Jim Carrey to Jenny McCarthy: “Evan’s privacy is not being considered”

Jenny McCarthy
Yesterday we covered the story that Jenny McCarthy had called out Jim Carrey for not visiting her 10 year-old son, Evan, after their breakup two years ago. Jenny and Jim dated from 2005 to 2010, and Jim and Evan were close, according to Jenny. She expressed disappointment on Howard Stern’s show that Jim hadn’t reached out to Evan since they split, despite the fact that Evan isn’t Jim’s biological son. Jenny also admitted that she hadn’t personally contacted Jim, but claimed she had gone through “channels” to try and ask him to see Evan. The overwhelming consensus was that this was a dick move by Jenny, and she never should have gone public with this information. It was potentially damaging to her son, whom she claims has autism. (Which she supposedly healed through diet and alternative therapies. That’s a whole ‘nother discussion.) Jenny admitted that Evan asks about Jim just about every week, and that he’s in therapy to try and deal with his separation from him. It seemed like a violation of her son’s privacy, and Jim Carrey agrees. In a brief public statement about this, Jim put the smackdown on Jenny for potentially hurting her son. I really like what he had to say about this.

Jim Carrey is defending himself after ex-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy accused him of abandoning her autistic son, Evan, and forcing the 10-year-old to go to therapy.

“I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan’s well being,” Carrey said in a statement released by his publicist to ABCNews.com today. “It’s unfortunate that Evan’s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always.”

McCarthy, who dated Carrey for more than five years, opened up about her struggles with Evan on Howard Stern’s radio show Monday. ”I’ve tried to ask [Carrey] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks,” McCarthy said, adding that Evan tells her he misses Carrey “almost weekly.”

McCarthy said that while she doesn’t communicate with the comedian directly, she’s gone through “channels” to convince him to reconnect with her son.

“As a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up,” she said. ”I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again … [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.”

[From ABCNews.go.com]

That was sweet what he said about loving Evan. We don’t know what happened between Jim and Jenny, but rumor has it that Jim was having mental health issues and Jenny called it quits because of that. She told Oprah that their relationship was no longer “fun,” and explained that “The first thing is, when it’s not fun anymore, you need to start investigating and do an inquiry into the relationship.” So it sounds like she pulled the plug, but it’s hard to tell. So their split was complicated, and Jim probably didn’t want to confuse Evan by continuing to come around after Jenny rejected him. Plus, if he were still visiting Evan once every couple of weeks or once every month or so, wouldn’t Jenny complain about that? Wouldn’t it be potentially more damaging to the boy? It’s hard to tell. Again, this isn’t his biological son and he and Jenny weren’t married.

Radar online has another take on this, one that many of you share. They quote a “source” who claims she’s doing it for attention of course. “She’s got a new show to promote, seems a little too convienant that she’s talking about this now. They’ve been broken up for over two years and sometimes it is hard to stay close to children after a breakup.”

Jenny told Oprah in 2010 that her identity “wasn’t caught up [in] being a celebrity’s girlfriend” and called herself a “warrior mom.” Well she’s certainly able to bring up her ex celebrity boyfriend, and forget the best interests of her son, where publicity is concerned.

Jenny McCarthy is shown out at the Grove on 5-31 and out with Evan on 4-29. Jim Carrey is shown out on 6-3-12 and 5-25-12. Credit: FameFlynet, PCNPhotos and WENN.com

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  1. brin says:

    Wow…Jim Carrey is mature and classy…never thought I’d post that!
    Jenny did herself and more importantly her son no favors by doing this.

    • Agnes says:

      yes! she’s ridiculous, clearly stupid, AND a public health threat.

    • marie says:

      agreed, very classy. But, I can’t stand McCarthy and this makes me like her even less.

    • sarahtonin says:

      @Brin: I was going to post the same thing. Never imagined I’d ever use him in a sentence with words like mature and classy.

      Then again, it is Jenny setting the bar here so anyone could appear classy compared to her.

    • JudyK says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who simply cannot stomach Jenny McCarthy, and I don’t believe her son ever had autism.

      The word classy is something that should never be used in a sentence that also includes the name of Jenny McCarthy.

      Jim Carrey handled this well.

  2. Masque says:

    Everything about her is fake so I can believe this is a publicity stunt.

  3. Macey says:

    gawd her face annoys me.
    she’s full of it if she thinks her celeb identity wasnt based on being a celeb’s girlfriend. she would have fallen off the radar years ago if it wasnt for her relationship with JC, not like she has much talent or is likable.
    Im glad he gave a statement about it b/c its obvious she’s only using this for publicity. She does the same with her son’s condition too. one day he autistic and then the next he was misdiagnosed but then she refers to him as autistic again when she wants to add more punch to the story with JC. I think he’s doing the right thing by not seeing him if it isnt something he can continue for a lifetime. Im sure its hard on him but in the end its for the best not to keep going back n forth if they’re not together any more.

    • Isa says:

      I think she’s alway claimed he is autistic. Someone else (a magazine) claimed he has another syndrome that has a name I can’t even begin to spell. I don’t think she’s ever investigated that claim by taking Him to a dr (I would’ve) I believe one of the reasons she holds onto the autism diagnos because it’s a lot more well known than the other.

      • Miffy says:

        She’s always claimed he was autistic but that she ‘cured’ him with a strict diet. I don’t know if it’s the stupidity or arrogance of such statements that baffle me more.

      • BitchyPerson says:

        Maybe aspergers theyre similiar. Cure through diet though sounds kind of dumb. You don’t cure a neurological/psych issue with diet. Also, didn’t her fame end with the show singled out like 20 yrs ago. Get a life Jenny!

    • pwal says:

      Her face bugs me too.

      She reminds me of Syndrome from The Incredibles, only with a slightly smaller jaw.

      • Seagulls says:

        THANK YOU. That’s been bugging me trying to figure it out. I generally don’t like botoxbut fillers are the absolute freaking worst. They always get cellulite face after a while.

