Hayden Panettiere’s hair costs Heroes’ producers big bucks

Hayden Panettiere skyrocketed to fame as the center of the TV show Heroes’ enigmatic tagline “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Her long blonde hair and blue eyes personified the perfect American girl-next-door – except her character Claire can’t be injured.

Some TV stars have contracts that forbid them from cutting their hair (think David Krumholtz of Numb3rs). Hayden apparently doesn’t have such a contract. Earlier this year, she showed off a new short haircut that accentuates her perfect cheekbones, but is also costing the producers of Heroes a lot of money, according to In Touch.

The 19-year-old debuted a cropped bob back in June, but it clashed with what’s happening on-screen. “They need her to have long hair for her character,” an insider on the set tells In Touch, adding that for continuity, the show has had to dish out lots of cash for hairpieces. “They’re made of real hair so they’re costing at least $6,000 for every fitting.”

[From In Touch, print edition, December 1, 2008]

Heroes’ debut season was phenomenal, but since then the show has been losing viewers due to the addition of too many characters and convoluted plotlines. Two of the show’s producers were recently fired due to “creative differences.”

On the personal front, Hayden and costar Milo Ventimiglia are moving in together, according to Star.

Hayden recently plunked down $2.6 million for a three-bedroom, three-bath house high in the Hollywood Hills and has asked her 12-year-older Heroes costar Milo to be her roomie! “She’s very much in love with him and wants him around all the time,” says an insider. “This way, they can even carpool to the set together.” Even Hayden’s mom, Lesley, has come around to the idea. “She lives down the street from Hayden, so she can keep an eye on her,” adds the insider. “Hayden’s a good kid. She’s not going to do anything wild.”

[From Star, print edition, December 1, 2008]

Hayden seems to be the rare teen star who isn’t always in the tabloids for drugs, partying and dating a new guy every other week. Maybe that maturity will help “Halo” stay a couple, despite the age difference. But I’m cynical, especially when Heroes goes off the air and she remains the more famous of the two. Hollywood is notoriously hard on star couples, even ones angelically nicknamed “Halo.”

Hayden Panettiere is shown premiering her new clutch bag for Dooney & Burke at the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas on 11/22/08. Credit: WENN

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17 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere’s hair costs Heroes’ producers big bucks”

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  1. Rachel says:

    She has green not blue eyes, did i miss something?

  2. Perla says:

    When Ally McBeal was running, Portia De Rossi had to follow script instructions as to whether her hair was up or down in a scene. :lol: :roll:

  3. elisha says:

    Well, she does have awesome hair. And skin.

    I don’t really think of her as “the rare teen star who isn’t always in the tabloids for drugs, partying and dating a new guy every other week” though. Probably because of her stint dating Stephen from Laguna Beach… oh yeah, and the fact that the first Hayden P tab pic I ever saw was her smoking a cig at just 15 or so while Paris Hilton pole danced next to her…

  4. Kaiser says:

    Yeah… I wonder what happens when Heroes dies and neither of them gets any other jobs.

    But I feel for this girl. Her family is like an even lower rent version of The Lohans.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    I watch Heroes. Her wigs are TERRIBLE!!! $6000 for those mops?! They always look so fake and her face makeup looks plastic as a result. FUG.

  6. ff says:

    If it’s not stipulated in her contract that her hair has to stay as the script prescribes, then they brought it on themselves.

    Plus, how hard is it to write: character cuts hair – into a script or episode? It’s not that hard. Even if it’s sci-fi. Not to mention that the best shows roll with the punches and write that stuff and whatever explanation they use actually ends up adding to the story.

    Maybe their real problem is their writing’s getting worse, not better.

  7. rostas gyula says:

    8) :lol:

  8. Kristin says:

    Yeah, Heroes used to be great and now it is trash.

  9. KateNonymous says:

    Seems odd. She clearly was wearing extensions in Season One.

  10. Christina says:

    man this girl always looks so shiny and fresh, almost like a wax figurine… she must have great make up artists…

  11. RAN says:

    Yeah Kristin, I can’t watch Heroes anymore – it’s too far ‘out there’. There’s enough drama in the world – I don’t have time for that nonsense either. It used to be good, now it’s lousy and unwatchable.

  12. Lauren says:

    Hayden’s eyes are green.

  13. Jess says:

    You know, for $6000 for a fitting, Heroes should get their money back… lately especially those wigs are horribly fake looking.

  14. james says:

    Just proves how dumb she is all the guy is doing is takeing advantage of a beautiful girl who is stupid yes stupid she may have looks but no brains

  15. dina says:

    such a shame..
    heroes was amazing the first season
    but i just got too confused with the seasons after that
    agreed, too many people, stories, confusion
    still love the blonde though, glad she is not following in lohan and spear’s footsteps.

  16. I really love watching heroes, it came from boring into a fine tv series now. During the first few episodes, I thought, its just an xmen copy. But now its exciting, I hope the new season will be out sooner.

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