Jennifer Aniston & Justin go out to eat in Paris, Aniston has a salad & a Diet Coke

More photos of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston in Paris. It looks like they’re settling in for a real romantic holiday/vacation. Maybe a little work with their pleasure? I wonder when the Paris premiere for Rock of Ages is scheduled? NO! Of course not. If anything, this is all early promotion for the SmartWater commercial that Justin is writing for his girlfriend. In these photos, like in the photos from earlier this week, Justin and Jen seem to be well-coordinated. Again, I like Jennifer’s outfit, but I’ve got to ask a weird question: why are all of her pants looking so bunchy and uncomfortable in the crotch lately? Am I imagining that, or do all of her pants look like they’re pinching her crotch-thigh area? Anyhoodle, JustJen has been enjoying the food and the atmosphere in Paris:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are continuing to live it up on their Parisian vacation, with Aniston taking her beau to some of her preferred haunts around the city.

The couple dined at celebrity hotspot Ristorante Le Stresa, one of Aniston’s favorite restaurants, late Tuesday night, enjoying a leisurely 90-minute dinner with a female friend of Aniston’s before returning to their hotel.

Aniston, 43, had an arugula and parmesan salad and a diet soda at the Italian eatery, while Theroux, 40, opted for pasta carbonara. They also shared a tomato-and-mozzarella thin-crust pizza.

According to Toni Faiola, who works at the family-owned restaurant, the actress was “like she always is: very charming.”

On Monday afternoon, Aniston also did some vintage shopping, buying five 1970s Hermes belts from Dider Ludot’s one-man boutique in the arcades of Palais Royal.

She and Theroux spent about 30 minutes in the store, according to Ludot, who described them as “a very cute couple.”

“There was a lot of tenderness and talk between them,” Ludot told PEOPLE. “They seemed a good fit.”

[From People Magazine]

You go to Paris and eat a salad? No disrespect – I love a restaurant salad too (I can never get a Caesar salad to taste the same at home). But you’re in Paris, you’re with your hipster lover… drink some wine. Eat a pasta dish. Don’t order the same thing I get at Applebee’s.

Meanwhile, Star Magazine claims this week that Jennifer and Justin flew to Paris “to spice up their sex life in a make-or-break attempt to save their relationship.” Allegedly, they’ve been “miserable” lately and they’re trying to “reignite their passion” after spending the past few months fighting about Justin’s ex, Heidi Bivens, as well as fighting about babies and marriage. But! A “Theroux insider” (???) told Gossip Cop that the story is “nonsense” and “The trip has been planned for a while. It’s called ‘a summer vacation.’”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. beyonce's bump says:

    I am really trying to find ways to like this bro, afterall, I kinda like Jen…ut I can’t find one redeeming quality. From his doubagey of a died jet black hair, to the hair gel to the doubagey outfits. Just something that screams “you can’t trust him” when I look at him.

  2. sukienow says:

    but she also shared a pizza with him.

    is she supposed to eat a pasta as well? most of them in hollywood wouldnt even let carb anywhere near their mouth.

    i say she isnt doing too bad, it obvious she put on a few pounds lately, obviously cant be just from a diet and salad

  3. merski says:

    “You go to Paris and eat a salad?”

    UGH, THAT!!! That’s the first thing that popped into my mind after reading this headline. WTF.

  4. menlisa says:

    Is she pregnant or is it just an ill-fitting outfit?

  5. Eve says:

    But! A “Theroux insider” (???)

    Ok, now he has “insiders”…honestly, she could do a lot better.

  6. Tiegs says:

    I don’t get it? It says they shared a pizza. It’s not like all she has was a salad and diet coke, so I don’t get why this is the headline.

    Her trousers look fine to me, but his widow’s peak is another story. He’s a good-looking guy and I like his look, but less product in his hair would be my advice.

  7. Bite me aka aniston says:

    If they like it, then I love it

  8. Gia says:

    They look so weird together. It’s like a biker dating a soccer mom.

  9. Jackie O says:

    she has developed the mid section of a 40′s something woman. it happens to all of us, jen. just accept it and indulge in some fine parisian cuisine instead of desperately fighting it.

    oh, and cover your midriff. your not 25 anymore.

    • jermsmom says:

      Yes, enough with the midriff – at this point it just looks like she is wearing a tank that is too small and she can’t get it pulled down to the proper position. There is a way to show your midriff and that isn’t it. And agree, it really is only a look someone young should be able to get away with no matter how great your body is. She has obviously put on a few pounds but I think it looks great – reminds me of when she was first on Friends before she went all Hollywood and lost the required real person look.