  4. vv says:

    I feel badly for Jim and her kid. When a relationship isn’t fun any longer, you bail and pull the plug? Who knew…

    I would think when a person is struggling and it’s someone you love you’d be a little more compassionate than that.

    • gee says:

      This! I agree, vv.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        Me too! Pretty shallow thing to say imo.

        Never liked her very much.

    • KK says:

      @Vv and to think this woman gives relationship advice! No wonder everyone just divorces, the grass is always greener (and tons of fun) on the other side SMH

    • LeeLoo says:


    • Naye in VA says:

      i think fun was a nice way of putting “shit got crazy in there”
      remember the crazy stuff Jim was posting. Many people said it was because he stopped taking his medication. And that is dangerous not only to the person suffering from bi-polar disorder but to the people around him. Dangerous and irresponsible.

      • Cindy says:

        Yeah, but why would she try to publicly shame someone who is “dangerous and irresponsible” into spending time with her son?

      • Naye in VA says:

        you can supervise a relationship like that. you dont have to live with it

      • Cindy says:

        Look, all I’m saying is if the guy really was having trouble keeping it together enough to be in an adult relationship, expecting him to continue to be a father to a child who technically isn’t even his is kind of silly, no? Can’t have it both ways. She seems to be expecting a hell of a lot more from Jim than from her ex-husband.

    • LauraBee says:

      Cosign. Not only is that an incredibly shitty thing to say/reason to dump someone, but she seems to be implying that JC broke up with HER because of his son. That is just really low.

  5. Samigirl says:

    To me, she will always be the obnoxious woman who hosted Singled Out.

    I can’t stand her. I know it was mentioned yesterday, but does she SERIOUSLY think her new boyfriend wants her ex boyfriend hanging around? Seriously? I knew she was an idiot, but jeezums.

    I understand wanting to foster a relationship between your child and your significant other. My son was 2 1/2 when I got engaged. My husband was the only guy I dated that met my son. My son is 4 1/2 now, and he refers to my husband as Daddy Justin…he started calling him that all on his own. They are “super awesome best friends” (that’s a direct quote from my little guy). If we got divorced, I would sincerely hope that he would want to continue to be a part of my son’s life, but I really couldn’t blame him if he didn’t want to be. It would be painful to see a child that you love and know that they aren’t “yours” anymore. I don’t understand why this woman doesn’t get that.

    • brin says:

      Perfect description of her…obnoxious!

    • jaye says:

      “super awesome best friends” THAT is too cute!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yes; THIS. I said it yesterday: you don’t allow your dating adventures and your parenting adventures mix until BOTH of you know this is going somewhere, and then you need to see if the kids like him/her in a NEUTRAL SETTING (NOT AT HOME) like a park or beach or restaurant.

    • sunny says:

      i think you put it perfectly, samigirl. and geez, i imagine it would be hard enough to share custody of a biological child with an ex…can you picture going over to pick up a former ‘step’ child and having to interact with your ex and their new si, while having no authority over the situation (i.e., knowing your ex could just kick you out without getting to see the child, just because they felt like being difficult)?

    • notsoanonymous says:

      Actually, I do think it’s possible because my husband lived it. He has his bio dad, his ‘step’ dad with whom he shares a sibling but is no longer married to his mother, and his mother’s current husband. He has a relationship with each of them.

      It takes a LOT of maturity and selflessness on the part of the parents (believe me, these relationships did not end well) in order to make it work, but it CAN work.

      As for these two, I think Jenny tends to make a lot of dismissive comments to the press regarding their relationship and on some level (prior to this about Jim not being in Evan’s life) as a means of not selling out the fact that Jim went NUTSO for a while there.

      Sad situation for the little boy.

      • Samigirl says:

        My ex step mother is the woman I consider my mom. Her and my dad don’t share bio kids together. My sisters refer to my dad as their dad (as their father is deceased for a couple of years), so I know it’s possible. I think it’s awesome when people are mature enough to make it work, I just can understand if it doesn’t.

  6. Marjalane says:

    Yeah, attention. I can’t stand her and I think that it’s sad that she threw her son out into the public arena. I don’t know if she brings all her boyfriends into her son’s life, but she’s had plenty since she and J.C. broke up. And if we ever have that “I cured my son of autism by diet” post- I will have plenty to say!

    • momoftwo says:

      How can we jump on her and say that she wasn’t able to help her son’s autism?

      Is everybody 100% sure that she didn’t help him? Has each person investigated his medical records to prove it’s untrue? The truth is we don’t know one way or another.

      And there are always people who are able to cure diseases by following alternate paths. Doctors today would probably not follow the same protocol for treatment that they did 60 years ago. Why? Because they know more than they knew then.

      Is it possible that the medical community, today, does not know EVERYTHING about autism?

      She’s advocating one side. And if you don’t agree with her, then get your kids vaccinated and don’t question it. Health is never a black or white issue.

      Western medicine says alternative practices are BS, and alternative healers talk about western medicine like it’s the devil. They both have their place. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

      • momoftwo says:

        On a side note, she looks like the Grinch in that picture!

      • Christy says:

        Autism isn’t curable. The symptoms are treatable with some therapies but the syndrome never fully goes away and what works one day, may not work the next. I take huge issue with the woman blasting vaccines and touting autism is a direct result of said vaccines. Obviously this is untrue and has been proven time and again.

      • SofiaPetrillo says:

        Re:vaccinations. You can’t just say, well get your own kids vaccinated and don’t worry about those that don’t. There are kids who are legitimately allergic to vaccinations (e.g., people with egg allergies) and Infants who are too young for vaccinations. They rely on herd immunity (everyone else getting vaccinated) for protection.

