Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis smooch on the red carpet: cute couple?

Aaron Sorkin Kristen Davis

At last night’s premiere of HBO’s “The Newsroom,” a little bit of steam was present on the red carpet, and it wasn’t coming from hopeful suspect Olivia Munn. Instead, there was a hot new couple on the scene in the unlikely form of Aaron Sorkin and Kristen Davis. Okay, so “hot” is a relative term when it comes to Sorkin, but he’s an obviously intelligent man, which is an attractive trait in its own right. As for Kristen, I’ve always found to not only be impossibly pretty but also a very underrated actress. She went from playing a psychotic, obsessive freak in the original “Melrose Place” to playing goody-two-shoes Charlotte in “Sex and the City,” but she’s unfortunately been relegated to “mom in the background” types of roles ever since then. Anyway, she looks quite taken with Aaron and he with her. From Us Weekly’s take on the topic, it sounds like they’ve been attracted to each other for quite awhile and have just recently decided to take the plunge into dating in a very public way:

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis

New love in the city for Kristin Davis!

After weeks of speculation, the “Sex and the City” star, 47, and famed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin confirmed their rumored romance — with a passionate kiss on the lips on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of HBO series “The Newsroom” Wednesday night.

With plenty of cameras present to capture the moment, 51-year-old Sorkin (creator and executive producer of Newsroom) grabbed Davis and gave a long, lingering kiss. Davis, pretty in an A-line aquamarine dress and strappy stilettos, grabbed her new man by the shoulders.

“They are really happy,” a source told E! News in late May. “They have actually known each other a while through mutual friends and would sometimes bump into one another at industry events, but it has only just turned into something more.”

The Oscar-winning screenwriter divorced Julia Bingham back in 2005; they share daughter Roxy, 12. Never-married Davis adopted a baby girl, Gemma, last year.

[From Us Weekly]

Good for Kristen and Aaron. They have that look of smitten romance, and who knows? This could be something real. As for “The Newsroom” vamp-in-residence, Olivia Munn, she was there too and gorgeous in white but also looking pretty full of herself as well. Kaiser mentioned that Olivia was holding herself out as if “she’s arrived,” but I’d like to note that her name isn’t exactly top billing on that poster behind her. Still, this show is a great opportunity for Olivia to show her stuff, if she’s got it, and only time will tell on that note.

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

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48 Responses to “Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis smooch on the red carpet: cute couple?”

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  1. Esmom says:

    Sorkin needs to step away from the spray tan. It ages him.

    I don’t know why but he seems like he could be high-maintenance and exhausting.

    Maybe she can balance that out, because she seems so laid back to me, despite the high-strung characters she’s played.

    • Susan says:

      They may be a good match. I like her and think he’s a genius. I still miss West Wing.

  2. Andrea says:

    Cute couple…but THAT DRESS. Ugh.

    • AmyLynne says:

      I like the color a lot but it fits her awkwardly, like it’s too big or something.

  3. really says:

    I guess it was too much to hope that Sorkin would end up with a woman who is his intellectual and creative equal, like some other brilliant male writers who went for substance over style.

    • Lukie says:

      Who are you to knock her intelligence or creativity, unless you have serious proof or know her?

      If anything, applaude the fact that he likes an age approriate woman that has her own money & doesn’t need to be taken care of…

      • really says:

        I’m not calling her stupid, but he is one of the best writers of our generation. Surely you aren’t suggesting that she’s a hidden genius, despite any evidence to support that?

      • Susan says:

        + 1. Kristin has a college degree from Rutgers.

      • Lukie says:


        I didn’t suggest anything, but you did..

        I’m just thrilled he likes a grown up & not a 23 year old Barbie doll.

    • littlestar says:

      Just because Kristen Davis is an actress doesn’t mean she isn’t intelligent. Have you ever seen her in an interview? I would hardly say she’s vapid and superficial. She comes across as an intelligent, bright, friendly woman. No wonder Sorkin is attracted to a beautiful woman like her. And yes, I applaud the fact that he’s obviously interested in a woman of an appropriate age, who has had her own accomplishments in life.

      Plus, they look so smitten! Love that.

  4. marie says:

    I am not a fan of Munn, nor the dress Kristen is wearing..

  5. lisa2 says:

    awww good for her. New baby and a new boyfriend.

    She looks so happy.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Why are his hair and skin the same shade of orange? It’s very…off-putting.

  7. cellabowi says:

    I love her! She was always my favorite in Sex and the City.

  8. AmyLynne says:

    She’s 47?? She looks ten years younger than that, give or take a year or two.

    • Sara says:

      My thoughts exactly! Go Charlotte! Can’t believe she is 4 years older than SJP. Guess that’s what happens when you always want to be a skinny minny versus a healthy weight.