  10. Tiska says:

    His dad has the same eye brow,,,
    Oh Jen love salad,and she has to control her’s her Job ..
    She is getting more curvy that’s why her pants a bit tight in the middle..

  11. Princess says:

    Justin’s hair looks like a natural face cap.

  12. lisa says:

    I think her pants look bunchy because she is wearing support under them. (spanx)

    you should always indulge in Paris. Loose a few pounds before your vacation so you can eat and have fun. Then it won’t be a big deal.

  13. Tiska says:

    Diet coke is not a good drink,,specially because of the artificial sugar,,it’s actually cause you craving more sugar…if she want to be healthy wine is better than diet coke

    • Sara says:

      My thoughts exactly. It drives me crazy when so called healthy people drink diet drinks. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. If you have an ant problem, leave a packet of this sprinkled out and they will ingest it, take it back to their hub, and all will die. I’m not saying a diet coke now and then will kill you but some people drink the stuff every day. Not good.

    • Lizbet says:

      In my work as a health researcher, I have done a significant amount of studying aspartame (particularly in soft drinks) and I will never touch the stuff again.

      It was invented as a poison and someone accidentally discovered that it was sweet.

      It corrodes the neural cortex of the brain; comparing images of it from people who drink diet sodas on a daily basis and people who do not drink diet sodas, you can literally see small holes throughout the brain.

      It’s terrifying stuff. Drink a regular-sugar soda if you’re having a craving, it’s far healthier than the sugar-free alternatives.

  14. Johanna says:

    I clicked on the story because I thought, ”there’s got to be more to this story” but no, it was definitely the topic at hand. At this point, you’re nit-picking & it’s getting boring. Who cares if she ate a salad or filet mignon? Also, her pants are fine. In fact, I was thinking the entire outfit was cute. Jen Aniston 101 dressing but still, the thing that always bugs me is her hair. It’s always boring, boring, boring!

  15. sukienow says:

    kaiser there isn’t Paris premiere for rock of ages.

    if you go to the tom cruise offical website it list all the dates/event relating to the movie, according to the website there isnt a paris premiere

    the last premiere was the uk one and it took place last weekend.
    theroux didnt attend that , but the stars of the movie did like they supposed to.

    i dont think his publicity for the movie is major. he isnt acting in the movie, so his pr input wouldnt be that major. the stars of a movie do most of the heavy lifting publicity wise anyways.

    hmm the smart water story is false. didnt he deny it on the video u posted yesterday? he said it not happening, so false story.

    • Dusty says:

      I have been wondering about his participation in the premieres so glad you brought this up. I have a conspiracy theory – Jen was ticked off that co-write Justin wasn’t included in the plans with other celebs for the premieres in Europe so she decided to draw attention away from the Rock of Ages “dog and pony” show and create her own photo op showcasing Justin. That is why these “vacation” pictures look so planned and unnatural. They are acting like first-time tourists to Paris, being seen at all the favorite haunts. I would think a well-seasoned traveler would be already doing Paris 2.0 not Paris 101. What does everyone think about this theory?

      • sukienow says:

        i really doubt there is some conspiracy behind it.

        you make her sound like some mastermind or something lol

        maybe just maybe they are in paris because they felt like, people take vacations you know; probably has noting to do with tom cruise movie.

        tom cruise is the star of the movie and required to do most of the pr for it.

      • Tiska says:

        I am decline to believe your theory,cause he co wrote the movie with others he isn’t the main player on it..and the wanderlust DVD release in that’s more probablity of them out and about to be visible..cause it didn’t perform well on the box office …it’s their at least get back some of cost back,,

      • Kim1 says:

        They told Eonline they were going on 10 day vacation on Monday.OT Cruise told People mag three is enough no plans for more kids.So no more Katie baby bump tabloid stories.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        The first thing I thought was why at they at the Eiffel tower? Talk about pap loving.
        There are so many amazing things to see in Paris, yet they are at tourist haunts. Surely they have been there many times.

        Whatever. TheAnis, enjoy Paris. And the awesome lettuce they have there. Haha.

      • TheykilledKenny says:

        I don’t know about a conspiracy but I was thinking about when last we heard about Aniston being anywhere outside of the US or Mexico for anything but work. To me their vacation seems very stylized, public and unnatural. They looked more normal and into each other IMO in the shots of them in NYC earlier in their relationship. I am almost inclined to believe that this is a promo for the Wanderlust DVD.

  16. normades says:

    And this is why Brad Pitt left her.