      • Jay says:

        Modern medicine has scientifically understood processes, peer reviewed documentation, clinical trials, etc. Meanwhile, her claims *contradict* observed facts about autism. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, which has not been provided. Her credibility and that of her “evidence” is insufficient to jump to such outlandish conclusions that she knows something that all of modern medicine does not and, in fact, contradicts things we know about the disease through modern investigation. The difference between modern medicine and holistic medicine is that even though the average person doesn’t understand either, you can actually learn step-by-step how and why modern medicine works and see for yourself (e.g. look through the microscope at the medicine at work). Whereas the holistic stuff relies on mystic unobservable nonsense like auras and energy fields, etc. or similar hand waving leaps of faith. It’s even worse when they coopt certain scientific-sounding quackery like they do with the “energy band” bracelets.

      • Crys says:

        Autism rant time:

        Autism is a multi-chromosomal disorder. They know which week in pregnancy it presents, but we don’t yet know all the chromosomes involved. It is entirely possible to treat the other problems that children with autism have. Most notably, people claim to “cure” autism with diet as GI issues are common in children with autism. This is because many of these problems tend to reside on the same affected chromosomes. However, in any case you are only treating symptoms.

        Has anyone ever claimed to be able to cure Down’s syndrome? Guess what – that’s a chromosomal disorder as well. To say you can cure autism is just as ignorant as saying you could cure Down’s syndrome.

        Furthermore, it is very hard to distinguish many behavioral disorders from each other. True autism is different than the autism that most parents will claim their child has. You cannot mainstream a child with true autism. The other closely related disorders have a better chance of having mainstreamed children. The autism statistics are grossly inflated, mainly because of the mis- and overdiagnosis. The disorders in the spectrum are so closely related that it is hard to distinguish one from the other.

        Ok I think that’s it for now.

        ‘The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.’

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        I agree with momoftwo’s statement. Autism isn’t curable? Neither was syphillis, rubella, and the like at one time. Diseases/disorders that are often fatal sometimes “go away” on their own. Diet has rid many of issues. Reversed diabetes, etc. So, while not typical, I believe it CAN happen, and any medical journal’s article on the topic is as open-minded and optimistic.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        I perhaps used the wrong disorders to compare, as it is stated that autism is (believed) to be chromosonal. But chromosomes do change, and like genes, can mutate, whether or not for the “good.” Some scientists do believe they’ve found the cure/counterbalance for down sydrome, but their methods are too risky/expensive at this point in time.

      • olcranky says:

        “How can we jump on her and say that she wasn’t able to help her son’s autism”

        well if she “cured” him (and did it by diet, no less), it probably wasn’t autism and her making these claims only hurts parents of children who are autistic and aren’t having success with her methodology.

        @mzthirtyeigh – genetics may be at play with autism but I don’t recall hearing that there have been specific bands/transolcations/etc identified to say it’s “chromosomal”. Perhaps you’re thinking of mitochondrial disease which has been linked to some cases of autism?

        DS is chromosomal (it’s having either a full additional chromosome or part of one) and the the health issues related to DS and how it’s expressed are varied but I think you may be thinking of another genetic disorder when you say “Some scientists do believe they’ve found the cure/counterbalance for down sydrome, but their methods are too risky/expensive at this point in time.”

        BTW – autism isn’t an infection like syphilis & rubella so I really don’t know where you’re getting your scientific/medical information in likening treatment/cure of those to autism which is much more complicated.

      • Crys says:


        Type 1 diabetes isn’t curable or reversible. Type 2 is more likely to be reversible by diet. Type 1 is the “childhood” diabetes and is caused by a defective pancreas and these people are truly insulin dependent for the rest of their lives.
        And it is not just “believed” that autism is chromosomal. It is. Fact. At minimum, chromosomes 2 (which is the one most responsible for GI involvement), 3, 7, 8, 11, 15 have been proven to be involved. This is not the penultimate list, as others have the potential to be involved.

        Maybe in time gene therapy will be a possibility for some of these problems. But even then it would be a long shot. Down’s syndrome is caused by a couple different types of mutations…mosaic, trisomy 21 caused by translocation of chromosome 14 (I think I may be wrong on which chromosome), or translocation of 21 causing another trisomy.

      • Kimble says:

        Mum of a son with classic autism here …

        This woman has done more to set back the cause of autism than any other! Her whackadoo, unproven and disproved theories and resultant therapies make mums like me, with children with true autism, look and feel like crap because our children will NEVER be cured!

        Her son doesn’t have and never had autism and no one, not even Saint Jenny with her advanced medical degrees (!) is going to cure autism any time soon.

        Some therapies improve autism, as does time – my son is a different child at 9 than he was at 2 – cos he grew up, slower than his peers but anyway …

        Can’t believe I managed to type this without one expletive – she has that effect on me …

      • bondbabe says:

        No, she didn’t “cure” him of autism. You can’t. I truly wish they could though.

        My nephew has autism and his diet has been revised to be gluten-free, and has a myriad of vitamins he takes. This combination (as overseen by a pediatrician and dietitian) is helpful in his social stoicism and personal interaction. He also is in equine programs which bring him so much joy and are helpful.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        I amended my usage of rubella, diabetes, etc. for the scenario.

      • WickedSteppMom says:

        @SofiaPetrillo: ITA agree with your main point, but just wanted to throw something out there: I technically still have an egg white allergy (mild-to-moderate, according to my last allergy testing) though I eat eggs w/absolutely no problems. The only vaccine I’ve EVER had a reaction to & absolutely CANNOT get is the yearly flu vaccine. Someone w/a more severe egg allergy might have others they can’t get; I’m not sure which others are cultured in egg…none of my MANY, MANY docs have ever told me not to get a certain vaccine or delay one of my children’s (and they told me to hold off on feeding them eggs for a little extra time.) So, even with potential allergies, a person could check w/their doc & see if they’re still able to get the vaccination.

      • Lisa Marconi says:

        The people here condemning those who do not vaccinate their children should better inform themselves on the subject of vaccines and herd immunity. From neurologist Russell Blaylock. M.D.:

        “That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.

