Jennifer Aniston allegedly offered an 8-figure deal to become the face of Aveeno

I’m not a big fan of Aveeno products. They just don’t agree with my skin at all, although I know some people who swear by Aveeno, and God bless. I will say this – Aveeno has a good reputation, and they’ve branded themselves well. When I think of Aveeno, I think of clean-living, well-made, uncomplicated skin and hair care products. So who should be “the face” of such a brand? Someone with a reputation for clean living and an uncomplicated lifestyle? Perhaps. Page Six reports that Jennifer Aniston has been offered an eight-figure deal to represent Aveeno. Hm.

Jennifer Aniston has been offered an eight-figure deal to become the next face of Aveeno, a brand that sells natural-based skin- and hair-care products.

A source told us, “Jennifer would be great for the brand because she appears to be very natural. The deal, still being negotiated, would be worth a lot of money, certainly eight figures.”

Aveeno’s current TV face is dark-haired, Dutch-born model-actress Daniella van Graas. Reps for Aniston and Aveeno didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

It’s certainly an interesting development for Aniston, and I don’t think it would get in the way of her other endorsement deals – she’s one of the faces of SmartWater and…? Is that it? It’s sort of surprising to me that she doesn’t currently have any kind of beauty contract. No makeup deal? No hair care endorsement? She did have her perfume, Lolavie, which became “Aniston by Jennifer Aniston” or whatever. And I never heard of her perfume after the initial buzz. Anyway, sure – it sounds like a good deal, and Aveeno products would line up perfectly with how Aniston has “branded” herself. And an 8-figure deal would buy a lot of booze.

In other Aniston news, the host of The Bachelorette wants Aniston. This is such a dumb story:

Would Justin Theroux get the final rose? Chris Harrison, ABC host of The Bachelorette, has put Jennifer Aniston on his wish list for the next Bachelorette — even though she’s in a new relationship with Theroux.

“I’ve always said Jennifer Aniston would be good,” Harrison told Hollyscoop, “because she seems so unlucky in love.”

But a pal of the star told Us Weekly that the 43-year-old actress’ relationship with actor Theroux, 40, is a big change from her exes like Brad Pitt and John Mayer. “He makes her feel safe and secure when she’s with him. A lot of her insecurities melt away,” the pal told Us of the Wanderlust costars. “Their relationship is completely different than any of her other ones. Everything about Justin feels right.”

[From Us Weekly]

Yes, Jennifer and Justin are super-duper IN LURVE. It’s “different”! Because it’s always “different” whenever Jennifer gets a boyfriend. I believe JustJen are for real, but let’s face it – she’s the girl who cried (different) wolf.

PS… LOL, I just noticed that Justin is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. OMG HE’S TEAM JOLIE.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Rhea says:

    I thought she’s the face of Neutrogena? Well, this is a good deal for her. Fits her yoga image. So, good for her. The bachelorette story is just stupid. Not in this time and age she would want to look that desperate. But it’s a good imagination for a story. Different and at least not involving the triangle. LOL.

  2. SarovaMel says:

    Brace yourself for a mighty Hurricane of Hate people…..

    • Kim1 says:

      @Bradley you can defend JA without mentioning AJ.Another example of the desperation surrounding her.I predict this story will be denied on GC in a few hours.

    • Luke says:

      Is it really Hating on someone to pint out that it was just a couple months ago, that she said she was addicted to what she deemed ‘laser p.orn?’ this is a woman who was once voted ‘worst skin in HD,’ by some audio visual kingpin who has no axe to grind. Lol her closeups show huge pores and sun damage. Maybe it’s a reparative anti aging line. Oh, and I’m sorry, the reason why she doesn’t do ‘beauty,’ contracts in general, is because she’s not seen as having a ‘beautiful’ face – look up hon. Though neither Ellen or queen latifah are classical beauties, they ARE hawking drugstore lines (what aveeno is) which have typically been more open to fugness, IF your celebrity is big enough. Theirs is. The thing with Jennifer however, is just so hypocritical – sure everything’s a money grab, but when you’re known for smoking, tanning, drinking (showing up drunk at cheesy award shows), burning your face off with lasers (admittedly), botox (admittedly), fillers (admittedly)’ and aving bad skin in general, 4 nosejobs and a hairline adjustment and jaw realignment just in the last 4 years, it’s tantamount to hiring Joan rivers.