      • gee says:

        This! There comes a time when a woman should pick between her ass and her face.. sjp did not pick her face. Kristin Davis looks amazing though.

        I like them together, and I’m really looking forward to this show.

  9. lolas says:

    Kristen looks great, but that dress looks like prom ’92.

  10. Veruca says:

    They look so happy! 😀

    I’m such a dork. I love seeing people in love. Hopefully, it’ll last. I’ve always liked both of them.

  11. Diane says:

    She always reminded me of her SATC character Charlotte. Never could warm up to her. She’s a little one note to me.

  12. Craigory says:

    They’re both in recovery (she’s talked about it- briefly, and he’s had trouble but apparently has stayed clean and sober lately) so I think it’s a good match!

    I went to the same treatment facility as Sorkin a few years ago.

  13. Jayna says:

    she has the most beautiful skin and hair and such sweet eyes. 47? Wow.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      ITA! The dress & shoes – UGH – but she’s so pretty. A healthy lifestyle, lots of exercise, and good food make her look a decade younger.

  14. Lucy2 says:

    I like her a lot. He’s brilliant but I too imagine not the easiest guy to live with. But I hope they’re very happy!
    Ugh, Munn.

  15. Lara says:

    Wow! I love them both! Sorkin is very intelligent, witty, talented, and Kristin is such a sweetheart. Wish them all the best! Looking forward to see the Newsroom. Every time Sorkin is involved in writing a script the movie/TV Show turns out to be very good.

  16. sukienow says:

    i always thought the rumours were that she was a lesbian

  17. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe she is 47. Its funny that they always gave her the biggest issues about her weight on the show (besides that whole Miranda losing weight after her pregnancy thing) when having a liiittle bit more weight on her is one of the things that’s helping her look so young. Maybe someone(Sarah) else(Jessica) should(Parker) try it to keep from looking older than she is. Cigs and no body fat catch up with people. HARD.

  18. Reece says:

    Wow! That’s a head scratcher couple. It will probably work because of the randomness of it.

    Cuteness ruined with Olivia Munn…

  19. Liz says:

    You know darn well Munn f*cked Sorkin to get her role. She’s probably seething that Kristin stole her thunder.

    • normades says:

      ha! This is what I was gonna say. They totally stole the spotlight from Miss “spank me” Munn.

      After Vincent/Alexis another couple I can get behind! They look really in love! Yea!

  20. Jaybird says:

    Olivia’s shoes look very painful…I feel like I can see her toes trying to make a break for it. Yikes.

  21. Isla says:

    Oh wow – I don’t know why, but I thought Sorkin was gay.

    Doesn’t matter anyway – good for them. I’ve always liked Kristin Davis.

    I couldn’t care less about Olivia Munn and I don’t know why she or anyone else thinks she can act – she is dreadful. I don’t like her dress either – it looks budget to me…that’s fitting, actually.

  22. Carly says:

    HOW IS KRISTIN DAVIS FORTY-FREAKING-SEVEN? I mean, GOOD GOD. She is beyond gorgeous and apparently, ageless.

  23. johnnybadboytapia says:

    I cant wait for this show!!!!

  24. birdie says:

    I had no idea about those two, but I really like them together! Olivia Munn.. just go away.

  25. Jennika says:

    Anyone remember that blind about an actress who adopted a baby, but then tried to return it? I can’t help thinking its her….in every pic of her and her daughter she always looks off. I dunno, for some reason she always seemed like a bitch

  26. cam says:

    Whenever i see a couple like this i think, Matchmaker. I feel like some professional brought these two together. Which is a good thing in this case since they seem the kind of people who at this point in their lives are ready for a real commitment. Plus, the chemistry and adoration in those photos between them can’t be faked. Happy for them.

  27. Jess says:

    I think Aaron and Kristen make a cute couple. I even think he’d be cute if he didn’t look orange. As for Olivia, I don’t like her dress or shoes but I like her. I don’t know why – she should totally annoy me – but I’ve always liked her. Can’t wait to see this show!

  28. L says:

    How is this woman 47?! Goes to show what sunscreen, not smoking, and being at a healthy BMI will do for you (side eye at SJP)

    The dress is cute, but not feeling the shoes.

  29. billybob says:

    how did olivia get her job? google olivia munn/ george loomis

  30. anonymoose says:

    I have a lot of respect for Sorkin and Davis; but had no idea Sorkin wasn’t gay. ha! my bad! They look smitten and happy together. yay!

    Sports Night, anyone? WOO!

    and Charlotte was the best of the gals on SATC.

  31. Lake Mom says:

    Well, after dating Kristin Chenoweth for all those years, at least he won’t have to worry about calling her his ex’s name by mistake.