        If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.

        When we examine the scientific literature, we find that for many of the vaccines protective immunity was 30 to 40%, meaning that 70% to 60% of the public has been without vaccine protection. Again, this would mean that with a 30% to 40% vaccine-effectiveness rate combined with the fact that most people lost their immune protection within 2 to 10 year of being vaccinated, most of us were without the magical 95% number needed for herd immunity. This is why vaccine defenders insist the vaccines have 95% effectiveness rates.

        Without the mantra of herd immunity, these public-health officials would not be able to justify forced mass vaccinations.”


      • TeacherNan says:

        She can come cure MY SON of autism cuz it’s NO F*CKING picnic & I am tired of dealing with it. It’s not FUN anymore. If you think autism is curable- you’re a dumbass- stick to recipes for tuna casserole or something you know something about!!!!

      • Anne says:

        @ Lisa Marconi

        Dr. Blaylock is a known quack. He uses his MD to cover the fact that he frequently makes arguments that are not backed by scientific evidence.

        The fact that he defends the discredited fraud Wakefield, shows that Blaylock is not a trustworthy source.

    • Lady D says:

      Crys, your knowledge fascinates me . What do you do for a living, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Lucinda says:

        @Kimble-This is exactly why I despise her so much. Her misguided cause about vaccines is not only inaccurate (as has been proven repeatedly), but it hurts real people like you. I can’t imagine raising a child with Autism. My heart goes out to you. I know there are many, many misconceptions about this disorder, something you must deal with daily. She is not harmless and those who claim otherwise, I have a bridge to sell you.

      • Crys says:

        @LadyD – Thanks!
        I was premed but I had always loved genetics. I’ve done a few papers focusing on different genetic disorders. I also took a few wonderful courses on autism in college. And I was involved in some research. At the moment, I’m just a medical technologist at a hospital in the lab. However, a lab that works with the genome is supposed to be opening in my area soon so I’ve been holding out hope for that!
        But a few quick google searches can also pull up any of the information I provided. I learned most of this in high school since I was the nerd who would read about DNA for fun. And I’ve just basically been able to keep up with reading different published papers.
        The myths about autism are among my biggest pet peeves in that they are just plain out unfounded and wrong and people will back them up without educating themselves on the matter. I have fact on my side.

      • Sunny says:

        I am a behavioral therapist and I work with people who have everything from autism to Prader Willi, TBI to Downs Syndrome. My agency stresses a person-centered approach to behavioral support and is constantly supporting alternative therapies to break free of the rigid medical model that has perpetuated the belief people with intellectual disabilities just need to be medicated and shut away. I’m very proud of being a part of such a team that recognizes western medicine is not the only option any more. THAT BEING SAID…autism is NOT curable. To equate it with a virus or bacterial infection is not only irresponsible, but ignorant and grossly misinformed. Many people with autism spectrum disorders have sensory deficits, a strong aversion to change and disruption in routine, difficulty with communication and thinking in abstract terms. Behavioral concerns such as self-injury and aggression are very common, especially for those with more severe cases. How would changing a persons diet cure a disorder such as this that is so complex and multifaceted? I’ve had clients with parents who swore strict diets like Jenny McCarthy advertises would help their kids. They don’t. I’ve never ever seen even the slightest improvement. But perpetuating this belief has led a lot of well-intentioned parents to desperation, and ultimately disappointment and a feeling of failure. Also, everyone does know the “study” that showed vaccines cause autism was proven to be completely falsified, right? I mean, never even took place….total fiction…and the a**hole who “conducted” this study admitted it. Can we collectively agree there has never been any scientific evidence that suggests vaccines cause autism except for a work of fiction?? Please????

    • jwoolman says:

      She creeps me out, too, but I remember when that claim was being publicized – my first thought was that he probably did not have autism by the usual definition. Even food allergies can cause behavior that mimics various disorders, but when the diet is changed then the behavior normalizes. Sometimes people with autism can be helped by dietary measures, however, so it’s worth a try fiddling with diet to see what happens. But those cases may simply involve other problems along with the autism that are just making life more difficult than necessary.

      I wouldn’t fault her for her anti-vaccine beliefs, though- I’m a scientist myself and had to read too much of the medical literature one year while working on a translation project for a vaccine manufacturer, and my work often involves relevant fields. There are increasingly serious concerns about both short-term and long-term negative effects of modern vaccination approaches as well as actual efficacy. Many other things happen before a vaccine is issued (faster diagnosis and isolation, better hygiene, etc.) and often a disease is on the way out before vaccinations start. Many people don’t have a proper immunological response to flu vaccines, as one example, so it’s a false sense of security. The same is true for rabies vaccines – it’s a deadly disease, but vets are becoming worried about the bad effects of over vaccination which may not actually even have a positive effect in some animals (it would be more sensible to mandate titer tests in older animals to verify continued response and only vaccinate younger and stronger ones). I’m worried about giving kids 3 dozen vaccines before first grade – I would at least advise delaying vaccination as long as possible (Japan went to 2yrs old as the earliest and saw significant decrease in deaths) and administering only one vaccine at a time, well separated in time. Vaccines are quite a shock to the system, and while many children weather the storm well enough- you never know if your child will be the one to die or suffer permanent damage. So basically – although we don’t know enough to say that all autism is caused by vaccines, it is not out of line to suggest that some cases may be triggered by them. I translate clinical trial material and can say that clinical trials are very limited in scope and reliability, as well as in objectivity because huge amounts of money are involved. Much of modern medicine is still in “we don’t really know, we’re trying to guess” mode. It’s very complex, and parents especially today have to make decisions based on very contradictory and difficult to interpret information. Just because Jenny is obnoxious doesn’t mean she is a public health risk for condemning vaccines – in her own twisted way, she is raising important issues that are far from being resolved either way.