    • Marjalane says:

      O.K., this made me giggle. Like Angie ever eats anything more substantial?! I’m not a big fan of anyone in the Brad/Angie/Justjen group; I doubt if any of them eat much on a regular basis. (Justin has to fit into his hipster doufus pants, donchaknow-)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        So stupid. If Brad is that superficial that he left his wife because she eats salad then that dude is a moron.
        Yeah Angelina is CLEARLY pounding pizza & fries all day. Obviously. *eye roll*

      • Katherine says:

        LOL! Are you serious? Is this just flying right over your head? You can’t see how her boring and safe choices and refusal to change or try new things is indicative of a boring and often lazy mind?

        I have yet to see anything about Jennifer that says she is willing to get out there to expand her mind or her experiences. This makes me think that their marriage was an uncomfortable relationship for both of them as I have long suspected.

      • normades says:

        Thank you Katherine, someone got my JA jibe. It had nothing to do with eating salads or being thin or not.

    • Tiska says:

      This is make me laugh the you realize all his woman is much skinny when with him..just google it. Even is present fiancée lost her sexy body after with him..

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Tiska, I LOATHE Angie being brought up in Jen stories, but you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY about BRAD being the reason for skinniness. ALL his partners lost weight while with him. I am genetically thin to very thin, and every guy I’ve dated liked thin women, and some really, REALLY LOVE skin & bones. If you love the dude, it inspires you to stay that way for him.

      • Kim1 says:

        AJ was skinny in 2003 2004 pre Brad but this proves the point JA claim to fame is she was married to and left by Brad Pitt.Brad Oscar nominated producer and actor, AJ Oscar winner, highest paid actress and JA Friends Actress and ex Mrs Brad Pitt

      • OhKim says:

        I never comment on stories but honestly sometimes the hate needs to be countered. So what if JA is less successful or talented or famous or rich or whatever? Is she still not a human being deserving of love and happiness like the rest of it. Sheesh. Seriously some people.

    • normades says:

      Boring woman drinking stupid soda at a French restaurant instead of wine or champagne. If she didn’t want to drink she could have at least gone for a local mineral water – way classier.

      Pitt loves to get his drink on and Angie’s nanny said she subsides on red wine and steak.

      Aniston is someone who is very set in her ways. Always Cabo, always diet sodas. No culture, no adventure. Even when she travels she can’t leave her comfort zone. That’s what I meant.

  17. Theuth says:

    LOL, pasta & pizza in Paris…just get drunk in an enoteca, hell! France has some of the best wines in the world, I would happily die drowned.

  18. TXCinderella says:

    People should just leave these two alone. They seem very happy without the added pressure of the paps following their every move. I imagine it’s difficult for them to have very many romantic moments outside of their own dwelling because they are being followed everywhere.

  19. DanaG says:

    What is with the ring on her wedding finger? Prop for some more attention? Jen has gained weight you can see it on her face, good hopefully she is eating she was too skinny. Not sure about Justin there is just something I don’t like about him. Maybe it’s the way he seems to have changed himself since dating her.

  20. tonina says:

    I think Halle Berry should reconsider going to France to “avoid the paparazi”
    1st: the Dodi-Diana car accident, they are fine in England, but in France they are followed by the paparazi everywhere and then killed.
    2nd: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theoreoux have managed to avoid the paparazi in LA, but now they are in France they are followed by the paparazi everywhere. They cannot even eat in peace.

    Halle Berry and Nahla should stay in America. It is better also since Nahla will live closer to the father.

    Note: sorry for the disconnectedness between this comment and the main post.

    • Cleo says:

      Well, I’m french and I can tell you that paps here only have work when american celebrities are in Paris lol. What I mean is that we have very strict laws about privacy. Of course,stolen pictures of our actors or singers are sometimes published but it’s not a really usual thing because tabloids can be sued for that and they ALWAYS lose. But everytime a “big” foreign celebrity is in Paris, paps are going crazy and follow them everywhere.They only do that when people are staying for a few days. It’s really different when they live in the country.For example,when Kylie Minogue was living in Paris with Olivier Martinez (I know,I know) she wasn’t papped on a daily basis. I can tell you that if Halle Berry was living in France,she could have a much more private life than in L.A. Which doesn’t mean that’s what I want because I think she has no right to take her daughter away from Gabriel Aubry but you know…her “no-paps in France” argument is right.

  21. Madpoe says:

    Sounds like bunnies eat better than she does to me. And I dunno but if I’m ever in Paris, I’m eating more than a freakin’ salad! My Texan roots ain’t hearin’ that crap!