  3. lisa2 says:

    I don’t understand what happened with her fragrance. It was like she never really worked for it. Which is really surprising because the majority of Celebrity fragrances make boat loads of money. And the name change just showed the lack of real research and involvement. When you create a product you research to make sure there are not others with the same name. Something they obviously didn’t do because they were forced to change the name at the end. I never heard her fans really talk about it, and now it is being sold at WalMart..not a bad thing. I just don’t see her really working for something like that. Smart Water she is invested in the company so that is a bit different.

    anyway, she seems to be trying to make money in other ways. Just looks like what celebs do when they don’t have the money we think they do.

    regardless of what “sources say” I don’t see them paying her 10 million+ dollars to be the face of that product. I just don’t see it at all.

    • GrandPoobah says:

      Actually her perfume was very successful-it was one of Sephora’s highest sellers and for a time it was their number 1 selling scent. I know because I went in to buy the perfume I love and saw it on display as their number one scent-I went in a month later for make-up and it was still there as the number one scent.

      It seems to have made plenty of money but folks rarely talk about how well a scent is doing. Do you know how well Rihanna’s latest scent did? Jennifer Lopez’s? Britney Spear’s?

    • GrandPoobah says:

      Oh and you mention that it’s sold at Wal-Mart but it’s also sold at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Sephora and Macy’s.

      Last thing, when have you ever heard anyone talk about any celebrity fragrance except with derision? You cite that her fans never talk about it but…no one ever talks about it because no one talks about fragrances.

    • Vesper says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of Aniston marketing a fragrance. How long ago did it come out?

  4. Katren says:

    Hate Aveeno! Their natural vibe is ruined by the fact that they test on animals :(

  5. Alexa says:

    I think she would be the perfect face, she comes across as very natural and healthy. BTW, since you mentioned Team Angie, am I the only person in the world who loves the both?

    • Josie says:

      Healthy but nothing natural about her.

    • jelynn says:

      No, you’re not the only one! So frustrating that people think you can’t like them both, or can’t mention one without mentioning the other. It’s ridiculous. I’m sure they couldn’t give two shits about one another.

    • Sunny says:

      I love both!No one ever believes me on these threads.Problem is both sides are so catty,you can hardly comment one way or the other.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      I’m sorry, but her skin is …..not great. And Aveeno’s schtick is ‘healthy skin for life’ or some such….always about giving you great skin.

      Tanning, alcohol, and cigarettes are written all over her face. The amount of airbrushing needed to give her good-looking skin will ensure her print ads will only be shown in the US.

    • SarovaMel says:

      I’m fairly ambivalent about both.

      I had a pity thing for Angie back before I got my gossip online. I just really felt bad for how she was treated in the rags. But I now sympathise equally with Jen for how horribly the bloggers treat her. So they are now equal.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @SarovaMel, with all due respect … there will always be disparity between the hatred for Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

        One hundred Bloggers would have to spew hate about Jennifer Aniston for twenty years–and I mean something more than the ‘perceived’ hatred for Jennifer Aniston (because most of the ‘claims’ of hatred towards her results from comments such as ‘her dress is too short, too low’)–to even come close to the nasty, incredibly vile comments that have been said about Angelina Jolie (and her children) over the past 7 years.

        And that is ‘not’ an embellishment. You can count the number of ‘We Hate Jennifer Aniston’ websites on one hand. But you would need all of your hands and toes, plus those of one hundred friends to count all of the ‘Die Angelina Jolie, Just Die!’ websites on the Internet.

      • SarovaMel says:

        @Emma: Unless my browser is broken, you are wrong. Search for I hate AJ pulled up about 30M hits while I hate JA pulled up 28M hits.