      • Otterette says:

        Wow, thank you. I’ve read a bit on both sides of the vaccine debate, and your highly informative post makes the most sense to me, and sums up concisely my mixed feelings on the issue.

  7. TXCinderella says:

    I think Jim is doing the right thing. It would only confuse the child if Jim were to suddenly pop back into their lives again. Sounds like they had a nasty breakup. Jenny has the worst complexion. Surely she can afford a bottle of Cetaphil.

  8. Agnes says:

    god, this woman is awful. AND she dresses her poor kids in uggs. terrible.

    • Kimble says:

      Uggs with shorts in California must constitute some form of child abuse …

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Actually, it’s sort of our “thing.” UGGS & shorts in Cali is practically a uniform for many of us, dependent upon where one lives and in which activities one participates. 😉 And, as with all things, there is a time and place…

        Don’t get me wrong – I don’t wear those hideous Wookie-lookin’ things like Pam Anderson & Snooki. Just the Classics or Classic Ultra (better traction for snow/slippery conditions).

  9. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    Maybe she should be worried about the child’s actual biological father being in the child’s life.She is so gross and crass. Will say and do anything for attention, good or bad.

  10. kate says:

    Why is it Jim’s responsibility to stay in the kid’s life?

  11. aims says:

    Jim is spot on. He was to the point, without being tacky about it. That’s how you handle this. If I were jenny, I would publicly apologize to Jim and her son, for the inappropriate comment. Jim handle this very classy.

  12. lola says:

    Sorry but I don’t see it at all, Jim and the child could still have a friendship if Jim wanted, especially since Jenny is open to it. Doesn’t take much to pick up the phone and call once in awhile, seems like Jim could care less. Just because Jenny and Jim’s relationship ended, it doesnt mean the bond with the son needed to end. Jim saying its an issue of the child’s privacy being violated is just a red herring because he doesn’t want to be called out for cutting the child out. Even if she has a new boyfriend, it shouldn’t matter, and if the new boyfriend objects to her exs prescience in her sons life, then he needs to grow up, it’s not about the adults, it’s about the child. I suppose the kid is getting an early life lesson that sometimes people just don’t care.

    • Dredz says:

      We don’t know if the break up was bad, if Jen is really open about it OR if she’s just using this to gain some publicity for her upcoming whatever. Everything here is based on SHE says

    • It is ME!! says:

      Oh. Come. ON!

      If she was really that open to it, shouldn’t she have contacted Jim directly instead of going through “channels” and putting him on blast through the media?


  13. lafairy says:

    Another long lost sister of the “Chelsea Handler sisterhood” besides looking more and more like her (and that’s not a compliment!) she is competing at the same level of “grace”, “poise” and “class”…;)!

    As for Jim he is the kind and classy human being I always thought he is.

  14. Ainsley says:

    I think it would be bad for her child to have her current boyfriend AND ex-boyfriend around. It would confuse him.

    My brother’s ex-girlfriend had a child with someone else before their relationship. My brother spent a lot of time with him. When the relationship ended, my brother tried to stay in touch with the boy because he cared about him. It became a problem fast because my brother’s ex started using the child to string my brother along and to make it harder for him to move on when he was the one who broke up with her because he thought she cheated. People start using their kids to manipulate the emotions of their exes. It’s not right for Jenny to use her child for attention and sympathy like this.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Jenny is using her child as a tool for attention. I hate people who use their children as tools. They are right up there with people who think having a child will “fix” their lives/relationships somehow. Children are human beings! Not tools!

  15. lucy2 says:

    Lots of good points about her using this for attention. Which makes her even worse. Jim’s statement was a good one and made notice of the most important point, her son’s privacy.

  16. dorothy says:

    Jenny showed extremely poor judgement on her part.

  17. Devon says:

    His privacy rules set by whom? She simply called him out for not carrying out the responsibilities of a “stepdad”. You connect with a child for that length of time, you don’t bail on any kid, autistic or not.

    • lola says:


    • Jack says:

      She announced to the world that he is in therapy. She can absolutely divulged something that is private. She is an idiot.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        And this will mess the kid up even more – it almost sounds like Jenny has that manchousen by proxy syndrome – using her kid to get attention.

      • Amy says:

        All right, Mitch Buchanan Rocks, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

    • jaye says:

      It is sad that Jim and Evan couldn’t have maintained a close relationship after the break up, but doing so could have been more detrimental to the child in the long run. There was no need for JM to go to the media with this. Evan is not JC’s responsibility in the legal sense. If she wanted him to contact her son she could have called him and handled this privately. Evan gains nothing by her doing this.

  18. Zombie Nurse says:

    He may not visit Evan, but McCarthy also neglects to mention the $50 million trust Carrey established for Evan in 2010. He may not be in his daily life, but it seems like Carrey has gone above and beyond to ensure that Evan’s financial future is secure, regardless of his relationship with his mother. That’s more that most boyfriends due for their girlfriend’s children.

    • Kate says:

      i was wondering when someone was going to mention that! i was expendting Celebitchy because that’s the most prominent thing i remember from their relationship.

    • Happy21 says:

      Wow! I did not know that.

      Basically, how dare she even go there!

    • mia girl says:

      I didn’t know that either. And good on him for not bringing that up in his response. Because he could have gone there ie “I love him and that why I established a trust…”

      I’ve learned a few things in all these recent posts/stories about Jenny McCarthy. Like, maybe I’m the only one in the world who didn’t know this, but I had no idea she and Melissa McCarthy were first cousins!

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      $50 million! Jenny should STFU and be very grateful. Special needs kids needs special care sometimes, which can be expensive. Even if Jenny takes a dive (wonder why that would happen?), Evan would still be provided for. Jim Carrey has his faults, but obviously he has compassion for Evan (and I suspect for others, too).

  19. Kaboom says:

    Ironic that the woman who ends relationships because they are no longer fun calls out her ex for not keeping up one he hasn’t even sought out to begin with.