  22. Jayna says:

    Many times on vacation or work I have a huge lunch or late lunch and thus only have a salad at dinner. Big deal. Sue her for only eating what she wanted.

  23. NYC_girl says:

    If you’re going to stuff your face anywhere (and you’re not in Italy), at least do it in Paris. The wine, the cheese…ahhh. Salad and Diet Coke, which you can eat every day in LA. That’s sad. And I’ve obviously never stayed at the Ritz, but if I had the money that’s not where I would choose. There are so many other swank hotels there, the decor isn’t my thing:

    • sukienow says:

      i agree with you about the ritz. ugly looking decor, it looks so old to me.

      a better choice would have been ‘Hôtel Plaza Athénée’ on Avenue Montaigne; now this is what a luxury hotel should look and feel like.

      i think she needs a better understanding of paris lol, even parasians do not go to the ritz; total waste of money.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      We stayed at the most amazing boutique hotel called the Seven, the whole room was in lucite, the bed floated, the shower was see through and the ceiling lit up with stars. Very swanky and classy in the best part of town.

      Highly recommend!!!

    • lafairy says:

      I didn’t stay at the Ritz.. but last month for my birthday my boyfriend offered me a patistery class at the Ritz and then right after we had a brunch there!
      And from what I saw, if one day I can afford it I want to sleep there! it’s incredible, it smells a very refined amber (I asked and they told me that it was a special scent designed for the Ritz , and that I can purchase some candles at the lobby… but well at 70€ the candle I’d rather keep the souvenir of it!lol) smell everywhere,the furniture makes you feel like you are a princess!

  24. Ida says:

    Why would pasta be the obvious thing to eat in Paris? Somewhere in Italy, yes, but Paris? Meh. Also, having been to Paris many times, I have to say that no one does salad as well as the French do. They’re just lovely over there, and quite luxurious and filling too. Bear in mind that this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like salad.

    • sukienow says:

      i live in paris at the moment and you are right about the salad.

      i had a delicious salmon and prawn salad for lunch today; yummy

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The salads in Paris are mind-blowing. They’re huge and BEAUTIFUL to look at. Always perfect, fresh ingredients. They are a real treat. Still, if I’m in Paris I’m going for the baguettes, cheese and of course, the amazing & dirt-cheap wine :)

      • sukienow says:

        when i first moved here, i used to be overwhelm with how big the salads were.

        imagine trying to watch your figure;, u go into a resturant asking for a salad, thinking u have done good ordering something light. then next thing they serve you this huge bowl of salad with all kinds of cuts and cheese on it lol

        french salads are anything but light.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yes, and the dressing that most of the cafes put on their salads is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal in France.

      sukienow, I’m very jealous you get to live there! I’ve been several times and am always anxious to go back.

    • Ida says:

      Yay for the French salad love:-) There’s a restaurant I always go to in Paris, it’s called the Polidor and it’s on Rue Monsieur Le Prince in the Latin Quarter, and they do two of my other Paris favourites: stake tartare and deboned chicken leg with a morel sauce and super fluffy mashed potatoes. Ah, I melt.

  25. DenG says:

    Take a good look, folks. Feast your eyes on the Hottest Woman of All Time.

  26. Liberty says:

    You don’t see many chunky Parisians when you spend time in Paris. Though you will see a number of mini bandy-legged chicettes and posers like JT. So they could have sampled delicious and clever Parisian fare like the French without becoming fatter. But they are happy in their 90s Calfornia mall rut, I suppose. Diet Coke. But of course. Bah. Paris is just another mall to these two and so, I think they are perfect for each other. They are probably searching for a taco right now.

  27. INeedANap says:

    Seriously, this bland, boring-ass b*tch went to Paris to have a cheese pizza and a caesar salad?? I can’t even deal. Just goes to show how even a world-famous, jet-setting actress can’t buy herself class and culture.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I just got back from a long vacation in Paris, and gasp, I had salad just about every day. OMG, right?

  29. Amanda says:

    I think she looks great. She doesn’t have a middle aged midsection or whatever. At least she ate something. I remember watching the Rachel Zoe project when they went to Italy. Roger had a big pile of pasta and she literally drank a cup of hot water. I wanted to yell at the tv, You are in Italy, eat something! Instead she sipped a mug of tea. At least Aniston reportedly ate a salad.

  30. Jamie says:

    The article says they shared a pizza. Unlike most of us, she gets to travel the world all the time and probably doesn’t feel the need to over-indulge just because she’s abroad.
    As for the pants, looks like a lightweight mixed fabric, so there’s no way they can pinch her crotch area. Really, this article is trying too hard to find something negative to say. She looks great and I’d bet a roll in the hay with Justin is enough adventure for one day!