        I detest mean girl behaviour, whoever it is directed at. So both have my sympathy – equally.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @SarovaMel …

        In your original post you said ‘blogs’ and I responded in kind, and stand by my comment. There are MANY more ‘I Hate Angelina Jolie’ blogs and websites than there are ‘I Hate Jennifer Aniston’.

        I can Google ‘I hate Jennifer Aniston’ and get a hundred hits too, but many of them will be in comments from the same blog.

        Try Googling only their names, then get back to me on how many blogs come back with favorable and hateful comments on both women. I predict that you’ll find more blogs and websites where at least 80% of the favorable comments are for Jennifer Aniston, with the negatives in the minority. And 80% of negative comments will be for Angelina Jolie, with positive comments in the minority.

        By checking in this manner you’ll also find the blog mistresses and masters who also favor one actress over the other. Guess which actress will have the more positive Blog articles written about them?

    • Carolyn says:

      I’m predicting a short Aniston/Aveeno association…if this pans out at all. Putting her as the face of Aveeno is risky because we all know she doesn’t use it and looks the way she does because of surgery and “treatments”. She isn’t universally loved by the company’s target market either.Skincare is a cluttered market with too many choices. There’s nothing special enough about Aniston or Aveeno to make this strategy successful. People won’t be changing their skincare purchase choice in droves just because Aniston is promoting it.

  6. Kim says:

    There is no way in Hell Aveeno is paying anybody $10 millon +.Page 6 also made up that Justjen Smartwater rumor.It is suprising that she has never had a Cover girl or Revlon deal after being around 20 years.I can see here w hair product deal.

  7. Linda says:

    She never has any beauty andorsement deals is because she not a beauty. Think about it. Halle, Uma, Madonna did Versace, LV and Lancome. Angie did St. John, LV and Sheseido. Kate W. St. John, Lancome. Gwenth P. Estee Lauder just to name a few. If she’s America Sweetheart and so loved, designers should be lining up to use her as the spokemodel for their luxury brands but they didn’t. She doesn’t have a great face. A body maybe but not the face. That’s why she’s doing dumb water.

  8. Jackie O says:

    i guess it would keep her in the spotlight awhile longer. meh.

  9. Amelia says:

    8 figures? That’s 10 mil or over, right?
    For plugging a product? Some people have all the luck. Ah well. At least happy hour means extra tips for me ^^

  10. really says:

    I wish the PTB would crack down on false advertising. Celebs should have to actually use the products they endorse or pitch. If their “youthfullness” and perfect skin is the result of procedures or expensive creams/serums, then they shouldn’t be allowed to pitch other anti-ageing or skin care products.

  11. Lucy says:

    Shouldn’t she be the face of Vaseline? Wasn’t it just revealed that was her big “beauty” secret? I’d love to see her in an over photoshopped ad in a convertible with a big ole jar of Vaseline while holding the steering wheel (ala smart water) bellisima!!

  12. StopItLuke says:

    LOL take the money Jen! Also not just saying this to cause some stan wars but I never see Angelina in any beauty ads or anything, that would be awesome.

  13. sup says:

    ““Jennifer would be great for the brand because she appears to be very natural.” LOL

  14. Nicolette says:

    With the reports of the amount of money she spends on herself, I would hardly call her “natural”.

  15. sukienow says:

    i thought she L’Oreal some years ago? i remember seeing on a loreal tv ad

  16. sukienow says:

    i cant belive we are about to get hate comments about aniston, because some company wants to give her loads of money to be their brand face.

    whats there to hate here?

    like i would say: get money bitch lol( in my best khia voice)

  17. GoodCapon says:

    I tried Aveeno for my skin care once, it didn’t do anything for me. ProActiv is so much better :)

  18. lower-case deb says:

    i’ve only ever come across aveeno when my friend came over to stay for a few months. she had her aveeno lotion with her.

    i tried it but soon found that i’d rather cetaphil than aveeno. i have a weird skin. it’s not really categorized as sensitive, but it’s picky. or somehow my skin cells have a mind of their own.

