asks the Queen if Faberge is still making his eggs (nevermind Kate has a degree in Art History), or when she has no clue what to say in an interview at the UNESCO event they did in conjunction with the Danish royals, or when she asks at the Fortnum tea counter whether one can test the “SMELL” of tea by “SMELLING” them, etc., I think it’s not due to her being stupid, but that it’s because she really couldn’t care less about doing better. So if it seems like William is getting a bit annoyed with her when she makes these easily avoidable gaffes, I think it’s because he now realizes that she really doesn’t want to put in the necessary effort into this job well. I think he’s just figured out that she is really very intellectually lazy.

      • LAK says:

        That is a very intresting theory, especially when you recall comment that she made in the engagement interview in which as an answer to question about her work ethic she replied that she did not care what people thought of her. The rest of answer was then reworded to say that people who knew her thought she was a hard worker or words to that extent so you can see how William would think that given the right motivation she would turn out alright but from her POV, being in the position she is in, her work is done. She only has to look good. The end.

      • Luise says:

        God help the royal family and PW.

  26. Liberty says:

    Heir and a spare. Bride and a side.

    Doubt it is more than she married for position, William settled, and now Mama Middleton is having Waity help her sell the family’s other car to the best (ginger) bidder. Which won’t work anyway as Harry loves a particular blonde.

    • JulieM says:

      Yes, I wonder if Harry will ever get over Chelsy.

      • Garvels says:

        Chelsy is so ugh for many reasons…especially due to her family’s love for Mugabee. Harry will lose his appeal if he marries into this family. He probably would end up living in Africa.

        I do think that Kate would push the Chelsy relationship because Chelsy is no beauty and therefore Kate would not lose her title of being the most beautiful royal.

      • maemay says:

        Harry deserves a woman who wants the good and the bad, that is not Chelsy. Unless she comes over, Harry needs to move along.

  27. maria says:

    If you think the pair look very close on these pictures, you should check the one of the two of them with Harry holding Kate’s waist from behind on Buckingham’s balcony. The picture was published by hrh duchess kate blog.

  28. Helen says:

    Remember that comment from yesterday’s post about “Will settling for a trusted friend”? Did anyone else think, “She’s his beard?”

    He IS expected to marry a woman and produce an heir….

    • Sachi says:

      I don’t think she’s William’s beard.

      I do think, however, that she wasn’t his first choice for a wife.

      Remember Jecca Craig? It was said in many articles that her relationship with William was very hot, something that Kate and William’s relationship never was.

      William also courted other aristocratic ladies like Isabella Calthorpe, but they wouldn’t have him. They have the money, connections, and prestigious bloodline. They didn’t need William or his title, and they weren’t willing to give up their independence and private lives just to be his girlfriend and potential wife.

      He settled for Kate, IMO, in a way that she was the only one who will have him. She was the only one who seemed willing to give up everything for him, be at his beck and call like a nanny, and even take all his cheating and turn a blind eye.

      • LAK says:

        @sachi – yes, that was the portion of the river pageant that I was talking about.

        Re:jecca Craig; that relationship was so hot and heavy that he staged a mock engagement with her infront of the family that had to be denied by the palace even though everyone was buzzing about it. It’s interesting that he visits her and with her family in Kenya every year for extended periods.

        Re: Isabella Carlthorpe; that was also apparently hot and heavy. It’s also interesting that he ws with her during the two infamous break ups ie 2005 and 2007, and only returned to Kate when she made it very clear she didn’t want to be Royal. Apparently she still makes Kate nervous and uncomfortable simply because of the strength of William’s feelings for her.

        Re: William’s Military career; two of the services have more or less given him matching orders in the form of ultimatums or made public what a nuisance it would be to have him. He can’t take Harry’s branch of the service so he can’t hide anymore.

        You know, I recently saw a TV item about JFK jr. Now there was somebody who embraced his role. I wish William could take a page from his book. JFK jr was hounded to the nth degree, to point where media were publishing and mocking his exam results etc in the age before the internet. He was followed as much as Diana was and yet he never whined or bitched about it, took it all, publicly, with grace and humour. I am pretty sure he never wanted to be a lawyer or follow the family trend of politics, but he did. So when I hear about this tale of woe from William I wish that he could see that his position isn’t a right but a privilege. And as you pointed out, he has the choice to step aside. There are more than enough heirs waiting in line.