  31. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I was in Paris a few weeks back and the last thing I wanted was a salad. That being said, they have AMAZING salads out there! I wouldn’t get pasta in Paris either though (not sure why that was even a suggestion). I pigged out on baguettes, cheese, wine, pastries, crepes, charcuterie, and langoustines… It’s the most amazing city for fresh, quality produce, seafood, bakery goods…aaaaand now I’m hungry.

  32. Tiska says:

    On other blog site saying,she actually eaten diff food,she ate salad and salmon and share food with Justin..and she drank red wine,which I believe more,she is the red wine girl not diet coke girl

    • bondbabe says:

      The stories of what she is eating cracks me up!!! C’mon, really? What foods she is eating is something that needs to be reported about?!!! Total non-story….

      Today I had a mixed greens salad, with turkey, cheddar and feta cheeses, whole almonds, a sprinkling of seasoned croutons and ranch dressing. Oh, that’s right, I’m not a celebrity! Another non-story (but it sure was good!)….

  33. Paula says:

    She looks like she gain weight in ass, tops of legs, hips!

  34. lower-case deb says:

    all this food talk is making me hungry!

    i’ve never wanted to go somewhere quite badly, but ever since i watched the Hegedus/Pennebaker film “King of Pastry”, i really want to go to france for all the sweets and desserts!

  35. Anon says:

    did she really take her hairdresser along with her to Paris?

  36. kira says:

    I think the only thing she’s really hungry for is attention.

    Seriously, can this whole thing look any more staged? People magazine always gets news from her pr people–her rep speaks to them all the time. Same ole, same ole…

    • Tiska says:

      She only get out and about when she is promoting her movie which in this case is wanderlust DVD ..and she didn’t need to seek for it..the paps look and paid for tips about her,,she still sell tabs..btw..source from mag/ tabs..not always mean coming from their camp..
      Example: source mention how Aj spend her’s not really sure it’s real or not,,and that’s not mean she is attention seeking ..
      Just relax,,more picture more stuff to talk about,

      • kira says:

        I have no clue what you are trying to say…

        I don’t buy that this isn’t staged.
        Looks like she’s trying to sell her fans a Paris “romance tour,” which will also sell well with the tabloid press. Cue up the engagement and wedding rumors.

  37. islandgirl says:

    Why are people mentioning brad and angie in this post? This is not about them. Some people need to let this triangle sh*t go.

    • Tiska says:

      Because each team still hate the opposite idol,,and sometime you have to make your point by using example of their own idol,,because the level of hypocrisy is ridiculous ..

      • Sal says:

        The only team that hates is Aniston’s team. They are the ones who are keeping this going. And btw, many, many people hate Aniston who also hate Jolie. Or who don’t care about Jolie. Just because someone hates Aniston does not AUTOMATICALLY make them on ‘Team Jolie’. You loonistons who think that way, are nuts. Many people hate Aniston and most of them are not Jolie fans. So why bring Jolie into it?

    • stacey says:

      Thanks hon,
      Please shout it out loud for them…I’m so tired of the rubbish that people here have to bring up branjelina up any time JA is been mentioned…Hishhhhh.

      • Sal says:

        Aniston has no merits and cannot stand on her own, so the ONLY way her fans can make her look good (or so *they* think) is by COMPARING her to Angelina. I think many of Aniston’s fans are only fans of her by DEFAULT, because they don’t like Angelina and their dislike of angelina is stronger than their liking for Aniston. They are not true fans of Aniston’s, they are fans by default. Her fans have a reputation for being loony and hateful. They care more about hating Angelina than anything else. Everytime they see Aniston, they think ‘Angelina’ in their minds. Aniston has no merits to stand on her own, without bashing Angelina, they’d have nothing to say about Aniston. Aniston and her fan’s lives revolve around Angelina.

  38. Janet says:

    Now this is EXACTLY what I am talking about! She goes to Paris to have a salad and diet Coke? Does she EVER stray out of her narrow little comfort zone?


  39. NOPE says:

    You guys are full of sh-t. There isn’t any promotion left for him to do for RoA. They average person out there doesn’t care for who wrote the damn script..its the actors in the commercials that are of interest to the movie goers!

    And as for those saying promotion for DVD..are you even listening to yourself? WHO DOES PROMO FOR DVD? They cannot just be in paris because they want to? WOW. So much hatred and projection.