    it was just uncomfortable with aveeno, there’s an uncomfortable warming sensation after using it, unlike with other lotions that gives a cooling, soothing vibe after use (cetaphil, even bath&body works, or local domestic brands).

    my friend loves aveeno though. but i guess that’s why there can never be just one brand in the market. i’m all for diversity :)

    • littlestar says:

      Same here, I tried using Aveeno face wash and it did nothing for my skin. I’ve been using Cetaphil (and Phisoderm) for years – I also have picky skin, and these cheap drugstore brands have been nothing but amazing. I think Aveeno is mostly crap, even the oatmeal moisturizer is not very good – St. Ives makes a really good oatmeal moisturizer though.

    • Bodhi says:

      Cetaphil is the best! I occasionally use other brands, but I always go back to it. I’ve been using Yes to Cucumbers lotion & the combo has been great for my picky skin :-)

  19. lucy2 says:

    I’d be surprised if this was true. Aveeno doesn’t seem the type of company to throw $10 mil + for a celeb to model for them.
    I don’t get spending that kind of money for any celeb anyway.

  20. Sorella says:

    What did happen with her perfume?? Why did she not promote that more and why did it disapear?? Celebitchy, get the story about that!!

    I say she will sign a big product deal soon. She wants to remain on Forbes most-money made list and as she ages, offered less acting roles (plus she’s had a few bombs in a row and Hollywood notices). So I see MANY MANY endorsements in her future now.

  21. Guest says:

    lol at people who actually believe this story, her perfume is not even selling well at Walmart and you think Aveeno is going ot give her 10mil dollars, isnt this the same source that said they were doing a smartwater ad campaign with Justin, i see this story is the usual plant and deny so ppl can think aniston is actually in demand and I see many have already fallen for it

  22. Shelly says:

    She definitely has a beachy, sun-kissed natural vibe. However, I believe she has to work hard to attain that vibe, as she naturally doesn’t look like that. I don’t have a hate-on for Jen, but she tans a lot, and I don’t equate that with good skin care.

  23. Bite me aka aniston says:

    I think she should release a yoga DVD or maybe athletic gear with Nike or something

  24. lait says:

    She has represented L’Oreal and Heineken before.

  25. heatheradair says:

    File this away under the “who knew!” category: those too-white tennis shoes she’s wearing in those pictures: I HAVE THOSE!

    Bought ‘em on a whim, trying to find something OTHER than Toms to wear (here in Seattle, you can’t spit without it landing on a pair of Toms), found a pair of Superga tennies that looked comfy, bought ‘em yesterday, and — whaddaya know — they turn up on The Aniston a day later.

    Either this means she’s got very “mall girl” taste in cheap, comfy shoes (they’re only $65), or I’m getting inadvertently more Hollywood.

  26. Anon says:

    Does the Aveeno burn when she’s healing from her latest laser peel?

  27. kj says:

    She has terrible skin. In HQ photos it looks nasty. Really bad.

    This just seems like another story her publicist plants.

    Also notice how her photo ops in Europe have now ended once Rock of Ages came it. It bombed & the script got bad reviews so her team will try to distance them from it.

  28. Jocelyn says:

    There isn’t anything natural about her except that she likes to drink water.

    She is a known pot head and drinker, not to mention her pruned over tanned skin.

    We all know she had plastic surgery on her nose. This isn’t some kind of secret.

    I just don’t think she comes close to fitting the brand. It isn’t believable.

    And please, if you’re going to “defend” Aniston, try to think of another way besides bashing Angie. I know that is the go to strategy for the Aniston fans.

  29. Trish says:

    well they can airbrush away her forehead lines…shave away her chin with photo shop…soften her jawline….and she’ll look perfect…!

  30. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Here’s a novel idea for Jennifer… Hire La Jolie to be her PR cuz that woman can perform miracles … Look what she did for Pitt

  31. Mac says:

    Natural beauty with a great smile who seems to be friendly and well loved.

    During her peak years nobody was even close to Jennifer and she still has worldwide appeal.

  32. Kim1 says:

    @SarovaMel I was replying to Bradley that is why I started my comment with@Bradley Im on phone hit wrong reply button.