  29. Mrs.Darcy says:

    This will sound awful but wth, I do wish Harry was the heir, his hotness genes are utterly wasted. It would be the best, juiciest royal gossip ever if this happened though. They are due a good scandal, it’s been awhile and things are getting boring.I’m sure Harry will find a nice trashy blonde to settle down with eventually, he does seem to be mellowing a lot.

  30. HK9 says:

    Alright, people on this site keep bitching about the fact that the girl waited 10 years for William, and she doesn’t do anything but leap to his beck and call so I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. No way, no how.

  31. Kristin says:

    Is it possible all these royal commitments the last few days have just made him dread having to give up the military? He said in that horrible Katie Couric special (seriously, she was awful. You’re a journalist, stop fawning) that he was going to have to make a decision between his military career and his royal duties. Stuff like this would probably bring it home for him how little private time and/or life he’d have if he gave up his military career.

    I remember those pictures from their Canada trip; they really looked like they were enjoying themselves and each other. If things have really changed in the last year, then that’s sad. They’re probably under pressure for an heir, too, so that can make for hard times in a marriage when you’re trying to have a baby and things aren’t going well.

    I know most people who post here aren’t fans of Kate’s, but I don’t think you have to like her or dislike her to understand that maybe getting exactly what you wanted doesn’t always end up the way you thought it would. My only hope for her (and for William) is that they don’t end up like Charles and Diana.

    • Sachi says:

      Even if he’s dreading the end of his time at the RAF, he should know better than to behave like a brooding, sulky child who didn’t get his way and had to ruin the fun atmosphere for others.

      Besides, what “choice”? There was no choice to be made. He is going to be a full-time royal sooner or later. He can’t choose a military career over his role as future King. Unless he gives up his position and lets Harry take over.

      The Jubilee celebrations weren’t even about him. He needs to get over himself. It was about his grandmother, the Queen, who has spent the majority of her life serving Crown and country, and not once has complained about the stress and the problems that her role entail.

      William has known this would happen since he was young. He first deferred his royal duties when he was 25 and chose to go to the RAF. Since then, he’s been finding excuses to curtail the inevitable, which is to assume his duties as a full-time royal.

      Ignoring his wife in public isn’t the way to go to show how sad and petulant he is about his royal duties and most likely giving up his military career.

      If he doesn’t want to give up his “privacy”, then he should ask Parliament to take him off the succession line and give his place to someone who will actually relish the role and do something productive with it.

      His reluctance to man up and step up to his role is neither endearing nor sympathetic. He just comes across as a spoiled brat who refuses to face his responsibilities.

      His own father may be whiny and spoiled, but Charles has always taken his role as Prince of Wales with the seriousness, dedication, and respect it deserves.

      William has the “ME, ME, ME” attitude that many people of our generation have.

    • Call Me Al says:

      Katie Couric is so embarrassing! I feel sorry for her, sort of. She tries to be a “real” journalist and anchor but then she acts like a goob.

  32. Jenna says:

    Oh, please. This is a story? Seriously? o_O

  33. original almond says:

    The entire manner in which the family seems to treat Kate is very sketchy. Shouldn’t they, at least for the sake of PR/image, make an effort to make it look like they consider her as one of them? They make her look like a straggler to a very exclusive party. I’m sure they can give a cold shoulder with the best of them, but in public they should mind their reactions. Especially William, since this is the woman he chose as his bride and life partner.

  34. Luise says:

    Harry is a naughty boy but he’s not going to touch that thing with a 10 ft. pole.

  35. maemay says:

    Just a thought but it seems with the Duke being in the hospital, William’s role on the balcony was to be a stand-in next to the Queen, his attention is on her which left Harry to entertain Kate. There are other pictures that show Kate and William smiling but they are overlooked.

  36. Reece says:

    Very basic genetics 101, if Kate has a ginger gene (which I doubt as both her parents & siblings are brunette but you never know) then there is a slim chance W&K could have a ginger baby themselves as Will definitely would have it from his mom’s family. Blonde has a better chance though.