  40. Princess A says:

    Actually if you do visit Paris, you must have a salad at a good restaurant, it’s hard to match that elsewhere….as a starter ofcourse (and it does say that she had a pizza as well). Everytime I am in Paris I always order a salad and then go for the mains…they really are quiet something in Vive le France! The Tuna Salad at some places there is to die for!

  41. Rory says:

    I totally don’t get how this is news.

  42. Chell says:

    I just wish she would stop with the belly baring shirts! Woman! You are in your 40′s…yes you have a rockin’ body but it’s time to update your ‘look’!

    • sup says:

      she refuses to move on from the 90′s bare midriff fashion. she’ll be wearing ’98 tank pants, flip flops, cow licked hightlighted hair, long tight skirts, cut shirts, toe rings, rolled up dark blue jeans, open stilletoes, dark monochrome clothes when she’s 90…

  43. Evyn says:

    I thought Mexico was her vacation spot. Has Justin been banned from there, or something?

  44. says:

    Did this woman travel to Paris with just a carry-on? She’s been recycling the same jacket, jeans, and purse.

    • G says:

      I think she did. They both seemed to just have duffel bags. I’ve got a vacation comming up and I wondered if DH and I might do the same.

      That says to me this is a private trip.

      • yuya says:

        I went on a weeklong trip to Shanghai and only brought a small carryon. If I take too much, I hate everything. If i take just enough and recycle a few pieces with different accessories, I love everything. You can do a lot with a couple of knit dresses, skirts, t-shirts and a jacket or two. Plus the shoes of course.

  45. orion70 says:

    The only thing that I find off in this is that they’d go to an Italian restaurant in Paris, but oh well.

    That said, I love arugula, so I can’t blame anyone for ordering that. Pasta is typically the very last thing I’d ever order in an Italian restaurant, tbh. Well, unless they have some really great gnocchi. Seafood, yes.

  46. silly says:

    At least she eats unlike some celebs. They look great and obvious had other meals elsewhere.

  47. tekla says:

    they went to paris, france and chose an italian restaurant? so american :]

  48. Cathy says:

    Will you people get off her case about what she’s eating. It’s nobodys business but her own what she eats.

  49. hairball says:

    That’s Robert Pattinson’s body guard in one of the pics. Love her jewelry.

  50. Diane* says:

    Maybe she gains weight in her thighs

  51. Jeannified says:

    I HATE how she always dresses like her man (the men in her life at the time). She has her belt buckle slightly off to the side, like Justin wears his. Super tight-looking jeans too. Ugh!

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    I happen to LIKE salads, thankyouverymuch! And I make W-A-Y better salads than just about ANY restaurant I’ve been to (and that encompasses A LOT of restaurant turf). Hubs (for now) has even said I should be a “salad chef”.

    And while I’ve not been to Paris, if they can’t make a decent brewed iced tea, Diet Coke (or water) would be my second choice.

    • NYC_girl says:

      If I remember correctly, the diet sodas in Italy and France taste different than the US. Kind of like they had Sweet’n'Low in them. Nasty. I could be wrong. I love drinking Fanta when I’m over there – esp in Italy. It’s not like the Fanta here – and it reminds me of the first time I visited my Italian cousins 20 years ago, going to the beach and stuffing my skinny 20 year old body with delicious, thin pizzas.

  53. Lisa says:

    Sorry, I look down on people who drink any kind of pop. The salad won’t cancel out the sugar or chemicals.

  54. Anahata says:

    Oh gurrllll. Get a fish stew, or some roasted chicken and haricot verts! Dont get me started on the pastries and fresh baguettes. You are in Paris!!! Try some pressed coffee too. Sigh, all the best stuff is wasted on rich people.

  55. Trish says:

    if she was pregnant I would hope she would know better than to have a glass of chemicals.. ugh…

    she is a bit heavier, and she’s at that critical age that if you aren’t super diligent, it will be super easy to put on 10 with the estrogen fluctuations. aging is such a treat… ;-)

    and as for midriff baring tops?… there is an age limit, no matter how perfect your body may be…it just isn’t classy…it just doesn’t work. she should showcase those wonderful legs…those you can show nicely no matter what age. as long as the skirt or shorts are not too short..and no heels… fashion has to change a bit with ones age. we all learn that lesson eventually.

  56. The Original Mia says:

    Her pants look funny because 1) too small & 2) she’s wearing spanx under them. Nothing wrong with a little support, though.