  20. Anne says:

    I can’t stand her. All the misinformation she has spread about vaccines is unforgivable.

    • Gaia132 says:

      Agreed! Little does she know that the man responsible for this misinformation was banned in the UK. He came here and found fertile ground in our ignorant masses.

      And how can she say she cured him with diet? In my work we use Applied Behavioral Analysis, speech and language therapies and social skills therapy to make autistic children indistinguishable from “normal” children. Can’t stand her!

  21. LeeLoo says:

    Personally, I think Jim did the right thing. I don’t think he wanted to make this any harder on Evan by coming and going. He obviously put a lot of time and thought into making this decision. To me it sounds like the decision to stay out of Evan’s life was a painful one for him to make and that he loves him very deeply. It seems to me that he is thinking about Evan’s well being from afar more than his mother is. It’s kind of shameful.

    Jenny needs to leave her son out of her conversations at this point. Whatever his issues are, there are certain things that need to be kept private. The last thing this poor boy needs is his mother talking about his personal issues.

  22. Jenna says:

    Yeah, this just makes her look like an asshole.

  23. Bobby the K says:

    Didn’t he give the kid a $20M trust fund? Why do people buy what jerks like her are selling?

    • Kim1 says:

      She denied that tabloid story about the payout or trust fund on a talk show.She claims she works alot to support her son books, tv shows, playboy spread.

  24. Trish says:

    I wonder why the Amish have SO little autism?..if any… they do eat healthfully as well..and don’t vaccinate..or so I’ve heard….who is to say or know exactly. Until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes, you just don’t know. You also must remember, follow the $$$$….the pharmaceutical companies RULE the world. and as for curing with diet?… that goes for many health issues, NOT just autism. Hippocrates said it best ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. GMO wheat and pasteurized dairy is creating HUGE health issues in children and increased allergic responses.

    • mzthirtyeight says:

      You may be right. I have relatives in the hutterite community, and, though we have extremely limited contact with them, I know of not one with autism, or anything remotely similar.

    • Jordan says:

      I don’t think we can know for sure that the Amish don’t have anyone with autism, they may just be either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

    • Sunny says:

      Oh my lord!!! Is autism still such a mystery that you think diet can cure it? You do know that in many cultures – Amish and sub-cultures included – having a child with an intellectual disability is unacceptable. There is no way to get accurate statistics on how many people in these communities have disabled children because they will not seek treatment. Autism, especially if mild, is very easy to hide with no telling physical features. Prior to the 1950s (mostly) disabled children were sent away (or left in a field or isolated area), pushed into solitary occupations that required little skill, hid away in the home, or worse. You are assuming that because you don’t see them they don’t exist. I am a behavioral therapist and have worked with people of countless disabilities and families. If you think for a second there are aren’t still communities that hide or send children away with disabilities you are very, very wrong. I actually know this for a fact,I’ve seen it and it’s absolutely heartbreaking and incomprehensible. It’s also extremely common in very rural areas where there is a lack of knowledge and acceptance of supports. In case you haven’t heard also, that “study” on vaccines causing autism was a hoax. Totally fabricated, never happened, its a work of fiction. Diet might cure some disorders of the body systems, but if you know anything about the complexity of autism it is no more curable than traumatic brain injury, CP, Downs, Fragile X, PWS or a seizure disorder. You cannot “fix” a disability, no community is immune, and perpetuating the belief that all you need to do is eat right and it will cure anything is pure ignorance. Oh, and I’m sure you’re aware that despite the wise words you quoted it was standard practice in the time of Hippocrates to kill infants with “defects”, almost through to the 1900s. Odd they never tried the whole diet thing before discarding millions of children. That’s fact also.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Co Sign 100%. Wouldnt DREAM of vaccinating my child EVER!!! Cant believe the general public buys into the fear mongering promoted by big pharma and their “Dr.” minions. Never seems to occur to ANY of them that the government DOES in fact LIE. The proof is millions of children with autism who were perfectly normal before their vaccines. Period. why would you need more proof than that anyway? And, there is, in fact, plenty of “proof” that the shots DO cause it.

      • kariodi says:

        Wow, if you actually believe what you just wrote, then you are an idiot.

      • Bodhi says:

        That is utter nonssence. There is ZERO legitimate medical proof that “perfectly normal” kids developed autism after receiving vaccines. Oftentimes kids with autism are “perfectly normal” until they hit a developmental wall; they reach a point in their development where they cease to develop along “normal” lines.

      • Anon says:

        Wiki the place of the next whooping cough outbreak when it happens–really study everything from population break-down to what is the biggest employer in that town, what the political climate is there.
        Betcha it will be a meat-packing plant.

    • It is ME!! says:

      The Amish tend to have higher rates of genetic disorders. So maybe they are focusing on that.

  25. aims says:

    Also, has Jenny made any attempt to contact his daughter? She’s had a baby recently. Has Jenny come by and babysat, or helped her in anyway? This could go both ways, you know.

  26. a nony mouse says:

    what a hypocrite. she pulled out of a relationship ostensibly because her partner was having a rough go of things with regards to his mental state but expects that same partner to stick around after the termination of their relationship to care for a child that is not his citing that child’s health issues in the process. WOW.

  27. Naye in VA says:

    To be fair, its not like her son hasn’t been schlepped all over for her publicity about autism awareness and her books and crap so….nothing new on that part.

    Second, if i had someone in my child’s life for FIVE years and then bam…incommunicado…id be pissed. my sisters ex-husband cheated on her and she still has her step-daughter over for weekend visits and we still consider her family. Jim doesnt get any cut cards for not visiting this child.

    • Courtney says:

      Umm she made it sound like she broke up with HIM. It’s not like he took off without saying a word.

  28. Jay says:

    She’s done harm to way more children than Jim Carrey with her anti-vaccine and autism-is-a-diet-problem nonsense.

  29. Elisabeth says:

    where is this boy’s father? Does he get a say in who is in his son’s life?