    That said, I agree with the consensus here…Harry’s not the type. She’s not his.

  37. blonde on the dock says:

    I think some of you have a wild imagination. I watched the whole thing and William and Kate look just fine together as well as the rest of the royal family. She fits in perfectly, looked amazing and carried herself with poise and grace. And yes Harry is hot!

  38. Listerino says:

    I think they’re just good friends and with his more relaxed and informal manner he probably helps Katie feel less nervous about royal functions etc. I think Will is more like his father – reserved and serious – but I’m sure that he and Kate are in love and there’s nothing there romantically.

  39. barb says:

    Never say never. Just cause they’re royalty doesn’t mean they are not human. The skeletons in the royal’s closet are unbelievable.

  40. Dahlia1947 says:

    These are just brief moments that we see so you can’t read into them too much. I think they’re just being friendly that’s all.

    I watched the Youtube video and MAN that person REALLY needs a LIFE! He or she is delusional or just jealous. It’s very sad.

    I mean they dissect the videos to NO END! “She swung her arm, William gave her a look. She stretched her neck (before pic was taken).” OMG she stretched her neck? That bitch! :D

    I was reading all of these little captions with a WTF”? look on my face. Ok! Whatever gets you through the day!

    • LAK says:

      That video was having fun but it doesn’t negate from the truth which is that watching them for the entire 4 hrs of the pageant, there was a coldness between Waity and the Royal family. Only Camilla and Harry spoke to her, and she stuck by Camilla like glue. William spoke very little to her too. For the most part they were standing as far away from each other as possible. Watching a weekend’s worth of video from all the different events, many people noticed the distance between them, and took to various blogs to comment on it. So if we are delusional, then it’s one hell of a delusion, shared by many,many people worldwide.

  41. catface435 says:

    I don’t know why some people are still saying Harry looks like James Hewitt, Harry might have Dianas face shape but his features are just like prince philip

    • Luise says:

      Are you blind or something? Looks just like Hewitt and nothing like Prince Philip.

      • LAK says:

        you are the blind one because Harry looks like Prince Philip. He has his profile. The only thing he shares with Hewitt is colour of his hair and before you point to that as evidence, go look at all the spencers. Red is a dominant family gene.

      • S says:

        See, I thought the same thing until I saw pics of Prince Philip as a young man. The resemblance between granddaddy and ginger grandson cannot be ignored.
        The royals bear strong resemblance to one another in general, though. It’s a little weird to see just how much everyone looks like each other, depending on the angle of view. Those are some strong genes.

  42. Mew says:

    OMG the LINE on her FACE! That sun powder/blush line is the most disturbing, most distasteful thing a woman can do and after all the resources she has, trying to be so picture perfect when it comes to her appearance, I don’t understand why she still continues to smear that line onto her face and not blend it out properly.

    It’s the exact same disturbing “blush” as the anorexic Kendall twins had.

    Lose it Kate! Lose the badly blended lines from your cheeks!

  43. Newtsgal says:

    Marry the (potential) King of England and diddle they Spare Heir…..hhmmmmm, let me think…..I’m ok with that!

  44. lily says:

    WOWWWWW celebitchy…makin a story about nothing.

  45. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    Celebitchy, PLEASE don’t read into this photo! Y’all should know better than this.

    I saw this on The Daily Mail site, and thought the same, until I saw the video, and, though I’m no fan of Kate, but in her defense, this moment, in real time, only lasted LESS than a minute. Go on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

    The Daily Mail started this nonsense and is WRONG for doing this.
    I don’t get the DM. They praise her, then they shade her, then they allude to invisible sexual chemistry between her and Prince Hot Ginge. I don’t like it. Especially since Harry & Will are thisclose as brothers. They’ve crossed a line, man.

    Kate better smarten up. The press loves her as long as her life seems interesting enough to sell papers, then they start making s*** up.

    The public is like a heard of cows; dumb and slow and will eat anything you put in front of them. They will hate Kate on the same coin as they love her.

    She better wise the hell up.