    • Tiska says:

      It’s too small and she gain weight ..I notice Jen has a booty..good on her,,curve woman look better than stick skinny woman,,that’s my man said,,he love meat than not everyman has the same taste,.like Johnny,Bp type is skinny girl..and John Mayer ,Ryan ,love curve women,,

  57. Sandy says:

    She is probably eating salad and a diet coke because people undoubtedly comment on her ill fitting pants due to her 1-2 pound weight gain, which I assume now puts her at a size 2 or her bulging 40 year old stomach and her tiny tank top. If I was the focus of this much attention, I would work out 6 hours a day and watch every little thing I ate. Women are particularly brutal when it comes to criticizing other woman.

    • pp says:

      I think she eats healthy because she wants to be healthy and not just so she can stay slim. Diet coke is not good for anyone, diet drinks are horrible for your health. All the years she filmed the show Friends, she had the same lunch every day, a salad. I couldn’t imagine eating salad for lunch everyday for that many years. She used to be a bit heavier, before she had her nose job and before she became a huge star…ok wait maybe she does care what people think of her…I mean I still don’t understand why she cut her Greek name down to just “Aniston”…what’s wrong with a greek name?

    • orion70 says:

      I think it’s worth noting that sometimes people drink diet coke just because they like it, not because they’re trying to lose weight. Regular soda tastes too sweet to me and makes my teeth feel funny.

      I don’t often drink it any more in any event, and if I do, it’s usually something like Zevia.

      • pp says:

        you make a good point, but knowing how Jennifer is, she probably drinks it because it has less calories. I have tried to drink it before, but diet soda makes my stomach hurt…it’s the fake sugar that does it. Plus from what research says, diet soda is worse for you than real soda. I drink soda maybe 2 times a month, when I really get a craving, all sodas are horrible for you.

  58. DesertRose says:

    Kaiser, most mid-level diners in California use Monarch brand Caesar dressing. I’ve never come across another that is quite as good. More calories than Buttermilk Ranch though. Of course it’s available through food suppliers, but also at Smart & Final. Just thought I’d throw that out there =)

  59. jack says:

    Lately she’s looking really good and happy, in love. It must be hard to trust again but she’s there finally :) Good for her.

    About the trouser/crotch issue – I don’t see one, that looks normal. If you think there’s a problem you should look at his lol!! wrinkly all over

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Hard for Jen to ‘trust’ again? You mean she wasn’t ‘there’ with John Mayer? Even though she got together with him twice?

      • Tiska says:

        I think she means how her hubby fallen in love with other woman..but I don’t think it’s the real reason..she already deal with it via therapy ( Jen own admission).. Plus she sort of doing full circle with Justin who leaved his partner for her,,
        Heart do what the heart want..

    • Sal says:

      I don’t know why you would think that Aniston would have a hard time trusting again. Nothing has happened to her that would give rise to anyone thinking she would have a hard time trusting. Though she did cheat with Justin and stole him from Heidi Bivens. She knows Justin is a cheater, so I have no doubt she would have a hard time trusting Justin, since if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you. Aniston knows what Justin is capable of and knows hes a cheater. Thats how she got him.
      So, what was it you were saying about ‘trust’?

  60. hoya_chick says:

    it’s vacay time for the famewhores of america to take their act oversees. clooney and keibs are currently in italy at his lake cuomo house. what exactly does she need a vacation from???

  61. Kim says:

    Why are you acting like all she had was a salad when it says she also had pizza. She could have had a croissant 20 minutes before and wasnt hungry for all you know. She isnt stick thin, she is a very healthy weight so lets not act like she has an eating disorder.

  62. Kim says:

    At her age she shouldnt wear a shirt with her belly exposed esp to a nice dinner in Paris. No one over 16 should wear a belly exposing shirt regardless of their body type. Also she needs to add color to her wardrobe. I know how easy, safe & comfortable it is to wear all black to but its aging. Again leave it to the 16 year olds.

  63. Jaxx says:

    If I was in Paris right now I would be looking for a street vendor to make me a hot ham and cheese crepe. To. Die. For.

  64. tiska says:

    They leave paris already..wonder where will be the next country?
    I am baffle why jen never visit Mexico again after with justin? he insecure jealous about the place that jen always visit with her ex before or something else?

  65. Maritza says:

    Salads are good for you but diet sodas are not because they contain aspertame. Check all the side effects:

  66. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Shes really looking her age big time. And, I go to paris often as my husband is French and I can honestly say the only ORGASMIC meals Ive ever eaten were eaten there. The kind of meals you talk about fondly and salivate over years later. This high maitience stick deigns to eat a salad in paris?? Oh Jen, stretch yourself just a tiny bit!!! LOL

  67. shanghaichicken says:

    Actually the French make very good salads. They are kind of known for it. Actually they make everything well. These little nit picks are becoming really annoying.