  33. Billy says:

    Aveeno tests on animals. Let’s see if this self-proclaimed dog-lover shows love to animals in general, or a paycheck like so many other celebrities (i.e.vegan Ellen DeGeneres, who does ads for animal testing CoverGirl, or free-spirit Drew Barrymore, also a CoverGirl face).

  34. skuddles says:

    Endorsements and commercials are about the best she can hope for at this point in her career – my guess is she’ll do it and animal testing be damned.

  35. Catherine says:

    Aveeno products are garbage. Just saying…

  36. Jovia says:

    Justin is carrying Jen’s bag (LV), so it’s Jen who is Team Jolie. You know: One door shuts and another door opens (true lurve with Justin)!

  37. benny says:

    Artifically straightened hair. Artifically whitened teeth. Artificially tanned skin. Artifically shaped nose. Artificially colored hair. Possible botox or other filler. Yep, the perfect person to sell uncomplicated skin products.

  38. Janet says:

    What in the world is up with her hair? It looks dried out and brittle like it’s about to break off. You can tell just by looking at it that it is seriously damaged. She needs to stop bleaching and blow-drying it and just let it alone.

  39. GrandPoobah says:

    I don’t get the Aveeno hate from some people commenting here. I’ll bet all of you have some kind of non-bunny eared beauty product that has been tested on animals.

    I’ve never used Aveeno because I like Dove products but jeez. I know you hate Aniston but don’t treat an entire product line like it’s the devil just because Aniston MIGHT be shilling for it.

  40. Jaxx says:

    Rented Wanderlust last night. I know everyone said it bombed but we thought it was pretty funny. Really laughed out loud at some parts. I wouldn’t have paid to see it in a theater but as a rental it passed a couple of pleasant hours.

    I do have to say that Jen looked really rough in this movie. I can’t put my finger on how she has aged because in pics she looks nice to me, but in the movie she looked really haggard at some angles. She’s not going to be playing the hot young girl anymore, that’s for sure.

    As for Justin? Well, it was hard to really see him behind all that hair and his part was to be kind of a goofy hippy but his eyes really did light up when he was coming on to Jennifer.

  41. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Hmmm I think it’d be a good brand for her. She does have a banging body,face and body. She doesn’t seem to wear a lot of make up so I think she should totaly endorse this kind of brand.

    • adel says:

      really? have you seen jennifer aniston in person?
      well dear, i saw her already, she doesnt look good in person. i bump into her in a elevator recently in chateau marmount.
      without make up… she looks old..
      it looks different for what we see in red carpet events and in magazines.
      she said she quit smoking.. no thats not true,, i saw her there smoking with her bf.

      and bad skin too…

  42. Priscilla says:

    I think this deal makes a ton of sense — it suits Jen’s image, it’s a reputable brand, it would make me want to learn about Aveeno’s products.

    I don’t see anything about Jen that says “desperation” — just the opposite. I think the reason some people don’t like/trust her is that she doesn’t mind being single. I love what she said in one interview, that she feels “incredibly lucky in love.” She’s an Aquarian; she doesn’t define herself by how other people see her. Other than John Mayer — who must have some other-worldly charm — what has she ever done to deserve scorn? (don’t answer, I’m Team Jen).

  43. Priscilla says:

    I think this deal makes a ton of sense — it suits Jen’s image, it’s a reputable brand, it would make me want to learn about Aveeno’s products. I’d respect them for choosing a woman with an unique look as their spokesperson.

    I don’t see anything about Jen that says “desperation” — just the opposite. I think the reason some people don’t like/trust her is that she doesn’t mind being single. I love what she said in one interview, that she feels “incredibly lucky in love.” She’s an Aquarian; she doesn’t define herself by how other people see her. Other than John Mayer — who must have some other-worldly charm — what has she ever done to deserve scorn? (don’t answer, I’m Team Jen).

  44. konga says:

    she will be a model for “aveeno for men”. see… she looks like a man in his 50′s, just look closely at her nose and jaw