    • S says:

      One of the basic lessons taught (and hopefully, for Kate’s sake, learned) when you become a highly observed public figure is that the media will build you up only to tear you down. Good luck to you, Duchess.
      Of course the majority of people will buy into the propaganda, be it positive or negative. Mob mentality, anyone? Most people don’t waste a moment weighing things objectively.
      But on another note, be nice to cows. They may be slow, but they’re not dumb, and they certainly won’t eat just anything. They’re the zen, gentle creatures of a Higher Being.

  46. vava says:

    I doubt there’s anything there other than the cold treatment that Waity gets from her husband at some of these events. Now THAT is a story! Waity is looking for acceptance and Harry is a nice dude and will talk to her. That’s the end of the story……….except William is an uptight dude who doesn’t treat his wife very nicely.

  47. mayamae says:

    Just to be fair, aren’t there plenty of gingers in the Spencer family? Besides Harry, don’t Diana’s brother and sister have red hair?

    I’m hoping the heir won’t be a ginger – I don’t want to listen to the rumors. Poor Harry was said to be someone else’s due to the red hair.

  48. bettyrose says:

    Part of me really wants it to be true because it would make them all so much more interesting. But in college I had a boyfriend whose adorable younger brother – still in high school – shared my sarcastic personality and we had tons of fun together – in a completely appropriate way. So, I get it.

  49. Jaxx says:

    I feel sorry for her having to wear Diana’s ring. A girl wants something special for herself for an engagement ring and that big blue stone doesn’t look good at all with her wedding band.

    • Roni Reports says:

      Don’t feel sorry for her because she’s wearing Diana’s ring! It has to be a real honor.Diana was such a giving woman, a true humanitarian. It was probably discussed prior to the engagement

      • Jaxx says:

        I love Diana too but I still think the ring should have been retired. If it had been passed down from a happy marriage or even an intact one that would be different. But given how Diana’s marriage panned out I just would not be happy wearing that ring. Hopefully Kate feels as you do and loves wearing the ring.

  50. Carol says:

    Wow, I’m confused! You tell me William is disinterested and cold while you show me a picture of him looking at Kate and Harry with a big smile on his face. Someone posts a video link that “proves” how mean and angry he was with Kate, and they tell me he shoved her, while I watch him gently place his hand at the small of her back to guide her down the stairs. I would say ymmv, but I don’t think we are even using the same mode of transportation!

  51. Bellabumbum says:

    Harry’s everyone’s favorite bachelor, it’s possible Kate loves him like a brother, but also enjoys giving a little “SUCK IT!” to the world because she can now laugh at his jokes. She has arrived. She got the Heir and she gets to hang out with the Spare, “Look at me, look at how lucky I am. Excuse me while I toss my chestnut mane.”

  52. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    “No, Kate would never. Would she?”

    Probably not. But I would. Goddamn would I…

  53. Nancy Blue says:

    At the Nottingham event today there appears to be more of an attempt to be warmer to Kate although there were not many ‘photos til on the balcony

  54. jack says:

    imho the entire Middleton family is dodgy, never mind just Kate. I’ve never understood how Party Pieces makes millions. It doesn’t make any sense – so I’m going to speculate the dodgy brother has something to do with it.

    I really hoped the media would do a big reveal when wills and waity split, they certainly hinted they knew where their money came from.

    It just disgusts & worries me that this family have been allowed to infiltrate the Royal Family.

    How on earth has it been allowed to happen? They are so transparent!

    I don’t trust her at all and say she is probably capable of anything. Wills seems to be ignoring her lately, she doesn’t strike me as someone who would take being ignored lightly so I bet she would play around with Harry imho.

    Don’t they share a place together? all 3? Isn’t william needed elsewhere? Doesn’t kate still own that million pound apartment her family bought her? hmm.

    NOTHING surprises me where the Middletons are concerned. When they got married I just hoped they’d play it all down and behave. After seeing these pics, I don’t think there’s any chance of that. *sigh* Poor William. He has the look of a man living with regret these days. Silly boy.

  55. manoman says:

    Anyway – from what I hear Wills and H are not actually brothers. So some of the discussion is surely a moot point?