  30. KGWM says:

    I heard the whole interview. At some point her child will also be humiliated when ge hears her offering to ‘bang’ people, has to masterbate constantly, makes out w crew on her tv show etc.

    She is just nasty

    Jim? Very classy response.

  31. Aubra says:

    The child has a father who should be taking responsibility and being there for him beyond paying monetary support. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t have that for her son, and that’s not Jenny’s fault, but to make it public knowledge like that wasn’t right at all and it just makes her look like a simp/fool after having dated him as long as she did and make light hearted jokes about not getting married. Not saying marriage is a cure all for all of life’s woes, but still…

    • MBGB says:


      She chose a man to be her son’s father and if he’s a jerk, that’s something she has to live with and explain to her son (honey, I chose a jerk for a partner, but you were a good thing that come of that poor decision).

      Why should Jim Carrey have ANY responsibility for her child or his welfare? Except that he might have said from the get-go, it’s best that we not date while we have young children, because if it doesn’t work out, the children may be hurt.

      But that’s what mature, responsible people do. They put the needs of children before their own.

  32. mzthirtyeight says:

    I like Jenny and Jim. Not too impressed with this situation, however.

  33. Bobby the K says:

    her ugliness may be fake on the outside, but it’s real on the inside.

  34. D says:

    You can but a ribbon on a turd but it is still a turd! She – and her big mouth bug me and always have. Narcissism at its best!

  35. Eileen says:

    Jim took the high road here-if it were me I would’ve sued her for slander

  36. Nikki Girl says:

    Definitely Team Jim on this one.

    My Mom actually told me she heard that McCarthy had been pestering JC over a long period of time to star in a movie with her…he kept saying no, and they ultimately broke up over it. She was frustrated that he wouldn’t be in a movie with her; he was upset that he basically felt like she was only into him for the star power she could gain by being with him. Not sure if this rumor is true or not, but I could definitely see it making sense.

    • Relli says:

      You know what, I totally believe that.

      I have loved Jim as a comedian since In Living Color AND i have only heard really nice things about him from those who have had personal experiences with him. I worked with a guy whose wife taught at his daughter’s school (when she was young) and he said that at the end of the school year Jim personally thanked all his daughter’s teachers for their hard work.

      As soon as I saw Jenny’s advertisement for her new dating show, I though wow that must suck. To work so many years in entertainment and have virtually gone no where. A few minor roles in TV and voice-overs and thats it. I agree with the author who blogged about this on Lainey… I hope Melissa McCarthy uses her golden globe as a centerpiece at the next family dinner.

      I wonder is she’s trying to talk her cousin to get her into a movie…

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Perhaps he decided not to work with her after having seen the result of her previous work/home overlap film effort: Dirty Love, made with her ex-husband Jon Asher. Hm.

  37. Gine says:

    Yeesh. I don’t like either one of them, but I’m team Jim here. I actually do believe that he hasn’t bothered to contact the kid, and that he’s kind of an ass in general, but she’s totally using her child for attention and sympathy, and that’s just disgusting. Plus she admits that she never even talked to Jim himself about it! She seems incredibly immature and self-absorbed.

  38. Cleveland Girl says:

    For someone who claims to not drink or do drugs, Jim Carrey looks way harsh.

    • Bodhi says:

      I’m 99% sure that he is sober NOW. Back in they day, no way. His entire schick has COKEHEAD written all over it.

  39. skuddles says:

    Good for Jim, he handled that with a lot of class. Mental health issues or not, I adore the guy.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Me too, skuddles; me too! Did you see that Number 23 (or whatever number) movie with him in it? It was very dark, and I think it was either filming or came out around the time they broke up. That could have led to some problems for him.

      Couldn’t she have understood that? Or SHOULDN’T she?

      (And I don’t care what anyone says, Toddles LOVES Mr. Popper’s Penguins. It’s funny and sweet.)

      • skuddles says:

        Hey Bella, yes, saw Number 23 and what a departure for Carrey – but he did a great job IMO… incredibly talented guy. I understand he gets WAY deep into his roles so yes, entirely possible 23 affected his relationship with Jenny. Maybe that’s when he stopped being “fun” for her… I think, to date, my favorite Carrey movie is Fun with Dick and Jane. My hub and I laughed so hard at times we had to stop the movie so we could catch our breath – my face hurt later 😀

  40. Eleonor says:

    That statement it’s a slam in the face. Well done.

  41. dj says:

    If Jim set up the trust for them, she’s ungrateful. If he did not, this is probably why she’s acting like an ass.

    • Eleonor says:

      She doesn’t have the right to act like an ass even if he hasn’t setup a trust, Evan is not Jim’s son.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    Jenny, CLASS. CLASS, Jenny will never understand you.

  43. holly hobby says:

    Boy she did not age well. She looks hard on the face.

    Sorry but she’s a talentless hack. Her cousin, Melissa McCarthy, has more talent than her. Notice they don’t hang out?

    • Michelle says:

      NOOOOOOOOO….. She’s related to Melissa??? I didn’t know that as McCarthy is a common name.

  44. lisa says:

    In that third picture of her you can see her age and how thick she wears her makeup. I notice that about a lot of women. They pack that stuff on. And up close you can see the skin damage.

    I think she should leave Jim alone. She is in a new relationship. Actually several after her break up. If Jim was coming around it would make it difficult for Evan, and if she finds a long term guy; hard for Evan to bond with someone else. He would not want to detach from Jim.

    I find it hard to like her. She is a loud mouth and not in a good way. I saw her on E or some other show, and she has such a tacky factor that is a big OH NO for me. Raunchy doesn’t equal classy to me.

    and as many have noted.. this child has a father. Why is she not focusing on that relationship and doing so on an ex boyfriend.

  45. Str8Shooter says:

    Man, that face! She looks like Linda Blair in The Exorcist!!!

