Alex Rodriguez drops out of Kabbalah classes, pissing off Madonna

Madonna’s relationship with Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez may be waning along with his interest in Kabbalah. Rodriguez’s involvement in the mystical cult is thought to have spurred his relationship with the 50 year old pop star. The two shared intimate discussions of the religion that are said to have sparked a romance and hastened the end of both of their marriages. Now that they’re both single Rodriguez has blown off his Kabbalah studies in favor of pursuing other interests, probably of the young and nubile sort.

Even before the ink was dry on Madonna’s divorce decree, her rumored beau, Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, was beginning to distance himself from her beloved Kabbalah.

A source close to the Kabbalah Centre says that A-Rod has backed out of attending private classes with spiritual leader Eitan Yardeni, canceling them at the last minute.

“He hasn’t even finished Kabbalah 1 (the introduction to the study of Kabbalah) and the majority of the time he’s spent with Yardeni so far was for counseling, not study,” says the source.

Yardeni and Rodriguez were photographed together in New York City, when rumors of his involvement with Madonna first began.

“This is certainly off-putting to Madonna,” says the source. “She did drag Guy into Kabbalah, she’s doing the same now (with Rodriguez). But he’s bored. He’s basically a Kabbalah school dropout.”

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

Last weekend Madonna’s best friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Ingrid Casares were spotted keeping an eye on Rodriguez at a party in Miami. The two women were even seen blocking a cute brunette who was trying to flirt with Rodriguez. It looks like Madonna’s attempts to control her young lover have made him realize how much he’s missing. He just got out of a six year marriage and has to lay out a big chunk of change for his divorce. He’s not about to donate millions to Kabbalah and get tied down to a controlling older woman. There are plenty of hotties who would gladly spend time with him without large investments of time, thought or money required.

Rodriguez was seen out having dinner last night with his manager, Guy Oseary, who also manages Madonna and is said to have introduced them. I wonder if he had some news to break to him.

Photos of Rodriguez and Oseary out last night. Madonna is shown leaving the Kabbalah Centre in NY on Sunday with David, and she was also seen with Oseary at that time. Credit: Bauergriffin

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21 Responses to “Alex Rodriguez drops out of Kabbalah classes, pissing off Madonna”

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  1. gg says:

    HA-ha. Give it up Mads.

  2. 88modesty88 says:


    Good for him!

  3. Kristen says:

    Run A-rod run!

    Whatever you do, run hard and run fast and don’t look back.

  4. Mairead says:

    Didn’t she give Britney the cold-shoulder a few years back after Brit got bored of Kaballah (shock!) and Madge had bought all of these rare books for her. What is with this woman and trying to convert people?

    And seriously – I know that Christina was probably too strong-willed to put up with Madge’s nonsense back then, but Britney couldn’t even be bothered to put the effort into preparing for a spot on Will & Grace, what chance did Kaballah have?

  5. Syko says:

    So, he seems to have a brain after all.

  6. geronimo says:

    Shock horror. When’s she going to realise she can’t control people?

    Am I alone in thinking this guy is really unattractive?

  7. queenie says:


    NO you are not alone….I don’t think he is attractive at all. If it weren’t for all his money he’d just be another schmuck.

    What a humiliation for Madonna. My guess is, she will be alone for a LOOOOONG time after this divorce. Maybe the descent from her ivory tower has finally begun.

  8. Syko says:

    I’m in the “A-Rod is not attractive” camp too. I’m sure he has a nice body, most athletes do, but other than that he’s pretty “meh”.

  9. Hillary says:

    Madonna is just as bad as Tiny Tom Cruise, trying to convert people…and dropping them if they don’t. Please disappear, Madge.

  10. Kaiser says:

    I think A-Rod’s pretty gross-looking. I never get why women are attracted to guys like him and not, oh, say Clive Owen.

    I wonder if anyone is really surprised by this news. Besides The Gristle.

  11. nycmom100.. says:

    Never thought he was attractive until I saw him in person. When you standing face to face with this man he is stunning. I mean forgetting what you were just about to say stunning and he is on the tall side. Met him last winter at a social engagement, one look up at those eye and his smile. Let’s just say, I now understand the appeal.

  12. Embee says:

    LOL nycmom100–that’s too funny. A-Rod and Derek Jeter have always seemed so very plain and boring to me so I’ve never understood the appeal. thanks for the perspective.

    All this haranguing over faith just seems to me a sad struggle by Tom, Madonna and their ilk to find meaning in otherwise superficial lives. I sincerely hope they find it.

  13. Baholicious says:

    He looks like, in the local parlance up here, a loogan.

    Perhaps he just doesn’t photograph well.

  14. ff says:

    Why does she want to control people so badly? It’s just like when Britney didn’t want to pop the Kabbalah pill.


    Maybe she should make a play for Paltrow, she seems to stick to the Madonna plan.

  15. geronimo says:

    😆 Baho – just googled. That’ll do me!

    Maybe it’s just me but I have to know what someone’s personality is like before I can be attracted to them. The external stuff counts but it’s nothing if the personality isn’t there. Without ever hearing a word out of this guy’s mouth, I’m putting money on him having very little going on in the personality dept.

  16. Sickitten says:

    If only Madonna would have spent a few years in college and dealt with the death of her mom early on she wouldn’t be suffering in her social life like this.

  17. ak says:

    Jeter is kind of cute in a goofy jock way. I’m sure he doesn’t have an intricate interior life or anything, but he seems to have enough good qualities that, combined with his looks, make him appealing.

    But A-Rod seems like such a personality-free idiot that I can’t find him attractive.

  18. vdantev says:

    RUN A-ROD, RUN !!!!

  19. Christina says:

    man, why so much hatred toward madonna? and most of the animosity directed toward her age and appearance… that’s terrible… she’s probably going through a very painful time in her life… give her a break…

  20. yadira says:


    Madonna’s pain brings me joy. Maybe it is just the evil in me but I think a stab at her ego is hillarious 😆

  21. Ter says:

    Christina – It partly comes from her music performance formula of sexualizing our children early for monetary gain. She did it voraciously, and continues to do so while shielding her own young ones from people like herself. Honorable, but so completely hypocritical. It also comes from her need to inflict emotional pain on others through criticism and demands that set them up to fail so that she doesn’t have to feel the pain of her great loss in life. It also comes from her need to control EVERY frickin thing in her life, to the extent of ruining other people’s lives and sucking all enjoyment from them. This is my opinion, this is how I view it.