  68. skuddles says:

    These two seem so stuck in their fashion choices.

  69. Jamie says:

    Like many other posters, I am so tired of reading about AJ in the comments of a JA post, or vice versa. BUT it’s hard not to bring the triangle into a story written like this due to the K’s irrational hate of Aniston and irrational love of all things Jolie. Jolie’s occasional photo ops are never called out for what they are, but everything Jennifer does is labeled a photo op. It’s so tedious. Kaiser, if you can get over the fact that little Kravitz gazed upon the Fassdong and write nice stories about her, surely you can say something nice about Jennifer.

    • Tiska says:

      I am gonna be agreeing with you here,,but it’s normal if the blogger has favorite,.and it’s feeding the hits..this triangle make more money for tabs and blogger cause make each team fire up..even though the real players not really care.? ( they feed the feud with their smirk remarks..I suspect)

  70. fan says:

    I think she just did fine by choosing pizza and salad. The French cuisine is
    overestimated even if you like frog’s legs. But it’s still a bit more appealing than ths US standard food burger and fries.

  71. jwoolman says:

    She’s getting ragged for drinking a diet coke in Paris?!? You folks do know that Coca-Cola is manufactured and distributed worldwide, right? And not just for tourists. Every area has its own formula. My local grocery store in the midwestern USA even stocks some Mexican coke and fanta because it tastes different (real sugar!). And you do know that French people don’t just eat French cuisine? They have restaurants focusing on other styles. That’s just as Parisian as bread and cheese and wine. And French people prepare various types of food at home, even (gasp!) Italian style pasta and (double gasp!!) pizza. Honestly, you folks would object to visitors to my town eating at the local Chinese restaurant, I suppose. And wouldn’t let me eat pizza or croissants because I’m Irish, so I’m only supposed to eat potatoes and corned beef.

  72. mrcrane says:

    You all might want to consider that her midsection has expanded unnaturally fast because she might be on fertility drugs. She seems self conscious about it and is always hiding it behind her jacket, purse and scarf. If you are on those drugs it is an uphill battle … she looks like she still works out and is toned but, her body could be operating with those hormones on board. Therefore, she is probably making a logical choice for lunch but, that doesn’t matter here because most of you would comment negatively regardless of what she ate.
    Also, rumors about her are stated here as fact. I am guessing she DID NOT have a “diet soda” (which was deliberately tweaked here into a diet COKE) but rather a drink that was refreshing with few calories such as a spritzer or sparkling water (lost in translation). I loved the food in Paris but guess what, I gained a ton of weight that was hard to lose. Eating heavy meals morning, noon, and night is not necessary, especially if you don’t want to add rocket fuel to the fertility drug weight gain. A parisian salad sounds wonderful.
    Also, JT already shot down the smartwater gossip.
    Also, really? commenting about changing her last name (which sweetly matches her father’s) even Adam Sandler joked about her last name … Anistokolopikus or something. Hmmm, yeah that would’ve caught the casting directors’ attention. So many celebrities have changed/dropped their last name. for instance, Voight (and it is not a difficult name to pronounce : )

    • pp says:

      What’s wrong with commenting on her last name? Seriously are you the internet police or something? I don’t understand why every celebrity has to change their last name just so OTHER people have an easier time pronouncing it. Her Greek name is nice, she should have kept it. I forgot, we are supposed to make sure no name sounds ethnic just so some folks can pronounce it easier…whatever.

  73. Marycontrary says:

    I think they make a cute couple. They seem happy, and in many pictures it appears that he is scoping the situation to be protective of her.

    That’s just my interpretation, of course. Protective watchfulness in a man is super endearing. That’s how my husband is with us and it just melts me.

    • adel says:

      and the next thing you know jen was dumped again by her man.. LOL

      • Harker says:

        I am not a Jen fan, I never watched Friends or one of her movies and I don’t give a damn about her love life. We say in French “Pourquoi tant de haine ?”…. (translation : why so much hate ?)

        It seems to me that whatever that woman does or says or wears she can only be wrong.

        There is another say “Avoir le dos large” which means in fact that more or less everything is her fault. I am pretty sure that the cold and rainy weather is her doing….

  74. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’d try something else too but that’s because I’m not in Paris every other weekend. She probably eats in Paris all the time. When I eat pizza I eat a salad with it too.

  75. Nina says:

    Le Stresa is SO overated. It’s very expensive and the food isn’t mind blowing. There are far better places to eat in Paris.

  76. kellyinseattle says:

    What is with all of Justin’s PANTS?