  46. Amanda_M87 says:

    Ew, she’s so gross. I hate how she pimps out her son like she does.

  47. moo says:

    Jenny is an idiot and should STFU! Her whining on every subject is tiresome…. you fame is over girl. Just accept it and SHUT UP!

  48. Mrs. O says:

    I just want to send my love to all the CB commenters. Autism and parental rights are hot topics, yet in general the comments are intelligent and generally respectful. I always learn something from the commenters here and honestly, I don’t bother to read the comments on any other blog or site except this one. Thanks everyone 🙂

  49. moo says:

    And, that dress she’s wearing is pretty desperate! “LOOKITMYBOOBIES!!!!”

  50. Amy says:

    Aw, Evan looks like a little Jarvis Cocker. In Uggs.

  51. Ailine says:

    She may be annoying, but he could have called him a couple times to say “hey”. They were together for over five years! That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. As a mother she should verify if a guy wants to play the dad role after a separation. She should have asked Jim at the start.

  52. Mooshi says:

    Actually I feel sorry for the child.

    Many autistic children have a very hard time bonding and trusting.

    However once they bond, it is a deep and profound bond. Once they feel safe with a person, they never forget them.

    Carrey said “I will miss him always”. That means he has not had contact, nor does he intend to have contact.

    Shame that Jim Carrey cut the child off.

  53. Mooshi says:

    And in defense of Jenny McCarthy…

    If you had an autistic child and you spent most of your waking hours trying to understand the way your child sees the world, the way they hear the world, the way they FEEL inside…..YOU would talk about them all the time too.

    That child becomes your every breath, your every thought, your every heartbeat as you try to unravel the puzzle that is your childs unique (and sometimes incredible) autistic mind.

    Mooshi, proud mommy of a facinating asperger autistic child.

    • Cindy says:

      That was beautiful. A mothers love put into words. I am speechless. I have a son (not autistic) and I know that love. That is as close to having a glimpse of your experience as a person can get.

  54. LittleDeadGirl says:

    We don’t know what happened or why Jim isn’t in Evan’s life anymore. If he did have some mental issues he may have felt best he wasn’t around the kid while he was trying to deal with his own stuff. Either way this is a private matter and if her goal was to get him to see her son calling him out like this wouldn’t do it. It’d only seperate them more. This just a way for her to use her son to get publicity and pity. That’s just disgusting.

  55. I Choose Me says:

    Isn’t Jim bipolar? If so then I get why he would want to work on his issues first and make a clean break of it. Him being in little Evan’s life right now might not be the best thing for him or the little boy emotionally. But whatever’s going on behind the scenes, you keep that sh-t private Jenny.

    Ugh, I can’t stand her. Her face and her voice annoys me to no end and I’ve never, ever, found her funny or cute. She’s like Olivia Munn for me before Olivia Munn was a thing.

  56. Mooshi says:


    Hell, its been a LONG time since they broke up and only now is she saying something.

    Ever thought that this was the only way she could reach Jim Carrey directly?

    Jim Carrey said “I will miss him always”.

    What part of you doesnt understand that means “I want no contact.” ?

    Wow you really can twist something obvious into fiction.

    • Jordan says:

      As his mother, it was Jenny’s responsibility over who to let into her son’s life. Jim is not his father so he has no legal rights. Jenny broke up with Jim and from her comment that she hadn’t reached out to Jim because she thought that “sometimes people need to take a real break from each other” tells me she made it very clear to him at the time that she didn’t want him anywhere around her or her son. At some point in those 2 years, she apparently changed her mind but forgot to tell Jim that but again, he has no legal rights to her son and we are only hearing her side now for her publicity sake.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      First, take a chill pill. Second, what part of my post did I twist anything? I said we don’t know the story and this shouldn’t be public. You don’t know the story either unless you are a close family friend and aren’t sharing that. My guess is you are a spectator like the rest of us. My feelings are that family issues should stay in the family and not be made public. What part of that don’t YOU understand?

  57. There will always be women who feel the need to wield their children as weapons…and its ALWAYS the children who get hurt because of this.

  58. april says:

    I think Jim Carry is right about not seeing Evan since they have broke up. Eventually, he would not be in Evan’s life anyway. How about when Jenny is dating someone else? It would be uncomfortable for Jim to be involved with her son. The real father needs to step up to the plate.

  59. Amanda G says:

    I have disliked this woman since the moment she became famous on Singled Out. She’s loud and obnoxious. It gives me great satisfaction that her face is now busted and her skin is damaged..haha. Anyway, high five to Jim for making a short, but telling statement. I can’t believe that there are a few on here siding with her. She didn’t contact Jim DIRECTLY in regards to this issue so therefore she has no case. Seeing that she was with him for five years one would think she would have his phone number, email or mailing address to privately discuss this matter. She was wrong for calling him out on Howard Stern, plain and simple.

  60. Ravensdaughter says:

    Excellent response, Jim. If Jenny wants him to visit her son, she should ask directly and discretely.

  61. Anon says:

    Jenny M. acts like Evan doesn’t already have a father. There was a blind gossip that said a talk show host (hard to call her that) would be trying to embarrass her A-list ex-BF, perhaps for some $$$ to stay hushed. Everyone was guessing Jenny and Jim. Shame on her and just when her show is back on, natch.

  62. Vesper says:

    Jim is doing what is best for Jim.

  63. Nick says:

    Well, no one ever accused Jenny McCarthy of having class. I don’t know which is grosser, to talk so crassly about your sex life (on Howard Stern) or to whine because a guy you were dating doesn’t want to be part of your family life anymore. Really, get real. When you break up, you break up. Some people remain friends, some don’t. If she cared that much about her son she wouldn’t exploit him at every turn. Why on earth would Jim Carrey stay in her son’s life? It’s not his job to be a surrogate father! If your son is in therapy (at 10, nice going), maybe look to the source, Jenny – YOU are his parent and YOU are screwing him up.